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TelepathyThe supposed ability of some individuals to mentally transmit and receive thoughts is examined in this hour.

Unsubstantiated claims are not proof, so several experiments are conducted to put the phenomenon to the test.

This includes exploring the telepathic connection that some twins claim to experience through a series of tests on one twin and recording the other twin's reaction.

And a Ganzfeld test where a person in one room attempts to transmit mental pictures to another person in a different room.

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  1. Amilcar

    Telepathy is a difficult thing to prove. My personal oponion (non-scientific) is that since we generate electricty, we generate a electromagnetic field that can repulse or attract, so we generate a frequency. It is that frequency that allow us to do what the documentary suggests. The problem is finding the same frequency on 2 persons, a tune is needed.

  2. Rob

    I'm a twin with a twin brother - and me and my twin brother realised about 4 years ago that we would sometimes meet up in dreams. Since discovering this I also realised I could meet up with my other siblings during dreams as well. Fascinating isn't it?

  3. Honest economist

    Bobby D is absolutely correct. What is the point of a program about doing tests on telepathy and then rejecting all of the findings because they are not scientific enough. Someone should have used the MRI scanner to test the mind of the maker of this program to see if he/she needed help. Do a test that works, and you accept, or save yourself the effort of making the program; and us from having to watch it.

  4. azmania

    I heard a group of psychics were hiding out with Elvis, the Abominable
    Snowman and Santa Claus. Apparently they have developed a cure for

  5. neanua

    The first time i was able to convince someone else that telepathy was real, was with a simple game with cards. My roommate and I would grab a card from a shuffled deck and put in on our foreheads, so that the other person could see it but not ourselves. Then we would guess our own card... Anyways, needless to say, it took me a hard blow in my perception of reality to truly believe in telepathy, but, i got what I asked for... and then lost it out of fear..

  6. fender24

    Telepathy is real.

    1. Matthew Ffs Hubbard

      I saw that one coming... pffft

    2. Cosmo

      You're not stupid.

    3. Si ma pe ro

      Ahahahahahahahahah, u genius!!! P.s. sorry, fender.......

  7. Ju Les

    It will be very difficult to create a tangible testing structure for 'telepathy' until our perception of Time changes. Our internal experience and "headspace" rarely exists in the 'present'.

  8. Steve Kenny

    This film proves its subject matter beyond any doubt. Telepathy IS possible since after viewing this film we are all thinking the EXACT same thing: Wow what a complete waste of my time and I actually feel stupider for having watched it.

  9. morsalmind

    i believe not only to telepathy but also to mind reading.i have seen afew people who are able to read other's mind.some scientist belive that quantomic part of our brains do this action.

  10. madscirat

    I once had a twin friend and whenever he or his brother got asked if they felt the same things, they would answer, "no, but what's really strange is that if I think someone's an id**t, he usually does too."

  11. Guest

    The only person you can prove to, that your psychic power works, is yourself. Challenge yourself and see if it works...don't tell anyone, it brakes the flow.
    Try it on yourself, don't change other people's life, change yours, it tends to change other's that are connected indirectly.

    1. David Frasierstein

      omg you so fu===ng right!!

  12. drmollycules

    Love how they set up an experiment and then explain later how it didn't measure anything necessarily... uh, so why do it? Anyone know of a better doc on this subject here?

  13. ozmagic

    Damm, I was just thinking that myself, how did you know??

  14. Mistymoo

    Lol reading the comments I think I will give this one a miss

  15. Anwiya Youkhanna

    Anyone with telepathic power who would go waste their gift for the military is a baboon of a human being.

  16. Dazzlecat Girl

    This documentary is pretty good but a bit on the negative side as far as believing in the possibility of eps and remote viewing. The last sentence "is it a science? no." Well who's fault is that? Most scientists are too worried about their careers to do research on eps, telepathy and other paranormal abilities. So while i liked the stories of the experiments that were done I didn't like the overall dismissive tone.

  17. Alex Arshansky

    Great Documentary. The only problem is at the end the commentator basically informs you that all of this is not a science and cant be taken seriously. This type of close-mindedness reminds me of typical intolerance to anything different and challenging current standards. I think science has become a new religion, using media for the inquisition of the heretics. For this reason the documentary completely fails its purpose sounding more like propaganda. Forgive me for harsh words, but you have to be stupid not to know that telepathic ability (if even on a primitive level) may just be one of the survival mechanism our brain utilizes. Those who says there is no proof are too proud and stubborn to accept that not everything in our world can be measured or placed in a box...

