The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare

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The Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic WarfareImagine the future – a strange new weapon is detonated high over a large city. There is no explosion, no visible destruction, but everything electronic within the range of this weapon will go out...permanently.

Every electronic gadget in every home and office – disabled. No computers, no T.V., no life support systems in hospitals, no water supply, no heat, no lights – truly, a return to the dark ages. Imagine a full range of new weapons; one can take out the electricity in your city, another can destroy you.

If you haven’t heard about these weapons, it’s no surprise. Their development has been secretive and they sound more like science fiction than reality. When did this reality really begin and how far advanced is it now?

This revealing documentary opens the window on this -until now- secretive science.

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    Bill Garish
  1. Bill Garish

    Wouldn't a big faraday cage be able to stop such an attack?

  2. DancingSpiderman
  3. DancingSpiderman

    What would the dimensions of that big faraday cage need to be Bill? The faraday cage would also have to be of a certain minimum thickness; it's not enough to have an extremely thin conductive shell. Would this be a personal capsule, or would it be for more than one person?

    A person would also have to know to be inside the faraday cage before an EMP attack occurs.

    I recall Nikola Tesla had a working wireless electrical transmission in place during his heyday, and the overall concept involved making the ionosphere a conductive mirror to bounce off the AC electricity he generated from his ground station in Colorado Springs around the world using the atmosphere between the ground and the ionosphere as the tranmission medium, but I do not know whether the ionophere in his working model would have served to null out EMP, or whether the doctored ionosphere along with the atmosphere would have nulled out EMP. That would be a question to ask the flyboys who disperse the semiconductive polymer solution out the chemtrail exhaust of the high flying jets in crisscross patterns. They prolly don't know much, and aren't told much to be able to tell.

  4. Jack G.
  5. Jack G.

    The pulsed electromagnetic weapons they speak of already exist but have not yet been committed to fixed orbit global positioning. Meanwhile what has been readily available for at least the past 25 years and adopted by a number of leading nations is microwave satellite technology. This technology for some time now has been regularly used in a focused beam path methodology, by this application a very narrow beam of 2.45MHZ microwave is focused at the earths surface and used to create magnificent works of art known as crop circles. The method is done to calibrate and align the transmission output from the satellite and have some creative fun at the same time.

  6. webster
  7. webster

    for more info google "Carrington event". Mid 1800's a solar flare hit the earth. Lit telegraph wires and stations on fire, which were much more durable than modern electronics. Imagine a simular event now, (which will happen again eventually). Some estimates project up to 10 years before ordinary homes have both electricity and running water and destruction of transportation, and a petroleum based agriculture system.

    For fiction read "One Second After", speculating on effects on society.

  8. Adan
  9. Adan

    Catched a lie on the video:

    "Somali militia dispersed within civilians...using it as an opportunity to fire on U.S forces.." Really? And let me guess the well disciplined American soldiers will take the fire and don't fire couragious and humane those American soldiers are. These is the kind of misinformation that is fed to the regular U.S public.

    This is obviously BS on a platter, I am Somalian and I have talked first hand to Somalians that were injured when U.S went there, you hear the same stories: When U.S lost one or two soldiers in firefight with a militia, they started firing at everything that moved, then you had more enraged civilians and militia, that is why you could see them take their anger on dead American bodies, by dragging them in the streets.

    In those few hours of fire fight, thousands of Somalians were dead or injured, majority civilians. How could you kill so many people in such a short time if you were firing with caution.

    The anger over this was so bad that an innocent journalist was stoned to death simply because he was white and looked like those who were committing this barbaric act. The unfortunate result: To date no western journalist/person can walk in any part of that world without the risk of sniper fire/kidnapping etc..

  10. toodance
  11. toodance

    your comment not lost on me. thank you for the insight. US military and government attitude toward killing people is disturbing.

    Maybe non violent Chinese economic warfare against the US will eventually counter balance the US arrogant disregard toward human life revolving around profit from plunder.

