The Elephant in the Room

2008, 9/11  -   80 Comments
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The Elephant In The RoomIn retrospect of course, looking back, you think about everything that went on. The fact that the power down in itself was unusual, the fact that there were visitors to the tower, many in overalls, like engineers of some kind wandering around the floors carrying tool boxes and cables and so on. At the time, wasn’t suspicious of it, didn’t think anything of it.

The Elephant in the Room is a documentary following British filmmaker Dean Puckett through his journey into the 9/11 Truth Movement: a global movement of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who believe that the official explanation about what happened on 9/11 is totally or partially inaccurate.

The filmmakers travel from middle England, across Europe and to New York for the six year anniversary of the attacks, where the film takes one final twist as we are introduced to the 9/11 first responders who are suffering from various grave health difficulties due to the toxic dust that they breathed in trying to help their country during the weeks after this tragic event. Told with a personal hands on approach that avoids advancing any one position, the film asks the question: are these crazy conspiracy theorists? Or is 9/11 Truth a credible political movement?

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  1. Cynthia Lyman

    I feel awful for those first responders now dreadfully sick after their heroic efforts in the aftermath of 911. It seems like they are the first people to be forgotten and neglected when this tragedy is mentioned. They're not unlike the veterans who survive combat yet still face a multitude of problems upon their return to civilian life. They have more than a right to be enraged by the lies and neglect they suffer at the hands of the government in addition to what horrors they initially endured. If 911 was indeed an inside job, I would hate to be even on the fringes of the reprehensible legion of those who conceived of and delivered this heinous travesty upon innocent human lives, but their greed and money will only get them so far. None of us gets out of this world alive, no matter how you line your pockets and blatantly disregard the needs and wants of your fellow men along the journey.

  2. Sane Doe

    Can someone tell me, how the towers collapse took the same amount of time give or take a second, as the jumpers fall from 100+ stories up. However, the jumpers weren’t plowing through 200,000 tons of steel and 425,000 cubic yards of concrete. The jumpers had no resistance. No way in the physical world could those buildings fall the way they did without clearing resistance.

    You know what a put option is? Days before, anonymous insiders wagered an unprecedented amount, betting essentially that United and American Airlines’ stock would tank. It did. No other airlines had unusual activity. There were other options bought for businesses that operated out of the twin towers. They tanked too.
    People with foreknowledge not only made a fortune but rid themselves of inquiries and investigations that were thwarted in the destruction of the towers.

    Key people didn’t show up to work and meetings. Others were summoned there under pretext.

    You can’t be so naive to believe that the people in power who also happen to be in the oil and military defense fields, aren’t hoping for war. The bush’s have been war profiteers since the 2nd WW. W’s grand-dad can be traced back to the nazi’s and military support. Many of the same players too.

    For you that doubt, None of this is done under a cloak of darkness. Look it up. .

    If there was no oil or 90% of the world’s Heroin supply, we wouldn’t be in the Middle-East. No one is invading Africa, or N. Korea. They are opportunistic, fascists that are destroying our country, likely not to recover.

    People are told what to think and never taught how to think, unfortunately. Keep drinking the kool-aid so the profiteers can continue getting insidiously rich while innocents pay the price.

    Wake up people.

  3. kevin

    wow,pulvarized for sure--i cant fathom 2 planes doing this at all---god only knows--some new weapon perhaps--definitly NOT office fires from the 2 planes

  4. fender24

    Can we make one thing straight, the towers did not collapse ok, but they were pulverized from the top down, concrete, steel everything, this is two completely different things....
    On September 8, 2002 Colonel John O'Dowd of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, appeared on The
    History Channel. O'Dowd no stranger to disaster scenes had never seen anything like the remains of the twin towers. "At the World Trade Center sites, it seemed like everything was
    pulverized." There is nothing recognizable in the debris look at the pictures -- nothing to indicate that that pulverized debris have been a functioning 10,000,000-square-foot office building, its right there for everyone to see for themselves . O'Dowd was present at the scene of the partially collapsed Oklahoma City federal building. Though the collapse of the Alfred P. Murrah building was definitely facilitated by one or more powerful explosive charges,
    the debris from that collapse was not pulverized to the degree that it was at the site of the WTC towers,
    which presumably was acted on only by gravity if u believe the official story.

  5. towerinsurancescambigmoney

    nano thermite compounds found in tower's dust
    who had the power to make nano technology in 2001...
    im guessing coorperate america

  6. David

    I lived in New York in the early eighties and because I worked temp I had many occasions to go to the WTC complex. There were always maintanence people running around with toolboxes, rolls of cable, flatbeds of flourescent lights. There were filming crews, local news, commercials, and videos being filmed. It was always busy. A great deal of money was being made there. Why would a capitalist government kill the goose that was laying golden eggs five times a day? Why not the stock exchange? Because its harder to hit with an airliner piloted by Muslim extremists.

  7. lateralus12

    This is documentary is a masterpiece. It really gives you a clear picture of how strongly people feel about the events that took place on that day and how it affected their lives afterward. Honestly, how can others accept the "official reports" about what happened when there's so much evidence against it? So many of these victims who were there are speaking out.

