The Iron Wall
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The Iron Wall

2006, Conspiracy  -   150 Comments
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The Iron WallFrom that day these words became the official and unspoken policy of the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel. Settlements were used from the beginning to create a Zionist foothold in Palestine.

After 1967 and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the aim of the settlement movement became clear - create facts on the ground and make the creation of a Palestinian state impossible. Thirty nine years of occupation and the policy started showing results. There are now more than 200 settlements and outposts scattered throughout the West Bank blocking the geographic possibility of a contiguous Palestinian territory.

The Iron Wall documentary exposes this phenomenon and follows the timeline, size, population of the settlements, and its impact on the peace process. This film also touches on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground - the wall that Israel is building in the West Bank and its impact on the Palestinian's peoples.

Settlements and related infrastructures are impacting every aspect of life for all Palestinians from land confiscation, theft of natural resources, confiscation of the basic human rights, creation of an apartheid-like system, to the devastating impact in regards to the future of the region and the prospect of the peace process.

Palestinians and Israelis began the peace process based on a very simple principle: land for peace. Settlements destroy that principle and create a land with no peace.

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Terryl Sky
2 years ago

Palestine was Palestine when the Jews were still slaves 3,000 years before Moses crossed the Res Sea. What about the Palestinians right to exist??? Shameful, arrogant, and greedy.

3 years ago

And they call themselves gods people, hmmm, I'm sure God wouldn't agree with what there doing. Considering, and think about it, most of those people have no ties to these lands.

4 years ago

Revelation 2:9 King James Version (KJV)

9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

4 years ago

Revelation 3:9 King James Version (KJV)

9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

5 years ago

Remember that Menachem Begin is a Zionist terrorist; responsible for the 1948 attacks on the King David Hotel & the Deir Yassin Massacres. He is a Butcher in the grim reality of that definition. It says a lot for Jew Zionists that they elect a human butcher killer as their Prime Minister. The majority of Jewish Settlers in the West Bank are westerners who never suffered the Nazi Atrocities. There is no necessity or Legality for these Jews to live in Israel.
Jews control the US Government & the US Banks & US Stock Exchanges. The Jews are vastly over represented in the USA. That has to be knocked back. American Jews are becoming ever more Fascist in the USA. American Jews went from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party to the Tea Party. They are the American Nazi Party.

Charles Brunin
7 years ago

What Israel is doing is genius. It goes so far beyond brilliant that this is "The Operation of God's Hand". If this was "man's" idea it could not succeed. When the wall is complete any Palestinian that goes out side the wall will not be allowed back in. The result is a totally Jewish Israel, just as it must be. Read the book of Joshuah and you will realize this is God's will. Read the book of Judges and you will see why they must have a totally Jewish Israel. When the wall is complete Jews will be forced by circumstance or called by God to return to Israel and then the Church will be snatched away. The Messiah will come, the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached and then the end will come. Glory to God, Jesus Christ to Whom the Glory forever and ever Amen.

7 years ago

To JGarbuz:

Your say that Christians and Muslims have somehow weakened their claim to the Jewish homeland by "joining the Ishmaelite tribes". How, if they are and remain ethnically Jewish?

Really, though, how is it that ethnically-Jewish atheists are allowed to claim the right of return while ethnically-Jewish Christians and Muslims who have lived in the Holy Land for years are to be evicted for not being Jewish enough?

The only answer is that Israel is not primarily a secular state for a particular ethnicity, but a religious theocracy for those of a particular creed. The only difference between the Palestinian Christian and the the ethnically-Jewish atheist is their religion, nothing more, and your blatant unwillingness to distinguish between ethnicity and faith shows your true aims as a Zionist and a theocrat.

No, seriously. If Israel were not a theocracy, why would the Chief Rabbinate be the entity tasked with distinguishing between Jews and non-Jews for the sake of state citizenship? If Israel were secular, should that not be an ethnic question, one determined on the same genetic and mitochondrial basis that first justified European Zionists' claims to a Middle Eastern homeland?