    One can only hope....

  12. Clarkson
  13. Clarkson

    This is why Stealth is so important,their are 2 kinds of Aircraft ..Targets and Stealth....

  14. Ramus
  15. Ramus

    The video quality is the worst ive seen on this site

  16. Farren
  17. Farren


    for sure. 100% agreed. finally the US is losing influence and power. if the US really WAS doing good and helping the world, this would be a bad thing. it's unfortunate that most Americans are brainwashed into thinking this.

    it's a good thing. finally unchecked greed and aggression for dominance over land, resources, and leaders of other, small and weaker countries can at least lessen.

  18. Spook
  19. Spook


    You site isolated incidents. If US food relief was removed all of those people would starve. It's the greed and power hunger of the Somali gov't that is the problem. I find it hypocritical that a Somali can safely travel in the US but the Somali's won't allow a person who appears to be Western the same courtesy.

  20. WEM3
  21. WEM3

    The forerunner of electromagnetic weapons: Alexander Graham Bell!

  22. Rose
  23. Rose

    "MEN" can't do nothing usefull other then distroy.
    Hopeless species.

  24. Nigel from New Zealand
  25. Nigel from New Zealand

    @ Adan

    right on brother, I'm actually British living in New Zealand & we are not much better than the Americans for the spin we put on our history always trying to glorify our armed forces.

    One example is how the British encouraged the Polish resistance to rise up against the Germans in WWII promising to com eto their aid only to stand back & leave them to get slaughtered because they had already made a secret deal with Stalin. Oh yes the glorious, honourable British sense of justice.

    We never got taught that in my school days!!

  26. Nigel from New Zealand
  27. Nigel from New Zealand


    before you go posting garbage like that on this site you need to go re educate your self instead of just regurgitating what you are spoon fed

    the only reason countries like Somalia need US food relief is because your beloved America controls the IMF & the World Bank & enslaves such nations with debt repayment obligations that absolutely guarantess they will never be able to rise up from poverty & will be eternally indebted.

    Fact, not fiction like your make believe fairy land of America The Beautiful.

    Go back to your six pack & watching Fox!

  28. NeuronFirestorm
  29. NeuronFirestorm

    @ 40:00-43:00
    One phrase came instantly to mind after this particular segment of this video.

    "Ordo ab chao" - out of chaos, comes order
    one of the oldest mottos of Craft Freemasonry

    No f--king s**t the world's elitist clubs are clamoring for these technologies to be developed.. for the advancement of their agendas. What better weapon to make than one that the media can't properly report on.. and thats if they report it.

    Also, there was one point in the film (30:10 - 30:52) where it was seemingly alluding to the shift from warfare being military against military towards military against civilians.. 'a more civil war' well, lets just see what the dictionary can bring to light on this strange comment..

    1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of citizens: civil life; civil society.

    2. of the commonwealth or state: civil affairs.

    3. of citizens in their ordinary capacity, or of the ordinary life and affairs of citizens, as distinguished from military and ecclesiastical life and affairs.

    4. of the citizen as an individual

    In today's world the general populous is left out of the technology development loop; until either the ones in power can make off with the people's wealth, or their corrupt ways are exposed and leaked into public domain, triggering an uprising of citizens that demand sensible reform to an unsustainable system.
    The internet has so-far proven to be an invaluable tool of the people to unshackle themselves from physical and mental oppression and organize coherent movements on such a scale that the media have no choice but to cover.

    Much respect to Vlatko! well as all the non-trolls who leave their thoughts online to be read by many curious people.

  30. simonbaush
  31. simonbaush

    Typical pro-NWO disinformation. That grey-hair guy can't even contain his thrill with the idea. Maybe he should just try it on himself.

  32. TruthBToldIDK
  33. TruthBToldIDK

    am I the only one who finds the comment on the vid more entertaining and (sometimes) more informitive then the video it self?

