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The Body Machine

2008 ,    » 24 Comments
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The Body MachineThe Body Machine is a landmark special on the human body that shows us just how much, how many, how large, how strong, how fast - just how amazing the body really is.

Utilizing impressive large-scale real-life stunts, CGI and strong character stories, the show makes the staggering scale of the inner workings of the body tangible.

It will show you how far our blood travels in just one day - an astounding 19, 000 km - from Quebec City to Buenos Aires and back.

You will see all the cranial fluid you produce in your lifetime laid out in front of you - all 26,280 pint glasses worth. And in just one day you will take 23,000 breaths - enough air to fill 7,714 helium balloons. You will see all this and much more.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. OccultAlien

    i don't care what this doco says... my blood does not travel from quebec city to buenos aires and back in one day..what kind of quackery is this.
    if my doctor said that to me i'd give him the sack right away...

  2. capriciouz
  3. capriciouz

    lol they mean the distance blood travels through your veins in one day is the equivalent of it traveling from quebec city to buenos aires. It's called an analogy :)

  4. Achems_Razor
  5. Achems_Razor

    Only trying to be facetious, right? At least I hope.

  6. henrymart81
  7. henrymart81

    Has anyone noticed a lot of these documentaries feature Canadians? Why is that? Just an observation.

  8. Matt Kukowski
  9. Matt Kukowski

    Cheezy but decent doc.

  10. OccultAlien
  11. OccultAlien

    an analogy? is that like a tuma or cancer or something? still i don't see the equivalence of blood in my body travelling to quebec.. i am in sydney.

  12. fl260
  13. fl260

    Because while americans are producing 3d action movies, canadians prefer spending their time that way.

    No seriously, that's discovery channel, and it's the only reason.

    If you're looking for a country who produces a lot of documentaries, look for UK, with BBC.

  14. circumcisionisabuse60
  15. circumcisionisabuse60

    Oh my gosh right? You should totally give him the sack pronto! I mean how the heck could your blood escape your body, purchase a plane ticket, depart from Quebec, arrive in Buenos Aires...and then depart from Buenos Aires, return home to Quebec, and somehow intravenously enter back into your bloodstream without reject? I mean come on.

  16. Joshua
  17. Joshua

    fl260 is stupid and wrong, most filming is done in canada nowadays because of huge tax breaks. Thats it.

  18. gabilou
  19. gabilou

    I live in Quebec City. Finally I know where all that blood flooding our streets is coming from. And yes, I'm trying to be facetious.

  20. PaulGloor
  21. PaulGloor

    Lol @ the rest of the replies.
    The vascular system is quite extensive. All in all about 100,000 miles of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries snake through the body of an average adult and it takes the blood only about a minute to make a round trip.

  22. Achems_Razor
  23. Achems_Razor

    We are not even all human. We are walking "superorganisms" a Human-Bacteria Hybrid.

    A highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungis and viruses.

    More than 500 different species of bacteria, 90 trillion bacteria in our bodies, which outnumber our cells over 10 to one!

  24. His Forever
  25. His Forever

    Lovely thought. Thanks for that mind picture!

  26. OccultAlien
  27. OccultAlien

    This is a paragraph from a book called an 'encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy'.

    The hearts electromagnetic field (EMF) is five thousand times stronger than that of the brain. Its electrical field is sixty times greater than that of the brain. Not only is its electrical capacity greater than that of the brain, but it is organically capable of performing certain brainlike functions. In fact, between 60 and 65 percent of its cells are neural, identical to those present in the brain. Energy flows constantly between the heart and the brain, assisting with emotional processing, sensory experience, memory and derivation of meaning from events, and reasoning.

    is that total B.S.? or not... any comments....

  28. OccultAlien
  29. OccultAlien

    sometimes i feel so happy that i was the best sperm..

  30. AlfBeta
  31. AlfBeta

    Indigenous and traditional people, our own included:" learning by heart", Gnostics "knowledge of the heart" . Heart transplant recipients report things worthy of attention, unless pre-judged as impossible via pseudoscientific conditioning for decade of life e.g."grey matter" is exclusively in brain, brain cells dont regenerate. very interesting

  32. AlfBeta
  33. AlfBeta

    take more than a minute to get thru the scanner!

  34. eyecandy_babydoll
  35. eyecandy_babydoll

    Makes you grateful for being alive and healthy! It also makes each and every single one of us special and one of a kind.

    Being alive really is like winning a North American lottery, the sperm that made you versus 300-400 million other sperm.

  36. fanpage_loyal
  37. fanpage_loyal

    It seems like an "Incredible Human Machine" in National Geographic..and How they Differ?

  38. Phillip Galinsky
  39. Phillip Galinsky

    Some artistic shots and tidbits of information, but overall this was a collection of many useless facts. Incredible Human Machine was much better at providing a more coherent picture of the body.

    Also, that last line was quite an assumption.

  40. Robby Baker
  41. Robby Baker

    Incredible Human Machine was much, much better I agree.

  42. tariqxl
  43. tariqxl

    Love docs like that and human instinct (another great doc). It reminds me for a short while just how amazing we are. Until I remember that all these 'perfect' machines turn on each other and destroy just about every we see. Shame.

  44. Yusiley S
  45. Yusiley S

    Everyone always pick out Reproductive, Cardiovascular and the Nervous systems as favorites... forget that... my favorite systems have got to be the digestive, urinary and endocrine systems. Gluttony and Sloth are in fact my favorite sins so its natural for me to pick body systems that pertains to them. I especially love anything that has to do with metabolism and anything involving the living cell tissue most of us dread to have and hate with a passion... fat. I'm currently studying to be a Medical Biller/Coder...and I'm just falling in love with Gastroenterology. Maybe I might be an Assistant to a Gastroenterologist. :) I especially love to study cases and help out folks who suffer from eating disorders such as under-eaters (anorexic patients) and over-eaters (obese patients). Anyways I will definitely give this documentary the benefit of the doubt and view it with an open mind, even though it's not exactly what I am looking for in particular. I highly recommend the documentary "Extreme Bodies: Super Obesity" those who are really into study that aspect of the Gastroenterology.

  46. Mona Reed
  47. Mona Reed

    No longer @ Amazon... anyone know where I can get a copy to view?

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