The Hour оf оur Time: The Legacy of William Cooper

The Hour оf оur Time: The Legacy of William Cooper

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The Hour Of Our Time: The Legacy of William CooperSurrounding us in our day-to-day lives are mysteries, that to spend our days pondering would paralyze us from leading productive lives. So we turn away from these thoughts in order to seek out as trouble free an existence as we can. Then there are those who have made it their business to explore and expose these mysteries; to remind us of what we already know on some deep subconscious level, that things are rarely what they seem on the surface. Bill Copper was such a man.

Cooper’s commitment to exposing the truth as he saw it, with the information he had at the time, is nothing short of inspiring. Very few of us would go to the length Cooper did in order to inform and educate what he knew would always be only a small portion of our population.

The type of material Cooper spent his life exposing is the kind of thing we would prefer to consider exists only in fictional literary works and science fiction movies. For to even ponder that such ideas can exist in “reality” is nothing short of disturbing. Yet Cooper, through meticulous research, fact checking, and of course his own experiences in Naval Intelligence, reminded us these things do indeed have a place in reality. He warned us that the science fiction we so eagerly digest is more truthful than we would ever care to consider.

Bill was reared in an air force family and spent his childhood and young adult life traveling the world on military assignments. Bill served honorably in Vietnam, spent time running a small university, opened an art gallery, married, had children, and eventually penned “Behold A Pale Horse”.

This book synthesized the disturbing documents he witnessed while in the military, and expressed his utter shock in seeing these plans carried out years later against an unknowing populace.

Bill would spend the remainder of his life broadcasting on shortwave and satellite radio, as well as giving standing room only lectures to inform people of what he knew. Bill was compelled to impress upon them that unless we do something, a very dark future would lie ahead.

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  1. John Abbott

    Apparently such an informative & with ENOUGH accuracy he was them. Maybe THAT IS why this video is "unavailable". Its not the only one, particularly damning videos, they censor or make "private" either. THEY own this "damage control" & (they hope) distraction website. People watch documentaries for their TRUTH, for their importance to life and the way to go. The way, the truth, the life hmmm

    1. Cat Vardeman

      Hi5 John you’re exactly on point it’s funny why they don’t want to soon as the truth all they do is call us conspiracy theorist it’s not a theory it’s reality thank you for your post and I loved listening to his power of the hour no I was told back then I need to record to memorialize him but I really didn’t think it would be this bad be well be safe and don’t be jabbed

  2. Cherie Nall

    William Cooper gave his life to attempt to wake up the people .He is a true Patriot and hero

  3. Cherie Nall

    The message here folks is... Do your own investigation.. Goodness and truth prevails.But in the mean time your eyes...The truth is something you need to seek outside of what the media presents to you.Great lengths and millions of dollars are spent on making you believe you are free.Free to think,free to choose ,when in fact your choices are designed and limited to half truths(at best) Again I say to you"Open your eyes" There are none so blind,as those who will not see...Seek to remove the veils that are put in place to hide the truth..Do not go on living as a sheeple..The shocking truth is we are all being manipulated distracted and most of all .... decieved. ..Don't turn on your fellow man...That is just what they want us to do.The time is NOW, we the people"to unite"stand together,and stand up for our constitution,our God given rights and freedom..Don't be distracted while they decieve and Rob Us ..Stand up for what's right...And above all my fellow brother's and sisters ... Please ..never forget this... For evil to perpetuate it does not take a good man to do something evil, ...It only takes a good man to stand by in the face of evil,and do nothing. ..!!! Much Love to and for all of us.?? Blessings of all things good ..Stand Tall for the Truth.

  4. Gonzo

    Will cooper made a marter by the historical conspiracy , along with Kennedy's Martin Luther . If u want a proper history lesson read pawns in the game by William guy car. If you can find it. Was reprinted 2yrs ago and already hard to get. Like will cooper said ALEX JONES brings soooo much disinformation into the argument it's hard not to see him as a shill.

