That's Impossible

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That's ImpossibleA series examining seemingly impossible stories and inventions from history, and the technology that could turn science fiction into reality. Each episode has a to do list, which means that if this technology were to be perfected, it would have to do certain things on the list. That's Impossible also mentions previous attempts or possible accomplishments of said technology.

Invisibility Cloaks. The power of true invisibility may now be possible. This episode investigates classified reports that the British military recently tested an invisible battle tank using meta-materials, Jasper Maskelyne and his deception camouflage used in World War II, the Philadelphia Experiment, examines the scientific breakthroughs that may soon give us all the power of invisibility, and witnesses a remarkable demonstration of an invisibility cloak that makes a man vanish.

Real Terminators. Robots that think, move like humans and fight our wars - Real Terminators - may now be possible. At leading universities and covert government labs, robots are now being developed in man's image; cyborgs with superhuman strength, machines that may eventually be able to make decisions, even kill on their own. But will these very robots designed to protect us ultimately turn on their masters?

Weather Warfare. The power to use tornados, hurricanes and the deadliest weather as weapons of war may now be possible. We'll investigate reports that weather weapons are in development and reveal the technology that--in the future--could turn hurricanes, earthquakes, even tsunamis into some of the most powerful and plausibly deniable weapons of mass destruction the world has ever seen.

Eternal Life. An examination of the efforts being used to prolong life, including growing replacement body parts in a lab, creating microscopic robots which can eradicate deadly diseases, and reversing the aging process.

Death Rays and Energy Weapons. The focus of this episode shines on the death rays and energy weapons which have been used in the old science fiction movies, including laser cannons capable of downing a plane and nuclear missiles.

Mind Control. A look into the mind reading and control, including the possibility of communicating with people using only their minds with brainwave-transmission technology, and computers which can read a person's thought.

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  1. Clifford William Thomas

    If you can imagine it, it most likely is possible.

  2. leonardobdas

    another arms race in the making. interesting to know that a bunch of technologies are already reality

  3. fonbindelhofas

    technology born for killing... :( defending against hungry farmers in some africa country.

  4. Achems_Razor

    Weather warfare? Using the Earth as a weapon, causing earthquakes, tsunamis to kill ourselves? Bastards! we will never get out of our class zero civilization!

    Leave the Earth alone, we must be viruses on the Earth, akin to what viruses do to the human body!!

  5. Imightberiding

    It is disheartening that 5 of the 6 episodes are directly applicable to the military complex & destruction. Why can't we pursue (for lack of a better word) enlightenment with our impossible dreams? We are not just akin to a virus. We are active parasites feeding on our host until it ultimately dies. The planet Earth.

  6. rtiom

    Most of this stuff already exists and is used in some form or another jeezuz people are funny.

  7. Guest

    And you know what the body attempts to do when infected with a virus...

  8. Guest

    " Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace... "

    How I really hope that's true, Clifford.

  9. Guest

    Enlightenment is a very, very GOOD word for it. Probably the best word.

  10. Nick Solari

    sounds like freemasonry/lucifarianism

  11. BK54

    Since when did the history channel become the conspiracy channel? Contrails producing strange weather, what other solution is there? Global warming, perhaps

  12. rtiom

    I'm really tired of narrow minded fools making comments.

  13. 0zyxcba1

    @ Pysmythe, thank you... u ripped my heart out... it says it all...

    i m a g i n e

    Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try.
    No hell below us, above us only sky.
    Imagine all the people, living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do.
    Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.
    Imagine all the people, living life in peace...

    You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
    I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

    Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can.
    No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man.
    Imagine all the people, sharing all the world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
    I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one.

    ~ John Lennon

    0z thank you, pysmythe.

  14. His Forever

    So, stop making them. Simple.

  15. memoiandi

    Holy crap.... Total hyperbole. It's a conspiracy theorist's dream. Take it for fluff entertainment but don't think you'll get a lot of fact here.

  16. as_above

    They don't need any of these forms of mass manipulation media has effectively mutated the natural thought processes of cultures for years

  17. Dave Campbell

    Don't Worry. The U.N. has the cure. Killing 80% of us is the plan, and they're not starting with themselves. I'm sure if you want, they can start with you though.

  18. PavolvsBitch

    There's no room for further denial/complacency of 'perhaps' this or 'perhaps' that. I feel that people prefer deep denial as a an increasingly implausable exit for taking responsibility. Feigning igmorance will only encourage tyranny and that's what we've got and you ain't seen nothing yet, but you most surely will.

