The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs
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The 20 Most Dangerous Drugs

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The 20 Most Dangerous DrugsA team of leading scientists have spent two years analysing the effects of 20 of Britain's most widely used drugs, and have devised a scientifically rigorous - and controversial - new ranking for them.

The BBC's Horizon programme has followed their research and looks at the science behind the headlines.

How do the brain and body react to each stimulant as it passes into the bloodstream, and what are the long-term effects of drugs relative to their classification?

If the current classification should be changed in view of the latest findings, what exactly is Britain's most dangerous drug?

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  1. I saw this documentary when first aired. It reported on a properly independent scientific study commissioned by the BBC.

    (As I recall, it too listed Heroin as #1 — alcohol as #4 — and cannibas as #11. (Note: Also as recalled: everything after 8 or 9 didn’t really seem to matter much.)

    It should be shown again and regularly.

  2. Does anyone know what happened to the doc? It does not seem to be here anymore :(

  3. i cant see the uk study to be true...i feel like most of the uk the study is full of s*it

    1. Based on what? They were quite clear in their definition and gave clear guidelines for their decisions.

    2. Obviously it's a sham, because no meaningful data can possibly be extracted from a list which includes both heroin and psilocybin mushrooms, as if to put them in the same category, when the profiles of effects, toxicity, lifestyle and every other factor taken into consideration isn't even remotely consistent. Also, just consider how many people die of cigarettes and second hand smoke each year, in comparison to how many people die of taking mushrooms. It should be obvious which is more harmful. Same goes for alcohol, how many people have died from LSD verses that? It seems like they've ignored what has happened by being scared of and fear mongering what _could_ happen, which virtually never does. Hence the quote at the begging, "I believe LSD to be more dangerous than heroin" (Lol).

  4. see cannabis on the thumbnail

  5. please sent me list of dangerous drug

  6. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs lol. Have had countless years on this "most dangerous drug" and will have countless more.

  7. Hemp can be used for making clothes. Do not discount the advantages of such natural gifts.
    If we focused more on natural remedies the earth would not be in such a state of depletion and extinction.

  8. I'm used to read, watch and listen lots of technical science stuff and this if this was "NAME OF SCIENCE" I quit. There was so much lag of results, given information and facts. They didn't even know how many users of some drugs have.

    I have never hear about straight cannabis dead. If we get that line, we need to criminalize boring movies, becouse if you fell sleep becouse of the movie and you were cooking. Oh no.

    I loved that Men Who Stare at Goats moment with the army dudes.

    Read other comments below and make yourself happy that you never saw this. And remember that poisons are bad. For real xD

  9. %100 of canabis users realize that social perceptions of it's harm are GREATLY exagerated.

    This documentary undermines any semblence of credibility and is irrelevent.

    I wished someone at some point during this documentary had stated the obvious...." Ironically, even after 50 years, we still really don''t know the long term effects of most of these drugs."

    This 'science' has been, and continues to be co-opted by politics. There was not a single mention of percieved positive effect. These researchers should be ashamed of themselves. Pure and simple.

    What a pile of horse shite.

    1. your 100% correct!!

  10. I think that is a very good point to make that all drugs have some degree of inherent risk associated with them, some more than others. But there are also inherent dangers associated with many of our daily activities, its just that they have not been branded 'illegal' so you give it no thought; as an example every time you get behind the wheel of a car (or just in a car/bus/taxi/etc.) you run a risk (more people die in car accidents than are killed by 'illegal' drugs each year), but the risk is accepted and you use the car to get places, just like people who use drugs use them to get 'places' and people who drink use that to get 'places'.

    Now if drugs were legal and regulated much of the inherent risk associated with them would be greatly reduced (i.e. impure/cut with dangerous chemicals/not the expected 'product'), its would also deal a blow to criminals who used drugs as a revenue stream and people could be properly educated regarding drugs, their usage, dangers and so on; rather than be left to find out for themselves and possibly make a life threatening decision rather than an informed one.

    There is more, I could go on, but I think you can see where I stand, I just don't see how its anybody in governments business what substances I or anyone else decide to put in their body.


    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as a sorry state as the souls who live under tyranny.”
    ? Thomas Jefferson

  11. i love when the army men take lsd, and oh no their not wanting to kill others they want to laugh and climb trees

  12. lies, half truths, missunformation and lies, you believe 'em all, you swallow 'em all, lies, half truths missunformation and lies, you can control heroine, the problem is culture that convinced people with this kind of sh?t that something like so isn't possible break this cycle getting informed not stoned. Pot is not at all that bad, and depending on the kind can be healthy besides vaporizators are the best and healthier way to do weed.
    A date: a fruit have at least more than 200 hundred chemicals in and on it,
    -How can someone be so blind? we are exposed to chemicals every minute of our lives, when driving or waiting for the bus, when out at rushhours............

  13. How are the Drugs dangerous if they have never caused a death? Also where did they get there information because there are alot and i mean ALOT of actual published scientific documents that disprove alot of their statemants.

    1. excuse me danny but drugs do cause death, who do you think you are?!?!!?!?! like legit! love you

    2. who am I?
      How are the Drugs dangerous if they have never caused a death? Also where did they get there information because there are alot and i mean ALOT of actual published scientific documents that disprove alot of their statemants.

  14. I actually agree on placing cannabis that high up. I myself have smoked since i was a bit over 15, and i am now 19, and have not become "a stupid stoner" yet; I do well at school, i play in a pretty groovy band, have a really cute girlfriend, and a whole lot of good friends (and no; They don't all smoke). Now, I have not f--ked up, but; They guy who introduced me and my friends to weed have f--ked up, and all of his friends with him, and at least 4 of the people that I have introduced to smoking, have really f--ked up as well. I have witnessed myself how a handful of smart and clever people, have become a bunch of idiots smoking the day away. One of them now does GHB almost every weekend, and Valium on a daily basis.

    But hey, by all means, pot is great, but you gotta be careful. It's not harmless.

  15. most of these drugs on here are listed high simply because of the effects on the body they give, getting heart attacks or similar does not count towards overdose of heroine for example, which is why all these death rates are rated low on this documentary.

    also sice this documentary has been out, users and street prices have raised by a significant amount, some almost doubled.

  16. ecstasy isn't cut with rat poison are you r*tarded? MDMA is harmless in pure form... the only reason anyone has any negative side effects from E is because of the **** people cut the MDMA with.. usually amphetamines... which in that case its the amphetamines causing harm not mdma... and marijuana is super addictive almost every swinging d*ck who tries it because a r*tarded stoner... the majority of the people responding to this video don't understand the 3 basis of the arguments for the danger of the drug...

    for example, tobacco kills millions yes.. and the most... yet smoking a single cigarette is nearly harmless... you usually smoke millions of them before you actually die from them... if you did millions of lines of cocaine... you'd have died millions of lines ago... heroin is so easily overdosed on... compared to alcohol... plus you must remind yourself percentages of mortality of users vs how many use... alcohol and tobacco have way more users... if you had the same amount of users of alcohol and tobacco as you have heroin... well heroin would be number 1...

    Leave it to a bunch of druggies to over analyze scientific data and get all up in arms because they show proof of negatives of their drug of choice.. or lead their misguided mind astray.

  17. Ive never heard so much crap about drugs in my life. If anyone thinks through this information objectively, these professionals know nothing about addiction. But I am not a valid source either as I was a drug addict for many many years, yet I beleive a drug addict is a pure knowledge base of the dangers of all drugs. Heroin number 1? pfffttt... if that's true, may my tracks dissapear. Looks at Portugal, the Netherlands and see how many die in comparrison to legal drugs.

    btw, because I am not from England I am amazed at the prices I was seeing. Is that right? If they are, my god you people have it cheap. Even at the exchange rate now, you pay $10 to $20 pounds for a bag of Heroin? We pay $50 for point one of a gram. Some people pay upto $1600 for 3.5 grams.

  18. Everyone know this propaganda crap
    40 thousand people die a year from alcohol more people die from alcohol than suicide all the illegal drugs put together, even the goverment actively encourage people to drink it, nice.

    Tobbaco kills more than alcohol, all drugs,car crashes homicide and sucide put togther. 50% of thoes who smoke will die from its effects.

    How can ectasy be safe if its been cut with rat poison ? it doesnt mention this in the documentary.

    And Coulten Hansen not all Brits are stupid, So stupid we know you work at Bread Garden Market & Bakery went to Iowa City High School and it says here you like football ? Dude this is the BBC, its not the British opinion dont insult people when you have all your personal information avaiable for all to see you donut!

    1. They talk about MDMA, not taking what else might be in the E's in concideration. Weed can also be ******* harmful if it's got glass fiber melted into it to increase the weight. If alchol is not ethanol, but methanol, it is also about 100% sure that you would die from it, or at least get blind. One just can't think that way, as all substances are deadly if they are mixed with som deadly poisons.

  19. stupid brits you put cannabis at 11????? over steroids??? ex **** dude ppl die from ex NO ONE DIES FROM CANNABIS END OF STORY!!! no harm only help to the body helps the brain the one thing that it sort of hurts the lungs it has been proven to help with lung cancer!!! this doc is total bull!!

  20. i love rupert grint yay yay

  21. john kay is da best dwug twaker eva lol lol lol lol lol sacarasm

  22. screw this list lets bstart a new list what drugs have you tried and who wants to pARTY lol : weed hash oil booze beer exctasy mda coke crack lsd opium (i think in hash 1x) oxy and K? (with some hot chick - i got so messed up i forgot to boiing)

  23. LSD could do more damage to the brain stem than THC, but LSD is so man made that it is virtually impossible to become addicted to, as I understand.

    1. That's kind of an uneducated statement....
      A lot of man made drugs are addictive, and I'd say more often than not the man made drugs are way more addictive than the natural kinds. Meth which is all man made chemicals is one of the most addictive drugs out there, and many legal pharmaceutical drugs ranging from pain killers to anti-depressants are very addictive and hard to get off of once a person doesn't "need" it anymore.

      I've not tried LSD myself, but from what I gather it's not addictive at all, and it's not SO man made like it even took that much, it was made on accident actually. There's even historical documents showing that an entire European village went "Crazy" in a way that described an acid trip long before LSD existed, the whole village had apparently eaten moldy rye bread, and the key ingredient of LSD is from a mold that grows on rye, so it's not even "SO MAN MADE" like it didn't exist before it was concentrated in a lab.