  5. halfwitt

    911 was inside as inside of President ownership in airport and trade center security. two months of extensive remodeling prior to event late at night, no bomb dogs allowed. presence of thermite residue, temperatures above all available materials including jet fuel. second plane, no markings in violation of FAA rules. too many facts not accounted for by official story. Bill Cooper was spot on most things. Ahead of his time gone...Wake up

  6. Danibel Khoshabeh

    He and his followers think they are above the law.

  7. Rocky Racoon

    Full of misinformation like Alex Jones it's all a communist plot-yep all those global capitalist are secret communists collectivists just waiting to nationalize all their private property.

  8. Becki

    Bill understood the USA Constitution and no where does it state capitolism... It was to be FREE MARKETS. Know the difference

  9. Anthony Mustacich

    Bill does not understand how capitalism works. The capitalist class owns all the land, resources, and wealth. Through these means, they control the government and use the state as an instrument to further their own class interest... which is to own and control the entire world. Thus, a world government is completely logical from the standpoint of the capitalist class, which is a global class. The capitalists also own the media, which they use to manufacture the consent of the governed through highly developed propaganda techniques. What Bill doesn't understand is that all these things are the inevitable result of the laws of capitalism. Competition leads to Monopoly and Centralization/Concentration of Capital into the hands of the few. This has already been explained scientifically by Marx and Lenin - and they weren't advocating this, they were predicting it! Anyways, Bill believes that the source of power for the elite is their possession and manipulation of esoteric knowledge, their Luciferian creed as he calls it. He is obviously trapped in a religious paradigm. In reality, the source of their power is in their ownership of the land, resources and wealth. If we want to disempower these, all we have to do is seize their property then have them shot. Don't be silly with all this god/devil nonsense.

    1. Ire Heather

      Anthony, in logical terms you are right on about the function of Capitolism as an instrument to further the interests of the top 1% for wealth and control.

      It really doesn't matter what anyone believes as far as religion goes if you want to get into the head of these people, what's most important is what belief system do the elites subscribe to?

      The royal families of Europe are known as blue bloods. The dictionary defines blue blood as "of noble or aristocratic DESCENT." One must be "to the manner born" or married into it to be a blue blood. Historically, "blue bloods" have intricately recorded and protected their bloodline even to the point of intermarrying just to ensure that the bloodline remains "pure". The royals of Europe are related through generations of inbreeding.It's long been their custom to marry their own cousins.

      Call them Kings, Pharoahs, Emperors or Popes, the blue bloods believe that they are en-TITLE-ed to LORD over us "commoners" and they take their "titles" very seriously. The Old Testament is one of the best examples of how far back elitism goes and how meticulously the elites record their family blood-lines and their titles. The bible wastes no time in mentioning Kings and Dukes in Genesis 36, the very first book of the Old Testament.

      Following in the footsteps of Lord God who expresses an interested in the GOLD that is abundant in the land of Havilah (Genesis 2: 11,12) the elitists also have an obsession with gold. Why would a spirit God be so interested in gold? If that is a question that interests you, check out Michael Tellinger's exploration about the ancient gold mines in Africa, and then you may not be quite so skeptical about what Bill Cooper's references to Extra Terrestials.

      The elitist families that control our Capitolistic world today trace their bloodlines all the way back to the elites of biblical times and perhaps even before that. While outwardly they project themselves as religious by most standards, their standards of religion are anything but standard. You would have to delve deeply into Free Masonry to understand what their true religion is, and that is where Bill Cooper is not far off when he compares it to Luciferianism. One doesn't need to be religious or to believe in a devil to understand the main principals at work here. An excellent book which delves deep into Free Masonry going back even before the existence of Solomon's temple (which was plundered by the Crusaders), is "The Hiram Key" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. Or if a video is more to one's liking, check out what happens when the elites and their buddies gather each year at Bohemian Grove. Alex Jones infiltrated and got some great footage of our men from Washington donning black capes and setting an efigy on fire before a great horned owl. This has been going on for over a century.

      I'd also recommend a book called "The Rothschilds, Portrait of a Dynasty" by Frederic Morton. Through the author writes in praise of this dynastic, blue-blooded family, it's not difficult at all to see the greed, the vengeance upon anyone who gets in their way, the boastfulness and the desire for unprecedented control and power. This dynastic family just happens to own the world financial system and is the driving force behind Capitolism.

