The 9/11 Chronicles: Truth Rising

2008, 9/11  -   44 Comments
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The 9/11 Chronicles: Truth RisingSee, this is what the media does. The documentary elaborates how they never talk about the family members. They never talk about the rescue workers. The family members, rescue workers started this 9/11 truth movement and people have to understand that it's these people who are affected by 9/11 - who we are fighting for. Seven years after the attacks of September the Eleventh, a global awakening has taken place, the likes of which the world has never seen. As the corporate-controlled media dwindles into extinction, a new breed of journalists and activists has emerged. Join Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski and others as they set out on a mission determined to expose the ruthless global elite, and alert the masses to the truth about 9/11.

Strap in and get ready to ride along as criminal overlords David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, John McCain, and many others are confronted about their lies and manipulation. Including interviews with Jesse Ventura, Rosie O'Donnell, George Carlin, Willie Nelson and Martin Sheen, this film is unlike anything you have ever seen. the only question after viewing it is, will you become part of the Truth Rising.

The documentary provides an in-depth look at the plight of 9/11 first responders, many afflicted with serious health problems from the toxicity of Ground Zero. Truth Rising reveals and challenges the astounding arrogance and negligence of the government in regard to the heroic efforts of first responders, police, and fire-fighters. Truth Rising indicts the administration of Rudy Giuliani and that of the EPA and Christine Todd Whitman, who proclaimed the air in lower Manhattan was safe to breathe, contrary to numerous warnings to the contrary.

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  1. Richard Neva

    No film here deals with what really happened during 911. Here is my take and you can check it out. It was just another Israeli terror psych-op by Mossad and their hatred of Muslims. The aim was to drag America into the war on Muslims and they did because America is run by the Jew Mafia!

  2. jim

    They wher all in on it, every pockit filler.

  3. jim

    Hell yea man im with you.

  4. jim

    Prescot Bush financed the building of the gas chambers in Poland and elsewhere . Prescot Bush along with the Routhchildes they financed both sides of World War 2. How many deaths was that? Bush 41 assenations JFK,MLK,RFK and the attempt on Ron Regan . And now Iraqk Affganistand, whos next?

  5. jim

    The Bush's make money on death of other people. And they have been doing it for 75 years.


    We all like to know the truth but unfortunatelly we never will.We live in this oblivion of the freedom of speech but we don't realize that as long as we talk about things we will not do anything about it .yeah we say that Bush is the one who did all that and we elect him twice what is wrong with the American people all we do is talk this Country need a revolution otherwise we do nothing just talk

  7. Donald Edward Goodman

    WHY are you people removing my TRUTHFUL remarks? I can't help the fact our government is corrupt. Are you people corrupt too? Anyone with a functioning brain KNOWS 9/11 was, as they say, "an inside job." People who don't know that, are either ASLEEP, hypnotized, or plain stupid.
    This FOOL doesn't know the "North American Union" was PASSED BY GEORGE BUSH JR, in 2005! Do your homework people! I graduated from High School having NEVER read even "the Animal Farm!" BECAUSE, as Rockefeller once said, "I don't want thinkers, I want WORKERS!" Now, all I CAN DO, is read, read, read!
    Wake up Americans, your government is lying to you. Has lied, and continues to do so. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Read a book, for heaven's sake! STOP believing the Main Steam Media! (paid for, and controlled by...the Pentagon) The same Pentagon that refuses to show the pictures of a Tomahawk Missile hitting that building! I suppose THEY could take my SS from me, but that won't stop me from telling the truth! That is one-thing MY Father taught me, was to be BRUTALLY HONEST. He also taught me that "hard work never hurt anyone." He was WRONG because I've broken by back FROM hard work. You don't get a back like mine, from sitting on your a**!
    Research 9/11 truth, and TELL ME, you don't SMELL A SKUNK!
    Our so-called police departments are being run by NAZI's. And EX Military "men" who still WANT TO "kick-down-your-doors!" Just wait until they PUT IN the Presidency, a German named Arnold; who's Father was an SS OFFICER! Just wait, you'll see, and it will be too late!

    1. loseffekt

      Actually Donald, 9/11 was an inside and outside job to be correct. The crimes we planned and executed by Israels Mossad and criminal elements from the US Government and private sector.
      Also why are you demoizing Nazi's? So many "truthers" out there say not to listen to main stream media, yet they buy the History channel version of WW2 hook line and sinker. Nazi's, Hitler... SS officers? Dont forget who pioneered the police state. Russian revolution ring a bell?
      Bolsheiviks? French revolution? Jacobins? Nazis were a joke. How many christians were killed in Russia Under Stalin and Lenin. What are Stalin and Lenins Real names?

