The Great Conspiracy

The Great Conspiracy

2005, 9/11  -   47 Comments
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The Great ConspiracyThe Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw is a 70-minute sequel to The Great Deception. That is a ground-breaking 44-minute video also by Barrie Zwicker. He was the first mainstream journalist in the world to go on air (in January 2002) and ask hard questions about the official story of 9/11. The Great Deception is a compilation of his series of seven commentaries on 9/11. In The Great Conspiracy, Zwicker updates and expands his critique.

He analyzes the use of fear to befuddle the public. He deconstructs the so-called "war on terrorism." He examines in depth the failure of the military on 9/11 and George Bush's highly inappropriate behaviour that day. He finds the 9/11 Commission to be a total cover-up operation. Throughout, he analyzes the role of the mainstream media as complicit in keeping the public massively misinformed and befuddled. And he suggests what we can do. Those who have seen both works find them complementary.

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  1. dmc

    As long as the 1% can keep the 99% from the truth, the 1% will stay in control. The truth is we are living under tha basic illusion we are separate from our true source of infinite power. We must transcend all attachmant and belief of separateness. As long as we feed the illusion, it will control our reality. peace

  2. David Dieni

    The first 5 minutes, and he has correctly called out the war on terror, very do this, or even understand why it needs to be criticized. it because terrorism is tactic, not an enemy. Every single government has resorted to the use of terrorism as a tactic at some point. The second thing he mentioned was peak oil, that thing that will kill billions....well before global warming

  3. Colin Doran

    What a load of tosh. Barrie Zwicker talks about the events of 9/11 and manages to get almost all of his facts wrong. Some journalist. Then he has the audacity to criticise the rest of the media for not agreeing with his false baloney.

    1. Craig

      You discredit things but offer no evidence of why you discredit them? Barrie may be right or he may be wrong but simple name calling doesn't make you right, just a blind bias.

  4. Mark Ford

    Does it matter nothing will happen infact people were promoted in the months following 911 its an absolute disgrace chaney bush and his cronies should be jailed yet not a chance

    1. Colin Doran

      I'm not an american but I have watched this baloney for the last 19 years. If you don't recognize what a load of false inaccurate nonsense this video is then you haven't looked into it yourself. You really should.

  5. Pat smith

    A clear, thoughtfully condensed narrative, that will make strident Amurikins, as opposed to Americans, think about the bizarre charade that has been sold to them via FOX NEWS and PNAC. Fire cannot melt steel. Building 7. No plane debris at Pentagon nor Shanksville. No response by NORAD. Running war games w similar scenario, huh? On 7/7 Home Office/Five claim the same thing. The actuarial odds of two attacks taking place while war games w same scenario are 1 in 15,000,000,000,000,000.

  6. Rebecca

    There is another possible explanation for "W"s statement about where he was when he saw the first plane hit. They might have had a live feed, and a private one at that. There are plenty of sites in NY to mount a camera for a live feed. If so, was/is there a record of it. If you want to find out the surf conditions in Australia, search "live surf Cameras". The more I think about it the more it seems likely that the SS (Secret Service, lol) could access any security cams they wasted to. Great Doc, I'm hoping this logical analysis will be the tipping point for my culturally controlled family. Wish me luck!

    1. Mimi

      Live feed or not, nobody would have been randomly monitoring NY until AFTER the first plane hit- why would they be?? Furthermore, Bush was reading to children at an elementary school when the first plane struck. Why would a tv be on if he was reading to them? Plus, his words, "...the tv that was obviously on..." just simply SOUND like BS, bc he used the word 'obviously'.

  7. DotR

    Great information Zwicker shared. I had forgotten about the details of Bush knowing and seeing the first plane hit the Tower when it was never televised, except the next day by the French brothers' documentary on firefighters in NY. This is a really informative documentary.

  8. DotR

    I looked up Ted Gunderson to see who he was because a couple of people mentioned him here, and the picture of him didn't match up with the man on this documentary. So, I don't think that man in the documentary here is Ted Gunderson. I just looked up who Barry Zwicker is and what he looks like. He matches with this documentary. Maybe it's been fixed since people made those comments.

