The Divine Michelangelo

The Divine Michelangelo

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The Divine MichelangeloTo produce one of the world's great masterpieces is impressive. To create three is truly astonishing - but this is exactly what Michelangelo did five hundred years ago. With his own hands he designed and created the most famous sculpture in the world - the David; the most awe-inspiring painting - the ceiling of the Sistine chapel; and one of the world's greatest buildings - the dome of St Peter's, the jewel in the crown of the Roman skyline.

In the year that the David celebrates its 500th anniversary, BBC ONE brings to life the story of one of the most gifted, and tempestuous, artists in history. From a traumatic childhood, Michelangelo rose to the heady heights of artistic genius as sculptor, painter, architect and poet.

His work is on such a scale, of such awesome power and breathtaking beauty, that for centuries people couldn't believe it was created by a mortal. Michelangelo's extraordinary life spanned almost 90 years from 1475 to 1564. He was a complex character: at times bad-tempered and paranoid, at others generous and affectionate.

His passion for art, for beauty and for God was his driving force throughout his life. (Excerpt from

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  1. jaycross100

    i heard he was really married to queen victoria

  2. asdel1

    a pathetic effort unworthy of bbc. terrible treatment of a great subject.

  3. porichkid

    very good documentary all should see

  4. zzdown62

    captures your attention from the get-go

  5. aaangie123

    oh to have a fraction of his talent..

  6. omega man

    Goes to show how powerful the gay man is. Not to be feared but revered :) I am not gay but most gay men are more sane then most strait men I know.

    1. luis1515c

      Homosexuality is just a mental illness as the Chinese gobernment has classified this phenomenun and period.

    2. Kateye70

      Homophobia is the mental illness =) For some odd reason, I don't look to the Chinese government for guidance on this subject.

    3. oQ

      Peculiar how you have 10 likes on this comment and not one face behind them.

  7. sd


  8. angus

    leonardo was better than this douche

    1. nowk

      but this douche at least finished his masterpieces!

  9. Tom

    Hello Everybody! Are there any documentaries related to architecture?

  10. Ian

    wtf, why is everyone gay? like im not neccesarily a homophobe, but Da Vinci AND Michelangelo... is there some kind of psycological link between being gay and being a great artist?

    1. JaredSD

      It was the times and where they grew up. Everywhere were naked statues of men at times shown or posed in sexual way. There was a lot of gay men around that time, same as with the Greeks they studied from.

    2. intullectual

      i astonish by the parallels of his brilliance, truly non comparable to any other artist

  11. Olu

    I am still amazed at the greater importance associated with Da Vinci as an artist than with Michelangelo. In my own assessment, Michelangelo was a greater artist all around, might not have been a greater statesman.

  12. robe33

    Vlatko, Thanks for trying .

  13. Yavanna

    Pretty good doc overall. One can but wonder what this super genius could achieve if alive today. He would be recognised early in life, funded and free from medieval constraints.

  14. Yavanna

    I`ll have to watch it properly now. I want to find out the significance of Leyton Station as per the still pic above. I was born 2 miles from it and walked through those doors daily for two years to go to my dreary city job!

  15. Yavanna

    anyway I posted google video links for quality sound versions with dodgy subtitles - it awaits moderation from one of Vs slacker subordinates.

  16. Achems Razor

    Darn, you are right!

    I wasn't thinking. But you can only do that on youtube.

  17. Yavanna

    But then V don't earn millions from revenue :(

  18. Achems Razor

    Right click on the video, and than left click on "watch on youtube"
    Goes onto high def.

  19. Yavanna

    Actually sound goes to ratshit about half way through - this info in YT side bar:

    Poor audio quality? Simply use the links below to watch the videos in high-quality. Alternatively, add "&fmt=18" to the end of the video's URL (web address). This is the manual way of loading the high-quality version. Note that the same applies to all YouTube videos: adding that extra bit of code to the end of the URL plays back the video in high-quality!

    Maybe this doc needs to be replicated in TDF TY site for a better playlist to include these codes....

    1. Vlatko

      I did that, the code is changed but still... the sound is not OK.

  20. Yavanna

    sounds seems fine for me

  21. robe33

    I was able to see up to chapter 4, the sound has not yet been corrected. I will try another day.

    1. Vlatko

      Sorry @robe33. Nothing else I can do. Maybe someone else can find this doc.

  22. Vlatko

    I believe with this HQ version will be better. Try now.

  23. Alfred

    Very nice doc. that gives both perspectives of the artist and his works... if something can be done with sound please do so...

  24. Sonia

    Some thing is wrong with the sounds.
    please do some thing, I love to see this doc film.