The British UFO Files

2004, Mystery  -   3 Comments

The British UFO FilesWhile the American Government's alleged knowledge of discoveries of UFO's has long been known, The British UFO Files reveals for the first time the secret history of alien aircraft investigations led by the most powerful forces within the British establishment. The programme explores hitherto secret departments within the Ministry of Defence as well as controversial claims made by those working within the government and military that the British government has long known about the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors. Despite consistent public denial of the existence of flying saucers by the MOD, it has always as a matter of course investigated sightings, ever since pilots during the First World War reported strange aerial phenomena.

Winston Churchill himself ordered investigations by the Admiralty in 1929 into such disturbances. Indeed, the British government began to formally study UFO sightings in 1950 following changes in public opinion fueled by flying saucer fictional stories serialized in British newspapers and magazines.

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3 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Rob Burgin

    i quite like the voice over

  2. Pyrrhus

    @Old Git
    I agree.
    The voice-over is appalling.
    It almost seems as though it were dragged over the documentary by hell hounds so as to ensure no one might finish watching the thing.

  3. Old Git

    Pity some schmuck told the voice-over to adopt a dramatic whisper. Most of the spiel is inaudible. OGT