The Killing of Kashmir
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The Killing of Kashmir

2005, Military and War  -   139 Comments
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The Killing of KashmirI would soon learn the security forces and the militants take who they want, they torture, and they kill. Caught in the middle are the people of Kashmir. More than 60,000 people, mostly innocent civilians, have died in the 15-year conflict. Half a million Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir, fighting Pakistani-funded militants who slip across the border to attack the troops but also to terrorize the local population into giving them shelter and assistance.

While both governments talk of peace, Unreported World reveals that, on the ground, very little has changed. For the local villagers life is a cycle of militant violence and government repression. The team arrive in Srinagar to find Indian police have just violently beaten a group of women who are protesting about the detention of two men and a woman for alleged links to pro-Pakistan militants.

Two sisters tell Jordan that around 25 masked troops from a Special Operations Group had burst in through the window and grabbed their father, mother and uncle. The children are terrified that their parents may join the 8,000 people who international human rights groups say have "disappeared" after being taken away by the security forces over the last 15 years.

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  1. If the moderate Muslims stay quiet over the atrocities committed against the Hindu Pundits, and against their continued unjust treatment, one day, even the benign Hindu will rise and speak the same language. Kashimiris should voluntarily end article 35A, and Indian Government should quell the violence by Pakistan.

    Pakistani people should also realise that if this continues, they will become Syria.

  2. Solution to the problem is break pakistan into 8 pieces and then return back kashmir to India , original owners with signed accession agreement of maharaja hari singh, which suggests pakistan is illegally holding kashmir

  3. Media is paid by wabahi radical organisation to show hindus and India in bad shade this has been happening since 1990. they want to show muslims as victims, and hindus as oppressors, where as the reality is completely opposite. Media show India in bad share because it is financed with terrorist money. Jazira, press tv are other channels who are proIslamist radicals and anti Hindu.

    1. Thanks for Real view of this ...happy that someone outside India understand the situation so well..Faith in humanity sustained

  4. USA does not want India to become a competitor. USA weaponizes and funds Pakistan to attack India. Saudi Arabia an ally of USA provides funding and wahabhi ideology for radicalizing the people of kashmir.

  5. Endia has to admit that they cannot oppress the movement of freedom.This should be a lesson learnt from the book of British Empire.Better and sooner Endia realize this it would be beneficial for Endian Govt.Kashmiris will get their right of self-determination

  6. People who say, Sandra hasn't taken Indian view are blind because they can't see no one from Indian side is ready to come on camera to clarify their stand. And how can these pro Indian savages come? They are murderers. I'm watching this in 2017 and this makes my blood boil.

  7. 1st of all I want to appreciate the comments of Mr. Latif. & well said from Leon.
    india promote terrorism all over the region it should be stop stop and stop ASAP.

  8. One day indian policies will make a reason to sink so called world largest democracy itself.for a moment forget kashmir what about khalistan,asaam xyz. there 12 to 15 sepratest movement runing all over the india.they all getting support from pakistan question is this?india promote terrorism all over the region it should be stop stop stop.

  9. So sad india should understand they will never stop to kashmiris to geting their right of independence they have a right to live with independence like as indians and pakistanis.india can't stop them with force.kashmir is a key reason for tense situation between india and pakistan not a terrorism they ate freedom fighter india killing kashmiries and expect love from them.pakistan is not involved in violence in kashmir they are kashmiries.

  10. So sad india should understand they will never stop to kashmiris to geting their right of independence they have a right to live with independence like as indians and pakistanis.india can't stop them with force.kashmir is a key reason with india and pakistan not a terrorism.india killing kashmiries and expect love from them.pakistan is not involved in violence in kashmir they are kashmiries.

  11. I not seen video,i don't think it necessary ,by reading comments I can say that wt this video means ,Kashmir issue can't be solved by violence of protester , protester should learn this they never get anything from course some do who misguide them...about military people there lives also precious like they have there family they can't get killed by doubt of saving civilian turned out to any warzone area it's common to see some human Rights violation...and also protester should learn that if they use violence off course they face violence...and India military also have work to protect 1.2 billions Indians and these civilian death r worth..... kashmiri can change there locations to safe place why they don't's cause they want this...and one thing important it's Muslim dominant area so youngsters r easy pray for radicalism...and Pakistan is famous for creating terrorism...and that's why there is peace in Jammu and ladak where Hindu and other also major population

  12. Guidelines for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from India.
    People of Kashmir are struggling for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from last 70 years against Hindu Majority India.
    During this period India has killed and injured uncountable innocent Kashmiri violating their human rights and by humiliating their right of freedom, respect and honor.
    Following are few Guidelines which might be helpful for people of Kashmir in their struggle for freedom and respect.
    Freedom of Kashmir is necessary for Respect and Honor of Kashmiris.
    When it was decided in 1947 that to stabilize United India politically, their will be partition into Majority Hindu India and Majority Muslim India, but by violating this principle Majority Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir was occupied by Majority Hindu India by deception and use of force, which resulted in great misbehavior and insult for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, when this misbehavior and deception was further augmented by denying right of self determination to Kshmiries even after accepting the UN resolution for right of self determination for people of Kashmir by India, so freedom of Kashmir is not only necessary as democratic and human rights of innocent and oppressed people of Kashmir but also for maintaining their respect, regard and honor of innocent Kashmiri. So people of Kashmir should try to convince world opinion with reference to link of their freedom with respect, regard, honor and sanctity of Kashmiri.
    Use of Hindu religion in freedom of Kashmir.
    Historically religion can play a very important role in the freedom of Kashmir, both Hindus and Muslims religions played a great role in bringing both parties on consensus for partition of India. The same thing can be used today for forcing India to accept Muslim Kashmiri freedom. Calls of Freedom for Kashmir should be directed and addressed to Hindu Majority of India, indicating victimization of Muslims by Majority Hindu India in Kashmir, this will apply a great moral pressure on Hindu India and their Hindu religion, as no religion or followers of any religion wants to be labeled as victimizers or abusers.
    Demand of Annexation with Pakistan should be direct.
    Although right of self determination and plebiscite as per UN resolution are main basis for freedom of Kashmir, but now Kashmiri Political Leadership should just demand DIRECT ANNEXATION WITH PAKISTAN, this demand will give a crystal clear message to world, as ambiguity and giving unknown options leads to confusion and complication, and create procedural ambiguity and hurdles in the main cause and goal.
    Moreover there is no need to create any ambiguity as no Hindu majority State in India was annexed with India after referendum or plebiscite, same case and example should be followed for inclusion of Muslim Majority state of Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. There is no need to bother India for plebiscite. India should just quit and vacate Jammu and Kashmir, so that Kashmiri can decide their future themselves.
    Victimization of White Kashmiri Race by India.
    Victimization of unique White and Reddish Kashmiri race by Indians, who themselves are dark color is deplorable, Kashmiri can use this discriminatory racial victimization by India, for justification of their right of freedom, India is trying to subjugate Kashmiris by keeping one million brutal Indian army in a small valley of Kashmir, in this huge oppressing army there is no representation of Kashmiri race, which is a clear sign of racial repression and victimization of Kashmiri by India.
    People of Kashmir can use this point for support in civilized western world and USA, and regions of world where white race is prevalent, and support of nations who faced racial discrimination as South and other African countries.
    Victimization of Muslims by India.
    Victimization of Muslims by India is an established fact, how Indian government killed millions of Muslims in 1947, How India still is misbehaving with its Muslim minority, How India is trying to create disharmony and instability among Muslims countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and how India is using Israel for victimization of Kashmiris, by using same tactics against Kashmiri as Israel is using against Palestinians. All these facts prove India anti Muslims policies. Kashmiri can use these facts for finding support for their cause in Muslim countries and Arab world.

  13. I am amazed at comments by the Indians here . A minority faction of extremist Muslim doesn't justify your feelings. One has to be fair and with time its becoming more clear that India had to be divided in 1947,the Hindu mind set is never going to go away. Its really sad .

    1. you know what is sad, let me tell you, how pakistan is funding the youth of kashmiri to throw stones, how it is providing assault rifles to youths in the name of jihad and not letting them progress by getting education.This is called proxy war as they dont have guts to challenge INDIA to a conventional war. The maulvis there are getting paid to teach hatred against INDIA to the youths of kashmir, instead of teaching them the true values of islam. THIS IS SAD that they are using the youths against their own country in the name of religion.

  14. I don't know what point is being argued here.You name a country where these things don't happen.Its appalling to see such a prejudice against one country.I think given the security threat and the larger interests the acts are completely reasonable and lawful.

  15. nice work done regarding the documentary
    anyone can became emotional after watching this .(specially that sound when girl parents is released )
    but only thing i want say it is totally based with the intention of framing the security forces in a negative role.

    grow up & collect more info about this issue.

