Technology: World War 2.0

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Technology: World War 2.0Josh Davis of Wired magazine investigates an Internet bot-net attack of Estonia's banks and newspapers.

Wired Science reports on cardiac surgery performed by a robo-doc.

Adam Rogers explores the disappearance of home chemistry sets.

Ziya Tong delves into technology that is helping children with Asperger's Syndrome by translating facial expressions into emotions.

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    vikram virdee
  1. vikram virdee

    I am amazed to see this video . Truly unprecedented

  2. Nino
  3. Nino

    This almost looks like a parody. Terrible.

  4. Ricko
  5. Ricko

    Cool science, boring hosts.

  6. Nick Furka
  7. Nick Furka

    My chemistry set is missing!! sooooooo that's why it disappeared!!!!!

  8. Jerry Vahtera
  9. Jerry Vahtera

    Hey, wasn't bob lazar the guy who worked at area 51????

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