  19. PavolvsBitch

    I'm suspicious when an approved source such as HT presents such material and view the presentation as most likely containing much fact, which is then leads down a path of deception. So a healthy dose of skepticism helps to sort the wheat from the chaff. Depends on how much the viewer already knows to be truth and how prepared they are to research that which they do not know.

  20. PavolvsBitch

    There we go; seconds into presentation 'if terrorists got hold of this' instead of terrorist developed and control this and we are the enemy target for deployment of such weaponry. Also, the blind spot invisibility and Churchill's use of magicians (he was a high druid in any case) to keep us 'watching the birdie' and distorting reality via props. We have television and politics to keep us entrained for a lifetime, whilst ignoring what is developing around us in reality. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to wake up and take a look around them; by the time they do so, it's too late.

  21. PavolvsBitch

    Einstein 'had an idea' for this or that but only as a result of stealing intellectual intelligence via his connections. They were never 'his' ideas. The system's architects syphon off humankind's energy and genuis, then deploy such against us. We know that even at very senior levels within the military, there are classifications which deny access to information on many, if not most of the most pernicious projects. HT can at best, join some dots on already known and declassified informtion and even this, in all likelihood, been heavily censored.

    This is how they win their game; robbed us to build the UFO capabilities to and beyond Foo Fighter stage. Then robbed us again to develop counter-measures. Step by step an invisible enemy is truly created and what more fun could they have than this, ensuring our demise is total. All because we have been led astray by belief systems over centuries and the most deranged and pitiful are those who believe a god will descend and save the day. The elites also are deceived as to their belief in this god; the difference is that they know the principles on which life thrives but subvert the science to serve their own egomaniacal delusion that they are gods.

  22. Achems_Razor

    Well I don't know about that, as Pysmythe: pointed out about the body and virus.

    We can rely on the one God that is real, as real as the earth is real, the great "GAIA" the God Earth Mother! instead of the ineffectual gods in absenteeism that religion offers. Don't get me wrong, am not believing in any gods or religion, but sure as h@ll beats any other invisible gods out there.

  23. Imightberiding

    I don't really believe we are capable of killing the Earth. It's been around a lot longer than us. I just think we're giving it a darn good try. We are certainly capable of killing each other. (parasites feeding off of parasites) Yeah, as Pysmythe pointed out, the Earth/Body will be plenty strong to take care of this virus.

  24. Imightberiding

    @Dave Campbell I'm afraid you missed my point. I was wondering why we couldn't live harmonious lives with this planet Earth. Ultimately something's got to give.

  25. PavolvsBitch

    Notable dates on 'Russian Woodpecker' beginning and presumed end was that 1976 was the Becentennial of USA and 1989 was the 'fall' of the Berlin Wall and within this era was Glastnost and the Treaty agreeing that no nation could use this technology on another; but national leaders could use it within their national boundaries. Obviously there are agreements between nations for co-operative purposes. On the jet stream, Core Exist in the Gulf covers both the jet stream disruption and nanotechnilogical duplication in addition to the ultimate goal of depopulation; also may be those 'materials in the wild which robots could use to self-replicate'? There are an estimated 51 H.A.A.R.P. stations throughout the globe.As for lightening, I've seen convincing footage of lightening coming out of the earth to sky; this via antena (cell masts etc.) transmitting lightening direct to earth and back. Cities are open labs for military intensification via satellite transmission. We've funded all this and by the way, Tesla wouldn't have dirtied his shoes by so much as treading on Edison.

  26. Guest


    You're very welcome! And thank YOU for the lyrics. It doesn't hurt anyone to hear those words again...

    I've never stopped missing Lennon, and wondering what else he might have done. We could sure use someone approaching his quality today, especially... Believe it or not, I actually had a friend about 25 years ago, just a small-time music-store owner, who had known Lennon for a time back in the early/mid '70's. He had been into a lot of serious political activism back then. He had a LOT of informal snapshots of himself sitting with John and Yoko in the Dakota. On-the-couch and in-the-kitchen, type stuff. I'll tell you, it was very impressive, for sure! I asked him what kind of guy Lennon really was, and he said he was one of the genuinely nicest people you could ever meet. A very GENTLE person, is the impression I got.

    I guess on rare occasions the people we admire the most may actually be pretty WORTHY of it... and it does me a lot of good to carry that impression of Lennon with me.

    Be good, Oz.

