The Modern Racist Paradigm

The Modern Racist Paradigm

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The Modern Racist ParadigmThis is a well researched documentary that exposes the White Media's long-term agenda to standardize Caucasian people as the social norm for general society.

Through the globalization and centralization of the White media and its constant propagation of repetitive images depicting Caucasians in positive roles and as protagonists while usually depicting Non-Caucasians as background characters and antagonists - which are often connected to negative themes and stereotypes - the media elite have been able to effectively condition general society into subconsciously adhering to a racist social hierarchy in which Caucasian people are at the very apex.

The documentary addresses many modern-day internalized racist psychological dispositions (subconscious forms of internalized racism) which are unknowingly passed down from generation to generation due to the globalization and pervasiveness of Whiteness a cultural assimilation process of which, is directly derivative to historical European expansionism, colonialism, and imperialism.

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  1. some really good stuff in here. as a child i never realized Aladdin was so racist. so true that the media controls our opinions

  2. Not bad until the comment about "The White Zionist Paradigm." Leave your Jew hating out of it!

  3. I'm white, spent the first 32 years of my life in North Long Beach, grew amongst and naturally into black American culture, was attacked by whites for being a "n***** lover" throughout my teens, attacked by blacks, mexicans and asians who didn't know me for being white in North Long Beach and assaulted by mexican LBPD officers for being a "wannabe mayate" (whatever the spelling is). Seems to me there are white people out there continuously victimized over race despite acting the right way their whole life. Spreading BULL**** hyperbole of white racism this, white entitlement that, as if no one with white skin was ever anything other than a villain is the true "construct" here and it damn sure wasn't perpetrated by a caucasian. I challenge you all to do some research, for the sake of humanity, lest the MORON MAJORITY _continue_ to allow control via division, perpetrated by the true enemy: the MULTI RACIAL, multi national 1%

  4. Propaganda. Propaganda everywhere.

  5. I am white and have traveled extensively all over the world. As far as I see ALL the human race in racist to some degree or another.I don't mean just black or white, but whithin Africa itself there is a tribal mentality, which I see just as bad, depending which tribe you happened to be born into.India has the caste system.South easy asians are prejudiced too.I know It's wrong and I for one have black and Asian friends and would be the last person to be racists in any form, but we have to face up to it.I have been treated very differently in Africa because I am white so it goes both ways I am afraid.

  6. I'm of african heritage ( but I've lived in different countries in my life, mainly in Europe) and like to be honest, the whole "race" thing is *tupid in my opinion. I've found in my experience that it's mainly only americans and other africans (I don't use the terms 'black' or 'white' because i find them to be dehumanizing and s*upid) outside of the continent of Africa that are like racist. but not like fully fledged but just in the way they view things and from what they say you can sort of see their underlying racial view points. the africans being racist I find is through their looking at their role models whom are normally "african-americans" and they're racist (not all but the majority have that mentality wired in from a very young age) which they then learn. but yeah, that's just my own personal experience. but I find it stupid though, people who describe themselves by colours and associate with colours are just furthering "the divide". if we all just described one another by our heritage, or culture, or hobbies, or what we like and dislike everything would be better. And also not try to box people into a set image. And also, I find that American society is really the one that has been spearheading this whole racial campaign which is slowly infecting the world due to hollywood and america's influennce over the globe.but yeah....i didn't watch the documentary, just wanted to air my opinion.

    1. Your opinion is the most simple-minded BS I have ever read. I'm a Mixed-race British man, of Black African and Southeast Asian parentage (Thanks to the effects of the One drop rule, the Asian side of me is totally negated by non-Black people.. so I personally have always identified with and been treated as Black). I majored in politics from a good university here in Britain and lived in a variety of countries from East Asia to Europe as a child, a student, and a professional. I've also visited West Africa, where one side of my family are from.

      I'm terribly sorry for your self-centred flippant attitude to the reality of the sheer levels of racist bigotry Black/African-descent men suffer from in our global society. What you fail to see being a woman "of African heritage", (so are you of Black African descent or North African Arab? being of "African descent" means nothing.) is that mainstream society, thanks to Western media portrayals in the past and present, consider the Black women as:
      -highly sexualised or sexually-demanding entities (why not see that racist chair design by a Scandinavian "artist" that was all over the papers in England a good few months ago? oh no sorry you're in the US where institutional and social racism KILLS YOUNG BLACK MEN EVERY YEAR!).
      images like that don't have people beating you up or killing you right?

      Now, Black men worldwide (thanks to the same unfair media treatment) are seen as:
      -being wild and unnaturally strong or fast, oops : 'having sporting prowess', (do you wonder why there is an over-representation of men of African descent in athletics, football, basketball, american football, etc worldwide, even in countries where there is hardly a Black population?),
      -we are still seen as 'slaves' (go to Arabia or China and ask people what they think of Black men),
      -we are seen as 'naturally inclined' to be dangerous or potential criminals ("gangsta", "thug" or "rudeboy" culture and themes being forced upon young Black men worldwide),
      -we are seen as unintelligent (the idea Black men are underachievers exist in the US as well as the UK, and yet Britain's recently celebrated smartest children are from a Black family),
      -we are seen as sexual-predators (if you don't see this one being played out in media, films and dramas you must be mad.), or as
      -"sexually-taboo Mandingoes" (check why Idris Elba is so famous with Middle-class White women in the UK and US after "Luther")

      ie. we still occupy society's underbelly at best as a direct "threat", being 'undesirable' is a more honest word (and one you will rarely ever hear).

      Keeping those points in mind, you are telling me you cannot see how non-Black people continue to insist on refusing to sit next to Black men on crowded trains in the heart of cities such as London, Paris or Tokyo? (happened to me in Tokyo numerous times, I've seen it as a kind of pattern in Paris with Black African-French men vs the "majority", and I just saw it happen to another young Black British man here in London so-called "multicultural capital of the world").. Or how police in a variety of countries (not just the US) harass young Black men? Or how Black men are being verbally insulted in Arab countries with the epithet "abeed" (which is Arabic for "slave")? Or being wrongfully imprison for a variety of crimes in countries as disparate as Saudi Arabia, the US and Canada? Or how Russian Neo-Nazis are going around murdering or beating up African male and female foreign students in Moscow and now in Israel by young Slavic-Jewish "Neo Nazis" (seriously unbelievable stuff!)? Or how Continental Europeans, Indian subcontinentals or East Asians especially look at Black men with abject fear or disgust in public?

      If you are ignorant of this then you would be just as guilty of the racist attacks and bigoted attitudes towards men (and some women) of Black African descent in a vast swathe of European, Middle Eastern, South and North American and East Asian countries, as the racists are...

      Maybe the Police murder of Michael Brown will make you think twice before pushing aside the very real struggles of the worldwide Black African Diaspora in what is today a strictly Eurasian-dominated civilisation.

    2. Come on now.. You forgot the image of the stereotypical miserable, feisty black chic: The Sapphire!! Where would we be without that one.. ;)

    3. The true harsh reality is every race looked down upon by the so called elite,socialism of whom wasn't born with gold spoon sticking out there asses.Every race as at one time or another were and are slaves today.

    4. Hey, Jane.. I appreciate your response. But keep this in mind with regard to race/racism in the West. Both - in the western sense -- are European/Caucasian constructs. Both were developed with a very specific purpose in mind: to massage the egos of regular/ordinary white folks, to coax their "need to be different or better than", in order to gain their support for a system that would use color as the criteria in which to discriminate against or subjugate another people. The U.S. and Europe have employed this tool in their colonial exploits for as long as said exploits have targeted the territories of or the people of color themselves -- and that has been - it seems -- forever. Oh, and race, racism, prejudice, bigotry.. these are not the same thing. Each has its place and its own purpose. Simple it may seem, but there are layers to this 400 year pile of dung...

  7. I thought this was slow, low quality, under researched and had no story to follow. The long excerpts to read were cumbersome and just proved that there was no flow or story, and therefore there needed clarification and direction by way of overly long texts. The idea and the issues are extremely important, but this documentary did not do these issues justice.

    1. We the people are not ready for the collapse.They are sheep being lead
      to slaughter. It's sad to say but true . they have been lead by evil
      over run Governments.I do believe people with there creator, even
      natural instinctive blood driven instincts will be able get with a PAC
      and survive. It will be hell on earth.I am like all to many Americans. I
      am a disabled and live threw the kind Genocide of the Obama
      administration. I personally have stocked up on 4 months food 100
      gallons of clean water, and other survival things.I'll be on the look
      out from you and others for info that will help me survive the on coming
      fema camp driven agenda.Have a great day my friend.The internet is
      blowing the doors of the globalist planes to bring in the New World
      Order. The people of the world mainly the middle class and poor are able
      to see the truth of these Governments and there planes of take all our
      freedoms. We the people need to take this to the next level. The true
      harsh reality is every race looked down upon by the so called
      elite,socialism of whom wasn't born with gold spoon sticking out there
      race as at one time or another were and are slaves today. White,AND
      EVERY COLORED lives matter too god dammit. If you blacks think It's all
      about you ,cause your black then you are a true RACIST ! we the people
      are of every color ,realization, race, creed, and origin.If your not
      with that your a Racists Pig and should leave this country. Stop all
      that whining poor me I'm black bullsh*t and get with the real deal .
      It's we the people against a Government gone rouge. All the way down to
      gangs,and crooked cops.we the people are of every color. WE THE PEOPLE
      ARE SICK OF THE RICH AND F'CK THE POOR. Get with them rules ***holes
      who think different. now someone gets it wow ! Am I deaf, dumb ,and
      blind ? help me out here America ? LIE 1> WELL,LETS SAY IT'S ALL BEEN
      ONE BIG LIE OK ? obamascrare,GMO,S,Isis,Amnesty,Open boarders,Fast and
      Furious,CIA drug lords,You can keep your doctor,Benghazi,O bola,Spending
      up so high our kids,kids,kids,kids,kids,kids and on and on and on. They
      will never be able to pay it back. To hell with our governments ways.
      What about the Children of the Future America ? Need I say more America ?
      P.S. Lets not forget,we the stupid people have the highest rate in
      deaths,spending,taxes,and people on food stamps,death panels,Veteran
      being placed on death panels,The patriot act,gun control,murders, home
      invasions,As the congress continues spend we the people into
      oblivion,and makes us the murderers of the world. I think I said enough.
      Wake up America and take back what little of this country we have left
      before It's to late.

    2. No one to speak slowly and use crayon drawings to explain it to you?

  8. didn't like the commentaries in between. Guy fails to realize that white men are also choosing to be with Asians. Dating outside your race has been taboo in most every culture at some point or another. also the comment that we are conditioned to forget history so we can remain guiltless. Well, i didn't participate in history when i wasn't alive. I do want to learn more, but I will not feel guilty for other decisions in the past, I have my own things to get right and f--k up that I can be proud or guilty about. I don't need every generations shittiness on my shoulders.

  9. At 5:20 I disagree with "the best way to defend racism is to ignore it." The best way to get rid of this idea of separate groups based on their color, is to quit fueling it. Stop classifying people as though they were separate groups of people.

    People are discriminated against for being a little different. And there could be many ways to address this, but ultimately it requires a new mind set. Quit seeing people as different because of physical attributes. Maybe quit watching TV as well. I would estimate that 99% of this modern racism is due to mainstream television stations, programs, and especially the news.

    1. When folks (particularly, white folks) ignore racism, more folks (meaning blacks folks, in particular) die.. Yeah, yeah they do

    2. I completely agree with you...ignoring the matter will only allow it to manifest and being a controversial topic as it is, society needs to learn to accept other races and view them as equal. A mindset change is exactly what we need and claiming that ignoring it is the best defense is probably the worst solution to the problem.

  10. And by the way, you think it's hard being a black person growing up in America? Try being half Iranian, freshman year of high school, and a bunch of middle eastern terrorists fly two planes into the twin towers. Everybody knew I was middle eastern, and leading up to then, there wasn't much ripping on the middle eastern people, save for the occasional darker skin differentiating, so when 9/11 happened, there were no boundaries. Black people in my schools growing up just didn't get made fun of or stereotyped. Because at that point, it wasn't okay, there were rules/standards that us children were brought up by, so it was politically incorrect to make fun of black people openly. But when 9/11 happened, there were no rules concerning middle easterners. I know for a fact that I've been called "sand n1gger" and "towel head" to my face, by complete strangers, more times than all black people reading this combined. You think you know persecution, we have a black president for f*ck's sake, wake the fu*k up you racism perpetuating propagandist!

    1. Racism is racism. The main issue is that it exists, whether one person is targeted or a whole minority of people.

      It's a shame that you were singled out and globally stigmatized by the actions of extremists, but comparing plights to another man is counter productive.

      You noted that it's politically incorrect to make fun of black people - the idea and notion of possibly making fun of a black person shouldn't exist!

      You should stop feeling sorry for yourself, however your perspective is important - People who are ethnically Middle Eastern (or brown) have been villainised by the western world, but don't you think all people of colour should rise up against the mistreatment of ignorance together?

      We're given these ridiculous generalizations because we are not the standard, we're not white... Society constantly tells us we're different and that we are the "other". Why is someone an African American? Why is someone Chinese American? Why is someone Iranian American? Can I not be just American? When I meet someone and they ask me where I'm from and I say I'm American, why does the colour of my skin get questioned? "No where are you really from?"

      Also playing the we've got a black president...really?! Do you think having a black president actually stops the mistreatment and hardships of the general black person? There's nothing better than getting frisked on the way to work. There's nothing like a personal escort (security) whilst browsing through a store because I might "impulsively" steal. You should be questioning why there has only ever been one shouldn't be a victory, it should be the norm!

    2. You're forgetting that African Americans only make up about 16.5% of this country. You should have read my previous comment that talked about the fact that this country is VAST MAJORITY white people, so what the hell would you expect. It WOULD be very odd if we had black president after black president simply going by numbers. And I didn't "play" the black president card to insinuate that black people still don't get persecuted, I "played it" to show that we definitely are progressing as a nation, albeit very slowly, but progressing nonetheless. I don't feel sorry for myself, never have, but most black people today, especially the younger ones, have no idea what being persecuted is, period. We're a very tolerant country, considering our history. You're talking about how racism shouldn't even exist. Duh! But it does, and it always will. There is absolutely nothing that can be done that will ever completely eradicate racism, sorry to burst your bubble!

    3. You haven't burst my bubble, I'm a realistic person lol. I'm aware that ignorance is every where, however I don't use it as a lame excuse for condoning social injustice. Just because white people are vast majority the population of America it doesn't justify the various stigma associated with being "ethnic" or not white.

      You were picked on for not being white, how do you think an idea like that came about? Fear and ignorance. There is nothing more stupid and scary than a large body of people in a mob mentality. Which is sadly how America functions and why "progress" is so slow. You're told your position in society and you complain your plight is unfair (which it is) and yet you turn around and make excuses for those problems because it's all you know, you feel safe - no wonder it's so easy to say that you can't eradicate racism. America: both tolerant and prejudice.

      When you say one black man is successful and should be congratulated for the progress he has paved for future black people, what you're subconsciously saying is that on the other end of this success is the failure of his peers. Do you not realise how weird it is to think that? The colour of his skin shouldn't differentiate him. There's this mindset that being black is "different" and you condone and accept that simply because vast majority of America is white?!

    4. Way to put all sorts of words and ideas in my mouth simply because other things I said, which weren't even close to what you then turned my words into. I'm sorry, but you are not a realistic person. I understand what you are saying, but racism will never go away because there will always be ignorant people, and that will never change, no matter how hard you or anybody else tries. I don't condone racism by accepting the fact that it's there. We are pretty much agreeing on all of this, I don't see why you consistently feel the need to go back and forth with me over something that we pretty much agree on. You clearly are attempting to defeat me in an argument that doesn't really exist to compensate for your inferiority complex. I'm sorry that you feel that way, and if it makes you feel better, which I know it will, then here you go. You win. You are a smarter person than me. You've exposed me for the racial-perpetuating, discriminating person that I am. Congratulations. Fell better?

    5. "... but most black people today, especially the younger ones, have no idea what being persecuted is, period."

      You don't know the experiences of "most black people today", therefore you have no right to say this. It's a shame that you were ill-treated, but don't go dismissing the experiences of other groups.

      You've been constantly comparing your plight to that of African Americans. It's unnecessary, there's no need to start an oppression olympics. All Hayley is saying is that "comparing plights to another man is counter productive ... all people of colour should rise up against the mistreatment of ignorance together ..."

    6. You know for a fact that you've been called '"sand n1gger" and "towel head" more times than all black people reading this combined'! How, how could you possibly know that? Trust me I sympathise with your story and I really don't want this to be a 'my race has had it harder than yours' but the fact that the American president is HALF-BLACK and it not being pc to call black people ni**ers anymore (guess where the term sand-ni**er came from btw) doesn't mean that people don't still do it, that's not how racism works. Having grown up in the only black family in a very conservative part of England, I was tormented on a daily basis; in school, on the streets, EVERYWHERE about my skin colour and this was without any event like 9/11 putting the spotlight on my race. And even I wouldn't try and claim that I've suffered anymore abuse than anyone from any other race. Racism is racism regardless of the target's skin and to say that you as a middle eastern person, have suffered more than anyone else is probably more offensive than any of the m*ronic, bigoted bulls*it i heard growing up.

    7. Persecution? Now what could black people know about that?

    8. wow this is silly-now im gonna blow your mind black jehovas witness right here lol maybe i didnt get called a sand nigg3r but def got called nigg3r then turned around and got called terrorist and traitor for not saying the pledge and for NOT thinking all middle easterns are terrorist chew on that-love how other minorities come here and hate on black people. funny how the post isnt even about how u got called those things. its basiclly puttin your self on a pedastil over blacks y? because you got called worse?? congrats for 3 years you win the persecution war against black!! now how bout two paragraphs hating your persecutors ...

    9. This isn't a competition based on whether you've been discriminated more than I have. I suggest instead of directing your anger at the black population why don't you target it at the more deserving parties. I sympathize with you but it ain't our fault that you've experienced racism just as we have. We aren't here to identify who's experienced the greatest struggle or most brutal form of racism but speak out against this modern form of oppression and wrongs inflicted upon us. Please set your priorities straight.

  11. Funny...with all the little 'Fun Facts' in the beginning of this documentary about how basically the white man controls and has a say in everything, why don't they put up there, "oh and by the way, this country is made up of 72% white people"? LOL......

  12. How many racist in this thread !! If the black persons invented or achieved 50 % of what white people did it would be strange that white is a standard. Because everything that you see around yourself is achievement of the "white" people, it is normal that Caucasians are social norm.

  13. How can you not take a documentary seriously that interjects words like 'wiggers' and uses Tyra Banks and The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood as references?

  14. When Caucasians undergo plastic surgery, which ethnicity are they trying to become? Wanting bigger eyes or an uplifted nose doesn't mean you want to be white.

    1. It is wanting to be white...Why does a women find those specific features more desirable? I highly doubt she just woke up and felt an uplifted nose and bigger eyes would be a great plan. Nature doesn't tell you what is beautiful and that you should change your face. You are nurtured into making that crazy decision of changing your physical appearance to fit into the "ideal". For every women it is different, but mainstream media tells us to look "white".

  15. Why is it that from the third segment onward this documentary stops placing selected quotes in between segments complete with their sources, and begins simply giving us exaggerated commentary? It started off good, but then instead of offering any sort of solution or call to action, they simply keep pointing the finger at the evil white man and call it a day.

  16. In my cultural ethics class we ran the test with the Black Good first and the results were different. We were thrown off by the reversal of which button was Good and we scored more towards black preference.

  17. *asian girls, not asian curls. Whoops.

  18. I don't think it's racism= in the definition we use. But neither is ii a result of multiculturalism, because multiculturalism implies equality in everything, absolutely everything and that simply doesn't exist. I mean, everything is completely homogenised now, everyone wants to look the same. I'm white coming from ireland where the vast majority of people are white, but I've noticed it, in magazines and the radio and television. Ok, maybe in ireland, there just isn't a culture of multiculturalism, but I'm also factoring in american and british media. white people are always the main actors in films, or the main models or whatever, and there's a condescending attitude when someone who's black or asian or whatever in as an actor or whatever , it's self congratulatory and most of them fit stereotypical roles. And were black girls straightening their hair , or asian curls curling their hair be a result of multiculturalism, then white girls would be twisting their hair into afro's and wishing they had dark asian eyes; no rather it is a reslt of homogeny, a homogeny where white is the chosen uniform. Race is outdated, it was scentifically disproved in the seventies, and I don't like using the term black or white or whatever, it's an us and them. We are all just differing shades of human, I mean, we all vary on one colour. I'm "white", and I'm very very pale, other "white" people are freckled etc. how do you define someone from black to white? and more importantly, why do we have to define people? "British asian, Irish woman, afro american etc?" why can't we just accept people without asking them to renounce their history, their culture? Multiculturalism is more than homogeny. I'm sorry this is very rambling.

  19. This is not a result of racism. This is a result of diversity and multi-culturalism. Plain and simple.

    1. Thank you.

  20. This is silliness and whomever made this is focused way too much on race.
    There is no question we all want to fit in but this is because we are such social animals and yes this affects people. I also agree with the traditional images shown by the media but this is changing. It wont be long before Caucasians are a minority in America but they have historically been the majority (one in 10 people in America is African-American -that is the same amount of people as are over age 65 and both groups are increasing).
    What the maker of this doc needs to learn is that there is No such thing as race. Not the way u'r using it anyway/ What we call the different races has to do with how the human body responds to different environments after thousands of generations. We all came out of Africa 150k & 60k years ago...and we are ALL very closely related. In fact no two of us are farther apart than 50th cousins and the greatest genetic diversity is found in Africa. If a meteor hit the planet tomorrow and killed everyone but a small tribe living in the jungles of New guinea this small close knit group would still preserve 80% of all human genetic variability.

