The Chessboard Killer

2009 ,    » 36 Comments
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The Chessboard KillerA Russian serial killer who invited his victims to drink vodka with him before bludgeoning them to death with a hammer has been convicted of 48 counts of murder after a trial that shocked and entranced a nation.

Alexander Pichushkin, a supermarket porter better known in the Russian press as the chessboard killer, sat in silence as a jury foreman read out 48 successive and unanimous guilty verdicts.

Dressed in a grey V-necked jumper, the 33-year-old showed no emotion and no remorse as a judge confirmed the verdicts and ruled that there were no mitigating circumstances - a pronouncement that means Pichushkin almost certainly faces life in prison.

Pichushkin, who never denied the murders but refused to enter a plea, can have expected nothing less. For him, psychiatrists said, the real punishment came from being denied the title of Russia’s most prolific serial killer.

At the beginning of his trial the trial, Pichushkin complained of unfair treatment at being charged with only 48 murders. In fact, he claimed, he had killed 63 - 13 more than Andrei Chikatilo, known as the Rostov Ripper, who was convicted of 50 murders in a 1992 trial.

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  1. vulturewoman

    haven't watched this type of American style documentary in a while, and I know why. It is very uncomfortable to listen to this sensationalist garbage, almost celebrating their crimes with fancy catch-phrases. I'd rather ignore these such docs, cause these murderers deserve no attention...

  2. Kathleen
  3. Kathleen

    no. It's an education in psychopathy. If you want to close your eyes to 22% of the population of the World and allow them to victimize and affect society which will eventually affect you in many ways - then fine - close your eyes and put cotton balls in your ears. Watch Disney movies instead. But if you want to be aware of a very real part of society - learn from this film.

  4. frownhound
  5. frownhound

    22% of the population of the world? What, are serial killers -- or chess players?

  6. Sabin Russell
  7. Sabin Russell

    what should we do go around asking people if they are serial killers and then kill them?

  8. cezy
  9. cezy

    if the motive for this guy's murders was a thirst for fame, why should we give him satisfaction and watch this (pretty poorly shot )documentary? in fact, i'm not watching it anymore. see what else is on offer...

  10. Janis Paegle
  11. Janis Paegle

    good movie, shows us not to trust every 1 who seems nice

  12. Brandon Schultz
  13. Brandon Schultz

    Wild story, but a stupid American style doc. The attitude towards the acts of violence is basically pornographic. I like serial killer docs when they are done properly, but this presentation showed little understanding for the reality of the crimes. You're probably better off finding a written account of this killer than watching this one.

  14. Guest
  15. Guest

    Brings a new Tone to the Peter,Paul and Mary song" IF I had A Hammer"

  16. superregfrancis
  17. superregfrancis

    Who cares about the way its presented...the point is that a Major city can Function to a degree without an operational police force!!! Moscow police were told who was murdering people and leaving bodies scattered around the city park- but did nothing??? As I suspected country's run them selves .... Governments only protect the rich who pay them the 'readys'.

  18. Yavanna
  19. Yavanna

    Yup its like listening to and / or watching a budweiser commercial

  20. SillyWillyOneNut
  21. SillyWillyOneNut

    hilarious, laughed the whole way through !

  22. SillyWillyOneNut
  23. SillyWillyOneNut

    another one bites the dust !

  24. His Forever
  25. His Forever

    Evil is as evil does. You can't blame this on his childhood or brain damage from an accident. He's just plain evil.

  26. JackT
  27. JackT

    That doesn't exist. That's a human thought-creation.

  28. superregfrancis
  29. superregfrancis

    Lets not talk in ''evil mumbo jumbo''... Its not how the doco is presented its what facts are presented:
    A major city's police force have a serial killer at large-- they are virtually told who it is, but do nothing.. even when the killer leaves many bodies scattered around a city park.
    What does this tell us? Governments and their law enforcement is discretionary. A city will function (but horribly) with the rich looking after them selves and forgetting the rest

  30. Daniel Levermore
  31. Daniel Levermore

    he should have left the last one alone.

  32. His Forever
  33. His Forever

    Good point! Darkness is just the absence of light and so "evil" is just the absense of goodness. However, "evil" surely feels real enough when you encounter it.

    P.S. Watch the doc. "Is There a Sixth Sense?" for thoughts on how real human thought-creations can be.

  34. Ghost_Buster
  35. Ghost_Buster

    head injury+russian vodka+chess= serial killer
    this guy is an abomination, but the one who killed 98 recently has beaten em all.

  36. James W. Roe
  37. James W. Roe

    70+ i wuold say...98 was non official news

  38. Michael Danger Gee
  39. Michael Danger Gee

    this is a crap doc, its far to dumbed down and sensationalised, far too average american crap!

  40. Tamryn Louise
  41. Tamryn Louise

    I suggest you read up a bit on psychology and scientific studies on this subject matter before spewing superstitious nonsense. Since he has sustained a head injury it is highly likely the cause. if not, the result of an unfortunate childhood.

  42. Greg_Mc
  43. Greg_Mc

    Have yet to watch the doc but the fact more than one person has called it an American style doc is making me leery about viewing it. One of the great things about this site and the internet in general is that I get to watch some shows, docs etc that are not American made (I am Canadian and most of the channels we get on TV are American, lol which besides some good sit coms is mostly crap. Canada produces some good docs and investigative journalism type shows but generally isnt great but has gotten a lot better the last 5 years or so) so I not only get a different perspective on some topics but the style of the shows are not all hype and sensationalism. I must say I think the BBC does an excellent job on their docs and TV shows, well the very few tv shows I get to see.

  44. Greg_Mc
  45. Greg_Mc

    I didn't know chess was a full contact sport.

    Was going to watch it then saw it was an A&E show which very quickly put an end to any interest I had in watching it

  46. anne ramsay
  47. anne ramsay

    well then what are you commenting on if you didn't even watch the flick? Jackass!!

  48. Buddha_Egg
  49. Buddha_Egg

    You obviously know very little about serial killers!

  50. Buddha_Egg
  51. Buddha_Egg

    And who pray tell was that?

  52. Tamryn Louise
  53. Tamryn Louise

    Yes and so does everyone else who is qualified in psychology apparently... Please.

  54. Buddha_Egg
  55. Buddha_Egg

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding serial killers and a lot of misinformation from talking-head pundits, who haven't the foggiest idea what they are talking about.

    Steven A. Egger, Ph.D., author of The KIllers Among Us: An Examination of Serial Murder and its Investigation.

  56. Mistymoo
  57. Mistymoo

    AMAZING doco

  58. Mistymoo
  59. Mistymoo

    bite the bullet and watch it

  60. Mistymoo
  61. Mistymoo

    IT WAS always going to happen , brain injury , bullying etc them poor victims did not stand a chance

  62. Mistymoo
  63. Mistymoo

    hear the facts - he had a brain injury - helllooo

  64. Mistymoo
  65. Mistymoo


  66. Tyrell LIddell
  67. Tyrell LIddell

    Chess playing serial killers. They're all over the place.


    whats his slogan LETS GETS HAMMERED ha ha

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