    2. glynnisdulyn

      The Russian police state existed long before the October revolution. No christians were targeted under Lenin: also you seem to imply that Stalin was a Bolshevik, he executed most of them during the 30's show trials. You really have swallowed the American dumbed down simplistic history syllabus.

    3. AddNewComment1

      the problem is that some of us to do our "homework" and come up with different conclusions than you.. but you insist that you're version of what happened must be the only logical explanation

  8. Donald Edward Goodman

    "Will there be a North America Union?" This IDIOT doesn't KNOW that George Bush JR has already made that a reality in 2005! WHAT the H is the matter with American's these days? I don't "want-to" believe our OWN government would be responsible for such an action, like 9/11, but the truth is obvious when you do the NECESSARY RESEARCH! STOP believing everything that comes out of the "mouths of authority" as though they were infallible. If you'd just do the research, you would KNOW we were LIED to. Sometimes THE TRUTH is hard to take. So stay ASLEEP, and when it all comes-down, and I'm afraid it will, don't come crying when YOUR children are put into concentration camps they way the Japanese were during WWII. FDR (Franklin Delano ROSENFELT, was his REAL name) KNEW the Japanese were coming, AND DID NOTHING! Washington hasn't changed, and it never will; as long as WAR MANGERS and "bought and paid for" government officials continue to SELL OUT TO THE BANKING CARTELS, and people like Rothschild, and Rockefeller.
    The Japanese AMERICANS did nothing wrong, yet THEIR "civic-rights" were tossed to the wind; the same way YOURS will be. Even a yo-yo like Geraldo Revera has questions now as well. When, at first, he didn't believe the truth either; and "flipped the bird" oh so gracefully, UNTIL HE did the proper research. Don't believe me, believe someone like Clinton who said, "You have your nerve;" when confronted with TRUTH. Remember, WHEN HE SAID A BOLD-FACEED LIE/' "I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman?" (Monica Lewinsky) He is a criminal AND a liar. THEY "placed" Bush in Florida for two reasons. One was THEY didn't want him to mess-up THEIR plans. Two was THEY wanted him to have a good "alibi."

  9. War Dog 666 - U

    911 is an inside job and stating differently is just plain inept whereby it's long since time to carry the insurrection to the seats of power and rid America of this vicious murdering plague! - - - Thing of it is, that's precisely what they want the public to do to whist the real killing is certain to commence. . To grasp the true significance of 9/11 you must seek out the greater truths that everything else is predicated upon and in doing so you're certain to discover an even bleaker picture that most people on the planet are wholly unready for. Keep in mind that 9/11 is basically only a very bad street incident designed to steer people toward a specific direction - behind the scenes there's much worse man-made catastrophes in the works due to overpopulation, check out the math for yourself then you're better apt to understand a portion of the greater picture. . The world of officialdom has at its immediate disposal and means of carrying out mass killing on a global scale that makes nuclear weapons pale by comparison. . This is not a joke.

  10. JojoInTheStars

    Im so glad to see that the american public is waking up to who the true terrorist are and to the new world order. rest asure the new world order will not succeed.Instead the people of the world will band together into one brotherhood. Your brothers in europe are behind you and will there for you.

  11. Pablo Gonzalez

    to the last comment i must say i dont agree with you.. if you have seen in these documentary"s, the peolple who mwere in charge and who defened the official story never answew any questions... they run dip and dodge all questions pertaining to 9/11... i agree that some demonstrations can go a little overboard... but wouldnt you go a little crazy if your fammily members died there or are dying from respitory problems.. i believe that we are very close to the truth now... and it's because of these great people that i became awawre and awake..... we should all be thankfull and pay this forward by spreading the word... thank you...

  12. jack1952

    This video is frightening. They accuse high ranking people of treason then act surprised when they become upset. Even if it was an inside job, there is no way to know who was involved and who wasn't. Blanket accusations are unprofessional and dangerous. Treason is a capital offense. To accuse someone of treason should only be done in a responsible manner. I would hate to see the American justice system reduced to chanting slogans and harassing public officials. If this individual is serious about finding the truth he should do so as a professional. Interview people without bias and accusations. Be objective with questions and allow the person to answer in his/her own words and then take the answers at face value. Stop being a bully and a thug. Being reasonable is the only way to find the truth and then relay that truth to the public.