      It's easy to form opinions and beliefs about reality if you don't first peel away the misinformation that we've all been indoctrinated with, whether it be via religious teachings, our mis-education system or our textbook version of HIS-story. You have to become more of an investigative journalist looking for original documentation and even archaeological discoveries going back to ancient times if you really want to have a clear understanding of what's been going on. There has been a great deal of distorted information and a lot of hidden information. Once you discover that, that's when life really gets interesting and begins to make sense. Bill Cooper got a lot of things right and he died because of his exposing what he discovered. RIP Bill Cooper, you are a real hero in my eyes.

    2. Rocky Racoon

      Bravo an informed human being we are few and far between-as I said above these misinformation try to tell us that the biggest boogey man in the world is collectivization and that is what these secret communists want to do-U know Bill Gates, Soros, Turner-Buffet, all communists. talk about a misinformation agent just like Alex Jones says about the "globalists" Selling people right down the river but they are "Awake" alright. One man and a gun is going to take on state power. Never mind the power of organized labour that's communism.

  10. Chris Konnaris

    i cannot believe some of these comments people are referring people to you tube to seek answers WTF ?
    what else do your governments have to do for you to start believing, come in to your house and rape you?
    you will still doubt everything?
    when the new age comes non believers will be the first ones to suffer and thankfully i wont be one of them

  11. Koert van Kleef

    A question that came to my mind recently is this:
    If the NWO is concerns (as its name expresses) the whole world, why are all things related to it connected to America? I mean with China on the verge of surpassing the US in terms of economics, and over 4 times the population oif the USA, sounds to me like the USA is the wrong place to be for a 'NWO'.

    1. Mark Casper

      The US is not the center, but it is a central territory that has to be conquored. The British, China, Canada, Mexico, France, and certain other Asian countries are all pawns to their game. The US definitely is the hardest to conquor, and piviotal to swaying other countries. Let us hope the people fight the invisible demons.

    2. Jay

      Because to Americans, America IS the centre of everything!

    3. Ire Heather

      America is the military arm of the NWO. The designers of the NWO meet secretly in meetings referred to as the Bilderbergers, or at the Council of Foreign Affairs. They are the ones that discuss and determine the course of action to attain their goals for the world, much of which is discussed and carried out through NATO. Just like any corporation has it's various departments, the US is essential to the NWO for it's military forces. Notice how despite this nations federal deficit, there is always money to finance military operations and the Pentagon. It will be this way until all countries are fully contained and under control of the NWO.

  12. Raptor jones

    Troll Level 1000

  13. hokiespider78

    unmarked car, plain clothed officers from Apache County serving a warrant at 11:15pm to, in Mr. Clinton's words, the "most dangerous talk show host in america"....makes no sense.

  14. hokiespider78

    He was off base on greer.....high resolution shows it's the shine on the passenger agent's hair......however, he probably never saw that, and if he had, i'm sure he would have admitted his mistake, much like he did when he changed his position on aliens. His naval experience is odd...for a highly decorated war veteran, i have a hard time believing he was delegated to "lookout" position on a submarine....either way, spot on, SPOT ON, when it came to 9-11 and that is irrefutable. Also, the conditions of his shooting are highly suspect. I have a law degree, though not a lawyer, and I can tell you, from a procedural standpoint, everything regarding his relationship w/ police is clear cut "in the box" harassment....textbook stuff. They don't do that unless there is a reason.....

  15. Josh Smosh

    He sounds like he knows what he's talking about.....until.....he blew it with his speculation of who shot JFK. Whoa! His credibility takes a huge nosedive.

    1. joeb

      I think he was right. Odd how the people you close to the front when JFK was killed died a short time later, his body was changed on flight something fishy about it.

      Do you not agree?

  16. Tim Gozanski

    I'm much more worried about losing my freedom to Big Business and the ultra rich. I have little say in what government does, but I have zero say in what BB and the true power players do. The only way to control them, it through regulation. Anyone that thinks little gov. is freedom needs a lesson in history. The times governments were weak were the worst times in human history.