Instead, it's a clerical decision made by Neo-Sadducees... excuse me, "rabbis". It's a decision made according to religious laws, weakening *ANY AND ALL* Israeli claims to secularity.

There are a lot of words that could describe the institution of a theocracy on land that is holy to three very different faiths. Inflammatory, irresponsible, and bigoted all come to mind; and until the State of Israel treats ethnic Jews with the same respect no matter their religious affiliation, it will continue to be the enemy of peace.

I'll just end by warning you this: before you ask God to curse the enemies of Israel, think long and hard about whether your policies are really in Israel's best interests; because if not, then *you* are the enemy. God's judgment once cost ten of your tribes their freedom: you would be wise not to make the same mistake twice.

Rebut Ifucan
8 years ago

The world is a wasteland of scattered smoking British disasters.

Jack Kaden
8 years ago

They certainly learnt much from N.S.D.A.P [Nazis]. Are we here under the illusion that the Zionist jews or those who spot a good deal for an apartment just need some Living Space, can not remember the German translation for the life of me just as I do not seem to remember the name of similar footage recorded mainly in black and white all over Germany, something I think that went along the lines of Crystal Night. Short on memory, Long on hatred, Shame.

8 years ago

Wow, the world seems to be populated with Anti-semites, well this little world anyway. I'm not Jewish, I'm not Christian or any other religion for that matter (isn't it amazing how if one person has an imaginary friend they are insane but if a group of people have the same imaginary friend it's a religion) but I do understand the concept of self-preservation. From the lack of historical knowledge shown by the overwhelming majority of comments here I'm not surprised by the fact that the world is screwed-up.
One would say that the Jews first arrived in Israel in the mid 1940's and not that they were there since 1353BC when Joshua entered the "Promised Land". One would say that that part of the planet was always known as Palestine and not Judea until the Romans renamed it Palestina in 134AD. One would say that it is always the Jews that commit violence and never mind the fact that they were massacred and nearly exterminated in 614AD, 1648AD and again in 1939-1945. The Crusades in 1099, the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, and so forth and so forth. (Do your own research)
Is it no wonder then that after Hitler (and the Mufti that actively supported him) the Jews decided to claim a piece of land in an area that has Jewish historical ties to ensure their survival? How many of you actually know that in 1917 the British promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine, or that in 1922 the League of Nations partitioned 77% of Palestine to establish Trans-Jordan and that Arab Nationalist leaders refused a Jewish homeland, or that in 1947 the Jews were offered 13% of the British Mandate area, which the Jews accepted but the Arabs rejected, or that Israel was attacked by numerous Arab armies simultaneously in 1948, 1967 and 1973 with the sole purpose of exterminating the Jewish peoples? These armies got a hiding and now they want to squeal! And still to this day there are organisations and Nations that call for the total extermination of the Jewish peoples, and you all want them to sit by and allow it to happen.
Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on the IS (or ISIS) and other Muslim extremists like Boko Haram and Al Shabaab in Africa who are waging an armed conflict to establish their own little caliphs in democratic counties or Al Qaeda which is now establishing in the worlds biggest democracy (India) with the purpose of establishing a caliph there.
To all of you living in stolen (colonised) lands I say give back the land to it's rightful owners seen as you are so prone to preaching, put your money where your mouth is or shut-up.

9 years ago

those Zionists don t make it easy to like them... what kind of god would endorse the defensless beating, and unfair treatment like that? it s no wonder they are not liked, they make the nazis look good by their actions.

Arda Bayraktar
9 years ago

It ıs actually Amerıcan's dream to conquıre all of the Mıddle East and by thıs way acquıre a lot of luxury thıngs and colonıze the people lıvıng ın there.They didn't even give any right living in there and they got their own whatever they found at the places where they conquied.It is the American capitalism.Americans are very terrible human beings that they conquired all over the world and they spread their culture and their language wherever they conquire.