  27. Guest

    1st & above all,Einstein never ever took part or was involved in any manner in the production of the WWII atomic bomb. USA/UK war mongerer boasting.
    Pure applied science is one thing, technology based on pure science that bring a factual goods on the shelves is an extremely different ball game.
    A theory on a piece of paper is no bomb flying on a plane!
    And that tells a lot what this doc worths, or is about.

    The "Disapearing" tank used equipment to reflect light toward one single observing point. Invisible from that specific point.
    Which is a pretty rare case in reality.

    To level up with that doc. one should bare in mind; -"Where does that type of doc comes from"? => The coalition of 2 nations who's ravaging the natural resouces in Iraq. Those democratically elected psychopath blood thirsty murderers, boasting criminal liars at the United Nations who once told planet earth that there was "Disapearing/Invisible" WMD in Iraq, thus justifying ransacs & pillages, then request ransom from Iraqis civilians for their own properties, wealth. "Criminal gangserism behavior qualified as "Protection".

    That is much more an organized crime behavior, war crimes commited with the agreement of their own country fellow citizens who voted for these crimes.

    Nations of low disgusting psychopathic beasty sub-humans.

  28. BK54

    I was stating the obvious with sarcasm, of course global warming is the cause. Some of the conclusions drawn from the documentary were rediculous, very poor quality

  29. PavolvsBitch

    The joke is that the dark-haired dwork , John Rennie, appearing throughout the series is in all probability transhuman. I'm watching the spoof on Eternal Life and Cryogenics; they're really having a laugh here. People dying of cancer pay to be preserved until one day the 'cure' for this and all other diseases will be found. Honey, we had the cures until the Inquisition. And the funniest of all is the fact that they've 'no idea' how to revive these fools and maybe it's just as well. Nice work if you can get it. Most outrageous is our psuedo dude professor telling us in 2060 we could live for a 1000 years. What, you mean 'we'? What about the projection by Elite whores that the propulation is set to dramatically fall and by 2050 will be down to target numbers (500,000,000). Who will live for 10000 years? If Elite in freedom; marvelous stuff but imagine being a slave for that long?

    HT: They blew it; I knew it.

  30. PavolvsBitch

    OMG not Christian Barnard; his first public transplant was on an unsedated female who died in agony. Dirty little s***. Look at him; snivelling sicko retard.

  31. BeardHero420

    All of these shows are garbage. I agree with those that are saying that the History Channel has gone downhill...drastically. They honestly have no idea what they are talking about, and they like to insert that crap that scares and sells like "...if the terrorists get ahold of this or that..." whenever they can fit it in.

    The cloaking stuff is real, but they haven't a clue on the real deal. Less like a see-thru dress, more like Predator.

    Terminators? Come on now. I understand the idea behind robotic warfare, but it's not as drastic as they make it sound (although that BIG DOG thing is pretty damn neat). Those robots firing AUGs with laser sound effects made for a good laugh.

    Weather manipulation? Are they serious? We can't even PREDICT the weather! How could we possibly be able to change it to our advantage?!? Silliest thing I've heard about the weather since global warming. I stopped midway through this one.

    The HISTORY channel has no business predicting the FUTURE; it's not quite their genre.

  32. BeardHero420

    I'm no huge Beatles fan by any means, but this is one of the best (and truest) songs ever laid to record.

  33. BeardHero420

    I'm all for world peace, but unfortunately, a little under half the world isn't.

    The pursuit of enlightenment isn't really DARPA's motif.

    BTW some of you are absolutely nutty. Lay off the conspiracy flavored media. Lots of empty calories.

  34. BeardHero420

    I highly doubt that you will be the target of any of this technology (the realistic stuff - certainly not "weather manipulation")

    Unless you did something wrong, that is.

    And WTH is a "high druid"??? A stoned priest?

  35. BeardHero420

    We didn't vote on Iraq; we voted on the congressmen who voted on Iraq. Indeed it was awful and unjustified, but don't go blaming American citizens just because many of them are too fat and dumb to care about foreign policy.

    A redneck president got what he wanted (Saddam dead) at the cost of thousands upon thousands of civilian lives. I didn't ask for that.

  36. BeardHero420

    Cryogenics is indeed crap at it's smelliest. Penn & Teller did an episode of B.S. on it, if I remember correctly. Very funny stuff.

  37. Guest

    Love me some Penn & Teller. They always remind me of a kind of "Vegas Voltaire", or something. We could ALWAYS use more of that kind of thing, too: Humorous entertainment with an instructive purpose. It's very effective...

