The Boy Who Can Never Grow Old

2007, Health  -   85 Comments
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The Boy Who Can Never Grow OldStuart Wickison has a rare genetic disorder; Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The average life-expectancy with this condition is in the early twenties, Stuart is nineteen.

But, its now he's embarking on one of the most important journeys of his life. Over the next two months, Stuart's world is going to change forever. Although his body is failing him, his mind is focused on living.

Imagine gradually losing the ability to use your muscles. You’re born a healthy baby, but by the time you’re a teenager you need 24-hour carers to do everything for you. Imagine knowing that the condition would eventually lead to your early death. What would you do?

This intimate uplifting film follows 19-year-old Stuart Wickison who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, as he prepares to leave the comforts of Treloar’s, his special needs college, to study and live independently at university.

Although Stuart is nearing death, the film follows him as he pushes himself beyond his limits, to achieve his dreams.

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  1. Nathan

    They just played this documentary in Australia, 02-10-77. After the doco i did a search, Nicholas Keith Walker 24 passed away Sept. 14, 2016, of a sudden heart attack.

  2. ThatAnnoyingChick

    Well, God or no God this poor guy committed suicide by driving his wheelchair into a lake.

  3. James Glass

    RIP Staurt who took his own life

  4. His Forever

    To all: I would like to appologize if I've sounded uncaring on this thread. Such is not the case. In fact, I've been deeply affected by this documentary and thought about it for days while gardening, etc.

    I nearly died myself from a SARS-like lung ailment while in China, so I know what it feels like to wonder if you will soon be taking your last breath that you can't even take before you drown in your own lung's fluids. It took me two years to recover 99%. I just feel so strongly that suicide is just not our prerogative to take upon ourselves no matter the circumstance.

    Peace to all.

    Charles B.

  5. dixie.rose.filloy

    If I was Stuart's mother I would be so proud of him!

  6. Elizabeth

    What a tragic story. Smart, articulate, talented person. I hope a cure is found for this terrible disease. RIP Stuart.

  7. His Forever

    Does anyone know if Stuart finished art school before he died? I can't find that information from my Internet searches.

  8. Crystal

    You might want to Google his name and muscular dystrophy since he has already ended his own story. God bless him for his life, how he impacted others, and how he continues to do so in his death.

    Thank you to those that made this documentary and brought our attention to his plight.

    1. His Forever

      I just Googled his name right before I read your comment. Man, I wish he hadn't done that! I've not yet finished watching this documentary and it's more difficult now knowing that he killed himself (presumed) as all the articles were very careful not to say so.

    2. knowledgeizpower

      I think this was a good one.. yeah that hurt to hear about how he mentioned very shortly at the end that he passed but it didn't say how, I assumed that he passed away due to the disease he had...but it is still a very touching story ....Peace

    3. Achems_Razor

      Your god did not bless him, your god killed him. Or did not care, one way or another.

    4. His Forever

      As far as I could tell, Mr. Razor, he was totally non-religious. Why blame God for him driving his own wheelchair into the lake?

      Crystal: Why should God bless him now? As far as I can tell, he never asked for God's help in any way (correct me if I'm wrong). He may have encouraged others in life (slightly), but how so "in his death"? I see nothing admirable at all about it and in my opinion negates nearly every good thing he may have accomplised before . . . . let's just say it . . . he committed suicide.

    5. Achems_Razor


      So in other words you are saying he should fry in your gods hell for his suicide when it was was his own gods that made him physically faulty in the first place, and you still wanted him to pay allegiance and pray to his uncaring gods, I would of told the gods to bite the big one and to go F... themselves.

    6. His Forever

      Razor: Not so crudely stated, but that's about right. Yet, in all fairness, there is no specific Scripture that says suicide is a damnable sin. I just highly suspect it is.

