The Life of Muhammad

The Life of Muhammad

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The Life of MuhammadIn a ground-breaking first for British television, this three-part series presented by Rageh Omaar charts the life of Muhammad, a man who - for the billion and half Muslims across the globe - is the messenger and final prophet of God.

The Seeker. In a journey that is both literal and historical, and beginning in Muhammad's birthplace of Mecca, Omaar investigates the Arabia Muhammad was born into - a world of tribal loyalties and polytheistic religion. Drawing on the expertise and comment of some of the world's leading academics and commentators on Islam, the programme examines Muhammad's first marriage to Khadijah and how he received the first of the revelations that had such a profound effect both on his life, and on the lives of those closest to him.

Holy Wars.Omaar assesses and shines a light on key events in Muhammad's life including the Night Journey to Jerusalem, his life threatening departure from Mecca, through to the establishment of the Constitution of Medina and the eight year war with the Meccan tribes.

Holy Peace. Omaar analyses and investigates key events during the later part of his life, including the introduction of a moral code known as Sharia and the concept of Jihad. The programme also explores Muhammad's use of marriage to build alliances, and looks at the key messages included in his final sermon.

In line with Islamic tradition the programme does not depict any images of the face of Muhammad, or feature any dramatic re-constructions of Muhammad's life.

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7 months ago

Prophet Muhummad was known for being one of the best people amongst his people, before Angel Gabriel came to him with the revelation of the Noble Quran.

He preached , ' There is no deity worthy of worship except Allaah ( God in Arabic ) .

All the prophets preached the same message starting with Prophet Adam , right up until Prophet Jesus , who was also from the Middle East too .

People married at young ages in those times and this was normal , when the age of puberty had been reached . Girls also married at young ages according to the Bible too .

1 year ago

Muhammad was a child molester and murderer

7 years ago

I am an ex-muslim and i found this documentary is biased. They make Muhammad look like a holy person even though he wasn't and hide a lot of facts.

8 years ago

I embrace all... I embrace Muhammad and Islam.. That being said...My dog is closer to god than Muhammad. It's the most pathetic documentary. No where was discussed the murder of more than 250 million people and the enslaving of women into harims to satisfy Muslim men. Muslims are slaves to their prophet. No one can reach Muhammad's foot because it is so deep in crap. Tell your prophet and your god to come and get me. I am waiting. As for the followers, how desperate can you be? Oh wait... I see it now. On your knees as most slaves are. Maybe I am Jesus the Christ... oh wait.. he never existed either. So instead of a bunch of "followers" pretending to be of value... how about the "god" of this so called prophet come and get me... oh wait again.. it can't. It has no balls!

Shahnawaz Khan
9 years ago

Mohammed Saw was the greatest and he is the greatest and he will remain the greatest than Jesus, Moses or any other Messenger in this world. No one has an ability to reach his status. People make him even more greater by using abusive languages for my prophet sallalaho alaihi wassalam as ((people abuse those whom they fear the most. Nobody in this world can even reach to his foot.))

Shahnawaz Khan
9 years ago

Quran is an invitation for all humans by the Almighty and who ever accepts he will succeed and who ever denies than he is the most powerfull and the punisher.

Shahnawaz Khan
9 years ago

For further information You will find reference of Islam: The religion of Truth, In every religious text Bible, Torah, Zuboor. Hindu Text Geeta etc. For proof visit you tube and see Dr. Zakir Naik's answers to your questions and if you have an ability to challenge that Person than I will surely believe that you have something in you and and i challenge all those who deny Islam to challenge Dr. Zakir Naik and than if you succeed we lose and i will never make any discussion on my religion.

Shahnawaz Khan
9 years ago

Brother I do not agree with you. Your thinking, comprehension and ability to understand Quran is negligible. Work on you comprehension and general knowledge. One suggestion from my side do not comment on anything until or unless you study that thing. Quran is far beyond your thinking. And if you want to know about Mohammed (PBUH) read the book by Michael Hart: The Hundred. He is a Christian not a Muslim.