  16. its complicated..its simple to comment bt we dnt knw the real situation..indepedent kashmir..kashmiri's has right to live
    their life without fear but my question is if india declare kashmir as a
    free state wht abt pakistan wouldnt he dare to occupy kashmir??? n if
    he did it then wht cn he do... Pakistan has had an unstable political
    history...look at his standard of his own people would
    he be able to develop kashmir? i dnt think so the situation will become
    any better..m nt in a favour of anybody..i hve heard about human right
    abuses its pathetic iska alawa koi sol nhe????? plzzzz guys suggestion
    dena asaan h bt solution its vry complex n yes second pakistan always
    try to violate india's peaceful environment wont it be easy for it whn
    it will capture kashmir and try to degrade other part of india
    also...the only solution was agreement betwwen india and pakistan to let
    kashmir be a free state and their people decide wht they want but plzzz
    dnt drag ladakh and jammu into this coz these place been peaceful n
    people r happy and developing...but people of kashmir do u hv trust tht
    pakistan will nt interfere in ur matter..who in the name of islam do
    barbarious thing they ruined the name of their religion...n yes india b
    piche nhe h politically kya kya hta h vo hme b nhe pta...humanity naam
    ki oi cheez nhe h bt paise or satta chahiye unhe so everybody stop
    screaming ki kashmir hmara h if u cnt do anything for them so stop
    saying this...hum suffer nhe kr rhe voo kr rahe h...koi kam nhe h ha
    india pakistan jitna cruel nhe h bs vrna paap to kiye hnge hi kch logo
    ne m sbko nhe kh rhe bs jo kch log h jinhone galat kiya hoga unhe kh rhe

  17. Has anyone one got the guts to expose the suffering of locals of POK at the hands of Pakistan security forces under pressure from china. Over 200 chinese companies are engaged in mining of copper, uranium, marble, sapphires and other minerals used for space technology. 100's of local are locked up in jails for opposing the Chinese mining companies. 11000 chinese troops are present in gilgit baltistan region to help in suppression of locals, obviously they are not there to offer prayers. Those Pakistanis wish to lay their claims on our land, I would ask them to get the part of kashmir from china first, which you ceded to China without fight.yes that part starts from karkurrum pass to gilgit, comprises of 5000 sq. Km. Whole world knows that all the militants are pakistani funded and trained. Otherwise there would be no problem in our land. The reason sometimes local suffered because your terrorists disguise themselves as locals and ambush army like gutless cowards. They use innocent civilians as shield. If they hide amongst locals where army would go to find them.

  18. At least something has to be done by Indian government which should provide them safety and all Rights and Opportunities which other states of India has. Kashmir should get equal rights and safety like other states of India and if that is not possible for our government then it should be freed. Live and Let Live!!

  19. Movie totally sucked, dont waste your time

  20. @ Mr Bhat, (comment 1) A hindu kashmiri in the fatherland Kashmir wouldnt have internet in a refugee camp!


    1. Those who gave shelter to osama should not take about innocence.If you really want a war than that is fine with us,we are ready to repeat 16 dec 1971.

  22. India did not kill the innocent people, If that would have happened India's own people would have stood against it, those were the terrorist who were killed, breaking the law and order in the state, killing their own people and trained by Pak (a terrorist state) now the whole world acknowledges it. If you are talking about UN resolution than its also says that Pak occupied Kashmir and China's occupied kashmir should also be given a chance, not only India administered Kashmir. In Pak and China the voice of people is crushed brutally. Its only India and its democratic system where your allowed and express yourself freely.

  23. kashmir was never part of either india or pakistan. in 1947 ruler of kashmir joined india ,later U.N recognized kashmir a disputed territory whose future will be decided by its own people.till date this right has never been granted to them.india has failed to win hearts and minds of kashmiris from last 60 years.india has killed over five lakh people from 1947 and arrested thousands.when all political and peacefull methods of demands were rejected by india kashmiris were forced to take guns against india in 1990.india has deployed more than seven lakh troops in kashmir to suppress the voice of people.currently there is decrease in number of armed millitants in kashmir,but india is facing the popular peaceful mass protests from 2008 which sends shocking waves across india.people believe that india has occupied kashmir against their wishes. it is better for india to stop misleading world and accept the ground realities of kashmir.india can kill people but she could not kill the aspirations of people.aspirations pass on from one generation to another.

    1. your statement is completely untruthful...kashmir is land of pandits & sikhs....kindly go through once real history of kashmir

    2. land of shiks and pandiths... lol to ur knowlge. what do u mean dat it was a there land and v invaded them .u indians r so wrong bot whats hapening . this media is the real culprit . if u keep an track with international media u will c the face of india . and will b surprised

  24. I don't understand why is Pakistan so sacred of India. India has never attacked any country in fact Pakistan has attacked us several times.

    I am in support of an independent Kashmir, but we should be realists. We would go back to square one i.e. 1947 when Pakistan &India were created and Kashmir was independent and then tribesmen(supported by Pakistan - this is how they use revenues for the new state) invaded it &the Kashmiri King had to sign the instrument of accession. An independent Kashmir would be like a piece of meat sandwiched between two wolves.

    The only solution is that the line of control needs to become the border where the two sides respect and develop their own parts.

    1. ist thing meat sandwich can also cause severve death in certain cases ... what is it after 60 years people are still asking there right . going into history india pakistan was itself a sandwich meat for 200 years . wat did east indian comany do . dey did the same as india is doing in kashmir ..

    2. its mistakes of kashmiris there was no trouble, no army no protests, no killings till early 80's. people were happy to be with india. in 1965 war people helped indian army to catch paki commandos. what happened in mid 80's was strategy of pakistan to destablise region. there are a lot of things to blame on india, but at the same time there are a lot of things to thank. land reforms gave u lands that you so proudly call yours. otherwise most kashmiris were just land workers working for pandits. the democracy and all the rights that you flaunt are protected by indian constitution. its the "we want islamic state" attitude that brought you guys here.

    3. what were u tehsildar here that u are saying that land belonged to pandith . ist thing kashmiri pandith are our brothers and second things whosoever have land here have purchased it.
      how to do tell such things living far away . bolte hai jo tan lagay woh tan jane ..u r just another indian with no knowldge having internent connection and free time.
      u noe wat truth is indian govt dont leave kashmir bcoz it is resources full .. all the electricity , forest and other energy . u invade from here . its more similar as british ruled indian . indian is ruling kashmir .. and plz shut up with no comment .....

    4. pandits are brothers ??? LOL.... and for ur information m not a random indian, my mom's father lost lands there during those land reforms by indian government. so i am not a random indian to comment on this. he sold rest of the land and moved to himachal.

      you dont know because neither ur ancestors nor your separatist maulvis will tell you about it.

      and india has been giving more to kashmir than kashmir can ever EVER return. from low cost electricity to roads to everything.... and not to talk about corruption among your government people.... even cost to keep armies there is more than ur total cost of resources.

      Indians wont leave because ur freedom struggle is for ur own ego. yes there have been human rights violations but why is that when same human rights are violated by terrorists no one ever speaks.... and ur freedom movement is only in 17% of lands of kashmir... jammu or laddhakh are not part of this.

      and how easily you guys befriended pakis, thats ridiculous... those were they guys who actually broke stand still agreement... india came only after ur maharaja acceded...

      and about "jo tan lage voh tan jaane", you have no idea about what kashmir has done to india. we have fought 3 wars for kashmir and uncountable terrorist attacks. so if you think that after 65 years u can just decide on ur own who takes kashmir, you are so very mistaken. and you guys can never recognize that... and if someone does and goes pro-india, he is first to get the bullet....

      and if you were so brotherly with kashmiri pandits or better said hindus because all hindus are not pandits, can you explain why is that every start of disturbance has a hindu muslim conflict underneath? be it 89 or be it 2008 amarnath land transfer issue... 100 huddang karo aur indians ne ek goli chala di toh sab problems indians ki vajah se hai... u guys have a lot more than any other Indian has...

      ur freedom struggle is not because u were treated inferior to any indian, its because u think u are better than us... and u are so f--king wrong.... india has always been bound with its own ideals (be it constitution or laws)... even best of your argument for freedom is a "promise" made by nehru... and look at your father of nation makbool batt, caught for murder of a bank official by locals themselves... or afzal guru, who accepted money being one of main reason for all the trouble he made... or even yasin malik who killed 4 IAF officials while waiting for vehicle and now he talks about gandhi, u cant even understand gandhi, leave following him...

    5. LMAO!! kashmiri pandits are our burnt their houses, terrorised and murdered them.. stole their merit and jobs, made them leave their state.. Yeah!! Way to go dear brothers"'re probably from the delusional self-righteous breed of mankind.. so why don't you join your own kind and leave us normal people alone

  25. The documentary is made on the Indian side of Kashmir, I dare the reporter to do the same on the Pakistani side of Kashmir.

    Being an Indian I am not saying India is a big saint, India has committed atrocities but theses atrocities are being handled by the judiciary in a democratic setup (though faulty they may be). In fact, Indian parliament has passed a act saying only Kashmirs can buy land in Kashmir to avoid the demographic and population change whereas on the Pakistani side the Muslims from West Pakistan have been encouraged to flood in (like Israelis settlements filling up Palestine) in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir.

    In India the army (which is most times irrational and brutal) are under the Indian parliament but in Pakistan they rule their nation.

  26. India should be brought to International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in Kashmir. What the people would like to know how has Indian democracy served the people of Kashmir? Has it provided them the dignity and honor that Democracy promises. 65 Years after Independence people of Kashmir are living in perpetual fear of Indian forces. World should also know that Kashmir and 5 other states of India are ruled under AFSPA, a draconian law that provides complete immunity to Military from any charges of Rape, Torture, Unlawful confinement and killings. How can India even claim to be a democracy?