  9. james rae

    More relevant than ever. The war on terror - such a malignant scam.

  10. aliens on the moon scare me

    What a waste of time. Get over it.

  11. ursheep

    Atheism and Fairy Tales, your gay Hollywood World future.

  12. Guest

    2nd time I view it. It gave me the opportunity to better understand all the vectors. It goes pretty fast + the bad syncronisation of sound.

    I remember a lawyer explaining that close to most condemned criminals were not found guilty after being cought "On the spot" with a warm gun gun in its hand.
    That is why trials exist and both sides can expose their claims.

    If the USA would be a country of law & order, Bush would sure have been found guilty.
    As one takes time to think of this, Bush 1st named Kissinger at the head of the 9/11 commission! A worldwide known and well recognised war criminal who himslelf said publically that he mislead and cheated the USA congress intentionnally and deliberately.
    Not to mention that the USA harbor and protect these kind of murderers, deny international war crimes regulations since they welcomed and protected NAZI in the "Paperclip" operation a little back.

    What if my boss was to tell me to hold up this of that bank... Not guilty because it's someone else who told to do that?
    Same thing repeats itself through generations since some 40 years.

    The other nations ought to remain very wary about this one. One thing or another, they are plain simple minded or they enjoy being part of this. In either cases they represent a serious treat to humankind.
    These guys kills, not simply rub peoples!
    Killing peoles & torturing peoples is something else than rubbing.

    I hope to pass away before 5 billions of peoples realise that they'll have get over there and set the clocks or some 450 millions once & for all.

    It'll be uggly! but was done not so long ago.
    Then, another few generations will have good years as we did.

    All things must pass?


  13. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero


  14. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    My compliments, people like you will put George W, BUSH ON HIS TEXAN ELECTRIC CHAIR.

  15. zefreespirit

    can't watch anymore something that is out of sync! of credible and pro is that? jesus f####g christ!

  16. Gina L. Abiog

    hope bush and others behind have watch this as well... how is rice now, by the way... i have high regard for her being a female

  17. Jamie19786

    No matter if the name of this documentary is right the thing thats important is it shows facts.I've watched and read so much about 9/11 more than anything in my life and no 100 persent it was a fauls flag done by people at the very top of government.A good site to get the minute by minute play for the entire day of 9/11 is 9/11 so called terrorist would have wanted to cause America as much harm as possible they would have hit Indian Point nucular facility witch a plane flew directly over and a secound of the so called hijacked planes was within 6 minutes of it.It is the number 1 terrorist tarrget in America and if hit would have killed upwards of 20 million people and left Boston to New York a wast land for thousands of years.It was a suicide mission right why would they fly over a much better terrorist target that they would have definetly known about and chance getting intercepted by military planes and shot out of the sky?Also Bushes lie about seeing the first plan hit on a tv outside the classroom.The secrert service letting him stay there and not rushing him to safty when America is supposedly under attack.It was under attack by them and others.Also during Bill Clintons Impeachment they spent between 65 and 100 or more million dollars but on the worst attack ever on American soil they spent between 3 and 15 million.Does that sound logical to you?Also what about the put options and insider trading that made people millions some billions.Also the owner of the towars Larry S told them to pull it speaking of tower 7 a term used in demolistions.It takes a long time week if not mounths to set that up.If thats what happened to building 7 it happened to the other 2 towers also.He leased the towers for about 1 billion dollars and insured them for the 1 in a million chance a plane hit them well within less than a couple months thats exactly what happened making him about 6 billion dollars.I could go on and on but that with what you have just seen is more than whats needed to be 100 persent it was an inside job.There is so much info out there to learn much more and give you much more proff but you need to take the time to learn after all you freedoms are being taken your presidents are going to war killing millions against the constitution all baised on lies.Now they make up a lie about Iran that if was illegaly attacked would make the other wars look like a cake walk and probably turn into WW3 same with Pakistan.I'm a Canadian born and raised and can't do much but inform Americans the people that can if they there militery and poilice that are part of the 99 persent just like us.The poilice do what they are told because they see maybe thousands protesting but they should and need to see millions and millions of Americans protesting for the people responsible for 9/11 and other things that are being done against the law the constitution.All police military and government swear to uphold and obey the constitution.You have the law and numbers on your side.Don't want to keep writing but look at Israely involvment also including there mosad agents caught with a van with a pane hitting the towars painted on the side of it then realeased.When they got back to Israel they were on the news and said they were just there to document the event also look into 7/7 in Britan and you will see how similar they are.America is run by criminals that will kill there own people or president as we seen with JFK and they need to be charged and jailed.Ron Paul would be a great start to the much needed change.The American government is tyranicle not all but most and your constitution demands they be removed so by being there they are breaking the law.Today I'm watching the last 15 miniutes and belive 100 persent all MSM did not aks obvious question that in is self makes them part of the cover up.Anyone that hade knowledge about this and never shared it should be tryed and jailed just like everyone else invoved.The America people never see the media on september 11 talk about how close the Bushes are with the BL.Our that OB;L wourked for the CIA under the name Tim Osman.I used to just watch the MSM and this never came into my mind because I learnt afterwards.Everyone in the CIA the government and many in media new this and Hundres if not thousands of Question that were never asked or spoken of should have been.It only takes a person with brains and the ability to go through the hudreds of thousand of things fron paper to videos that proves without a dought it was an inside job.Look at all the Israely links also and how Bibbi said it would bring the 2 countrys closer.Them are not Bibbis exact words but something simiar even more surpizing.All America does is say conspiracy theory and make the truth look like outright lies ands never anwsers them.If you wanted people to belive you you would have a good thruthfull reason for everything and would have let all that wanted do an inquiery with all the information not just the littel your willing to give.