      As for THC causing less damage to the brain stem, you're right, but I don't like what you're implying, because it's not damaging the brain at all. Numerous studies show that THC is actually very good for the brain in a lot of ways, and the short-term memory loss thing only occurs while you're high, it's not permanent or even influencing your sober hours. I also thought it was very interesting that THC improves your long-term memory (a separate part of the brain).

      But I digress, back to my point!
      Man made almost always equals unhealthy, whether it's drugs, genetically modified foods, or synthetic fabric. That's not to say there are no harmful poisons existing in nature, I'm just saying man is not known to create immaculate compounds and products, and that it's really quite the contrary. Man has shown over and over through the centuries that if something doesn't make you break out in boils and start violently vomiting within an hour or two of coming into contact with it, we think it's fine. Hell, you used to be able to buy Radium Water for drinking back when it [Radium] was first discovered, and now we know that stuff's radioactive and toxic!

    2. Lysergamide or LSD-25 was not made by accident and is very difficult to synthesise for many reasons. It was synthesised by Albert Hoffman in Switzerland in the late 30's or early 40's. Sandoz the company he worked for deemed that there was no use for the compound. He later decided to resynthesise it and accidentally ingested it (probably through the skin). The accident was the first ingestion of LSD. It was however synthesised on purpose. LSD doses are in the order of 250 micrograms or 1/4 of 1 milligram or 1/4000th of a gram, hence why it can be so easily abosrbed through the skin as such minute doses are required. PSychedelic drugs are one of the safest classes of drugs if used in the correct context and not abused. The human brain actually even produces N,N dimethyltrypamine (DMT) naturally and it is one of, if not the most potent psychedellics known.
      Psychedellics also could bring many benifits and much understanding to the modern world. Many cultures have used these drugs for millenia without harm. Psilocybin, DMT, mescaline, lysergic acid just to name a few.
      Opiates (including heroin) if used in pure form do not damage brain or body tissues either. It is purely the prohibition of these drugs that cause harm to users.

  24. are you kidding me, cannabis is a worse drug than X and LSD? WTF

    1. Obviously this documentary has little to no basis in reality. Maybe it was government/industry funded, hmm?

  25. Having marijuana and any psychedelic on a list of dangerous drugs is laughable. One can argue that excessive recreational use is not ideal, but dangerous? Sounds like more of the idiotic propaganda that fuels the "war on drugs" in America. Don't take my word for it. Look into studies on marijuana health benefits or studies related to psychedelics.

    1. You should take your own advice about looking into studies because it clearly does have negative consequences, which makes it potentially dangerous.

      No, it's not as dangerous as crack, heroin or even alcohol, but to pretend that it has no associated risk is just ignorant.

  26. No one here gets the point of the documentary. Marijuana might not effect everyone but it does have negative side effects. These researchers didn't look at the eye level perspective, they dug deeper to find out what can happen. Thinking of all the possibilities is how they came to their conclusions. Just because you haven't had problems with marijuana doesnt mean it can't happen. The video may not make sense to everyone but that's because we aren't scientistics who spent two years studying it. Just because it doesn't effect you, doesn't mean you can talk negatively about it.

  27. No one here gets the point of the documentary. Marijuana might not effect everyone but it does have negative side effects. These researchers didn't look at the eye level perspective, they dug deeper to find out what can happen. Thinking of all the possibilities is how they came to their conclusions. Just because you haven't had problems with marijuana doesnt mean it can't happen. The video may not make sense to everyone but that's because we aren't scientistics who spent two years studying it. Just because it doesn't effect you, doesn't mean you can talk negatively about it.

  28. Now newly discovered drug methodrone also called as Meow Meow has replaced XTC, Khat, Speed, Cocaine due to its high strength at dirt low price. After around 100 teenagers committed suicide due to post depression, its just got illegal in UK...yet its legal all over the world since its 2011 discovery...

    1. What you are reffering to is actually called mephedrone. It was discovered in 1929 and rediscovered and synthesised by a clan chemist in 2003.

  29. When the film discusses Cannabis and its possible relation to forms of psychosis, it should have addressed the issue of whether prolonged, chronic use has any bearing on a tendency to believe in conspiracy theories or just fluffy strange things in general. This is only anecdotal of course, but just about everyone I know who is a long-term user also is a believer in the silliest conspiracy theories. It would be interesting to know if any actual studies have been done on this one aspect. To become paranoid right after getting high is well enough known. You can become privately paranoid and think that your life is disastrous; you can become socially paranoid around your friends; you can become paranoid about getting busted by the police; or you can become paranoid on a grand scale and concoct an ontological scheme about all of existence that carries over after the high is gone. How many times getting high does it take before it just sticks and you never become reasonable again? I think something like this happens when people start buying into the silliness of the David Ickes in the world or start labeling their water with good intentions.

  30. I'm not making an argument, it's a different perspective. As far as health risks everything humans do carries health risks. It is always a trade-off. To say that weed has more health risks than let us say driving is preposterous.
    Yet we don't ban driving. It's all a matter of perspective.

  31. Considering that the psychoactive effects from solvents are most likely inseparable from nerve and organ damage and it is rated safer than cannabis makes this whole documentary a joke. I'd do heroin any day of the week before huffing.

  32. By putting marijuana where they did and GHB as far safer just makes the whole experiment a joke. I think maybe they just want to make a point that pot isn't risk free and I agree with that but having been exposed to pot users all my life with most of the people I have known being pot smokers and having only met a few people in my life who have ever had a psychotic episode and most of them were not pot users at that time I think they have made way to much of that connection. Not to mention they forgot that the worst social problems that can be found with pot use are created by its illegality especially here in the USA.

  33. wow you these people are stupid, i smoked for two years and i quit, i haven't been trying to quit and i won't be trying for the rest of my life. i quit.

  34. thc*

  35. your people obviously f***ed up if people are trippin on weed

    1. or you just dont got dank stuff: p

  36. I think the whole documentary could be made irrelevant if you used the daily phrase "let's have a clue".

  37. The whole list is ridiculous. its based on biased opinion, and on the fear that media managed to create. There is a simple solution to the questions this documentary asks, and indeed many of the documentaries on this website. The solution is probably well known as "stop being stupid", and we can all do it.

  38. your saying that i would be better off sniffing solvents then smoking weed and drinking? Open your god damn eyes. Also, how is ecstasy so far down the list? What about methamphetamine or caffeine? Your list is incredibly invalid because of the huge lack of scientific evidence. The only thing you guys did was complain that no research had been done on the drugs. A high school kid would have more knowledge about these drugs then you appear to have. I could rant on all day about the inaccuracies that infest this horrible documentary. "3 cigarettes and your addicted for life", i dont even need to explain that one.

  39. wish that things like this didn't exist.. it saddens me greatly watching videos such as this one and seeing people struggling with these addictions.

  40. how to dowmload this video

  41. how to dowmload this video

  42. If a substance could be developed that was totally non-addictive and completely harmless physiologically(or even healthful) but which allowed for expanded consciousness and subjective exploration bypassing any conceivable need for religion, such a substance would be banned immediately and cited as a Schedule A class drug, with sharp penalties for is prohibited use.

    ~ The above is a VERY loose paraphrasing of a statement(from memory) made a short while back by Sam Harris

    1. Such a substance exist's. Known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), it gives it's user a complete psychedelic experience that expands the consciousness so much it takes the user right to the depths of creation itself. This chemical can be synthesized and taken recreationally, however, it is a natural occurring chemical produced by the pineal gland in the human brain which is what causes dreams and is also what is said to be released moments before death. When taken recreationally it is more for the spiritual experience. And yes you are correct it is cited as a Schedule A class drug, although it can be quite easy to synthesize.

  43. can't believe caffee wasn't on there stupid list... solvents should of been closer to the worst, there so toxic ihaling paint is worse then doing coke. don't waste your time watching it people.. nothing new here just common knowledge, so little science displayed...

  44. What lies.... cannabis is used in medical care, Even if you rub the leaves into a wound, it heals faster... No deaths have been reported due to cannabis. BBC: get your facts straight please.

  45. where is crystal meth? i guess it did not effect Britain the way it effected the US

  46. estes documentários são úteis por um lado amostra nos a realidade da vida outra coisa é quando se prova e ficamos colados a "ela" só kem passa por uma ressaca sabe o sofrimento mas tbm a alegria k nus propociona...nao?...

  47. ha, im compleatly sober and even i know this is bs, heroin may be the top of the list here, but meth on the other hand is addictive as s***. think about this
    trouble to make
    effects first time
    effects over a long time

  48. This is such bullshit, for lack of a better word. How can they class the dangers of drugs especially a drug like ecstasy, without considering the psychological effects? The reason I use ecstasy as an example is because people consider to be so harmful so they're more likely to take more and more, and end up depressed, which isn't something the scientific world should overlook. Also I am someone who considers psychology and state of mind to be a huge part of addiction, therefore I find their criteria to be rather useless.

    1. Sometimes I think they classify certain drugs based on how much money fun they're missing out on... which only sounds like a joke, until you consider how uptight some people are! :-p

    2. That could be said for every single drug on here, so it is a moot point.

    3. yes, if we feel we are doing something bad, that will ripple out into everything.
      a self destructive perspective will reinforce self destructive behavior to be sure.

  49. This BBC documentary is a very flawed and disappointing work. To rank cannabis above solvents and ecstasy is irresponsible claptrap. Cannabis used alone has no recorded deaths EVER! Solvents kill and brain damage thousands of children throughout Latin America and the rest of the world!

  50. did you know that one beer has as much alcohol as a glass of wine.

    1. Yes? Isn't that kinda obvious if you atleast have done some math in school.

  51. That woman is a total moron about this. It's not the idiots' fault for drinking alcohol? Really? So the bottle got up and poured itself down your throat? You had absolutely no control over it? You know you can load a pistol, cock it, put it in someones hand, and even put their finger on the trigger then back off, but in the end it's their choice whether or not they pull it.