    " all probability transhuman." That's pretty damn funny, too, by the way, along with some of those other phrases, like "pseudo dude professor" and "elite whores"...

    I LIKE this guy!

  38. Guest

    Neither did I, not for a moment. Not in '03, when it really began, or in the 15 months prior to it, when it was clear what Bush was going to do. Afghanistan, I felt, was a different case, because we knew that was where the people who'd attacked us were based. But even there, it seemed to me like we should have done things on a VASTLY smaller scale. And it was pretty damned ironic to me recently, when it turned out that such a handful of specialists were able to get done what a huge army couldn't...

    I don't AT ALL agree, in any way, with the policy of this country of policing the world militarily. If another country legitimately feels it needs our help in that regard, let them ask for it outright, and through proper channels. The U.N., for example... And then let there be an ACTUAL debate, and a REAL consensus, as was the case with the first gulf war. After that, if there's really a valid need from the point of view of the people asking for help, and every other nonviolent option has been exhausted, go to war...and then get OUT, as completely as you can, sooner rather than later. All that, rather than that ANYONE should have listened to a neocon cowboy with tumbleweeds and armadillos rolling around in his skull.

    There are more of us here than maybe you realize who are aware of how low our reputation has fallen in the world, and many of the reasons for it. Not every citizen here is a beer-swilling, uneducated, war mongering buffoon, who thinks this country is always right NO MATTER WHAT. We're trying to change things, but it isn't easy... The grip Conservatives have on the "nuts" of this country is still pretty tight right now, even with Obama in office. We're going to have to EASE out of this predicament, I'm afraid... But I'm still hopeful we'll get it done some day. And if MORE people were aware and concerned enough about the real cost and influence of the U.S. defense-contractors, etc., and demanded steps to mitigate that enormously, that day would get here a lot sooner, in my opinion.

  39. GaryC

    It is well documented that Tesla worked with Edison for a while, parted ways over a disagreement in the best way to distribute electrical power. Edison insisted on small localized power stations producing DC current, while Tesla pursued the AC systems that could compensate for voltage drops by using transformers.
    After selling the idea of AC power distribution to GE, Tesla went on to experiment with with high frequency AC in and attempt to develop wireless power distribution. One of his tests involved the use of a focused radio beam to ionize an electrical pathway through the air. While testing this idea he stumbled onto the basic theory behind particle beam weapons.
    A few of Tesla's notes indicate he toyed with the idea of using a resonant wave to create free energy, but abandoned this line of research believing it to be too dangerous.

  40. Fugarzi

    the weather manipulation is real go to >> HAARP/TESLER
    Google it or on youtube

  41. Fugarzi

    if they showing us this stuff you can bet ya life there well ahead of all this

  42. Fugarzi

    have ya noticed how they make it all sound good and cool When you just now ALL THIS STUFF THEY TEST ON THERE OWN PEOPLE

  43. Guest

    Got to add an other, they go so well hand in hand!

    two, one two three four

    Ev'rybody's talking about
    Bagism, Madism, Dragism, Shagism, Ragism, Tagism
    This-ism, that-ism
    ism ism ism
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    its goin' great

    Everybody's talkin' bout'ministers,
    sinisters, banisters and canisters,
    bishops and fishops and rabbis and pop eyes,
    and byebye, byebyes

    all we are saying is give peace a chance,
    all we are saying is give peace a chance,

    let me tell you now
    Ev'rybody's talking about
    Revolution, evolution, masturbation,
    flagellation, regulation, integrations,
    meditations, United Nations,
    All we are saying [keep talking] is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Oh Let’s stick to it
    Ev'rybody's talking about
    John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy smothers, Bobby Dylan,
    Tommy Cooper, Derek Tayor, Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, Hare Krishna,
    Hare Hare Krishna
    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance


  44. Django Lazy Witte

    at +- 33.15 minutes, anomalous event occurred. They really tested this stuff?! i wonder, isnt this equipment way too expensive, to adapt this technology for use in warfare.

  45. David Foster

    Just so much more Technology Worship courtesy of the History Chanel.

  46. David Foster

    Part of the media's manipulation is to make us believe we need this stuff. If not, then we would probably complain about them using it to kill people.

  47. David Foster

    Why couldn't we kill the earth? Viruses can kill us, can't they? They're at about the same size ratio to us as we are to the earth. And most of THEM never even considered using cloaking technology!

  48. Guest

    Sooner I guess. Based on what I heard on the international news this morning. USA gov. will find itself in a default of payment next month or so...
    It isn't that bad, considering that after all, "It is the USA", but still, next time they'll submit a request for a little more money, the interest will be much higher.

