The Big Bang

The Big Bang

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The Big BangProfessor Jim Al Khalili delves into over 50 years of the BBC science archive to tell the story behind the emergence of one of the greatest theories of modern science, the Big Bang.

The remarkable idea that our universe simply began from nothing has not always been accepted with the conviction it is today and, from fiercely disputed leftfield beginnings, took the best part of the 20th century to emerge as the triumphant explanation of how the universe began.

Using curious horn-shaped antennas, U-2 spy planes, satellites and particle accelerators, scientists have slowly pieced together the cosmological jigsaw, and this documentary charts the overwhelming evidence for a universe created by a Big Bang. (Excerpt from

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2 years ago

i think dark energy and dark matter are huge blinking lights that we have something wrong. it is supposed to make up about 95% of everything ? and regular energy and matter make up the other 5%.

6 years ago

Hail to those who still understand that "theory" means UNPROVEN and in such a realm as "the beginning" may as well be disregarded until something comes along that hasn't been devised to exclude spirituality, which actually is a part of our being. The denial of which is what causes so many to stand up forthwrong and proclaim red is green and wonder why they are always running into trouble, like car accidents. In many or most cases, it is just an ego trip for someone to spout a theory which some will accept because they are all running from the same thing, their real self. We don't really need to know anyway. We've managed to survive this long and still don't really know. What is wrong with "not knowing" something? Why do people buy into what the school or the TV tells them rather than seeing they don't really know and are just repeating more THEORIES about lots of things.

For instance @Kelly Elton way above:
"Science: Evolution, quantum physics, gravity, speed of light."
"Not science: Religion(which fights to prove itself right, where science fights to prove ideas wrong), alternative medicines, ghost hunting, acupuncture, colonic treatments, the 'scientific studies' that 'prove' praying actually makes people better."

How thoughtless... A Phd "defends" their dissertation in front of professor(s) who question it or things about it, since it is supposed to cover some new ground. Is "c" the speed of light, a constant as claimed or does the speed vary depending on the medium in which it travels? The latter has been proven. Is the speed of light the fastest speed possible as claimed? It was observed long ago in the time of Tesla that atomic particles were traveling significantly faster, something like 20-25% faster if I recall. There is at least one documentary on this website that gives credible evidence that man, the same species as we are now, existed along side the dinosaur. And that the dating methods are certainly flawed. Evolution is an unproven THEORY which claims that one specie can turn into another one. Rubbish in the face of at least 500 years of breeding experiments which show that you either come up with a organism that won't reproduce or you come back to or close to the original. Can't recall the name of the principle involved. Gravity? How is that "science" when few understand it. Is it a pull as we are taught or is it actually a push from a scalar universally present force acting in all directions? The push theory says that objects in the way shade the force from that direction thereby pushing you toward that object from the unshaded side. This aethereal force would explain a lot as well as why the old timer scientists believed that space was not empty and that the aether could be tapped as an energy source. Some succeeded in doing so. If perpetual motion is an impossibility as they teach us, how is it that the moon circles the earth for so long? If alternative medicine is not science then all medicine is not science. Most of the drugs prescribed today are a distant second to natural items that were studied in order to make a synthetic which is actually toxic. When you see acupuncture relieve a person's pain so they can move their hip again or read when Dr. Max Gerson was curing cancer in the 1940's using PROPER colonics and juicing to cleanse the body of cancer causing pesticides and other toxins, maybe you'll wake up to the fact that what doctor's practice today isn't science at all but the false hope of better living through synthetic chemistry via their just as thoughtless confidence in their false science sold to them in school.

Too bad for those ideally born for the indoctrinators. Go eat their scientific GMO food and be happy when your stomach and other systems eventually complain. It must be great to "know" you are qualified to list what is and isn't science. Many of the hard and fast "rules" of science which seem to be useful in order to make things we have work are only true in a certain range of application. Outside those parameters and those rules don't apply. Now that IS science from a Nobel prize winner. Peer reviewed science is garbage if your peers will lose their job if they agree with you publicly. That is agenda controlled science which is no science at all.

You Lie
7 years ago

This is hilarious. The last place I thought I would find good comment drama was on a documentary website. My question is, for all the people that think the "big bang" is bullshit, why are you here? Why are you watching this? You don't care, remember? It's best to just abandon your beliefs now so you'll look cool before everyone starts doing it. You just believe in one less god. You already are an atheist to Hindu's even though their religion is older, has wayyyy more literature in its holy book. So you dont believe in Vishnu or Lord Bhrama. If you read your bible, you'd know your god (Yaweh) was defeated in a battle against another Kemosh of the Moabites... So yea.. Your god isn't so great after all. Check it for yourself, the story is in Numbers.

mike mathwig
7 years ago

God laughs its ass off at you clowns, both sides!

Rodney Kawecki
8 years ago

The big bang hasn't happen yet. We look at the birth of the universe as an explosion which usually means the end of things but when it comes to the universe the same explosion means the beginning of it. Why? Using Hubble Inflation theory the universe is growing - its expanding getting bigger. If evidence shows the universe is expanding due to inflation then I would have to say what will happen when the inflation ends? Has the big bang happen yet?
To the interested reader: Look up Kawecki Universe on the web for more discussion on this....