    1. addiction is a neurosis dude, you wouldn't tell a schizophrenic, stop believing the phantoms in his head.
      and it has been shown that addiction is correlated with malnutrition poverty abuse and neglect, man those addicts are retards eh? eh?

      im happy you don't deal with sick people man, compassion is required, you could work in a prison with that aptitude as a guard tho.
      much love

    2. That's a lie

  52. Oh really? Cannabis has caused 1 recorded death a year in the UK? That's really interesting considering there has never, in world history, been a death that was the result of the drug alone or natural THC killing someone. Just cause someone does something stupid while high and kills themselves doesn't mean the drug itself was responsible.

    1. i know i dont understand why it was put so high the only one that people should really know about is how non-harmful E is or PURE MDMA compared to other drugs (and that girl is a dumb bitch :) because weed is not a drug its a plant)

    2. It's a drug, a drug is anything that changes the biological function of an organism. For that same argument opium is a plant substance and most people would say that is a drug. Just because you have a negative connotation of the word drug and a positive connotation of weed doesn't mean that weed is not a drug. It is a great drug however.

    3. drug: a chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body, the most powerful psychedelics and any other kind tend to be plants. natural drugs are potent, trust me first hand experience

    4. @D then would you say coffee, chocolat, black tea are drugs too?

    5. Mildly, yes. :-)



  55. excuse me.. but where is meth?? Don't tell me it was stuck down there with amphetamine? Does britain not know? Oh britain.. you have SUCH a nasty surprise coming..

    1. thats exactly what i was thinking same with how cocaine AND crack were considered the same thing where in fact there very different in how harmful they can be to you

    2. thats cuz cocaine just went across the seas heavy, we pay 40 a g to ur 100s

    3. meth never made it over here and still hasent i am very aware of the problems of meth but in the uk there seems to be no demand for it as other more common and well know drugs are redilly availible unlike the US where the relentless war on drugs has created gaps in the marked where addicts needed a fix and meth managed to get a foothold this hasent happend here so no demand for it no supplie!

  56. alcohol is also majorly demonized here. Alcohol is not so much a dangerous drug as it is a dangerous drug for idiots. I use booze medicinally when i'm ill. Once in a great while, i'll have two or three drinks to lighten up. I don't believe there are any dangers involved in responsible alcohol use and it even has some health benefits.

    If you're an idiot, isn't everything dangerous? Is it really fair to call, for example, a bicycle dangerous because retards hurt themselves when they ride one? Don't get me wrong, booze CAN be very dangerous. But only because people can be very stupid.

    1. thats ignorant. alcohol has ruined more lives and marriages than all other drugs combined. i agree with what you say about meth though but its just getting big in japan, USA and canada

    2. Did you know alcohol is up there mainly because of its withdraws... alcohol withdraws are worse than any kind out there (even heroin)... people almost die from not consuming enough alcohol after they are addicted.

    3. Amy Winehouse did... r.i.p.

    4. dude, riding a bike is HEALTHY. its called fitness. Lol yeah you could crash but uhhh a bike ride doesn't hurt you... however one drink does. That's the dumbest analogy I have ever heard.
      Bike riding is only bad if you crash. Drinking doesn't have to kill you, to hurt you. Wow you're an idiot alright.
      - 21 year old binge drinker who also rides for exersize and understands the dangers of my party lifestyle

    5. Alcohol in moderation (i.e., one or two drinks, even daily) actually has many health benefits. It's not a health risk to have a glass of wine every single day.

    6. You're the idiot, you completely missed the point Ella Silver made.

    7. You're right Ella.. The fools and horses will look at a wino on the street, his drinking a result of his not being able to tolerate an evil world that he can't compete in (for what ever reason).. The i**** will look at the wino and turn to his comrade in i*iocy and say, "SEE! See what alcohol will do to you!!".. All things in moderation.. Millions of drinkers know this and millions control it.. The small amount who allows alcohol to use them are the ones who stick out to these bumpkins who uses their biasness for them all.

      And @Jay Brown.. You're a bigger i****.

  57. i was surprised weed was so high up on the list. I personally think the biggest danger with pot relates to the lungs. Which isn't an issue if you eat it or vaporize it.. and i notice they didn't mention alternative means of consuming it.. whatever.

    What really shocked me though?? That f--king INHALANTS were so far DOWN the list! Complete bullshit.

  58. Sure give LSD to schizophrenics... lol that's sure going to make them better. And what about bad trips? My friend was mentally crippled from LSD and I hear voices from it... although I have taught myself to control them now. And what about meth? I would think that is the most dangerous drug, just by seeing meth users and a bit of self research. I think LSD should be up with H and coke, they should be the top four with meth taking the lead... But thats just me, and who am I to challenge the scientists? lol.

    1. Therapeutic doses of LSD, like therapeutic doses of any drug, are given in much smaller doses than recreation would have you believe. It is a very effective form of mental health treatment according to a great number of studies.

      Completely agree with you on meth though. Should have been #2 or #3. 4 at least. I guess the phenomenon of "meth towns", "meth whores" etc hasn't hit britain yet.. or at least at the time of this filming.

    2. meth bad. Dexies AWESOME.

    3. The list was re-done... Meth came in at 4. chill.

    4. Meth comes from Ephedrine which is also used medicinally and benefitial in small doses.

    5. You are waaaay off. LSD is and will continue to be a positive drug. I truly doubt your friend is a mental cripple because of LSD or that you hear voices because of it. More likely is that each of your conditions are independent of your LSD usage. I have used it well over 300 times; have had nothing but very good to sublime trips that have taught me much about life, reality, beauty, and the mind; and I know many, many intelligent successful people who have used it often and feel the same. On top of that; LSD has been shown repeatedly to be one of the most successful cures for both alcoholism, schizophrenia, and phobia of dying (for terminally ill patients).

    6. LSD is all in your head, bad trips...all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the demons lol. I did LSD for 3 and a half yrs straight, bought it by the bibles and i miss it every second. On another note tho, mess around and do to much and yes you will get stuck in a trip. I have a buddy today who still thinks he's a glass of dew, and if hes not upright he thinks hell pour out and die...then again u dont run from cops and sweat when u have a bible in ur waistline either

    7. your an id**t those stories about being a glass ant tipping over and dying is a myth that litertally everyone says they know a friend its happened to. its just bullsh*t

  59. "A team of leading scientists have spent two years analyzing the effects of 20 of Britain’s most widely used drugs," and finally obtained the results.... Unfortunately, they can't reveal the results themselves, since half of them are dead, and the other half suffered severe B R A I N D A M A G E due to the experiments they performed on themselves.

  60. @Abjective

    Whoa, my advice for you, is to smoke a joint, and give up trying to make relevant points.

    some of what you said in your ramblings, made sense...but try to frame in a couple of sentences is my advice. My thought is you must work in advertising....lots of content to sell little quality.

    Just my thought

  61. Do the maths in the UK: 40 million pissheads, 10 million fag addicts, 3 million pot heads, 1 million pill heads of all sorts, 750 000 crack pots, 300 000 registered (known) smack heads, 200 000 or so glue/solvent sniffers, 700 000 coke heads, 40 000 plant chewers, 500 000 lsd pychos. And probabably 1 million of use of drugs we dont even know about, but LETS FACE IT, WERE A NATION OF FUCK UPS. So dont act as if you dont know!!Am not a mathematician but dosn't that all add upto about the entire UK population dont forget magic mushrooms. So its fair to say 'what you smoking on'

    Its big big business in the UK. Think about it, it pays police to chase criminals, it pays magistrates to crown courts staff and soliciters and barristers, clerks, security, government, to probationers, to paying prison staff to paying construction and maintenance of new and old prisons, paying to advetising about drugs to distributing infomation about the drugs to people, then theres highly skilled doctors, and medical staff and therapist staffs wages to pay for looking after and taking care of the addicts, To funding rehab centres and staff. to educating about drugs in all secodary schools is now compulsary, but the biggest profitiers are of course the drug manufacturers and distributers themselsevles. Also theres wages of the researchers and developers of cures for drugs. Also the many petty drug dealers themselves.

    The people that lose out are victims of theft from smack and crack heads.(An expensive habit) Obviously they become victims themselves through addiction and then finding a way to fund their filthy habits. (muggings, theft, burgalary to name a few)

    All in All it supplies thousands of jobs nationally in the UK also internationally. Believe it or not its a multi billion pound industry in the UK per annum. To legalise it would be a economic disaster for the UK economy. People. You wouldnt think but it would put alot of people out of work (the good and bad)

    Most drugs are negative, the safest ones are prescibed by the doctors but the parmachutical industries are shady too.

    The law allows it to be big business. but if they legalise it its the end. Its a bit like reverse pychcology. Strange but true can any one deny hard facts.

    1. dosn't that all add upto about the entire UK population?

      Uh not when you consider that lots of users take several of these drugs.. So that's not person per statistic lol..

  62. Cannabis is my number 1

  63. Jesus Galloway could you possibly be any more patronising?

    As someone who has tried and enjoyed many drugs over the past 20 years without ill harm or bad effects I can comment from experience and I can assure you that I live a perfectly normal life. I am that 40 year old you were slagging off and I can assure you that what you are saying is total crap!
    I work full time, am constantly learning about new things, have a varied and interesting life and can remember EVERY part of the last 20 years-get down off your high horse!!

    1. One thing i'm surprised they fail to mention is that when someone is stupid, most everything is dangerous. That when someone is obsessive, compulsive or impulsive, they will do things to an unhealthy degree.

      That doesn't make drugs necessary "healthy" and it doesn't necessarily change the order of drugs on this scale. But it does raise the question as to how dangerous these substances are for intelligent people versus the unwashed masses of dumb impulse junkies.

    2. for example.. booze sure is dangerous because a disturbing number of people are binge pigs. But for those like myself who use alcohol medicinally (MUCH healthier than cough syrup) or who have, at most, three social drinks a month, there is no appreciable danger.

  64. for those of you that saw pot is dangerous. Your stupidity is why films like this are published. I have smoked pot for almost almost 20yrs. Yes I smoke regularly becuz i enjoy it, not becuz its addictive. If you say its addictive then you have no idea what an addiction is....there are no withdrawls or sickness that comes from stop smoking. Pot alone has NEVER been proven harmful. It is dangerous only becuz the government makes it so by creating an underground market for it that is controlled by criminals. it is a provin fact that coffee is more deadly than pot. Pot does not destroy the brain, cause cancer, death, or sickness. The government feeds off the ignorance of some of you people

    1. smoking anything for 20 years is going to f--k your lungs. Smoking is bad for you. Fact.

