How Terri-Lynne McClintic Became a Killer

How Terri-Lynne McClintic Became a Killer

2012, Crime  -   30 Comments
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It was one of the most heinous crimes - the abduction, rape and murder of eight year old Victoria Elizabeth Stafford.

Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic both found guilty on all counts, now face a life sentence in prison.

A 16x9 exclusive takes a deeper look into the life of Terri-Lynne McClintic, and reveals clues to how she became a killer.

The tension was high well before Terri-Lynne McClintic took the stand. But she made it explode. What she left behind was a shocked and numbed audience - and even more disturbing questions about how this young woman became a killer.

As the crown's star witness in its case against her ex-lover, Michael Rafferty, McClintic unraveled a horrific tale of Tori Stafford’s last moments.

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11 months ago

Don't say you're clean with pinhole pupils.

4 years ago

They deserve the death penalty not to get counseling and an education. Death would be a good thing in this situation. I'm not one for the death penalty i actually have never thought it an option until this. They were barbaric and deserve to die painfully without any medicine to take away the pain through lethal injection. Obviously they are still dangerous with assaulting inmates and what they are just being released after their sentence is up? Life is only what? 20 years? I say NO. They don't deserve anything but pain and death by the government (not by any one else that wants their own justice).

Helen Smith
4 years ago

I just read about this foe the first time. Wake up parents!!! We see this over and over and over. Why wasnt an ADULT escorting this child to and from school. Your kids are not safe anymore without an adult present PERIOD. Big city, small town, stop being so STUPID!

6 years ago

Tori you will be forever in my heart , I will keep you in my prayers , your smile is so sweet . may your soul rest in peace my little girl .

7 years ago

I believe little Tori is with the lord And i believe Jesus was with her through her ordeal! on the other hand, the druggies and the sickos, may you rot in hell!! Your past is a poor And unacceptable excuse for your inexcusable pervertedness!! For shame!!!!!!!!!

Rick Erhart
7 years ago

Please do not pursue a book or movie or blog on this topic. Please allow the criminals to fade into obscurity never to be spoken of again. Tori's beautiful smile and the love she evokes are more righteous to contemplate respectfully.

8 years ago

a little contraception would have gone a long way in this story

9 years ago

She wasn't contemplating not going back out to the truck. She is just pissed that she got caught. You are not the victim, bitch.

10 years ago

I find it interesting that when you check out a documentary and take a glace at the comments listed below.. the variations in opinion of many is astounding... often wrought with anger and insult...i fail to see how these verbal onslaughts accomplish much more than what a dog fight in a tiny box does... both parties get bruised and their injuries are raw.. in the end there is no real victor.. just two battered and bruised ego's and anger throughout =(

10 years ago

the pill popping mum is also to blame. Se nu the woman Thea went to the same drug dealer.

10 years ago

The chances of two like - thinking sub humans such as these, meeting up and committing unfathomable acts is fortunately rare.
I usually prefer justice and fairness when dealing with even the most callous of perpetrators. However, these two need to be tightly secured to the next couple of bombs the US needs to drop somewhere.

10 years ago

I do suspect that ultimately we will (and should in my opinion) all be held accountable for our choices both in this life and the next. "I was abused myself" is simply a a lame excuse for poor choices. I myself was abused (like many others), and I am determined that no one will ever suffer at my hands as I did at others - that is the choice I made and I am sure that choice is made by millions of people who have suffered. Conversely there have been many cases of abuse perpetrated by apparently "normal" people with "normal" upbringings - because they CHOSE to. Certain environments do enable poor choices but they are still choices made by people who could have chose something else. As you think, you become!

10 years ago

Victoria Stafford paid the price, with her own life,

for Terri-Lynne McClintic terrible upbringing and her mother's neglect.
I think that Victoria's mom was lying, when she claims that she was
not high, spaced out on the couch.

There are some cases, that cry out for the death penalty
and this is one of them.

Victoria was an 8 year old, with a drug addict mother, that fell
prey to these two, has not received justice, as long as these two
are still breathing in and out.

10 years ago

if only mum had cared as much about her child has she did in the end her tattoo .... try picking an 8 year old up from the school gate instead sitting on your pill popping a**

10 years ago

Genetics is really in its infancy.
As scientist progress with new discoveries in that field,
tests will be evolved that will determine future behaviour.
Just like the diet of the great grandmother has an affect
on grandchildren, she never met.
Other things will have an impact as well.

10 years ago

A lot of these things are heredity if you check back on the genes of the female killer you will past a dark past in the family tree.
Just like a PC is loaded with a certain programme she was born this way and while we spend billions of trillions on war we will never find a cure or work out how the brain works.