9 years ago

Nothing is static, so is a book which muslims believe the words of Allah came through Muhammad. Many things are not realistic and does not match with the current world. A documentary shown by one of the prominent historian indicates the description of holy Macca and Madina do not match with the then geographical context. Matched with a remote side of Syria. If you go step by step with every text of the holly book lot of anomalies will be surfaced. Even no long time ago people used to believe that the Earth was flat but later discovered untrue . So it proves to us many hypothesises are untrue even majority believe they are true. So if muslims believe the each and every word and context is true that is good for their own belief not for other religion and they should not boast on the supremacy of their religion as last and best .

Mine Hakim
10 years ago

How can one have access to this documentary? I would love to see it, share it, comment on it, and teach from it.
I am working on an expanded Life of Muhammad, and am always interested in what has been previously been written and researched.
I look forward to hearing more about where to access this wonderful sounding documentary.
Mona MacDonald

Richard Pratt
10 years ago

unfortunately, this documentary was not available to watch, only the 2 minute preview. Then, I look below and see these sensless arguments. What a shame.

Jarron Lewis
10 years ago

An exceptional documentary. This is a great work that really delves deeper into the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad in ancient Arabia.

10 years ago

Paganism+Judaism+Roman Myth Stories=Christianity
They all copy each others for social political control.

11 years ago

pffft...its funny that people who don't believe god or any religion seems to make their own religion and yet also believes that aliens from mars or whatever planet or dimensions they are from are going to invade the earth and eat them xD

D Evans
11 years ago

Atheists try to say following religion is wrong but in reality atheism itself is their religion.

11 years ago

I don't mean any disrespect but i have studied many world religions over the last 10 years. Just an observation that Mohammed likely had heard biblical stories in his travels from Christians and Jewish rabbis. He saw the power those faiths had to unite people under a single banner. Supposedly he was illiterate which is believable but it is plausible that he memorized such stories and created his own version. In his political ambition to seize control of Mecca and establish a theocracy with him as the leader. It is evident as the surrahs that where recorded in his exile in medina are far more war driven than those that where recorded when he had established his Islamic state in Mecca later in life.

11 years ago

It's a true fact that Muhammed PeaCe be upon him is the Greatest Person Ever .

The believers and unbelievers who saw Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were unanimous agreed that he had the best attributes and that he (PBUH) was unique and approached the level of human perfection.

Love My Prophet And Love My religion ' Islam'
Thank God I'm A Muslimah :)

11 years ago

Great Rageh . i enjoyed it , and to all those haters , shut the hell up . he is the best person on earth and you all dont kno shi'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Allahu akbar

Matthew Shin
11 years ago

Good documentary on what a Muslim might think or have learned in "Qur'an study" (that's supposed to be a joke) about their faith. I found it interesting but very biased towards Islam. If a Christian made a documentary like this, it would almost irrefutably be laughed at.

11 years ago

I told you can't reason with atheists. Brothers don't waste your time. They are saying nonsense. These are not people sincerely seeking answers.

These are your rational replies? The universe came out of nothing! The color green came from evolution! I'm out of here what a waste of time.

Maybe Stephen Hawking originated the Universe? Or maybe one of you two did? What a laugh!!!

11 years ago

Hey Achems_Razor did you copy and paste or what? And you still didn't answer my question. Neither did you Vlatko. Yes the answer is God. Do you know why? Because infinite regression is absurd and an eternal terminator is needed to solve the dilemma. If you can't answer the question at least answer this: who invented the color green?

11 years ago

Salamu aleikum brothers,

After awhile you should give up arguing with atheists. The majority of them will not believe even if you spent your lifetime reasoning with them. The best you can do is make them look foolish by exposing their atheism as ridiculous. Keep them on their beliefs and pretty soon they will stop commenting.

Hey Patrick popquiz hotshot. Who originated the Universe?