      Pot? Probably not and like i said earlier i'm surprised it's so high up. I guess for those prone to pot freakouts, it is. But they're the vast minority of smokers.

    2. these pot freakouts u speak of.. aren't real. I have never seen someone get high and jump out a window.. Now i have seen someone smoke and get paranoid at flashing lights passing by the house, or someone honking their horn but that isnt a freakout in my book. That's just plain funny!!

  65. Okay so...what I got out of this is, I should try LSD.
    Looks fun, safer then weed.

  66. OK... If cannabis have that much side effects then why is it legal in Amsterdam.... This documentary is not that much effective... They r missing dangerous drugs n telling us about the one which r not that much bad...

    1. Cannabis isn't that bad for you, aside from the tar in your lungs. But what a stupid question! That's like asking why is booze legal when it causes 400000 deaths a year.

    2. If you had paid attention/understood what they were saying about cannabis, you'd know that they classified it as dangerous because they're admitting that there are a lot of unanswered questions about it. And when there's an unanswered question, that's an unknown. So i guess that's why they stuck it somewhere round the middle.

      Piss poor science.. but i guess they had to put it somewhere.

  67. LSD DMT and magic mushrooms are great for spiritual enlightenment...check out the work of Dr rick strassman's in the doc...DMT the spirit molecule on this site.....great stuff p.s valko there's a new 2010 version that interviews the test subjects on DMT by Dr strassman also called DMT the spirit molecule 2010 plzzzz post this for every one to watch. thx and great work

  68. Seriously: The next guy that says "Nobody injects marijuana therefore this list is rubbish" should stop smoking it as it obviously already interferes with his comprehension abilities!

  69. Cannabis at the 11 spot? It's more dangerous than GHB? WRONG! I have seen people on G overdose and have to get their stomach pumped. It can cause death with alcohol. I have yet to have to take a friend to the hospital because he had a marijuana overdose. There are no cases of people dying from pot alone. This list is FLAWED. The only evidence they give for the dangers of marijuana, is from some guy that injects pure THC into his vein. WTF? No one shoots up marijuana. Of course you would have some negative effects if you took pure 100% thc. They same could be said if you took a whole bottle of aspirin. Marijuana should not be on the list and by doing so its making people believe the BS propagandda thats out there. Shame on these people.

  70. The list is getting better, but for sure not good enough still.
    And, I disagree on the behalf of deeper information about all the drugs + some more.

  71. Oh for fooks sake, this list isn's supposed to be a list of "how many friends of you did stupid things when high and ended up in hostpital"-list neither a "what do you have to do to take it safely"-list. It's on a purely scientific list based on scientific standards and statistics. It weights long-time-effects (which most people never wrap their heads around) along with short time effects (as far as known).

    I've seen some crazy potheads in my life. Come on, it's rated ONLY place 11, which means it won't have an effect on most people in a long run. Ignoring that it CAN create certain mental problems is just stupid. If you aren't something like 60 years old, you better stick your trolly "Don' blame ma ganja" up ur pot-asses, as you are not representable as a witness ... damn! Nobody wants to take away your spliff!!!

    The 100%-THC test is done only to show the pure effect of it. The guy says "this isn't compareable to smoking a spliff" is actually saying "smoking a spliff is giving you less THC, but more other substances and therefore is worse".

    Also rating tabacco lower than on this list is ignoring the facts. My father is pretty much a wreck at not even 60 because of smoking cigarettes all his life. He can barely breath and is lucky if he sees his 65th BD. Sure, you won't feel the effects before probably 30 or 40, but then it's too late, the damage is done. And one day you will be that old. Also you have to weigh in the social acceptance of the drug, which makes it automatically more dangerous.

    And finally: This list is not set in stone. This is a picture of the present status of what science knows about these drugs and how it rates them. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Cheese-Louise, i wonder what expectations you people had about this docu...

  72. @Galloway Grumblefield

    I agree with you in many aspects, being a youth of 22 I have only around 8-9 years experience with pot; my dad and grandpa have been smoking both since they were 12, so from 55 years or more. While the effects pot has on people described by you may in fact be true (as I am open to listening and considering all ideas presented), it may also pertain to certain individuals. My family has been smoking indivudally on a basis of approximately 1-2 every two weeks, with no noticeable drawbacks or negative effects; they have all led very successful lives and have been truly "there" for every event and situation - my main point being that although you may have felt negative implications i believe the individual and the experience truly shapes the outcome, would you not agree?

  73. @...

    One more thing, I agree that a big part of the problem with pot is that it is illegal. I have always thought that the law against pot only makes problems, and never solutions. There is no sensible reason why a person should be arrested or even ticketed for smoking, possessing, or growing marijuana. Pot laws really do hurt society in all the ways you mentioned.

  74. Let's take the effects of THC on the brain out of the equation. When high school teenagers smoke pot, it affects their ability to socialize. Being stoned inhibits the teen's ability to go out and interact positively with society. It gives them that red eyed stoner look. Teens who turn to pot and keep turning to pot to make the world a better place for themselves engage in an internal loop of self gratification.

    Sure, pot helps unleash many great ideas. For a while, it seems to hold the key to one's internal genius. But as Pink Floyd sang, "And then one day you find 10 years have got behind you. No one told you where to run, you missed the starting gun."

    Now fast forward to age 40. Let's say you have been smoking weed since you were 15. So, that's 25 years that the way you interact with the world has been shaped by being stoned. The problem isn't whether or not THC changes the brain, the problem is that for 25 years you have interacted with society from the platform of being stoned, and so every dialogue you have had, every new person you have met, every uncle, aunt, mom and dad, brother or sister who has died, you were stoned when it happened. Every new job you interviewed for, every job you took, every promotion that passed by because you just weren't engaged enough, they were all shaped by the influence that pot had on you.

    I'm telling you that you can't know this until it's too late, and the biggest freedom I have ever known is the freedom from ever wanting to be stoned again. Yes, those were good times. But when I walk by a parked car with the delicious scent of Thai weed wafting out the window, the people inside nervous because a bust could really ruin their day, or the fact that the person inside can't even talk to me without part of him thinking, "Do you think this guy knows I'm stoned? Are my eyes red?" I know in my heart of hearts that straight is best.

    This is the root of the issue, that in your heart of hearts, that secret place you don't want to admit to on a public forum because you still need to protect your drug of choice, you know there is something wrong, something a little bit sinister about cannabis.

    Some day you will be in some guy's house trying to score a bag with money you should be using to pay the electric bill. He will be yelling at his wife, at his dog. He will be listening to a radio show you hate. In fact, everything about this guy you will hate. But to his face you will have to be nice. You have to put up with his shit for the next 20 minutes. You don't even want to smoke that joint with him, but he insists. So now you have to go back home stoned to your wife (or worse, to your mom, even though you are 50), and you imagine yourself jonesing weed from this guy when you are 70, and suddenly you realize you have wasted your whole life supporting your weed habit, but your weed habit has long since stopped supporting you.

    1. wow

      This is, by far, the greatest argument as to why should someone try not to stay away from cannabis.

      I even believe there is a part of truth in your comment; smoking weed on a regular basis might lead to to hang out with people that also smokes cannabis on a regular basis, hence you begin to have the feeling that you are part of a special sub-culture and that it is almost as if you were living two parallel lives. Then you begin to inform yourself about the myths that society and the people around you proliferates on cannabis; find out they are all lies; then start to glorify weed because you now know about the biggest lie of the century, prohibition of cannabis (and all illicit drugs IMO). Finally, you justify the joint your about to roll or the weed you put in your pipe by the fact that weed is not physically harmful for you, then you pass it to your friend. Soon you realize all your friends smoke weed, you see the sub-culture, you glorify, you roll, etc.

      Sorry if that is not clear for you, reader, as it is for me; I am actually under the influence of cannabis right now. haha

      Still, I have the belief that if someone's regular consumption of drugs, such as alcohol or weed, does not come into conflict with its ability to socialize and function at its full potential (that is, doing what is best to achieve his goals and ambitions) then that it may not be considered necessarily as wrong.

      peace from canada, QC

    2. Your semi-rational reply is all about glamorization, but actually shows serious maturity issues. You typify how cannabis users fail to take pot smoking seriously. Yes, you begin to recognize that you are not part of the mainstream cultural myth, but what you don't realize is that you are simply replacing one myth with another, "Pot is good," and you defend that myth even to the point of ignoring all the evidence to the contrary. And this documentary was full of myth, myth that the cannabis user takes as fact in order to validate the myth that pot is a panacea.

      The first problem with your reply is that it makes false presumptions about my own experience with cannabis, or rather you presume that I lack the experience to make an informed statement on its dangers.

      Secondly, you seemed to gloss right over my statement that plenty of potheads die of cancer.

      More importantly, you completely overlook the lack of scientific credibility of this document. As I said before, for this document to say something to the effect that "Cannabis as a major part of primitive man's diet because it is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids," and for you to have swallowed that tells me you really are high.

      Ho, hum, same old story. Pot heads will always proselytize until they grow out of it the way they outgrow other adolescent interests. Some never do, and their lives tend to show it.

  75. @Galloway Grumblefield,

    How can you say that? The effects of long term marijuana use on the structure of the brain has yielded inconsistent results. The effects vary among its users. You can't generalize the effects it has on one person as it may not be the same for other people. The drug is not for everyone. My family has a lot of experience with cannabis and have been growing it for years. My grandfather pulled 200k a year salary, prior to his retirement, running his own business and has been smoking weed at the end of every day nearly his whole life (he's currently 78, retired, alive and well). He still smokes to this day, more than I ever thought humanly possible. He is one of the most intelligent, creative and witty individuals I have ever known. I will not make the generalization that his case holds for others, but it definitely disproves the generalization you have made. You can also look at the founding fathers of the U.S., many of whom enjoyed smoking cannabis. Thomas Jefferson documented some of his most cherished moments as sitting on his front porch with his hemp-filled pipe. And these were some of the greatest minds known to the U.S. Although the negatives do outweigh the positives for some, many receive much more positive effects of relaxation, peace of mind, a thought-provoking state and, for some, medical use. So I believe you may be the one who is semi-informed. You are reading this from an individual who has been surrounded by the plant their entire life and has overheard the hazards of cannabis abuse. I am not rejecting these hazards, but they have, however, been exaggerated to the point where society has discredited the plant as a whole despite its many valuable uses. The use of marijuana has been a field of interest to me for a long time and I have studied the wide variety of its effects and am very much not a novice. To speak out against marijuana use as you have is to perpetuate the belief that it is a disastrous drug that ruins lives which is simply not true. The greatest danger I have found to marijuana use has been getting caught. Millions of the tax-payers' dollars goes to arresting and punishing these so-called "bad people" for using a substance that grows on god's green earth. Take it from a son of a doctor and a nurse with my 28 years of exposure to medical facts and the drug itself. This drug is nature's medicine and could one day even help give us a cure to the worlds true evil, cancer.

