The Masters of Terror

2002, Conspiracy  -   54 Comments
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The Masters of TerrorIn two hours, Alex Jones reveals the Globalists' master plan for world domination. In this powerful expose, Jones explains why the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the populations into accepting tyranny.

The Masters of Terror details the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash, the cashless society control-grid, implanted microchips, mind-control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on US soil, the USA Patriot Act, and Homeland Security taking over the states.

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  1. node

    This got 8 stars?!

  2. Grant Howard

    If the government was in on it wouldn't the President looked a little better on the day? See also, if Elvis faked his death, he wouldn't have went on the crapper.

  3. Dave Grant

    Alex Jones is full of sh**. He reminds me of an infomercial host. I can also take things and edit them to make them look like something sinister. He goes on and on about the evils of fear mongering that the government uses to control people but fails to see that he uses the exact same technique in his own documentaries.

    1. Robert Bradley

      then why are all his reports being proven correct?

    2. a_no_n

      what report of Alex Jones has ever been proved correct?

    3. Robert Bradley

      NSA , GMOs, Fukisima, Building 7---start there--- and you have alot to catch up on..

    4. a_no_n

      nsa was an easy guess, Fukushima was a natural disaster, he's lying to you about GMO's and his ridiculous conspiracy theory about building 7 has been utterly debunked.

      None of this is now information...outside the tin foil hat community Alex Jones is considered something of a swivel eyed loon...personally i think he's a con man, capitalising on peoples insecurities to build himself a comfortable little media empire that earms him five million dollars a year.

    5. Sweejay

      Building 7 Debunked? The building was not hit by an airplane and it exhibited all of the characteristics of a controlled demolition.
      1. Rapid onset of collapse
      2. Sounds of explosions recorded on video by tons of people all of which is currently available online.
      3. Symmetrical structural failure
      4. Free-fall acceleration
      5. Imploded - landed within own footprint
      6. Pyroclastic clouds
      7. Knowledge of collapse prior to actual event by NYPD and FDNY (on video)

      After demoltion...

      1. FEMA finds rapid oxidation and intergranular melting on structural steel samples.
      2. Several tons of molten metal
      3. Chemical signature of incendiary thermite found in samples.

    6. a_no_n

      ok. There are inconsistencies and contradictions all through your points.

      1/ Building seven was pelted with flaming debris from the crash. this is documented.
      2/ The building collapsed rapidly, not because of a controlled explosion but because the building was hollowed out by fire. We know this because you can see the penthouse collapsing into the building several minutes be3fore the rest of the building collapses, this is clear indication that the collapse of building seven took place over several hours, not a few seconds as con artists like multi-millionaire Alex Jones.

      As i say, thoroughly debunked with a very simple explaination.

      RE: Molten metal. why is this any sort of smoking gun? i suggest you read up on metal, it's not as hard to melt as you might think, and is also further proof that building 7 was not a controlled explosion. Controlled explosions don't melt the structure.

      RE: Thermite. That "Chemical signiture of Thermite" is found in even domestic household appliances and office supplies. It is by no means evidence of Thermite (which also explodes very loudly. If thermite was used there would have been a burst of very VERY loud explosions pulsing like automatic gunfire. this never happened, so Thermite was not present).

      You're not telling me anything new. You're regurgitating the same nonsence that was first spewed out a decade ago.

      Can i ask, what would it take to convince you that you're wrong?

    7. Sweejay

      I guess maybe both are point have inconsistencies and contradictions because of the source of our information. I will try to keep this argument clean and informative for anyone reading.

      To counter:

      1. No Skyscraper has ever fallen due to fire. Building 7 was the first according to your argument.

      2. The penthouse collapsed approx 5 SECONDS not minutes before the rest of the building came down.

      3. As i stated LOUD explosions were heard on all three towers before they fell. This video evidence is all over the internet with credible people stating these facts.

      4. Temperatures of over 2800 F were measured even a week after the collapse. The offices fires could produce at a maximum 1400 F.

      5. As to thermite being in domestic household appliances. I will explain further. Microspheres formed from molten iron and other elements were found in the dust by USGS the RJ Lee Group, EPA and Independent scientists. Thermite reactions account for the ubiquitous spheres.

      6. WTC dust samples collected contained small chips of highly energetic nano-thermite -> Not the kind your talking about unfortunately.

    8. a_no_n

      i would also still like to know just what it would take to prove to you that you were wrong.

      For example, a confession from anyone involved, along with any evidence for how the Thermite could even get in the building in the first place would make me reconsider my position.

      if the building was built with Thermite in it, then the people who built the building would know all about it, if they didn't they would figure out that all the walls had massive gaps in them.

      Perhaps a confession from one of the agents involved with placing the Thermite...thesecret service can't keep a sex party secret so i doubt that they would all be unwilling to confess and be able to prove they weren't lying or attention seeking.

      these things would convince me.

      What would convince you?

      Are you honest enough to ask yourself that question?