  21. The test on part four was incredibly stupid.

  22. i wish nobody cared about race! Racism and discrimination ruins so many things...why is it so hard for us humans to get past don't see dogs judging eachother by the colour of their fur now do you? This documentary was very informative however...its good to bring things to the surface so that it may be dealth with instead of keeping things unresolved and taboo but remember there are also other important things to worry about like disease, famine, death...etc (we all bleed red! if colour is so important in a society...)

  23. In my experience, black people are far more prejudiced than white people now. But it seems to be accepted and tolerated, which is NOT fair. If a black person were to walk down the street with a t-shirt that said, "Black Pride" no one would think twice about it really. But turn that around to a white person with a "white pride" t-shirt on and OMG...they're just a terrible racist! Hmmm...How is that fair? I'm sorry...but I have every right to be just as proud of my white Caucasian heritage as they do their black African heritage. I don't feel one bit bad about it either!!!

    1. The difference, I think, relies in history and context.

      White/caucasian people have, for the most part, lived without being made to feel like the color of their skin is something to be ashamed of, or a physical trait that makes them inferior. Black (and brown for that matter) people have.

      So, when a black person wears a t-shirt saying "black pride" he/she is trying to counter the centuries-old discrimination and marginalization that their people have suffered: they are trying to reclaim their identity by stating that the color of their skin is as worthy of pride as yours or mine. However, if a white person were to wear a t-shirt that said "white pride" it could be connected to that same history but from the other side, i.e. those who were so "proud" of the color of their skin that they felt like a superior race and thought it was necessary to marginalize, enslave and colonize those who were beneath them.

      See the difference now?

      These hypothetical t-shirts don't exist in a cultural vacuum, rather, they're connected to specific struggles and legacies. Like it or not, white people (myself included) have, in the histories of their ancestors, more to be ashamed of than black people do. That said, I don't feel ashamed of being white or, particularly proud of it either. , It's just something that's there, just a matter of what you get in the genetic lottery.

      It's not about fairness, really, it's about cultural awareness and a sensitivity to what different identities have had to go through to be considered equal.

    2. All praises due to the God, Gods, or Godesses of your understanding. This is absolutely the thing I have been saying for years and never thought there was a white person in America that could understand it. I will save this, print it, frame it and keep it on my desk at work. I will also send it to every one of my black friends and colleuges...I have hoped for years to hear this from a white person. How is it that you absolutely "get it" and someone like shawnie is clueless that there are whites that believe they are entitled to better treatment, better opportunities, and more, based on their skin color. I had given up until I read this...I started to believe that white people would never understand this...

    3. Of course. The greatest crime against humanity is when black children are raised to NOT believe: "that the color of their skin is as worthy of pride as yours or mine" Shame on America's historically slow response to eradicate an abomination that crippled everyone's clarity of mind.
      That was a game changer and a crime by anyone's morality. Hopefully, the amazing work in DNA and genetic drift will continue to show how racially mixed we mostly are. I know that my children have grown up in a world whose race ideas are dramatically different from my generation's ..and my grandchildren will be even more liberated from American history's burdensome lies about race.

    4. I’m really glad that you posted your comment because I know many people think exactly like you.
      But there is a problem in your thinking and a fatal flaw in your logic. First of all, you have to know that race is a social construct used to put people into a social caste system for the purpose of oppression. Black is used to denote inferiority and white is used to denote the status of superiority. When a category has been historically used to justify discrimination, prejudice, racism, bigotry, violence, hate, unequal opportunity, unfair disadvantage, negative stereotypes, etc., then, in order to fight that oppression there has to be away to give power back to those who have been classified as inferior based on the color of their skin and other physical features. Whites are not oppressed on the basis of being white. It’s the same reason why gay pride is accepted why heterosexual pride is not. Heterosexuals are not oppressed based on their sexuality. That is why Black pride makes sense and White pride is illogical unless you choose to represent racial hatred. That is the difference; and, that is the ignorance that many people, especially white people, do not want to understand.
      I suggest that instead of saying 'white pride' and being proud of your whiteness and all its associated violence, maybe you should be proud of your ethnicity and culture: Irish pride, Italian pride, German pride, Nordic pride, etc. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your roots & culture.

    5. obviously it's different Shawnie.... The African Americans didnt have the Caucasians as slaves forever nor did they mistreat them, beat them, and treat them like dog crap. For the most part, I don't think Caucasians ever had to feel a type of prejudice based on the color of their skin. Wearing a tshirt that says black pride is them just trying to express that "we over came this and now im black and proud" after all those years where they couldnt. If you were to put your foot in the other shoe maybe you would understand. And FYI being Caucasian isnt a heritage - if you are Irish then it would be or if you were Italian or whatever. You just have to understand the history and yes it is in THE PAST but that still hurts and it still happens to day (segregation, prejudice, racism)... Because of the history alone, you will never be able to wear a tshirt proclaiming WHITE PRIDE. These are just facts of life at this point. Go ahead and wear Irish Pride or Italian Stallion tshirt but WHITE PRIDE = NAZI, KKK etc. And you claim "it's not fair".... I think you should really think twice before saying what is and what is not fair. The facts that happened in this country "freedom for all, etc" to all black people during that time isnt FAIR. Let them wear a stupid tshirt expressing themselves and stop crying about it isnt fair.

      P.S. I'm a white hispanic... not black at all...

  24. Unoriginal, cut and pasted, and overall: nothing I haven't heard before. I mean, using CNN polls? c'mon.

  25. the proof for me is the outcome, every point can be proved or dis proof, by wat u black ppl think of yall selves, and wat value do u c reflected back at u in the media, think of your last image of a black female, thts not O.WINFERY, THAT WAS POSITIVE, BEAUTIFUL & sexy wit darkskin?

    1. Michelle Obama !

  26. Crap documentary. Very anti-white in its views, but of course that's not racist! I'm tired of being fed pc bs and anything that's anti white including violent crimes are never labelled as hate crimes or racism.
    Nobody is perfect and neither are there superior peoples.
    Ethnic groups need to accept responsibility for their contributions to society both positive and negative. Blaming other groups is irresponsible and repressive.

    1. This documentary is not a crap documentary. It exposes the truth about imagery and the anti-African (Black) campaign that has long terrorized and sought to destroy African imagery for thousands of years. I would suggest you, being obviously White admit that the mainstream media has villanized Blacks at the expense of uplifting White Power and White racist ideologies. Also, it is not that other ethnic groups are not accepting responsibility or accountability for themselves, that is obvious, they do. However, White Supremacy (Racism) is a 95% contributing factor in why young Black children hate themselves or want to be White or choose White as a color of good, nice, pretty as suggested throughout this video. Historically, Whites (Europeans) have done a lot of horrific things to people of color, including African peoples in Africa globally and have never paid for their autrocities.

  27. Just because some labels their youtube video "Documentary" doesn't mean it's true...

  28. what an amateur. this doc is sooooooo bad.

  29. It was ok, it makes one think, but it was really really really dry on any actual numbers.

    I would have loved to see citations, numbers etc. The anecdotal examples very pretty cool and convincing, but I still would have liked to see some numbers as well.

    For example, in the experiment at the start, they never said how often black boys/girls chose the white doll. Was it most of the time? Half the time? All the time?

    1. The doll test was first established in the 1940's by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark. Its results were persuasive enought to sway the supreme court case of Brown v Board of Topeka Kansas. The research was published in White House Mid-Century Conference. Testing children 50 years later and yielding the same results was the subject of a documentary called "A girl like me" I have seen neither documentary so I cant attest to the scholarliness of the second experiment. But you can find the numbers and citations in the first test.


    1. Now... this is just being silly. I dont see how making 5 year old remarks will get any kind of point across. It is a good thing for your race that there are some very eloquent and reasonable representatives among the above and below comments. You should try and read them yourself.

  31. I watched this doc and I have read many of the comments. (I don't have the time to read them all. Yeesh!! This is such a touchy subject to so many!!) The doc makes many good points although I wasn't really anticipating having to read a book to get through it!! I wanted to read the comments to see if anyone made mention of the many anti-Zionist comments in the film and I was disappointed to not see a single comment upon that. Even after people watch this doc I think they still don't get it. And I think that applies to the makers of this film, as well.

  32. I never realized how racist people still are until I began to date someone who wasn't white (I am). It's the 21st century in Canada and we still get looks, comments or even attacks when we go out together. There is absolutely nothing okay about that.

  33. I think that whole racism story is full of holes. We are all humans but it's stupid to say that there is no difference between whites, blacks, yellows, reds.... We have different physiology (my english language level doesn't allow me to explain but you can find it online :) ) Why all best sprinters are black people? what, they are training more :) THERE ARE DIFFERENCES. Should I hate them for that? No... But if you say to some black guy "you're black" you're a racist... and it's ok that black guy say you're white and he's not a racist... so what... I am white... And there is always whites vs blacks... what about yellow ones... and the term afro-american???? How do you call black guy from Senegal who live in Europe? Afro-european :) and all the white americans are in fact euro-americans :) Indians are Americans :)
    and round and round we go... never ending story... live your life like a human, if you don't like the place you live- live somewhere else

  34. Rascism still exist. Perhaps not in the context that it did in the past, but pervasive internalized rascism has reared it's ugly head in one form or the other throughout history.

    I am a native of the south. In the state and county of my origins, there are many people who are still living who can tell you about horror stories of their everyday experiences with hardcore rascist. Perhaps rascist are not "hardcore" anymore, but rascism still exist, and Nakor420 needs to seriously have his head examined. He needs to get theraphy for his internalized self-hatred. I suspect also that he is a closet "hater", and has not come to terms with that. Despite all the suffering and injustices that I have endured as a child and witnessed some of the suffering of family and neighbors, and listen to the true stories of others who came of age during the civil rights era and beyond, I still have faith that most people will do the right thing and judge you by the "content of your character", and not because of your race creed or color.

    In addition, it is interesting to note that Mr. Nakor420 has failed to note that throughout all the Presidents that we have had in the U.S. , it is so irresponsible for Nakor420 to dwell on the fact that we now have a "black" President. Come on, this has been the only one throughout history, and look how much struggle and for how long it took to achieve that fact.

    This after so many people lost their lives in the struggle for civil rights, lost lives, homes, and property. My grandfather lost property on his farm more than once, that was destroyed by rascist just because he attempted to go to the polls and vote. This was despite the fact that he paid taxes, was well established in his community and owned property and love and respected his fellow man.

    I would love for Nakor420 to walk a true walk in the path of a black man (or woman for that matter) just for one day, much like the two brave souls who were white did in the early 1960's (there is a movie and a book about both individuals), and maybe he would open his deluded eyes, take the scales off and stop thinking that blacks have arrived. He does not appear to view the issue of race in america from a compassionate realistic perspective, but from a jaundiced, self-important, ignorant, uninformed view. Please.



  35. and the funny thing is that when I was a teeneger I wanted to seem like Chinese, and I used to put my glasses on my eyelids in such a way that my eyes looked slanted.
    Anyway, the documentary was good but I think they should avoid citing entire paragraphs.

  36. As an Asian woman, I in fact had and still face racism. However, I did not let it defines my life. I know I can stand up for myself under the protection of laws and that I have every right to do so. I do not let the media affects how I view myself and my own existence. It's more of how strong-willed you are and whether you truly think white is better or color is better. All depends on your decision. Yes, racism still exists everywhere, remember EVERYWHERE. Regardless of what country you go to, there will always be racism. But what can you do about it since it's not your minds to control and the cultures of your own? Now that we're in America, where the laws allow us to be equal. why don't we accept it, protect it instead of looking back at our pasts and loosing out the fun? Who says you can't fight for your own identity? But before then, tell yourself that no one has the power to tell you what to think other than yourselves.

    And trust me, the "white" influence does have a great impact on Asian countries, and possibly all over the world, base on the increase in plastic surgeries. All I have to say is, accept who you are and the world accepts you. Don't let anyone categorize you and don't categorize people due to your own experience/judgement.

  37. I am white and only like dating black women and they seam to like me alot is that wrong?

  38. I am white and only like dating black woman is that wrong thy seam to like me

  39. I guess these actors could use some acting skills when they cannot even pronounce a simple word like Allah. It is actually easy even for an american ALL Ah.... hehe I will leave it at this.

  40. I think Asians are so much more beautiful than whites. I am white and most men I know agree with me! So sad they take that beautiful aspect of themselves when it is part of what makes them look so cute.

  41. tyra banks talking about racial issues makes me laugh. her job is to live in a glass house and throw stones.

    As a 'white' person i get tired of being called white... I'm german - hungarian - moravian - czech american! XD

    Take responsibility for your own thoughts and the media you expose yourself to. Most women in the magazines they talk about are so photoshopped they aren't even human anymore. :/

    this docu lost me when they picked on Final Fantasy. e__e**

  42. This doc is SUCH rubbish. These days there is more racism AGAINST white people than against minorities. Black people HATE white people. You don't see black people being violently attacked in white nieborhoods just because they are black anymore, but this happens in black nieborhoods all the time now. If the power structure was by and for the white man, Obama wouldn't be president right now. And as far as "white standardization" world wide, people in " Brown" countries HATE white people. White people can't even visit most other countries because they could be kidnapped and murdered or ransomed. The paradigm described in this doc no longer applies. If two men of equal talent applied for a job, one white, and one black, who gets the job? the BLACK guy, because the company doesn't want to appear racist. OR they are bound by affirmitave action laws to do so. When two people of equal standing apply for aid such as food stamps, they give it to the minority without question, but a white person has to jump through 1k hoops. What if we had a WHITE history month? There would be riots in the damn streets. A black woman in our country now has more rights than a white man, this is fact, and it's time for black people to stop blaming everything on the white man and start lifting up them selves. When a white person is poor and unfortunate, they don't sit there and say " I have no oportunity because the English oppressed my ancestors in the colonies." I've been to jail, and guess what? The minorities in jail are SHITBAGS. They DO commit the crimes they are in for. Are we supposed to let gangbangers get away with muder so we don't appear racist? How many white streetgangs do you see out there selling crack and shooting people? Almost none. It's not because of race, it's because of culture and upbringing. I grew up poor as shit, but I didn't go to jail because of that, I went cause I broke the law. Socio-economic excuses are just that, EXCUSES. It's time for us all to just be AMERICAN. Stop being black, stop being white, and start being American bretheran.

    1. NAKOR! Isn't payback a bitch?

    2. Payback for WHAT!? I never owned a slave and neither has anyone in my family. My family moved here AFTER slavery. That's the problem with black people. You think EVERY white persons ancestors owned slaves. Black people never take into account that it was other BLACK people that sold them into slavery. You wanna blame someone? Blame the africans that sold your ass.

    3. wow after seeing all this sad evidence of black self hatred and white dominaion of media and the world at large you come to the conclusion that its the blacks causing the racism so were does the self hatred of blacks come from and remeber one of the doll test was done in the 2000's and all the other claims you are making are so ignorant i cant dignify them with individual responses what you are doing is splitting hairs instead of simply acknowledging the problem of white racism you rather just say it doesnt exsist so how can we fix the problem if people dont even wanna acknowledge its there you are just a perfect example of the white denile of racism and by denying the problem you contribute to it so wheater you like it or not you are racist

    4. If anyone says anything in the media that sounds even REMOTELY racist, they have their careers ruined. So explain to me how the media these days is still white dominated? I never said white racism doesn't exsist, but it's not as prevailant as it was a long time ago. I stand by my assertion that their are more black people who hate whites than the other way around. You call me a racist for speaking the truth. You say I'm "denying the problem". I don't deny that their WAS a problem, but laws and attitudes have changed, so the problem doesn't exsist anymore. There will always be racism among all people, but racist policies are LONG gone, and it's time for people like you to stop acting like we still have Jim Crowe laws. Everything you say is a perfect example of BLACK denial that whites have tried to change, and that YOU are still stuck in the past. You have to stop thinking like Malcom X and start thinking like Dr. King.

    5. You have no idea what you are talking about. What you are experiencing in your limited time frame is just sliver of frustration the so-called minorities feel. You have no way, no one does, of telling if more Blacks or racist against whites, just to say that is a testimony to how out of touch you are but then again you really can not speak on this subject from the point of view of he blacks browns or yellow unless you live in that skin, how arrogant and pompous to ignore the obvious and that is white people , all over the world, have placed themselves above all others, they have institutionalized racism, it is woven into the fabric of America. I hate when white people whine and complain over the truth, the truth of their history globally and how silly to assume it has ended. Oh, and not all Africans sold slaves, the ones that did did so thinking the Europeans method of slavery would be like theirs and the rest of the world, a system of servitude. This system of servitude allowed the enslaved person to maintain their language and tongue, they seldom remained slaves for the rest of their lives and they sure in hell had no idea of enslaving generations of people and regarding them as animals, this system of slavery was totally a European construct, it was barbaric and so dehumanizing, no other culture had ever had that particular kind of slavery. The media is not black dominated and just look how when other non-whites get media attention all of a sudden racism is officially over because some white person said so....LOL!!! The white people bring the drugs into the black community then point their self-righteous accusatory fingers at the blacks who use or sell it. I mean, it has gotten better but do not fool yourself into believing racism is over or that more Blacks are racist than white people. Just last night on What Would You Do, a prime example of white privledge and racism. A young white man wearing baggy pants and such was sawing through the chain of a bike that was not his, many many white people walked passed him and said nothing, those that asked if the bikes was his and found out it was not, they still did nothing to this thief. The second part was placing a black man in the same situation in almost the same outfit and within seconds he was surrounded by white people being yelled at and having the police called on him. And you have the nerve to say more Blacks are racist? Oh, how about the report on the white gang members that were vandalizing a car in the parking lot of a park, they ran off and the cops tried to arrest the young black kids that were in their own car. My auntie has a very nice house, why was it that when a salesman came to her house he assumed she was the maid? How many times have I been stopped in my car for nothing other than the police could not accept the fact that I have a nice car, a nice normal job, no criminal history or anything, I work for my cousin who is an attorney.I sat in court on a case while opposing counsel called me and my cousin jungle bunnies or had another attorney astonished we spoke correct English. These things, that sense of entitlement is what we non-whites deal with almost each day. We have to go through life dealing with this mess but stop the buses the when a white person has to deal with a little race issue. I rather have the occasional upset instead of the steady parade of racism and ignorant mixed with arrogance and stupidity. Things have changed a bit but things need to be better and you are not only wrong but you are not qualified to understand how deeply this goes, it is not your world.

    6. I'm not white, a**hole.

    7. I'm not white, a sshole

    8. Right on, Kimberly! It's so easy for people to pretend they know what it's like, but until they walk a day in the shoes of a minority (especially a black person), who actually has to put up with all the BS, they have no idea at all of what it's actually like. Judging from their reply, it looks like you hit a nerve with Nakor. :P
      You did nothing but speak the truth, though!

    9. Nakor Nakor...listen yes true there were black people that sold their own into slavery but why did they sell out their own...they were manipulated into thinking that they would get a better deal with the white people...they are good with getting minorities to believe that in order to have something better and go higher we have to go thru who made them the middle man we had all the resources and we the minorirties were dumb enough to take the bait they throw out....its a power thing they have been good at for centuries..and they sit back and laugh because we fear them...regardless if you sell drugs illegally on the streets or legally with pharmaceutical companies its still selling drugs they get profited on both ends.. how does large quantities of crack get into countries by ships what black person you know owns a ship that stays in the ghetto lol...power, money....these folks love that money isn't worth the paper its printed own but that middle man came up with the idea lets print this worthlessness up and spread it around... gold, silver, bartering goods solid way of living....the rockefellers and more of these people even before their time have used the concept of fear to control and manipulate races even their own race and WE ALLOW THEM TO.

    10. Well, let me answer everything you said one at a time. First of all, I hate the Rockafellars and the Rothschilds and other power elite for keeping the world in chains as well. On that we can agree. Secondly, you talk about "white people vs minorities" but if you look at the world, white people ARE the minority. Thirdly , the boats are owned by south american drug lords, not white people. ( unless you are talking about the CIA smuggling operations, but I doubt many WHITE people approve of that.)Fourth, those tribes that sold their enemies into slavery were NOT tricked or manipulated. They knew exactly what they were doing and got payed quite well by their own standards. Furthermore, let me point out that there have been MANY white slaves throughout history, who were bought and sold by the same dutch and portugese slavers that brought the africans to america. All you are doing is hating on white people for something that no living white person has anything to do with. And one more thing, those powerfull banksters you mentioned to are not white, they are Jewish.

    11. warrrrgaaaaarrrrrblleeee... I'm extremely outnumbered by blacks where I go to college. What you say about blacks is not the case

  43. My sister bought our niece a black doll in the 70`s, we are white. I thought it was nice my sister did that.

  44. Ok. Here's the real solution --- racism happens. It's universal. It's been with us as long as we've had "races" to prefer or dislike. Evolution would support it in that you favor your own race in order to propigate genes as close as possible to your own. Why would it then be immoral or even "bad" in such a line of thinking?

    But, if you believe in God, and that God has created all of us in his image, then preference for your own race (and discrimimaiton against others) can become sin (true racism), just as any other aspect of a person's life that is out of balace is sin. The solution is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and then love your neighbor as yourself, no matter what the color of that person. I've spent much of my life as a "minority" white among Asians. I think I really do view people more as individuals rather than just by the color of their skin. God looks at the heart, and not the outward appearance and so should we. In fact, with God as my witness, I've never personally met an "African" I didn't like. My best friend for several years was a black man from Ghana and I loved him to the depths of his soul and he mine. We are still friends to this day.