    1. jcn1706

      Who are you ,What you are saying,Is right ,but shouldn,t you fine out truth befor going too war and tell that to the public. to sit there and not do nothing, that spat on how this country was born or any other country. there alot of facts that backs what there saying, to sit there and do not do a thing . hummmmm! GOOD LUCK

    2. Jodie Kautz

      I disagree with the approach that you need to patient and objective because that yields absolutely nothing. It's much easier to dodge a softball question than it is the hardball materil

    3. Jack1952

      The alternative is to accuse and indict wildly. Guilt or innocence is unimportant. Round them all up and replace them. But be ready to accept the consequences. The people who will become the new leaders have already demonstrated that truth and the law are irrelevant. The French revolution and the Communist revolutions of Russia and China are prime examples of what can happen when ruthless people overthrow corrupt governments. If you want a civilized society then we must follow the rule of law. It may sometimes be frustrating but in the big picture it is what prevents society from decaying into chaos and ruthless violence.

      The 9/11 commission provided a time line, a motive, opportunity and suspects. In any situation there will be loose ends and unanswered questions. In the end it is still more plausible that terrorists committed those acts than it being a plot orchestrated by certain government officials. There has never been any evidence uncovered directly linking any government official to involvement in the 9/11 plot and murders. Your efforts would be better served in an attempt to repeal the Patriot Act and to ensure that prisons like Gitmo are not allowed to exist.

    4. holster7

      Jack, what you said about accusing and indicting wildly is very true but that it is exactly the reason that the more responsible members of the truth movement would like an independent investigation of 9/11. The 9/11 commission was massively flawed and thwarted at every turn from uncovering the truth begining with the choice of Philip Zelikow as chair. Testimonies were ignored, gag orders were issued, and John Farmer blew the whistle on the entire supression of truth. And of course, any working plan to achieve 9/11 would have to involve patsies, motives, and opportunities. Thats why we need to investigate what company did security at the airports and ground zero (JEB BUSH run companies). Though this alone may be circumstantial, the body of evidence considered together is overwhelmingly supportive of a new independent investigation.

    5. Donald Edward Goodman

      Just remember, LEE HAMILTON was ALSO on the JFK assassination "investigation." He LIED then too!

    6. AddNewComment1

      except when you move too fast you make mistakes... mistakes that overlook facts... you may even make a simple spell the word "material" wrong.. because you were busy being fast

  13. BIll CLinton

    nothing these guys can do to change things.. they dont have enough power..

  14. 420 Vision

    There is nothing anyone of us can do to stop the tyranny that is nearing our very doorsteps, less be vigilant and stand with hardened fist when they come.

    1. AddNewComment1

      or offer them pie... everyone likes pie!!!!!

    2. AddNewComment1

      or serve them pie... everyone likes pie!!!!!

  15. Cyndee

    May God bless all of you for your courage and tenacity and the wonderful works that you have done. Our government needs more people like you, that aren't afraid to get in the faces of these lying monsters who are killers. You are doing this for all of us and I thank you for taking the lead. As we know by now since it has become self evident there are very few good leaders in this world and too many people who will criticize you for getting in the faces of heinous liars yet what are they doing?? When our elected leaders are lying to us and doing acts of treason against us it's time for a change. I loved your movie you did what I would love to do.

  16. nadeera

    Great video!!! These are not seen in normal TV channels...this shud be circulated and let the truth come out.the citizens have a right to know what actually happened .esp ppl who lost their dear ones.

    I salute ur efforts!!!

  17. jimmy

    Phil agrees with Carlton... but what does Will have to say about all this? Obviously Hillary doesn't give a damn.

  18. voice of reason

    It's easy for people like Heraldo and others to label these people as communists or social terrorists, because they have this predisposition of thinking that questioning the government is anything but patriotic. They don't realize we are more patriotic for questioning what is fed to us by the corrupt media. That is the basis of our goverment, to question our authorities and think about what we are told. Granted it could have been in a less insulting way, but do you really think some of these officials would feel the same impact that they do if they were asked politely. I doubt Guiliani, or however it's spelled, I don't care, would have been left speechless if that girl had asked him the same questions in a soft tone in an office somewhere.

  19. Carl Hendershot

    Point made. Taken well.