    7. Simeon Kwong

      Actually, every single unbeliever that I come across asks why God seems uncaring and seems to abandon us to pain when all we want is just peace. The answer is not as simple as most people think. First, we need to understand that God is forever loving. This is a fact. Second, God created us to be a part of His great plan. Nobody knows what this great plan is. Third, we can rest assured that God will not harm us with this unknown plan, because number one says that God is forever loving. Fourth, God knows his plans for us. In Jeremiah 29:11 (I know that many Christians quote this passage, and nobody ever takes it seriously anymore) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." So now we know that God loves us, but we have pain and sadness...why? The answer is that God teaches us lessons when we undergo pain and sadness. Sometimes we don't understand why one of our family members died, but we can know that it is for our own good. It is just like when your parents don't let you do something that you want to do, and you will think that they aren't doing something for your own good, and that you are going through "pain". Example: Your mom doesn't let you go to a concert of a famous star. You don't know what to tell your friends, and then your friends pressure you and you feel bad because your friendship with that friend might have decreased. You blame your mom, you swear at her, you hurt her feelings and emotions. You don't know that it is for your own good, because that concert had bad influences in it. Drugs, prostitution, lying, etc. And then you find out that the police had went to that concert place and arrested a few dozen people. You finally realize that your mom is doing this for your own good. Now, substitute mom with God. God cares about us. He doesn't want us to fall into traps. He sacrifices everything to care about us. He sacrificed his own son, Jesus to forgive our sins. That is the love. He would let his son to die for us. What if you were a mother and you had a son. Would you sacrifice your child for China? For Iraq? For Pakistan? For the people you hate most? God loved us so much that He looked on us with contempt and sent His own son to die for us so that if we believe in Him that He is the Messiah and Savior of the world, we will have eternal life and that we can go to heaven when we die. All we have to do when we are Christians is to spread God's word. Easy? Duh. That just covered about everything about Christianity.

    8. kkkkoooo jjjho

      If you have any doubt that god is NOT "forever loving" then just read the bible. Here are a few of many examples:

      (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)"When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property."

      (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT) When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl's owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment.

      Wake up! There is no god.

    9. Marko Marjanovic IV

      Its so nice to hear facts about god. Here are some Santa facts as follows... he is fat, wears a red coat and gives presents to everyone in the world...unless they are naughty...
      Grow up and get real...

    10. Morgan

      oh dear. i'm so sorry to hear that you're sufferering from religion. a disease that seems to destroy ones ability to feel empathy for a young man who chose to go quickly rather than waiting until his lungs and heart gave out, in agony. you are in my prayers.

    11. His Forever

      Morgan: All sarcasm aside, and how will you pray for me?

      My empathy capacity is just fine, thank you very much. Yet, one's disabilities and personal misfortunes are not enough to take God's place in your life and take your own life. I watched a doc on suicide (Dignitad) in Sitzerland or some place like that and I cringed when they said that a large percentage of people they helped end their own lives did not have a fatal illness at all, but did so just because of the "weariness of life".

      Yes, he should have endoured to the bitter end, so-to-speak, as there are no raw deals in Heaven. I lost all respect for him when he killed himself, and sadly now so many others that admired him that also have DMD I'm sure will do the same because of his influential life.

      P.S. Morgan, most of the sympathetic individuals known for their kindness and love have been religious and mostly Christian. Just last month I help pull dozens of teeth, free of charge, and helped with a midical mission that treated nearly a thousand.

    12. Alive_In_Him

      C_and N, you know that empathy according to the world is telling people what they want to hear (they're victims and owed "insert entitlement here" by God )not the truth that will set them free. I encourage you to keep speaking the truth and pray for the lost. Don't worry about the approval of men. The Lord knows. Be blessed!

    13. His Forever

      Alive_In_Him: Wow! Thanks. I know that there is A LOT of pain here on earth, but God is our only hope not the blame. Eternity is the great equilizer as there are no raw deals in Heaven. Thank you for the encouraging note.

    14. Achems_Razor


      Man you religee's are a funny breed, why would your god be the only hope when he is the cause of the pain here on earth. Did your god not make everything?

      No raw deals in heaven? sure there is, it is all politics everywhere, if not where did your satan come from, the factions were fighting.

      Love to see how you religee's get together to reinforce your belief with one another, that's what your churches are all about, you never see atheists going to a church for atheists do you?

    15. Alive_In_Him

      Just google athiest groups and you'll see that they do gather to reinforce their (un)beliefs with one another but you can't call that a church because the Church is the body of Christ which you would know if you studied the Bible. You would also have the answers to the questions you just asked and know that Jesus hates religion just as much as you do.