    1. BetsMcGee

      yes shame on people for not believing in things that have no evidence or basis in reality. how unacceptable and rude of them to demand proof for wild claims and flights of fancy. next thing you know they'll be doubting peoples alien abduction stories and healing crystals.

  18. amber dragon

    me and my friend where once in bed and we where playing a game where where where to think and feel an emotion, and then have the other person ay which emotion it was..... 34/33 times we got it correct

    1. kiox987

      you can't have it right 34 out of 33 times!!! that's 103%. But, one moment, IF for every time you put the question "What is you are feeling now" the sole answer was "i feel like having sex with you" all the times, and you got it every time right, you might be right afterall!!! You have gathered enough data to start making safe predictions for the answer you might get next time you make the same question, while lying in bed together.!! Statistically, the probability of getting the same answer for the particular question is too high so...maybe you are right after all... :)

    2. Mistymoo

      Sounds pervy

    3. Enric

      Something similar happened to me and my first wife when we were in the peak of our romance, also in bed, just like a game. Then we did it with numbers, and the correct answers we got were just astonishing. I guess some things just cannot be replicated in a lab. Also, is there is anything real behind apart of pure chance, it must be completely normal and explainable -we just haven't figure it out yet-. Same for precognition and things like that. Scientific knowledge is far from complete, specially when it comes to the brain and mind. And well, there are many extraordinary examples of communication skills -elephants infra-sounds communications, etc- beyond our limited abilities that we are just starting to comprehend.

  19. Ala

    I don't believe anything in this documentary !! is it a documentary !! I believe that positive energy travels .. feelings .. but this accurate if I believe it .. I would say its a goblin giving info !!!!!!

  20. mmhmm

    complete s*** film.

  21. Goran Damcevski

    wanna see a different perspective?
    Google : living matrix movie
    and next time be more professional and don't make fantasy-like and subjective "documentaries"

    1. Giac Belli

      yeah i saw that living it's just like "what the bleep..."
      just an info-mercial for "new" energy...and quackery...never heard some much BS....where does one start with this bollocks?

  22. Myles Pena

    Don't even bother; this isn't a documentary, its a tv special full of unreliable experiments structured to keep viewers watching for the sake of adverts.

  23. Mark O Reilly

    Oh my god, just do a f'ing decent experiment! Jeez, i can't watch anymore of this sensationalist c@#$! I knew the second I heard the 'when animals attack' style narrator.. maybe I'm psychic.

  24. Jean

    Our thoughts are a type of energy,
    why not our mind able to control it !

  25. falco

    Rather biased movie, and overall - unprofessional approach in researching the subject matter. Either you do make a scientific experiment or you don't do it at all, and don't try conditioning the viewers' opinion on the matter.
    Do you really think the Soviets and CIA would waste millions of dollars over two decades for generating "anecdotal stories"?? Get real.

  26. Trevor Murphy

    There has never been evidence of telepathy. Doing scientific experiments on something based only on anecdotal reports, when scientific experiments have already been done without positive results, is a waste of time.

  27. Bobby D

    When it's so EASILY avoidable.

  28. Bobby D

    Hey, I'm not asking for miracles here, I'm just asking for experiments in such docs to not be deemed "inconclusive" before they even begin.

  29. Circle

    Seriously, proving telepathy is like proving that god exists or how the universe began. There isn't any tests that can reliably give a perfect answer, or even one that most can agree to.

  30. Charles B.

    I have a bad habit of reading the comments before watching the doc. You guys spoiled it for me if at the end they just say "Maybe yes, maybe no!" ;-)

    I was hoping they could find an actual highly reliable "telepath" of some kind.

  31. K

    Why not do actual scientific experiments than that can get some clearity into this?

  32. Bobby D

    Yeah, that's probably all true, but it still makes watching the doc pretty lame.

  33. HaTe_MaChInE

    @Bobby D - Im pretty sure that alot of people have tried to show telepathy works and fail. The show would never make money is it was 5 min long and said that there is no evidence of telepathy. Im sure the producer didn't want to fund a multi culture double blind test showing the same results that have been shown for years.

    There have been many people over time that promised lots of money for even a shred of para-normal proof. Harry Houdini is a good example.

  34. Bobby D

    So they make a documentary full of experiments on telepathy, at the end of every one say that no real conclusions can be drawn because the experiments are flawed and not scientific. Wtf? Why not conduct proper experiments in the first place?

    Seriously, it ends with the quote "fascinating yes... but a real science, no." But that's the fault of the experimenters, even if hypothetically telepathy existed, the results would always inconclusive b/c the experiments sucked. This thing was set up from the start to be inconclusive, it makes no sense. I'm not even a real believer in telepathy or anything, but this was pretty farcical.