    1. Jordan Stevens

      What we have now is regulation in favor of big business. Without corporate welfare, many of them would go out of business. The Federal Reserve is a monopolistic monetary system which enslaves us all. But yes, regulation is necessary, but regulation which favors and supports the average family, not enslaves them.

    2. Benjamin Rowland

      depends on your definition of worst

  17. angelmattnem

    Anyone that can believe that the government is working in for our own best interest and concerned about the citizens and not in the interest of the powerful and elite deserve whatever they get as far as I'm concerned. For some, ignorance is truly bliss. I believe most people are only interested in their own, meticulously constructed "Truth". So I say,"Sleep On".

  18. Aaron Maxwell

    Something does not sit well with me regarding Mr. Cooper's Naval service. I, too, was in the Submarine Service, and there are statements about his service that just don't make sense. It was said that Mr. Cooper served as a harbor and river patrol boat captain in Vietnam; that he saw combat and was decorated for his duty; and later was part of the intelligence briefing team for CINCPAC. Then, after all that, he was aboard a submarine (we are lead to believe it was the USS Tiru) as a lookout, when he had his UFO encounter. I don't know about river patrol boats or combat in Vietnam or Fleet Intelligence Operations. But, I do know a thing or two about submarine crews and submarine operations. A lookout on the conning tower of a submarine transiting on the surface is not a very prestigious job. In submarine service, the personnel who stand lookout are from the "deck gang". The deck gang is comprised of E2 and E3 personnel who have not been to an "A" school for specific training for a rate. The deck gang is responsible for what are considered menial duties of the boat: cleaning the bilges, swabbing the decks, scullery duty, etc.. Underway, they usually operate the bow-plane, stern-plane and rudder controls under the direction of the Chief of The Watch and the Officer of The Deck. To go from being a river patrol boat captain and part of the CINCPAC intelligence briefing team, to being a member of the deck gang on a submarine is a pretty big fall from grace. And for this reason, it is difficult for me to find credibilty regarding the history of Mr. Cooper's military service.

    1. Xbow

      Yes Aaron, its a bit like a guy claiming to be a tank commander/platoon sgt (Gysgt) and then talking about how many miles as a driver (Lcpl) he spent maneuvering the tank on the last operation. Or how he as a tank gunner (Cpl) he participated in the preparation of operational procedures side by side with the batallion commander...Absurd. And yes Aaron how does a he go from being a guy with small boat training and combat experience in RVN to being a non rate on a submarine?
      This guy sounds a lot like a walking collection of Walter Mitty tales. A singular honest man committed against the forces of darkness to alert a sleeping public of a threat that only he has the perception to see and of course he's the only guy with the balls to confront it great risk to himself of course.

      Conclusion: He's a gas bag that's making a living off of the conspiracy theory industry and possibly a pathological liar.

    2. Wei Yu Ho

      There are a lot easier ways to make a living without being murdered, and im sure if he did not 100% believe in his cause he cudve done something else with his time or stayed in the military

    3. Dan Batson

      Making a living? This guy was the first shot fired across the New World Order bow at a time when he was, in fact, the only voice crying from the wilderness. All other serious researchers in the field at least give him the credit for that. There was no money in this idea at all at the time and he self published his book. Personally I've found the vast majority of what he warned us about to be more believable than the official version of events and history (read propaganda) that we consume daily.

      His major message was "Your government is the greatest threat you will face in your life" and boy he nailed that one on the head.

      He had passion and he had soul. And he died fighting for what he believed in. Do you have those qualities in abundance?

    4. Rocky Racoon

      What's that joke about the people who think they are Napoleon Bonaparte who spend their lives in the backwards.....