    1. Well, its been 65 years of independence but Kashmir is only burning from last two decades since late 1980's when insurgency begun their with the support of Pak.which has already lost 3 wars against India in the hope of ruling Kashmir. Before insurgency tourism which is a major industry in Kashmir was thriving in leaps and bounds.It was a heaven 20 years ago. Still Indian government is spending millions of dollars to develop it but because of terrorism in the state development is hard to see. AFSPA is harsh law and it is forced in every state of India wherever terrorism is flourishing and I am agree it is misused sometimes and it is abolished as soon as terrorism weakens in the state. But civilians are also tortured by American troops in Affganistan and Iraq. What you will say about the terrorists who call themselves freedom fighters but torture and kills their own people Moreever, they has the same objectives as Taliban and Al qaeda. The Militant groups operating in Kashmir LET and JEM are already banned by America and UN because they are a global threat and have strong ties with Alqaeda and Taliban. So I will say in the end supporting freedom fight in Kashmir is like supporting global terrorism.

    2. Define Al-CIAda and Taliban. If it helps racist hate filled blithering idiots like you. i staunchly stand and support them and for what they stand for. Unlike india - THE RAPE KINGDOM.

    3. here we go one more terrorist!

    4. Supporting Kashmir Freedom is supporting Freedom. Why it should be any other way. India got its freedom from the British, so should Kashmir people. They should get their freedom from Indian occupation. They have every right a live a life of Dignity and Honor.

    5. Kashmir is a part of India,,What the hell u mean by saying that that it should get its freedom from indian occupation.No one is occupying anyone,Kashmir is a state of India like other 27 states.Go and read the history and then comment.It was India who saved Kashmir from atrocities of Pakistan funded goons and terrorists.Now when its our part how can we let it go.Its coz of Pakistani militants and terrorists that such strict laws have to be implemented.If these laws are not in place then these insane people would create nuisance every second day where ever they would wish..

  27. Just a small question. What is "India's National Day"? Anyway this is an issue that cannot be resolved through verbal mudslinging. But, after all it must be realized the partition of India is at the root of these problems. We have to blame the leaders of both countries. But how about the British when they left India? Sandra Jordan must make a movie on that too so that the issue is analysed at its depth.

  28. Sooo sad to see the people of Kashmir suffer. I am convinced that if Pakistan were not sending well trained and armed killers in to Kashmir this situation will not be as bad as it is today. Pakistan has no rights to this land and the wish of the people is independence aligned with India. Pakistan as a result will burn (already started) for their action in the past and what they are doing to human beings today.

  29. Re: This is exactly what they want. To provoke kashmiris against state of india.

    Dear punnet,

    I wonder if you have the brain to question why Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India, had provoked Indian people against the then state of British India? If you could think this over, then you may find an answer to your own question, supposing your brain functions normally and effectively.

    1. the situation here is different my dear friend.
      if u r chinese, let me tel u ..its not like china captured tibet or when they attacked india in 1962 in the name of friendship.
      I live in jammu kashmir state. India never captured it.
      Before independence, it was ruled by king. After the british left, the pakistanis attacked the state trying to capture it. King pleaded India to help them. Thats when Indian forces joined hands with the king and fought against infiltrators on the condition that whole state would be annexed with India.
      that should make clear some hard facts to you and u use ur super genius brain to ponder over those facts and then come to a sane conclusion

    2. it is same thing .wat king signed said after pakistani will be forced outside its faith will b decided by its people and u noe wat people want

    3. Look who is talking..Chinese are the worst in these things..Whether it is Tibet issue,water resources impasse with neighboring countries,,disallowing other languages and hundreds or other stuff..China for me is one of the most insane countries.They always use Pak for their profits,mainly for thrir anti indian benefits..and talking abt democracy ,what abt Tiananmen square protests,,

  30. The british media is f--king biased... This documentary tells us that there is no difference between indian soldiers and pakistani sponsered terrorists..
    Why does british media support this notion of kashmiri freedom fighters.. These freeedom fighters are terrorists.. they have killed soldiers and civilians. Why does british media support terrorists..? When 20008 mumbai atttacks took place the BBC News media chose to describe the 10 terrorists as gunmen. They do not f--king know the difference between a gunmen and a terrorist.. BBC initially did not even acknowledge that the terrorists came from pakistan.. There is a very strong right wing pakistani lobby in UK today which controls a large part of the britsh media.. UK is becoming anti christian society.. More women in the UK wear Burqa or a hijab as a fashion statement. The Law which abolishes the wearing of burqa in public is now removed. Britain is bowing down to the fascist radical muslim organisations.

    1. this is because they know the truth and u act too lame to understand it

  31. Before 1989 Kashmir was one of most prosperous states of India, When I was born their. It was the heaven on earth. But since the insurgency begun in 1989 it becomes the hell on earth. I can just say one thing to the people of Kashmir they have to come out to stop terrorism supported by Pak, like the people of Punjab did.The situation of Punjab was not different from Kashmir today from mid 1970's to late 80's. They were also fighting for the freedom. See how prosperous is Punjab today, once used to be a terrorist troubled state of India like Kashmir. They have to suffer the atrocities of both the security forces and militants until they decide whats right and whats wrong. I am not justifying the rude behavior of Indian security forces, I strictly condemn it but If people of kashmir want freedom so let give freedom to China`s controlled, Pak occupied Kashmir as well. Its not like that only people in indian kashmir are facing problems but in China and Pak they even dont allow people to speak and media cant even reach them.

    1. What nonsense you write prick maan. How can you compare the situation in Punjab with that of Kashmir. Sikhs have a legitimate claim to self determination in Punjab that the hindus majority have denied them since 1947. Punjab today is not prosperous like you claim it is on its knees compared to where it was and where it should be. Sikhs of Punjab will never accept living like slaves in their own land so stop trying to mislead people claiming the people are happy and the state is prosperous. Sikhs deserve and will continue to demand better.

    2. I know Punjab is struggling these days with politics and corruption and don't you think our own people are behind this demise and I am comparing the current situation of Punjab with when it was troubled by the terrorism(Killing innocent people is not a fight for freedom) and will you disagree with me that Punjab was also getting same support from Pakistan as the Kashmir is getting today than why take double standards. I better suggest you to upgrade your knowledge and think critically. I always ask one question if Punjab always wanted the freedom than why did not they declared it in 1947. Why they want it decades after. When the situation has become worst than ever bfore.

  32. 14 civilians killed by Police in Jammu and Kashmir, while other sources has shown different number up to 19. And finally now armed forces have been brought into Srinagar, the capital of Indian-administered Kashmir. This killing is not a new story, Indian forces are continuously doing this from 50 + years to stop freedom fighter’s struggle to get freedom. More than five hundred thousands Indian soldiers have been deployed by Indian government to get a strong hold on Kashmir.

    This all terrorism continues in today’s modern age when every single person in world knows his/her rights and nobody takes positive steps to solve this issue. By media propaganda Indian government has proved Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorist and successfully running fake campaign of bringing rights to Kashmiri people.

    1. please be realistic in acknowledging the facts that innocent people were killed in the valley by those so called freedom fighters, kashmiri pandits were killed and driven away from valley by whom, not by army. how can anyone forget chittisinghpora massacre ,,it was also an act of those 'freedom fighters'..why do the seperatist leaders call for strikes and people agree to them ..those who dont agree ,face stone pelting. which freedom fighter pelts stones at his own people? ask those hurriyat guys that why are there kids living and studying in foreign land while they ask kashmiri kids to boycott schools.Why wasnt there any need of army deployment before 1988-89? ask these questions to your inner conscience and to those freedom fighters.. you will get the right answer

    2. if u have something against those freedom fighter it ur word they did wrong . let agree with u . does it mean that what indian are doing is right chittisinghpora massacre is justified for u kunan pura hawal chowck is write for u .. face it kashmiri pandits were scared because governer told them they are not safe. it was bsf who fired on pandith in hawal from islamia collge . dont know if ur knowlge is right . no one can drag u out of ur homes ..... it was all govt which u support if u r a kashmiri pandith .. ppl are still being killed here but they dont run away

  33. this is our fault. Very sorry to see this happening in Gandhi's India.

    1. Please don't say sorry. It's very easy to say sorry and get away with it. The least here you can do is criticize Indian state and try to form a image of india without Kashmir. And if you have guts share that image with others.

  34. We the people of Kashmir are stupid and have to change become more smart, hardworking and shove religion into asses of our rascal leaders only then we can prosper and enjoy our rights to the fullest being said that i sympathize with my people( as we are the victims) and with Indian army and there families who are in the middle of $hit hole for the reason they don't give a F**k about.

    1. I think you are wrong here, it's not simply a matter of religion. Nation states have always perpetrated this kind of violence. It's the price of nationality, it is just that some one else has to pay for it. Secular* India can link it with anything it wants.

      I ask you a simple question what's wrong with the idea of muslim independent Kashmir. Secular Indians don't give a f--k about Kashmir pandits anyway. With half a million armymen India hasn't settled them back in kashmir. India is pretty much happy with victimizing them and give a religious tone to a genuine freedom struggle.

      All I can say is if you are really a Kashmiri, you have every right to hate Indians including me.

    2. he has every right to hate you because you are a paki in disguise about to join ISIS ...welcome to India ..carry on spreading your religion of Hatred...may god bless you with filth and pain...

  35. this documentary advocate terrorism , at end it showed that all militant die for a cause, which i do not agree, solution can be found by peaceful dialog , a documentary should focus on that.

  36. In the end she fittingly quoted,''Peace is in the headlines, but here azaadi (freedom) was the word in everyone's mouth''.