    16. His Forever

      Mr. Razor: If I ever got to speak or preach in Canada, I'll invite you, if you're seriously interested in seeing what we talk aboout to reinforce our faith. Not likely to make it your way for a while, however. Peace.

    17. Rolands Jaunzems

      please keep your religion at at your self. stop poisoning others.

      I am one of Science, knowledge, critical thinking and fact followers , not in talking snakes, imaginary friend in the sky , how is all powerful, wise and seeing, who creates disaster, suffering and pain in the name of sinners 2 000 years ago believer. this bed time fictional scare tactic story has to stay with the bronze age or part of literature history when it was written by all these people and assembled 1,5k years later in different translations, styles and types of book called bible.

    18. His Forever

      Rolands: Please keep your offensive and highly opinionated atheism to yourself. This documentary lauded this individual's actions as something extraordinary. And they were to some extent. However, his suicide in my opinion negated that. We should be allowed to say so without fearing the backlash of the atheisticly politically correct. Even then, in my original comment I mentioned zero, zilch, nada, 0.00% about religion, only expressing the remorse that he had killed himself when I searched his name. It was only after being challenged on that regret by Mr. Razor that I expressed any religious opinion.

      Peace to you as well.

    19. Achems_Razor


      You want me to see how all you "happy clappies" do your stuff, here in Canada yet? lol
      Let me know, will take @Azilda with me.

      But will tell you right now ain't bowing or kneeling to any invisible gods!

    20. His Forever

      Razor: Fair enough. I would love to see Canada (espeically with Az) no matter what we did!

    21. Guest

      If i was to show you Canada, it would have to be in Quebec. I would have an advantage over you guys....the tongue! lol actually LOLOLOL

    22. His Forever

      Az, If I had the money, then I'd have the time!!! But alas, no money and thus no time! And, I would definately take you up on the offer -- that and Europe again. I love to travel with interesting people.

    23. Guest

      I thought you'de show up in Nelson for Occupy...dancing in the street. I am still waiting for that photograph. By the way what was the poem about?

  9. jh123

    very inspirational and touching .. im so proud of him =)

  10. Morgan

    i should point out that i was being scarcatic... totally heartless to be sure, but also sarcastic.

    @Shafiq Ahmed - while it can only ever be speculation as to whether it was an accident or suicide, the disease is degenerative and the doco was shot 4 years ago, things can change. also, i don't think people who euthanise themselves (probably a much better description) are giving up or loser. they are taking their own lives in their own hands and making a very tough decision. it takes a lot of courage and stupid laws make it all the more difficult.

    no sarcasm this time, but i hope i can offend you all again soon.

    1. Billy Bradford

      bravo! maybe we can tag team offend sometime.

  11. Filip Gorecki

    Why can't you leave the comment box for movie related subject matter?

  12. Trev

    With so few years ahead of you, it's hard to imagine how one would spend those remaining days. The decisions each morning you awoke would hold such importance. Some might decide to pick up a drug habbit, or maybe barrow/steal money so you can roll those last days in style. Most I suspect would try to ensure their place in heaven. Now I want to make sure or better yet a guarantee, that I am going to get all the answers once I get there. That should be the least God could offer someone who is a believer. Or is not going to hell my only reward? I would consider hell a punishment, a pretty well thought out one at that. One I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but then again I'm not perfect. Which leads me to another question. Do kids go to heaven automatically? If so, what is the age cutoff for a person who is a shoo-in and a person that has to know and accept God as the almighty creator of all. I have so many questions. What did Noah feed the carnivorous animals? Or did they do the meat cleansing deal for those 40 days? Who cleaned all the poop from them animals? Can't imagine that cruise being a pleasant one. Noah for sure in my book gets a place in heaven and all the answers. Heck I'd even throw in a couple of girls from the Muslim relegion. Was a snake the best choice to try and fool Eve? What if she got scared and ran? Would we be walking around naked to this day? Obviously God knew she was going to take it. It could have been T-rex. I personaly would have chosen the koala bear, so soft and cuddly no one could resist. Is incest for the good of man? Where do I find that fish that feeds thousands? A couple of good days on my boat and I think that hunger issue might be solved? Why can't God just make it rain in those places without food? He did it once before. Bet the companies responsible for the trans-Atlantic cable had hired a guy like Moses (parting the sea and all). I'm going to continue my list then head to church for some answers. I know, I got to believe first then the answers come.