    9. Sweejay

      I feel like what 9-11 lead to is what has convinced me more than anything. I do not solely rely on the events of that day to construct my hypothesis. I look at everything as sign posts. This event was one of them... It's lead into a direction. Now the term Terrorist is everywhere. I try to use facts to justify my beliefs but in todays world misinformation is almost all that exists. Maybe I have fallen victim to this. Maybe you have. Who knows? One thing I do know is while we sit here arguing over the past and what it means we are distracted from what is happening now. I think that is the goal of whomever is responsible for actions such as these.

    10. a_no_n

      in other words you cherry pick from all the sources you can find and cobble together something that best suits what you'd like to be the truth, and you excuse or ignore everything else that doesn't agree with you.

      I don't deny that 9/11 was used as the cornerstone for building a case to illiegaly start a war in Iraq...the administration milked that cow for everything it was worth once it happened, but that's because they were terrible at their jobs, not because they were all the greatest evil masterminds in human history.

      If we can't even come to a basic agreement on what the past is, then how can we properly understand the present?
      You think the world is run by secretive Cabals of omnipotent shadowy men.
      i believe it's all a result of chaos and incompetence.

      those are two very different presents with different implications and different possibilities are they not?

    11. Andy

      lying about GMO's; wake up. There are Monsanto scientist that have been sacked or quit there positions in protest about the companies disregard for safety protocols.

    12. a_no_n

      i'll say the same thing to you that i say to every anti-gm poster i meet. evidence please.

      Which scientists have been sacked or quit? give me names otherwise i'll just assume you're making it up (as most anti-gm posters seem to think it's ok to do)

  4. vvindred

    people AJ is saying some interesting things, but we have to take into consideration that he's a human 2 and easily corrupted (the people who run the world whoever it is are extremely intelligent )...we can't trust no one no more 100% :( you know i'm an AJ fan 2

    1. Rocky Racoon

      Notice AJ doesn't offer any solutions really and is anti collectivist anti union and anti communist anti socialist....for private property rights so what does that tell you?

  5. Kris

    Its deep people, real deep. The shadow government has been pulling the strings for so long that we dont know any other way of existence without their influence. The best way to understand and accept how and why this is all happening is to use some empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of a Rothschild(Insert Elite Family) kid. The whole world at your fingertips, and your told your the best of the best, JUST FOR BEING BORN PRIVILEGED! And of course your ego accepts this to be true and you grow up and go about making huge decisions that affect millions of people with out a care because you never lived life on the streets or got bullied in high school or had to take out a loan to pay for a necessity. The global elite are completely disconected with how life is supposed to be and how life really is today despite how tainted it is. They hide behind the good people and good ideas of our government to pull off their crazy evil plans. They avoid watching the consequences of loss of human life on the news. They have no idea anymore.

    1. vvindred

      i agree with you , but i think they are totally aware of what their actions do but see things in a different way otherwise they would be suffocated by the guilt (something like the greater good bla bla )

    2. Rocky Racoon

      For them it is the natural order of things....the social order is confused with being some sort of survival of the fittest and to interfere in that and help people is actually going against nature. Indeed supplying them with drugs and making their lives miserable and helping them exit life on this planet is the moral thing to do for these folks.

    3. a_no_n

      someone hasn't been paying attention to Syria...Or Egypt, Or Israel, or just about anywhere else in the developing world.

  6. Bambi L

    you have to hand it to him, he's done so many documentary's on this subject and none of his claims have been rebutted which is incredible given what he's saying, you'd have thought out of the hundreds if not 1000+ total claims he's made against various government agencies and employees that if it was just bulls*** conspiracy, at least ONE of his claims would have been proved wrong. Alex Jones really knows his s***, love him or hate him, if you're going to argue against him then don't just call each other names, his arguments are backed up with facts, so if you're going to argue against him, you must argue with facts also. I would really like to see Alex Jones go head to head with some of the people on the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group, hell, even Bill O'Reilly just for kicks, purely to watch Bill's head explode when he realises he can't shout Alex down and he can't prove him wrong and he can NOT shut him up. Brilliant!!!
    This doc is fact after fact after fact, not opinions, just facts which is what you need to fight those in power, just saying that in your opinion, you think they might be up to something isn't enough, to throw piles of proof at them however, proof they can't refute, that's how you'll win, that's how WE'LL WIN.

    1. Epicurus

      are you kidding me? alex jones doesnt use ANY facts. he takes information and presents it in a way to make it sound like his position is supported.

      but if you actually look into the claims he makes you will see that almost everything Alex Jones says is complete and utter bulls*** and nothing he has claimed has ever come true.

      come on Bambi, stop being so brainwashed by these psychopath.

    2. vvindred

      that may be true , but you have to consider that if you replace the words "alex jones" with "mainstream media" it could also be true ;)

    3. Rocky Racoon

      mainstream media would be more accurately be described as CORPORATE media and there is nothing mainstream about it. It manages our perceptions of reality on behalf of the 1% who own it.