    1. @ charles
      i agree that racism happens and most if not all of us hold some racial stereotypes if we admit it to ourselves or not. evolution prefers advantageous traits not races. now my last post was to show how we cant just look at stats and draw a result without looking into toe causes for the stats. your beliefs and the expression of those beliefs seem to make you a more caring person who looks out for others. i have no problem with that

    2. Several of my girlfriends have been ethnic minorities--full-blooded Hungarian, Native American mix, etc. (and I eventually married a Filipina). I had one girlfriend that everyone thought was black, but she was actually an Asia Pacific mix, and I asked her if she did feel discrimination in the U.S. (Oregon). The reply was yes, some, but she also knew how to use her minority status to her advantage too.

      Even I want my kids to be as white as possible, not because I'd love them less if they were dark, like their mother, but because the facts remain that world-wide, lighter skinned people are preferred. Why? This doc would say the white-biased media, but I'm not entirely sure of that. I think that without God's help, we could all be evil hearted in this aspect of racism. I'm thinking of Ruwanda where the Hutus and the Tutsies were so closely related, but still managed to murder and kill hundreds of thousands of eachother, and neither one of them were "white" as we'd consider "white" to be. But, the Tutsies were taller and "lighter" colored, but not dramatically so.

      Peace to you!

    3. There's a lot of evangelism work done in prison, and not so much in the business world, universities, scientific, and academic circles which we all know are the bastion of atheism today.

    4. loving god is not going to help the problem of black self hatred if it did it would have worked by now seeing as the belief in god has been around for thousands of years the real solution is simple positive portrayal of black people in media that is equal to the number of positive white portrayals

    5. oh no sir, you did not just step into my ring? lol

      actually evolution would favour mixing outside of your race because that would make it more likely your genes are different enough that very few harmful mutations will occur. and also due to the wide differences in genes it is more likely to bring forth a beneficial mutation.

      evolutionary psychology can explain the mechanism for racism but that doesnt mean it says its normal and thus okay.

      evo psych would say that early in our species history, before we gathered in large communities, we would live in small groups of one or two families and these families would trust each other because of their proximity and sharing "culture". ultimately anyone who was different and didnt share that culture was a threat to your group potentially. there was no assurance of safety so we had to be weary of anyone different. this would be the root of xenophobia, which displays its self in racism in our modern day.

      now if im not mistaken, is it not your god who spread man apart and made them all speak different languages in the story of the tower of babel and said now we couldnt communicate with one another? seems like that god would be in favour of at least not mixing, which is actually the worse choice biologically speaking,

  45. My brother worked in a prison. He said that the minority population there was like 8 to 1 white. Why? Well maybe because they were committing more CRIME than the white population. You can't blame it all on the white man's biases. Or the media's.

    There is some truth to the documentary in that white skin is preferred. Even in the Philippines the lighter colored skin people are preferred for actors, etc. They use skin cream to whiten their skin. I laughed at my wife when she wanted to wear a sweater in the sun (in Oregon) sweating and panting . . . I asked "Why?" and she said she didn't want to get dark in the sun . . . something I never worried about for her myself.

    The Asian eye surgery stuff was very interesting.

    1. hey charles
      if you want to find minorities guilty of being more criminally represented in prison because "Well maybe because they were committing more CRIME" then how do you explain the disproportionate incarceration of judeao Christians 83.761% of u.s prison pop but 78.2% of total population and atheists 9% of pop (lowest % i could find) but only .209% of pop by your rationale atheists are more law abiding and moral than Christians. or we could say that socio-economic and educational plus racial discrimination play a role in the prison pop or Christians are criminals your choice
      source "Federal Bureau of Prisons march 5 1997" look it up

    2. Wow! Very good post! I would say socio-ecconomic considerations are a big part of it, to be honest. That would contribute to the increase in minorities in prison as well as the high number of "Christians" in prison also.

      As intellect and education and income increase, the chances of being caught for a "stupid" crime decrease even if you commit a crime. Most intellectuals are at least practically atheistic I think. The average 100 I.Q. Joe Schmo is more likely to be a nominal "Christian" but not all Christians are moral all of the time. Joe Schmo is more likely to get arrested for something like drug possession, etc., and sent to prison rather than Professor Schmo would be. But, once in prison, Joe repents and there ya go!

      Likewise, once people get to prison, many convert to something for the first time (Islam, Arianism, or Christianity). My pastor met his wife in prison! He was a prison chaplain, and she was a guard. She had to stand guard during all the evangelistic crusades he did, and eventually she herself was converted along with many other prisoners. There's a lot of evangelism work done in prison, and not so much in the business world, universities, scientific, and academic circles which we all know are the bastion of atheism today.


    3. Perhaps the reason the minority population in the prison system has more to do with the fact that white people are involved in crimes that tend to be treated differently. White collar crimes for example may be punishable by way of heavy fines. If the police are racist then it would make sense that they would be more likely to pull over, search, and arrest a black person and ignore the white guy walking past with a loaded gun. My point is that there are other reasons to explain why so many minority people fill up the prisons more than white people. The media find it easier and more convenient to let us believe that people of minority simply break the law more.

    4. That sounds plausable, actually.

    5. you also have to consider the fact that blacks are targeted for arrest also that many of them grew up in poor living conditions or in "ghettos" were desparation often leads to crime im not saying all blacks problems are because of whites but many are and have roots going back to the african slave trade we simply need to FULLY acknowledge that there is a problem with institutionalized racism find out were the problem lies finding tools to fix the problem then finally using the tools to fix the problem

  46. Get over it huh? Well I may not be black but it looks like someone wants to discredit the findings in this film. Just don't go crying to anyone when some racist person does something nasty 2 u

  47. So you've never heard of Timothy McVeighguess or Charles Whitman or the Uni bomber? I guess we can agree on the part where u said u r not trying 2 sound very clever dumbass. So in your mind only people of Islamic origin are terrorist then. Well pull up 2 the KKK rally meeting next time and c how much they embrace u if u even think of calling them terrorist!

  48. Good documentary.. I am also curious why so many Asian girls date white guys. It's so high that when an asian buddy of mine (male) and I took a strole downtown and counted the 1st 10 asian girls with a boyfriend we were able to count 9 out of 10 who had white extinction of the Asian man.

    To say the least, he was depressed.

    1. Asian men are usually small and well . . . small. I married an Asian. The women seem hot, but the men aren't as impressive in my opinion. Why do you think it's so lopsided white men with Asian women, but rare (very rarely) white women with Asian men--but a few.

    2. The possible reason why many white men like being with an Asian women might be because many young Asian women are child like looking physically. It gives a white man a feeling of supremacy over a delicate *partner*.
      I know quite a few man who end up going to Thailand every winter for that reason. They entertain a relationship that gives them full freedom, full control...or they think!

  49. This seemed like a school project that a 2nd year Soc major may have done...

  50. good god... this is extremely biased... eventhough there are still some valid points being made.

  51. the news is also really biased.

    you notice how they never show any good things about africa or latin america.

    and always act like oil is the only reason that some middle eastern countries are rich, downplaying the hard work that it took for them to get where they are now.

    not to mention how the news always demonizes china.

  52. The self hating north sudanese women who have been brainwashed into thinking light skin is better by the arabs are now martying Chinese men who are working in that country. the chinese men think the sudanese women are beautiful because of their double eyelids.
    the sudanse women want thier kids to have lighter skin like the chinese men, while the chinese men want their kids to have big eyes like the sudanses women.....

  53. Those who claim that the predominance of whites in the media is "obvious" because the US is mainly white are blatantly ignoring the fact that the preference of pale skin and Anglo features is a universal phenomenon.... this is clearly evidenced by the fact that skin-bleaching is a multi-million dollar business worldwide. On a side-note, the largest of these companies which is predominant in every corner of Southeast Asia is owned by Lever, parent company of Dove - "campaign for real beauty"? Really??

    The fact is that a white person visiting any predominantly non-white country will be treated as an outsider, but in a very different way than a non-white in a predominantly white country. Where white people in these situations are treated like guests (and admittedly, often a source of $$$ - particularly in foreign malls/marketplaces), non-whites in the same situation are viewed with a suspicious eye.

    This is not an attack on white people, but rather a commentary on "whiteness". This can probably be best described in comparison to the dynamic between masculinity and femininity. Where most men are receptive to the notion that women in our society face certain disadvantages, they seem to resist the idea that they, as men, are actually granted a set of unquestioned advantages almost as a birth right. By the same token, white people have the luxury of being born into the already-established "dominant" culture - the "average", the "norm", the measuring stick against which everyone else is measured.

    To tie in the media here, imagine yourself watching a trailer for a movie featuring four friends - all of them white. Is this normal? Do you think this film is aimed towards just whites, or the general public? Contrast this with a film starring four black friends..... Would this strike you as "normal"? Who is the target audience of this film?

    The point I am trying to make here is that "whiteness" has somehow become synonymous with "normal". I understand that the first reaction of many people in hearing this is to go on the defensive, but in coming to this realization we can seek to eliminate this "us vs them" dichotomy which has come to define our society in the most detrimental of ways. At the end of the day we are all the same only in that we are ALL different.

  54. race, race, race...
    I don't know why people in the U.S. are so obsessed with the issue of race?
    Well sometimes I can understand why!!!!
    a) The overwhelming portrayal of the Caucasian group in positive and productive roles in Hollywood as compared to Asian, Africans or African Americans. Now I will perfectly understand this overwhelming portrayal of the Caucasian group if the U.S.A was 100% Caucasian, but fortunately that is not the case so this sad situation needs to change ASAP.

    b) Most broadcasting News channels are also overwhelmingly hosted by the Caucasian group.

    c) The history channel is full of Caucasian achievements and past glories which I see no different than African Civilizations, Asian Civilizations, or American Civilizations.

    d) The discovery Channel for example focuses and does extensive research on remote or isolated tribes in Africa (that decided to reject Islam or Christianity)...they also often make it seem like that's how the whole of Africa actually is without industrious or lack of urban modern cities.

    e) The same effect that this notion of Caucasians being superior and always positive is also indoctrinated to adults as shown in the documentary. This also affects and dooms potential and great business deals between African Americans and Africans and vice versa.
    If Africans are viewed as non modern war-like tribal people as well as African Americans always portrayed as Drug Dealers, gang bangers or entertainers, then it is hard for these mentioned groups to interact or communicate in a productive or positive manner.
    Enough said

    Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt and last African Pharaoh of all African lineage of Pharaohs)

  55. If the text imbetween segments were not present, Iwould say its a great documentery. However this text in th vid is so perverslly suggestive and one sided it left me as a viewer being told I wasnot smart enough to figure it out alone. I am an adult and dont need brainwashing babysteps to show me what im wathching. Thanks but no thanks. p.s. can people blame themselves for wanting to be white? Tyra Banks had it right. She didnt blame but just owned up to it, and that is the first step. pointing fingures onlly leads to more division

    1. though fingure pointing does accure often (mostly in ignorant people i think cause thats all they can do) i think it was just trying to show that there is a major problem with the perception of non whites in the way they see themselves

  56. I agree, there is a deep rooted euro-centric attitude/ideology and bias in the media. However this documentary is an extremely poor effort. The information is relayed in manner that seems like a drunk rant. Referring to the one man as "this fool" is outrageous, considering this film is about subliminal racist suggestion in the media and society as a whole I find it laughable that the directer is so assertive with his/her opinion, rather than letting the truth speak for itself. I've seen some woe-full documentaries on this site but this one is particularly annoying because there's a lot of truth behind the subject. A very lazy effort indeed!

  57. and lastly, east asians don't need to "bleach" the skin since most of us aren't nearly dark enough to ever need bleach. however another reason that paleness is valued by east asians is because we age differently from caucasians. Caucasians get wrinkles, we instead get skin discoloration. If you want to know if an asian person is older than he/she looks, look closely at his/her skin. If there are darker spots of discoloration, chances are this person is much older than you'd expect. So for asians, pale-skin is anti-aging cosmestics.

  58. As for asian-americans dating whites, so what? As an american, the asian person probably grew up surrounding by whites and very few other asians. S/he can either choose to narrow her choices by only dating asians or widening her choices and include other ethnicities. I grew up surrounded by whites too. To this day, I can't toss a stone without hitting a white person 9 times out of 10. I would LIKE to meet a hot asian-american guy but frankly I just don't know many asian guys my age in general.

    Recently I crushed on a non-american of middle eastern extraction and if he had asked me out, I would've said yes. SO it's not like asians only date whites if not another asian.

    Funny thing, one time I was sitting with my mom in a room full of caucasians and I realized the whitest person in the room was my mom and she's not even "white".

    1. Yeah I am Asian 2...but that doesn't mean I SPECIFICALLY go for white mates. It's no secret that Asians only date white people but you'll sit here and openly admit the fact that it's okay 2 ONLY date whites. Well here's a newsflash 4 u u can date blacks and Latinos 2. Oh what u didn't see them on the menu, well I guess u need glasses.

  59. I'm sleepy so I'll make this short.

    1. Hollywood really DOES reinforce stereotypes and often is the creator of stereotypes. it DOES reinforce "whiteness" as the beauty ideal except that this is an ideal that even most white people can't meet. most whites aren't blond with blue eyes and so we have a ton of bleach-blonds running around and people who can't leave the house without their blue contact lenses (I saw this weird TV show about some caucasians who just desperately want blue eyes to the point where they actually got implants).

    2. The asians wanting to be pale and double-eyelid thing is something that's not properly understood by westerners. Paleness has always been the ideal beauty standard among east asians (I can't speak for other kinds of asians because I'm only familiar with east asian cultures). Paleness has been the ideal since before the creation of hollywood, the creation of america, and before most european nations were even nations. Paleness is prized among east asians because what we know as "chinese" today is actually a mixture of numerous kinds of asian ethnicities. Back in the day, many dynasties were controlled by pale-skinned asians that conquered parts of China (to this day, Chinese people range from palest of the pale in the east to very tan in the west). Then when China became the dominant cultural force in east asia, the rest of the east asian cultures adopted Chinese culture as the standard (This is why both Japan and Korea use Chinese characters, vocabulary, instruments, clothing, and chinese-influenced architecture. For a long time, Japan considered mandarin chinese to be the language of the court. The oldest court documents in Japan and Korea were written in Chinese characters). Then when Japanese and Korean pop culture spread to south asia in modern times, the south asians idealized the paleness of the Koreans and the japanese. If you've gone to a big university where there are lots of east asians, you'd know a HUGE percentage of them are whiter than caucasians. When I was in Tokyo, all the people there were super pale.

    As for the eyelid surgery, that's another confusing thing for people to understand. Ethnocentric whites think eyelid surgery is to make asians look more western. Well if that sort of thinking were true, then I'd say westerners getting nose jobs to make their nose smaller were trying to become more asian. The fact of hte matter is, about 50% of asians are born with eyelid creases (this is true for my family. My baby cousin has VERY high and prominent crease). Naturally, the asian people who don't have the crease will want the crease too because it's the beauty ideal, just like the white girl with an A cup will want her best friend's D cup and get a boob job. Not everything has to do with race. Westerners have such a narrow view of how asians should look that I constantly get mistaken for mixed race. The truth is, I'm 100% chinese and I'm naturally tall, lean, prominent nose, large eyes with eyelid crease. Why? Because I'm of north-eastern stock. I always roll my eyes at westerners who think everyone is desperate to become white. The fact is, westerners do NOT have a monopoly on narrow noses, large eyes, eyelid crease, or pale skin. hell they don't even have a monopoly on light eyes and light hair (both of which appears in Chinese people, however quite rarely due to the genetic dominance of dark-hair). Guess what? there are 100% ethnic chinese people with red to ash-blond hair and blue eyes. They look like most chinese except for the hair and eye coloring.

    Personally I think westerns try to look more east asian what with their extreme dieting, their desire to look young beyond their actual age, the face lifts, the botox, and the grinding down of the jawbone to get a more delicate profile.

    Clarification: over here, when I say "westerner" I mean caucasian. I realize I should have been more specific seeing as there are plenty of non-Caucasian westerners too.

    1. I think most Southeast Asians naturally have the double eyelid. Asians who get the double eyelid surgery just want to look better, not look like white people. I don't know why people think Asians all have to have the single eyelid.

  60. I find it strange there is no mention about how black men go for white women. Seems that someone wants to twist the truth.

    1. And what does that have 2 do with anything? Hint:(the answer is NOTHING) I think u need 2 get off of the angry black woman bandwagon and grow a brain.

  61. Oh my god, literally the dumbest documentary ever. The "commentary" was so childish. "This fool..." Are you serious? I hope this was made for a school project, but even then it would be ridiculous. Did they really just explain the word subconscious in brackets?

    Dear editors of this film,

    We can comprehend (this means: understand) sentences even when they're not followed by half a dozen exclamation points. Please, reserve the sledgehammers for...Well, whatever sledgehammers are for.


    I liked the theme though. There's a few good documentaries floating around about Eurocentric aesthetic standards, but none that really scratch more than the surface. They all seem to point out the obvious.

    1. 1st u say it's the dumbest documentary then u say u liked the theme? So now u can't make up your mind...assuming u have one. So if u can't even give a clear answer about the documentary than y should anyone take your half assed statement seriously?

  62. Brilliant documentary!! A must watch!!

    1. yes!

  63. Pffff... I'm neighter proud nor ashamed of my white skin. And i don't try to explain my color or something. I did my part on "racial integration" having had a relationship with some awesome ebony ass from Niger. Bugger she was a stressy drama queen, but thats a trait that is independent from skin color. I guess the only rassistic i have proven to be is that i'd excuse the drama queen thing longer on a cute black girl... But then again, she sure had an awesome ass...

  64. HAHA this is a joke! kay. let's make a documentary on black people and how racist they are for once. let's give them the same "tests" and see if they subconsciously choose black people over whites (OBVIOUSLY u are always going to subconsciously lean more towards what u are). OH wait, we could never make a documentary about racism that exists among black or brown or asian people. that would be racist!!!

    1. If this is so much of a joke than Y are u watching so much of it. Looks like someone can't take the truth but that's alright. If I were raised in a trailer eating nothing but peanut butter and roach sandwiches like u I would feel threatened when someone said something that makes u think.

  65. HAHAHA this is a joke. i would love to see them do the same "tests" and such on black people and see if they subconsciously prefer black people over white. OBVIOUSLY. you automatically lean more toward what you are. haha oooh my god whether u are white black, red or freaking blue we are all victims of racism. stating that all white people are racist is racism in itself.

  66. Dear fellow white people you don't have to explain the color of your skin.....You're white.......
    -you don't always have to sound sympathetic
    -you don't have to rush out and find a person of color and change your style to match theirs.
    -you have every right to be proud of your white heritige.(AS long as you don't disrespect other races for doing the same.)
    -Be a responsible and hard working individual(that is the best way to show your pride for the color of ones skin
    -Don't ever,ever,ever think you are better then anyone.

    ..Yea being white is cool....that's the color of my skin and I can't change it.All I look at when I meet someone is realism.Try to stay away from people who take on others traits.Like:A black acting like a goofy fake-a$$ dumb blonde
    -a white who a year before was in band and the next year dressing and thinking he's a hard core thug.
    -a mexican who becomes a good freind but then gets pressured into sticking with other mexicans
    -an oriental who doesn't speak a word of english but idolizes
    Bon Jovi,Maddana,and every other english singing group.(Just for the fact that they are popular here...And don't even understand a dam thing their saying)

    Nah, there ain't no reason for immatation personalities.
    ......Be proud of any color you are...........
    - and quit explaining what your
    all about.Your actions will determine

  67. okay, i think the maker of the documentary, or whoever was responsible for the texts that occasionally appear during the documentary is wrong, they are too extreme with their opinions, the white boyfriend clearly stated he was against it and said specifically that she looked beautiful before she had the surgery. and in one of the statements the documentary maker, says that he feels "guiltless', of course he would, why should i as a white person feel forever guilty for crimes that happened hundreds of years ago, i myself am not a racist so what do i have to be guilty about

    1. ", why should i as a white person feel forever guilty for crimes that happened hundreds of years ago, i myself am not a racist so what do i have to be guilty about "

      Hmmm, I don't know, how about benefiting and flourishing from a system of racism that has systematically elevated your race and provided them with privileges and benefits that it has denied other races of color so that there now is a great big discrepancy between the opportunities that you have access to and enjoy as opposed to a person of color. In other words I am speaking of your privilege.

    2. That's not a good answer. I don't deny that white people tend to be born into more privileged situations, nor do I deny that this is inherently unfair, but there is still no reason for this white person to feel guilty about the privilege they were born into. No one has control over the colour of their skin or their degree of privilege when they are born, not even white people. If you want all whites to feel guilty for the heinous acts of racial discrimination committed by other whites past and present, regardless of whether they themselves are racists, then you are simply putting the same type of racial burden that Malcolm X was condemning at the beginning of this film onto whites. You can't fix racism with more racism, friend.

  68. In the first minute, was he talking about Michael Jackson?

  69. Good documentary in that it highlights the problem of internalized racism and the subliminal messages we recieve.

    I wish it didn't refer to mainstream media as Zionist nor set it up as some sort of conspiracy as when a documentary loses it's eire of objectivity it loses its edge somewhat.

    But I'll still say it's good because I agree with a lot of what is said about internalized racism.

    A lot of the comments above show that many people have missed the point.

    The documentary claims that white people themselves are the victims of this too so no need to go feeling victimized by this documentary.

    (PS- I'm white)

  70. @Jerry

    Sorry, but this is one stupid remark of yours. Firstly because China pretty much didn't aknowledge the independence of Tibet, instead fights a constant battle and has a racistic settlers politic in place. And yes, various human-rights-NGO's are constantly pointing that out.
    Secondly, accepting "Latinos" as a homogenic group of people is rather inprecise. Mexico doesn't only have "latinos", about 30% of mexican population is of pure indigenious heritage and about 10% of white/spanish heritage. Calling them all simply "latinos" and ignoring conflicts between these groups makes you look pretty stupid. And i honestly hope you don't call people from Spain "Latinos"...