  20. Karen


    You have the right to refuse work even when the work is for heroic purposes.
    If you feel work is unsafe, you have the right to protect your person.
    You may demand safety measures are in place before you engage in work.
    When taking advice, consider the source and their expertise in the area of concern.
    Make sure you understand all of the implications of the advice. Do they mean their well be no short term danger or do they mean their well be no long term danger to being exposed to an enviornment.
    If injury or worse is incured you may demand compensation.

  21. Carl Hendershot

    On a good note. I do feel sorry for those involved in the clean up and those who have lost there lives. People should look into collecting payouts for medical care and living expenses who are sick,from the guy who collected all the insurance money. You did clean up his building and he did collect. So it would only make sense he should have to pay up a little back to the people. That is if he really cared and was a real american. I would be looking for him before asking anyone else what there going to do.

  22. Carl Hendershot

    So since when does nypd hire guys who cant speak good english? 18:50.
    We never heard his answer because u wont shut up.
    If u have a camera in my face and i am walking away from you and you continue to follow me that is stalking me and considered agressive pre act to something worse. In my state that means i can shoot you legally. Better wisen up when someone says to get the camera out of my face. You may keep it on so i have proof you invaded my safe space. Or you can keep it on back away and continue to record and continue to breath.
    If you have nothing to complain about and your such a patriot shut up and let your car be searched. Show id and so on.
    Proof is in the pudding. Speculation only makes for more speculation. For example sounds like a bunch of kids following what was intended by the elite for another purpose. Such a group of paid brainwashers have been used to look like its is a Ku De Tah taking place. This would intialize martial law even faster. So if conspiracy is not enough then it will only add to a reality of what there fighting. If one does not want a new world order then stop creating it. This film just made me angry. I do not even want to know the truth anymore.
    Documentary way to long. Documentary in 1 sec. Why 7 building went down? Yay i saved u a hour.

  23. Karen

    It only takes pros 20 minutes to charge a building.

  24. Kevin

    One small suggestion: 911 IS an inside job, not was. As long as the story is buried it IS on-going. Present tense.

    I admire your courage and your work.

  25. Yavanna

    I`ve seen a version of this before - there cannot be enough 911 exposures however. I dont honestly think we will ever learn the truth however - not in our lifetime in any case.

  26. Mark

    Bet they wish they'd made the towers "fall" more believably and left building seven to a "weakened infrastructure" demolition later on.

    Glad that "democracy" managed to achieve more than just the "choice" between the Bush and Clinton families.

    In the future, politicians should be people that live by modest means. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the already filthy rich (financially only of course, no spiritually) just wanting more, more, more at any cost. Do they not see how sick they are?

    We also need nationalised banking. The private sector, whilst supposedly "more efficient", is only ever "more efficient" at obtaining more for itself.

  27. woodcroft

    I have seen a lot of documentaries on? the 911 conspiracy, and this is one of the best. highly recommend.

  28. Phil

    I totally agree with Carlton. Antagonising people will automatically turn them against whatever it is you have to say. You have the right message. People should always question what they are told. However, try to give the message with respect and tolerence and present yourself in a dignified manner and people will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. Keep up the good work.

  29. Carlton

    Yeah I typed that way too fast...need to develop the habbit of proof reading:) sorry about the errors, but you get what i'm saying. God-Bless.

  30. Carlton

    K... you guys... really. Your doing great. Your ideas are solid and our protesting the right thing. You support critical thinking and no one should detest that, NO ONE. Critical thinking is why we have the thing tech. we have today. I agree with you 100%. BUT!!! You can not win a battle by pissing people off. You need to show society that you are the most respectful, inteligent, critical thinking human being in this nation. And you need to agree to disagree and not attack people. Yes, walk down the streets; Yes tell famous people and ask them questions; Yes call out Bill Clinton on these questions, but dont interup, dont be rude, and dont force your opinions.... share them. You being an exeption to the ingnorace that showers our nation should be extremely well versed in our ideals and they way you aproach people. Keep up the good work, but work on your people skills. Big supporter!!

  31. Vitaloverdose

    ooo this guys is so full of it. He was filming and got attacked by security guards but he managed to fight them off and escape? XDXD How many professional security guards do you know who couldnt handle a skinny kid?

  32. Russ

    Great Doc. I love Documentaries.

    Good Website, and thanks!

  33. Vlatko

    Thanks Russ. I appreciate that.