    1. Azaadi, take your f--ken Indian muslim brothers with you when you get azzadi f--ken muslim vermon destroying the rest of india with their slums and their filth

  37. How long do you want to hold these people against their will. If Nehruji was not a Kashmiri would he have given this curse to India where we qre seen in the world as the occupiers and killers. Time to get out and not leave the problem for future decisions to solve. It is the duty of saner elements in India to get out of Kashmir and be friends with our neighbours.

  38. A penny for your thoughts... We have always seen the Indian army as a very good organisation. From our school text books, to TV serials we watched as we grew up, to Bollywood films, the army is always right and does good. But is this really the case here. How long does it take, for an organisation which is trained in weapons to kill, covered in tax payers money over so many years, to develop its own conscience and act autonomously? We know it is a large organisation in its own, and no large organisation is free of malpractices. But how come there are no critical comments about the internal workings of the army and its methods? Why is the Indian populace being socially programmed into believing the army is all good? Can someone share a documentary which takes a critical view of the Indian army?

  39. kashmir hamara he

  40. society allowing this and all forms of injustice makes me sad to be a human being. we all hide behind group thinking and point fingers in fear of being judged ourselves. what has given us this justification? my heart is broken to see such a world outside of mine to be like this and i am just sitting here. what can i do???????

  41. well it was a good chance to prove the vengence from both the sides ......but non of the countries dafinately waanted this 5 decades from now ....i would say this is definately the fault of the british empire......haven't they have drooled about the prosporous country like india and looting it in the name of business......insted taking care of their ow country....on the first hand non of this would have happened if the british wouldn't have arouse conflicts between the hindu and the muslims .......before they came to india everyone lived peacefully like brothers....

  42. Good doc

  43. Stop for political events.Do only religious obligation.There are must be separation religion and political agenda.Dont blind its together.Religion is politic-this is a brutal interpretation of religion you have.Believe in me and god,Allah.Don,t do so many mistake.

  44. I haven't watched the documentary (so I apologize if this inadvertently comes off as insensitive), however reading the comments, I'm confused by the outrage Pakistanis seem to have for the Kashmiri situation.

    If, as they claim, they support the Kashmiri claim to self rule, there's a contradiction they seem to be missing. Since they occupy a huge chunk of Kashmir, that makes them the "evil occupiers" just as much as India.

    I'm forced to assume that they believe instead that Kashmir should belong them. And no poll, to the best of my knowledge, has ever suggested that Kashmiris really want to join Pakistan.

  45. does that stupid british report even has a remote understanding that all this killings was coz her country? no britisher nor she has any right to accuse either parties, coz part of their lives were funded by the riches stolen from south asia

  46. Shame India Shame !!!

  47. Finally its great to be vindicated at this forum for all those pakistan supports who have been crying wolf for decades now. Its official pakistan the hosts of osama bin laden run by a government, military and intelligence married to the ideology of terrorism and belief in the doctrine of war by subversion and violence through hypocrisy and cowardice by killing innocent civilians instead of a open war. Its shameful that for over 10 years they would accept US aid of billions and stab them in the back and channeling that money to support war and violence of innocent indians and kashmiris. Wake up kashmiris!! Get back to the peaceful program of nation building and prosperity with India and its people. Forget this pseudo-islam crooked minded sickness of fascist hatred that these islamic forces are pulling you towards. Join the over 150 million muslims in India who don't believe in this violent garbage. Say No to pakistan and its propaganda through such misguided documentaries. The Indian military will leave as soon as you take control and demostrate that you will be custodians and torch bearers of a democratic and peace ful value system that the entire sub continent inherited as a joint freedom struggle we won against the british. Don't be swayed anymore there is so much proof that pakistan is nothing but bad news and let us help its people to get rid of this hatred for west and indians that is seeping into their blood and wasting their energies.

  48. Like my paki Bro Says
    @"Its All One Happening Because Of Terroiests"
    I think is a very lame and lousy excuse... your are trying keep to force someone to live with you who dont even wanna see you.
    Look into Pakistani Administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan there is no violence and protest we didn't made it a Province or State they are totally autonomous till their future is not decided according to UN resolution.

    As a Pakistani we want Kashmir referendum on both Indian or Pakistan to decide their future according to resolution which was accepted by both India and Pakistan and passed in United Nation in 1948.
    "Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris only.... neither India nor Pakistan..let them decide their choice by referendum under United Nation supervision"


    1. My friend the reason we don't give $hit to UN Charter or its masters US and UK is because those originally from Kashmir have either been killed or brain washed . The reason half of Indian army is there is because of Pakistan's intention of wresting it from India. When terrorists strike they do so by being among the common people and security forces have to deal with these people the same way as they deal with the terrorists because these people support them. So as long as they don't stop these anti-national activities they will be handed heavily and as a ordinary Indian I care nothing about these low lives as long as Indian map looks intact..If they want freedom let them cross over into Pakistani territory..Independence of Kashmir is a wet dream of Pakistan and the West.

  49. we must also remember 1000 of militants are coming back home peacefully in droves.thousands have applied for pardon & to retain & abstain from violence.This doesnt support pakistani claims!there is no cause in Kashmir other than peace.there will be no curfews if there aint violent protest.there will be no counter attacks security checks if there are no terror attacks.people acting like civilians attack security forces use them as shields.intimidate local populace.many kashmirirs are in the police force. so why blame the whole nation.its not govt or people sponsered killings.from these same militants

  50. This is a good example of biased media , trying to make both the parties -- the militants and the Indian forces as the oppressors and tyrants. If the people were not happy with the militants , they would struggle against the militants the same way as they are against the Indian oppressors , but the Media says that the Militants and the Indian forces eqaully terrorises the population. Excuse me do you really think that all of us are equally dumb..... we can see the people are struggling against the Indian tyrants and not against the militants... so who is the oppressor ??? and if I can see it clearly , then why the media is shy to say the same in a straight forward way? BIASED MEDIA , MANIPULATIVE MEDIA , UNFAIR MEDIA , JUST GOOD FOR PLAYING AND TWISTING WORDS AND STORIES.

  51. This is a good example of biased media , trying to make both the parties -- the militants and the Indian forces as the oppressors and tyrants. If the people were not happy with the militants , they would struggle against the militants the same way as they are against the Indian oppressors , but the Media says that the Militants and the Indian forces eqaully terrorises the population. Excuse me do you really think that all of us are equally dumb..... we can see the people are struggling against the Indian tyrants and not against the militants... so who is the oppressor ??? and if I can see it clearly , then why the media is shy to say the same in a straight forward way? BIASED MEDIA , MANIPULATIVE MEDIA , UNFAIR MEDIA , JUST GOOD FOR PLAYING AND TWISTING WORDS AND STORIES.

  52. I don't understand why after watching all that is happening people say the militants are right. I have friends from Kashmir who have lost family members including kids who were first fired at and then brutally hit till they were dead, Kids who were killed while at a play ground, Mothers and sisters raped! What is happening? Where is the UN? Is this humanity?
    "My house has a rope tied to the ceiling, So if/when the Indian Rapist Militants come in to rape my sisters and mother they can hang themselves save the humiliation", said by my friend.
    I am an Indian and want Kashmir to be ours and not go to the Pakistanis but not at the cost of innocent lives. There is no country in the world with so much military then why Kashmir? Why let the military decide what to do? Who are they to decide? If the politicians can't take care of the nation then they should let Kashmir be free.
    Why is the whole world sleeping when Kashmir is burning? There has to be someone to answer. This can't just go on! People of Kashmir need not be treated like this. They are humans not animals to be slaughtered!

    1. its not difficult to build a mob and create nuisance. many protestors (kids) dont even know what they are into.
      secondly , everyone talks about the rights of those killed by army...true they have every right to oppose innocent civilian killings. but what hurts me is that no one dares to utter a word for the rights of those killed in bomb attacks or killed by terrorist bullets.
      what about the rights of kashmiti pandits?

  53. The Kashmir issue is a complicated case which involves three parties: India, Pakistan and Kashmiris.

    All three parties are responsible for the mess we are in. Pakistan for the terror they have spread into the region, India for ignoring the problem and using excess force, and the Kashmiris for using religion as the basis of division of land (in other words, what about the non-Muslim Kashmiris who nobody seems to care about?)

    If Kashmiris want to separate from India, India cannot stop them (not for long, at least). But this is not possible so long as Kashmiris are divided. The basis for not wanting to be with India is the fact that Kashmiri Muslims do not want to be a part of HIndu-Majority India (although it is secular). This is flawed, because if such a Kashmir was to be given independence, 400 000 Kashmiri Hindus and 50 000 Kashmiri Sikhs would have nowhere to go. And that is my major bone of contention. Division of land based on religion is unnatural. We experimented with that with the creation of Pakistan and look at the monster that was created there. Do Kashmiris really want the same thing?

    Compare Indian administered Kashmir with Pakistan Administered Kashmir (so called "azad" kashmir). According to the UN, Indian Kashmir is much more free (azad) than Pak Kashmir (PoK). Today a citizen of PoK visited Indian Kashmir for republic day celebrations, and he himself said that jihad is not needed against India because Kashmir is much more free and democratic and peaceful than what Pakistanis would like to think.

    We all have to accept that borders will not change now. What we need to do is find a solution where everybody can live peacefully the way things are, and that Hindu Kashmiris can return to their home, and Muslim Kashmiris can live without the shadow of the Indian army.

  54. The reason there is no violence in pakistan administered kashmir is because they don't have fundamental right to protest. Its a no man's land and is the training ground for terrorists and transit route for militants and terrorists.