10 years ago

It is a bitter situation that the Palestinians are oppressed with these zionist jews. They are pehaps the most psychopathic people on the face of the earth. They were not wanted anywhere because they lack compassion and any other aspect of humanity; unwilling to integrate, they have this need to overpower and destroy the lives of those they infiltrate. The British were unthinking idiots to arrange such a mindboggling error. How did they have the power to do such a thing? Did the Palestinians not have any say in this arrangement? And the rest of the world allows it with their silence; even their own kind, the muslims have not offered help by word or weapon. Shame for this terrible disaster.

11 years ago

Arabs didn't nail Jesus to the cross 2000 and sum years ago..

11 years ago

I'm disgusted!....Even the Israeli 'civilians' are armed! This was a good Documentary, it sorrowfully reveals and intensifies the sufferings of the true and only victims, which are, and for too long, always have been, the Palestinians.

11 years ago

the bullied became the bully and the gaza and westbank are biggest concentration camps in the world, they should be called Auschwitz IV-gaza and V-westbank, so there is no mistake of what they are.

And we ar all suprised about suicide bombers, selfmade rockets
and antisemetic thinking.

Every problem i the world right now is becuzz the west deceided to give the jews a piece of land and the means to defend it, a piece of land that they did not have any right to an did not inhabbit for 2000 years supposedly given to them by god a guy who does not even exist.

Hell i have a better claim in givving away a piece of land, than a fictitious al knowing supreme being who nobody ever ever ever saw.
Realy wanna be close to god take some psychedellics and see the go in yourselfs, otherwise shut up about zellot nonsense and stop kicking people out of the land they lived on for hundreds maybe thousends of years, and leave the past to the past cuzz hearing shit like my family lived there before they got expelled 2000 years ago is not a valid argument. Haven't you people grown up since then guess not, it's probbably a requirement to be stuck thousends of years in the past and to be compleet cunt to the evolution of the whole of humanity

@Draimanformayor Losangeles yeh you know i'm talking about you and the likes of you

people grow up and
Namaste to everyone who can let go

11 years ago

Only want to flag that docu...
I guess that I'll get the emails for the new comments...
Which will remind me to view it.


11 years ago

Draimanformayor Losangeles says "Any restraint is counterproductive. Israel must respond with maximum extreme force. This is the only way to subdue the enemy. This is the enemy that wants to throw you into the sea"
However, no Jews in Israel have been thrown into the sea. No Jews in Israel have been disposed by Arabs. It is the other way round. Israel is stealing Palestinian land, demolishing their property, driving them out. Israel refuses to define it borders. It seeks a 'Greater Israel, only for Jews. The documentary film shows this policy in progress.
Under the same philosophy advocated by Draimanformayor, the Arabs would be justified to used extreme force, which mounts to extermination of the enemy. Thank God, the majority do not. They are willing to live in peace with Jewish neighbours as long as their natural rights are protected.

11 years ago

Either we live in a modern world with values based on human rights and respect for international, or we don't. The fact that Jews, an Arab tribe from modern day Iraq, dwelt in Palestine several thousand years ago, is totally irrelevant. It is a gross violation of basic human rights to dispossess people from their land, bulldozing their homes, destroying their orchards and restricting their movements, in order to build settlements and infrastructure for immigrants, even if the ancestors of those immigrants once lived there (though , as a result of mass conversions, most ancestors did not).
This justification for disposing the Jews from Germany was based on exactly the same racist beliefs.
Two wrongs do not make a right

11 years ago

Israel, no restraint, no concession to the Arabs rev1.

Any restraint is counterproductive. Israel must respond with maximum extreme force. This is the only way to subdue the enemy. This is the enemy that wants to throw you into the sea.

I would gladly support a major offensive against Gaza or any other Arab Palestinians that are hurting Israelis in any shape or form.

Many years ago when Sharon was defense minister of Israel (while his wife was alive) his policy was, any violent acts by the Palestinian Arabs were returned with extreme force, and it worked.

Why have we changed tactics, have we become too soft, too worried about world opinion. We are paying for this behavior with Israeli lives and damage to Israel's economy. With this approach, matters will only get worse, as the past has proven. The Arabs treat concessions and lack of extreme response as a sign of weakness.

