The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

1993, Crime  -   8 Comments
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The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. examines the details surrounding the assassination of the courageous civil rights leader and the years leading up to his tragic death.

It's a little known fact that the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, retracted his confession three days after confessing to the murder.

This documentary dives deep into the days of the civil rights movements with news clips from the time, numerous footages of inspirational speeches, and interviews with journalists and other civil rights activists.

This film also brings special attention to King's heavy influence on raising opposition to the Vietnam War, economic equality, and American foreign policy.

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True American 1st
4 years ago

A man of peace with awesome speeches defending the freedoms, and lives of many young Americans. His dreams of defending the poor. equality, and changes in the way government treats its citizens was a fearless attempt, and he was well aware it could cost him his life. Martin Luther Kings dreams are still unfulfilled while many sill dream hoping for they will come true.

6 years ago

I just can't belive his assanation!

7 years ago

all i can say is the guy was great

10 years ago

What a great man Dr King was.

11 years ago

jesus..........i cant believe history is as sucked as your worst time of life...****........

Tommy S.
12 years ago

All i can say is damn.

Chase Dem
12 years ago

The difference between MLK and other leaders is that he was able to step outside his own immediate situation and used his influence to speak up for ALL poor and oppressed people.

Seems the good ol' boys (CIA, FBI) had had enough of this uppity troublemaker and finally snuffed him out.

13 years ago

And after all these years, they still can´t spell Raúl. No wonder they can´t find him