  34. Nick_Sporek
  35. Nick_Sporek

    Electro magnetic weapons suck, light sabres are still the coolest.

  36. Jeremy Roberts
  37. Jeremy Roberts

    haha i thought i was the only one that did! most of the time i do not even watch, just read comments :p

  38. Jared Mcjared
  39. Jared Mcjared

    An EMP weapon - they've been public knowledge for years!

  40. Jared Mcjared
  41. Jared Mcjared

    Try doing all that "creating" that women do WITHOUT men. Not gonna happen. I take it you've never heard of women soldiers then? Time to put your narrow-minded sexist little views away & grow up Rose.

  42. Fugarzi
  43. Fugarzi

    WRONG it was Tesler

  44. Xercès Des Stèles
  45. Xercès Des Stèles

    crossing the ocean 257 people on a row boat is not safe.

  46. Matthew Standley
  47. Matthew Standley

    3:25 to 3:40. Yes indeed, imagine using that technology to flood an "enemy" territory (or one belonging to a country whose opinion of your foreign policy is not the same as yours). A little more than scary.

  48. Matthew Standley
  49. Matthew Standley

    I am both laughing at your incredible imagination and amused by the ridiculous thought that what you said is so far fetched that it could only be true :)

  50. CrudFilter
  51. CrudFilter

    Assuming you're a woman, you're letting your side down. In so few characters you make so many mistakes!

    "can't do nothing" - this is a double-negative, which makes it a positive; that is to say it's the opposite of what you're trying to say.

    "usefull" - an extra letter 'L' for emphasis?

    "other then" - makes no sense - you must have meant "other than".

    "distroy" - like you're managing to DESTROY the English language?

    "Hopeless species" - you do know you're part of the same 'species', right? Although you're in a different sex/gender group.

    Just saying... Of course, if you're only 10 years old or something, please accept my apologies :)

  52. Norm
  53. Norm

    @ Crud

    English is not the first language for many of the people who use this site and when their grammar is attacked it usually says more about the attacker than the person being attacked.

  54. Achems_Razor
  55. Achems_Razor

    Being a grammar Nazi has nothing to do with this doc. No one is interested. Please desist.

  56. Mark Sutherland Jr.
  57. Mark Sutherland Jr.

    Grammer is a place one goes when they realize that they have no point to make and they must conceid. I for one will point out the grammar isn't as important as the substance people are trying to convey.

  58. Rocky Racoon
  59. Rocky Racoon

    YOu mean the government that we installed and bribed and armed with imported mercenaries like the special forces? That government?
    And why do they need the aid? What multinational corporations like montsanto sent in the marines to clear away peasant farmers so that they could own every inch of it and deliberately let the people starve so as to migrate off the land? Is that what you mean by US aid? People of colour can't travel safely in the USA or anything but puritan white gets harrassed and often arrested for NO thing which is why you have the hgihest prison population in the world and the prisoner's are on a hunger strike in your for profit prison system as I type this.

  60. zion1king
  61. zion1king

    Why does the US government rail and threaten against countries like IRAN for possibly developing a nuclear weapon when all Iran has to do is deploy an EMP bomb which would put our country into a tech dark age? If IRAN was smart maybe they should abandon their Nuclear program altogether and focus on this new technology. In light of this new tech. seems like a Nuclear Bomb is humane. Who wants to go back to the stone age?


    YOU are a bald ass LIAR! You weren't THERE! You have no IDEA what actually occurred!

  64. bigdell
  65. bigdell

    Modern large building s built with steel mesh surrounded in concrete are natural faraday cages . Ever notice lack of mobile phone signal in them .

  66. iamsickofwar
  67. iamsickofwar

    Wow, can't take the truth that our U.S. soldiers do kill anything and everything that moves when they are in combat. you obviously know nothing about being in a battle. This is what happens when people are fighting for their lives. War sucks! And the people in this documentary piss me off. Get real, if you were in battle, you'd be firing indiscriminately too. And the U.S. patriotic PR that says otherwise is bull****.