  19. Charles

    I did some reasearch on Greer. For a law enforcement officer he did EVERYTHING against what he was trained to do. He was trained to get the hell out of there asap if all hell broke lose. He slows down the car instead, and turns around. RED flag. Why would Jackie try to get out of the car?? instead of ducking down if the shots came outside of the car. THAT would be a normal reaction. Instead she climbs out leaving herself WIDE open as a big target. UNLESS, she is trying to get away from GREER. Seeing the gun and the shot she probably thought she was going to be next. I watched many of the clips over and definitely can see Greer look back. For what? Every cop knows you hear shots you run and take cover as per training,in this case you gun the car and move out of the line of the firing at top speed.
    Even Jackie tried to get the hell out of there!!! out of the car where the coup de grace shot came from.
    Everybody in the film had the right normal reaction EXCEPT Greer. You see everybody run to get out of the line of fire and or duck for cover. Greer is the only one who slows down to take a look!!! that begs the question: What was he expecting to see?? The result he was looking to get? Or the result that should happen?
    I often wondered about Jackies strange reaction. The normal reaction would be to duck into the car pulling down Jack with her, from further sight. She does the most unexpected, leaves Jack behind in a hurry to get out of the car. THAT is the direct result of the most basic instinct of self-presevation; when you SEE your assailant coming for you, IS TO GET AWAY. With adrenaline flooding you, you become myopic and only see your assailant and you try to do exactly what Jackie did. LEAVE. With the Greer equation. Her reaction is not strange at all.

  20. menelik1&2

    William Cooper tried to inform the public.Tell the truth and see how long you live.Peace

  21. Hillary

    You boys did a good job of pretending to be his friends,and then shutting it all down... booo hoohooo this used to be the command center blah blah blah He knew what you were there for

  22. Bob

    To all those who have controlled tattooed on the inside of their eye lids, The bud's,the benado's of the world, Aids man made, swine flu man made, 9-11 inside job the iraq war false flag attack, JFK an inside job.!!!!!!!
    Do your research guys but it don't matter as when your are controlled and have your blimkers on you will only see what your controlled mind will allow you to see.
    We are a controlled society look up the vietnam war why did it happen, it made trillions of dollars fo the us goverment.
    As the x files state THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, you only have to look and read and you will see.
    But the percentige of folk who believe is not quite the numbers but the folk who are tuned to higher frequentices who are becoming more aware it is slowly happening the new dawn is coming of age and the darkness of control will be aradicated forever.
    By the divine laws of the universe the light shall always shine on those who are blessed and bath within the light of pure concious.

  23. toddy

    I was blind , but now I see. This just confirmed my distrust of the powers to be. He stated that you must stand for your principles what ever the cost and i guess he did that. lets just keep his memory alive and try to expose the truth, for the truth will set you free.

  24. Bud

    So a guy warns of an approaching New World Order that seeks to use phony 'terror' to justify a state of permanent warfare abroad and police state at home -- and he is shot in his front yard by cops dressed up like teenage partiers (after 9/11, an event that he predicted) -- and he's a paranoid nut? Yeah, keep me safe from people like this, government.

  25. The Documentarian

    To Trebor - I actually have a 2hr broadcast of bill talking specifically about your issue with the supposed killing of jfk from the driver. You really need to listen to him a bit closer, cause from what he stated and reiterated many times, is he had official documents claiming exactly that is what had occurred, but on the one hand, he also stated as have been a naval intelligence officer much of what he reviewed could have easily been disinformation. *So he never claimed it to be actual fact and defended it*. I have over 20gb of his broadcasts, this one I think happens to be one of his last ones. The name of it is "last radio 32 announcement". I understand how all of this truth seeking can become discombobulated and confusing, but make sure not to rule out the good ones.

  26. TREBOR

    Sorry for the mans death. That being said, the man was so wrong about the driver killing jfk. It actually took away
    from the rest of his work. The driver simply didn't shoot jfk and why this man came to that conclusion is beyond me.
    I'm sorry but I spent years studying the death of Kennedy and to say that William Greer of the secret service shot jfk as he drives the limo is simply a load of horse manure.
    I have to wonder what else this man was wrong about? Sorry
    but I don't find him that impressive. McVeigh came to see Cooper? Man let me go get my boots because the chit is getting deeper as the doc goes on!!!!!!

  27. Hier

    @ benado - All I can say to your comment is this: How utterly ignorant of you to recite freedom of speech doctrine aka U.S. First Amendment, without taking into consideration the fact that this documentary is about a man who served this country in order to uphold that value to individuals like you.