People of the world ultimately respect a government that protects its people at any cost. Not a government that causes its people to run to shelters constantly and more.

Let us go back to the old ways and respond with very extreme force, no restraint, no concession. You will see in the long run, it will bring a much more peaceful life in Israel.

Terror should be handled in the following manner. When a poison strikes the human body, the only way to address it, is to remove it and destroy it completely.

If the Arabs cannot control their own people, extreme or not, they will have to pay the price.

There is a divine statement that says “if someone comes to kill you, you should beat him to it, and kill him first.

Let us celebrate living in safety in Greater Israel.

Remember the Arabs are the occupiers.

Greater Israel belongs to the Jewish people for over 3,000 years.

King David fought many wars to bring peace to Israel; he did not use restraint at all, only extreme force.

The expanded Land of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates has enough territory to settle all the Israelites together with the strangers among them! There is an opinion that the entire population of the world could be placed in the state of Texas, which consist of 268,820 square miles or 696,200 square kilometers. By comparison, the Biblical Land of Israel is not “tiny” at all. Its borders will include the Eastern part of Egypt, Sinai, Lebanon, Jordan, island of Cyprus, part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, parts of Iraq and Turkey. It is estimated that the Promised Land is eight times the size of Texas. The population of all the children of Israel is much less than that of the whole world. It would be no problem to accommodate all Israelites on their Land. Especially, as the prophets say, all the Arab and Muslim enemy-nations surrounding Israel will have been defeated and expelled out of the Land. Their lands will be repossessed by Israelites.
“Those who laid you waste depart from you. They that swallowed thee up shall be far away” (Isaiah 49:17, 19).
Israel should annex Judea and Samaria immediately.
The Qur'an 17:104 - states the land belongs to the Jewish people

YJ Draiman

Indeed, history shows that only a vigorous and unapologetic self-defense permits survival in a hostile world.

11 years ago

This is outrageous. There will never be peace until these settlements are dismantled. Looking at the amount of settlements and the infrastructure connecting them makes their abandonment and dismantling almost impossible. Reading though the comments I keep hearing people bring up the holocaust. What do Palestinians have to do with the Holocaust and the illegal occupation of the West bank and illegal land grabs?

11 years ago

I'm gonna pray to pink easter bunnies and santa claus that a meteor hits right smack dab in the middle of the holy land.

Gary V
12 years ago

Does anyone else here not find it a bit ironic the Jews are the only people in the world who did not learn anything from the holocaust ? You would have thought that they of all people would not want to see the same things repeated ever again, but obviously not. First you need to prove the existence of God before you can use him as an excuse for your actions, shifting the blame onto something that does not exist does not work for me. I have said it before & I will say it again, the UN needs to go in & reset the borders to what they were in 1949 & sort out the mess that it created.

12 years ago

On a final maybe naive, but this people must find a peace solution soon...I FOR ONE , HAD NO IDEA IN MY IGNORANCE ABOUT MANY OF THE THINGS GOING ON THERE, NOW I KNOW...THANKS TO THIS FILM....

12 years ago

Simply grandma used to hide Jews in Hitler occupied Warsaw, for what so they can practice now same tactics on Palestinians. History will get this straight yet, I hope.

12 years ago

Ok I just want to put this out there. For all of you who believe that to kill in the name of a religious belief, or think that such actions against your own brethren are justified in any way must begin to question that which you worship.

I don't give a s*** about anyone's religion and operate off pure logic alone.

Man has been controlled and manipulated by man for many millenia and the same theme continues to this day, except we see that the desperation of the wicked and the deeds that they do are increasing tenfold as they try to hide behind the name and existence of THE DIVINE.

This undoubtedly is a mockery of truth, justice, and all that these tenets stand for.

There is no way that these so-called jewish people are a holy people because all we witness from them as well as the arabs are ungodly and despicable acts.

I truely belive that the general populace in every land is under the spell of there leadership who are in turn working together to fulfill the pact they have with some demonic entity.