11 years ago

We should disbelieve in the islamic god and his murdering prophet because they bring death and enslavement to the world. They want to kill anyone who speaks out against them or even jokes about their religion; in short, they would abolish free speech. Furthermore listen to the arguments they put forth: That Mohammed fool two posts below this post explains that women are treated differently in islam because nature gave different roles to males and females. As an athiest, I agree that women are animals, so are men, but our society has evolved and we no longer treat women like breeding stock. While the rights islam gave women may have been advanced to a group of desert dwelling nomads, those same rights are insulting by today's standards. According to mohammed here, the hierarchical relationship between a man and a woman is akin to the relationship between a citizen and his president! (Damn I wish women treated me like I was the president...) Forget all the benefits a society gains from emancipating women (such as economic growth) forcing women into a lower social class than men is arbitrary and unethical and any religion that proposes to do so should be spoken against even if speaking means risking our lives as it does when speaking against islam. I'm sure muslims have other equally enlightened reasons for all the other crappy religious laws they want to impose upon society. Let's listen (if a muslim will answer) why those who convert from islam to another religion must be executed! -that is if any will explain why. But I'm sure one will and in a day when we are trying to abolish capitol punishment the answer will be just as uninspiring as the all the other reasons why society should adopt islamic law.

11 years ago

Can someone explain this documentary to me? It seems like there's three episodes, but each episode is the same episode . . .

12 years ago

Islam is not a religion of peace. Their holy book is not structured like the christian or jewish holy book; rather, it is the account of one man describing his life and actions as the perfect man: the prophet who all muslims should strive to be like. It prescribes a way of government, a system of laws, and essentially a way everyone, even those who are not muslims, should act and live. Read the book. Mohammed was a horrible warlord who tortured, killed, and destroyed. He married and had sex with 10 year old girls and had entire tribes beheaded down to the last child. He tortured those who would not tell him where their money was hidden and killed their families in front of them. Sadly, muslims are commanded and strive to be like Mohammed

The good he did and the reforms he brought are archaic by today's standards and, since the book's accounts must be taken literally on pain of death, cannot be updated or adapted to today's world. One such reform is shari'a law. While such a code may have been advanced for tribal arabia, it is barbaric (perhaps worse) today. Most terrible is not the system itself or the fact that it cannot be altered or reinterpreted, but that it is the duty of every muslim to impose shari'a law on the rest of the world. The books says it is ok for muslims to lie and cheat those who are not muslim to further islam. I find this appalling.

Please, educate yourselves. Read the book if only to learn that it is not a book of stories, but a commandment to live a certain way. Learn that it demands for you to understand it literally and even tells you how to resolve contradictions within it. Finally, apply what you learn from reading it to your experiences with islam. Hopefully, if I offended you, you will respond not with lectures or useless comments, but by doing your own research on islam instead of watching documentaries and taking other peoples' descriptions (like mine) of it for true. If you haven't read the book and/or don't understand that it is both an example of how to live and a commandment of how to live, you've missed something.

12 years ago

Documentaries are meant to enlighten and create platform to understand one another. Brothers and sisters, please write respectfully and stop spewing hatred to one another. To be fair, this documentary is produced by BBC in its effort to create bridges between civilisations...Islamic is one of them.

If you want to find out the truth, read widely and seek knowledgeable unbiased people to learn from. God says there is no compulsion in to each his own and be smart about it. Many governments manipulate politics and religion to force people to believe or unbelieve, to be a communist or not.

A few people/organisations are known world-wide to be racist and anti-Muslims whose propaganda is to misinform us; so beware:
1)Pamela Gellar
2)Robert Spencer
3)Daniel Pipes
4)Websites linked to them or people like them or just plain misinformation: Jihadwatch, answering -islam,Faith International Freedom.

Peace and Good luck to all!

12 years ago

An unbiased doc.

12 years ago

Schmozart: I don't think you studied the religions of the world as much as you are trying to portray to your readers. There are over 2,500 religions in this World. One of the biggest keys giving away your lack of knowledge was your mention of "wicca". Schmozart states, "I've even studied Earth Magic (Wicca) and played the role of 'warlock'." To be a warlock means that you took on the role as a traitor to your coven because that's what warlock means. Wicca is also a newer religion which is a little over 50 years old based on some older traditions. If you practiced wicca, that meant that you were merely a wiccan. Not so hard to understand.