    1. batvette

      Well your statement reveals the reason these conspiracy theories are not taken seriously, they are emotionally driven and not based on sound logic or reasoning.
      There is not much "evidence against the official reports", it's always anecdotal holes being used to question facets of it but they have never put together a hypothesis to challenge it. (the collapse of the towers)
      That is how science works, you can't simply stand back and mock a hypothesis held by consensus, you have to produce an alternative which also withstands similar scrutiny.
      The NIST report is exhaustive and complete.

    2. emmavoberry

      2,500 scientists/experts have signed on to challenge the official story of the collapse. And yes, they offer a

  8. Paul jansen

    2 commercial planes crash in to the towers. I have watched and read a lot about this and the thing that always comes to my mind is if this is an insidejob directed by goverment agency`s then how far did the deception go?
    How did they get people to hijack planes en sacrifice themself by flying into those towers? Could u get american soldiers (pilots) or agents to do the same as an palestine self bomber in Israel?
    1. Were those hijackers indeed the ones identified after the attacks on those pictures and made some mistakes in some of them?
    2. If so did they know they were actualy controled by agency`s of the US goverment?
    3. If they dint know, did those agency`s (as they say "inside job") know what this group was planning to do and had the time to "help" in the background by planting explosives for the aftermath from the crashing planes? (the powerdowntime of 30 hours a day before 9-11 like the guy said in this docu)
    4. How many people would have knowledge of the fact that this was a false-flag operation? For such a project it must have been like 20? Or even a hundred people? The more people that know the more leaks are likley, why were there no major leaks if this was a false flag operation?
    Not one of the people involved in a supposed big false flag operation has spoken out so far, not one got in trouble with his moral mindset and exposed something?

    Its hard for me to understand the relations between the different powers, groups in this event.
    The media like fox news or even in my country (netherlands) the main stream media reported it the same way at the time. Did they follow american media? Is there a "group" of people with power in the shades that can say to fox networks employees , this is the line u must follow in this story and to how many people and media organisations do u need to say that? How many media-based-people have to be told or pushed towards a way of looking and reporting on the events? Why did i not come accros one media-person that said something like "i got fired because the bosses of the mediaconcern i worked for forbidden me to bring this and this fact or statement"
    How does this work.

    See i have things to be answered on the other side to, when u accept a idear of an inside job , a false flag operation it is important to ask in both directions to come to a sense of a objective opnion or truth so to say.

    That there are things in this that just dont make sense, the energy wars , the powerstruggle in the middleeast, the big powers behind the big company`s, todays current putin russian goverment (oil and power again hmm) , tens of thousands of local people in Iraq, Afghanistan that were killed (what contrast to the number on 9/11, no disrespect intented just numbers), The Bush puppet, patriotact, the things that happen behind the screens in all western goverments that cant be shared because of moral use of media. Each have an agenda that goes before a certain level of truth, its the way of the world so it seems. U find commercials on tv a normal thing dont u? The fact that in most of them they influence u, lie to u, decieve u into buying the goods, it has become normal. Only for 99,99 instead of 100... Deception is built in into western life and it a normal thing.

    Aaaargh my head is spinning again..sorry for any spelling errors, im dutch, and just wrote down thoughts like they came, try it , its refreshing.

    1. fender24

      1. Many photos and video recordings show different planes and deviations. planes may have been manipulated by television companies.

      technically speaking, u can change a live video stream and add or remove items. Pentagon experts are working specifically with this type of technology.

      A number of studies of the videos shows various clips include different planes, different colors, not correct colors according to the airline (simulated) planes going in the wrong angles to each other, speed is different, in certain cases, the plane having impossible speeds to reach in terms of video recording, two virtually identical camera angles clearly show a helicopter in a video and nothing in another. further the archived recordings is changed from what was sent "live" that day. The original soundtrack is retained, resulting in inconsistencies between image and sound. Most of the images sent by the five major TV companies are pictures of the towers from a distance where Manhattan in the background is visible on a clear day, with the exception of the so-called planes fused with towers. None of the five major television networks, mobile camera teams on the ground, no transmission of chaos in the streets, only one reporter (Dick Oliver) interviews in the street. So no professional TV broadcasts of the towers from ground level at such an extreme event like this.

      Flight 77 went off the radar screen on the border of Kentucky and Ohio. No transponder contact. Another aircraft was probably replaced. Pilots claim they have found the flight recorder of FLT. 77 They claim that the plane was at least 300 feet in the air. It was a 100 feet above the Pentagon, it flew over the building about the same time as smaller aircraft fired missiles. (Or even the Pentagon fired a rocket-ETK)

      Witnesses claim to have seen a passenger plane fly over the Pentagon. They said it swerved off.

      No Boeing or indeed, any aircraft (some say an A3 Sky Warrior) flew into the Pentagon. A Boeing 757 takes up room for half of a football field. The holes that you can see on the pictures are too small and does not resemble a hole that any airplane has made​​.