  71. The majority of america is white, does anybody make a big deal about china being mostly chinese,,,,its like white people saying why does mexico have so many latinos,,,what about wiggers thats a true epedemic

  72. I liked it when the tester said sometimes preferring your own race is illegal, such as in college admissions or workplaces. I thought there already were race preferences for admission and workplaces, taking diversity over merit.

  73. In these tests where they compared the reactions to white and black male faces it seemed as if the black men had an angrier facial expression which would affect the results.

  74. It's not a one way street. White people inject collagen in their lips, silicone implants in their butt and get a tan, which emphasizes traits not common in whites. :)

    Beauty is pure math. If you merged 100 different people of different races (of the same sex) you would get a median face that has a little bit of everything and everyone could relate to and that face would be pretty. Also symmetry is relevant.

  75. Zionist are the filthy rats that should be exterminated.

  76. This documentry raises some valid points, yet the problem is the main narrative/opinion, that comes across. It takes all this real issues, adds several quotes of either questionable source or out of context and concludes the existence of a white conspiracy. This is just plain wrong and as it stands, it's propaganda.

    1: I looked up some of these asian date-websites: Several of these feature asian guys and girls as images. Others intentionally try to connect asian girls with westeners for questionable (but i highly doubt racial) reasons. Yet the docu paints all of these as promoting whites as superior, this way taking it out of context.

    2: It only covers the problem of black women's insecurity with the white beauty role model and it's history, which is a serious and real issue. It nowhere proves the narrative of white supremacy. The same is true for the asian plastic surgery issue, it has grown from historic roots of cultural influence. I can't really imagine any holywood media person intended to have asians change their eyes to look more like westeners.

    3: The Tyra-Banks-Interview:
    The narrative projects a certain opinion into the rather openly defined statement of the white guy. We don't know wether that's what he meant at all. Yet again this statement is used to support the white-supremacy-theory.

    4: The race-prejudice-test:
    I have tried to find this test, but couldn't and so can't validate wether it's really professional. For the argument's sake i will assume it is. This is a scientific study. It doesn't deliver any conclusions, it only presents facts. What these facts point to is up for further studies. All that might be read out of the results is that there probably was (and might still be) a certain racial-tendency in media, which probably stems from the fact that a higher percentage of black people live in poor conditions due to historic reasons (which automatically leads to higher crime rates in this group), racial stereotyping in fashion aswell as news, and probably various other reasons. These are seperate problems that have to be dealt with seperately.

    At the same time it's highly unfair to paint the perceived importance of racial tendency as a proof of white supremacy thinking. As the racial issue packs far more negative consequences for the minority, it's not suprising this minority gives a higher attention to this.

    5: Mixing poverty with racism:
    Yes, the white man keeps the black man under control by keeping most Afro-Americans on a poor living standard. But the white man does the same with other white men and the moment a black man works in a bank, he's not going to revolutionize the system. The problem is not racism, it's the system of wealth, unregulated economics and a flawed banking system.

    All this documentry shows me is that black people fall for the same lies that white people fall for, so we're all human. I am not guilty of slavery just because i was born white and had better opportunities because of that, this argument is simply silly. I didn't choose it. All i can do is work towards having more fair chances for everybody. Right is something you have to fight for...

  77. I would have to say that racism is one of the filthiest, most vile sins ever to occupy the human skull. If there were a Devil, racism would have to be one of his proudest achievements.

    I think if we look around the world today and in the past, it has existed in one form or another- my group is better than yours. The contents of the group changes over time. The results are the same- the dehumanisation and brutalisation of the out group given half the chance.

    It's a herd mentality that has gone way beyond it's use by date and is very much on the nose except for the bottom-feeders that wallow in its muck. It has brought nothing but pain, suffering,marginalisation, hatred, alienation, violence and death.

    We criminalise actions or substances that are pernicious to members of society. Racism is very pernicious and should be criminalised with heavy sanctions.

    I'm all for massive fines and incarceration. I think it's time.

  78. This is the mother loving truth!!!!!

    When I hear people say talking about race is not good, I want t scream Hell NO!

  79. Good doco, the editing really could have been better. I love the message, it was interesting... may we as a human family seek to see the beauty in everyone for who they are and not for what they are told to be.

  80. “white Zionist controlled global media”

    What has the white and zionist got to do with this, people want to look diffrent and if they have the opportunity to make that change, they have the free will to do that.

    nothing wrong with that.

  81. "Those black chicks you see walking around with blond hair are trying to be “post racial”."

    Those chicks are full of shit. It is the white people who must be post racial because that are the ones who have the problem with race. They are the ones who kidnapped black people out of Africa, rapped them, beat them kill them, tortured them and commuted mass extermination 100 times larger than the holocaust according to Dr. Khalid Muhammad speech at temple university. When I see white women walking around with afro hair weaves then we will be a post racial society.

    "They are embracing the multi culti where “race doesn't matter because we are all one”.

    If race didn't matter one would not have to change their appearance to look like black people with white ancestry. I race did not matter there would be just as much white people in the ghetto as blacks. If race did not matter there would be no tea party and George Bush would not have been president. If race did not matter NOLA wouldn't have been stranded.

    "But they don’t see the irony in that they can’t be and look like their own natural selves in this multi culti unless its like a ugly cartoonish blackness that is almost a parody of itself, where they are the token “black girl” who can laugh at her big lips, big nose and big behind."

    If black women do not embrace black features then other races will not. I remember back in the day white folks use to mock our full lips, round bums, and broad nose. Now since our rap videos they get lip injections, butt lifts, and their nose rounded down to look black.

    "When they put on the blond wigs and weaves, they stop being just plain old “black girls” and become “Hot chicks like Tyra and Beyonce”, in their minds."

    I understand that the white media brainwashes black people to hate themselves and so has white culture which is filled with remnants of white supremacy in its speech. We do not say white people have small lips we say black people have big lips. So white peoples lips are somehow normal and black people are different.

  82. young said "I live in Toronto which is as about as multi-cultural as a city can get. We have tons of film and theatre schools here and guess what, the students are predominatly white."
    Not true, look at the news cast, all white people because they only hire white folks for news racism
    "Even though minorities could get enrolled with greater ease and get a hand out for finacial support. So I think that pretty much answers why you see more white people in the media."
    Not true at all besides aborginals who are considered by the government to not be non white in appearance (white), no one gets any preferences is admission processes.

  83. I was nodding my head along with this documentary until I got to 16:02, where the text narrator suddenly interrupted with an angry rant about the "white Zionist controlled global media".

    That was creepy.

  84. i only said lol

  85. somebody wrote 'white people did awful things to the natives' bla bla ... this was how long ago?! not now in this century!

    the white race gets more racial abuse against us than any other race, and this is the racism that is blatently all over our media and tv programmes.

    i do agree that the terrorist attacks have given a bad view of islam and whatever , i admitt, i personally, would think oh dear if there was a muslim man with a bagpack alone . and that's sad and i know, but the fact is that i've never heard of a white extreemist blowing up innocent people in london or whatever. im not trying to sound clever im just giving my opinion

    but im not stupid enough to think that its the whole religion like this, and know that islam is a religion of peace .

  86. it just peeeeiisess me off, that british comedians, for example, of a race other to white, are able to make racist jokes about themselves and about the white race. im sorry but if a white person made half those jokes they would get slammed as being a racist.

  87. lunda: ‘White people are HILARIOUS. There are no coincidences. You don’t control ALL of the world’s resources by accident. You didn’t colonize the planet by accident. You haven’t brutally conquered all of its people by accident’

    No not a coincidence. We had the technology to build ships that could sail the entire earth and we did. Conquering the world piece by piece, taking everything we could lay our hands on.

    Do you believe that if tribes in Africa, the Americas or people in Asia had this technology before the Europeans did they would jump on their ships to spread a message of love or wouldn’t sail out? I don’t think so. They’ve would have done exactly the same thing.

    Sadly, it's human behavior. The people on the various continents did not live in harmony with each other before ‘the white man’ set foot on their land. Every continent has a history that’s soaked with violence and war. We where the first who where able to do it on a global scale.

    As an example how twisted the human race really is:
    ‘In most instances, the Europeans did not need to use any force to get those slaves. The slaves were “sold” more or less legally by their (black) owners. Scholars estimate that about 12,000,000 Africans were sold by Africans to Europeans (most of them before 1776, when the USA wasn't yet born) and 17,000,000 were sold to Arabs. The legends of European mercenaries capturing free people in the jungle are mostly just that: legends.’

  88. I'm so sick of hearing people blame everything on whitey! Oglesby, you are probably the most bigoted and racially biased poster I have ever seen on here. The blanket generalizations and blatant racist statements you make against white people are to me, a lot more indicative of the root problems in our society today as opposed to anything else.

    Give the whole "it's the white man's fault" crutch a break. Let me ask this: Who was responsible for the genocide that killed almost a million people in Rwanda? It was other Rwandans....Blacks killing other blacks! My point is if it weren't for the white man, black people would still be offing each other in record numbers. If blacks aren't fighting against blacks than it's against each other.

    It's ridiculous!! Those Rebels in Rwanda hacked to death almost a million of their own people!! And for what? Because one group was Hutu and the other Tutsi? Who gives a ****!! Aren't you all Rwandans at the end of the day? We will always find a way to divide ourselves one way or another. All you have to do is take a look at many American cities to see the evidence of all this.

    Black people have an issue as a race within themselves that no amount of reparations or apologies or anything else they feel they are entitled to or owed by an external source can fix. Collectively as a society we must ask ourselves the hard questions, the ones no one wants to hear asked. We must ask ourselves why we are so hung up on the notion that everyone has some kind of obligation to help the struggling black man, or why everyone is supposed to just cut him some slack until they overcome these historic injustices.

    Chinese, Koreans, Indians come to North America and flourish within a generation or so, why not blacks? Black people need to take a collective look at THEMSELVES, the problem with the black race cannot be fixed from the outside. Oh and by the way I'm of mixed ethnicity.

  89. mmmm not liking this one, just clips and quotes, there isn't a story - no narrator, just seems like someone that has nothing to say or any of their own ideas suggesting but instead are trying to bombard me with one side to make me believe there is something bigger by picking and choosing what they think supports them... don't even have to see the end to know, let me guess, evil white man holds me down - 15m is as far as i got

    when you have a problem with the way you look, guess whose problem it is... not the rest of the world... its honestly for you to solve and its your issue

    white ppl have plenty of pressure, to be smart, to be nice, to look like those same attractive airbrushed white ppl in the magazines, to watch their mouths for anything that could be considered racist because they are the only group not allowed to make racist jokes, they can't be proud of themselves or they are holding someone else down but others can be proud of their race, if they aren't wealthy they are treated as a reject and that they blew what should have been their entitlement - cmon, everyone has it hard daddy

    before you call me white, im mixed so suck on that - this one isn't a doc - it's just a bunch of clips :P

    Thanks for posting tho, can't like 'em all :D

  90. i cant even be bothered to finish watching this doc actually its just so irratating, get over it already america has a black president, people make it worse for themselves, and im black before anyone has a 'smart' comment. ciao x

  91. nobody will ever be happy, why arnt disabled people represented well, what about disfigured people, what about lesbains what about gays..........

    anyway i hear more racism towards the white race where i live than i do any other race, it seems like its ok for tv programmes to show racism towards the white people but god forbid a white person insulting a black woman with the n word.... just gets of my nerves thats all x peace x

    i dont expect a respond to this, simply cause i will never check here again, but if some geek feels the need then go ahead knock yourself out aha xxx

  92. The documentary was interesting to me, but I find the dozens of comments more genuine, intriguing, and even more telling of the problem(s) that exist between large groups of people.

    I can tell that most of the commentators are intelligent and sincere, which makes it even more sad that a group of intelligent people with different races and backgrounds still find it so hard to find some common ground to agree upon.

    It seems to me that large groups of people with things in common (race, language, religion, morals) tend to have trouble with other groups which differ in one or more of these areas. This seems rather universal on this planet, which makes me wonder if there is some survival benefit (from a evolutionary point of view) for this type of behavior. Individually, most people are good and don't "hate" people just because they are different, but even intelligent people can end up acting the part for the group they are in.

    For my part, I try to treat everyone as equals and treat them as I would like to be treated. I am teaching my children these lessons as they grow as well.

    Peace to all

  93. i know what i am going to say now is terrible, but rasism is natural for human beings. and our aim is to be intellegent enough to fight with this devil inside us.

  94. Talk about fighting racism with racism. I love how everything is somehow related to a list of "isms" which are mainly directed at whites and europeans. Perhaps there is an inferiority complex and lack of introspection on part of the people that augment there appearance to fit in. I found a lot of the commentary to be total bigoted drivel. To the author maybe the real qualm you have is with rich people and high social status. Zionism? I find it ironic that this documentary that talks about white racism uses same devices as racist white fascists.

  95. And, I write that even as I did NOT do a search to see if you had actually gotten it, and I my be totally speaking out of my ass...

    Allow me to hit that all important "search" function...

    Carry on with what you were doing...

  96. Vlatko, there is a documentary about James Henrick Clark called, "The Long and Mighty Walk"

    I think I have spoken to you about this before. Can you not find it? It is narrated by Wesley Snipes. He, (Clark) was the African Joseph Cambpell. A great man, with a rich history. He knew and tutored MLK and Malcolm X. In my world history classes he was greatly praised!

    I think every person of African descent should see this documentary... He said, "the missing pages of world history is the history of Africa..."

    Only much more grammatically correct than that... sorry...

    At any rate, one of his peeves concerned the calling of African peoples, "black" or Europeans "white"

    He said, "When you call a man or woman by a color, you erase his or her heritage, their birthplace... their family and origin and no person can live without their family or origin..."

    James Earl Jones was a great student of Clark's.

    That's Darth Vader and Thulsa Doom, to you and me!

  97. Oh, and I say all of that knowing that I slam religious people all the time, but as I have said before...

    Religion is a choice, you can change your mind about religion. Race is not a choice. I am very insane about racism...

    Although, I do not like human beings very much, so...

    I got that goin' on...

  98. Vlatko says it's ok to be pissed at Nikk!

    LOL! I am just kidding youse guyses, (that's how we say it in Jersey...)

    Racism is the most intellectually mystifying thing that humans do.

    I understand the origins of it... xenophobia is important from an evolutionary stand point... and Epicurus could probably explain it better than I,

    BUT, we are evolved now. Right? We know, now, that nature LOVES diversity. If you can, and if some woman gives you leave to, always try and mate with a person of some other race.

    Your children will be strong and beautiful! Most likely, I mean there is a chance of a genetic anomoly of course, BUT, your chances are more positive with a mate of a different race.

    Is all's I'm sayin'...

  99. First of all I have to say this entire thing was complete garbage. The fuc**** guy couldn't do any goddamn voiceovers?! Sorry Vlatko but all the text, which wasn't even his original work, was really pissing me off. I made it to about 30:33 and said to myself, "I swear to god tat if the next thing is another ENTIRE SCREEN full of text im gonna have to shut this off."

    Aside from that, I think there wasn't really anything new in the doc from what I saw. Power is the real motivation for people to do this. People all around the Mediterranean said the same things about Romans because everyone wanted to be accepted into the trappings of Roman power. Koreans, Japanese and South East asians imitated Chinese culture because they thought it would make them as powerful as the Chinese and so on and so forth. I mean even militaries do it. During the civil war many Union armies wore the red trousers and red hats of the French Zouaves because the French had been a pre eminent power up until that point (but not for much longer afterward thanks to the Prussians) and their bravery was world renown. Same goes for America, because of our power the people IN power get to decide what the world sees, eats, reads and thinks (even about themselves). When this country's power wanes (which it is) and we're just another washed up former industrialized shell of ourselves (oh wait, we already are) then people will give less and less of a f--k about what Americans think.

    I would bet a lot of money that the guy who made this (or gal for that matter) wasn't white and had some REAL issues he needed to work out. I personally think that all this race tweaking or whatever you wanna call it and the creator's assertion that it is the CAUSE of American domination as opposed to an EFFECT of it is completely bogus.

    Having said all that, I'm half white and half black. I've had white people give me shi* and i've had black people do the same. For the most part though I've never let anyone else determine the state of my SELF esteem. But I also understand that most people (black, white, asian, etc.) are susceptible to the pervasive view of things. I also understand that I'm not most people and neither is anyone who comes to this site I imagine (I mean face it...I've seen most of you post other comments and there's some regulars. MOST people don't watch documentaries for fun haha).

    It's interesting because a few weeks ago I went to a party on a mountain near my ma's house and we went because it was this girl's birthday and my buddy was tryin to get a little something...don't make me elaborate. ANYWAY, needless to say it was not the "party" that we had been promised, it was about 8 rednecks, one not wearing any pants, all sitting around a fire and I kid you not the song I hear when we get out of the car is called "Nigger Hatin' Me". It was about 'them ole naggers on welfare' and so on and so forth. My buddies, who were all white, seemed WAY more pissed than I was. But it was pretty obvious what's up...I'm not exactly white and I have was kind of awkward for everybody. Except the rednecks (sorry if that offends anyone but I REALLY don't know what else to call them. These are the kind of people who, if you called them rednecks to their faces, would take it as a compliment)...My friends seemed to think of it as extremely offensive but they couldn't really grasp that I wasn't offended by it. It wasn't because I see myself as subservient to white people in anyway though. Far from it. I saw myself as infinitely more intelligent and...over all better off than them and saw no need to start anything over a song (which SUCKED by the way). Let me elaborate why. The one kid sitting there with no pants on says, "Sh**, what's that subject where ya learn about continents and all that sh**?...Geometry?" I rest my case. So I just sat there...drank and waited to leave because it was a lame ass "party" with like thirteen people, including us, total.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but it's about 6:30 am and I felt that story was COMPLETELY relevant AND this docu pissed me off so much that I felt like I had the right to piss everyone off as much as it pissed me off haha.

    Be easy everyone!

    1. It's all right to be pissed off @Nikk.

  100. I find it funny that when the white and black adults were tested, when a black person favored black people it was considered "Pride", but when a white person favored white people it was considered "Prejudice". Just as our images of beauty is shaped by the media, so it our thoughts. According to the majority (Politically Correct), all white people are a bit prejudice while blacks are not. This is simply not true. All humans are prejudice.
    Likewise, some of the tests they use to determine how people are viewed are flawed. When George Stossel (think that is his name), shows the kids a pic of Timothy McVeigh and the black teacher, the teacher looks pissed off in that pic, if the teacher had been smiling, the kids may have viewed him differently regardless if he was black or white.

  101. I live in Toronto which is as about as multi-cultural as a city can get. We have tons of film and theatre schools here and guess what, the students are predominatly white. Even though minorities could get enrolled with greater ease and get a hand out for finacial support. So I think that pretty much answers why you see more white people in the media.

  102. Well people...blaming a contemporary caucasian individual for 18th century enslavement is as logical to me as blaming a random mongoloid person for the deeds of Genghis Khan , or deeming a black person as a psycho because some of his/her ancestors used to practice canibalism.

  103. Swap the word "black" with "female" and "white" with "male" and there's another film to make right there. White is no more a "standard" than male.

    This film-maker does not understand the media of film. It's half essay and half film. Maybe she should have made a CHOICE right there, to either tell a story using film or writing, well, an essay. The text would be stronger if less angry, and the music is dreadful. Sounds like porn meets infomercial. Yikes.

    I never really got the "prod to be black" thing. Or proud to be white. Or ashamed to be black OR white. I am not proud to be white. But I can't bring myself to feel bad over what my great great great great great great great great grandfathers did. They were vikings, so go figure. But where's my ownership in that? The one thing I have done, that I'm proud of, is throwing out my TV. I really recommed it!

  104. It all begins with trying to have nice straight hair.Just like the Chris Rock "HAIR" movie.

  105. Great documentary. Most of today's racial stereotyping is subtle, but nevertheless it still exists. I guess as long as the majority of media owners are White, they will continue to portray non-whites as inferior.

    This is not to say that this stereotyping applies to ALL films, shows, etc. but undoubtably a great many.

  106. I wish everyone would stop attacking each other and stop bickering. Agree to disagree because attacking someone's point of view will not persuade them to your opinions.

    Let's create change by teaching our kids better. Teach them to love themselves, their own race and to accept others from different nationalities.

    How do we change the media? By putting more ethnic hosts on TV programs. Sign yourself up to do commercials or become an actor. Run your own show on Youtube.

    If you own any beauty related business, use ethnic models in your ads. Buy ethnic dolls for your daughter(s). I buy animal dolls (Sylvanian families) for my kid so she doesn't learn to favor one "type" over another.

    If you're a fiction writer, write more books with ethnic characters. If you're a web designer, use multi-cultural images on your websites. If you're a fashion designer, use more ethnic models (black, asian, indian, hispanic, etc)

    If you're a woman of color, learn to flaunt your ethnic looks to turn it into positive features. Black women have beautiful lips and eyes, flaunt it! Put Angelina Jolie to shame. Asian women stay younger for longer and have gorgeous straight hair - flaunt it don't dye it! Women of color who bleach their hair blond look seriously weird and insecure. Be proud of what you got because somewhere out there someone wants what you have! Don't let some jerk in an ad agency tell you that you're not beautiful because of your race.

    I'm planning on making a short film project which I'll be casting ethnic characters (not stereotypes) who are the protagonists.

    There is no point blaming the white descendants of those who successfully created white superiority over other races. We create change by our own actions, create change within our own communities first. Doing so will create more change than talking or blaming will.

    Obama became president not by talking about it, he went and did it. Oprah created change and became wealthy by going out there and doing what it takes to change the media. Jackie Chan didn't become the protagonist in his films by sitting around complaining - he went out there and made the films.

    If every one of us supported multi-culturalism in all areas of our lives (particularly those working in the media and business), then we wouldn't have this wide spread problem.