  13. Shafiq Ahmed

    One thing that I must say was the extra ordinary mental strength of this boy who was supposed to count the hours of his life. Instead, he was fighting and daring to fulfil what he was dreaming. Every word of this boy had such profound and deep meanings. As he said '' I think about how I want to live in the time I have left. I want to make my mark, to have achieved something. I have my art, my music and have just started at university''.

    Believe me he did made his mark. People who saw this documentary must have learned some thing from him and that is; Never give up. Even in such a pain he was still keen to go to the uni and achieve what he was dreaming for.

    I do not believe that he committed suicide. If he had such an intention he would have done it years ago when he was suffering and struggling without having achieved any thing. There must have been some thing wrong during that time when he was driving his wheelchair. May be he had breathing problem and because of that his mind completely blacked out due to lack of oxygen. You could see in the documentary he never wanted to die. He never wanted to lose and I do not believe he gave up. Never. HE IS A WINNER WITH WHATEVER HE ACHIEVED DESPITE OF HAVING SUCH A DISEASE.

    Well, the debate of being an atheist and believing in God will never have an end (at least in this century). So I will not take part in this never ending debate. I would seriously recommend to the participants of this debate to learn some thing from this boy. He was NOT sitting and swearing to god or swearing to 'NO GOD'. He did some thing and this is what you can do. HELP PROTECT THE HUMANITY. HAVE SOME GOAL IN THE LIFE AND DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON GOD OR NOT GOD...................FOR GOD SAKE.

  14. mediahis

    This gives me great hope for my nephew who suffers from DMD. I hope he is able to live out his dreams like Stuart did.

  15. mediahis

    This gives me so much hope and inspiration that my nephew who has DMD will be able to live out his dreams regardless of his muscles not working the way he wants them to. He's only 7 and loves life. He will end up in a wheelchair like Stuart. So to see Stuart's story has given me hope.

  16. g isaac

    This documentary tells a sad, tragic story but at the same time inspires. I feel very fortunate after watching this. There are so many little things that I complain about that now seem so insignificant in comparison. It is also very sad that this young man plunged into a lake and committed suicide this year. My condolences to the family and friends of the 'victim' of this terrible genetic disorder.

  17. Yi Wen Qian

    This documentary is trying to raise the awareness that such devastating disease is on the verge of being curable. The science is there, the possibility is there. Mutations are random, and can happen to your future child, your future grandchild. Arguments about religion isn't going to cure anyone.

  18. Morgan

    pity he's in hell now, having killed himself last month... oh well, that's the way god rolls.

    1. Achems_Razor


      You should be ashamed of yourself for making such an id1otic statement!

      What if friends or family reads your clap-trap! No empathy at all Eh?
      Wonder if you are religious?

    2. Epicurus

      are we sure it was suicide? if it was good for him for taking matters into his own hands.

    3. PavolvsBitch

      You give free speech a bad reputation with such smug garbage. Are you too stupid to see that we are in hell, there's nowhere to 'go'? We are also in paradise if we cleanse ourselves of pollutants such as psychopathic mind control, poisoning by needle and blind faith/condemnation.

      Where anyone got the idea that it is somehow a 'sin' to take your life and yet perfectly acceptable for another to do so, is quite beyond me as it is beyond rationale. If an individual knew his/her destiny then they must be master/mistress of it and none can criticise an act of ultimate surrender rather than the lunacy of prolonged suffering and death. That the man valued life is evident by his courage and ambition and only he can judge the loss. His family and friends, if selfless and true will totally understand.

      This condemnation is the ultimate arrogance prevalent in the world misleaders and we would do well to expunge it's falsehood from our thinking.

      And before any retort about 'god's judgement' on those who commit sin - this is a total copout for taking responsibility as a steward of creation and fools no-one. Yeah, let someone else sort out the mess; meanwhile, I'll just await my slaughter. Christians are such a huge let down to their fellows, as are all religions waiting for 'god' to sort this mess out.

    4. addyme2

      What a horrible comment. It's good to know that people like you are self proclaimed "good" people.

    5. memoiandi

      You m*ron.... and you wonder why atheists point out the pit falls of religion. You're not a good spokesman for your beliefs.

