The Fluoride Deception

The Fluoride Deception

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The Fluoride DeceptionHailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems.

Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country.

While the benefits of fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, accumulating evidence points to a frightening prospect: that fluoride may have serious adverse health effects, including infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ.

Now a new book, titled "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride's safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. He says fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government spin. (Excerpt from

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  1. Tom

    More proof of the dumbing down of the population and what is the result? Libtards!

  2. Marley

    "Twenty-three percent of persons aged 6-49 had dental fluorosis in 1999-2004."

    My question is how were other parts of their bodies--brain, bones, etc.--affected.

  3. VoxFox

    How is it that almost all dentists deny this danger?
    What do they have to gain by pushing fluoride?

    1. Thomas

      They don't have a job if there are no teeth to fix

    2. Seabreezes1

      ADA is supported by toothpaste manufactures and demands unity on policy. Plus, dental research grants are also funded by toothpaste manufacturers. Dentists are not experts in immunology, kidney disease, allergies, environmental science or thyroid. GOOGLE. Dr William Marcus and Phyllis Mullenix. Check out the YouTube, Poisoned Horses....

    3. Ricardo

      Simple... billions in profits fixing their damage to teeth and neurology. Fluoride is a Nuero toxin....

  4. Daryl Parsons

    fluoride is a poisonous toxin waste from Smelting Aluminium, I stopped using Toothpaste, I mix Coconut oil Epsom Salts, and Baking Soda, The Magnesium in Epsom salts has stopped all the chest pains from my heart, My teeth and gums are 100% better. Also Baking soda for Underarm deodorant in my socks, Fact every Breast that comes off is full of aluminium.

    1. harlette rider

      what about drinking water?? is there a brand of bottled water w/out it ?

  5. Michael Pelensky

    Hi I am looking to start de-calcifying my pineal gland, mainly through vitamin's and by changing eating/drinking habits. The quest started today with the purchase of non-fluoride toothpaste and RO water. I was wondering if someone as experienced as you could help me with any tips, as info is hard to find. If its not too much of a bother my email (sorry no email addys or other such personal info allowed...Moderator),

    1. Kendal

      I bought a distiller last night, because it removes all Fluoride...I am trying this too! You should look into a shower filter as well. Maybe, you should try juicing to clean your system?

  6. Csalteeeeee

    WE had natural flouride in the well water at our house. Both of my children had not one cavity. They are 40 now and fine. 2 children each, no problems. So I don't know what the fuss is about.

    1. Patrick Bosley Poppadoppalis

      natural fluoride from a well and pharmaceutical grade fluoride that is added to water, and that the dosage cant be controlled is completely different

    2. Jeremy Hughes

      says the guy who clearly has no grasp on physiology or chemistry.

    3. killyourself

      Obviously more of a grasp than you can comprehend, calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride are two different things, one of which is made from METAL WASTE MATERIALS and a well known toxin.
      S*it my 3 year old could probably tell you that.

    4. VoxFox

      It's the fluorine atom that is the problem, so the salt it comes from (sodium or calcium) is irrelevant. Don't deceive yourself with phony science.

    5. Gary Wilson

      actually, isn't it the fluoride ION that's the problem?

      teehee, had to be annoying.

      also, sodium fluoride (the artificial waste product) is a wee bit more soluble than calcium fluoride. by a factor of about 2600. so... voxfox is wrong!

      now in 5 months, I hope someone with an even greater grasp of chemistry wipes the floor with my comment.

    6. nyscof

      My grandfather smoked for 60 years and died in his nineties from a non-smoking related cause. That doesn't mean that smoking doesn't cause cancer and other adverse health effects. Different people react differently to different substances. Fluoride is a drug that should never be administered to an entire population and dosed on thirst and not age, health, weight or need.

    7. Maria

      There is a HUGE difference between natural calcium fluoride that comes from something God made and from a chemical that man has made do you not get that this fluoride that is put in the Water Supplies is a waste that companies get paid to dispose of? Years ago they used to have to pay to dispose of it; now they just put it in the public water supply how convenient and disgusting. I've known about this for a long time, this is one of the best books ever written. Bought the book years ago.

  7. 911Hawaii911

    From what I could find.... (when I was a researching Mother of 2 sons)
    The original Flouride study neglected to report that BOTH the 'flouride group' AND the 'control group' had 40% less dental carries. No difference due to the flouride.. perhaps a better diet helped? After the 'sell out' introduction into our drinking water began (yikes) It has been shown to cause brittle bones and several other health issues. Thank God they do NOT add it to the water on Maui or in Hawaii.
    Isn't it interesting the # of people on Bone density medication... and all the osteoporosis, diabetes, heart stuff.... I never allowed my children to use or swallow anything w/ flouride. We used and still use a Propolis Toothpaste which is fabulous!!
    Also... What about those "SILVER" fillings??? That's NOT 'silver' it an amalgam that contains Mercury.... I had a toxic overload of this heavy metal that had to be chelated out of my system after the careful removal of these poison fillings. AND STILL the Dental Insurance doesn't want to pay for composite fillings for me or my sons... I would NEVER put that in my mouth again AND my children NEVER had those.
    We must educate our selves and each other....
    Aloha and Mahalo for sharing

  8. oddsrhuge

    Calgary, Canada, has finally stopped paying (I believe it was $1M per year) to fluoridate it's water supply. I can now drink my tap water.....