12 years ago

religious people in general, but Muslims especially today seem incredibly easy to stir up. Because their outrage is assured it makes them easily manipulated and a perfect target group for the attainment of ulterior goals. (oil)

Use the internet to find out the truth about the phony war on terror bc we sure as hell are not gonna get the truth from the corporate media. I liked david chandler's analysis of the 'the terrorism scam' on youtube, and his videos on 911 are guaranteed a place in history,, right alongside Jim Hoffman, Steven E Jones, & Kevin Ryan.

His Forever
12 years ago

"Conversion must be the exercise of a free and informed personal choice." I nearly chocked on that one!

12 years ago

In response to some of the comments thrown back and forth down below...

I think that everyone here should either read Ernest Becker's book "The Denial of Death" or see the documentary based on that book by Patrick Shen entitled "Flight From Death." It discusses the human process knows as "immortality striving," which is responsible for man's creation of religion, God, great architecture, stunning works of art, and even children. Basically, the premise sheds light on the fact that throughout history, mankind, because of his inability to reconcile his own mortality, has consistently manifested articles, either real or imagined, that might outlive him and maintain his or some collective legacy. It further suggests that man, because of this uneasiness with his own demise, also gravitates to aligning himself with pillars of faith or eternity-based institutions that could in some way, assuage his unconscious fear of death or ensure his own immortality.

Throughout my life, I've made it a point to align myself with and study almost every major spiritual practice and doctrine on this planet, just to see what they were about as well as to understand their followers. Islam, Christianity (many denominations), Buddhism, Shintoism, Judaism and Scientology, just to name a few. I've even studied Earth Magic (Wicca) and played the role of "warlock" to a coven of totally harmless but utterly hot witches in Venice Beach (another long story). And what I've learned was that at the heart of all these seemingly disparate and diverse ideologies and faiths exists an essentially similar core made up of a few components, the main component of that core housing a desperate longing to outlive this earthly existence somehow, wrapped in a strong desire to be a part of something bigger (and better) than ourselves...and an obligation to perform good deeds or work to earn our eternal rewards.

Hence, we are motivated to do incredibly beautiful things like raise children, erect tall monuments and architectural masterpieces, create beautiful art and music -- all of which we hope will outlive us and leave some evidence of our presence or contribution to this life that we know...or once knew. But sadly, our fear of death also motivates other desperate human behaviors like avarice, aggression, inconsideration and selfishness, resulting in some of the greatest wars and periods of suffering on the planet. The fear of death -- and this is a real "kicker" -- is also responsible for suicide bombers. I'll let you do the math on that one for a minute .

I don't consider myself to be a religious man, but I feel I am deeply spiritual. With that said, I've come to believe, after decades of searching for answers, that god doesn't exist, at least not in any of the forms that we would normally identify. That "god" force with which most of us so desperately hope to connect will probably turn out to be something more akin to dark energy or the "ether" -- a power that fills the space in between you and me...but one that we can't really see, smell, hear, touch, define or explain. However, we can, or at least think we can, sense it. It sounds mysterious I know, but then, isn't that the beauty of it all -- the mystery. I don't believe we were meant to know it all and going even further, I don't think it really matters in the big picture. I like the notion that we'll always be children of time and space...ever discovering...ever growing...ever learning...ever changing...ever evolving. And when I say "evolving," I'm really more implying "elevating" as humans and hopefully becoming, in some ways, better.

When we stand at death's door, if we were given pause and a moment to reflect upon our lives, most of us would think about what we've spent our lives doing and our good times, relationships, children, accomplishments, causes we've helped or sometimes sadly, our regrets. I'm sure I missed a few, but those are the big ones. I've seen a few people go in my life and got the privilege to speak to some amazing people just before they passed. Their insights could easily fill the pages of the entire Harry Potter series, but what I've concluded is that if anyone or anything should be worshiped or highly regarded on this planet then it might as well be death. Not feared, but more cherished and respected for the power it undeniably commands. And although it's tangible, we can't really define it. Death lives in a moment. A dead body is not death, but merely a by-product. So what is death? It's a period at the end of a sentence. It's the end. Or is it?

Death takes...but death also gives. Death moves us to do great, and unfortunately, not so great things. But for the most part, death motivates us to seize our lives and pursue our dreams because we know the clock is ticking. And like the ever ticking clock, death serves as a constant reminder because it is all around us, all the time.