    Vote with your wallet people. Business always make changes to what consumers want. So if you want an ethnic model on a cover of a magazine, buy it. Boycott those who don't.

  107. I stopped watching when white zionist media agenda once more got the full blade for this.

  108. This documentary if it can be called that is a work of sh*t in itself, but the fact that this idi*t has no clue whatsoever what a Zionist is, is laughable.
    If this "filmmaker" had any intelligence at all or took the time to find out who controls the mass media instead of blaming whitey for everything, he would know it is Jews who have control over the media.

  109. @Nicole,
    I think you make an elegantly diplomatic point. Perhaps the most sane of the comments. LOL. Thank you for your refreshing point of view.

  110. YOU KNOW THERES NO SUCH THING AS 'WHITE' people, you've just grouped half the worlds totaly different races into one group and called it caucasian. gingers,vikings,blondes,jews,arabs and mediterrainian people are all completely different races. i f88king hate when people say 'white people' THATS the real racism here. there are approximatly 12 distinct races and six of them are have lighter skin (to varying degrees), so by claiming a white majority is suppressing the rest of the world is more racist and stupid than the fact that the civilised countries that have a media happen to be in traditionaly 'white' countries. you could watch endless bollywood movies and never see anyone that isn't indian, so the fact that the media in ex-british colonies features more 'white' people than the races that make up the other half of the world is more likely to be due to there being more 'white' people in those countries than other races, not a global conspiracy to keep forigners off of t.v.
    the REAL PROBLEM is that no-one is free and alot of ethnic groups think they are regularly discriminated against, when actualy the system seems to hate all people equaly, its just that when a black guy gets harrassed by the cops, he thinks its racial, and when a ginger guy gets harrased by the same cops, he thinks its cultural, its neither, we live in a prison state, where the authorities are trying to divide the people so that they fight eachother instead of the system, exactly like they do in 'official' prisons. the only solution is for people to realize that race is not an issue and unite together to fight the political/economic system and so put an end to corruption and starvation the world over.

  111. There are a lot of good points. However, you cannot make a documentary with highly charged comments by the creator of the film. When you read some of the comments, they carry a lot of spite and scorn. It is fine to feel that way if you feel crossed. However, if you are trying to make a documentary, you must refrain from doing so or it makes people wonder about the objectivity of your film. There were some good points, but the written comments made the argument very weak.

  112. I'll agree that it's pretty sad, so many people are dissatisfied with their personal appearance, and are willing to go "under the knife" and take other extreme measures to achieve standards of so-called "euro-centric" beauty standards. However, the video only plays upon the notion that beauty standards are "skin deep". Nevermind our society's obsession with thin women, and muscular men. It doesn't matter what color you are, but you better get your fat ass to the gym! And girl, you better have some big tits! And boy, you better have some big arms! And overall, if you want to get LAID you better have some money in your bank account, and a nice ride too. Don't forget the gucci clothes, and some BLING BLING! May I pose a question... why do whites strive for a tan, or get their hair permed? Perhaps there is a middle-ground for beauty? Maybe it's all just a shallow pursuit.

  113. I didn't like this film because it is just as biased as any other media. It seems to preach that black people proud of their color are confident, but whites proud of their color are racist. I think all people should be proud of who they are no matter their skin color.
    BTW I am black. My family's from Kenya.

  114. I come from New Zealand and we have a Maori TV station funded by the government with no advertising , brown faces programmes that reflect our culture and many other cultures around the world.
    There is no sexualised content and the news issues are within a totally different context the world is changing America has some amazing black rolemodels changing the face of America.

  115. The reason media makes people feel inadequate is because that unhappiness makes money for someone. It is easy to sell "happiness" to unhappy people, and when mass media makes people feel miserable about themselves, someone is going to squeeze a lot of money out of that unhappiness. It's capitalism out of control and it permeats everything, it feeds unhappiness, inadequacy, and unstability. Just look at the amount of white Hollywood actors and actresses that line up for plastic surgery. They are white, they are incredibly rich, and they all feel inadequate and unhappy about their appearance.

    American culture is a major part of the problem because it's everywhere. It's not "white culture", it's American culture. The flood of American mass media is wreaking havoc on the customs and inherent characteristics of other cultures, including cultures of white people. Everything all around the globe is being turned into American cookie cutter. Teenagers all over the world are imitating American pop singers (including black singers and rappers) in their looks and even in their mannerisms. Conditioning doesn't have to be deliberate, exposure is enough. You are going to become conditioned to certain styles and behaviors by being exposed to them non-stop both via media and also your living environment.

    No one in the media is deliberately trying to make non-white people want to be white. It just happens that the people that started that industry a long time ago happened to be white. It's all about the people who run that industry, the greedy economic elite, which happens to be mostly white, making money. Race is a side issue. The economic elite is not 100% white anyway. There are black people there too, nevermind Asians of all variety. If you look at Hollywood films from the early 20th century and early TV productions and compare them to the present era, white people were more prominent back then. The amount of black and Asian people in American mass media has been steadily growing and will continue to grow. In the early 20th century, and even later, American mass media just couldn't flood the whole world on a mass scale like it can now. It is only about money at this stage, not about race. Better realize this sooner rather than later, so you can get yourself out of that malign cycle (mass production of unhappiness and inadequacy) and not get trapped in another malign cycle (race hate and division).

    I find it somewhat disingenious the way the movie analysts focused on the stereotyped Arab buffoons and maniacs. Stereotyping "the other" is not a phenomenom limited to American culture. The only reason it is conspicuous is because of how widespread American media is. When you have stupid or evil white people in American films, no one pays attention to their race. That's just the way it works. Isn't Aladdin himself an Arab too, by the way? I wonder if those analysts ever read classical Arabic literature because there are a lot of murderous Arabs in them. Several of the first Arabs mentioned in the Thousand and One Nights are cruel and murderous. In fact, the murderous cruelty of one character is the raison d'être for the tales. The Arab stereotype that exists in the entertainment industry was originally derived from not only Arabic literature but also the Muslim armies that conquered parts of Europe some hundreds of years ago and violently repressed the non-Muslim populations. These experiences moved into the collective consciousness of many European to-be colonialist powers, and the image of the bloodthirsty barbarians, which they inevitably were to the natives of those conquered lands in times past, persisted. That doesn't mean it is laudable to replicate the Arab stereotypes time and again in modern day films, but my point is that it wasn't a random invention by some greasy racist whitey nor is stereotyping or vilifying the other an evil limited to Americans or "white people" (which is just as incoherent a group of people as "black people"). In any case, in American movies the cardboard character enemy is non-American, and at a certain juncture that enemy was very often a white Russian communist.

    I had to shake my head at that one clip where they juxtaposed a picture of a white terrorist, dressed in a shirt that could easily be worn by any average teacher of any racial background, with a picture of a black man outside in a hoody with the sun in his eyes causing him to squint a little. So tell me, children, which of these two looks like a criminal and which one looks like a teacher? As if the difference in deciding between a criminal and a teacher was always going to be blatantly based on skin color. The true subtlety of the inner workings behind the choice was more evident in the drawings of identically dressed girls.

    At some point in the documentary, the text commentary pointed out, as if it were part of some white conspiracy, how all those Internet dating sites match white men with Asian women. Well, it clearly isn't a conspiracy. It is about money. White men are the target audience for those sites, that's where the money is and that's why they put up images of white men with pretty Filipinas. They are selling their dating service to single, unhappy white males, and trying to appeal to them to part with their money. You would have to be very biased to turn something as simple as that into an example of some imaginary white conspiracy.

    The evil in American culture is in the industry of making people unhappy just to make a profit out of them, to exploit them for money. The power of money overrides everything else. It is not an inherently racial issue. It is an issue that has racial aspects to it because of a combination of historical factors. To me, the kind of propaganda put forth in the text commentary of the documentary only causes further division among people and gets everyone away from the real issue. Instead of fanning the flames of racial hatred (nevermind the Jew hatred with the always handy Zionist accusations), the aim should be to enlighten and empower each and every individual regardless of race. Propaganda documentaries like this one are not going to make the world a better place if people take their cue from the disproportionate interpretations of conspiracy theorists. However, some of the clips included in it could help in making people more aware as long as they understand how those pieces fit in the big picture.

    Finally, I would like to say to everyone that if someone peddles division and hate, don't buy into it, no matter how persuasive it might sound to a wounded heart. The truth won't be found in the extremes. Thank you to everyone who read this comment in full. And if you didn't have the patience to do that, I hope you at least read this paragraph. Peace.

  116. The documentary, if you are white, comes across as an 'in your face' generalization of global white supremacy. Whether that is your mindset or not, in order to get the message, you have to recognize that you, by virtue of your skin color, are a part of the collective branch of humanity identified as "white" caucasian". I am choosing these words because of Dr. Theophile Obenga, an Egyptian whose skin is darker than mine. He was once threatened with deporation by the U.S. Government because he refused to list his nationality as "caucasian." He explained to us that the government required all people of specific regions in Africa to list their race in this manner to help further the claims that the ancient Egyptians were a white race of people.

    Conquerors write histories according to their own will. They make religion, the most psychologically potent force, bind its subjects (free or bond) to their cultural norms and standards of being. Denying the import of this socialization process only serves to prolong the inequalities and injustice that exists in Western Civilization. It is unfortunate that the images and selective passages were insufficient to make many of the viewers sensitive to the message relative to a modern look at racism.
    The inclusion of the Asians who have cosmetic surgery on their eyes and the constant depiction of Arabs in a negative light, should have served as an indicator that this wasn't just about African-Americans. Nor was it just about what happens in Western cultures. It is a global paradigm that is plaguing the progress of humanity.

    This document was probably done by someone of African ancestry. But there were a multitude of voices from various branches of the human family. Perhaps watching "Racism: A History" or "Guns, Germs and Steel" (both presented by Europeans) will help those who find this documentary "RACIST". Additionally, to better understand our common humanity, everyone should watch "The Real Eve"!

  117. Racism or racialism is not only inter-racial, when German killed Jews, when Russian killed Polish or kill Chechnians today, when Hutus killed Tutsis (Rwanda), when Turks killed Armenians, when Serbs killed Croats who killed Bosnians who killed Serbs who killeds Croats etc... when Japanese killed Chinese etc...they killed people with the same "racial" characteristics isn't it?...inter-racial racism is already an horrible face of humanity, internal (or intra-racial) racism is another horrible face too.

    Black or White or Asian mankind stay the same with a beautiful and an horrible face in the same time like the Janus face. And don't forget the other faces of racism, the religious one for example and the horrible butchery of St Bartholomew in France during the XVI th century when Catholics killed Huguenots etc... And the linguistic pone is not forgotten as for example between Flemish and Wallons in Belgium etc... It's a long way to "convivencia" an occitan term to say livin together.

  118. Great documentary, as Dr Frances Cress Welsing said you can't expect white people to commit Genetic suicide so don't expect them to understand this sickness.

    This documentary is for the people of planet earth who have melanin, wake up and examine the things we do.

  119. With that in mind, and also as an avid fan of asian - mostly Japanese - culture, as well as a major rpg gamer (Final Fantasy being a long time favorite), it really sucks that FF images are used to indicate the Japanese's ''europeanizing'' of characters in this doc. It's kind of insulting, cuz I get a really strong feeling this person just searched randomly for game images with light-haired characters to try to justify a false point.

    All characters from games to every form of anime (which game character designs are modeled after) involve different hair, eye, and skin colors - even those of unnatural hues or even body composite... cuz it's an easy, edgy, and artistic way of differentiating one character from another and one personality from another as well. I'm sure if the doc creator actually played these games (of which only one franchise is depicted for example), they'd also notice features, eye shapes, mannerisms, and actions that are purely and traditionally Japanese. With the better rendering of newer games and systems, it is literally like watching a Japanese man or woman that just happens to have non-brown eyes or blonde well as silver, pink, blue, purple, etc... Same as many real-life Japanese, which is something you won't ever see on an American, unless they're deeply rooted in their love for gaming and asian culture.

    The biggest example of stupidity, bias, or just plain ignorance on this doc maker's part with the whole segment???
    They seem to fail to show screen shots of all the darker-skinned, alien, or BLACK characters from the very games whose posters they're showing... especially seeing as how FF is one of the only Japanese-made games of at least that genre that actually have BLACK protagonist characters in them...

  120. i figured this would be an opening for some minorities to start preaching to peeps whose races they don't even know, but like to assume, given a differentiating viewpoint that really has nothing to do with race, but fact.

    Minorities get more done for them in this country than ever before, even to extreme detriment to whites. That's not just statistic, myself and many others have witnessed this with our own eyes. I don't have any family who were slave owners. My family wasn't even in the U.S. until the 30's. It's the same for virtually every white person living today - whose families still remember store signs reading 'italians need not apply', or 'not serving irish'. Over 60% of blacks in this country aren't even of slave descent.

    Yeah, it's quite uncommon for most whites to encounter racism everyday - unless it's coming from a minority. And that's something many people know and are victims of, but are afraid to speak up on. Those a lot of whites encounter are quite adamant on making their egos, pride, accusations, hatred, immaturity, threats, and conditioned behaviors and attitudes learned from their own deluded parents well known. It's redundant, self-defeating, useless, and plain stupid. Yet as a result of political correctness stemming from imposed guilt, a majority is not allowed to protest the same negativity a massively white-run government is allowing and encouraging minority races to express openly while telling whites to deal with, and even expect it.

    Today it probably isn't even about slavery, suppressed rights, or even bigotry and prejudice. It's about using a tactic to swindle power and justification for certain actions, attitudes, rule-bending, benefits, attention, and dictation.

    I severely wish there were actually LESS people trying so desperately to emulate American black culture - the weaves, the bling, the souped-up cars, the ebonics, the music, the ass implants, picking fights, tanning 20 times a week, stupid gang signs, graffiti, backwards hats, gaining 300 pounds, walking down the street with lips pursed, bratz dolls, Westboro hip hop tracks, skanks chasing after black and hispanic guys constantly, the loud obnoxious bitches and pathetically gangsta-wannabe suburban boys... NOOO, it's very obvious whites don't find anything imitatable, influencing, or attractive about blacks at all...

    Fu**, even I don't want to be white - I actually wish I were asian. Those guys are probably the most gorgeous men on the planet Earth to me.

  121. Don't be fooled, many "non whites" what to look white, however MANY whites undergo surgery to look like the "norm". People need to learn to be happy with who they are, not try to become something they are not!

    OH and to all those people who go under the knife, good luck explaining to your children why you hate what you looked like so much you surgically changed it. Lets see how your child reacts when they look just like you when you were a child and now they think they are ugly.

  122. Hey, NY_Chic you asked some question and here in my limited knowledge of things i will try and give you as best an answer as i can,

    'What percentage of the world’s resources isn’t controlled (whether physically owned, under the legal dictate of or financially constrained) by white people?'

    Most of India, China, Nigeria is pretty black but i dont have figures to hand, Soth America? are they white?

    'What percentage of people have not been conquered?'

    There must be some. although agreed that many have been subjugated.

    'What part of the planet is under its own sovereign rule?'

    i really dont know, please enlighten us. although please bear in mind that many whites as well as blacks are not under sovereign rule.

    I notice that you only pulled up my seemingly negative comments and didn't even attempt any discourse on,

    'However, it is much better to hold up as good rolemodels the positive contribution to society that black people have made such as in the arts, music, dance,literature, sports, race relations and many other fields of human endeavour'

    why is that please?

  123. @Phil - Those black chicks you see walking around with blonde hair are trying to be "post racial". They are embracing the multi culti where "race doesnt matter because we are all one". But they don't see the irony in that they can't be and look like their own natural selves in this multi culti unless its like a ugly cartoonish blackness that is almost a parody of itself, where they are the token "black girl" who can laugh at her big lips, big nose and big behind. When they put on the blond wigs and weaves, they stop being just plain old "black girls" and become "Hot chicks like Tyra and Beyonce", in their minds.

  124. In short people just ’switch off’ when being talked to in an accusatory manner.

    - Right, because nobody wants to hear the truth and there are always gatekeepers around to come foster confusion as soon as someone says something unpleasant in the guise of being "peacemakers".
    White people don't EVER want to talk about the facts of what they have done. You'd have us believe that there aren't even any races as a last resort. In my opinion this is to keep the masses distracted with the multi-culti happy horsecrap SO YOU CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. At any given point, any group of people could be exterminated, their land and their resources stolen even right now in 2010.

    Without trying to be rude it seems to me and any discerning observer that the barrage of hate directed towards others is usually a sign of low self esteem/self knowledge.

    -Above and beyond all that psychological mumbo jumbo garbage, I had asked you some questions that never got an answer and which to me are more important than discerning observations:

    What percentage of the world’s resources isn’t controlled (whether physically owned, under the legal dictate of or financially constrained) by white people?

    What part of the planet is under its own sovereign rule?

    What percentage of people have not been conquered?

    Strictly in the interest of discussion, why is it that we can agree that we are heavily influenced in terms of our perceptions of cars, beauty, science, medicine, food and etc etc by people with something to gain by influencing our perceptions but it becomes racist and hostile to say white people have a vested interest in promoting white racial superiority?

  125. #
    vxgaslaugh05/04/2010 at 09:58

    If you don’t like your station in life, do something about it. until then the only person(s) you have to right to blame is yourself(s).

    -LOL. You say this as though throughout history groups of men and societies of men have never DELIBERATELY set about to control "stations" in life.

    You're naive at best, dishonest in actuality. I work with young kids as the editor of a student newspaper. These kids tell me stories about being put in foster care and NEVER seeing any of their brothers and sisters again, nights spent riding the train because they were homeless and their mothers were trying to stay out of the shelter, the joy they felt when an uncle got a job as a security guard and was able to buy boots for them.

    The white people I work with, who are so "blown away" by the "realness" of it all, have for the most part been on happy pills all of their life, don't burn 100 calories in a freaking workday ever and never see the irony in embracing a "simple" lifestyle of $100 hemp pants and $12 salads for lunch.

    I see it everyday and I'm convinced its no coincidence. break

  126. oh,by the way,the media is owned and run by jewish owners,and not whites!and not 100% of white people are rich as you'r racist family members keep reporting to you!not all white families own there own homes,or given government and state handouts!not 100% of white people have affermative action to help them land jobs for unqualified minorities!100% of white people do not have over thirty organizations in this country looking out for there best intrest or wellfare!100% of white people dont drive fancey new cars!100% of white people dont own stock in companies the world over!and if i am lying about 100%,then blog and put it on television.only a racist would use this story to prove an invalid point.

  127. explain why these kids picked the white dolls?could it be that they see what there culture is like?could it be that there race shows racism more then many other cultures?why didnt they use differant other dolls for these children to choose from?could it be that these children would pick some other doll then just the white doll?or is this documentary fixed showing only kids picking white dolls?put more dolls on that table and then do the pick a doll!

  128. Some of this is true some of this is not.
    1.Doll test
    -I noticed most the people tested where girls. However we never tested any white kids so how do we really know what kids think. This was not a scientific sample so we might have just found a bunch of self hating black people, who really knows. I think some of the older people have a bias towards lighter skined blacks (like mariah carey types) but see it less in the younger generation. Black women who dye their hair blond have me very suspect of their motives, there are black blonde people, mostly albinos, but I don't think that is who they are trying to imitate. On the other hand as Tyra mentioned what are the odds of a black woman with a large afro landing a job, in a white interviewer, near to zero.
    2.Asian eye lids. Obviously this is of European influence, you did not see this before whites invaded asia and its for the same reason that chinese think eating mcdonalds will make them look blond hair and blue eyed white. I disagree that asian women date white men because they hate their race, they date white men because they hate their jerk culture where asian men treat asian women like sh-t according to the asian girls I talked to. as for the white boy friend, he is just clueless, he is not an evil person, just clueless, most men are and understand nothing about female psychology.

    Answers like round eyes are just more beautiful is a load of crap. At least with straight hair I get because you cannot comb a shoulder length afro hair in a reasonable amount of time ( I have a big afro and must keep it always braided- it can take hours to comb because it is so long). Straightened it takes 5 minutes 10 if badly tangled. There is no practical reason to have round eyes as opposed to slanty.

    I just wished the media aka jews, would be more fair to all races.

  129. A couple of points to add to the previous comments,

    Black people are not a race! by the similar rationale white people are not a race, they are both a combination af MANY RACES. when you look at things in a localised way like the American (or any other countries) racist paradigm it is easy to make comment like 'white people are..' or black people are....' ,but as well as being an overgeneralised hate fuelled state of mind ( which is more damaging to the hater than the hated) it is largely unprodutive and counterproductive to the valid point of views being expressed about racism. In short people just 'switch off' when being talked to in an accusatory manner.

    Without trying to be rude it seems to me and any discerning observer that the barrage of hate directed towards others is usually a sign of low self esteem/self knowledge. This does have a lot to do with negative portayals in the media, knowledge of awful historical facts and the stigmatision of black people in a narrow minded way. However, it is much better to hold up as good rolemodels the positive contribution to society that black people have made such as in the arts, music, dance,literature, sports, race relations and many other fields of human endeavour instead of responding to the negative stigmatization being put out by narrow minded people.

    Please don't become the thing that you hate most.

  130. The time has arrived when kings shall bow down to there servants.

  131. Damn! somebody must have forgot to give me my media agency. is there some honky hotline I can call to have that issue resolved?
    of course, I will have to defer my share of the blame until I have a reason to be sorry. If you don't like your station in life, do something about it. until then the only person(s) you have to right to blame is yourself(s).
    As for the film. I had high hopes, but they were smashed by the filmmakers desire to give opinion, rather than document. Too bad really. Media and its effects on self image is a frequent topic in my classroom. I was hoping to find an unbiased documentary on the subject to watch with my students.

  132. ‘but it becomes racist and hostile to say white people have a vested interest in promoting white racial superiority?’

    because not all white people do.