    This is not the best documentary about "What fluoride really is..."

    The fact that it is an industrial waste that has killed cattle, should be enough to make people stop buying into the Dental health BS.

  9. Lynne Gordon

    I stopped drinking fluoridated water 8 years ago. I stopped using toothpaste and mouthwash 3 years ago. And I stopped using deodorant and antiperspirants 5 years ago.

    Now before you think I'm some stinky geriatric running around the city, I use baking soda and h2O2. Specifically I use 35% Food Grade H2O2 mixed with baking soda to brush m teeth and on my underarms.

    In the last few years, I have become aware that I have a pineal gland. My third eye has opened and I am just so sorry I waited so long to do it.

    I wish this information had been around when I was younger.

    But even with all that, I am enjoying my golden years in a most remarkable way. Because I also follow an oral H2O2 program, I no longer have any arthritis pain, no more diabetes (and no more Avandia, thank goodness), and no more high blood pressure.

    I would never have thought I would be this healthy at this stage in my life. But I am and I am exceedingly grateful.

    It's true what they say, "When you have your health, you have everything"!

    1. Brian Snelgrove

      Due to your example I've decided to stop taking toothpaste and mouthwash. I never thought that mouthwash was dangerous. Thanks for having the courage to speak up.

    2. gonzo

      all in your head

    3. Jeremy Hughes

      Stopped reading @ "I discovered my pineal gland" Pseudoscience garbage is all this woman is posting, I can't even count the number of studies done by REAL organisations, universities, private companies, and health groups in other countries that DIRECTLY CONTRADICT everything she is spewing. Want to know why Fluoride is safe? Just ask a chemist, and get a real answer, not pseudo bs nonsense.

    4. Truth behind the lies

      Ok Guest put your money where your mouth is name 10 of these organisations, universities and health groups? All she is spewing is that she feels healthier and better with less sickness in her life, and of course its all in her head that's where your brain is. I looked after a elderly lady who had never been to the denist in her life and had every single tooth including her wisdom teeth with not one case of decay or fillings and guess what she only brushed her teeth with baking soda and never used toothpaste ( not by choice but because she was poor) And why shouldn't people do their own experiments and research instead of listening to people they don't know? Im guessing some chemist told you this or you are a chemist but guess what chemist don't do experiments they are just taught the government cirriculum. So stop BAR BAR BARING AT US LITTLE SHEEP JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE ESCAPED OUTSIDE THE FENCE!!!!!!!!!

    5. Bongstar420

      The placebo effect is strong in the vast majority of the population though that is not to she did not benefit by reducing (she surely did not eliminate it) Fluoride intake. I think the antiperspirant is the only real beneficial action she took but for Aluminum (the form is important) rather than Fluoride (avoiding Fluoride provides no measurable benefit unless you are consuming over 5mg bioavailable F per day total).

      FYI, I dont use anything for BO and rarely even wash my underarms. Bacteria do the job, and I never get much more than a mild musk after days of working and not washing in the heat. Though it should be noted that your genetic composition determines the microbial communities that live on you, and I apparently an predisposed to low odor and my ethnicity shows the same predisposition.

      The persons age and later health is also genetically mediated. A large fraction of the population will not be mobile or mentally sharp at 80 no matter what they do. My gf is 80 and believes the same thing (she is also a retired graduate level medical professional).

      Oh and for the Pineal gland club. A properly functioning Pineal gland should not produce any hallucinations (pharmacologically active levels of tryptamines or other undefined compounds exerting similar effects). I would think high Fluoride would "open" it up (I.E. give you spiritual experiences...ehem, hallucinations). Think about it. India is where the concept is from and Fluoride is super high in most of the region. Some starving swami (fasting is a common spiritual technique) drinking normal water in India would have a super high level of endogenous Fluoride. Their Pineal glands would have Fluoroapatite crystals in it as a consequence of drinking water and caloric restriction.

      Pure Oxygen will kill all aerobic organisms though they cannot survive with out it!

    6. Garrett Smith

      Wow are you s*upid. Good luck with all that. LMAO!

    7. jackmax

      Maaaaaaaate, Do you realise how childish you appear with your statement you have made. Your commenting on a post that is six months old and to a poster that is no longer a member of this site. If you would like to have a serious debate on the subject material of this documentary, please I'll do my best to express my opinion honestly, however if your just here to write st*pid little comments do us all a favour, and crawl back under the rock you came...

    8. johnny smith

      How is it pseudoscience? The pineal gland is a vital organ in the brain that most people don't get a chance to experience because of the fluoridation of tap water by the dumb government. Research the pineal gland and see what it can do. The Pineal gland and the way it works is a 100% natural process our body was obviously made to do.