    Moving on,

    I watched alot of Bill Cooper documentaries on various websites, youtube being the biggest contributer, and read plenty of written biographies on Mr. Cooper. He was no doubt the first iconic figure that really opened my view point on a whole different level, and the reason was not because of his compelling evidence, or series of experienced background with the U.S. Military. No, it was the fact that he risked his life (even with his family brought into the world) in order to awaken just one person to the truths he broke his back to reveal. That is altruism at it's finest example folks.

    Nut or not, this man's actions dictate him to be a hero according to History's very own leaders of this worlds greatest civilizations' past.

    R.I.P B.Cooper - Let the legacy live on!

  28. The Documentarian

    Ok...I type in Jesuit and boom, AJ is a Jesuit, is the first line in regards to William Coopers Biographical Documentary?

    Believe what you want, but that was planted there, with a little bit of predictive programming.

  29. melly666

    Wished there was more people like Bill Cooper who give their lives up to air the truth!

  30. Lea Wiggins

    J believe Bill Cooper was a fearless patriot. To me it is obvious that he loved this country, and the people who live here. He didn't trust the government, and rightly so.

    The Book of Daniel, foretold the coming of the One World Government. Its sort of interesting when you can watch the nightly news and cross reference it with the Bible, don't you think?

    Mostly, just one woman's opinion

  31. Him

    One can not make a logical choice based on half the information! We all know this, and it's an important part of the way our minds function. If your spoonfed ONLY the information that an individiual wants you too see, then you base your perspective on ONLY that information. Therefore we can only come to the conclusion that unless we gather all the info on any given subject, its impossible to make a logical descicion based on that subject.

    You call us conspiracy nuts. Who planted that very idea in your head that such a thing could even exist. Were taught our entire lives that there way is the way it is,and any FREE form of thought you may have is wrong and not acceptable to society if it does'nt follow the guidelines they already taught you.

    In essence,there dictating ALL the information you recieve and thus forcing all of you to make a choice on only the information they choose to give you,rather than all the FACTS.

    All any of us need to conprehend is that NO information is BAD information or GOOD information. There is only information. The CHOICE as to if it is good or bad should be our choice to make. But your response to any info is predetermined by the information youve been fed your whole life. If you want to understand the truth, then educate yourselves and research this. Its only then that you can make a logical,sensable assesment of the facts. And they all point in the same direction!

  32. Hugo

    a great teacher that all of us in the world must be proud of..thank you for your effort Bill.

  33. Prime

    I live in Sweden, and only recently did I come across Bill cooper and started to listen to some of his stuff on youtube, and I concur with most here, he seemed to be a true patriot and valued freedom and truth high above everything else. I find many things he talks about credible and true, and like some guy earlier here stated I also heard some place that alex jones is actually a jew, and might be a disinformant. But also from listening to Alex Jones I agree with much of what he says, and he also warns people pretty much same way bill cooper did, So if anyone can shed some light on why bill cooper made those statements against alex jones, were they true or could even he, bill, been wrong?

    To the other sheeple here, keep on living with your delusion that your government looks out for your best, and there is no such thing as secret government and secret society, swine flu shot is good for you, and GMO food keeps you healthy and prolongs your life, and ingest some fluoride too, because that's surely gonna do miracles to your teeth

  34. 420 Vision

    don't waste your time on this total ccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppp !

  35. mike

    oh.... after further research that is actually not true about the driver shooting kennedy (youtube it)....wonder what else isn't true about mr cooper.

  36. Tom

    This documentary helped me understand much better the story of not only a pioneer whistle blower but of a dedicated investigator ,author,speaker ,and experiencer of the ufo phenonema.Its a sad part in our history that such men are not recognized easily . Yet, thru all the smoke screens and disinfo etc its a bit of a task . Bill and other rational informants and info gathers have also run into big problems ( Dr Michael Wolf, Col Steven Wilson ) Nice to know that things are changing and soon will come mass contact, complete disclosure ... stay tuned people. ( even the ignorant/misinformed skeptics ). RIP WILLIAM COOPER !

  37. Nancy

    This is tippical of our government....OUR CONSTITUTUIONAL RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM US! The minute someone speaks the truth about our government is silenced! Speak out and keep speaking the truth!