      The (10'x20 ') hole in the Pentagon are not plane-shaped. It's more like a "Roadrunner and coyote crash style.

      well i am not telling anyone what to think, so if u came this far i appreciate it and thanks for the patience :D. but i agree with u should not just blindly agree with those who say this is a inside job, but another important point is,, should we blindly agree with everything our govt says?? because they act in everybody's interests right? well sometimes it is not the case and i guess people on both side of this matter can admit that much to themselves, bush was a lier about iraq and everything that happened since has been a political game of certain interests, like oil etc no matter who gets hurt in the process to archive they're goal but that's a different story, do you're own research and find you're opinion. I have shown u some of the things that does not fit to me, like when something is not right, u know it deep inside, so u dig more and the deeper u dig more uglier it gets, 9.11 is like that... I am not saying it is necessarily an inside job but something is wrong with the official story.

    2. batvette

      If they wanted to credibly pull off something like this why would they use an A-3 instead of a Boeing Airliner?
      Were any A-3 parts found?

      ": images sent by the five major TV companies"
      So you believe that five major TV companies, AND the Pentagon, AND the White House- literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of employees within- are all in on it?

    3. fender24

      What i am saying It doesn't look like a boeing 757 crashed into the pentagon. I am not saying how many or who "are all in on it". And where are the 757 parts?

    4. batvette

      There were some clearly identifiable, such as a hub from a compressor stage of an engine, a wheel from a landing gear, and even an electrical switch panel with an american airlines property tag.
      Really ask yourself, why would AA acknowledge that was their plane if it wasn't? The fallout from this cost them and United BILLIONS of dollars.
      Why would AA's insurance company pay out again, probably up to a billion or more dollars if something was obviously amiss? Wouldn't they do anything to shift liability?
      What about the underwriters of insurance policies on the towers, who again paid BILLIONS of dollars.
      And please don't just shrug it off saying "they're large corporations run by the elite so they're evil too!" (yes I've heard that, what tripe.)
      Yeah they're evil large corporations alright. Who would be looking out for their own interests and you can bet all of them had investigators poring over the scene. Don't you think they'd go to any lengths to shift responsibility and not pay claims?
      Can you think of a rational answer? Why didn't American and United come out and say "This is NUTS! All of our planes, crews and passengers have been accounted for, what are you talking about?"

  9. Guest

    alterativly....****, how do I get one of these valued jobs?

  10. Jeff D

    I'm glad they told me it was a British I don't have to watch it to find out. Let me guess...a monotone narrator (female maybe?) apparently reporting in a non-bias way, but tipping the scales in favor of the typical British ambush truth twisting dirtbag bottom feeding journalists. Don't let that superiority complex accent fool you.

    1. Mathew Scannell

      if you watch it you'll see a lot of british people saying the official 9/11 story is false, don't be racist. it's not cool

  11. Guest

    i remember when ppl kept diaries, and got really cross if other ppl looked at them. Now we have handycams and the web. There are what used to be called we have *.docs. Just a thought...and now i can share? it God bless archive footage, digital enhancement and even the BBC(not on topic but who needs a big plasma screen to see '50's home movies?). You know any technology u see on your screen must have got dirt cheap

  12. oracle2012

    Wow waht an amazing film. This film shed so much light on 911 and its victims. We care and respect all of the victims please write your congress men.

  13. miles79

    God bless those who died on 9/11.
    God bless those who were there in the minutes,hours,days, weeks and months after the attacks helping with the cleanup and doing a great job.
    My thoughts and prayers are with them all and I wish them all the very best with all their battles ahead of them all.
    To me and many more,they are all heroes.I take my hat off to them and they are all in my thoughts
    Kind regards from Melbourne,Australia.
    God bless you all as well as the victims and every single family and friend related to the horror that was 9/11 and the aftermath.
    Peace be with you.

  14. Morsie

    That was great - lots of things to ponder on. Thanks for this doco.

  15. signalfire1

    Wonderful documentary, thank you for your work.

  16. MoSk

    Miami will be next to get hit!

  17. IzzyB

    @Randy - Well, right there's the problem. It's dam nigh impossible to make any kind of critical assessment of news served up to you on the tube or the tabloids. Is that how you educate yourself? Well, the internet can help widen your world view because it is obvious you lack the information needed to make any kind of critical assessment or judgement of facts and probably explains your weirdness :)

  18. Randy

    Hey, I asked all the questions and then I got the answers.

    Because I do not use the internet for information.

    It is fun for YouTube and filesharing and shopping...

    But not information...

    1. Justen Bontekoe

      You have GOT to be kidding me.

      How do you think most of the information gets to news stations?

      By pigeons?

    2. Justen Bontekoe

      And you know what?

      Who the hell are you telling us you don't use the internet for information,

      while sprouting propaganda in favor of the US (inc.) on a documentary website?

      I don't buy this.