    -But they all reap the benefits of it. There are certain inherent, unearned benefits and privileges to being white simply because whites are the ruling class. Claiming otherwise is pretentious IMO.

    I was totally 100% OFFENDED by the smugness of many of the posters above for what its worth. There's either the implication or the direct statement that we're all playing the same game and its sour grapes to cry when you lose. And talking in any way about the loss is playing the race card. (Which is what btw, the three of diamonds? eight of clubs? seven of hearts? Even the young children in the video know the epitome of beauty, goodness and intelligence in this society is whiteness, so what benefit is it alleged that people receive by CLAIMING Blackness,the opposite of that?)

    The reality of how whites overpowered the planet is NOT the morality fable of piety, hard work, family values, brotherhood and democracy. Or of climbing higher than all the other races through sheer productivity. Its a bit more scandalous and bloody than that.

    "MINORITIES PLAY THE “WHITE MEN MADE ME DO IT” CARD!!! cmon man. get off our nuts please and blame yourself for your current troubles? take some credit for the fact that the reason why you don’t influence the world on such a scale that we do is because your race hasn’t scaled as far as we have? what kinda sore looser do you gotta be….man, the thing other races can’t pinpoint, is what makes white ppl so damn good? why are we so ahead of the curb? "

    I'm in awe of you're being so ahead of the curb.

  133. One possible way to adress the language point is to say western governments promote racism because... or even better than that is to name an individual or group.

    give that a go and see how it works for you.

  134. i am white and in no way have any interest in promoting racial superiority.

    so your point needs to be qualified a little better.

    i may have vested interest by default of being white, but do i personally care? no.

    are white people committing terrible acts sure? but is it a racial thing? is it because they are white? does the colour of the skin really have much to do with it? or is that just something that comes along with the group being dick heads.

    maybe we should see which of the white people have statistically been the worse by dividing them into blue eyes vs brown eyes...or maybe blondes and red heads against brown and black hairs.

    just a ridiculous point to focus on...the colour of their skin...

    you know i dont often scoff at people but...pfft.

  135. 'Since “all” offends you, I can change it. Help me find a more accurate word, plz.'

    I wish that i could but your style of conversation is not the same as mine and my gift of language is just not up to it.

    its not the all the world part that i disagree with its the all whites that is implied when you say white people followed by negative comments.

    'but it becomes racist and hostile to say white people have a vested interest in promoting white racial superiority?'

    because not all white people do.

    i will look into the use of language question that you asked about and see what my peeps have got to say about it.

    to be continued...

  136. "You don’t control ALL of the world’s resources by accident. You didn’t colonize the planet by accident. You haven’t brutally conquered all of its people by accident."

    Since "all" offends you, I can change it. Help me find a more accurate word, plz.

    What percentage of the world's resources isn't controlled (whether physically owned, under the legal dictate of or financially constrained) by white people?

    What part of the planet is under its own sovereign rule?

    What percentage of people have not been conquered?

    Strictly in the interest of discussion, why is it that we can agree that we are heavily influenced in terms of our perceptions of cars, beauty, science, medicine, food and etc etc by people with something to gain by influencing our perceptions but it becomes racist and hostile to say white people have a vested interest in promoting white racial superiority?

  137. NYC_Chic

    'they achieved those ends was by influencing, shaping, molding and consistently reinforcing people’s perceptions of skin color.'

    I like this type of argument because you are actually adressing the problem. it is the ALL part that offends me.

    'Whatever YOU chose to do with your black or white sides is on you.'

    There is no choice! you play the hand that you are dealt.

  138. Epicurean,

    By my rationale, it is not a coincidence that white people have in fact done all of those things and part of the deliberate means by which they achieved those ends was by influencing, shaping, molding and consistently reinforcing people's perceptions of skin color.

    Whatever YOU chose to do with your black or white sides is on you. Don't change the subject.

  139. @NYC_Chic
    'White people are HILARIOUS...'

    I am mixed race. What about mixed race people? By your rationale they should hate their white side and love their black side? Even though in many occasions they may be raised by their white family.

    i love a good old stress relieving rant as much as the next man,but blaming ALL white people for the problems of the world is just not a very productive way to adress the racist paradigm. The over generalised statements that you make end up isolating the very people that you are trying to reach and educate to your extremely important perception of racism.

    What about poor peasant stock whiteys? are they also to blame?

  140. White people are HILARIOUS. There are no coincidences. You don't control ALL of the world's resources by accident. You didn't colonize the planet by accident. You haven't brutally conquered all of its people by accident

    You cannot maintain your power without subjugating the minds of the world's people. You promote an image of yourself as pure, beautiful, pious, hardworking and godly - for crying out loud, the Christian Church still teaches that an indigenous man from the middle east was the SON of GOD and he had blonde hair and blue eyes and then wonder why little babies say their brown skin sucks.

  141. ^^^^ racist, smirite?

  142. Boring documentary with no new insights. And don't call me a racist.

  143. Too much interjection of the video producer's opinions delivered with too much sarcasm and spite.

    If I want to get preached to, I'll go to a church.

    It is important that we at least try and up-root and destroy all racism. It can never be completely achieved. If we all woke up the same colour tomorrow, we'd probably find something else to be hateful to each other about.

    Humans are basically as**oles on legs.

  144. So, I guess this why black people call each other the "N" word?

    Racists come in all colors.

    I Really could have done without the video producer's sarcasm toward "White Wannabes."

  145. There was no real coherent structure to this film... it was more like some Youtube videos interspersed with Powerpoint slides. The comments were inflammatory (arguably racist towards white people) and weren't backed up by any kind of evidence. The use of "White Zionist Media" was totally irrelevant for example. The music was annoying. I watched until about half way through and then gave up.
    On a plus note it did raise really important questions about the media... but the clip of the doll study could have done that alone.

  146. I insist all Chinese students in my university tell me their Chinese name. I use this name only, even if it is hard to pronounce. My phD computer science lecturer insisted these same students choose a European name to use. I stood up and challenged. How could he easily memorise jargon names and acronyms, yet refuse to learn the names of individuals. Furthermore, it makes collaboration for projects impossible because we can never find a Chinese girl called 'Claire' on the student register.

    He dosen't like me till this day, but he knows my name. He is also lucky that I chose not to take it further, because there are many oranisations who could have fougyht this battle for me and easily won, but my lecturer is one of the greats, I see no need in tarnishing his name, he just has to use other people's real names

  147. Calling bs.
    This "Documentary" is just plain bad.
    Personally i think the people who made this where actually racists trying to make white people look bad. :/
    btw. white zionists wtf? still asking myself what that has to do with it.

  148. I seem something like this on ABC TV, living in USA for 40 something years their was time I wished I was a American Native Indian.
    Why to get away from all this white and black society.
    Yes give me lands, money too would help a lot, let me make justice laws for my own people and just leave me alone, even on tax time.

  149. This "documentary" is really just a bunch of videos about racism added back to back with random inserted opinions. It also does not leave room for debate. The inserted comments themselves are very biased and take on a childish accusatory tone.

    Though I agree with a lot of what the videos have to say, I don't agree with those comments. I feel like it would have been much better if the person had actually gone out by themselves and interviewed people.

  150. lol This all seemed a bit backwards to me. I'm white, but the only t.v. I typically watch is Japanese and Korean movies... Le Grand Chef, anyone? (French title, Korean movie). So most people I see in the media are Asian.

  151. US is racist, always as been, but will it always be ???
    Of course the US is not the only racist country. What's interesting is the only time the world can see how, how, i can't even find a strong enough word that would describe white people's destruction of races, are in Documentaries (witch are at 99% never seen on TV).
    How can one not see these injustices day after day and even try to find arguments to give these reasons.

  152. Has any body ever thought that "the media" continues to give us only the exact thing that WE want... "The Media" is in the business of making money, to do that they need the greatest majority of viewers to support their "opinion" that is their programming, news or fiction (they may well not be mutually exclusive.) If you want "The Media" to promote a different agenda then more people need to believe differently. "The Media" is a reflection of society, not the other way around.

  153. ** villianization.

  154. Well thank you to the producer, I hope you feel better about seeing your own bias and hypocritical views of north American society up for others to see.
    This wasn’t a documentary, this was a propaganda to support the vulcanization of white people.

    Not all 'white people' support such trends, and most certainly not all of them are racist.
    The fact that there is no original interviews or view points past the north American media in this wanna be documentary compilation is indeed, most disturbing. You have taken the hard work others to "copy pasta" their glimpses of select materials, twisted it into a witch hunt and, then added your own subjective monologs in an attempt to leech off of, and promote hate for white people.

    There is nothing more then blame and one-sided bigoted hate in what parts do belong to you. I do not see an intelligent argument, only the narrow minded opinion of a select few.

    What about all 'minorities' stereo typing white people? When the race card is played, white people are too afraid and constantly penalized. Yet I have to ask, Which side of the argument decided to put that card into play?

    I would like to point out that in certain Asian cultures, bleaching of the skin, nor the want to have whiter skin is due to north American influence. To some bleached skin is a status of upper class, and was around long before north American influence.

    I do not downplay the seriousness of the issues you have elected to put up. Instead I am questioning the validity of wanting to call this a documentary when, I see finger pointing, but no want to find a proper solution.

    What about the people in media who are of 'minority?' Halle Barry? M. Night Shyamalan? And even the lovely Tyra Banks shown in this movie? They are 'minorities,' but yet one creates such unique movies, and who does he cast for the majority roles? One is a great actress, and yet progressively changes her appearance to look more European. Even Tyra understands the problem and yet, there she is making an excuse when she thinks its wrong.

    The fact that we still class people as races and minorities and any other word to differentiate between physical dissimilarities is a bigger problem, if any one of us gets cut, do we not bleed the same colour?

    This is just my opinion, and you have yours, but do us all a favour and instead of taking the low road to a major problem into one giant effort of hate, find out some less biased facts, and suggest a few ways we can all help each other to understand our differences, and learn to love that is what makes us unique and interesting as the human race we are.

  155. Films always showed half truths and semi-fairy tale realities about the world. Just check movies about ancient greece, you'd laugh your head off if you have knowledge about history while seeing movies like "Hercules and Medusa" and such.

    So why believe another kind of movie shows Arabs, Black people and other hot-issue societies correctly?

  156. The "Modern" racist paradigm? About as modern as a Universal newsreel. Some of the attitudes displayed above seem equally out of date.

    Firstly most comments are based on this black slavery Vs White supremacy rubbish. Watch a doc about modern slavery (actually modern not a historical look at the 60s.) This is mostly perpetrated by blacks against blacks. Just as gang violence is in the US.

    White media? Hollywood? BS. Think Bolllywood. If India and Hong Kong can create film industries there is nothing to stop African and Arab countries doing the same. There aren't many whites involved in those enterprises but do you hear whites whining about it? No because the likes of Bollywood create their films to represent and cater for their audiences. Is Bollywood attacked as racism? Is it bollocks!

    With regard to white media (I`m British) I`d say they fall over themselves to fairly represent blacks today. And so they should. Yet still there is this misrepresentation of whites as the evil. Clearly some still prefer to keep that big chip on their shoulders.

    Some of the above people don't even seem to be able to define the word racism. They are talking of colour prejudice. We can all be made racist by our experiences of one race or another. I have had enormous pleasure from my experiences with Indians for instance, lived with an Indian girl and her family for over a year. On the other hand (for example) every single experience I have had of Nigerians has been bad. It is natural to be coloured by our experiences. Pun intended.

  157. Very interesting documentary, the parts where the black and latino children said it was better to be white was sickening.
    However, I have two issues with the film:

    1 - Who is the criminal? The scowling guy in the hoodie or the guy in the nice button-up shirt? What a joke.

    2 - The test to determine racial preference. I took that test. I was not surprised that it took me longer and that I made more mistakes when things were switched around. Isn't that to be expected? I had been pressing with my right finger for negative word/black face for a while, then I had to switch. So now, every time I see a black face I have to remind myself to press the other key, my response is no longer a conditioned reflex. I can't believe how much stock is being put in this study, for the tests to have any merit half the time white should be paired with negative words at the beginning.

  158. I'm so sick of hearing about racism. Blacks say they aren't give any respect by whites. Thats a lie whites [atleast 98%] of them go out of there way not to offend not only blacks but every other race.

    You say there are no opportunities for blacks that is also a lie. There are black actors,policemen/firemen,congressmen/senators,95% of all professional athletes are black,and now a black president. Get off of it already! It's not blacks that are discriminated against anymore. Look at nearly all t.v. shows, they all make whites look like idiots.

    I agree racism is wrong but it goes both ways. I the 21st century it is the white race that is being discriminated against just as much if not more than any other. Take this for example if a black person speaks their mind against whites thats ok but when whites speak theirs about blacks they are labled racist. We should all look at the living conditions in Africa and other 3rd world countries and thank GOD for the things we have and the country we live in.

    And get over it.All the slaves and slave-masters are dead. Lets let them rest and look beyond the past to the future. And as for the kids in the video do you think it might just be possible they are making their judgments on what they see in their neighborhoods and on their street corners. THINK ABOUT IT!! It's not the white mans fault that most of this countries prison population is black. THANK YOU.

  159. To all:

    Racism as it is argued here is a distinctly American phenomenon. It is a difficult subject to tackle because America has never had an honest and open dialogue about it. It is not gone, nor is it simply something of the past, as a brief study of America's prison-industrial complex/ public school system/ patterns of gentrification will attest. America is as segregated now as it ever was and our media is as shameful in its portrayal of "others" as it was 50 years ago.

    Now while it is erroneous to conclude that ALL or even most white people are responsible for this or that in the lives of black americans (most, or all, really do not give a damn except when it imposes on their own livelihoods directly), it is equally ignorant to claim that oppressed minorities must simply "get over it" with respect to the traumatic events in large part responsible for the many "freedoms" we enjoy in this country today.

    Consider this: if it is possible for an individual to suffer from PTSD as the result of trauma, surely it is equally likely that an entire community can suffer from the social equivalent. The trauma inflicted upon GENERATIONS will not be easily corrected by a well-meaning few in a period of a few years.

    Consider also that the last time that America was confronted honestly and substantively with its behaviors throughout its short history, the powers-that-be made every effort to assassinate, corrupt, co-opt, and disinform the effort.

    Racism is complex. Its purpose is intended to divide and deflect from REAL issues (particularly class issues). The discussion as it has evolved above is every evidence of that fact.

    Let us try to focus less on racism and more on our shared humanity. Look at the experiences of another human being and try to relate to that. This way no one needs to be discounted, every one is needed, and we ALL learn something from one another.

  160. Ill,

    Research the studies of Kenneth and Mamie Clark. Their testimony and research was central to Brown vs Board of Education decision that was integral to desegregating schools. Their research is substantive. Hope it helps.

  161. @truthandjusticeforallMBA

    "We are all human beings"
    well, duh.
    your trying to move the goalposts now that i highlighted the problems with your bigoted arguments.

    anyone who reads my comments will see that i never judge anyone on the color of their skin. i judge them on how silly and illogical their arguments are.

    you ought to be ashamed of yourself for preaching against the sins of racism, when the very seed of it is planted in your hate filled heart.

    for shame.

  162. Why isnt anyone pointing out that these people are making these decisions of their own free will. Stop blaming everything on the media and what not, take some responsibility for your actions dammit.

    Also do not forget that racism is not solely unique to the European peoples.

  163. lol@comments: Your just a typical white man/woman who can't look beyond your white privilege/racist ideology to even begin to think on my level as a black woman let alone our African Nation.

    I have come to realize that white people like yourself, like to create havoc, then go around diatribing, labeling and judging the effects of blacks, never, asking how or why of it they have these behaviors and attitudes.

    White people convienietly forget or overlook, or turn the other cheeck, or hide their dirty/bloody hands. It is easy for you to cause trouble Monday thru Saturday, then go to church on Sunday and ask for forgiveness. Your pathological egos and narcissitic ways sicken me.

    The thing that you and other white people like you is that you just simply do not get it. We are all human beings(mankind & womankind).

    Yes, white people are imbalanced, impure, and dissonant to the Universe. Look at your history; look at our planet and how you and your white peoples have and continue to destroy the Earth; deforestation, excessive uses of natural resources around the world, killed off humans like the Native American and indigenous peoples (who are black)around the globe with your racist ideology, killed of many animals that we now have to put them on the endangered list, etc. It is your white people who have done these things to the planet not the people of color. It is obvious that everywhere white people go people die, that is being impure, unbalanced, demonic, evil because you lack compassion for humanity.

    lol@comment: You are in no capacity to tell me an African-American how I feel or what I experience as a victim of racism in the United States of America and globally.

    Furthermore, this goes for you and others like you. Your statement that I or African-Americans are racists is nothing more than your attempt to playing reverse psychology. It is yet another attempt to throw rocks and hind your blood dripping hands. It is another attempt to absolve yourselves. It will not work with me, ever.

    We as victims of racism, black people have a right to express ourselves regarding the treatment by whites. White people cannot and do not have the right to tell me how I am supposed to feel or tell me what is or isn't happening to me. The person who made the documentary expressed her feeling as a black woman and the effects of racism in this country (US and abroad/globally). Your attempt at playing psychological games with me will never work, ever. You are a pathological racist. You lack compassion as it relates to blacks in this country, reasoning, logic, morals, values and you unconcerned for blacks.

    If you cared for blacks, even the size of a mustard seed your conversation would clearly be different.

  164. @blackman

    "You might not have had no slave ownership in your family but still you benefit of the work of the ones that did by havin better chances in this society as a white persoon."

    how come i see black business owners, college professors, dentists, doctors, ect in my community? They are doing fine and dandy.
    i would imagine if you are not reaping the benefits of society, its because your priorities are elsewhere.

    "So wouldn´t you agree that everyone that benefits of the effects of a crime is as guilty as the criminal?"

    if you think thats a rule, then dont cry when a cop throws you in jail because your buddy has a bag of weed on him, even though you were completely innocent. BECAUSE THE COP ASSUMES THAT YOU BENEFITED FROM IT AS WELL.

    the rule you suggest is pretty much how corrupt police view black communities: guilty by association. AND YOU SUPPORT IT!

  165. @ lol@comments

    You ask why all white people should be ashamed of the slavery and that you have no history of slave ownership in your family. You might not have had no slave ownership in your family but still you benefit of the work of the ones that did by havin better chances in this society as a white persoon. So wouldn´t you agree that everyone that benefits of the effects of a crime is as guilty as the criminal? Now we can´t turn back time but we can educate ourselfs so we can better understand eachother and dus our feelings especially when it comes to racism...

  166. heres another sparkling nugget of insight from truthandjusticeforallMBA

    "It is common for racists to have no insight into their own prejudice."

    I'll say!

  167. @truthandjusticeforallMBA

    heres another example of your own racist views...

    "No matter the racist comments you make the truth is always existent and that is why you white people hate Africans and other people of color, because you hate purity, balance, harmony of the Universe."

    what a ridiculous statement! "you white people" you say, generalizing caucasians, "hate purity, balance, harmony of the Universe."
    so by your logic, all whites stand for impurity, imbalance, and dissonance of the universe.

    you just got wrecked kid.

  168. @truthandjusticeforallMBA

    sometimes i wonder about this "racism" thing. for example,
    i have no history of slave ownership in my family history, but i am white. when reading the comments, i keep hearing "all white people should be ashamed of slavery" when a more proper statement be "all slave owners should should be ashamed".

    racism is a funny thing eh.

    i guess its fine to generalize that all white people as the descendents of slave owners though, as long as it back up your point of view at the time.

    BUT WAIT! you quote:
    "What are the signs of racism and effects? Reducing people of other races to racial stereotypes. This can often be done in very subtle ways. For example, confusing race with culture, a belief that certain races are more adept in particular jobs or functions, a belief in differences in intelligence between the races, etc. "

    did ALL whites own slaves? no. well i guess that it was cultural phenomenon. BUT WAIT AGAIN! you say ALL whites should "Stop absolving your forefather crimes against Africans."


  169. What are the signs of racism and effects?

    Reducing people of other races to racial stereotypes. This can often be done in very subtle ways. For example, confusing race with culture, a belief that certain races are more adept in particular jobs or functions, a belief in differences in intelligence between the races, etc.

    Advocation of segregation. This advocation represents a belief that different races should live apart, be educated separately or not intermarry. The advocacy can occur explicitly or implicitly.

    Extreme pride in one's own country or race. Patriotism can be laudable but when taken to extremes, this sentiment becomes the basis of all fascist regimes.

    Association. It is common for racists to associate with other racists. While not necessarily espousing racist opinions themselves it is common for them to personally defend other racists (without directly defending their opinions).

    Belittlement of members of other races. Racist will constantly criticize the opinions of other races or even ridicule them. Often they will do it without explicitly making mention of the race of the person or persons.

    Latent hate. An exaggerated reaction to any misconduct from a person of the other race, where the punishment is out of all proportion to the original wrong (real or perceived) and completely ignores the provocation which could have led to the original "wrong". Also, no feeling of moral debt to a racially "other" person for any favors he may have done.
    Denial. Racist denies that the other person's or group's intelligence, cultural level, social status or other merits even in the face of overwhelming evidence which proves these qualities. The racist will attempt to "objectively" show proof, usually in the form of insignificant details to contradict the obvious.

    Constant references to race. A mere mention of someone's race on a first encounter could be benign but when these references continue after a long period of knowing that person, no matter how innocent the references may appear, they establish an unmistakable pattern.

    Antagonistic sentiments. When a person has anatognistic towards someone at first sight it is often related to skin color. The only information that one normally has about someone on seeing them for the first time is their skin color.

    Invisibility. An indifference to the plight of members of society who are of other races when they suffer injustices. It is typical of the racist to claim that he is under no obligation to help or that the situation in question is somehow an "inevitable" by-product of some greater good. When the great majority of members of the disadvantaged group are not of his race a pattern emerges.