9 years ago

The so called "overwhelming evidence" supporting the Big Bang is absolute bullocks riddled with assumptions and ad hoc fixes. What's even more amazing than this fantasy theory is how long this dogma has been a big part of established cosmological beliefs. Relatively speaking, however, the Big Bang has a ways to go to rival flat earth theory.

9 years ago

The story of the Sleeping giant: In the beginning there was nothingness without limits. Then then there was light without limits. imagine a sleeping giant -the nothing- that becomes aware of its own existence. (Yes Nothingness can exist just like an idea or a thought can) That moment is the moment of creation. But for all of us to grasp this concept a new paradigm has to be accepted: the fact that the foundation of reality is consciousness and not matter. Re: The Primacy of Consciousness.

10 years ago

the theory of the big bang ..... put together with the theories on a black hole the similarities are obvious ... but are they related ... when a black hole stops taking material in will it cool and go BANG .... if so is this how our universe started .... could a Black hole be an infant universe waiting to hit dead space ...

10 years ago

i have a Question : to whom it may concern ... you say that it all started as the 4 elements starting to cool to make the BANG ... now another documentary states that a Black hole takes everything we have and puts it back into the 4 elements under intense heat and pressure ... they sound really familiar to me ... are these 2 things one and the same ... if so does that mean when a black hole stops feeding it will cool and go bang .... i don't have an answer and it's been eating at me since i seen it ... if anyone can give me an answer i'd be grateful ty ....

iain mckendrick
11 years ago

i can see by the comments on here there are some religious people on this thread who refuse to accept human beings advancement in thinking and want to stick to their "god done it, and more to the point, my god done it" lol ******.
the universe created itself in the big bang. no need for a grand designer.
the laws of nature dont leave a place for a grand cant get to a time before the big bang because there was no before the big bang. Its something that doesnt require a cause because there was no time for a cause to exist in.
there is no possibility for a creator.
the big bang couldnt have been caused or created by anyone or anything.
the concept of a god existing doesnt make sense,its like asking for directions to the edge of the earth.Its a futile load of nonsense.
get over it, wishful thinking will get our species nowhere. religion and gods are only here through brainwashing children since the get go. very much virus like. its the worst thing to happen to us as a species. faith as a virtue? believing in things without evidence is a virtue? no, ts not. its just st*pid.

11 years ago

The thing about human beings (scientists included) is that we always work to prove what we think is correct and dismiss all other evidence or considerations. Thus our theories will always be flawed. The fact that galaxies are moving apart etc. could mean other things but we usually find out by accident once we've decided to look in only one direction.

Ali WeeDMaN
11 years ago

The Big Bang theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly. 1920's A.D
Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined ((entity)), and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe? (30)
And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander. (47) The holy Quran 600 A.D

This is the truth if you choose to believe ...

12 years ago

After reading the description its clear that this documentary will be a waste of my time, "The remarkable idea that our universe simply began from nothing" WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG the big bang theory does NOT state the universe started with nothing. It was a singularity, all the energy (not matter) in existence compressed into a single point infinitely small EXPANDED (not exploded there is a difference) in to the space-time we know today. You may wonder what happened before that, well nothing happened, without space there is no passage of time.

12 years ago

Anyone knows the version of this video??

12 years ago

the red shift effect was the only thing holding up this theory,and observations have made it self evident that this theory was only an excuse to go ahead with the construction of the Hadron in Europe. What sinister deviancy are they plotting now.

12 years ago

im not sold on the big bang THEORY either.

12 years ago

What I would like to know is that if NOTHING compressed into infinite density, how did NOTHING become hot? Also, since it is supposed to have exploded into NOTHING since nothing existed before the BIG BANG, how did the particles transfer from a linear direction away from the center of the Bang to a circular one creating atomic structures (orbits), celestial bodies (stars and planets) and galaxy clusters when they were traveling through frictionless space? After all there were no planetary bodies to generate gravity and no atmospheres to generate friction. So what changed the direction of the particles in a frictionless void? Wouldn't they have just continued endlessly from the blast center since there was nothing to slow them down?

Also since they were traveling in frictionless space, why would they change direction and start orbiting to create elements since the particles were rapidly moving away from each other?

Wouldn't they just have continued moving away from each other? Getting farther apart. Not stopping and forming stable orbits which eventually produced the Chart of Elements as expressed by Mendeleev?

Methinks the Big Bang sounds more like a Big Fairy Tale? Once upon a time in a far off galaxy, nothing became very dense and turned inward only upon itself with energy that came from nowhere for some strange reason. Then, nothing exploded out into an empty void and instead of moving lineraly as normal physics would dictate. Nothing began circling upon itself eventually creating all of the elements, stars, planets and celestial bodies including human beings with consciousness which evolved from apes who cannot speak, read or write.

Yeah sounds about right. Duh!!! What a crock!

13 years ago

Woo hoo ! a fish in an aquarium knows only so much about himself and the fish tank around him . its limited to a certain degree ... i fear the same with humans and our fish tank (universe) our limits will only go so far . Are we just looking for the answers we want , need or fear?