    What's worst will be the salaries held back from all gov. organizations & agencies. Including the military.
    It is obvious that Obama will find a way to deal with the republicans to obtain their votes for extending the total USA national debt. But then, the still grow bigger and the necessity for the army expenses in Iraq do not disappear.
    Is is a ~billion per month? I forgot...
    BTW, Almost all UN country members voted against the Iraq invasions. Powell declations 'bout the hidden WMD already look "Fishy". Far from being the reflex towards Afghanistan a little earlier. A few countries intelligence already knew and had proofs that Powell was a clown. The French & Canada.

    I viewed a documentary on where the USA political regime is more exactly described.
    It is a republic before being a democracy.
    When one think that over for a moment:=>
    How long did it take after the USA revolution for those "Fathers of the USA constitution" to write down the concepts they expressed within that constitution?
    Was it feasible for them to foresee the raise of the International corporates some 400 years later?

    One & only one example, correct me if I'm wrong but any worldwide corporate business can grant, subsidize any USA political party to whatever extent they feel like.
    In many democratic countries in now days, all political grants or subside can only be done by a citizen and there is a maximum to this.
    Why? Because citizens are: "We the peoples" not corporates.

    In any events, it sure is a difficult situation.
    I don't see how the USA citizens could gain back what they owned at one time, their geographical land.
    That International corporate league can invest quite the same amount of money as all USA citizens combined.
    They own the USA and maybe also own all USA citizens.

    When Obama took power, they obviously were taken off guard. Anyhow, the republicans needed a break after dragging their USA citizens in that mud.
    How could anyone ever hope that this will change & be corrected? It's too late, they own your vote.
    They will not let that happen. They have guns & tazer.

    That must be why the old man, owning my company came to see me and told me, be ready to source our raw material from outside the USA. I feel that things are going to run much squarely next year.
    It smells bad.

  49. Juana Mendez

    How does that guy do the hummer trick?

  50. Guest

    I simply bare in mind that there were plenty of precedents these past few 45 years or so. I feel that it could be interpreted as harassment. The Iran overthrow in the early 50's was it, the chilian political murder, the Georgia, USA based school of assassins with its Panama satellite, the Guatemala affair when that gov. made the offense of imposing a tax on their exports, and course, the USA Army/CIA drugs deals in Nicaragua.

    Ever seen Colonel North on TV?
    And Reagan admitting that not only Pointdexter knew about the drugs versus arms deal, during Poindexter trial.
    The diffusion was worldwide.
    This isn't so much of old events?
    Well then, is it some sort of legal offense to teach the real factual & documented history to youngsters?

    I sure know that in some countries, history is quite a bit "Biased" for the reasons we all know, but within a democratic country: - Why forget & ignore?

    Hey, hey hey! When "The Peoples" happened to learn and know about the fact in USSR, as they decided: Enough, over my dead body, else you don't and never will.
    What the heck the leaders can do exactly?
    Shoot everyone or (60-75) % of their citizens on direct international television maybe?
    Or give lifetime sentences to them?
    And who's gonna play the slave after then?
    The same did happen in the Philippines.
    In both cases, less than 50 individuals were either wounded of killed out of many millions.

    That sure takes a lot of guts.
    But this thing in the USA that any corporate enterprise (Business) based anywhere on planet earth can subsidize any USA political party to any extent is none of reason why the "We the Peoples" is in no way the "We the Peoples" but rather "We the Corporates". & there's few like this one that need to assessed, cope with.

    Frankly, I wouldn't like to be faced with this.
    Imagine how your congress men would fight against any change that would compromise their finances?

    Anyhow, I should admit that if I'd be concerned, I'd prefer if they'd wait until my "Active Social Life" is complete, a little while after retirement that it...
    The problem is that waiting generations after generations...

  51. OccultAlien

    I saw an invisible man the other day...he was just standing there.

  52. OccultAlien

    has anyone else seen an invisible man?

  53. vulturewoman

    this is the worst documentary series on this site! I can't get over how many half truths and exaggerations were pounded in just to make the show exciting. This American sensationalism at it's best.

  54. afly_on_the_wall

    i saw a man who wasn't there ...

  55. Tod James

    we need a time machine

  56. Snerv

    Amazingly, yes it is! Tesla transmiters using low frequency waves (ELF) were on the military channel and we have them too! True, they probably don't know what their doing, but when has that ever stopped the military. They wern't even sure the atomic tests would stop before engulfing the whole earth!