  19. ConspiracyTheorist

    It's funny how you say that "there was nothing in it(the Towers Demise)" for the Bush admin considering we immediately attacked Iraq and continue to be in this senseless war for almost 10 years now. Whomever controls the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran) will be King of the World as He will control oil. Also, check FBI's Most Wanted list. Osama is NOT wanted for 9/11;just a fun fact for the day.
    Considering WTC7 has provided you with a lot of pertinent details on why 9/11 WAS an Inside job, I find it unnecessary to reiterate.
    glad to see that there are still people who ask questions.

  20. Randy


    I am a wierd one, you say?

    You have no idea... darling...

  21. hawkpork

    "racism, sexism are bad ideas". yeh.. well so is eating peoples brains and hacking people up for fun.
    "i'm just sayin'"'re a weird one :)

  22. Randy


    As far as employment opportunities, well, I have run my own business for the past 12 years, so I need no emplyment, right now.

    But, I may hire YOU, if you are good with relational databases and analytical maths...

    I'm just sayin'

  23. Randy

    Vlatko has an enormous brain, so I love him...

    When he writes something, I smack my lips...

    He probably does not appreciate that statement.

    Sorry, Vlatko... you know your Uncle Randy loves you...

    Let me give you a hug... come here...

  24. Daveandconfused

    As far as that being over the top, that part is up to Vlatko

  25. Daveandconfused

    Well, I tend to think this whole documentary really warns of things to come if we don't look into other sources of information than mainstream media. Things to come seem to remind me more of a red representing the red of communism, socialism and fascism. That's just my opinion mind you. But if these world leaders do have their way, I'm sure there will be plenty of people getting torn up. You'll have plenty of employment opportunity. lol

  26. Randy


    I toally get what you are saying, with the politics? But you understand that I was talking about blood, right?

    I mean, one of the reasons that I went to medical school was so that I could cut up human bodies legally...

    If it weren't for my wife, I would be tearing human beings up like paper...

    Sorry, that was extreme! Was that over the top? I can't tell anymore...

  27. Daveandconfused

    It sure is where I live. lol

  28. Randy

    No, Daveandconfused, you are right... it is not black and white...

    Everything is RED!


  29. Daveandconfused

    um... and sometimes smart people close their eyes to real information. Everything is not so black and white my friend.

  30. Randy

    I know exactly how controlled PBS is and the entire history of the Ford legacy...

    Sometimes it is Gentiles, sometimes it is Jews, sometimes it is Asians, sometimes it is Mediteraineans (sp?), sometimes it is Polynesians, (the largest Empire in the History of the WORLD), sometimes it is French...

    Etc. and Etc.... so on and for ever until we all die off.

    There are people that have bad ideas. Religion is a bad idea. Racism, sexism... these are bad ideas.

    We must reject them, destroy them.

    Or, you can all be eaten by Uncle Randy! I love all of your tender fleshes...

  31. Daveandconfused


    Look up the Ford Foundation that pay for much of PBS's programing. You might be shocked to find out how controlled PBS is.

  32. sphere


  33. sphere

    The fact that so many facts are presented by those of us thinking logically and using "Common Sense" which are not refuted speaks volumes.

    Sometimes I think a small group of people are behind it, all using similar phrases like common sense or just attacking (or focusing on intellect) as a distraction. Maybe we should be careful not to freely give any info personal or otherwise in regards to our persons.

    Before you know it all the lies will be revealed, it could happen, .....right? Well if it ever does just watch, all the jerks with their elevated intellect and advanced ability to use common sense will then say that is they had not exercised blind contrarianism then we never would have gathered all our facts so tightly and organized our thoughts in an effort to see TRUTH!

    Evil works in mysterious ways

  34. WTC7

    Hi Randy,

    Apologies for a delayed reply, but I'm not much on the internet lately.

    But it's also that I know when to stop a futile conversation (I am answering to you now only because I respect you and would not leave you without a reply).

    You see, when I point out to an intelligent person a skyscraper that burned for 20 straight hours in an inferno and still remained structurally solid after that (meaning, it did not collapse), I assume that such a fact would be taken into consideration. I assume that this intelligent person would check this fact by themselves and compare it to the situation at hand. I would also think that this intelligent person would notice that the fire that burned for a tiny fraction of 20 hours in the Twin Towers was mainly oxygen starved (obvious by the dark smoke coming out of the towers) and, hence, not hot enough, and/or not burning long enough, to melt the network of steel columns of a giant building to the point of collapse - all of them at once so that the buildings could collapse straight down as they did.

    Since the fire was oxygen starved for the best part of the time before the collapse of the towers, and that can be seen on any video of the event, what kind of relevance would the information on the fuel type have in the whole story?

    A. Wright talks about the witnesses of the Pentagon crash and takes them as a valid evidence. I mention to him the witnesses of the explosions before the towers' collapsed and he never comes back to the discussion.

    Those not convinced by the official story ask about the WTC7 collapse and the fact that it was not mentioned, let alone explained, in the official report, although IT COLLAPSED TOO and IT WAS NEVER HIT BY THE PLANE, but nobody answers to that question either. Everything is due to the fire? Well, remember the skyscraper in Madrid at this point...