    Presumption of racism in members of own race. Racists typically expect members of their own race to be similarly racist. This often results in expectations of preferential treatment and they expect, for example, members of their race to see the humor in racist jokes or join with them in what but for the race of the victim would be seen as morally reprehensible behavior.

    Condescending attitude or behavior. Racists show condescending attitudes towards members of other races. For this reason they often try to use even members of the race which they despise to attack members of that race which cause them most offense. They believe that these other members of the victimized race will collaborate because of the magnanimity which the racist is showing in momentarily treating them as members of the "superior" race.

    Strongest reaction to members of other race which rebut racist model. The members of the other race which a racist will typically try most to denigrate are those which act as a rebuttal to his model of what members of the other race should be. If this model is a weak, timid and stupid person, he will see a strong, independent and intelligent person of the "inferior" race as a threat to his model. If they do not attack this person directly, racists contend with this by speaking of "exceptions" to their theory.

    Extreme reaction to word racist. Normally the worst insult which an extreme racist can receive is to be called a racist in public. For the extreme racist it is infuriating because there is no adequate response. On the one hand he does not really want to deny it but he knows that the implications of this word are generally negative. It is not like being called stupid or ignorant, because it is difficult for him to counterattack by simply reverting the accusation. The idea that a member of the other race could look down upon the race of the racist normally challenges the model that the racist has about this other race (he typically sees it as weak, timid and cowardly). If he attempts to ridicule the other person he will publicly prove the original accusation correct.

    No insight into own prejudice. It is common for racists to have no insight into their own prejudice. This is because they believe their prejudice to be based upon objective grounds.

    Indifference to the opinions of members of the other race. It is typical of racists to e.g. make fun of members of the "inferior" race without any consideration for what those members will then think of these racists. At best, racists only care about what people of their own race think of them.

    Lack of impartiality. This is extremely common and affects practically all the racist's opinions and decision-making. Its effects extend beyond the obvious areas like jobs, education and housing. Veneration of great historical figures, membership of clubs and societies etc.

    Acceptance of racist behavior or conduct. To view "mildly" racist acts as either reasonable or, at least, not racist and to feel that more severely racist acts are wrong but "understandable".

    Failure to recognize impact of racism on the victim. To believe that a victim of racism can be unaltered by racism. For example, when racists examine apparent differences between members of different races or ethnic groups they completely ignore all differences in circumstances and history which could have affected the "inferior" race.

    Maintaining superior position "By all means possible". A phrase often remembered as a precept of the maintenance of slavery in the Southern United States during the nineteenth century. A racist will use all means possible to preserve the inferior position of the victimized race. Even a person with social motivations and benevolent to members of his own race is capable of violence and other forms of crime towards members of what he views as the "inferior" race. He could easily support the use of force to maintain those disadvantaged by racism in their present condition

  170. @Tommy:

    You are a sick racist. You have the pure nerve to call Africans TERRORIST? You white racists have been terrorizing African's, Native indegionous Indians and other people of color for decades and it seems to me that the fate the befell Sadaam should happen to you and your race and rid the people of color around the world once and for all your sick and disgusting selves.

    All the direct forms of racism are gone, however, indirect forms of racism still exist under the same system that it was founded. This is a wonderful documentary that explores and addresses the issue of racism and white priviledge in American and globally.

    No matter the racist comments you make the truth is always existent and that is why you white people hate Africans and other people of color, because you hate purity, balance, harmony of the Universe. I implore all people of African decent and other people of color to never give up the fight to end this sick system of racism globally and restore mankind, harmony, balance, and communion with the mankind in our Universal sphere.

    NEVER GIVE UP Africans and other peoples of color of the world NEVER GIVE UP the fight to to ERASE RACISM, WHITE PRIVILEDGE AND HATRED.

  171. This why they told all black people that God is white and His son Jesus, like stupid people, they all go to church and kneel before a white God.(no offence to anyone), But this is the real fact in our society. When i ask every black man that" why don't we even see a black prophet in the all Bible? Nobody gives me an answer. For the Mormons, blacks are evil, the descendants of Satan, if you don't know this, go and find out.

  172. @Anonymous Coward and whomever else...

    According to Dr. Leary (2006) Truthfullness is the foundation of all human virtue."

    It is of no intrisic value to me that you do no agree with me. I do no expect any white person to do so. You and others like you who disagree with what I said is only an attestiment to your absolvement to the truth.

    European/American pathology is her denial of the truth. And today you love to sit in the pews, blogs, social-networking sites and absolve yourselves.

    What do you know about self-hatred? Have you experienced what these young girls and women experience in this video? Better yet, in your community? Have you asked an African women how she feels about herself? Better yet did you see any white people in this video stating that they hate themselves and wanted to be African? So, how can you tell me what is or isn't? Who are you to sit there and tell me anything? You have no authority whatsoever, you cheap dirty suit. You are not in a postion to state anything about the affairs of Africans/African-Americans.

    You sit there and have the pure audacity to talk about what you believe about how and what, whether they are or are not feeling or experiencing; Africans experience and experiencing. I can say what I want, when I want, how and where I want in any audience on any blog or created blog of my choice you maggot. You are nobody, to me. People like you make me sick to my stomach, because you are the same person that sits next to me at my desk and say, "I have plenty of black friend, I like black people", then you get on these blogs and spew your racist hatred.

    @LOL@COMMENTS: The only thing that can be done is to beg Africans for forgiveness of the autraucities and the horrific crimes committed against us. To give us reparations, rewrite the laws, judicial systems, to re-write the Constitution. to reverse the peonage laws that continue to keep African males enslaved, erase the codes (black, Jim Crow, etc. convict lease laws), need I say more...GIVE BACK EVERYTHING THAT WHITE PEOPLE HAVE DONE TO US. Stop invalidating African feeling and experiences about the effects of slavery and the after effects of slavery. Stop absolving your forefather crimes against Africans.

  173. "Is there ANY one able to come up with a solution to counter racism in the micro/macrocoism of society and stop bioterrorism, war, hunger, famine global white domination in ALL PARTS OF AFRICA, Asian, and India, the wanna be whiteing of the globe…The outright genetic innialation of color people through various mean, immunization, missionarism of ALL “third world” countries?"

    This is a joke right? C'mon Farren, you know war is older than the human race, and slavery is more ancient than your narrow view of it, so don't act like it is some uniquely white creation.

  174. Just to clarify further, his name is actually spelled Dr. Ray Hagins as noted in the video I linked to. The YT title is wrong.

    Dr. Ray Hagins is the new leader of this blue-eyed devil.

    The sum of my experiences suggests it is so.

  175. @Oglesby--Just to clarify, I disagree with you because what you attribute to racism is really the result of slavery. Not all 'black people' were slaves, as chocolateQueen demonstrates.

  176. @Oglesby--thanks for the Hagins reference.

  177. @lunda--don't worry... Soon we will all be enslaved and united in this 'One World.' The division into first, second and third was just to give some who cooperate a head start.

  178. @kifagi--I am not racist. I was born in 1984. My parents and their parents I know to have nothing to do with slavery or even the mildest instance of racist behavior. I'm not saying 'get over' but you need to stop referring to all 'white people' because it makes all of the 'black people' look stupid. As an amateur social scientiest, I hypothesize that the fastest way for humanity to move forward is not for me or 'white people' to "repent" for anything our ansescotors may or may not have done, but for you and I to personally become friends and to realize the ridiculousness of us wasting time talking about racism. If you like or dislike my car and my suit that's one thing--but that's still not 'white people.' The faster we move forward the faster we can collectively form into a global single 'race' and finally to posthumans (see 'Age of Transitions' on Google Video, then Kymatica, and maybe 'Empire of The City'/'Ring of Power').

  179. The only thing I like about this is that it successfully demonstrates to a white male (especially the Tyra bit, and WTF did that woman do to her beautiful eyelids?) that racism exists--but mostly today in an 'internalized' form, within people who wish they were white, or think it's desireable to be white, or whatever. Frankly, I think Tyra's hair is beautiful as it is naturally. For her to assume that she has to pretend to be white (whatever that means) is insulting to everyone's intelligence and especially to herself. Did I or my ansestors do that to he? Can people just STFU aleady and realize that there are gradients of desirable characteristiscs of people from all races, creeds, etc? God damn.

  180. /sorry, hit enter and submitted before i was done. I wanna point out that someone has already said it--and i'ma say it again, and i hope it gets repeated on these comments, alot.. MINORITIES PLAY THE "WHITE MEN MADE ME DO IT" CARD!!! cmon man. get off our nuts please and blame yourself for your current troubles? take some credit for the fact that the reason why you don't influence the world on such a scale that we do is because your race hasn't scaled as far as we have? what kinda sore looser do you gotta, the thing other races can't pinpoint, is what makes white ppl so damn good? why are we so ahead of the curb? Surely, if we were as evil as say the "commi's" were, the rest of the world would have seen fit long ago to do away with us, amirite? Nope, see the reason why we're so great is that slavery was never any issue of race to us, it was a long heralded practice of men, of ALLL FERKING RACES SINCE THE DAWN OF MAN< YES MINORITIES< THAT INCLUDES YOU, YOU AFRICANS WHO SOLD SLAVES TO WHITE PPL AND YOU PERSIANS THAT OWNED WHITE SLAVES. this is perfectly acceptable behavior for post-modern cilivization, another reason? We ARE A STRONG RACE WITH STRONG BELIEFS ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO BE me one white person in modern day that is famous for point out the fact that minorities play the "white men made us do it" card? you can't, why? cuz we won't acknowledge that person..why? because it's counterproductive to how we view ourselves as a whole. We don't want to say we were ever "victimized" because that implies defeat. It goes back to the fact that when i was in junior high, my white father said to me " when you get in highschool, you'll hafta win to get a trophy, they won't give you a trophy for being 2nd best" and guess what? i understand and accept that, i'll give it to the better man, or to the better team...why? because i'm white, and i'm socially engineered to not have a pole in my arse. If i want something, i want to deserve it. If black ppl want 50% of America's media outlets? guess what kinda statistical numbers we white ppl are gonna expect them to have before we give them that much of what we already own? When white ppl say minorities are "always wanting more" it's not in the term that someone put it--that given a finger they want the's more in the context of---you want 50/50 at the end of the game...Nature has provided us with natural selection as a vehicle, think of it as nature's basketball game...Oh and speaking of white ppl believing in "if you deserve it, you'll have it" Look at basketball in America, and tell me black ppl don't have the majority? Why? because we cannot control the color of a mans skin, but we can say that he is the winner on this court, and we will give it to the better man... that thought enough is enough veneration to make me quit ranting. so i'll leave you with this. Every race on the face of the earth is competing. On the subject of productivity, white people have advanced more than any other race, Just like lions and sheep, ppl tend to follow the herd. There may be one day where China rises to become a utopian paradise and we Americans are behind them in their revolution, and guess what? we catch up and give them credit for it, cuz we don't have "small-penis complex" where in we feel we need to judge our lives through such a scoped lens. Please, get over the fact that you like white people, because according to our success? it's completely cool to wanna be white. p.s. please asian girls, quit with the wanting to be white thing, we've always had a kink for...oh yea persian/arabic girls (persians in particular) don't go trying to be white, we have kinks about your race's women and for our satisfaction, we want you to always look as beautiful as you do now)

  181. first stats, i'm 22/white/ why i'm commenting. me a favor and stfu plz about white surpremacy do.o White Supremacy comes from White Majority (as far as industrialized nations go) so stfu about it? you wanna hear statistics about the "supremacy?" shove that one in your pipe and smoke it, we, as far as the devolped nations go, outnumber everyone else...

  182. @metalhead666: Why do you think you hear a lot of "white" in this video? You really think this video is racist? In what way? Why are you a skinhead? Same reason, you want to belong to something because they don't know any better...

  183. i hear alote of WHITE in this video is this a war against white? i think this video itself is racist and why is there so many white ppl that trys to look like black gangsters?

  184. This documentary is a joke. It begins with a scientifically unsound and as it turns out statistically insignificant experiment where young black children are asked to choose between white and black dolls. Fifteen out of twenty-one children choose white dolls; they then proceed to explain that they chose the white dolls because they are nicer or better… The PI of the experiment then extrapolates this to mean that the children have been brainwashed by the media to think that ‘white’ is better than any other skin tone! This of course is flawed because the experiment didn’t have an experimental group of say ‘media-savvy’ v. a control of ‘media-restricted’ children (i.e., no statement about what this finding actually ‘means’ can be made, because the experiment wasn’t designed scientifically). The point I’m making is that this experiment ignores every aspect of a child’s upbringing and ‘blames’ the child’s choosing a white doll on the media. Beyond that I have to ask: Inherently, what is wrong with choosing the white doll? – I get that part of it is self image, but why does the child have to choose the black doll? In a ‘perfect’ world black children would choose white dolls 50% of the time. Right?

    Anyway, the doll experiment pretty much exemplifies every other point made in this film. So, for those out there that get irritated by films that rely heavily on pseudoscience and inference – this is probably not the film for you.

    My recommendations: Watch the film and decide whether or not I'm full of bologna. After that discuss issues like racism with other people so that you don't become so myopic that you yourself becomes intolerant of other peoples viewpoints.

  185. Kifagi, I am not saying the issues behind this documentary aren't real and urgent. I was saying that this documentary forces the viewer to slant one way rather than showing facts and atrocities that speak for themselves. I'm from Australia and we too have a problem with racism, we had a Prime Minister (John Howard) who refused to say sorry even when we had a massive rally outside parliament for the Aboriginal's dark and bloody history. We got rid of him and our new prime minister did say sorry for all that had happened and we had measures in place to compensate them and bring us closer together. It will still take time for us to fully compensate and help them with better housing and what not, but it is happening. This would not have happened without the Aboriginal's help through making awareness and through our media in a positive light.

    Kifagi, white people like me want to hear you, if you have a problem though don't expect someone to read your mind. Get out there and start making people aware. It's easy to sit back and wait for someone to come and help you but the stark reality is that there is so much other stuff going on in the world that it gets put to one side. It sucks, but you sound like an intelligent guy, I would prefer to hear your voice on a tv show or radio show explaining what you would like to happen rather than some white congressman doing it for the wrong reasons and screwing it up.

  186. @Tom: You obviously have missed the analytical perspective as many of you do the core foundation of the video. This video speaks to the issue of Africans and the victimization of Africans as it relates to White Supremacy (Racism). It speaks to Africans effects of self-hatred. The video speaks to views of Africans and why they have such self-hatred towards themselves and praise whites. The behavior of Africans today is not becuase they want to be like this, it is because of a system that was devised in the name of racism to behave this way. Furthermore, as usual, white people often devalue the ills of Africans in American and abroad. I have yet to see any white person speak on the victimization of African in this country or provide any solutions to our issues, which I might add were created from White Supremacy. I have yet to see any white person go to Congress and ask for reporation to the magnitude as the Jews for reparations and annual payments to Jews. I have yet to see changes made to the constitution that apologizes to ALL African for their mistreatment and enslavement, killing of Africans. All I hear from white people is get over it, and now they have gotten to the point of calling blacks are racist, so on and so on. Any time an African reveals the truth as to the effects of systemic racism in this society and abroad, here comes some white person who gets upset, with out disproving the truth. It makes me sick to my stomach that even African jump on the bandwagon of whites to play the games of their masters by calling their own African people racists, while these white people are robing African blind of all their resources, making them think that their skin color is bad, infecting Africans with viruses via immunology, etc. It is obviously that even after 400 plus years, the white man and woman, Jews and all are still not remoresful nor guilty for what they have done to us as Africans, they have no remorse for the autrocities of centuries of enslavement of African men and women, the brainwashing and white washing of Africans. All they want to do is play reverse psychology on Africans and say it is our fault we are killing each other, that we hate ourselves, that we bleach our skin, and so on and so on...

    When will white people repent for their fathers and mothers sins? When will white people apologize to the world for what they have done to our civilization? When, when will they stop being racist? When will they stop hating Africans and other people of color? When? When? When?

  187. This documentary is horrible! Taking tv snippets and making assumptions about peoples predisposed ideals (from the tyra banks show of all places?) is unfounded, misguided and should not be taken seriously. This comes across way too much as a conspiracy theory rather than a proper documentary. This one teaches you to hate and hate only propagates hate. Discussion is the key to this problem, people are scared of what they don't know whether it be a different culture or religion or skin colour. I think there should be a more balanced portrayal of all races in the media but it wont change by shaking our heads. Teach, discuss and protest peacefully. Brewing in hatred only further marginalizes the issue.

  188. Forget what anyone thinks of you, dont change yourself to be accepted by anyone, be yourself and dont fall victim to pressure from peers or the media.

    Rest in peace Pac and Yak, forever in our hearts...

  189. To address white and proud;

    You said "do whites perpetuate gang violence among blacks? no."

    If you look at crime statistics, incarceration rates of adult black American males and many other social factors, you would come to a different conclusion. By simplifying the issues, you can yield a simple answer. I suspect you have never much investigated these issues, i would encourage you to.

    For example, in 1926, 12% of US population was black, 21% of prisoners were. By 1993 that figured was up to 55% while they still represent only 12% of the population. Furthermore, in the last 25 years the US has increased its prison population 4 fold while there has been NO increase in the reported rate of crime. When you crunch the numbers, the majority of adult black American males are at some point in their lives under the control of the legal apparatus. Clearly, if you interpret these numbers correctly, you come to realize that there is something deeply wrong with the American criminal (in)justice system. Who has created and continues to build this system? The dominant culture that certainly is predominantly white. Please do not reduce the issues to some simple question of the sort that I quoted above, it's a disservice to principled discussion.

  190. Ms. O, I have no intentions of arguing w/ you nor do I feel it is necessary for you to address everyone on this board that you THINK you understand and disagree with. My point precisely is that the media has also caused blacks to give into stereotypes that do not fit all blacks (BET is an example), which is something I will always battle against. I never said blacks created all the stereotypes they internalize. And while I indeed DO recognize the role white domination has played on countless societies over the years, that is not to be blamed for EVERY problem facing other races. Karen is right. The media will make you hate yourself regardless of your color. The media will make a white woman want to have breast implants or a white man a penile enlargment. You are all over the place w/ your argument and you do not know me so please do not tell me what I may or may not realize-I posted what I wanted to. If you would like a solution put down Dr. Welsing's, Dr. Wright's and Dr. Wilson's books and pick up a Bible. Read what GOD has to say on the subject and learn about HIS solution. Once you do this, you will be able to love yourself and free yourself of anger.

  191. I think this doc could have had lots of potential but I don't think it was well done. It was just an assemblage of clips and minuscule font paragraphs that I got tired of reading. However I do very much agree with the points made in the film: the white-male dominance of pretty much everything related to media, business and politics, the whole notion that white beauty is presented as being superior and the damaging stereotypes made in film... I believe the portrayal of arabs to be particularily worrying because no one wants to defend their culture right now. The media is continuing to engrave this gun-loving, western/jew-hating into the minds of the people and is contributing to escalating violence, fear and muslimaphobia... tragic.
    the part of the film that got to me the most was that woman speaker at the end. Her voice and message was very powerful. Makes me feel guilty for being white... I know i make small judgments based on race and I am so ashamed...

  192. Is there ANY one able to come up with a solution to counter racism in the micro/macrocoism of society and stop bioterrorism, war, hunger, famine global white domination in ALL PARTS OF AFRICA, Asian, and India, the wanna be whiteing of the globe...The outright genetic innialation of color people through various mean, immunization, missionarism of ALL "third world" countries?

  193. @Kay and Karen: The reason this video was posted was to create dialog on the topic of racism, hence the title "The Modern Racist Paradigm".

    This video touches on the effects of White Supremacy. How the effects have for centuries impacted and affected African's and many other cultures and races outside of European's (whites).

    What you the two of you fail to realize is the severe psychological impact of White Supremacy in African culture/race has had for centuries. What fustrates me is that often times people, like you two, offer no help, but to accuse blacks in creating streotypes, etc. without critical analysis or critical reflection of White Supremacy in this society as a whole. It would behove you to read Dr. Welsing, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Amos N. Wilson, and others have asserted that the psychology behind this needs to be analyzed instead of analyzing the effects or symptoms of the White Supremacist cause. For example, an abuser asks his victim why the victim is abused and how did they get those bruses, etc., it must of been because you tripped and feel, when all along the abuser is the one who caused the bruses on the victim in the first place. To negate the cause is to negate a effect thus no solution is created to change the behvior of the abuser nor the behavior of the victim and therefore the abuse continues on the part of the abuser psychologically and physically towards African-Americans and other peoples of color. One must look at why White Supremacy exists in the first place.

    African-Americans are the way they are because of the effect psychological trauma, brought about by centuries of terrorism from the Klu Klux Klan, marginalization from society in all areas of finance, media, education, healthcare, etc. However, this issue is really much deeper as Dr. Frances C. Welsing and others state infatically that White Supremacy exits as a means of genetic survival since they came from the Caucus Mountains after the glacier period some 3-6ooo years ago. Mind you African culture and societies raigned for hundreds of thousands of years before the appearance of Indo-Europeans ever existed.

    My point as stated above is that before true change can occur, one must analyze the cause first; cause equals effect. Yes, today, there are a lot of issues plagues all races, but how do you think it got this way? What happen to the native Indian race? Why do we have boarders in this country or other countries for that matter? Why is there hatred between Israel/Palestine? Why is ALL of Africa divided amonst European countries and no African owns any part of Africa!! Yet, these European countries are sucking Africa dry for gold, diamond, oil; all of their natural resources and not one African own a percentage over 85%?????