    1. W D

      Maybe, if you'd paid as much attention to your (presumably significantly funded Western) education as you claim to have applied to this video you'd have been able to punctuate as well as any well meaning 6-7yr old can be expected to have done so!

      As a consequence we, out 'here' in Cyberville' would be able to read past "ur" (very, very, difficult to decipher) text and thus know whether you are either 'for' or 'against', either one of society's 'good guys' or 'evil guys'...Or even whether you are a true 'Free Thinker', (alas, doubtful, owing to the paucity of depth of knowledge you profess).

      May I politely suggest that next time, before you ramble on, you go back to the "4th Grade" basics of literacy in order that those of us 'out here' can actually follow your thread and what you're trying to say!?!?!

      Kindest regards :/

      *seriously confused by your illiteracy" (though you are in good company after 57yrs of yiur schools failing to educate... *sighs*)

    2. Achems_Razor

      @W D:

      You are being a grammar Nazi, and basically spamming, I took your other posts off, please desist!

    3. batvette

      "Im a Canadian born and raised...."

      Please stay there, and find things to interest you besides the American political landscape.

      "The America people never see the media on september 11 talk about how close the Bushes are with the BL.Our that OB;L wourked for the CIA under the name Tim Osman."

      Why associate that with Bush when the man responsible for the arming of the Mujahadeen was Jimmy Carter's national security advisor?

      "Now they make up a lie about Iran"

      Really? Iran is not developing nuclear weapons technology?

      "The so called terrorist would have wanted to cause America as much harm as possible they would have hit Indian Point nucular facility witch a plane flew directly over and a secound of the so called hijacked planes was within 6 minutes of it.It is the number 1 terrorist tarrget in America and if hit would have killed upwards of 20 million people and left Boston to New York a wast land for thousands of years."

      This is really some bonehead **** and displays the foolishness of your rant. The attacks on the world trade center and other targets were not calculated to inflict the most harm upon America in terms of casualties, if they did what you propose this would backfire and harm their agenda. Their agenda is part of a campaign to make Islam the world's number one religion, you aren't going to attract many converts by doing something as vile and deadly as killing 20 million people with radioactive fallout!

      The rest of your post is a tour de force of typical leftist misrepresentation of American policies and politics, mixed with again typical conspiracy theorist lunacy. You seem to think you have all the answers and are a harbinger of knowledge to warn the American public of something we don't know about. Please stay up north, drink your beer and eat your donuts and mind your own beezwax.