    We ask for the videos of the Pentagon crash (at least tens of video cameras in the surroundings) and we are presented with one where one can hardly see anything, while at the same time we know that the other recordings of the event were confiscated.

    We ask for the debris of the plane that hit the Pentagon and the one that crashed in Shanksville and we are told they evaporated due to high temperatures! Well, I've seen remains of (jet) planes that crashed, we all did... Who takes me for a cretin here, please?

    Do you want to tell me that you believe that a single passport of a supposed terrorist fell off the sealed plane that crashed into one of the towers? In all that mayhem survived conveniently to point to one of the perpetrators? Is this an insult to your intelligence or not? It is to mine.

  35. Randy

    Thanks, Raider75!

    So rockets use NO form of refined petroleum for fuel?

    Lord knows I washed med-school because of chem, but, I could swear that when you move the hydrogen molecules...

    But! You know best!

  36. Raider75

    Randy, having been trained in hazmat to haul jet fuel, I have to tell you that you could not be more wrong about the properties of JP ( jet propellant), it is nothing more than slightly more refined kerosene that has a max burning temp of between 1400 deg F and 1800 deg F, depending on the grade, with military grades burning slightly hotter than that in commercial jets. Do Some Research; and by the way, rockets use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, not any form of petroleum based fuel, that statement just makes you look stupid.

  37. Rooh

    warriors dont wear medals, just scars!

  38. Randy


    Finally, I was able to read your response! Thank you, for you kind words. We do disagree on a lot of things, but, I can smell intelligence from you from all the way over here!

    (That sounded a bit more obsene than I really wanted it to, sorry...)

    Well, again, as I posted above, I realize that prop planes and blimps and things hit skyscapers all day long, lol, but the difference is JET fuel as opposed to normal petrol or diesel fuel.

    Jet fuel is one tiny distillation process away from Rocket Fuel, the stuff that puts heavy things into space.

    However, I will give you the point that the buildings WERE designed with jets crashing into them in mind. I remember hearing one of the designers saying differently in an interview, but as I am old I cannot remember his name, SO, I will give you that!

    Still, it hadn't ever been tested in the real world, had it? I mean, again, until it happened, nobody could really predict what WOULD have happened with such a collision. Until that tragic day...

    About my PBS point: well, ok, you believe in a conspiracy with colluding factions, etc... ala "X-Files" or something, I get that.

    I certainly think that most of the people in the world are much too unintelligent to be so forward thinking... most men can't get their heads out of their pants, let alone devise world conquest efficiently... I guess you have more faith in humanity than I.

    But, I do work with the Republican party (Hey, they're just a client... and they pay well... I don;t have to agree with them...) and I know that they HATE PBS as a waste of tax money. They hate National Geographic 'cuz the Republicans "don't like no book learnin'!"

    And the feeling is mutual, I know because I have worked with PBS before on fund raisers, (I miss THAT time), and if PBS and NG COULD have pinned it on Bush, they would have nailed it to his forehead, but, they couldn't.

    And listen, I HATED Bush/Cheney like the Black Plague! I was ready to believe they were in on it, back when the Truthers first started. I WANTED to believe!

    But, I looked at the evidence and weighed the logic of it critically, and I had to change my mind.

    Do you know what I call people who WANT to believe? Willing victims.

  39. WTC7

    I really don't understand why are my comments lately waiting so long for moderation? Don't think there is anything even closely insulting in them.... :-(

  40. Randy

    Oh, and hawkpork,

    The Towers WERE designed to survive the impact of a helicopter, or commuter plane, sure. In fact, a few years before the 9/11 attack, a little Cesna-type deally crashed into one of the Towers and the Tower fared well (even as the people did not)... no JET fuel, see?

    But, there is a huge difference between those vehicles and the jets that crashed that day. And that is my point.

    Those kind of jets, were never considered. Think about where Laguardia airport is in relation to the Trade Center...

    1. Jeremy

      Actually, the engineer's that designed the building, are on several FILMS stating that they designed the buildings to handle SEVERAL impacts from 747. Nice try tho.

    2. pappa_aksie

      MMnn those engineers must have been able to see the future because the Boeing 747 was not even flight tested yet when the wtc was being designed. Lawyered r*tard

    3. Malfunction Junction

      thats they're job design for the future....yet another blind sheep who is in denial...wake up little man, we're in for a butt load of trouble yet

    4. batvette

      It was a 707 they had in mind (smaller than the planes that hit) and the scenario considered was a modern version of the B-25 incident at the Empire State Building. A plane lost in fog, empty on fuel, looking for a place to land. So their projections figured it would be travelling at so called "loiter speed" just above stall, and did not further consider the effect of many thousands of pounds of jet fuel either as mass in kinetic energy or in igniting whole floors' worth of building contents instantly or the fires going unfought.
      Just the difference in kinetic energy in the real event and the projected one is enormous considering kinetic energy increases are not at all linear. Twice the mass x 3-4 times the speed? Please.
      Just by citing this it shows you're grasping at straws.... that aren't even real.