  68. Nickelthrower
  69. Nickelthrower


    I'm not so sure about that. I did microwave and satellite communications while in the military - basically, battlefield cell phones. Though I will not say how we did things, I can tell you that your cell phone is transmitting at less than 1watt of power. That is why buildings mess with your signal.

    Something like a Carrington Event is coming right through those buildings. Trust me, I've seen what the military does to protect its electronics and I can tell you that much of the civilian electrical infrastructure will not survive regardless of how you try to hide it.

  70. Mindaugas
  71. Mindaugas

    So that is what Tesla's tower was for!!!

    It was both transmitor and a receiver.

    1) Send some waves into Ionosphere;
    2) They get amplified and reflected;
    3) Catch em;
    4) Take the excess energy;
    5) Repeat the process.

  72. Woor9649
  73. Woor9649

    Why does the US government rail
    and threaten against countries like IRAN for possibly developing a
    nuclear weapon when all Iran has to do is deploy an EMP bomb which would
    put our country into a tech dark age? If IRAN was smart maybe they
    should abandon their Nuclear program altogether and focus on this new
    technology. In light of this new tech. seems like a Nuclear Bomb is
    humane. Who wants to go back to the stone age?

  74. GrimCobra
  75. GrimCobra

    Its funny how it could destroy first world countries and third-world countries live like that every day.

  76. Kim Diedrichsen
  77. Kim Diedrichsen

    No its not funny at all, how you can compare a modern society with elevators, water pumps, stock exchange ect. to a third world country that only has a fraction of those things.
    pretty ignorant.

  78. Vim de Zim
  79. Vim de Zim

    Just didn't get the point GC was makin did ya Kim?

  80. GrimCobra
  81. GrimCobra

    Because they live with the bare minimum for survival whilst we have so much. Because we have so much we take things for granted. Therefor most people in modern society wouldn't stand a chance. Without our tech advantages it levels the the playing field. So we can compare ourselves to them.

  82. Kim Diedrichsen
  83. Kim Diedrichsen

    No what was his point?

  84. blondemama
  85. blondemama

    chilling. is there nothing they won't do to us???

  86. blondemama
  87. blondemama

    for more info try youtube :

    "Who Is Elisa Lam?"


    Check out the review of "New Energy Technology" in the video "Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?" The ability to produce electricity from the earth's magnetic field has been around for 100+ years, for sure starting with Mr. Tesla.

    JP Morgan was his financier and he had a monopoly on copper wire. When he realized energy would be available for free to everyone without wires using Mr. Tesla's technology, he pulled Mr. Tesla's funding.


    The Power Principle is a 3 part historical overview of US foreign policy. It is brutally correct and would be difficult for many American's to watch because the truth about our own country's rulers has been well hidden from us...

    After 1959 for sure, a plan was executed to remove a long list of topics from the public education system in the US. I am a product of that plan. It has taken me 30+ years to fill in the gaps left by that censored education.

    When I was 17 I decided to never own a TV. As a result, I do not think like my fellow Americans. Every American should take their TV to a toxic waste dump and just hook a TV screen up to their computer to watch videos or plan movie DVDs.

    Everything else on TV is shit designed to brainwash and control.


    In high school in 1975, we used to joke about the Neutron Bomb while listening to Grateful Dead.


    Actually, women have been quite capable of parthenogenisis for millenia. They just don't know it.


    I thought that too. It was strange and I wondered about the "H" in the upper left corner. History Channel?


    The US military rulers could give a rats f--king a** about anyone but their corporate owners. Seriously, everything the US does is to keep the corporate elite happy up there on the 37th floor with the ice clinking in their glasses. (Ani DiFranco "Coming Up")

  100. Pysmythe
  101. Pysmythe

    "Let my inspiration flow..."
    Bolivia Neutron Bomb!
    Yup, so did we. I think the joking was somewhat necessary, actually...

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