    Indian administered kashmir people come out to protest because they can even if they are paid to do so.

    Besides Pakistan has been forced to surrender huge areas of kashmiri land to china in return for support from them. They have given land to china without even consulting the kashmiris so all talk of autonomous self rule is bogus especially there is no real government in azad kashmir. There are no elections there only vassal heads appointed by pakistani army that do their bidding.

  55. @"Its All One Happening Because Of Terroiests"
    I think is a very lame and lousy excuse... your are trying keep to force someone to live with you who dont even wanna see you.
    Look into Pakistani Administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan there is no violence and protest we didn't made it a Province or State they are totally autonomous till their future is not decided according to UN resolution.

    As a Pakistani we want Kashmir referendum on both Indian or Pakistan to decide their future according to resolution which was accepted by both India and Pakistan and passed in United Nation in 1948.
    "Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris only.... neither India nor Pakistan..let them decide their choice by referendum under United Nation supervision"



    2. you kept OSAMA, you have Pakistani Taliban, afghan taliban, JuD, LeT, AlQaeda, HuM, ISIS, Ayman Zawahiri was found in Wana,Pakistan before your forces alerted him...So Pakistan is in essence run by terrorists ...those sitting in Pak Govt Offices are just puppets ...With all this crap just beyond the Kashmir border, Pakistan still dreams of liberating Kashmir! but keep doing this and soon you will be left with nothing other than ISLAMABAD..

  56. here there has been a lot of conversation about kashmir by many people. I just want to raise a single point, if kashmiris say that they dont want to live either with india or pakistan. they want a seperate and independent kashmir as their country. As everyone know that kashmir is divided into POK, indian kashmir, kashmir with china. But i wonder that kashmiris who belong to the indian side are unhappy that india is ruling it. They stonepelt, create lot of halla on the streets asking for freedom from india. But what about the kashmiris on the pakistan side, are they happy to be with pakistan. why the people their dont raise their voice, dont come on to streets. Because kashmiri people and their youth want to be independent. But it seems that its not the case. It feels to me that pakistan has taken the advantage of religion(muslims). They provoked the youngsters, as it can be done easily on the name of religion. They dumped venom in the hearts of kashmiris, not to stay with india and they are succeded in it partially. but what about the people who belong to jammu(mostly hindus), ladakh(buddhists), sikhs and other muslims like gujjars, dogras(who dont want seperate kashmir). what about the future of this people. if kashmir is seperated are we going to see a new islamic country where all these people belong to different religions are either killed or converted into islam. will these people survive. the only part of kashmir which supports the seperate country is kahmir valley(97 % muslims). They make up to 30 % of the entire population. How can they dictate and decide the future of all the kashmiris. So its not possible. If kashmir is made a seperate country, It can easily have threat from pakistan, china and other countries. AS you can see in news daily, terrorists from afghanistan spread across to pakistan. see how those countries are facing a big problem to their economy by these terroists. If kashmir is seperated then this terror can easily spread to a small country like kashmir. India being such a big country is struggling to handle it, but have to say doing good job. The problem of kashmiris is not azadi, as they are diverted by some politicians and few sections of pakistanis. India should address the problems of kashmir. Youth are on streets which means they dont have any work or employment. So indian government should give them confidence by establishing some companies or organisations which spreads the road for development and employment. May be their hearts might change with our honest effort. Every human being can be changed but with true heart and some real care. thankyou

  57. 60% of india and pakistan did not belong to anybody before 1947. They were princely states that pledged dominion to the british rule and rest of 40% was directly ruled by the the queen. So by that logic Kashmir did not belong to India nor Pakistan or China for that matter. It was a independant kingdom ruled by a Hindu King.

    British left after 200 years of rules and we still had 538 independant kingdoms after 1947. Out of those 538 princely states there were at least 10-15 kingdoms that did not want to join India or pakistan. Some of the well known ones are Nizam of Hyderabad and Kashmir but there were others in Nagaland and the king of Travancore. The king of travancore was even ready to go to war with India and he did this because he got help from british and the sympahties of the british people through favourable campaign in the british press through some connected journalists. And why ? Because the british had learnt that Kerala had rich thorium deposits and they figured that it would in interests of british nation to have a independant nation that would supply them nuclear fuel since it was the time of emergence of atomic power. They were done chasing spices and gold whose era was over and the new spice is nuclear fuel and oil. They did just that in the middle east and created Kuwait out of Iraq so that iraq won't have access to the persian gulf and till this day they use Kuwait as a hedge to leverage powers of the OPEC and general middle east.

    Thanks to some smart and wise indian leaders like Patel, Menon and Nehru that disaster was avoided and travancore joined the Indian union without a war. There are several such stories that are not known as to how the Indian and Pakistan union came about. Don't think for a minute that people had anything to do with these decision. It always is never about people. In 1947 all this stupidity has been put to rest and decision has been taken and we have moved on and pledge allegiance to a living a dream through democratic means and through a constitution. Kashmiri King at that time signed up to that dream against the invading looters from pakistan and thats the final decision in this matter.
    Raking all this about 'kashmir does not belong to india' is sheer stupidity. It can only mean that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan, or china or even Britain. That is more absurd.

    Making kashmir a independant is nothing but going after similar model as kuwait where china, pakistan and even the west will come to play war games in the global stage. The problem is Kashmir has no natural resources so there is no Oil for wealth either. What will it be used for then ? It will be exploited as a global stage for conducting ideological wars like in Afghanistan and will be abused by pakistan and china promising help but messed by mullahs. That is certain.
    Kashmiris should stop equating political freedom to happiness and prosperity. It never works that way. Either way pakistan and china is just waiting to pounce and ravish your country for they could care less about the kashmiris. The only nation that is truly the good guy in this is India with whom kashmir has linguistic, cultural, religious and econonic connection more than the others. Kashmir will be part of this garden as one of the many roses and if only it accepts and moves on.

  58. Indian Administration well know the post Independent Kashmir (Pakistan and China will share the Kashmir) hence they're trying hard to stop it.

    Why should, would ever Pakistan has interest on Kashmir? Well have a see on present situation in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.... ultimate poverty and lack of basic education, at least Indian side allows them to get inside and make their future.

    I have several people here miigrated towards south india and living with good money and peaceful life. They changed their views once they see the life on this part of India.

    All these documentaries etc. will be biased as it tries to capture the emotional, sentiments of people who are caught up in between.

    Ask damn Pakistan to shut its as*h**e and and stop militancy, i bet Indian Army will be back to its bases, No country is fool to put it's Army and spend so much of money in the budget.

  59. _ _ ___ _____ _ _ ___ ___ _ _____
    | | / / / | / ___/ | | | | / |/ | | | | _ \
    | |/ / / /| | | |___ | |_| | / /| /| | | | | |_| |
    | |\ \ / / | | \___ \ | _ | / / |__/ | | | | | _ /
    | | \ \ / / | | ___| | | | | | / / | | | | | | \ \
    |_| \_\ /_/ |_| /_____/ |_| |_| /_/ |_| |_| |_| \_\

  60. Kashmir is not belongs to India that the history,some b@##$%^& bjp fundamentalist are saying that Kashmir is part of India. the people of Kashmir will decide that what they want. Indian peoples are always sensitive (religion, caste, god) in all issues but they don't think by mind.

  61. Kashmiri people would have lived happily, like rest of the Indians, with their own cultural heritage, if Pakistan would not have provoked them that they are Muslims n they need Azadi from India....Neither the CRPF Jawans have wasted their time, Its solely the mistake of Kashmiri Muslims who became fool in front of Pakistan, by supporting Pakistan's terrorists from inside... Because of those few selfish ppl this whole mess has happend. Kashmiris should belive that Indians are Indians..

  62. I agree with VJ. Giving kashmir away is not an option for India. It strikes at the very heart of the idea of the experiment of called India. Its based on the idea that we can make this work that a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious nation can not only survive but prevail and flourish. Losing Kashmir will roll the clock back and take India backwards and unleash so much self doubt that it will explode the neighbourhood and the world itself.
    Its not some grand scheme that things ended up this way its over 1500 years of invasions and intervention that lead to this state of such plural demographic. India is merely accepting it and choosing the only path of peace and that for people of all shapes,colors,faiths and culture to exist in a plural democracy. Kashmir is a corner stone of such an idealistic choice shoved upon it by the forces of history and in a strange irony by muslim forces. Now there is no going back if kashmir goes then the original choices of independance must be revisited and that is unthinkable.
    I don't kashmiris get it. I agree its more important then its people and kashmiris must choose to elevate themselves to that importance and whole heartedly vote for indian democracy.

  63. india will never give up kashmir it is too important...even more important than the lives of people of kashmir thats the sad if u think india will give kashmir away not gonna they have to choose there " means to an end"free kashmir is not one of them..sorry to say..u going to get had anyway...

  64. I really Apriciated Indian Army and police men the work done which is highly recomened. Its must be needed otherwise The man who killed 190 people in 4 hours Mumbai Attacks is still alive having 2 lakhs from public spending. The man how organised Indian parlament attck is still live after 10 years. So what is the reason to find Human rights who really killing humans??