  57. Radioactiveacid

    lol no we dont need a time machine... think..

  58. Alex Dudley


  59. AUWR

    This is ridiculous...

  60. Steve

    Invisible tanks are only invisible to human eyes and still kick up sand and dirt. My electronic scope will still tell me where to aim.

  61. Hugh Anderson

    he wasn't there again today...oh i wish i wish he'd go away.

  62. Yeri Yalpi

    cloak engage lol :D

  63. Guest

    If you take how much the military spends on actual technology then multiply that times 6 which is the cost for just secrecy or classifying, thats what our current US military budget is. We create terroism then we pay through the nose to hush it up. USA= united states of amnesia.

  64. Guest

    "USA= united states of amnesia"...
    Be it. As long as the citizens pays their taxes that they owe to the communists and do not invade or abuse other members of the G8, business as usual...
    I'm all for it.
    Would you like a lit'le morgage on your house with it since it's getting a little "Tight", hummm?


  65. Guest

    Pierre that doesnt make sense. Could you clearify? And my carrer is industrial technology, emphasis construction. I actually try and build things from my theories. So I have a good working knowledge of what works. And colleges are retarding our children. Because they are hiding such fundemental things as Nicola Teslas work. Not to mention Victor Schauberger

  66. Guest

    @Homie : "Could you clearify". If English isn't my mother tongue, what's yours? Smile a lit'le Homie?
    This being said, I have to admit that that my previous comment was more of sarcasm than anything else.
    "Be it" in the sense that: They vote in the USA, so...?

    However, I should have taken in consideration the present "Occupy Wall Street" trend though. But I'm not perfect as anyone is, I guess.
    Oh, the reason why I mentioned China as a debt creditor is the fact that Obama didn't had much choice aside taking that money to bring his Wall Street dealers and banks out of the ditch.

    Wars generations after generation breaks down to a heavy tribute.
    What one invests in war cannot be invested elsewhere?
    Beside, an eternal state of war isn't the best model for youngsters.

    Ok then, put it on the credit card...
    Who's paying & who will clear the debt late or soon?
    Not me, being from St-Elsewhere.
    Not you if you're not a US citizen.
    What will happen once sunk to the ears?
    I'd rather not imagine. Anyhow, I'll be retired.

    As simple as that.


  67. Guest

    If you knew how they actually generate electricity you wouldnt have an electricity bill. And its so simple the part about not collecting the back EMF. Which will give you an over unity output. I tried it. it really works.

  68. Guest

    But how loud have you objected to it? Who and how many others you know have you discussed your opinion? What efforts have you made to protest against those commiting murder in your name? How much knowledge have you sought to make your position well known?

  69. Admir Efendic

    oh cmon, ninjas and shizzle

  70. ofnote

    Give me a break. The military can ALWAYS get whatever funding they need one way or another; black ops, whatever. utting money into the economy via the military is no accident and was well thought out and planned within a couple years after WWII. Eisenhower even warned the Ametican public in his farewell address as president that we had created a dangerous military industrial complex and he feared that no man should be in charge of it unless he had personal military experience. The economy was failing after a temporary lift out of the great depression became useless. The Gov't. needed a way to pour money into the economy to keep it going, otherwise we would again descend into another depression! The problem was how to do this without interference from the general public expressing their preferences and desires on how and where to spend it. (Which they didn't want) The answer was to funnel money into the economy through the military. This is a documented fact. Look it up.

  71. myname uname

    Here ,so many thing is destructive and only useful for WAR , You WESTERN guys are destructive only. why don't you find or research anything constructive ?

  72. Jay M????ÿ

    this is a great show

  73. Winston Smith

    There's no business like war business...' How clueless is the guy says, 'imagine such a technology getting into the hands of terrorists" without batting an eye or ever realizing it's his own side (western corporate capitalist) that are the greatest terrorists ever ! It is they who funded and armed hitler, it is they who invaded and they needlessly prolonged the conflict in Vietnam, in E Timor, Cambodia... or the list is too long to go on.. but now invaded Iraq and Afghanistan based on the lies of 911 & the anthrax attacks. Crimes on such a vast and terrible scale that your notion of what a terrorist is, would be redefined.

  74. paul

    my sentiments exactly nick pope is an a** a self important i*iot as soon as he said "get in the hands of terrorists" it annoyed me is this man so blinded too what is going on or is he just playing the game their game a dangerous game?

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