    5. Adam Bielby

      The jet fuel had NOTHING to do with the collapse, you see it explode as the plane hits, it was burned up within a few seconds, listen to the radio recording of the first responding fire fighters, they say a few small isolated fires, they should have it knocked down in a few minutes with 2 lines. As a firefighter, ill tell you, 2 lines is less than we would use in a domestic house fire, and aside from that, by the amount of smoke, it was not a hot burn, would have been no more than 1000 - 1200 degrees, structural steel melts at 2800 degrees, at most the steel would have warped slightly, but if it was going to 'collapse' from the damage of the impact, it would have done so much sooner, almost straight away. You are blind, and need to wake up and realize that there is more to the story than we are being told.

  41. Randy

    The people in FEMA couldn't find their butts if they had bells on them... in fact, President Bush couldn't find his butt if it had a bell on it...

    In fact, most of the people in government and all those you think are in charge (military, law enforcement) are so brain-dead they would screw up a cup of coffee, let alone some False Flag operation...

    (Notice I said MOST, not all... I've known many super-intellects in law enforcement and the military, but they suffer because they are surrounded by baboons...)

    Life is not TV or movies. Life is this:

    Most Americans are C- students. Therefore, most of those poeple you think are protecting you are C- students. That means, you and I are not safe.

    There are very few geniuses and they stay away from the C- students. They have nothing to say to them. The C- students wouldn't understand them, anyway.

    The geniuses stay quiet and study and make their money and support their families and do not look for fame and fortune in this vapid world.

    You suffer from the illusion of "hyper-competancy". You think it HAD to be a cover-up because there is no way that all these people could let some arabs successfully attack us.

    Well, they did. Scary, huh? Well, not for me... maybe for you...

    There are so many bad-brains in governemnt/wall street that I am surprised we are still standing at all, frankly.

    1. Kyle Jackson


      I have spent the past 17 years in either the military or in law enforcement and might I say, sir, that I make one HELL of a cup of coffee.

  42. hawkpork

    the towers were built to withstand a passenger jet flying into them. admittedly a smaller one, but one with a higher maximum kinetic energy.
    i think larry's statement was a deliberately ambiguous psy-op. meant to spread discord in the truth movement. i realize this means he had some level of complicity, although his knowledge would be compartmentalized i'd imagine.
    "asleep at the switch"?.. they were off playing 5 different war games and completely failed to respond. BS!.
    and wasn't FEMA on the spot (wtc) that day doing a drill for the exact event that happened? talk about sus'..

  43. WTC7


    The same on my part, I have a lot of respect for you regardless of the fact that our opinions often differ, not just in this case.

    Contrary to what you have heard, the WTC buildings were specifically designed to withstand a jetliner hit, among many other things. More specifically, they were designed to withstand the impact of a Boing 707 and DC 8 (since they were built in the 60s). Though slightly smaller than the 767-200, which were used on 9/11, they still would have very similar consequences. For example, the maximum fuel capacity of the B707 is 23k gallons, the one of the B767-200 is 24k gallons (it should be very easy to find other parameters of both on the internet).

    Secondly, this was not the first time in history that a plane hit a skyscraper. In 1945 a B 25 bomber hit into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. Fire, inferno, but the building didn't collapse...

    I wouldn't want to get into a debate about media, but will just say that liberal does not, under any circumstances, mean independent. The intricate web of who influences whom and who decides what is published and what not is a subject that would require a separate thread.

    On the other hand, no country in the Middle East is an irrelevant target - the region as a whole has been of strategic importance for the US forever... But finding a reason good enough to attack is something else, especially when the story of the WMDs in Iraq was not going that well for the US policy planners...

    Still friends? Always! 'Cause I like you too! :-)

  44. Randy


    I like you and respect you but we certainly disagree on this issue.

    Those other buildings were not set on fire with jet fuel as an excellerant. It didn't have to melt the girders, just weaken them, and it has been shown that a jet fuel fire could do that.

    The fact is, the 9/11 attack was unique in the history of skyscrapers in many ways. It certainly was never designed to withstand the impact of a massive passenger jet.

    The long and thorough, in my opinion, investigation of the collapse has answered the questions adequately.

    One of the investigations was carried out by National Geographic! Unless you think PBS, America's most liberal TV source, is somehow in league with Bush/Cheney, then...

    Larry has said repeatedly, and I believe him, that when he said "pull it" he meant pull the building rescue operation, NOT the building. He said there had been enough lives lost by the NYPD fire dept. The building was abandoned to its fate... and it collapsed, into the subway below...

    Again I say, there was nothing "in it" for Bush/Cheney for it be an inside job. Did Bush take the opportunity to attack an irrelevant target? Sure.

    Was there MASSIVE incompetance all around? Yes, ma'am!

    The Pentagon getting hit by a passenger plane flown by some poor Saudi gang members? That was a HUGE black eye and an embarassment for the American military... they would NOT have let that happen if they weren't asleep at the switch... (in fact, it was a DESERVED black-eye!).

    You should have heard some of my Russian friends... "These are the guys that beat us in the Cold War?"

    Anyways... still friends?