  65. After watching this doc it makes me wonder y india is hated so much by.....kashmiris, maoists, pakistanis...i thought india was secular not a country that allows attrocities to continue with the full knowledge of the powers in charge. Kashmir should rule itself or better still give it to pakistan as the kashmiris obv want and like their support because the rest of the world is keeping quiet over what is going on there. India dont make sense to me

  66. Brother AS,

    Please explain just whom do you mean by 'them' in the 'give them their land'. By them you mean the kashmiris ? Who are these kashmiris ? They comprise of muslim kashmiris, Hindu kashmiris and Buddhist kashmiris. Of these three groups once you give 'them' their land you can be certain the hindu and buddhist kashmiris are doomed away. Don't they have rights ?
    The hindu kashmiris pandits have already been killed and kicked out of kashmir. Where were you when they were killed and kicked out ?

    And if 'they' should be given their land because they are muslims and feel insecure to be part of india ? What do you want to tell the second largest muslim population in rest of india ?

    This strikes at the fundamental idea of India and it will tell the wrong signal to the majority hindu India and if they behave like the kashmiris to kick out their minorities out of india you will have chaos in india and we are talking about human cost that will shake the world in violence and bloodshed.
    We have been through this in 1947 and whatever happened then happened. Lets move on and not revisit what happened.
    India was once all the way from Afghanistan to burma border and its been broken and destroyed enough to continue breaking it like this.
    I am sorry but kashmiri is a integral part of India and nobody is taking 'their' land. They still live in their land and can choose to live peacefully without anybody bothering them if they stop creating trouble and inviting outsiders to spread violence and hate! THe soldier is the only decent actor in this struggle. I repeat things cannot be without casualities whenever there is struggle.

    Just read today's headline in the wiki leaks. America has killed over 120,000 innocent iraqis just by their own record and have hidden this fact.
    Read about the country of laos, This country was not even part of the vietnam war but just a neighbour of the conflicting war zone. Do you know over 2 million laotians died due to american bombing and every year 100 people die in laos due to the bombs dropped by US in the 70s. Its the largest covert operation in human history. There are 70 million unexploed bombes strewn all over laos and just the 5% of the bombs have been found yet they have another 50 years to go.

    Nobody in the world talks about it because its not told you by anybody. Indian military is million times better and doing their job honorable and India has safeguarded kashmir rights to their land in articlie 321 of indian constitution. You cannot ask for any more honest and honorable treatment of a land and people of a state who are in return inviting violence and chaos. As Indians we forgive kashmiris and extend olive branch but for heaven sake don't cry wolf as victim. Just move on and get a life and shun violence so we can move on and so rest of muslim in india can feel secure and not be endangered by some stupid idea of seperatism for the same of establishing a fanatical islamic country in that 'land'.

  67. Brother Cj, dont worry about the soldier or the militants, joining the army or militia was their own decision. what about the the innocent civilians why aren't they given a choice of their own. Think from their prospective using your educated brain, I know its hard.

  68. This is reality that many Indians are not aware of. It's the our Indian media thats been fooling us since time but we never realize. If you're going to walk into someones house and take their family member away and torture them to death only because they trying to fight for their right, obviously some kid from that family will grow up with an extremist mentality. If the indian government really wants to bring peace to kashmir just give them what they want. dont worry about the indian constitution or our pride for God sake, just think about those little kids. They have every right to live a peaceful life. Just give them their land and save another hundred thousands kids and women from dying. Sometimes it makes me wonder why is God so unfair to these people.

  69. It's funny as no one feels sorry for the Solider. The Solider who faces bullets of militants, walks his way over the land mines laid by them, faces the criticism of the public and the media. Even we should remember that the solider who died is a Son, a father, a husband. It is very easy for a Militant to identify a soilder and kill him but its very difficult for a solider to identify a militant in the public. Living a life of a solider is not a easy game.

  70. Thanks KM_Indian.

    Whats the name of this journalist ? I have no issues with her she can say whatever she wants and I have no issues with making lot more of these propaganda documentaries.

    Thats a right in a democratic country like India and only encourages the truth to be confronted if she is lying and if she is speaking the truth it forces the Indian army to speak the truth and acknowledge the issues and correct it.

    Can a few real Kashmirs share their views ? Where do they feel their real opportunity lies ? How does a Kashmir youth feel about the modern ideas of "liberalism", "minority rights", "Freedom of speech", "right of education", "Women's rights".

    Do you think that Kashmir youth are encouraged to fight for "Azadi" (Freedom) and give up their lives but once their usefulness is over and all the minorities have been purged the age old political Islam will move in and a ayatollah will wave the Koran and remind these youth of how they should go back to the old ways of the prophet and look backward and not forward ? Where will that lead when they see that their neighbor India is operating on a different model?

    Won't it create the same festering and anger that is brewing in Pakistan now with frustrations in their own political systems?

    Why are we dooming ourselves to repeat history with yet another neighbor who wants their youth to aspire to a failed state?

  71. By the way, well said "joeboer"
    Aptly put.

  72. I have seen this reporter's other attempts at showing humanity, most notably the documentary on Israel Palestine conflict, in which she was utterly biased towards the Palestinian side. I have been reading some of the comments and I agree with those who say that she is a mere attention seeker. She has no feelings whatsoever for the people.

    This lady is a sub standard journalist. Except for a pretty face and a nice voice, she has little more in her favor. Neither the knowledge nor the goodness of heart. She is clearly driven by an agenda - that to be a herdfollower and simply fan the flames of dissent that is already present. If you look at her other works (simply google her name and you will find the other documentaries in google videos) you will see she uses the age old formula of 'see how the poor common people are being oppressed by the mightier govt/police/security forces'. It is rubbish - she does NO attempt WHATSOEVER to seek truth. She only wants to establish by hook or by crook what suits her agenda.

    To summarize, she is a liar.

    Kashmir is a complicated issue. It is a multi dimensional problem with many facets and cannot be dealt with such a ridiculously over simplistic approach, which only exposes the woeful ignorance. Among others, the major factors (or parameters) involved are:

    1. The tussle with Pakistan

    2. Pakistan's constant INSTITUTIONALIZED efforts to spread terror in India; their backing of terror groups and even training them in their 'holy war' or jihad against India. Kashmir is merely an excuse; it is but a religious war.

    3. The inhabitants themselves have been living in intolerable conditions for so long; many of them have become 'separatists' which is only a decent form of the word 'terrorists' (or the more cuter version of 'freedom fighters'); others are simply sandwiched between the belligerents.

    4. Corrupt politicians make matters worse, and

    5. Inadequate security measures, protocols and the mechanism (including weaponry, advanced recon and communications equipment and gadgetry etc.) and also the lack of will on part of the ministry, the army as well as to some extent of the common masses not just in Kashmir but more so in the rest of India to get a bloody move on and bring about a positive change (enforce it) are but some of the involved factors in this issue.

    Such a shame such mediocrity is celebrated. What a waste of time this video was.

  73. mrafiqp,

    You solution and frustrations are result of a very short term narrow minded view of what is right and what is wrong.

    I think you are falling for the stories of loot and Islamic propaganda that always happens in very part of the world when Islamic people feel a sense of threat. The whole umma or Islamic brotherhood floats these massive rumors based on half truths or exaggerated truths.

    Rumors like 'USA invaded Kuwait to attack Iraq', 'USA and Israel made 911 so they can attack middle east', 'Indians attacked mumbai so they can blame Pakistan' etc. Its a pan Islamic paranoia and every Muslim in the world is vulnerable and falls easy prey reading literature and fanatic imam preaching in their mosques and prayer halls.

    Now let me assume you are not one of them and are reporting the truth on what you are seeing in kashmir and I believe you when you say there are massive indian forces in your orchards, fields and canals. I feel sorry for that and while it is unfortunate and i know kashmir is a beautiful place and it breaks my heart to even see one army personnel there in such a serene and beautiful place.

    But remember that for 40 years or more that was not the case. Kashmir was disputed land and yet indian did not have such a strong military presence there but look what you guys did ? Pakistani forces infiltrated, your youth go over to Pakistan and train and come back and imported this evil of violence from pakistan and please read up carefully and connect the dots.

    Pakistan did all this at same time they were encouraging the taliban on afghanistan and felt they can do the same in kashmir and win a proxy war. They used you kashmiris and when it did not go their way they even assasinated several of your moderate kashmiri leadership who realized their mistake and wanted to retract.

    It was too late and I even remember and its probably true a brief few years when taliban style dictums started appearing where they threated to kill any girl who goes to school or cut their legs off or will throw acid if they don't wear the burkhas. That is what is waiting for you if you don't have the protection of the indian army or presence. Losing your orchards and canals would be the least of your worry then.

    And like any self respecting country you are nuts if you think indian army should wait outside till the entire state is a ghetto of terrorist like afghanistan and then you will cry to the world community of atrocities. I am telling out there is every possible example of when a muslim majority kingdom or state wants independance and wants to declare itself a islamic republic with a ambitious neighbour such as pakistan.

    Say you are given self determiniation and I am assuming by that you mean you will become a independant country and not join pakistan be sure of something you have example of bangladesh and lebanon where this has been tried. Go read about lebanon. THat country is a mess and was paradise destroyed by outside intervention syria, hizbulla, egypt, iran all used it as their frontline for fighting the west. Pakistan will use your land kashmir to fight india and will be the new border of war with india and guess what your orchards will have "mines and bombs".

    Your women will be shut and beaten and shot in football stadium and you will have a puppet president either run by mullahs who will declare islamic revolution or you will be a vassal state of a military dictator in pakistan. You cannot win. A great democracy is not just founded in thin air, its founded on priciples and honest good founders. India has some of the greatest founders similar to all the great democracies with a constitution that enshrines all the great ideas of the 19th and 20th century.