But readers, please don't miss the message here and erect a shrine to the Grim Reaper in your bedroom just yet. Death is only a mirror in which the meaning of life is reflected (that last one was all mine, by the way ;-). I'm not suggesting that anyone go out and worship death. I actually think we shouldn't worship anything, not even ourselves or any part of our existence, in general. And although I think that faith and belief are natural parts of life, I'd put my faith in awareness, charity, rectitude and simple unconditional love before anything else. Maybe we should exalt these four (and similar) virtues or states first, because after all, don't these supposedly represent the foundation upon which nearly every religion and higher form of ideology were built? Weren't these and their subtle variants adopted to help instill and uphold the integrity of the collective society of mankind in the first place?

There were some amazing, astute and beautiful things written in this comment section below; the religion debate can most certainly ignite the passions. However, I think it's important to remember that even the best and most grammatically correct argument can be tainted by profanity and insults. I also think that Siddhartha Gautama, if he did exist, was probably closest to the "truth" when he ultimately concluded that the best thing we can do while we're here is try to understand and help one another and do our best to ease the pain and suffering of all beings on this planet.

People think charity is just a write-off, but it really is at the heart of who we are as humans...and even further, it defines our own humanity and distinguishes us from every other animal and living entity on this planet. Someone mentioned Wayne Dyer earlier and I think the good Doctor has it right when he talks about cultivating a "softness" in ourselves that is firmly rooted in compassion.

I realize that I've referenced the teachings of Buddha and Dr. Wayne Dyer in this offering, but I've found that there are great words and viewpoints in most of the world's great ideologies, books and religions. And when something resonates as truth to me, I appreciate it and utilize it to my advantage -- to help me evolve into the best human being I can possibly become. This is mainly because if reincarnation really does exist, then I'd strongly prefer to come back as something other than a dung beetle -- rolling that dung ball up a hill looks like absolute torture.

For some, I suppose becoming the "best human being" might mean a refined instrument of financial domination or military annihilation. For me, it means becoming the most humble, generous, compassionate, strong, sensitive, aware, just, fair, wise and grateful person I can become.

So, for as much as I appreciate truth wherever and whenever I see it, there are no ideological strings attached to my mind or soul...but I welcome those few strings I allow to attach to my heart, for they're the ones that make life worth living.

In closing, I believe that it's perfectly fine to believe or not believe whatever you wish, as long as it doesn't impinge upon the rights or well-being of others. You have your beliefs; I have mine. Let your belief(s) be your own, because at the end, the only thing that matters is what you do, what I do -- what we each do as individuals in our own singular individual lives. We all came into this miraculous existence...and we will all eventually pass from it. This is all I know. This is all I need to know. And this is what motivates me to try, help and be kind, in word and in action, to as many people as I can while I'm alive...and if what I've written here motivates just one other person out there to join me and do the same, then I think that's a wonderful thing.

Have a beautiful life, one and all.

Your Dung-Beetle-In-Training

12 years ago

I hope everyone participated in draw mohammed day this year. It is unacceptable for the followers of a religion to impose their laws upon others- especially when their aim is to try and intimidate the people from the enlightened nations of world for exercising free speech

12 years ago

First off - you're all idiots... To say that you KNOW there is or isn't a god is retarded and arrogant. There's no evidence either way and there's a hell of a lot of evidence against the existence of the god of Abraham (jew, christian, muslim god).
But let me humour you non secular fools for a moment using your own reasoning. Your religions tell us that we have free will, yet at the same time God is omnipotent and nothing in the universe can happen that isn't God's will. If God wills it, it is and if he doesn't will it, it isn't. If this wasn't the case he wouldn't be the one true god. Therefore it's a complete contradiction that we can have free will because we cannot do anything that goes against his will. Taking that line of reasoning further - it's God's will that I along with many other don't believe in him. It's God's will that we all go to hell because of not believing in him. It's God's will that I sin, insult him and insight anger in other religious people and possibly cause them sin (and subsequently go to hell).