    1. tesg

      Of course they were asleep at the switch, nothing like this had ever happened here before. Deserved?? Nobody deserves that..

  45. WTC7

    Doug, Sir,

    For someone who accuses the truth tellers for madness, you sound quite mad about this yourself. Regardless, you have made a serious effort and were polite enough to answer to my query, so for that reason alone you deserve a reply.

    But just before I start, I'd like to emphasize that I couldn't care less if no one would want to employ me in the States, as I live in a country far away and don't plan moving to the US. Furthermore, where I live, people don't care whatsoever about what happened on 9/11, so they surely won't find my opinion about it of any relevance for my employment (should I ever need one, of course:-) ).

    Larry Silverstein argument does not favor your line of thinking. Good Larry stated that, after the fire has been burning for so long in WTC7 & supposedly had brought the building beyond saving, that it was the best for it to be "pulled". Indeed, it then came down in a controlled demolition manner shortly after, although the details of that whole story are not very clear.

    But in order to bring down a building that size in a controlled way takes weeks of preparation. I wonder you haven't crossed that information in the meticulous research you did on the issue?? Nevertheless, it was done in a matter of hours in this case, with all the fires burning inside? Or was it that all the preparatory work had been already done in advance? Whether you believe or not the statements of witnesses who heard explosions inside it even before it was damaged by the debris falling from the twin towers, you should still be able to understand that there is something wrong with the WTC7 story.

    Besides, why did the official 9/11 report omit to explain its fall? It was part of the whole tragedy, not a separate and irrelevant incident! And it would have been an excellent opportunity to present the "giant gouge" problem that bad, bad "truthers" never mention. Well, obviously, that giant gauge was not gigantic enough for the official commission to mention it either.

    You probably know whose offices the WTC7 housed and how many important files went into ashes with it, so I won't be spending much time on it. It is certainly of no harm to just keep that information in mind.

    NIST report, however, provides an explanation for WTC 7:

    "Heating of floor beams and girders caused a critical support column to fail, initiating a fire-induced progressive collapse that brought the building down."

    Fair enough, but I can only conclude that these buildings were really so fragile, I wonder they stood that long in the first place. The skyscraper in Madrid, Spain, in 2005, burned for 20 straight hours in an inferno, the whole building was ablaze, and when finally the fire was extinguished the scraper was still standing there. These Spaniards really know how to build, huh?

    Only three concrete/steel buildings in history collapsed due to fire, and they all collapsed in one place and in one day - in NY on September 11, 2001. Perhaps from now on you better pay Spaniard to do the construction job for you guys?

  46. Doug

    WTC 7, a very large amount of the supposed evidence of this being something suspicious and there having been controlled demolitions is based on the time the buildings took to fall. Well, if this is an important part of the evidence of there having been a conspiracy, you just lost your case. If someone watches the videos and uses a stopwatch they will see that the truth is that the buildings, in fact, did not fall at free fall speed. Free fall speed for towers 1 and 2 calculates to just over 9 seconds, tower 1 fell in just over 15 seconds and tower 2 fell in just over 22 seconds, no counting that it's inner core stood even quite a bit longer. Why would anyone seeking the truth about what happened that day obsessively lie about this part of the event, why? Another fact, the section of the penthouse on top of WTC 7 falls in around 7 seconds before the rest of the building begins to collapse, which takes 9 or so seconds longer. Free fall for this building would have been around 6 seconds, said to be even less by some "truthers." To say it fell at free fall speed is a bold face lie and if those "truthers" saying it don't realize they are wrong or lying, why would anyone with any common sense listen to any other thing they claim.

    If you get caught lying in a court case, the judge will dismiss your credibility instantly. If it is a small lie you might still have a chance with the judge trusting your word. This is no such small lie. This is a lie that destroys "truther's" credibility faster than WTC was destroyed, and much more completely. If, by chance, it is not a purposeful lie, it portrays the "truthers" as totally lacking in ability of accurate observation. Either way, this claim about the time of the buildings falling, not being true, and in WTC 7, being way off, it basically destroys "truther's" case, completely. When "truthers" say they watch other videos of demolitions and they are the same and show this to be controlled demolition, they must have no audio turned on. If you need me to explain that, you are not using common sense. Move on, get a life, do something real and constructive. If someone knew who you were, and later, you ever have some actual crime to prove, why would they listen to you? Crying wolf, you are.

    There is more evidence available that shows the deceitfulness of the "truthers" than there is of any other group involved in this whole event. The collapse timing is just the one instance I find to be the most obvious, well, that and the ommission of other videos showing the other side of WTC 7, omitted from views shown in ALL the "truther" videos.