  76. @...

    I agree that the dangers of marijuana have been muddled in myths and lies. But what I hear from you is largely the voice of semi-informed youth. You are only interested in perpetuating another kind of myth. The dangers of pot isn't that it causes violence or death. It's true that the LD50 is so high as to make chemical overdose virtually impossible. Marijuana even has medical value.

    Don't talk to me like I was born yesterday, since I probably had been smoking longer than you've been alive. I don't smoke pot any more. That means I'm not a stoner any more. there is a reason for that, and I have no desire to repeat the mistakes of my past.

    The dangers of dope are its long term effects, which you obviously are still too much of a novice to realize...yet.

    1. Poor old galloway, expecting everyone to be perfect little galloway clones, experiencing the same thing from a drug.

    2. Wish I had a nickel for every kid like rick who thinks he's lived so long and he's so wise in the ways of drugs that he knows it all, has seen it all, and don't worry, be like him. After all, he's been smoking pot for a year in his bedroom in his parent's house, and there's nothing wrong with him!

  77. @Galloway Grumblefield,

    Unmotivated?!? Ya tell that to Michael Phelps. Sure it will make you lazy as long as the high persists and maybe for some time after, but it does not create an unmotivated person. And as it turns out marijuana is not my drug of choice, I have not smoked in years. If you have any experience with the drug you would know that the times you smoke do not always occur at regular intervals. I have spent days at a time doing nothing but smoking weed and then stopping for a solid week after without any withdrawal symptoms. Sure you can integrate it into your life with a regular schedule, but that is your schedule. The simple fact is people have things they need to get done and if you need to put the bong down for a while to fulfill your responsibilities, then this is not hard to do. Any regular marijuana smoker can get through the day without smoking. In the past 100 years we've been told by the President of the U.S. (Ronald Reagan) "Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind" and that "marijuana is the most dangerous drug in America." If you believe that then you truly are ignorant. And #11?!? REALLY!?!? What dangers of marijuana qualify this drug to be the 11th most dangerous drug?

    1. "Sure it will make you lazy as long as the high persists and maybe for some time after, but it does not create an unmotivated person."

      You're right, but the problem is when you have to keep getting high again because you keep coming down. For the few people who can partition of a time in their evening and get high, and that's it, then maybe it's not a bad thing. But a lot of people, and be honest with yourself about this, smoke during the day and at night, so they are always more or less under the cloud. So when you say you are only unmotivated for as long as you are high, but you are high all the time, then you are going to be unmotivated most of the time.

      Also, when you are younger and you start out getting high, you really have a lot more energy and motivation. Keep it up for 30 years and see where it takes you.

      I guess if you are good at one thing, like mowing lawns or serving burgers or picking turnips it's probably something you can do for the rest of your life and more or less maintain. I would even say it does help your creative potential...for a while, but on the backside what happens is you start to realize that all those great ideas you had when you were stoned just never materialized or got realized. It's like they stayed in your brain as great ideas, but were locked inside a glass case to which you didn't have the key to take it out and show it off.

      I do know people who are in their 60s and have been smoking for decades, but i wouldn't exactly call them accomplished people. I would even say that most of them are suffering from mental health problems that the weed hasn't done anything to improve. Nor do they look especially young and healthy. If you're going to use cannabis, I would recommend figuring out a non-smoking way of consuming it, and I would figure out how you're going to sustain your habit, because buying from a dealer is a huge money pit. when you're 40, and you look back at the thousands of dollars you spent on weed, you're going to have a different opinion than when you're in your 20s and it's not so much of an issue.

      Well, judging by some of the unnecessarily defensive replies to my comments (because there's nothing more fanatical than a person who's protecting his drug of choice), in most cases people will have to find out for themselves, because they don't really want to hear an old ex-pot smoker tell them pot is bad. It's like trying to teach evolution to a fanatical Christian, they just aren't going to listen.

  78. @...,

    "Yes, smoking weed makes you feel relaxed and makes you want to sit on your *** for hours at a time."

    You mean it makes people lazy and unmotivated?

    "But that is where the user can decide the reasonable time and place to smoke, and since it does not create any physical dependence whatsoever"

    Instead it creates a psychological addiction, so that the user really schedules it into his life at regular intervals.

    "To all of those ignorant individuals who still refuse to believe me, take some time to do a bit more research on marijuana as well as its history and exactly why it is illegal. You might learn something."

    I would tell all those ignorant people out there that still delude themselves into believing cannabis is safe that the dangers of cannabis have been well known for over 100 years even centuries in some countries like India, but that you will choose to conveniently ignore and become angry at any mention that cannabis is inherently destructive to the personality because it is your drug of choice. We hear this kind of rationalizing whenever anybody tries to stick up for their personal drug of choice, whether that is tobacco, booze, or cannabis.

  79. @jokes, Talk about your immaturity. Look at the bong industry, it's like selling pretty things to kids who are bedazzled by glitz and glimmer. Meanwhile, it's the regular level of THC that you put into your blood that is the real problem. You're a university student? So being a young student gives you a better perspective of the dangers of cannabis, you think. A better perspective than one who has already passed through that phase of life.

    This is the common theme among people who give testimonial to how good cannabis is, they tend to be young. It is the same as when young tobacco smokers say, "Addicted? It will never happen to me!"

  80. The fact that they placed cannabis at #11 proves how ignorant so many people really are. I am not saying it is the safest drug in the world by no means... but it is far safer than many chemicals we all use on a regular basis. Claiming that it is more harmful than huffing SOLVENTS or ANABOLIC STEROIDS is absurd. Two people I know, one family member and a friend of a friend, both died INSTANTLY from huffing for the first time. There have been ZERO recorded deaths from cannabis use. That is a true stat and I am shocked the creators were misinformed. Where they get the 1 death a year from I have no clue... the countless studies done on cannabis will prove that is false. Ingesting THC through smokeless methods is relatively harmless. Marijuana has also been used as TREATMENT for many cancer patients. I quote The Washington Post, "The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer." They should also note that it is impossible to overdose with cannabis (trust me I have tried many times). Yes, smoking weed makes you feel relaxed and makes you want to sit on your ass for hours at a time. But that is where the user can decide the reasonable time and place to smoke, and since it does not create any physical dependence whatsoever, the user can control when and where to use the drug as opposed to the drug taking control the user. To all of those ignorant individuals who still refuse to believe me, take some time to do a bit more research on marijuana as well as its history and exactly why it is illegal. You might learn something.

  81. I'm Canadian, and we pay through the roof with taxes on alcohol and smokes (including chew, like 20 dollars a tin). If you want to combat overuse in society, that's your answer (unless ur addicted, then ur f@#$%^). And to suggest that there is a bigger alcohol problem now then during Prohibition is laughable. In the 20's, there were more speakeasy's in New york then there are bars and taverns today (and that's saying something). By Banning alcohol, Canada essentially was the Mexico of today when it comes to drug smuggling (Al Capon's favorite beer is Sleeman, so suck on that s@#$$% American light beer)

    I'm also a weed smoker, and like almost everybody that's commented believes is relatively safe, but there is no denying that it can be additive and cause a loss in motivation. So I'm not surprised that Galloway life was such a f@#$ up, probably smoking weed everyday for 31 years hahaha. And to the guy that's smoking 7gs a day....WTF MAN... do u just rip joints all day and waste ur weed? smoking weed in different methods can cause u to get a better high! invest in a good bong for god sakes. I bought a good gear bong for 200 bucks (7mm glass, making the glass more magnetic and a smother rip) and works like a charm. This stops u from wasting weed. + how much money are u wasting doing that????? I'm a Uni student so i look at money and conservation differently then some adults but dame. Either u waste all ur money on weed, or u have a sick hook up. That's why i no all this s@#$ about "higher THC levels then ever before" is all bull s@#$. Method counts to.

    Hey Hey Hey, don't smoke weed every day; but still smoke weed cause there are times where it's completely appropriate to smoke weed. I also don't like the word Marijuana. Its a Mexican slang word from the 1800's, not a f@#$ing real term and shouldn't be used. It's raciest and has portrayed weed, especial to Americans, as Mexican; and we all know how they feel about the boarder.

    Again I want to say Galloway is a f@#$ up and he should not smoke weed because he clearly is not mature enough to use it and make something of this life. If you read this, you will probably comment that I'm going down the same road, to which i respond f@#$ you, that's no response. I have found, like everything else, it completely comes down to the individual and if weed ruins ur life, so be it; your use hasn't effected anyone else. That is my it should be legal, seeing that we cant stop people form obtaining the drug.

    Legalization will have no effect on society and its current cannabis use. It will however stop the cartels and stop the 1.8 million people in the states that are currently in arrested for "small time" weed related offenses, which gives u criminal record. For god sakes America wake up and smell coffee (another addictive drug, which i use). u have 5% of the world pop, yet 25 percent of it prisoners! the only difference between you and china is that china executes all their prisoners. U guys arrest like a communist state. So its true, weed as given America Communist tendencies; just not the ones you were expecting.

    good rant lol sorry if there are spelling mistakes; u guys aren't worth proof reading.

  82. There is a tendency to always protect one's own drug of choice. we protect cannabis, but demonize alcohol. or we demonize cannabis, but defend alcohol. In south Florida we have kava bars, where people can actually drink kava kava. On one forum, i read one guy touting the benefits of kava, saying how much better it was than alcohol. Another person replied, no thanks, he would stick to scotch. People even do this with cigarettes, they defend their smoking habits in many ways, because it helps them reconcile their own smoking habit, which somewhere deep down they know is bad for them. I hear this all the time with cannabis smokers, who cannot see any health hazard of smoking cannabis.