And where exactly is the free will in a child being born with cerebral palsy or down syndrome or autism? I've worked with the mentally disabled for many years and it absolutely breaks my heart that such a horrible fate could be handed to them - it is no life at all. Some get glimpse of what a normal life can be and this is the hardest thing to see of all the disabilities. When a young man with autism and severe physical disability wants to fall in love but knows it will never happen... What kind of sick torture is that, what did he do to deserve that? This is the work of your all loving compassionate God? Or was it humans that did that? Kind of confusing when you throw in the whole God being omnipotent thing.

Instead of telling people that God works in mysterious ways or saying that it's a human sin due to our free will, how about you arse holes do some good in this world and stop spreading your lies designed to placate people into not making this world a better place for all of us.

If it wasn't for the Christian jerks in this world we would probably have advanced stem cell research to the point of healing many diseases. If it wasn't for the Jewish pricks in this world, we wouldn't have the terrorist state known as Israel and if it wasn't for you Muslim tossers, hundreds of millions of women wouldn't experience the oppression you advocate as the word of God or the immeasurable level of intolerance and double standards you so vehemently deny you do.

If there is a God, it's probably most ashamed of those who claim to KNOW it does or doesn't exist, you were clearly its biggest mistake.

Use the brain you were f-ing born with - that would be the real miracle.

12 years ago

Although I'm not a religious person, I am curious, and I fully intended to watch all of this. I found the presentation far too tedious though. Rageh Omaah is very much an establishment figure in the BBC, and I guess that given that he's a Muslim, it was a no-brainer to have him present this documentary. I find him about as engaging as watching paint dry though, so I only lasted about thirty minutes before I fell asleep. Fortunately, I slept through all of the remaining 2.5 hours, so although I learned very little about the life of Muhammad, at least I awoke later feeling thoroughly refreshed.

If someone like Michael Wood were to make a programme on the subject, that would be an entirely different matter.

12 years ago

tell me any other religion did not start and stayed by the sword !!! or only in Islam ?? and BTW the biggest islamic population of Muslims live in Indonesia and they all converted by traders not a single sword ! more than 120 million

12 years ago

Muhammad Killed many many people> His religion is scary, IMHO
Islam could not of existed without the sword, can not be maintained without the sword!

12 years ago

It's pretty remarkable how Mohammed went from a band of a few hundred follows centered in a small Arabian town to a major world religion with over 1.5 billion followers. What could have been a belief system only to the people of the Arabian Peninsula translated extremely well to people across Asia and Africa, and now all corners.

Also, I'm beginning to feel that the Shariah Law is not what the radicals make it out to be. It seems to be grounded in equality, respect and fairness, more like the idea of "social justice" than anything else. The fundamentalists aren't really "fundamentalists" because they aren't LOOKING AT WHAT THE FUNDAMENTALS ARE.

Anyway, a really entertaining doc. I like how it focuses on Mohammed's life and the early days of Islam, and the contemporary interpretation of these events. Very nice. Plus, the HD's very welcome too.

12 years ago

Iv'e a question for religious people, if God is all powerful and loving, and loves all his children, how could he let an innocent child die of hunger?

If you can give me a straight answer, ill believe in God

12 years ago

When are these nightmares going to stop?
Insanity gets worshiped. Make religion go away please.

I'm scared. I really am.

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster."

- F. Nietzsche

12 years ago

HHmm! It is very absurd that almost 1.5 billion people on the globe are following a False Prophet. The man had nothing at all to back up his claims of Revelations from God up on that mountain. Born 570AD after Jesus, there was nothing at all about him to prove that he was God's messanger.He played his music and danced to it. Jesus predicted such people like him when he said to Pharisesses and Saduccess that they had refused to believe in Him and some else will come in his own name and they will believe in him. Such were pple like Mohammed. Jesus backed up his claims and Mohammed's claims were his own just like other false Prophets that have lived and confused many like Confuscious,Joseph Smith.Shoko Asahara, and the like. Only God know what he will do to these false prophets.Iam not the judge