    6. Guest

      I see this is your first ever comment on here...let's hope the following ones are either inexistant or (i'll give you a chance) smarter if that is at all possible in your case.

    7. knowledgeizpower

      Lol Az..yeah that dude got eaten alive...first comment huh maybe he will comment again though....

    8. Guest

      Sent Oz a message...trying to wake him up at least a little bit...( He might be p*ssed off about that, I don't know.) It's probably not right, trying to put him under (any amount of) pressure to come back?
      I miss him very much. I got "chatty" with him even more than with the rest of you guys... But his input, too, is very sorely missed...Imagine what he would do with a lump like M.!

    9. Guest

      Good attempt, we shall see.
      I must say though, I would think if Oz comes back he would chose to no longer direct his focussed attention to what is wrong with the world and the people living on it, but to elevate what is right.
      Something we should all do. Because...
      To be loved or to be hated are both tolerable but to be completely ignored is just pure misery, which points to the sole solution of making efforts in merging and again this leaves only one choice, merging to good or being ignored.
      I know this sounds undoable, but i have proven it right many times to myself in many ways. Just try it on a child, you'll see.

    10. Guest

      But...satire and ridicule can promote the good by implication and contrast...If that's his style and talent, maybe he shouldn't deny himself that. And to hell with what anyone thinks! At least, I always took his outrage to be more a measure of his love and goodness ( he would dislike my using those terms, I think, lol) than anything else.

    11. Guest

      Of course there are many ways to pass messages...and that has to be respected. People obviously liked his style...just look at the numbers...even though i always thought how weird he got to 6000 plus likes in such short time, that's a lot of liking by different people. He actually wrote me how surprised he himself was about that and thought something was wrong.

    12. Guest

      Maybe he felt a little guilty and undeserving? Obviously, though, he tapped a lot into people's growing distrust and dislike of organized religions.
      (I'd better chill again, we're gonna get snapped at.)

    13. knowledgeizpower

      Whats up ya'll two I don't know i hope i'm not intruding ya'll might want to just talk between each other? like i didn't get to talk to this dude right but.... you member i was telling ya'll like i had been coming here just didn't comment because i was going thru some stuff at the time i just would read comments and you know you can like comments without logging in...But like all i'm trying to say is that dude was Real now personally I may not have the same beliefs or lifestyle or whatever but he just kept it real.. people I think liked that you know what i'm saying.. He would have me tripping lol Az you had me tripping too hell I think i might have told you that i can't remember...I don't know what happened but maybe he will come back that was a cool azz dude for real Lol...Peace

  19. Anthony Williams

    The internet really is an empty void, consuming human emotion and representing it as spectacle.

    but that is nothing new, Shakespeare knew this, all the world's a stage blah blah blah...

  20. Hyestack

    You know, all you atheists trouble me. Religion isnt about believing in farries and hocus pocus, you say someone who has faith wasted their lives on it, are you serious, whats so bad about treating others with respect, banishing revenge and anger, warning of the things that have proven to ruin lives, like stealing killing, gambling, cheating. Lets be honest, you just want to do whatever you want without consequences. You atheists don’t realize that our morals and laws are all based from religion, even the years we count are from religion, BC, AD. You clown on religion but fail to mention a more powerful and universal way of unifying us all and setting in place a system of morals. I am a Christian, and I know the earth wasn’t made in 6000 years, but the bibble doesn’t mean 6,000 years as in 365 days a year. The Bible isn’t scientific journal with specific measurements. What have you atheists done for the world, other than the science your told and that you have not done, but yet you believe in. You are always bitching about the answers you need to believe, well who are you to demand answers, the ones who believe have their answers.

