The Legend of Leigh Bowery

2002 ,    »  -   13 Comments
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The Legend of Leigh BoweryThe Legend of Leigh Bowery is an in-depth and revealing tribute to an outrageous and outlandish artist.

Whether he was making headdresses out of toilet seats, or giving birth to a full-grown woman in a nightclub, Bowery defined London's culture of outrage and influenced a generation of artists and designers on both sides of the Atlantic.

He was also the muse and model for preeminent British painter Lucian Freud. Features appearances by Boy George, Damian Hirst, Bella Freud, Michael Clark, Rifat Ozbek and many others.

He designed costumes and performed with the enfante terrible of British dance Michael Clark, designed one of a kind outrageous costumes and creations for himself, ran one of the most outrageous clubs of 1980s London club scene Taboo (later immortalized in Boy George's Broadway musical).

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Matt Kukowski

    One word. TOTALLY GAY.

    Sorry that was two words.

    But... artful.

  2. Charles Alderson

    Watched 3 minutes and 32 seconds and then had to change docs.

  3. James Green

    Aaaaahhhh! Don’t waste your time on this one . . .

  4. ajames95

    Why are all of these woman so damn fat?

  5. Yavanna

    "92 people like this."


    In that case we REALLY need dislike buttons (for comments too)

  6. knowledgeizpower

    yeah I agree with got my vote on dislike and like comment buttons.

  7. Dave

    Brilliant. I for one am sick of seeing die-cut cardboard boxes wandering around the planet calling themselves human. How effing drab and boring and mundane it all is. We've advanced further that we could dream yet about we're as visualy interesting as plain white typing paper. Mediocrity kills imagination and a sense of humour. Wake up to yourselves haters... who gives a damn whether it's "SOOO GAAAAY"... I reckon when YOU die, all you'll leave behind is a closet full of jeans and t-shirts. Boring people are as bad as stupid people. Or maybe they're just one and the same??? FAGS ARE AWESOME FUN.

  8. Greg McKenzie

    If you don't appreciate this stuff then you need to take a walk outside of your greasy little box and open your mind.

  9. zaphodity

    Would have loved to have gotten on the piss and partied at taboo that's fer DAMN sure.

  10. Alan Schulz

    These same thick neck "TOTALLY GAY" baboons probably also Deify G.G.Allen for his hardcore ways.. Hooray for Leigh Bowery!

  11. wisa k

    gay? really? wow, what an insight.

  12. Robert Carande

    So happy to finally see the entire documentary on this genius of self presentation and atmospherics.

  13. Raven

    Great doc. Wish people dressed like that nowadays. Now people are so boring!

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