  18. debk2000

    Love it. Answers so many questions.

  19. jcn1706

    the head of the IMF is going to jail ?

  20. pwndecaf

    I was ready for some good stuff, and I hear about Jeffrey MacDonald? The speaker is a kook.
    700,000 children a year go missing for Satan? How convenient!

  21. Barrie Real Estate

    I think great conspiracy is a term for a war in Britain. Conspiracy is insane. They recommend magazines, books, and websites the media keep under wrap. Thanks.

  22. Dekay

    @ wha the?

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
    Abraham Lincoln

    Just a quick google search will show you that that figure is most likely a low one. There is much more than meets the eye in this world that we presume to know. Even if the numbers were only half of that, why is this not on the six o'clock news? Now, drink your kool aid and go back to sleep, your government loves you, and they're here to help.

  23. wha the?

    omg he said 700,000 missing children a year!!!...???? that is absolutely false.

    1. Wink

      He must mean the babies Saddam personally orders to be taken out of incubators each year.

  24. ION

    i just hope that Americans will one day wake up from their trance and realise that 9/11 was so obviously perpetrated (or at least helped along) by their own government with a view to establishing perpetual war, which of course would line the pockets of those at the top, as Wolfovitz suggested back in the 90s and which was reiterated in The Project for the New American Century.

    Not one arrest and investigations whitewashed after this big 'attack'?????


  25. whigsplitter

    Google stew Webb to see what he has to say about Mr Ted Gunderson, Who should we believe?

  26. Asim Naveed

    Truth Could Never Be Concealed One Way Or Another !!!

  27. Kieran

    While I'm not one to dispute the information discussed (thoroughly), I do have a problem with the "distribute this please... and if You buy all five you'll get a 15/20% discount" attitude. This lecture smacks of profiteering, which to me is a pity because much of this is 'from the horses mouth'.

    1. jcn1706

      Its is all about money & power,Illumiati

    2. Regan

      What does it really matter if someone makes profit from exposing a murderous criminal act such as 911? Your logic is quite bizarre IMHO considering the money that is made by these Corporate and Government control freeks.

  28. Tim

    Why does nearly every conspiracy theory involve the Illuminati?

    1. jcn1706

      READ And watch, theres alot out there about this clowns

  29. WTC7

    This guy seems quite sane to me too. The fact is, though, that this isn't the Barry Zwicker's The Great Conspiracy, which I just saw elsewhere.

  30. ivy

    Sorry, but this guy just seems sane to me.

  31. JaneC

    This is definitely NOT Barry Zwicker. I don't think this guy has anything to do with Barry Zwicker, who is a very credible journalist and media critic. Sorry, but this guy just seems nuts to me.

  32. CMcF

    After a little research I have managed to disern that this is actually called The Great Conspiracy: Exposed. This is not the Barry Zwicker Movie entitled simply The Great Conspiracy. (Which is available on Google video.)

  33. CMcF

    Um.... Perhaps Zwicker (the director) is off csmera while he interviews the on camera guy (former FBI agent Ted gunderson.)


    This isn't the correct name of the documentary. I did a search for Barrie Zwicker and the Great Conspiracy and found other videos totally unlike this video. The person in this video is not Zwicker nor is this the great conspiracy.

    The man in this video is ted gunderson, retired fbi agent. not sure what this video is called...but thats the deal.

    let me know if you find any further details, vlatko...

  35. truthseeker

    This guy has some great information, very disturbing but important to hear. great lecture.

  36. Iowa Born Gal

    I have watched many a film about truth. I discovered your sight today. I have seen many a film on your site, yet you offer more films than I could ever begin to find.

    Being born and raised 40 miles N.E of Souix City IA and moving to Omaha. The first part of this film hits home with me.

    I have Seen Warren Buffet's name and Bill Gates name mentioned in films such as this one. There is never any in depth material offered other than just a mention of their names.

    Believe me, this film will be seen by many people I know... I have to... I'm dedicated to awakening people.... especially people in my home town outside of Sioux City as well as people I know in Omaha.

    1. jcn1706