    4. Guest

      but when the mainstream media do it, there's a network in place to punish it and shame those who did it. Jones has no such restraint or safeguard.

  7. Mikey666

    Good documentary I too feel this guys frustration with the world, especially when there seems to be so many people walking around fast a sleep. The information in this documentary too me is the real news of whats going on in our world, I am not really interested in the celebrity scandals etc that the mainstream press seem to be infatuated with. Mainstream media only seems to be interested in mis-direction in my opinion.

  8. Arlo

    Biased, Unprofessional, and unfounded.

  9. Rambo

    I believe most of what Jones is saying is dead on. The question for me is how Jones is still able to operate and put this stuff out, while others who didn't provide nearly as much information have been waxed i.e. Bill Cooper...What gives?

    1. JoeyMack

      Rambo, you are dead on. If AJ was "in the know" on all of this stuff he spews out, he would not be in existence right now, or would at least have taken steps to protect his anonymity. It's not like the government couldn't easily off the guy in a car accident or something if they wanted to.

    2. Jdog

      the reason why alex jones dosnt try to hide his existance is because hes not afraid of them. he knows hes right and that if they try to take him out that it will make people who folow him pissed off and even more desperate to stop the tyrany. i cant beleave you can watch this documentary and see all the people that he has who are credible people that back up his research. take the blinders off people. learn what the new world order is doing and take steps to stop it. its our duty as american citizens to do so as is dictated by the deceleration of independence

    3. Declan_Walsh

      There is a certain amount of safety within the public eye. Especially within the last few years since people have begin to realize, even the possibility of the many horrors taking place behind the veil.


    4. Rocky Racoon

      No it is because Jones doesn't really offer any political direction and those that he does serves the interests of the 1% that is why he is getting away with what he does besides he is not really telling us anything we don't already know just condensing it for easier consumption.

    5. a_no_n do you honestly believe that?

      Do you not see how childishly naive that is?

      That argument actually disproves Alex Jonses own claims...because if that's the case, then the government is obviously not the omnipotent superpower that Jones claims it is...otherwise they would be able to kill him...him being "afraid" of them or not has nothing to do with it...courage doesn't stop bullets.

    6. MIke McMillen

      Your Theory only supports alex jones. Your saying the gov would have offed him. they sure wouldnt do it in the public. That would make it a shadow gov, On top of that it would only make him a martyr and solidify his claims.

  10. aristidh koka

    how about the maskots of 2012olympics way they are so familiar to the hammers of pink floyd videosong the wall????

  11. aristidh koka

    the god is a secret mouvment from the ancient time who domesticated the animals have done the same with the humans. in the tend in desert with the israelis was the head of secret services of ancient egypt. they was eternal in construction schience the pyramids are the prof. they were eternal in medicine the mumies are the prof. they were eternal allso in sociology the religions are the prof.

  12. antogonist

    you know this guy is talking through his hoop when he says that the israelis where caught selling the iranians parts for nuclear weopons and going behind the back of the usa (12 minutes). This guy must be employed by the government to talk complete pants to make people doubt all conspiracy theories on the subject.

  13. fh

    min 46.... "fly by wire" wtf

  14. Tracy

    I just can't listen to him, he just sounds too much like a limbaugh voice to me.


    ok , the list goes on and on and goes way back into historys in many many forms of social control dating back to Amenhotep 3

    But if you are addicted to this economy , addicted to the taste of scienfically created foods that are not nutruients but emotional stimulators , empty calories but taste so GOOD . Addicted to health care when your DNA bio machine is self healing ... just addicted to the way you were brought up

    You have no other choice than to live within the confuse and conquer of a complex Organism whihc dates back in time before just america . A society Organism more complex than simple people who man posts of power during life times .

    Buddha said respect life seen and unseen , sow hy do think think the only other life? has to be smaller ans impler that us , us who are so fragile and simple actually .

    Homind lives a long time before city ever was . Look into permaculture , landlesspeasant , paleolithic diets ... and see if you maybe want to ...check out of the game .

  16. Eff

    Alex Jones exposes the propaganda we are all fed and brainwashed to believe in. Do you think that a few guys in government who are filthy rich give a damn about killing their own people?
    "MONEY is the root of all evil."

    1. therapy

      it has nothing to do with money or business; everything is personal and political.

    2. a_no_n

      no...but that doesn't mean i believe the man carving a five million dollar a year media buisiness either.

      Alex Jones has five million very clear incentives to keep people afraid, and those five million little green reasons weigh a hell of a lot more than the truth.

  17. Carl Hendershot

    Theres good and bad in all of this. I find to be very usefull. I dig the chip and easy pay.

  18. Michael

    life is too short to watch this guy (I lasted 10 minutes).
    When you know you've been lied to I don't think too poorly of those who come up with wrong answers, but this guy steps over a line.
    There seems to be an inverted patriotism that only the US Govt could have pulled off 9/11.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      That is a good one but they couldn't do it without Israel.

    2. therapy

      robot controlled airplanes and the audacious will to win.