    Embrace it. Are we perfect no of course not. But a constitutional framework is the starting place and it takes hundreds of years to perfect it and attain peace, affluence and prosperity. Kashmir should join in that experiment and don't do be so narrow minded and jump to the conclution that india is evil. THere is a history of why the army is there.

    I suggest once you accept that there a democratic setup is a always a better option than a Islamic mullah state or a military dictator or even a communist china that is waiting to eat the north east portion of kashmir you will welcome those Indian army from the orchards and canals to your homes. Relax and join the Indian union.

    It has lot of protection and as Indian leaders are offering the olive branch grab it and gain lots of independence within in the Indian constitutional framework where you can reap benefits of both - independence to certain degree and freedom to be really free not some pseudo freedom that you are dreaming without even a proper founder or clear dream of what the future holds.

    Be smart and be patient and shun violence cause that evil is buring down kashmiris and look you cannot even talk about the kashmiri pundits what of sort of independant country will you run when the beginning of the independance movement starts with eliminating its own minority. Its a false cry of justice and persecution.

  74. Why No Info on the plight of Kashimiri Pandits????

  75. This is clear picture of rude indian occupied forces. There is no doubt that india can offer best economic packages but dear brother who have wrote against the kashmiri do not know about the open loot of resources by India. Independence is a viable option but it should be granted under UN monitoring.

    You are talking about israeli settlement in Palestine but forget about the land occupied by the Indian occupied forces here. Near about 10 lakh Kanals of land has been grabed by Indian forces. Most of the orchards has been occupied by indian forces. Indian forces are considered as enemies by Kashmiri people because every house is effected by the terror of Indian army.

    For normal kashmir indian army and other paramilitary forces are the terrorists because what militants do in kashmir indian army did over here. So, it is best for india to keep its dignity by giving people of kashmir their birth right i.e., right to self determination.
    So, before commenting you should see what is the ground situation in kashmir.

    1. i think u dont even live in has not occupied a single orchard. Fruit business be it apple , figs or dry fruits are flourishing and kashmiris are the owners of those businesses. So I thinks its your turn to get a reality check

  76. If only Pakistan would stop harboring these terrorist, and stop sending em to disturb peace in India. I wish and pray that someone teaches a lesson to the Pakistani Politicians and the people who run these camps. Rest as far as India, well if you were in the Army, won't you have defended your border ?

  77. The reporter is a mere attention whore, that has no real interest in suffering around her, but wants to advance her career.
    But think about it dear friends. Modern western villain is someone that is merelly called a "terrorist", so we could think that we wage war on terror. But war ... IS ... terror and ... WE ... wage it! So, what are we fighting against/for and who is the villain?

  78. By the way I am not defending the actions of the indian military. Their human rights record is shameful. They have a long way to go in terms of learning to be a professional or learn to at least have better superior strategies to win the hearts and minds of the people of kashmir. Having said that this is particularly not a skill that people in the entire region possess.

    There are no great communicators or international media giants such as CNN with their star power anchors to present the right and wrong side like they do when western military operates. If you want to compare numbers in terms of casualties and civilian deaths compare it with afghanistan and iraq where western military is present and who are supposedly "senstive" and the good guys.

    By any measure the number of civilian deaths in iraq is at least over 2 million and in afghanistan its several million. They massacre civilians in the millions and media does not even report it and for that matter does not even count the number of dead. THey do count their own military losses every day and week. So lets be fair before judging. Indian military may appear crude but they are just as honorable and good as any other military in the world who are defending both themselves a just nation against a brutal and barbaric enemy such as the islami jihadis.

  79. This violence can all stop at a drop of a hat if pakistan stops supporting and encouraging terrorists. The kashmiri people are a confused lot and have fallen for the trap laid by the pakistanis. How difficult is it to choose between a democratic nation and a failed state run by dictators?

    I know you may say that why not make kashmir a independant country. Wish it was that easy. We have all kinds of example of around india where that forumula was tried too. You just have to read history about how west pakistanis treated the east pakistanis (now bangladeshis). Pakistani army rolled their tanks into dacca and massacared the bengali speaking muslims and hence they are not a independant country.

    The nation of pakistan was founded based on anger and frustrations of one man jinnah and has never really found an identity. They have made it their ethos to meddle around neighbouring country and be the trouble maker for the world. They have the policy to the west in afghanistan and help create the taliban.

    The kashmiris should be thank ful that they did not become a independant country or joined pakistan in 1947. Make no mistake had they done that Kashmir would have been khandahar by now. Is the current situation blissful ? of course not but believe me it could have been lot more worse and resulted in genocide had it not been part of india. India is a peace loving nation and yes the army does have its faults but they are not the trangressors and are operating under tough circumstances.

    The kashmiris inherently are peace loving , proud and colorful people who have more in common in the indian heritage than a islamic republic like pakistan. THe problem is the kashmiris are swept in this hateful rhetoric of the jihadis and in post 9/11 world are confused at the mass anti-islamic wave the world is witnessing and this has made them paranoid of the indian state.

    Indians are by nature pluralistic and secular. The army is not to be excused and should be punished on case by case basis but that does not mean kashmir should be seperated or given to pakistan. If that happens it will be a insult to the very ideal of modern liberal constitutional democractic principles on which most western democracies are based.

    Its not perfect but the best thing there is compared to a communist repressive nation called china to the north and a terrible failed military dictorship along with state run the worst islamo fascist terrorism that is bothering the entire world. Do the right thing and stand with india in this tough time for a nation of gandhi and buddha. They need your support and unilaterally declare kashmir as part of india.

    There is so much at stake including the secular beliefs of 1 billion indias so much so that the second largest muslim population lives in india. If kashmir is to be carved on communal lines it sends out the wrong message that muslims can never live peacefully with other communities even if their state is a majority muslim state. That would be a failure of human belief in multi ethnic multi religious and multi race societies such as india and would result in a conflic that will result in human loss at a scale that the world has ever seen.

    Be wise and support kashmir for india- The only via option in the entire scheme of things. Kashmiris will come around. The indian people and indian goverment will share their rising prosperity with them. Most ofyou may not know but kashmir is the recipient of the largest share of federal funds more than any other indian state. Indian constitution has special sections to safeguards to make sure no non kashmiri can buy land in kashmir. Extraordinary measures that no other government in the world does.

    Ask the israelis how they send jews over to settle in palesitinian lands and take flood them with jewish settlment. India never tried such things they are honorable and peace loving. And what does indian get in return ? The largest genocide the jihadis along with the help of the local kashmir militants has kicked out the entire hindu population of kashmir - the kashmir pandit community. Their houses have been taken over and 90% of hindu temples have been destroyed.

    They have turned all the hindus into refugees in their own country. If kashmir is given freedom have no doubt the mullahs will take over, declare shariah law and will do the same to the minority buddhist population in ladakh or let the pakistanis in who would use kashmir as a playground for conductiong proxy war with India.

    Last thing the world needs is another islamic republic of kashmir run by mullahs and ayatollah putting their women in burkhas and stopping music and burning down buddhist statues. Be wise and let kashmir be part of india and in fact write to your goverments and demand that the parts of kashmir with pakistan and china be returned to india so they can flourish and live happily just like they did when they were ruled by a benevolent hindu king but were peacful muslims with lot of "kashmiriat" in them.

  80. It's sad to see what the Kashmiri people go through everyday. They are stuck in between the Indian army and the militants. Indian army is a professional institution. Why can't they be more careful in terms of human rights? I know they are working in a difficult situation, but we will not win Kashmir until we act humanely.

    The militants are bad anyway. Their goal is to spread violence and fear. Indian army's job is to remove fear and violence, not to spread it further.

    AFSPA Needs to go.

  81. You gotta be 'comatose' dim, or a politician, to know the current situation and still argue India's claim over Kashmir ...

    There is something wrong with humanity .. that its members can live in surroundings so divine, and yet be in disharmony with each other.

  82. Excellent documentary. Full marks to everyone from director to the cameraman and especially to the reporter Sandra Jordan.

    She was better and more at the face than anybody. A very honest and daring presentation.

    The Best Part and summary of this whole 48 min something video is between 42 min to where she starts with saying: "you don't need to take the words of ordinary kashmiris about human rights abuses." and when she meets the top civil servant at the Indian administration and what follows is just the best part and summarises the whole documentary. "Its the armed forces, the police in the army are running the state, who are in charge and not the civilian administration"

    So kashmir is a typical police state. This fact is admitted by the top civil servant in the documentary.



    "The Indian security forces make little efforts to win hearts and minds instead they prefer to rule through fear"

    1. its known to the world now that pakistan has been harbouring and nurturing terrorists including those who are being sent to India. This is exactly what they want. To provoke kashmiris against state of india. they have succeeded to some extent but a real and ordinary kashmiri realises that outsiders are doing it and Pak is becoming victim of its own mistakes. many from POK seek shelter here in India.

  83. give the thing to his own owner.let the kashmiries decide what they wish.

  84. Very happy to finally get to see this film!

    Speaking as a Westerner living in Srinagar who is neither Hindu nor Muslim, I think she did a great job showing what life here is like for the ordinary citizen. This is a region with wonderful, strong, beautiful, determined people who are caught between two powers who couldn't care less about them, who use them as hapless pawns for their own political chess game, whose blood is on the hands of those who oppress and intimidate by use of arms.

