Terror in Mumbai

Terror in Mumbai

2009, Crime  -   28 Comments
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Terror in MumbaiMurder may be most foul when random and arbitrary, partly because the murderers may thus be imagining themselves God's equals, entitled to administer the ultimate in verdicts. Such was the character of a callous outbreak of killings in India by Pakistan-based terrorists, a hellish episode masterfully reconstructed by Terror in Mumbai, an HBO documentary.

The group's leaders have chosen an insanely profane name for themselves: The Army of the Righteous, a terrorist faction whose leaders openly aspire to increasing the amount of fear in the world. They are not connected with al-Qaeda, they say, but they share much of its jargon and degraded desires.

They would also like to be as widely reviled as al-Qaeda; how's that for lofty ambition? Professing no interest in noble goals, some young men opt instead for the lowliest imaginable. As documented by HBO's one-hour report, the killings were reprehensible in the extreme - a callous demonstration of raw and arrogant evil.

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fran ur mum
7 years ago

you are all thick. You did 9/11 becayuse you all are terroists

7 years ago

Effective method of showing how dehumanizing the terrorists had to be to accomplish the remote directed attack, but significant that related commandos retained their own humanity between them despite the massacres. Perhaps an effective counterterrorism tool to dispel the myth that victim dying is any different than killer dying. In the end, all are dead......a lesson for everyone to refute the honor of killing for any sane and sensible human being. Allowed to watch enough of their own brethren die, & perhaps they may decide to think twice. Required to defend against a brand of murderous killers, Muslims could alter their own divided reality.

7 years ago

Yes it DOES have to do with Islam, and I don't care how many gaslighters attempt to claim otherwise.

And it's because Islam isn't a "religion", at least it's not anymore.....it's a political/ideological death-cult.

8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of the "Terror in Mumbai" documentary?

9 years ago

People need to understand that there is no such thing as religion it was maliciously put into place somewhere in history and most of the so called holy scriptures have been altered many times from the original text. The world really needs to start waking up to these things as its all put into place to divide people. I'm just reading the replys from others and you see everyone's divided exactly what they want this s*it deeper than you can imagine WAKE UP

9 years ago

There will be a time when Islam will be an abuse...

9 years ago

Very very disturbing documentary of how these evils perpetrated the crime...May the victims souls rest in peace.....the souls of the murderers and their masterminds rot in hell!

10 years ago

It was very difficult to listen to these dogs of hell on their mobiles. Very ignorant people who represent more ignorant people. They are disgusting.

10 years ago

Bottom Line.. Paks are 8@stards! Musharif looks like a doggie that needs to be shagged followed by the ISI

11 years ago

have they arrested that guy on the phone yet?

11 years ago

this doc is not working

12 years ago

What a stupid comment. Everybody know that it is Christians and western powers that slaughter civilians on a industrial scale. Look at Iraq, Vietnam, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Laos, Cambodia, Algeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa... etc. How many Islamic countries can you name DEAD STUPID where the armed forces of democratic nations were used with the consent of the people to massacre people from the air. Just because you don't see on TV doesn't mean it doesn't happen it just means that your government covers the bloodshed up. It's people like you that allow people like George Bush to come to power.

12 years ago

Poor lads. They're indoctrinated at an impressionable age. They were like walkie talkie robots, doing their controller's will. What other youths wouldn't want to fantasise over meeting up with 60 virgins in heaven.

I wonder if the Indian police carry guns.

lex lexich
12 years ago

shut up! who can beat the christians? oh yes, it is different because we do it in a civilised manner with a-bombs, b-52's, and plane-carriers

lex lexich
12 years ago

it is always good to see how policemen risk their lives, but only when they beat unarmed kids or so, it is the same old story everywhere in the world... 20 policemen hiding while 2! youngsters kill 50 + ppl and injure 100 more, ten to one, right, they should totally wait for reinforcements

rihad nita
12 years ago

I don't have words to describe such things really, such actions can only be carried out by some sick and mentally ill people like these cowards. how on earth can this be justified? Islam is against violence. I myself am a MUSLIM and cant understand this. So for those people like ''dead_head'' said please this has nothing to do with ISLAM and you can't generalise an entire group because of the actions of a few, and if you are promoting that idea then thats not fair because MUSLIMS also got killed in the incident. so the question is do they represent MUSLIMS as a whole? NO.

12 years ago

this made me sick to my stomach and angrier than i've felt in a long time...how do we , the people of the world, start to understand this insanity? i have absolutely no sympathy for these animals..but we must not demonize an entire group of people...i am a us citizen .. one of the many thoughts running through my head ten years ago on 911 was "what the hell has the government been doing over there now that would incite this incredible act against our country...i do not in any way condone violence, terror, or war for that matter...i've always thought the war/povery , invasion/refugee result was a great black cauldron of disenfranchised people bereft of not only their homes and property but of even the basic neccesities of life and their own dignity. if you ask a ten year old boy or girl or their family , or anyone ,for that matter in that situation something like... "do you want to get back at the people who put you here? do you want a pair of new boots, clean clothes, food for you and your family? do you want hope or dispair?? do you want to stay here in this squalor or do something to help yourself and your family,your country, your people??" please think about it and tell me what your answer would be.. again i DO NOT condone this behavior but i can see how easy it would be for people in that situation to be manipulated . especially if you throw in some zealous religious "reward for their acts and martyrdom" to boot. i have always just naively hoped for no more war. i really think most wars are based at the very heart at rich vs poor. greed vs. need. and just for kicks throw in the religion.. please try not to be angry at a religion..trust me i know it's hard. just try to remember, which ever one it is, that it is always a miniscule amount that take it to extremes dragging everyone else into something they don't believe in....peace

12 years ago

Islamic fundamentalists are just like Christian fundamentalists; they take their agenda much too far. It doesn't matter what faith you hale from - crazy is crazy, plain and simple. Don't tell me you've already forgotten about Anders Behring Breivik.

The vast majority of Muslim people are good and have a decent heart.

Never thought I'd hear something so hateful from a dead-head. Ignorant maybe, but not hateful.

12 years ago

This is sickening killing all those people for what WHY? These people were evil just purely wicked thats really all i can say after watching this.