    The whole "truther" thing is just a big joke, in my opinion and in the opinion of many of my co-workers, friends and family, etc. The only motive I can imagine is that it is somehow a money maker for the main "truthers." Maybe you should share your true sir names, in fairness to anyone that might ever consider employing you, or in any way trust you. ROFLMAO

  47. Doug

    WTC 7, I will start leaving off the claims that someone is stupid or whatever, but, I will just say that people are not using common sense when they say there were explosives placed in buildings, in a way that no one working there would have noticed. Someone is not using common sense if they watch the "truther" videos and don't look for other videos of the fires and collapse of WTC 7. There are videos, even those used by "truthers" that show a ton of smoke comming from the building all during the day before collapse. There are videos that show a giant gouge in the side of WTC 7 that are NEVER shown by "truthers." This is not just some innocent ommition, common sense and not getting past those applying it. Some are not using common sense when they ignore some words stated by Larry Silverstein, but, want to use the other words in the same statement, or they are just being disinginuous. I think that is the biggest part of this, the purposeful deceitul presentation of the available evidence along with ommission of much evidence. He said the FDNY commander told him that the fires were out of control. Then Larry Silverstein says that to save further loss of life they decided to pull it, something like that. Well, these same "truthers" then go on to say that the fires were insignificantly small and confined. But, they still want to use words about him saying to pull it. It is all or nothing, either that recorded statement by Larry Silverstein means something, all of it, or none of it means anything. To choose to mention part of it and ignore the rest won't be allowed by anyone using common sense. I could go on and on and on. There were no signs of exploses or the apparatus used in demolition, etc, etc, etc.. Use some common sense. I just wonder why all the brains of so many people are in park. Do they just need something to be mad about. Our gov't has done many REAL things to be mad about. Let this fantasy go and deal with REAL things. For all we know the gov't is loving all the wasted energy and time this Red Herring is consuming. The truth is there for all to see, but, many have eyes closed and mouths just flapping away.

  48. Randy

    I used to believe this stuff, until it was step by step explained to me with science that I knew, and I saw that the Truthers were wrong.

    But, discounting all of the scientific evidence, I have several HUGE logic problems believing this.

    Why would Pres. Bush, (creation and puppet for Banks and Mega-Corps) shoot himself in the pocket? Why would the Banks and Mega-Corps?

    You realize we never REALLY recovered from the financial impact 9/11 had on American and world markets? There was a band-aid, sure, in the form of un-ending credit lines... but when those lines collapsed... well... here we are now, mired in a global recession...

    The Towers were financial institutions. Don't you remember the scrambling that the banks had to go through to try and recover their files? Do you know they are still trying?

    Do you know that a large percentage of ID theft comes from armored trucks carrying old mag-tapes from warehouses to data-centers all over the country... those trucks getting jacked by the mob, or losing their payloads in accidents? I read about it in the paper all the time... it's no secret.

    Those are financial records, lost in the attack, desperately trying to be recovered. Do you know how much money they lost, just in that process alone?

    If Pres. Bush had something to do with it, and the Banks got wind of it, (and they would), then they would figure out a way to make it legal to excecute him on national TV...

    I'm just sayin'

  49. hawkpork

    who are you quoting?

    your post is nothing but an incredulous, blatant appeal to ridicule.

  50. WTC7

    @ Doug,

    Care to explain why exactly is this so impossible? Please, help me there, 'cause I'm too s****d to understand that I'm s****d without a few words of clarification from your side... :). I will have to remember your skill to evade providing some argument though - you simply state that nobody with a bit of brain would even debate it.... oh, that's so simply brilliant! You are my idol!

  51. Doug

    There could be something to our gov't not trying to prevent the attack, but, THERE IS NOTHING BUT STUPIDITY that would lead one to believe the buildings had explosives set. There is no debate on this that includes any intelligent folks. Only lunatics consider that buildings were helped to collapse. Alex is a fat assed i@#$%.

  52. ryan g

    just like the J.F.K files.... the american public will never know what happened. 2028 is the year that info is supposed to be released. I can only assume that this info will be available to the public in 2085... by then it won't matter anymore. America need to step up and revolt if needed! it should have been done with the kennedy killing's (the brothers). the magic bullet theory...

    The international experts are probably on bush's payroll!!!

  53. Milton Babb

    Beam me up Scotty, no intelligent life here.

  54. Mokstar

    Q: "did the four wargames going on on september 11th impair our ability to response?"

    A: "actually it enhanced the response."

    if it enhanced their ability to respond, then what would have happened if they didn't have an enhancement? total global destruction?

  55. Solomon S. Buyco

    all I can say of what is going on in America is to ask all of you to watch the Double Jeopardy Show.... In either way, with the show, you'll learn but with the news of the foregoing like 9/11... you lose!

    So, God bless!

  56. William MacDonald Gibb

    Cynthia go girl!! Ron Paul also warned Americans but on deaf ears..We the World require a Full investigation by international experts to finally close this sad chapter of history.

  57. Muhammad Azeem Shaikh

    i really appreciated, but what will be the next target.....!

    1. towerinsurancescambigmoney

      thermite is the only compound im aware of that can create temps high enough to melt steel. do you know of another? i dont think kerosine can do it. also how could the towers fall from top to bottom with zero resistence from the .... rest of the tower... it basically accelerated as it fell.. how does the top of a tower fall in on itself faster and faster and faster, do you idiots even know what resistance is.... RESISTANCE ... its a real thing... look it up