    1. over the edge

      ok lets break this down. "all you atheists trouble me" really all of us? you know that atheism is a lack of belief in a god or gods nothing more? "you say someone who has faith wasted their lives on it" no i don't while i believe that religion isn't backed by the facts, you are welcome to believe what you want. to claim that :You atheists don’t realize that our morals and laws are all based from religion," really? while some of our laws are found in the bible many can be found in ancient Greece,Egypt and other societies that existed before the bible. "years we count are from religion, BC, AD" partially right Aloysius Lilius is the author of the modern calendar but his calendar along with the julien calendar were based on the observation of the moon cycles (science) and yes ad and bc are included credit does not belong to religion. "You clown on religion but fail to mention a more powerful and universal way of unifying us " you want a powerful and universal way of unifying us? ok evolution and biology state that other then some small differences we are all the same and related. our feelings and morals are based on our social nature and our survival demands that we care for each other, look after each other protect our young and root out anybody that harms the group (murder,stealing...) as a way of making the whole stronger. we as a species against all odds survived many evolutionary changes global disasters and challenges from other species for dominance and this humble "ape" rose to the top, powerful enough? "What have you atheists done for the world" while science is not atheist it does demand explanation of the world based on natural phenomenon (god being supernatural) using observation ,testing and facts. this method has brought us modern medicine, many of the comforts in life and the computer and internet you are using now. "well who are you to demand answers, the ones who believe have their answers. " who am i? nobody really just trying to make scene of the world around me and don't accept "god did it" as a sufficient answer to life's questions. on the other hand like you said you already have your answers so why look for better ones? science is fluid it holds no claim as too sacred to be challenged or changed if/when the evidence demands, while religion is static demanding belief in an ancient text that is full of contradictions and historical inaccuracies. on a final note your post is full a feeling of moral superiority could you explain why the U.S. (a christian country) has a disproportionate number of Christians in jail )higher than overall population would estimate) while atheists and Buddhists are of the other end of the scale. i will post the study if needed

    2. Irishkev

      You don't have to believe in God to treat people with respect. I believe every body is entitled to respect.

  21. Bill

    You can either believe or not believe. It's a personal thing. But if you want to know for sure, you have to die to find out, by then it might be too late. If there is no God, it doesn't matter, if there is a God, it still won't matter's too late.

    1. Epicurus

      what kind of sick sadistic animal would send people to hell just because they didnt have enough evidence to believe in him?

      come on, we all know thats silly. if there is no god it does matter cause you wasted your life, the only one you get, worshiping nothing. sounds like something i wouldnt want to risk.

      I wonder what this young man in the documentary thinks about god and why that being would allow a disease like the one he has.

    2. Guest

      do you think Bill would enjoy this conversation on skype?

  22. knowledgeizpower

    Well I found this Documentary Very Touching and Inspiring... It makes me appreciate all people and their personal trials tribulations in their life..You don't have to judge or make fun of anyone... It did not matter that this person had a disease or he was in a wheelchair he Accomplished something that he Put Focus on by wanting to go to college no one stopped him from that...

    You know what I really enjoyed is that it showed that just because one has a disability and their body can't function normally they have a functioning Mind.
    They are people human beings they deserve to be treated just with respect..Well anyway Thanks Vlatko for posting docs like this subjects like this hit me really close and I tend to get emotional Lol...Peace

    1. Guest

      @Iz you are growing on me.

  23. leewebster

    when the guy went to shake the kids hand but he couldnt so he just touched his hand... moving moment...

  24. hpthoroughbreds

    my my please play nicely

  25. Nic Petrykowski

    @ 33mike77

    Sickness is not brought on by evil spirits, they are caused by genetic defects that can only be cured by advancement in science.

  26. Anthony Williams

    The existence of God is the one question you can be certain of getting an answer to, so what's the fuss?

    aint that right B ;p catch u on the flip side...

  27. GlialFlatulence

    @Achems- wow! 33mike really got under your skin! He was gracious, giving, and supportive. He didn't even mention your continuous spelling errors or the fact that you are completely off-topic. Considering the fact that he applauds the actions of the characters in the film and cites his unique views in relation to the film, you attack his views instead of positing your own opinions or viable synopsis of the film's message. BTW- Occam wants to say, "bless you" for making his name look like a sneeze. It's the simplest explanation for the misspelling.

    1. Achems_Razor


      Spelling errors? I think not, my spelling checker is never wrong, grammar Nazi Eh?

      Me off topic? absolutely, when replying to his off topic pious religious views. Unique? not.

      And yes the films message has nothing to do with your ineffectual gods.

      And by the way the gods of flatulence want to say, bless you for making your name look like...ah, gaseous.

  28. Branefart

    I don't think I would have his courage, incredible and inspiring. Every now and then the human spirit moves me, but rarely..