  38. peter5pieces

    Leave off Alex jones. Like Bill Cooper, we got to thank these guys for their work.
    Viva La Revolution !

  39. flowerformula

    I thought it was significant Bill Cooper appeared to really treasure the embossed picture of JFK. He must of, as I do have felt a great empathy and respect for the man. JFK's assassination was and remains a clear message. Not only to the general public but more importantly to the politicians that rise to power. Simply put, mess with us your dead. I thought Bill came across as very, very credible. A brave man. Respects.

  40. Gardian

    To Lavender: Bravooo..

    Most people don't want to learn from history. And history
    goes the same way on and on and on. And people droping death agai again and again. Mostly unbelievers and stupid ones..

    That's how stupid we are..(in global)..;)

  41. Syly1212

    He wasn't paranoid.

  42. Ice

    Ditto, Mike. That was his most important message. Honestly, I get tired of the naysayers naysaying when, in fact, they haven't looked at one bit of the research that been done. If that isn't the height of laziness then I don't know what is! It is all easily available on the web... all they have to do is find a couple of good sites with tons of info and begin reading. What really gets me is that they deny such facts even when the facts are detailed government documents.

    I am amazed at the number of people too lazy to check facts but seem to have all the energy in the world to argue against the facts.

  43. Mike

    The most powerful message Bill delivered was WAKE UP, INVESTIGATE TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS and IT DIDN'T MATTER WHAT HE BELIEVED IT'S WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Think for yourself, become accountable for your actions and reclaim your sovreignty!

  44. Yavanna

    I think his best "input" was to expose alex jones" Note Cooper exposed the RCC. AJ is a Jesuit. Google if you wish to open your mind.

    If he had been allowed to continue his research we might still have an honest observer. He was assassinated and expunged. Yet the raving baboon star of 911 etc :ie Alex Jones runs rampant.

  45. Irishkev

    Hey Benado, you'd better start keeping tabs on your government!!

  46. Lavender


    I imagine, if you were present in Nazi Germany around 1931 or so, when you heard people say, "OMG, they're stripping away our rights!", you'd call them paranoid, silly freaks. When they started building the internment camps, you'd call them idiots for believing such nonsense. When rumors started that neighbors were disappearing, apparently hauled away in the middle of the night, you'd call them stupid fools. When the Kristallnacht (sp?) occurred, you'd call the news of it "baseless rumors" -- while doing no research into it yourself, no doubt. And so on. Right up to the day when they finally came and dragged YOU away.

    It DID happen then, and it IS happening now. Your willful blindness will not save you -- and it is, quite frankly, unforgivable in the face of all this well-known history. Wake up! Or stay asleep. Frankly, my dear, IDGAD.

    1. MyReligionIs2DoGood

      You spelled it correctly. (German native speaker here) :)

    2. john

      Hi you know I'm a skeptic to all of this and have done some checking on facts and I'm finding that their are some things that don't make sense but than again their are a lot of things that have came to the wrong conclusion because all the possibilities where not eliminated ( you know the old saying that goes if you eliminate all the possibilities than what your left with is the truth) but for this to work all the possibilities must be eliminated that means you have allot of work and i don't think anyone is up for it, hears a easy one they said twin towers was destroyed by explosives right well the experts say they don't know because nothing on that scale has ever been done, i can understand that, but why do people who are not experts say it was? and the leading company in the USA that does building demo's with explosives say that theirs no way you could wire that building with out seeing anything and using remote control to trigger the explosives never happen that's what they call false physics watching to much TV.

    3. john

      because the German's did not want people to know what was going on. da check this out did you know that's nothing compared to what the Japanese did to the Filipinos and that's a cover up that's real

  47. ME

    Bill Cooper was a HERO and his death.. or should I say assassination is a GREAT loss to us all. RIP

  48. @

    He was tabbed, by the government, after predicting a 9/11 type event that would be blamed on Osama Bin. Look it up (probably wont) right?

  49. benado

    This guy really took paranoid tendencies to a new height.Looked up the web site and frankly it was pretty scary. New world order and how to defend yourself in the end of times..Free speech gives way to some creative and often extremist views. Oh well hope the government keeps really close tabs on these people!