  83. should cannabis been that high? I think a lot of there ranking system includes damage to society and addiction. I like that they displayed a bit of spotlight on how alcohol is way worse than ecstasy or cannabis.

  84. @Alfie,

    Almost everything you said is myth. You are saying that a substance has to be radioactive to cause cancer? Where did you learn that?

    And so what if cannabis is natural, so is arsenic. So is aconite. So is nightshade. I can name dozens of plants that are deadly, yet perfectly natural.

    Cannabis is most definitely not the safest drug in the world, that is simply perpetuating myth.

  85. WTF Cannabis Number 11.

    Cannabis does not cause lung cancer the easy way to put it is its not radioactive so your not going to cancer, im so pissed off with people making up shit about this natural plant people have been using cannabis for over 2,000 years. also nobody has ever died from cannabis its impossible, you need to smoke 3times your own body weight to get a toxic amount of plant mattter, STOP MAKING UP SHIT ABOUT THE SAFEST DRUG IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

  86. Hey all of you pot smokers... weed is 4 times more destructive to your lungs than tobacco, it temporarily destroys a part of your brain called the hippo-campus, and frequent use makes you lazy, apathetic, unmotivated, and worthless as f@#$, which is destramental to society making it a dangerous drug.

    1. gotta love how u threw in the word temporarily.. Now THAT is the key word isnt it?? its temporary.. so too are the affects that weed has on you.(except for the long term affects i haven't ever really looked into that.. and truthfully i dont think the scientists have either) As soon as u put that bowl, or joint, or blunt.. down.. guess what.. u come down and then u can get back up and do what u gotta do!! I frequently smoke and yet.. i still get up every day and go to work.. I still pay my bills.. I still pay my taxes.. so am i being a detrament to society??.. or am I being a responsible citizen??

  87. Lets examine these claims. Ecstasy and LSD were low on the list because if you didn't use too much, it was ok. Weed was placed higher because if you use way too much, you MIGHT get psychosis (and im using their information, ive heard and experienced quite the contrary). From a personal point of view, i've taken ectasy, weed, and shrooms (which isn't really LSD but whatever). Even at the highest levels of Marijuana intoxication, i could compose myself. Also, i felt no physical effects afterward. When taking ecstasy i not only felt the physical deterioration of my brain during, but some physical sickness afterward. I know also from experience that i would not be able compose myself in a civil manner, and i felt much more prone to mental deterioration after ingesting them than i ever had smoking weed.

  88. @tk, I think you're right about meth, it is amphetamine, which was on the list. And maybe mushrooms aren't on the list because they really don't fall within the Top 20 most dangerous drugs in Britain.

  89. meth is not on the list cause its kindo amphetamine. and i wonder why mushrooms are not on the list. thats too stupid

  90. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. This lady is actually going to say that cannabis is not an herb? Dumb Brits don't know what the f#$% they are talking about. Anything that is smoked has potential to cause lung cancer but the irony is it prescribed to lung cancer patients. Cannabis should not be on the list. And by the way this dumb lady also said smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes will most likely get you addicted for life.

  91. Mush is safe, yeah !

    No really, you should all try mush it's awesome.

  92. @Randy,

    Thanks, but no thanks. Straight is the best high.

  93. Oh yes! European mass transit! You can travel to Italy, or Norway, or Germany in an afternoon for just a few (US) dollars.

    We Americans really need to get with that idea...

  94. oh heck
    someones at my door....
    its the internet Police .....

  95. so if I was Shady Sadie, I could hop over to Amsterdam with my unregistered phone and .....well watch dirty films in my rubber underwear....eating herrings

  96. Cannibis is not legal in Uk either - but I can get to Amsterdam in 40 minutes....and buy weed in cafes and shops! and smoke it openly in the Cafes & on every street!
    And they make (and sell) Cake with weed in....its all on the menu on the counter! and they sell fresh herrings but I dont know if the herrings have got anything to do with it

  97. @ Randy
    If you get a PAYG cell phone in UK and dont register it, you can make untraceable calls anywhere for evermore. Yeah, sure its gonna 'boing' off a few towers thus pinpointing your location - but they dont have a clue whose number it is.
    ...course, if your using yr cell to buy drugs (for example) then just change yr sim card every day - every week - whatever! sims are cents to buy. All networks operate like this is UK....
    Yes, I could be bouncing off every tower in USA - till I was as giddy as a kipper.....

  98. Sadly Sadie, (Sadly Sadie, that sounds like a great song...),

    Cannibis is not legal in my state, so I can not use it regularly.

    To get a medical marijuna license I would have to submit to extensive and expensive testing.

    So I get it from friends...

    If the feds are listening... this is all internet fantasy!


    Seriously, Sadly Sadie... *Randy nods his head*

  99. Well that MORE than answered my question! thank you Galloway and Randy.
    @ Randy
    So tell me, how can you use so many big words and have so much knowledge if you are permanently 'stoned'?
    I really am interested because if (as Galloway said) it fuddles your brain - heck you must be a (wasted) genius?

  100. Well, Galloway, you were not using the medical marirjuana. Government designed for no paranoia and a long comfortable high.

    You are used to the old stuff we used to smoke back in the day...

    This stuff is... amazing... and very safe! I have done the research. So has Germany, the UK, Isreal, Norway... all over the world, frankly...

  101. @Randy,

    I am 51. I have friends, well, they used to be friends, in their 60s who still smoke reefer. One day I snapped out of it, and I never looked back. Life got better after I quit. My short term memory returned, I didn't grope to find the right word in my writing, was able to communicate verbally, I could look at people without worrying if they thought my eyes were red, or paranoid about them knowing if I was stoned or not. It was like a cloud lifted. I realize it is different for different people.

  102. No I am not young, sir.

    I am old... and both of my paretns died years ago from cancers and emphysima...

    Anyone here can tell you, am an old man suffering from MS and genetic cancers.

    How old are you, I'm 57.

  103. @Randy,

    You strike me as a young person who, just like many young people who really want to believe in marijuana as the harmless panacea, touts all its miracle claims without really knowing firsthand what you are talking about. I lived the pot culture longer than you've been alive. I find it humorous to hear kids going over all the same arguments I used to use when I was on cannabis.

    So what if it eases terminal cancer pain? That's great, but if you don't have terminal cancer, then why are you using it?

    My dad died of cancer. He was on a morphine pump. I will never think of morphine without thinking it is what dying people do. I look at pot the same way. I'm not sick, not terminal, don't have glaucoma, therefore for me or other non-sick people to use it is just plain stupid and irresponsible, and if you really are a physician, then for you to promote marijuana without any critical thought the way you do is really irresponsible.

  104. @Galloway

    I'm sorry, sir but you are wrong. I learned about the efficacy of pot in medical school.

    Smoking it is bad for your lungs, absolutely, but eating it?

    Injecting the THC? If you are sick like I am, it is essential.

    What are you? All healthy and fit to live forever! No suffering that can be assuaged by drugs of any kind?

    Good for you!

  105. @Randy,

    Like I said, I smoked for over 30 years. You're not telling me anything I haven't already heard a thousand times over. In my teens, 20s and 30s I was like you and many others here, propagating the science of how good reefer is, fighting for legalization. I have a different opinion now. Pot really holds people back from doing the things they want to do, like integrating with society. I quit, I'm glad I quit, and I don't recommend pot.

  106. @ Randy
    Ive never smoked cannabis - is it any good? would it increase my brain, so that I could (for instance) understand Science & Physics? -
    just axe-ing
    Nos Widdia Dr Randy!

  107. Well, Galloway, there is very good science about the efficacy and saftey of cannibis.

    I myself, being an MS sufferer, and also cancer riddled kind of guy, find the cannibis to be a miracle drug!

    And there is good science behind that, too.

    You don't have to smoke it. You can eat it, vaporize it, and in Israel they simply inject THC into cancer patients.

    For especially terminal cancer patients, pot is essential. It makes you happy, and increases appetite. Something cancer patients really, really need.

    There is 50 years of European science behind the use of hemp.

    And more when you go back through American history...

  108. I smoked cannabis for 31 years. I agree that it is dangerous and addictive, and I also strongly concur that it is more dangerous when you start in your early teens, as I did. I woke up and quit in 2005, and have never touched it since.

    I would also note that a few here seem to make contradictory claims, that the list is not scientific, and that they should have "asked more users". self-reporting and anecdotal evidence is borderline scientific, or at best, good for pre-surveys, but don't add reliably to the data. The list was derived from quantifiable data, which makes it thoroughly scientific.

    I would question what the data means, however. For example, I noted that cannabis causes 1 death per year. What does this mean, really? It doesn't seem like overdose is possible, so what is that statistic? Does it mean died in auto crash? Mixed with alcohol or other drugs? What? This is where the statistics in this list are weak. We have numbers, but we don't know how to interpret them.

  109. This is one of the best docs on drugs Ive seen in a long time. It doesnt shock me to see the cried of injustice from potheads on here. Id like to have seen Ketamine lower. I would have expected Meth and Solvents higher. But I defer to the ist as it is. This was based on Drug Use in the UK on the factors of Health Risk, Addictive Properties, and Harm to Society. When one looks all all of those things, IN THE UK (NOT THE USA), it becomes more clear why things are ranked as they are. For example, The Uk doesnt see the Meth problem the same way the US does. If we produced a program of this nature, Meth would surely be listed higher due to its widespread problems created by it in America.

    It is clear that propaganda (both anti-drug and pro-drug) have influenced many viewer's understanding of the ranking which their "favorite drugs" received.

    I take this doc for what it is and accept it for being as unbiased as it is. Its far from perfect, but its better and more honest than most. If only the US would allow proper research (that isnt setting out to show the bad side of drugs), perhaps it could be improved on.