    9. Praveen Vanamali

      hi, this Praveen from India i am very thank full to your info..

    10. tostrivetoseek

      Hi! can you tell me how you stopped drinking fluoridated water? Do you use reverse osmosis system?

    11. VoxFox

      It is almost impossible to find a regular toothpaste free from fluoride. Worse, they do not include strontium, which is a key ingredient in making new teeth cells.

  10. 1Jeti

    More and more things point 2 Bad leadership.?? could they all be wrong?
    What r the odds of that?

  11. Miss Meow !

    Not to mention the mind control behind the Fluoride Conspiracy. Look up the effects of fluoride on the pineal gland specifically... IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE !

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      LMAO more Pineal gland nonsense, keep trying sweet heart, while the rest of us relax under the umbrella of knowledge, you scurry around bouncing from theme to theme making it up as you go... Really quite sad indeed. (Pineal Gland third eye BS is pseudoscience for those that are not in the know)



    3. Jeremy Hughes

      and... DMT is well explained. What you got? : )


      is it now? just thinking about the relationship btwn pineal gland and this other documentary i saw regarding ancient Egyptian structures, one in particular that is a representation of the human body (with special attention to the pineal gland of course). "Magical Egypt" i believe or was it "revelation of the pyramids" ?

      also read some stuff about DMT, that it probably gets mass released before you die, is what makes you dream, everyone naturally makes it, possibly created/stored in pineal etc. there are docs on TDF about it as well.

      so, why the pineal gland and why DMT? third eye and all that bullshit, no thank you, until i experimented. the experience was unlike anything i could have imagined (as cliche as it sounds, they are the truest words). the patterns, the feeling, the organic, almost "growing" visions, the sound frequencies, everything, and right after you are back to normal. literally, back to normal. it is far out.

      i was left with the feeling similar to coming back home after a week of relaxing in cuba. and that changed my view, b/c i realized how little we actually do know, how life is not always what it seems and there is more that needs to be learned. the visuals alone would rock your world. i was surprised that all this was happening in my brain. it is just so damn profound/ unreal. after i thought, i never knew that was in me! then i thought, or did i go into something? i don't know! and that is awesome in itself.

      in conclusion, if you are not sure about something, holding off on laughing and a condescending reply (at least until you find out what you are curious about) will do no harm.
      in the end, i could either trust you and what you've been told (which is what i've been told as well) or i could reflect and find out more through personal experience/discovery.
      as it stands, the topic is still up for debate, in my humble opinion.


  12. xan

    @Justin D: Free fluorine spontaneously combines with water vapors in the atmosphere and forms hydrogen fluoride, which IS a fluorine gas. Hydrogen fluoride can also be obtained from various fluorine compounds if treated with acids.

    Sodium fluorsilicate is used as rat poison, and sodium fluoride is used as insecticide. So there you have unsafe known substances.

    But who the heck cares about chemistry right?

  13. stacy

    fluoride is rat poison; see for yourself on any rat poison box! don't swallow your toothpaste

    1. Lynne Gordon

      It doesn't matter if you swallow your toothpaste or not. After years of use, your mouth tissues will absorb enough to cause some slight brain damage because chronic exposure to sodium fluoride will eventually permeate the blood/brain barrier.

      It only takes 100ppm of fluoride to affect your attention span and most toothpastes have 1000ppm-1500ppm.

      All toxic substances are graded according to their toxicity and fluoride is right between lead and arsenic

      We have not been told this information because it is all about profits.

      What they also aren't telling us is that fluoride has been found in: Minute Maid orange Juice 1.22ppm
      Snapple 29ppm
      Dole Pineapple Juice 78ppm
      Lucerne 2% milk 72ppm
      CocaCola Classic 82ppm
      Hansens Soda 45ppm
      Capri Sun Juice .37ppm
      Gerber Strawberry Juice 1.80ppm
      Horizon Milk (organic) .22ppm
      Sunny Delight .31ppm
      Pepsi .37ppm
      Knudson Recharge .37ppm
      Gerber White Grape Juice 3.50ppm

      I have been studying this information for many years now and I have compiled a lot of data. The information is available is you search for it.

      I urge anyone who is concerned about their health to click on my name. I will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have in an effort to get the word out to as many people as possible.

    2. Lynne Gordon

      Oops sorry. My name on Twitter is now OxygenLynne if you have any questions for me.

    3. harlette rider

      i use hydrogen perioxide to brush my teeth. no gum diseases and whiter teeth.
      a dentist suggested it to me in the 80's.

  14. Charles B

    I didn't realize that Fluoride could be an air pollutant, let alone a deadly one. I can't believe they've been putting this poison into our water and everyone that speaks out against it is fired and dismissed. Perhaps this is why I had hyperactivity and learning problems when I was a child drinking that poison! That really makes me angry. You simple cannot trust the government. Period. This really made me mad and sad. I and others like my special intelligence-challenged older brother could have suffered extensive brain and neurolgical damage just from drinking the water!