There is simply no other way to describe the acts that are taking place all over the world and all of the cover-ups we see occuring. I do not believe half the shit the news reports because this is simply an engine in which to convey their agenda. They tell us what they want us to believe and if we are not convince still violence & chaos always seems to do the trick.

No more living in f***ing fear we have to take a stand against this wicked, corrupt, and tyrannical worldwide system and destroy all that is not righteous!!

Mankind has simply been used as slaves to this wicked machine and it must be destroyed!!!

By any means necessary..

12 years ago

@jgarbuz - please keep your propaganda to yourself, your religious beliefs, be it jew, christian, muslim, or any other are the true crimes against humanity, all society needs to wake up to the lies of all religion, and realize they are moral caring beings in nature, and not because they are told to be by a religous leader.

Grow up, and think for yourself

12 years ago

The bottom line is that America is still 75% a Christian country, and most Christians recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland. They recognize that Jesus was a Jew, not an Arab, and that His earthly homeland was Judea, not Palestine.

As for American Jews, those who want to remain Jews will not support the destruction of the Jewish state just to create a 22nd Arab state in Judah and Samaria. As for those who do not want to remain Jews, they will intermarry and disappear.

The reality is that the Arab world now wants democracy and is not interested in more wars with Israel on behalf of Palestinian extremists who have maximalist demands, and who refuse even to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Right now, most Muslim regimes are more concerned with their own domestic situation and not on confrontations with Israel or America.

If the Palestinian Arabs want a small state next to the Jewish state, they know the path they must walk along. If they still cling to past fantasies, they will continue to make trouble and increasingly no one will pay any attention to them anymore.

assassinate sharon already
12 years ago

Israel will persist in its current path unless The Jews outside of Israel open their eyes to the costs. Jews outside of israel make up three quarters of the Jewish population and they are the reason it continues to function. Without them their U.S and international aid would falter. Other countries could finally place trade sanctions on Israel without the dangers of Jewish reactions. Politicians could proceed in a humane manner without being name called as "anti-semites". AIPAC and all individuals involved would not allow this, for it would mean the end of their power and careers. Jews outside of Israel and Jews within Israel rely on eachother to maintain their status, but Jews outside of Israel could still function without Israel. The U.S administration values nations that follow the rules, Israel does not. It will take the mass movement of the entire U.S population to not just notice this fact, but to act.

Bottom line is this: the people with the power to enforce international human rights law through indirect means, will not excercise that power.
There are repeated articles that prove the U.S's involvement with Israel is counter to the interests of the U.S population at large. AIPAC continues this trend for their own selfish benefit. It will take the fading of holocaust sentiments for the U.S population, to even come close to critisizing Jewish relations

12 years ago

First of all, learn to spell ISRAEL correctly, before you comment on it. IF you can't even correctly spell the name of the country you are so critical of, why should anyone take the rest of what you state seriously?

As for dual nationals, there are many other dual nationals in the US including Egyptians.

If the Arabs want to negotiate with the Jews to create a 22nd Arab state in Judah, Samaria, and Gaza, then they could start by recognizing Israel as the JEWISH STATE first! Why should the Jewish state recognize and negotiate with Arab or Muslim states, when they won't recognize the Jewish state?

And obviously you have not kept up with Israeli news, because you obviously are not aware of natural gas and oil finds off the coast of Israel. But US companies get lots of benefits from doing R&D and business in Israel. Just ask the CEOs of Intel and 100 other top high tech companies that hire Israeli engineers and scientists to keep them at the razor's edge of competitiveness. Warren Buffet's first overseas investment of $4 billion was in an Israeli company called Iscar. Not all benefits are oil-based. Much ISraeli high tech in the military and medical fields have benefited the US greatly. The Chinese and others have great interests in Israeli technical achievements.

12 years ago

Cut off the flow of money into Isreal. Disallow dual citizenship. Remove Isreal from the statue of "Most Favored Trading Nation". This will cause the Isreali's to negotiate with the Arab population and save America and other Western Counties Billions of dollars. There is very little oil in Isreal..

