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Programmer Terry A. Davis spent ten years developing his own unique operating system. Eventually dubbed TempleOS, the system was limited in its presentation and capabilities, but its intended purpose was loftier than most. It was designed as a representation of the third temple as prophesied in the Bible. Following a series of public eccentricities and outbursts, concern over Davis' mental state soon began to overshadow his own creation. The feature-length documentary TempleOS examines the origins of the operating system, the life of its enigmatic creator, and his untimely and tragic end.

Davis was an innovative programmer who championed his enjoyment of the process. But his frequent posts across various message boards exposed a much darker side. He often plagued his critics and online atheist communities with combative and insulting rhetoric. As detailed in the film, these posts became increasingly incoherent. Initially, many users might have believed his behavior was a hoax. It soon became apparent, however, that Davis was suffering from some form of mental illness, and his disintegration was occurring out of the open for all to see.

The film reveals many of these perplexing posts, which dramatize the ongoing battles he waged with users of his system. The increasingly manic nature of his rants is disturbing. Davis was clearly a talent, but his mental state kept him from achieving the career and influence he might have otherwise enjoyed.

Much of the information centered on the programming side of Davis' story is dense with language that might confuse audiences who aren't tech savvy. But underneath the weight of this jargon, a personal portrait of Davis emerges. His growing instability is reflected in his work, and in the videos he would post of his daily life and concerns. As the public consciousness of Davis grew, so did concerns over his health and safety.

Schizophrenic, homeless and unemployed, Davis' freefall came to a dreadful end in March of 2018 when he perished in a train accident.

TempleOS is a deeper experience than it might seem on the surface. By detailing Davis' spiraling descent into madness, it also manages to raise questions about the platform of online interaction, how it might exacerbate an already fragile mentality, and the user's responsibility in averting potential disaster.

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  1. Lexx

    i love that video. i have seen it 2 times and i'm a fan of Down The Rabbit Hole i have seen all the videos on the channel.

  2. Jai

    Did not expect this at all, I thought it would be about the genius of the OS, and how people first ignored the OS but then it turns out to be something much more than it looks like.

  3. Cory

    This was f*cking heart breaking..

  4. René

    Dont like god equals a hater ?,seems the only one with hate here is Pyra

  5. Andrew

    Does people remember the word "respect"?

  6. Mr. Monday

    I feel bad for this guy, he obviously has some mental issues but relies on "god" rather than getting real help. He must be pretty smart if he was able to develop an OS by himself... even if it's a basic OS.

    1. Pyra

      You should feel bad for yourself. He , at least, attempts to have a relationship with God. You sound like a god-hater.

    2. frank

      How can anyone hte something that does not exist?

    3. Ploutonas

      It is the idea of God that is hated, due to its tendencies to promote a self-aggrandizing personality. If your god manifests itself through self-aggrandization, Pyra, as is the personality of one who labels another as "god-hater", then your "god" or rather your concept of divinity is quite incomplete.