12 years ago

HHmm! It is very absurd that almost 1.5 billion people on the globe are following a False Prophet. The man had nothing at all to back up his claims of Revelations from God up on that mountain. Born 570AD after Jesus, there was nothing at all about him to prove that he was God's messanger.He played his music and danced to it. Jesus predicted such people like him when he said to Pharisesses and Saduccess that they had refused to believe in Him and some else will come in his own name and they will believe in him. Such were pple like Mohammed. Jesus backed up his claims and Mohammed's claims were his own just like other false Prophets that have lived and confused many like Confuscious,Joseph Smith.Shoko Asahara, and the like. Only God know what he will do to these false prophets.Iam not the judge

12 years ago

I admire the BBC effort to present the mohammad story in a more reasonable way and still not offend the bigots, but this documentary is ultimately flawed by the biased interviews, most of the people interviewed are practicing Muslims so it is impossible for them not to be subjective about mohammad and give praise to was like some one was needed to bail him out.

To me it seams Islam(like any other religion) is a force for good only if you have a independent moral framework and reason to interpret "religious" books, witch is pointless because you are just searching for confirmation of what you already know and feel. Very few people do that, most don't bother reasoning and just get directly to "action" so you can throw that "force for good" out the window.

After watching this documentary it is hard not to feel sorry that in 2011 we are still subjugated to religion and have to contend with medieval way of thought.

Kari Suutari
12 years ago

All the religions are about that the ego is not real and deep down all the forms in this world are one, witch has many names. The differenses between religions is mainly cultural differences. The main problem with major religions appear, when egoic thinking is applied. For more information, google ego (spirituality).

James Green
12 years ago

Professionally done. Not a dull moment.

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen that clearly denunciates with impeccable clarity the case for Islam that few in the western world understand. I feel that the vast majority of Islamic peoples desire the same things as the rest of humanity; food, clean water, safe shelter, peace, acceptance and the remaining issues that are common for a satisfactory life.

To cast nearly a quarter of the planet’s population as radicals, hate bearers and even terrorists because of their religion, without so much as a casual investigation into their world is not only disingenuous, but downright dishonest and, as is painfully obvious to anyone that hasn’t spent the last decade on Mars, dangerous!

12 years ago

As an aside, it bothers me that Mr. Omaar is shown turning the pages of a copy of the Quran that's over 1300 years old without gloves - and what a beautiful book it is.

12 years ago

Very informative documentary! Definitely well worth the watch :)

12 years ago

Did not watch all three parts but judging by the first part alone I can't help but feel the BBC's extreme bias against Islam. It seems to me they were trying to associate Muhammad with extremism, this is unacceptable IMO. Can you imagine if BBC or PBS made a documentary about the Jewish religion that tried to portray them in a controversial manner and associate all of Judaism with the extremists that blew up the king David hotel? I feel it was ESPECIALLY unnecessary to put the 9/11 attacks in a documentary about the prophet Muhammad. I mean its like mentioning this Breviek guy from Norway or the WTC after McVeigh's attacks (or other Christian terrorist incidents) in a documentary about Jesus. I am somewhat disgusted, however interesting the history is I feel it is a bit bias and would be considered UNACCEPTABLE had this been about any other religion. I am not religious but I respect people's views and do not seek to trash ones beliefs simply based off some crap I've watched in a documentary. A documentary about Christians or Jews this biased would be called antisemitic or just plain distasteful. Note to all atheists: You cannot scientifically prove there was no Muhammad, just like you will never be able to disprove the existence of Allah. That is why the scientific position to take is to be an Agnostic.

12 years ago

I'm seriously tired with all the generic atheist comments found below anything remotely religious. 'it’s all fairy tales', 'wow people believe this', ‘religion is no good, look at all the atrocities committed in its name’ Don't you have something more thought provoking to add? You're beginning to sound like the very ones whom you mock, spouting the same old lines again and again. Anyway, fascinating documentary.

12 years ago

Considering the history of religions in general, the brutality, the torture, the slaughter, how can anyone believe that following any of them is a good thing? If we, humanity, are considered the crown jewel of Gods creations, then what does that say about the creator? If we are in fact created in Gods image then God cannot be any better than we are. I am inclined to believe that God was created in our image instead of the other way around, that would certainly explain things much better.

12 years ago