12 years ago

First of all, my entire family in Europe, other than my mother and father,were killed in the Holocaust. In fact, I never met another child of Holocaust survivors, such as myself, who ever knew a living grandparent. Not one!
But the Holocaust has nothing to do with Israel, and the right of the Jewish people to their historic homeland. The Council of the League of Nations, in 1922, some 20 years before the Holocaust, had already ruled that the Jewish homeland was in Palestine. The reason why the HOlocaust even happened was because more Jews did not go live in Palestine between 1920 and 1939. My own mother was stopped from going to Palestine in 1930s by my grandmother, who was later killed by the Nazis when they tried to escape the Ghetto. So the point is, that had the Jews not waited, and had they resettled their homeland in greater numbers in the 1920s and '30s, there never would have been a Holocaust to begin with. The Holocaust only proved to many Jews that they could never count on anyone to protect them in other countries, and that they must have their own land, army, etc. As for the Arabs who were already living there, many compromises and offers to split the country were tried, and rejected by the Arabs, who still refuse to recognize that ISrael is the Jewish state.

12 years ago

Hate breads hate. Also to those who have famill killed in the hollocaust, my condolences. How ever shame on you for using thier plight to argue for dinying other people innalible rights! All our blood runs red! Thats all Iwill say.

12 years ago

Long live Palestine!

12 years ago

Well, the UN is really good at defining things AFTER they happen, eh? The Hutu attempt to exterminate the Tutsi was indeed a genocide. I don't know if the Turks were attempting to wipe out the Armenians as a race, or just to get rid of non-Muslims, or collaborators with the enemies of the Ottoman empire in wartime, etc. I do know that it is historically accepted that they murdered over 1 million Armenians whatever the justification. But the term genocide should be reserved for massacres whose purpose is to physically totally eliminate a racial or national group. And I don't claim that the genocide attempt by Hitler was totally unique in history, but certainly the most thorough, systematic and mechanized attempt to annihilate a whole group. And gypsies as well.

Anyway, I don't know how the Holocaust is relevant, one way or the other, to this whole discussion of the "Iron Wall." Jabotinsky's 1923 concept that the Jews must build their state behind an "Iron Wall" came about because he, long before the Socialist Zionists, concluded that the Muslim Arabs would never accept any kind of Jewish sovereignty in any part of that land, and that such hopes were futile and illusory, and that Jews must either give up their aspirations to recover their homeland, and remain stateless, or fight on behind an Iron Wall of will not to give up and to keep going to liberate what he considered the occupied Jewish homeland.

12 years ago

According to the United Nations Council on the Prevention and Punichment of Genocide the act is defined as:

the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

Under this framework the Amenian slaughter by the turks, the serbs of the Croates (or and the Croates of the Serbs), the Hutu-Tutsi genocide, and on and on and on are defined...
How exaclty is the Jewish genocide unique "in that certain groups were singled out for extermination for no other reason than who they were born as"...You just defined genocide, and clearly historcally it is not new, it did not end in 1945 and still happens today... Basically, according to you, the holocaust was remarkable in that is was not... it was actually textbook...literally.

12 years ago

To Random Pedestrian

How many people in your family were killed during the holocaust? I can tell you in mine. If someone like your grandmother, brother, parent, sister or baby wasn't killed, then of course the deaths of others doesn't affect you at all.

At any rate, the Holocaust was unique in that certain groups were singled out for extermination for no other reason than who they were born as. Jews, Gypsies, Gays, retarded people, were labelled as enemies of the race and murdered soley on the basis of that alone. As for blacks, they were enslaved and it was justified that AFricans were subhuman and only suited for manual slave labor. At any rate, what was your point, that too much emphasis has been placed on the Holocaust? If that is your argument, then I agree. It was hoped by liberal JEwish elements that somehow showcasing the Holocaust would prevent subsequent genocides. WE now know that that idea is false. We now know that you cannot reeducated human behavior. It's why I am a Zionist I believe that the Jewish people have to have their own land and army and defend themselves that we never get dragged to our deaths so easily again. I do not believe that you can change human behavior simply by education or moralizing. I believe that you have to have the power to defend your existence, or someone will take it, or enslave you. Nobody will defend another group if it will not defend itself.

