The Fundamentalists

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The FundamentalistsTo most people the word fundamentalism conjures up images of terrorism.

This documentary tells how this phenomenon, with its complex history, is rife in many of the world's religions and how its intention is to impose a single truth on a plural world.

Mark Dowd travels across the world to trace the origins of fundamentalism and find out how it developed into the global phenomenon it is today.

He discovers fundamentalists of all religious persuasions across the world – Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and, unexpectedly, Buddhists...

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  1. moriah

    Hey I love this site and I have not seen many of these documentaries before. I would like to request that someone try to find a religious documentary called "Banking on Heaven" It is about Mormon fundamentalists and a particular sect that still practice polygymy and a fear and hatred of outsiders. Please try to get that on this site I wold love to watch it. Thanks for all the great free vids again!!

  2. Solomon S. Buyco
  3. Solomon S. Buyco

    Reminds me of ethical fight of Martin Luther that gone wrong... Fundamentalist must be the result for such calamity, but as I see them, they are more of Conservationist. The Politicians are the Fundamentalist... to separate them with their oath.

  4. lolwut
  5. lolwut

    Disgusting. Fundamentalism is the willful suspension of your capacity for critical thought and the substitution of someone else's views for your own. People who submit themselves to this deserve whatever they get. They bring it upon themselves.

    If the Israelis and Palestinians don't care about their situation and have no desire to save themselves, then we certainly cannot save them. The ignorant will take care of each other and leave more room for the rest of us. Good riddance.

  6. Syly1212
  7. Syly1212

    Fundamentalists and Terrorists are 2 different things. But I assure you if Fundamentalist Christians ever gain control of this country, we will see the American version of the Taliban!

  8. Chuck Rogers
  9. Chuck Rogers

    Hi Vlatko. I was just wondering if you could possibly get a documentary called; "Just Melvin, Just Evil". It is actually done in my neighborhood here by HBO back in 1999 or 2000 I think. If you should find it and watch it, be ready for your hair to stand on end! This is a very real horror story of sexual abuse and incest that went on in the Just family. I've actually known one of the victims. I've written to the director who also is one of the victims, but haven't got anything back from him. This is very important to me as I was also a victim of this in my family and would like some others I know, effected by this horrible trauma, to be able to watch this one. Thank you so much for all of the work you've done here. You are truly an asset to humanity. I feel so in debt to you, Chuck

  10. Vlatko
  11. Vlatko

    OK @Chuck Rogers, I'll see what I can do. Thank you very much.

  12. Sieben Stern
  13. Sieben Stern

    who says we already haven't?
    killing abortion doctors, investigating miscarriages, legislating morality, taking money away from education, the 'them vs us' mentality, and turning the masses over to corporations.

    i think it is already here...

  14. Gary V
  15. Gary V

    Religious fundamentalism is by far the biggest threat to the progression of Humanity.

  16. dominickdurso
  17. dominickdurso

    A fundamentalist in this meaning has to do more with traditionalist, dogmatic, and deeply religious. All about fear, politics and power. Also devoid of any real creativity. The spirtuality, love and compassion are absent.

  18. loyell13
  19. loyell13's not.

  20. Tristan Rentz
  21. Tristan Rentz

    Dangerous, insane, and uninformed people! I'd like to see in my lifetime a world in which religion fades, and, despite my libertarianism, fundamentalism is globally banned.

  22. Mercenarry ForHire
  23. Mercenarry ForHire

    All Religions, Ideas and Sciences are in their most basic forms.

    Rock ,Paper, Scissors. Fools are those who are not willing to admit they might be wrong.

  24. Mlarson224
  25. Mlarson224

    Since when did this become a "private video"?

  26. flottehelle
  27. flottehelle

    Anyone one who know have I can get hold of this film?

  28. 9/11 Survivor
  29. 9/11 Survivor

    Yet another documentary making apologies and sympathizing with Muslim terrorists.

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