    One of the gravest atrocities committed by the Indian security forces is the complete and total misuse of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which allows CRPF and other Indian security entities to kill, torture, rape, and kidnap citizens with complete impunity.

    Just in the last 2 weeks 3 teenagers have been murdered by Security. I highly doubt their killers will be brought to justice, since the criminals are the "proud" wearers of Indian uniforms. I don't care if the teens were throwing a few stones or not. When you're occupied, you resist. By any means you can. Palestine, anyone? Apartheid South Africa? INDIA herself, under brutal British occupation? to name only a few.

    I came here with a pro-India mindset, not really understanding the situation. I think it's still possible for Kashmiris to accept Indian rule, but not without some huge, HUGE changes in policy.

    * IF the security forces would behave as if the people of Kashmir were their brother and sister Indian citizens, which they presently do not.

    *CRPF bunkers must be moved from busy civilian populations and put on the borders where they could do some actual good, and treat the people who live there with respect and offer them protection, not state terrorism!

    *Give people a reason NOT to turn militant instead of giving them dead bodies of their families and maybe you'd see a decline in domestic militancy.

    *Guard the LoC - with over a half million armed service personnel in this small state, if you put them all on the border an ant couldn't cross undetected. Turn law and order in the interior of the state over to local police entities.

    *and finally, act like a rational, law and human rights abiding democracy when dealing with suspected "militants" - get rid of this guilty-until-proven-innocent methodology.

    A final word...Now, after having lived here for some time, while I love India and feel a solution is workable within the framework of Kashmir remaining a part of India, I completely understand the calls for independence from both India and Pakistan. The peaceful citizens of this lovely place had enough of being voiceless and choiceless. I want my neighbors, family members and friends free from this hell, the chance to live dignified lives without occupation and fear from either side.

    1. I wonder if the reporter has covered any of those thousands of bomb-blasts that have ripped the valley through the years. If she has covered killing of same innocent civilians by terrorists. I think no...because killings by terrorists are considered a norm and wont give u much publicity and hype as a reporter

  85. I really do appreciate your work, but unfortunatly its absolutely wrong that lot of hindus have been killed, yes its true that hindus were killed but they were very few just few hundreds not thousands, but in the case of muslims its different. Almost one lakh muslims have died till date, and this is the right information.... About encounter's its also different, almost all the encounter's were fake. They were doing this only for the sake of medals & promotions. And yes we don't want to be with India or Pakistan we want our identity we want freedom, independence.....This was a bit i can inform you about..

    Thank you...

    1. please tell me.. do you think china and pakistan wont try to capture Indian part of kashmir if india let go of it.
      Dont you think pakistan occupied kashmir also needs to be liberated

  86. Common, this is such a one sided, biased, opinionated argument of the situation in the ground. She has not even bothered to check and verify if the information is right or wrong. She could have done a much better job if she actually understood the details of the situation of india, pakistan and kashmir.

  87. I think this reporter did an alright job for exposing the "obvious" signs of Indian atrocities. Kashmir is being run not only on fear, but foreign militancy for a fact. I've been to Kashmir for long periods of time, and i can tell you this, that it is VERY easy to find human rights violations by both terrorists and military personnel.

  88. @Parvez Ahmad, the root cause was India annexing Kashmir in 1948, that ended the rule of an independent kingdom

  89. In the documentary she said 95% of 9 million people are Muslim. In 1947 when British left they divided British India in that way that where Muslims are in majority that city or province will be the part of Pakistan and where Hindus are in majority that part will be the part of India.
    Half a million Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir for what?
    Just to kill innocent civilians.
    I am not saying that Kashmir must be a part of Pakistan let the people of Kashmir decide their destiny. But for God sake leave these innocent people alone and stop killing them.

  90. The reporter failed to get the people responsible fro all this mess – The Pakistani Funded Terrorists .. Why is this happening only in Kashmir or Assam , why people are living peacefully in Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore/Mumbai …We all know who is the real Root cause ..Woe to Pakistani Miltia

  91. will documented and well reported.the fact is that u can't get any thing by force wither it is in Kashmir or in Iraq, truth is that it is all about power.well said by lord Armstrong"power corrupts the people and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

  92. I really appreciate the efforts of this lady to highlight the issue, but the documentary covers only the tip of an iceberg. If India was ruthless, it could have resolved the issue of kashmir long time back by relocating all these people to camps and then imposing a military rule.

    Look at what china has done to tibet they dispersed the whole population and suppressed their struggle.India never tried to suppress the people they just make sure that the borders of the coutry is protected. India cannot grant freedom to different parts of the country according to the religion or cast, if it did it would dissolve into many unstable countries which would not survive. India considers kashmir as an integral part of the country and respects the people of kashmir. It is true that the security forces have violated several human rights issues,this is because its hard to distinguish a terrorist from a civilian.

    I hope the Government of india will come up with a better system on how to deal with civilians caught up between both sides. My heart goes out to all those people, but i wish they trusted in India, then every problems they face will be solved.

  93. amazing documentry... eye opener to whole world... my heart goes out with affected muslim community... May God help em... and also those(indian forces) must be brought to justice.

  94. I think this woman is extraordinarily brave and presented an objective report of the situation. Her point was only that the Kashmiris are caught in the middle and are suffering greatly due to the political situation between India and Pakistan.

    Don't forget, Ghandi was able to unite all of India except Pakistan, the main reason being Pakistan's Islamic population vs. India's Hindu. The conflict continues to this day, with the Kashmiris sadly caught in the middle.

  95. I am sick of this 'India' bashing!! Nobody wants to talk about the 1947-48 influx of tribals in kashmir from pakistan. nobody wants to talk about the throwing out of hindu pandits from kashmir. Kashmiris must realize that pakistan does not have anything good to offer, most of what they do is sinister and they are facing their deeds of the past today with all the disturbance there. Radical islam or radical hinduism can never work, nothing radical has ever worked out..the kashmiris must realize that they have much more to gain staying with india than being free(Pakistan will try taking over for sure and also the economy of kashmir will collapse as there is not much scope for industry or trade owing to the terrain, to feed and sustain it's population)....

    It's quite obvious...when the support to militants in any/every way is assured peace will prevail!

  96. The reporter failed to get the people responsible fro all this mess - The Pakistani Funded Terrorists .. Why is this happening only in Kashmir or Assam , why people are living peacefully in Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore/Mumbai ...We all know who is the real Root cause ..Woe to Pakistani Miltia..

  97. The documentary is well made and the reporter must be commended for her courage. However, owing mostly to her inherent ignorance of the issue, the documentary warps the truth on several occasions, and also the bigger picture.

    It has been established, time and again, that militants from Pakistan infiltrate into India and execute terrorist attacks. The Indian Forces therefore, must take action to safeguard these borders. Given their infrastructural handicap, it is impossible for them to follow protocol. Furthermore, making arrests and sending the militants to trial is virtually impossible due to the lack of evidence in most cases.

    I am no one to impose my claims but Kashmir can never be an independent state because even if India recognizes its freedom, Pakistan will surely continue to use the area to India's disadvantage. Even if that is not the case, the suspicion will persist and the only difference is that this war will go underground and become even more bloody, wrecking the lives of the locals even further.

    The Pakistani government's stand has not been shown in this documentary. However, it is clear that the Indian forces and civil servants are somewhat sympathetic to the people's plight and are not cold blooded murderers. Their hands are tied and they are doing the best they can given their limitations.

    I sincerely hope that India and Pakistan can learn to co-exist peacefully and shed this mistrust of each other for that is the only chance for their salvation and that of the lovely people of Kashmir. With all my love ...

  98. i stopped watching after she got pissed becuse she thought a police officer wanted to hit her with a stick.
    come on.

    1. The dirty British bitch thinks she is f--ken superior, well we will see what she thinks when britain is divided by british muslims ,I have a feeling this bitch will be singing a different tune when britain is divided I hope that Britain is divided soon Inshallah

    2. Britain is not their land they are a only immigrants minority from the third world that flew here to have a better life not annoy us with thier views that what they are here for they can go back to to the middle east. that will result in a race riots

  99. Well documentary is well documented. It is true that there are many officers who are corrupted and they treat many innocent people very cruelly and charge them with crimes which they have not committed. But it is also to be noted that there all this is happening because of the terrorist organizations which are there in kashmir and which gets aids from some people who think that they get to have their freedom by helping these terrorist who they their so called commander who died for a good cause that is their freedom. But think for a While do you that there is a need so many officials soldiers to spend most of their time is killing people with whom they have no personal revenge or anything of that sought. I think all this is happening because of the People of Kashmir who once started helping the terrorist giving shelter to them and helping them to infiltrate into India. They wrote their won destiny and now they are facing the consequences. This will continue till the day they start believing in one country India which will never cause any harm to it, if and only if they believe in it and in its constituency.

  100. yaa watch documetary , Its All One Happening Because Of Terroiests ,No One Cant Judge Who is Terroiest & Who Is Civilians , Somw Times Indain Military Did Mistakes ,Because They Cant Take A chance , the Pakistani Terroreists Using childerens, womens ,as a sucide bomber, Its Difficult for indian authority to control these elemets , Nowa days terroiest are very much equpied & more inteligenly Using Civilians As a Shield,afghinistan, pakistan,nepal bhutan srilanka ,bangladesh,burma all these countries a part of indian but india lose it in the name og worlds peace , must read world history indian history

    1. why they take their mother.There are only men who involve in militant.what a fool indian brutal armies...