  110. CANNABIS should never be on a list of the sort. it is the most beneficial therapeutic medicinal herb known to man. It IS THE CURE FOR CANCER. as well as many many other illnesses. this is possible because at the root cause of all illness and disease, is a deficiency of endocannabanoids, one of which is in cannabis as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). endocannabanoid receptors are EVERYWHERE in our body, they are primarily responsible for the balancing of neuron transmissions in every animal on the planet.

    it will not cure any disease or cancer by simply smoking it. the beneficial properties in the flower itself combust and go "up in smoke". a drop of an extraction of the flower's resins (hemp oil, hash oil) taken orally, two to three times a day, for a period of 3 months will CURE most all CANCERs, diseases, and conditions.

  111. This list is a joke. Medical marijuana has given me a second chance at a normal life. Putting cannabis at number 11 is an insult to public intelligence. Those who disagree know little to nothing about this plant.

  112. Well it's obvious that anyting smoked often will cause lung cancer. Especially when you wrap it in paper. It's not like the majority vaporize the cannabis to minimise the risks.

    And they discover this now? wow.

  113. If cannabis causes cancer why do they prescribe it to cancer patients.

  114. Well that was disappointing, espicially with Professer Nutt involved. Turned it off when it said that cannabis causes 1 death a year, considering that it takes 15,000 joitns smoked in 15 minutes to create a toxic enough effect to kill! (although i do challenge anyone to try that haha)

  115. Where is diphenhydramine?

  116. The reason that crystal meth is not in the documentary is because it is hardly seen at all in the UK, and so not abused to anything like the extent that it is in the USA or Australia, say.

    Despite what the title would have you believe, the documentary is really a list of 20 of the most commonly used recreational drugs in this country, ranked by harm. It's not a list of the 20 most dangerous drugs full stop.

  117. also, it could be smoothed out, but i believe this to be a more accurate list
    its based more on the immediate dangers of something bad happening ie things that need to be injected are rated higher
    the ones at the bottom when used too often are the least dangerous in my opinion

    (top being most dangerous)

    methadone - injected
    alkyl nitrite
    methidone - pill

    although i do know that with overall deaths and health problems alcohol and tobacco are at the top

  118. cannabis in moderation is the key! yes i do agree with it being a drug. I just cannot believe that mary j is worst than lsd and e. I had a friend in college that took 1 tab of acid and a handful of shroomie's(mushrooms in newfoundland canada) and he ended up in the hospital freeking out. seeing sounds and hearing colors is what he described to me! 3 months he was in a mental ward on some type of pills to control his mood swings. He now is a Lt. in the canadian army.
    To make a long story short. Drugs kill. We all know that most people do them to escape the daily problems, some are for medical reasons im sure,
    and how is tobacco still legal??? before it was just tabacco. now they have so many drugs in the tobacco its crazy to even think about smoking.

  119. Cannabis on #11 is absolutely wrong. It is considered a drug only because its illegal but if it were not then it would be just part of our normal diet - oil, seeds, and even small amount of thc in our daily food. I find LSD to be safe as you can not die from an overdose but it's use should be ritualized. It is not a recreational drug. Meth is one of the biggest killers should be number 2 and cocaine #5-6. Psilocybin is not included as well as mescaline and muscarine all of these hallucinogenic and possibly dangerous if used in a bad set&setting.

    This list is in my opinion very wrong

  120. Okay. I know a lot of you are bashing this list, especially for putting weed as number 11, but the main thing here is that they placed some legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco higher than X, LSD, and cannabis. It gets the point across. Sure, it isn't as accurate as I would've hoped, but it's still well-done and gets the main idea communicated: that tobacco and alcohol are much more harmful and that our system of drug illegalization should be rethought.

    But yeah, there are some major flaws. Weed shouldn't be 11, especially if solvents are 12. Solvents are extremely harmful, and only give a three-minute high. Meth should be included in this list and should be number 1. Tobacco should be higher. Ketamine was placed at 6th place only for having a lethal overdose, but if you're smart about it you won't overdose. Amphetamines shouldn't be 8 - they should be higher. And cocaine shouldn't be 2. Cocaine is bad, but it should be slightly lower.

    I've seen some people saying weed shouldn't be on the list/shrooms aren't on the list, which is good. But it's based on popularity, not harm. They picked the 20 most popular drugs and then arranged those. Shrooms aren't in the 20 most popular, and either way, they aren't harmful. Weed should be on this list because it's popular and this list only includes popular drugs, but it should be lower.

    Sorry, I realize this is poorly written, I'm kind of rushed. Main point: This list has some flaws, but at least it made some people who watched it realize the much more major flaws that the legal system has.

  121. Sure marijuana has some limited positive uses,... but it is still dangerous... psychosis ...schzitzophrenia.. cancer addiction... it is addictive, i dont know any weed smokers that dont smoke it on a regular basis

    1. You said those who responded that weed shouldn't be on the list are only saying it because they're users... but wouldn't you rather form your opinion based on real-life experience, stories from people who really know? I smoke weed occasionally and have never had a bad experience with it or felt that I needed more of it. I could go the rest of my life without smoking but that's not the point..the point is that even if I want to smoke it, I can't without committing a crime. But what really gets me is that every day I'm overwhelmed by the number of advertisements for cigarettes and alcohol...both things I've had horrible experiences with and know many people, including family and close friends, who have also suffered from them.

      The film was ultimately a disappointment for me but at the least will hopefully spark interest in the public and promote future research.

  122. obviously all of you people that say weed shouldn't be on this list are only saying that cuz you are users. Open your eyes! c'mon

  123. This list is such a joke. Solvents are considered safer than cannabis, alcohol, and Plus they said buprenorphine had hallucinogenic affects...are they serious?

  124. no one has ever died from cannabis use, and its been smoked thousands of years bc- the second they claimed that 1 person dies a year in the UK i knew they werent gonna do it unbiased, didnt even mention one of the positive aspects- they also stopped using their own criteria

  125. why is weed #11. first off how many people inject 100% THC to get high? NO ONE DOES THAT....EVER. thats probably why that guy felt paranoid. They should have had him smoke it. Weed dosent cause people to rape so why isnt the date rape drug not much higher? And the video said that when it is combined with alcohol you could die. This video was prolly made by the government

  126. Cannabis was way to high! Even the guy who administered that b.s. test said the results were likely not similar to smoking cannabis.

  127. What they never said in the doc, was all of these drugs when used properly and only now and then can be a good time and no real long term affects. And the fact that Meth wasn't #1 was way wrong and if it wasn't at the time it soon will be. Blow and weed should have been way lower in the list. I think the key word in the entire program should have been moderation!! The women said 3 smokes and you’re addicted for life that's bs!

    But I'd have to say my worse trip ever was off pot brownies, even worse than the time I was wasted, on 3 hits of e and then drop a hit of lsd thinking it was e, took me half a day to recover just to function barley normal and form proper senses at all. Just wait until Hastings street in Vancouver switches from H to meth..better bring in dawg the bounty hunter.

  128. Hi there I wanted to edit my post.. I sent my mistake before I got to edit... Please could you delete my post as I made some spelling errors. I was badly attacked by drunk volience as a result I find it difficult with spelling, reading- writing-coordination & balance. I need a joint right now.. anyone got some? plzzzzz..ok here we go again!

    Legalise! Legalise! Legalise! It’s only IGRONACE that keeps this wonderful plant behind bars! I work in Fitness & Health and I also do voluntary helping people where i can. I did nothing bad on anyone up to this day. I'm too passive for my own good. 5 years ago I was out one night with my friend who was over from france when 5 drunk people that don’t know us, beat us and they where very drunk. As a result I'm now deaf and also suffer with tinnitus 24 hours from my attack caused by drunken violence on our streets. The only paranoia with cannabis is the fact that I cannot freely smoke it as then I’d be a criminal under our strict laws here in Ireland.
    Now I need to medicate myself and travel to countries like Spain-Holland & Brussels as their laws are more relaxed towards cannabis use. Under their laws one can legally grow in their own home for personal use 3 felmale plants:) I will bring these kind countries wealth when possible as Irelands laws are too suck up towards many things this is why I spend as little money as possible here. Why this Black& White mentality it's so outdated. Shame On you ignorant people to ignor us cannabis users. What about my other friend who is wheel chair bound who also is a user? Or my friend who feels more relaxed who has ADHD from it's soothing effects. If parents are paranoid about their kids using cannabis.Then our laws could at least legalise it to over 21s to have better control? Keeping cannabis illegal causes growers to contaminated their plants- this is where the problem lies. There are some strains that only have a body feel. I find these plants usually are natural grown that grew outdoors in the sun, wind & rain. Keep the faith people xx

  129. Legalise! Legalise! Legalise! It's only IGRONACE that keeps this wonderful plant behind bars! Only Muppet kinda people ignor us cannabis users. I work in Fitness & Health. I also do voluntary work. Then one night I'm out 5 drunk people that don't know me beat me and a friend up. To this day I have never did bad on anyone. I now am left deaf and suffer with tinnitus from my acttack cause by drunken violence-drunken violence-drunken violence-drunken violence... The only paranoia with cannabis is the fact that I can't frrely smoke it as I'd be a criminal under are strict laws in Ireland. That is why I spend as little as possible in my country. I will go to Spain-Holland & Brussels. Where one can grow legally at home for personal use:) I will bring these kind countries wealth when possible. Irelands laws suck while the good people suffer. Shame On you ignorant people. The world was born with these plants. For us to use. What about for medical use?? If you mothers are paranoid about your teens.. Then legalise to over 21s? Keeping cannabis illegal causes growers to contaminated their plants- this is where the problem lies. There are some strains that only have a body feel usually more natural grown in the sun-wind & rain. Keep the faith people xx

  130. @ Phra Erik:

    "suffering from strong cannabis disorder"

    That made me laugh my ass off :)

    Strong cannabis is good cannabis, it means we have to consume less of it to get the desired effects. I guess i'm suffering from "strong cannabis disorder" because I smoke almost half an ounce of "strong cannabis" everyday!

  131. Mr Xmen,

    Your seriously retarded.

  132. To all these losers that said Cannabis is not a dangerous drugs, they are wrong. How many people after a bad trip end up to mental hospital... and they never find they normal state of mind... They good thing about Cocain is that it kills you right away... But with psychotic drugs you will suffer for the rest of your live... Drugs dont do they same effect on everyone,, they effect everyone differently.

