The Fort Fisher Hermit

2009 ,    » 20 Comments

The Fort Fisher HermitRobert E. Harrill, The Fort Fisher Hermit, spent 17 years under the stars and scrub oaks of Fort Fisher, North Carolina.

Surviving off the land and the contributions from thousands of visitors, the Fort Fisher Hermit became one of the areas largest tourist attractions.

But Robert's new life wasn't as idyllic as he made it out to be, and his untimely death is marked by mystery and controversy.

This film examines the reasons that led him to become a hermit, his growing popularity, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death.

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  1. Earthwinger

    After watching this, I was reminded of something that Bill Hicks once said.

    "It's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that -- ever notice that? -- and we let the demons run amok"

  2. Guest
  3. Guest

    Lovely old boy, bless his rotten socks. Some wonderful photos to go with his story.

  4. Daniel
  5. Daniel

    "He wanted to find the true meaning of life." Well, I guess he found it. People are a-holes and not to be trusted.

  6. iesika
  7. iesika

    Is someone really a hermit if they get thousands of tourists visiting them?

  8. Guest
  9. Guest

    He did say he wasn't a hermit, that he liked people too much for that :)

  10. Justin Lesniewski
  11. Justin Lesniewski

    out of all those 1000's of visitors I bet it was rare that they ever did offer him a place to stay.... ! If It was me I would have invited him to my home for a day or so, every now and then. And then try and pick him for those secrets of philosophy he guarded in the wilderness. Perhaps if people hadn't bothered him so, he may have gotten around to writing a book...

  12. John Andrew Murray
  13. John Andrew Murray

    It's a testament to life's cruelty.
    Such a peaceful and kind old soul brutally cut down.
    It brought tears to my eyes.
    In the photos at the end you could really see what a beautiful spirit he had. RIP

  14. Wyatt Price
  15. Wyatt Price

    Hey, thats where i live! I've actually been there :D

  16. Imightberiding
  17. Imightberiding

    One of the few films/docs that the viewer will want to sit quietly in contemplation, watching until the end of the closing credits & postscript music. Well done Vlatko, thank you for this one.

  18. Cheyenne Williams
  19. Cheyenne Williams

    If you folks like this, check out Dick Proenneke, Alone in the Wilderness documentary it's grande

  20. buttons1994
  21. buttons1994

    Very sad story..I wish they could find his murderers.. I find comfort in knowing God knows who they are!!

  22. cdnski12
  23. cdnski12

    An American Yogi. Wonder where he defecated. Did he use TP?

  24. Assaf Koss
  25. Assaf Koss

    Wonderful story of an intriguing man. The ending is bitter, but at least he enjoyed so many years, and even met with his family again. It seems that most folk treated him well and kindly. We could all learn a lesson from his experiences, passions, and his unfortunate ending. He is not the only one to live free and get treated badly for that, do remember.

  26. Mary M
  27. Mary M

    God knows who murdered the poor ole guy and and they will pay for it !
    While the little ole guy is enjoying the afterlife , his attackers will spend time in hell.

  28. Margaret Fuller
  29. Margaret Fuller

    Actually, the mystery HAS been solved. The names of 5 suspects were given to the NC State Bureau of Investigation over 10 years ago. They refused to question the individuals because they were now "respected members of the (New Hanover) community". At least two were previously involved in law enforcement-does that surprise you?

  30. Margaret Fuller
  31. Margaret Fuller

    Actually, god and several more people know.

  32. Margaret Fuller
  33. Margaret Fuller

    Read the book "Adverse Possessions" by Michael Edwards. It's available on Amazon and Ebay,

  34. pwndecaf
  35. pwndecaf

    Sorry, no revenge after you are dead. It is a nice thought, I suppose, that both good and bad eventually get what they earned while alive, but I see no reason to believe it is so. You will likely have to do without karmic payback after this life.

  36. Michael Edwards
  37. Michael Edwards

    Check out the book by Michael Edwards, available on Amazon and eBay.

  38. Margaret Fuller
  39. Margaret Fuller

    Anywhere he wanted. No.

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