12 years ago

The name "Hebrew" means people "from the other bank of the river," that is, of the Euphrates; and it may well be that Abraham's tribe was only one small portion of the many Semites from the Euphrates who drifted into Canaan. It is certain that "Hebrew" in its widest significance was applied not only to the Israelites but to many of their immediate neighbors, the Moabites, Ammonites, and others. Apparently, also, it was only after some centuries that Abraham's special descendants, the Israelites, separated wholly from these kindred tribes and in a period of famine undertook that further migration which brought them into Egypt.

12 years ago

My question is: Where did the Jewish Civilization begin?

12 years ago

Jewish civilization began in the Land of Israel. It is written that Abraham was from Ur, today part of Iraq, but the Judges, Prophets and Kings of Israel were all Israelites. East of the Jordan river the Ishmaelites developed their own civilizations.

And Hebrew is the only Canaanite language. Arabic is a foreign import, as is Islam.

12 years ago

Where did Jewish civilization begin? Was it in the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates? If that is true, it means that the Jews relocated to a new location. Therefore the new land cannot be claimed as theirs, since they are not natives of that land.

12 years ago

Pardon? I am having such a hard time understanding. All I hear is rant, rant, rant.

12 years ago

You think? You don't know? Why don't you have set b ask his tribal council about it, he claims to be a member of the tribe, to find out what Cherokee law says about it?
If someone came to me to ask about becoming a Jew, I would refer him to one of our tribal leaders, some Orthodox Rabbi, who could explain what is involved. Our tribe also does not encourage new membership. But there are laws on how one might become a member, if found acceptable.

12 years ago

I dont think they are taking applications.

12 years ago

To setb

I want to be a Cherokee and live on Cherokee land. What do I have to do to join your tribe?

12 years ago

@jgarbage you are full of crap. i am cherokee, and my people have ancestral claim to north America, and we were exterminated too. does that mean i think we should get America back? hell no. you guys are greedy pigs with no souls or hearts. shame on you bulldozing peoples houses while they are in them. fighting rocks with tanks. i could make so many valid points but you are too self brainwashed for it to matter.

12 years ago

I do not rant. I am just stating basic historical facts that anyone who cares to do so can check out for themselves. As I said in my previous post, Palestine was divided into an ARab state, the Emirate of Transjordan east of the Jordan river, and the Jewish National Home west of the Jordan river in 1922. Anyone can do a few minutes of research to spare can verify it.

12 years ago

Well I am so glad that the extent of your control in this issue is the ability to rant at nauseum on this message board.

12 years ago

In 1922 Palestine was divided into two entities: East of the Jordan river became the Emirate of Transjordan, which gained independence in 1928. That was the state for the Arabs. The other entity was called the "JEwish National Home" west of the Jordan river. That was to be populated by Jewish immigration who were to eventually become the majority. Unfortunately, the Arabs resisted Jewish immigration, and after 25 years of struggle, the UN in 1947 proposed a SECOND division of what was left of Palestine. The Arabs rejected that as well and went to war to destroy the Jewish state. As far as I am concerned, Jordan is the ARab state in Palestine. How many states do the Arabs get to get? Two or three, counting Gaza? My solution is for the Arabs to go to Jordan.

12 years ago

that's a very selective sprinkling of facts

its clear that you dont consider the palestinian arabs (arabs living within palestine, many of long duration) have any rights, other than to leave the country of their birth, in deference to any old person of jewish ancestry/religion from any place else on earth.

any way you try to justify it, the situation stinks.

and supporting a regime which imposes such policies goes against the most important principle of the u.s regime - equality before the law, in the making of the law.

that's an ideal the u.s. only approaches, but it is, at least, our ideal.

what is the ideal for israel which does not exclude millions of people within its borders?

israel needs to re-create itself.