  133. As a registered Clinical Pharmacist in the USA, I must say, this is the most flawed list I've ever seen. In the USA, Tobacco/Alcohol(the only LEGAL drugs) are the most dangerous(statistically, hands down). Heroin(your #1-diacetylmorphine) IF LEGAL, made to pharamaceutical standards and labeled and dispenesed properly(i.e. Sweden), it is quite safe(causes NO long term end organ damage). And to have cannabanoids even make this list is just simply wrong. You CANNOT start rating the relative danger of different drugs unless legality is completely taken out of the equation(otherwise you start with a complete legal/social bias). I would really like to see the accredited, peer reviewed medical journal study from which this video clip's info was culled. I'm guessing there is none, or if there is, it is an opinion article, not valid peer-reviewed research. You've definitely done a good job of frightening the masses enough to keep the ridiculous Drug War going for some time longer. Bravo.

  134. i cant see how methamphetamine isnt classified as one of the most dangerous drugs. As well as its extremely addictive nature the withdrawel symtoms are what makes it so dangerous as these can include acts of insanity and extreme violence which therefore put others in servere danger. In New Zealand meth is commonly known as P and it has a huge effect on crime rates due to people commiting acts of crime in order to get their fix.

    In my opinion meth with its combined addictiveness and aggresive nature is the most dangerous drug in the world.

    Also cannabis shouldnt even b close to 11.Although it is the most commonly used illegal drug it is virtually impossible to overdose and there have never in the history of the drug being any direct deaths caused by consumption

  135. I'm a therapeutic helper in our Detox center for 3 years. I'm an ex-addict myself.
    To say that cannabis is not harmful was true 10 years ago.
    Nowadays it's not cannabis anymore cause there is nothing natural in it.
    Here we welcome more and more people suffering from strong cannabis disorder due to high THC level.
    So stop this communication : If good old "Ganja" looks ok. NO ! white widow, purple haze, K2... are NOT.

  136. I am suprised that Psilocin didnt figure in the list of 20. I havent tried it though. It is an alkaloid derivative from magic mushrooms found to give hallucinogenic effects

  137. I think it's quite funny how a majority of commenters below disagree with the list. I'm sure certain drugs can move positions given a specific situation, but as a whole I am going to have to trust distinguished scientists over random people on the internet. It's amazing how people will let their personal feelings blind them.

    1. I actually ploughed through all the comments, trying to look for one from a person with a rational, open-minded perspective, rather than an emotional self-defensive (potsmoker-) perspective. Thank you, sir. I'm shocked to see that almost everybody here underestimates drugs, HEAVILY. Especially alcohol and tobacco, they shouldn't be nearly as popular in society as they are.

    2. "a person with a rational, open-minded perspective, rather than an emotional self-defensive (potsmoker-) perspective." - Where to even begin picking apart that ridiculous statement^ - If somebody is defensive they do not necessarily smoke weed, and I think you would find that people who have smoked at least once are a lot more open minded than most people who would never think of touching it. People here aren't underestimating drugs, they are arguing that the doc's estimation of the ordering is incorrect.

    3. What I meant was that the people defending its use probably do so because they smoke themselves. I mean why else are they so butt-hurt over their precious weed being ranked higher than they desire? All of these people seem to think they know more about drugs than the people in this documentary who actually study it scientifically, which pisses me off.

    4. Well, If I have smoked it and those that study it "scientifically" have not, I'd say I know something about it which they do not know.

    5. Well, then you know what its like to get high. But that doesn't give your argument any added credibility. It's not like the discussion is about whether or not you get high from smoking weed. It's about the possible health-risks.

  138. List seems flawed. As someone who did over 100 tabs of acid and over 100 hits of E in his time, the idea that lsd is more harmful than E is pretty laughable. To whoever made that call: how about you take 50 pills of E, and I'll take 50 tabs of acid, and we'll see who is alive to see the sunrise...

  139. yeah amphetamines should've been number 2 and cocaine number 8.

  140. Good to see that science and rational thinking are debunking the drug myths that "normal" society is so fanatical about.

    Way to short, obviously, needed to have about 15min per drug really.

    One issue that was never really raised was the dangerous effect create by a drug being illegal. This leads to cutting with all sorts of crap, substitution, and unknown dosage. This is a key player in why many drugs lead to death.

    Well done though.


  142. What they fail to tell you is that each and every drug is dangerous in its own way.

  143. This is one of those alarmist programs that induce mothers to search their teen's room.
    It does seems that drugs are cheaper in the UK, so expect a large migration from the States any day now. And don't say I didn't warn you- addicts here are very motivated individuals.

  144. This is very retarded. Cannabis at 11?! I have been smoking pot every day for a long time and I have had no ill effects. I recently read a report from NORML that inhaling marijuana smoke is medically safe and effective at reducing the pain caused by certain nerve conditions. I also read that the statements about mj causing severe psychological problems were extremely overstated. They shouldn't of even put that on the list, and who is that 1 recorded death from marijuana? Since is physically impossible to die from overdose and it doesn't cause cancer.

  145. Marijuana kills people BECAUSE it is illegal and thus a black market commodity. Look at Juarez and El Paso....

  146. I used to smoke cannabis and I wish I could again but only the organic home grown. The only problem I find with cannabis is the fact that our politics-governments wont legalise this wonderful plant. Cannabis being sold illegally usually gets mixed by the dealers for profit- the brown hashish that floods our streets in Ireland. contaminated with glue-plastic and sometimes heroin. It's no wonder some people have bad feeling towards cannabis. I did a project in college about cannabis and some didn't even know the difference between hashish and the real plant! It's our laws that effect the minds of the young and users of cannabis. If made legal for home grown use as in Spain-Holland-Brussels.. whats the harm in allowing someone to grow a healthy organic plant in their own home? sometimes I feel living here on erath is's so unfair :(

  147. this documentary is pathetic

  148. well put "yo wtf"

    weed shouldnt have even been on the list!

  149. ok the way they tested the cannabis was by taking pure thc that's 100%, in even the best strains of cannabis there is at most 5% thc. They did practically the same thing on monkeys during the 60's in the U.S. by Dr. Robert G. Heath, only back then they didn't have the means to extract pure thc so they attached gas mask's to the monkeys and fed the smoke through that way, the monkeys smoked more than they're own body weight a day. Within a few months all the monkeys died, these scientific "experiments" show what would happen with unreal abuse, you can die from overly abusing anything. you could do the test that they did with any substance and "prove" its harmful, hell you could do it with cookies, force feed the monkeys cookies by putting a tube in their throat and feeding in mashed up cookies with water, after 3 months when they have heart attacks you say cookies have been linked to heart failure they are to dangerous to be allowed legally. thats excately the type of test's they did in this documentary and in the 1960's by Dr. Robert G. Heath.

  150. I don't remember seeing mushrooms on the list at all...

    I dunno, maybe I was high. I was just surprised that it didn't get attention.

  151. wtf are they talking about putting cannabis at number 11? cannabis have never killed anyone. in fact it takes 40,000 times what is considered 1 hit of marijuana to overdose, making it the lease harmful drug in the world. khat being placed at number 20 is complete b*******, khat is almost as bad as coccaine, it was used by somalians in what was called "Black Hawk Down" not the movie, but what happened in real life when the US special forces tried to take down Aidid, but failed, because teh somalians were fearless, and agressive because of the drug.

    it made them extremely aggresive, and played a huge part of the somali victory. marijuana has been scientifically proven to not increase the chance of lung cancer, and also has been proven to not cause any brain damage, unless you smoke it or eat it in large amounts, daily. caffeine has been scientifically proven to be more dangerous than cannabis. ecstacy is a date-rape drug, it is commonly used in raping people and they place it at number 18? they must have been tested too much drugs by the time they finished this list.

  152. I think presenting the drugs was kind of subjective.I can agree that drugs which are tolerated have become pretty dangerous but I can never agree that smoking marijuana or cannabis(by the way I never was psychotic by smoking this and even if I would have been I can't consider this classifies you for schizophrenia, it's all exaggerated) is that bad while the enormous amount of drugs that are used pharmaceutically are covered up.

    For example in cannabis I had to listen for ten minutes how harmful it is while in some pharmaceutical ones it barely says anything.Maybe the state should rethink again who's to blame for being addicted because I think there are far many people dying in mental hospitals because of so called good purpose drugs than smoking crack for a good mood.

    I would've expected more scientifically based opinions or at least more comment for people who tried all those stuff and they know which is the most lethal.By the way nobody commented on experiencing pharmaceutical drugs.It's COVER UP!!!

  153. Another fact on marijuana is the Seed is One of The Most Nutritious Substances scientifically known to Man. In my opinion "Quit smokin that shit! Your fryin your brain with all the NEUROTOXINS in the fertilizers Dude!" Leave that work for the MERCURY in the Vaccines and the FLOURIDE in toothpaste and water.
    "Unh K!"

  154. marijuana is illegal cause big pharma can't put a patent on it.

  155. meh, it could have been worse like, LSD isnt so bad in comparison to a lot of other shit tho.. Weed tho shouldnt have even been on the list

  156. LSD is bad shit man, Just look at the terror on that womens face! Forget that shit man. They never covered "bad trips" etc. Oh man forget about those!!!!!!!!!!

    If I was goining to therapy the last thing Id want is to be tripping....

  157. I agree extremely rushed. My biggest concern was that amphetamines like crystal meth wasn't higher up on the list.

  158. The creators of this documentary have obviously never experienced a drug induced state. Laughable.

  159. their top 20 is flawed, there is no way cannabis is more harmful than huffing solvents or ingesting GHB. Street E is often mixed with amphetamines and fillers and who knows what (doesn't mean it's deadly, or even very harmful if taken occasionally in reasonable doses, but it's more harmful than pure MDMA and accurate dosage is difficult). As X said, it's more based on plain statistics and a handful of expert opinions than real science or users accounts and knowledge.

  160. 4/5

    bbc documentary that hurries through britains top 20 drugs.
    popularized, shallow entertainment for the average.
    as the title doesn't let anyone expect much of an interesting insight,
    the documentary fulfills it's duty.

    you get to see "statistics" of the substances such as deaths per year, user numbers and prices, but never the big picture.
    you don't get to see molecular processes, studies, using techniques or trip-stories as they are only shown irregularly throughout the documentary.

    - 1 pt. for not showing and explaining each drug equally.