  194. And Karen, I agree so much w/ what you wrote.

  195. It is obvious from reading the comments that we are all affected by race issues, in some way or other, and likely to no fault of our own. I couldn't tell from watching the documentary what race the maker was, and I didn't read the summary. I would have appreciated more statistics or even knowing why the children thought what they did; I did appreciate that this film did not focus on black/white issues along-several races were discussed/featured in the presentation, but for me that is neither here nor there.

    This documentary made me cry. It touched me very deeply. DH & I plan to try for children next year and he cannot understand my objection to dolls for little girls. I told him I never want my child to feel inferior based on her appearance and I think dolls contribute to this. The doll tests in this video struck a nerve with me. My mother is mixed and my father is black. My sister had a mixed father and I was constantly reminded as a child that I was not light enough, like my mother and sister. I was in college before I realized that I was not dark skinned (I was nicknamed Red). This abuse, however, did not come from white people. It came from black people who thought that white was better. I was doubly critisized for not having a big butt, which is another stereotype a black woman may be made to suffer. As a adult, I unfortunately still battle these demons and I would hate to pass them on to my children.

    There are many other stereotypes that many women & men suffer, regardless of race. Yet we all bleed the same. I think the best lesson ALL can learn from this documentary is self-love, self-respect, respect of others and the self-assurance that ALL of God's children are beautiful. That is certainly what I will take away from it.

  196. The scienific experiments seems to have confounds, but difficult to determine without analysis,just because it makes it into a journal does not mean it is entirely correct.

    Bottomline: Media teaches you to hate yourself.
    Doesn't matter if you are white, black, yellow, red, male, female, a child, a family, a homosexual, or an animal or a cartoon you will be stereotyped.
    Movies are reproduced regurgitated stories where only the actors and locations change, the plot stays the same.
    The consumer drives the market. The target market is the youth.
    What makes money in the world market is violence, drugs, and sex. Drives the whole Industry.
    The Canadian Film Industry/CBC recognizes this and promotes Canadian content for this reason, problem is they always have to beg for funding.
    High Art rarely hits the air, nor do foreign films, especially if they have subtitleing.
    What people consider "Beautiful" changes every decade!
    Even Hitler's Officer proclaimed "Tell a lie repeatedly and it becomes Truth" not an exact quotation but you get my drift. It is more dangerous than subliminal messaging.
    So now you know propaganda is dangerous, so be more particlular about what you choose to support financially.
    I am sad that the discussion went from making you aware of a problem to you attacking each other, obviously more personal growth needs to take place.

  197. The scienific experiments seems to have confounds, but difficult to determine without analysis,just because it makes it into a journal does not mean it is entirely correct.

    Bottomline: Media teaches you to hate yourself.
    Doesn't matter if you are white, black, yellow, red, male, female, a child, a family, a homosexual, or an animal you will be stereotyped.
    Movies are reproduced regurgitated stories where only the actors and locations change, the plot stays the same.
    The consumer drives the market. The target market is the youth.
    What makes money in the world market is violence, drugs, and sex. Drives the whole Industry.
    The Canadian Film Industry/CBC recognizes this and promotes Canadian content for this reason, problem is they always have to beg for funding.
    High Art rarely hits the air, nor do foreign films, especially if they have subtitleing.
    What people consider "Beautiful" changes every decade!
    Even Hitler's Officer proclaimed "Tell a lie repeatedly and it becomes Truth" not an exact quotation but you get my drift. It is more dangerous than subliminal messaging.
    So now you know propaganda is dangerous, so be more particlular about what you choose to support financially.
    I am sad that the discussion went from making you aware of a problem to you attacking each other, obviously more personal growth needs to take place.

  198. Media teaches you to hate yourself.
    Doesn't matter if you are white, black, yellow, red, male, female, a child, a family, a homosexual, or an animal you will be stereotyped.
    Movies are reproduced regurgitated stories where only the actors and locations change, the plot stays the same.
    The consumer drives the market. The target market is the youth.
    What makes money in the world market is violence, drugs, and sex. Drives the whole Industry.
    The Canadian Film Industry/CBC recognizes this and promotes Canadian content for this reason, problem is they always have to beg for funding.
    High Art rarely hits the air, nor do foreign films, especially if they have subtitleing.
    What people consider "Beautiful" changes every decade!
    Even Hitler's Officer proclaimed "Tell a lie repeatedly and it becomes Truth" not an exact quotation but you get my drift. It is more dangerous than subliminal messaging.
    So now you know propaganda is dangerous, so be more particlular about what you choose to support financially.
    I am sad that the discussion went from making you aware of a problem to you attacking each other, obviously more personal growth needs to take place.

  199. @X: I just simply speak my mind. That is what everyone else does when they recognize the conscious truth.

  200. @chocolateQuenn:

    First of all, I expressed how I felt about the video. My comment was based on my opinion of the video. If you did not like what I said, you did not have to reply. Remember, you are the one who replied to my comment. You are the one who called me a racist, because of my views, which were not warrented in the first place. You can not play the rhetorical reversed psychology on me. I have plenty of white friends who understand the impact their ancestors had on African's who were enslaved. As I always say, in order to correct the present, you have to understand the past and why people do the things they do in the present. I am merely pointing out a wrong as a point of reference for making sustainable change today. African-American's should never forget the journey they have traveled. I would like you to ask the Jews to move on and forget the trials and tribulations that they experienced.

    Furthermore, just because you live in another part of the world doesn't mean that Africans or other non-white cultures did not experience white supremacy/collonialism...It never fails some white-washed black always wants to tell another black person to get over it. Tell Emmit Till's mother to get over the fact that they killed her son for being black. Tell, the children of Martin Luther King, Jr. to get over it. Tell Medgar Evers family to get over it, tell Nicole Peltre Bell to get over her fiance Sean Bell being killed (shot 50 times)for being black. Tell Sojorner Truth to get over being a slave, tell the indigenous North American Indians to get over it; they now live on reservations. Oh, I would love for you to tell Minister Louis Farrakhan to get over it...Tell Jessie Jackson to get over it.

    And yes, it is sad that we as African who were enslaved had to indure terrorism in this country. Yes, it is sad that hundreds of thousands of black men were strung up and hung in trees for simply being African. As for your comment about if I hate their culture and language why do I use it - that is my whole point of my original comment that you so eloquently decided to comment on. If my African ancertors were not stolen and taken from their home land we would not be here, thinking, acting, and talking like them.

    For the record you are s!@#$% and ignorant - defined as lacking truth and knowledge and stupid - defined as lacking sense or intelligence as displayed in the tone of your reply's.

    Oh, for the record I am of mixed heritage as well thank you.

    Ms. O

  201. @white and proud: Yes, your European ancestors are to blame for the ills of this African-American society here in the United States of America. Trying to invalidate the feelings of African-American and their experience is an autrocity. Trying to use reverse psychology on African-Americans and other non-white people, will not work, especially with me. White people did some horrific things to enslaved African's and you think that we African-American's can generationally get over what has been done to us? Have the Jews gotten over what Hitler did to them? This country broke the backs of enslaved African who built this country built country you you are saying get over it? Our ancestors and the generations preceeding them have endured psychologial trama. It will take years to reverse the damage that has been done to us. Of course I don't expect you to understand, because it is your people who inflicted this pain and suffering that we have experienced for the last 5 to 6 hundred years and still continue to experience indirectly.

  202. thanks for checking my spelling rather than going into the issue concerned!!!

    Why do you blue eyed men always run and blush from the topic- every time when facts are laid??? Guilty???
    its not the superiority its about understanding the truth and coming in to terms and live in not think that only white children have hungry bellies.

    At least i have trid to express the situation through your language!!
    -but do you know to write or read a language of the people you have oppressed????

    MAN- MY SPELLINS are not killing your people.....
    but its your cars,guns,pesticides,pharmaceutical drugs,computers and a lot more..........which you yourself have invented... destroying even your own kind.

    Do not forget that you people created first world,second world & Third this One world

  203. @lunda
    Of course you're not ignorant. You personally are even superior. Especially your spelling, 'man'.

  204. Dear Farren Oglesby,
    No, you don't want me to like myself the way I am. You want me to hate everybody who is not like me. And that is racist.
    Black is beautiful and I don't need constantly someone to compare to in order to see it.
    I don't need to persuade myself, that everyone else is bad, so that I could look better.
    Thank you for your concern about my mentality, but I don't feel oppressed and I've been given no reason to. Maybe it's a problem of your american society. I don't know. I am African-European and I love the country I was born in. There's no other place I'd rather be. My family, friends and life is here and being black is indeed an issue, namely, when choosing make-up.
    Besides, when you dislike "them" and "their" culture so much, why are you using "their" language?
    I will restrain calling you "stupid and ignorant" as you call my ways. But just like you, I feel sorry, too. For you. It must be sad to live life full of hatred. You're even accusing me being "one of them" for not sharing your extreme views. You can't change history. Try not to live in past ages, move on.
    I feel sorry for you, also because you still seem to think about yourself as an "enslaved African" and that's the real brain-washing for me. Do you really need to do that to yourself? Wake up. Is that what you're going to teach your kids, instead of telling them how beautiful and smart they are?

    I hope you can find peace and wish you well.

    Michelle Kengne

    "... Free your mind and the rest will follow..."

  205. Of course whites are to blame for all the injustice happening around, for they dictate and still do dictate the lives of colored's for their existence in this planet. which they think is part of evolution.
    All around Whites have twisted the other peoples culture and history through their mass media... picturing us as evil.
    Surely the black man is trying to survive too -gang war style just as the whites introduce to them. and this seems to be a problems for the whites now. their is a saying "if you point a finger it will point back to you".
    look at your plate white man and see what you eat everything planted by other cultures, even your god is imported. know yourself man.
    Remember we the colored's had and still do have Our own faiths and beliefs so we give time for Karma to solve matters in this kaliyuga times. You say we are ignorant!!! no man the only thing u keep us at bay is with your Hiroshima bombs. but OUR glories time shall arrive.......and on that day you will learn about real love from us just as you have learned all other things for your survival from our ancient cultures upto now. for the sun, moon and all the elements will be witness, and shall hale the rise of black his original place in this living mother earth.
    Then you will say sorry man and sure will forgive you for you are the ignorant seed.

  206. so basically, everything is the white mans fault again. It makes me sick that blacks, arabs or whatever are always blaming the white man for their problems. do whites perpetuate gang violence among blacks? no. the only way you break the cycle is to pick your own self up and be accountable for your own actions. the white man made me do it is getting pretty old.

  207. @chocolateQueen: I feel sorry for you. Your argument is weak and illogical and the video thesis validates your internalized self-hatred not only for yourself, but also for your own people who speak truth.

    Your response is the typical response from blacks you seek to defend the white supremacy agenda. You cannot help yourself; you love the master and their children. I feel sorry for you because you refuse to come to terms that you have been programmed, brainwashed; the Willie Lynch Chip is in full affect mode.

    It is obvious; you have no real knowledge of yourself and are asleep. The truth is in the breaking of the enslaved African they were program in the interest of the white European's agenda. We were a product/commodity. They took away our natural essence (Being) as a people. European settlers and the framers of this United States of America away our language, our history, culture, and destroyed our family structure. Created African enslaved men into studs, raped and killed them, changed our names to European names, told us we were nothing but animals beneath them; committed horrible acts against enslaved Africans. They terrorized us to no end after emancipation and created a judicial system to lock African-American black men up, by doing this, they were not allowing them to take care of their family and keep them in a perpetual state of slavery. This has had a detrimental impact and effect or our sustainability as a culture. To this day, most white people have an internalized hatred for us and do not see us as citizens of this country no matter that we now have an African-America President. Can you not see that? Moreover, its effects and still be felt today, just internalized. Can you not see that the way you act, think, and behave is not you? You think, behave, etc. the way you do because they have programmed you to think their way. Therefore, your attempt to call me a racist has no validity what so ever. You are in a perpetual stupor and will continue to be stupid and ignorant until you wake up. You have been 'blinded, bamboozled, hood-winked, lied to, program to the white man, woman, and child's agenda'(Malcolm X) my sister, wake up, and free your mind.

    P.S. Check out some of Dr. Ray Hagins videos. You can start with "How to deactivate your Willie Lynch Chip".

    Ms. Oglesby

  208. Farren Oglesby - You are racist. There's no place for your hate speeches here or elsewhere.
    Your bias, self-assured and "all whites are evil" post made me sick. And guess what. I'm not even white!

    Try to catch up with the present times!

  209. Just how for has Africa come to becoming a world power. they ve had a chance just like every other nation. Eygpt is in africa. what happened did they give up and say let the white run it for awhile.

  210. I am so thankful for this documentary. It was powerful, educational, and helped me to realize that I love myself as an African-American and no matter what anyone, especially a white man, woman, or child thinks of me, what truly matters is how I feel about myself. I stopped wearing weaves and a lot of other things that help to purpetuate the sterotypes about black women.

    This documentary helped to increase my knowledge in understanding the psychology of white people in their perpetual hatred of non-white people of the world, whether directly or indirectly. White people are afraid and have been for millinneum. Every since they came from ??? and they saw that the world was of color, they have been relentless in destroying people of color, but the tables are turning for them and they know this, but as long as they can manipulate the masses, it help to solidify their position as being the superior, supreme, peoples of the world. Again I say, times are changing.

    I would like to see an indepth documentary that explores where white people come from and how they came into existence and why they feel superior to non-whites of the world.

  211. A thought provoking documentary which would have been much better had the makers made two different documentaries with one being about how the media has created a feeling of inferiority within the minds of non whites and the second about Hollywood's vilification of the Arab people.

    Living in Asia (Japan, China and Korea) as I have been for the last 10 years it saddens me to see beautiful Asia woman putting on so much crap on their faces so they can look whiter, and getting surgery to make their eyes bigger and noses higher.

    Although it has already been commented, this does documentary has its faults and the makers could have done a better job by leaving out their 'racist' Zionist comments.

    That being said, the point made about the idea of beauty created and perpetuated by the white media is true and it really has messed up the minds of so many people who do not even know it.

    Living in Asia I can see that Asians have an inferiority complex towards whites thinking them to be more attractive than their own people; why? It is simply because they see white images on all the covers of glossy magazines and in the leading roles in the top Hollywood movies and associate them with rich, glamorous and successful.

    What this does to a non white person’s self esteem is unimaginable. I have a young attractive friend who thinks she is unattractive who will soon have surgery to alter her entire face shape. It could kill her but she is prepare to take that risk; why? Because she has been brainwashed like so many others believing that only by having surgery can she make it and be successful in her own country (South Korea) where people are often judged by their external appearance.

    We need more documentaries where people can see how they’ve been conditioned by the media who always have a certain agenda, so that people can learn to think for themselves and not just reflect the views of what society is telling them.

    Although this documentary has many faults, but well done to the makers, for it is a needed step in the right direction for non white people to wake up and see their own beauty and not have their people, nor their beauty defined by another culture or ethnic group.

  212. I agree with so many of the comments posted here. While the message is decent, this is something I actually was, if not offended by, put off of. Why are the narrators yelling at me? Because I'm white? All this bs about 'white Zionist movement' pisses me off.
    Also the bit with the tyra banks show where the narrator goes OFF their freaking head about the asian chicks boyfriend being white. She JUST SAID that she was the only asian chick in her town growing up, should she not be with someone she loves because he is WHITE? F*cking hell! I am against racism, so why are they acting like it's a bad thing that her boyfriend happens to be white? Should she, who lives in a predominantly white area, ONLY choose to mate with other people of the same ethnicity? Wouldn't THAT be racism? Judging people of their race?
    Please don't get me wrong, I understand all this stuff about what the media portrays as beautiful etc. I just think it's largly overshadowed by the blatant bias on the narrators part.
    I, as a 'white person' (which is the colour of my skin and has not much to do with the fact that my family is/was very mixed from all over the world. So 'white' is not my 'race' it is only the colour of my skin) am ALWAYS made to feel bad about the atrocities commited by earlier people, who are not related to me at all but they have the same skin colour. I FEEL BAD. STOP yelling at me in this doco about how 'we' 'want to ignore it and pretend like we are innocent and the best and BLAH BLAH BLAH' When are we all going to stop blaming and attacking people?
    I was a good target for the theme of this documentary. I could have been profoundly moved (and in parts, was)but I felt like I was being beaten over the head for being white. I do NOT controll the media. I had as little choice in the colour of my skin than anyone else.
    And for that matter I always thought I was 'boring' looking and wished I looked more asian or meditaranian etc.
    If the makers of this film wanted to get a message across they are doing it the wrong way. They actually turned me against them when I was VERY on their side to begin with. I can't imagine what effect they have on people who WEREN'T on their side to begin with.
    I stopped watching after the tyra banks bit.
    sorry about the rant.

  213. Complete garbage film, extremley biased and pretty much just another example of riding the gravytrain of victimhood.

  214. You would not understand this movie unless you are a minority,so i would expect you people to like this movie unless you walk talk act and live your life the way white people do not only are you wrong but your disrespecting yourself. ex if I wear a pair of tight jeans Im ok but if I like my pants hanging of my ass Im disrespecting myself white people set the standard if you dont meet that standard you are apart of the problem

  215. Just saw the rest of the documentary, ummmm. The part about arabs isnt entirely correct. While I do agree that arabs are not fairly portrayed in the media, many of them do in fact treat their women badly and hate jews. And in back to the future, you have to remember that this was during a time in history of USA after the iran crisis. Anyway this documentary is mixed. I like parts of it and hate other parts. Its still very biased. But I like the first part of it where they spoke in favor of people embracing their culture and enough with trying to be white.

    Its possible to like a part of something and agree with a part of something, while not with the entire thing. I give it a 5/10.

  216. Good documentary. I am a Russian jewish man living in America. I am sick of everyone trying to become blond and white. I even refused to change my name to something which is easy for Americans to pronounce. America was a melting pot once. It embraced other cultures. I value intelligence and decency above beauty. Don't conform to what society is stuffing down your throat. Embrace your culture. Be different and proud!!!

  217. Well 1st of all, this movie is about everything what is trying to be opposed. Yes its about racism against white people. If you say I am proud to be black its ok...but if you say I am proud to be white then you are rasist?! I am for equal rights for ANYONE /black, white, yellow or whatever the color of their skin is/. We all are humas and we all deserve same opportunity. If some people think that they are not being treated as equal as others...speak up. But NO in aggresive way. DONT attack other races. Because result will be catastrophic.

    And quotes are ... well can you imagine that word black is change for white and vice versa? Damn this movie wont be allowed to be seen anywhere but on clucluxclan parties. In case this movie was aimed against black people in a same way as it is now aimed against white people...I /as a white male/ would be totally and strictly against such a terrible and dangerous thoughts. So try to think before you start to hate someone just because his skin is different. Its sad that we have this problem in 21st century.

  218. This documentary is rather biased, there are some good points about beauty etc. However the test utilised to demonstrate subconscious racial preference half way through seems extremely flawed, maybe it wasnt explained fully, but its relevance seems to underlie cognitive ability and spatial awareness other than racial preference.

  219. I agree, kaz. This documentary would have been far more powerful if it was better researched and less opinionated. The basic message is entirely true, but it comes off sounding just as racist as the media when it starts talking about Zionism. The narrator inserts some comments that are entirely biased and not very well-thought out. The film itself would have been easier to watch if it had consisted of more clips and less quotes (and better quotes!).

    And to AJ, "you give blacks your finger and they want your whole hand," ..c'mon, seriously? Black people aren't asking for white people to give them anything except the same recognition and respect as everyone else. If they want your hand it's only because they can't use their own in a society where white hands are 'better' than black hands. It has nothing to do with what you give them, what color their skin is, what ethnicity they come from; it has everything to with human decency and the right to life and the pursuit of happiness.

  220. okay. i completely agree with everyone who says that statistically, this documentary was shady and bias. it's true that they should have used a wider sample instead of the opinions of a few kids and then generalising the findings as being the views of all white/black kids. and i also think that this documentary was presented in a way that shows the filmmaker has already made his/her mind up andis just trying to impose that view.
    HOWEVER, that's not to say that the messages presented here are false and bullshit, but far from it. this internalised racism is very prevalent within society and affects so many people. i know so many 'ethnic' people who deny their internalised racial feelings, because every now and then, they would slip up and say something absentmindedly that would show exactly what they truly subconsciously think; i, myself, being one of them. i only realise my own racial partiality when i really sit down and analyse my thoughts and actions, and its absolutely ridiculous why i would find 'white' features more beautiful when that is simply not true, because every race is in reality as beautiful as the other. i know that the asian double-lid surgery and skin bleaching are some of the most sought after plastic surgerys in other countries. i've certainly seen many asians fake blonde hair and fake blue-contacts. and you can't deny the horrible way popular media portrays people of middle-eastern origins. here in australia, the news media (especially Herald Sun and commercial tv station news) are prety much overtly racist against them, but doing so in a way that may may not seem racist. i also believe that, like this documentary says, non-whites are very under/misrepresent in popular media, though that is (slowly) getting more and more equalised now.
    just with the person who said that in other countries, there is not a lot of white exposure, but in white societies there is at least media exposure of non-white people. that is simply not true. hollywood is by far the major source of media in the world, and western media (movies, tv shows, music, pictures, etc) are distributed and accepted around the world much more than media from 'ethnic' cultures are accepted in the western world. you don't ever see an vietnamese film or a brazilian tv show or bosnian music being seen on western screens or heard on western radios. conversely, western media seems to always have a place in most other countries in the world.
    feel free to disagree with me; i'm just stating my view. and. i find this doc ill-researched, i believe very strongly the message its trying to get across.

  221. Okay seriously, i didn't watch it before i commented, but from watching half of it, im also gonna call bullshit.

    That text you see popping up has already made an oppinion about the issue.

  222. In Nigeria there are black dudes in the comercials In europe or N america there are whites and blacks, so whats the problem? You give blacks a finger and they want your whole hand. this is a biased doc.

  223. LOL, of course most of the media in white mjority countries is aimed at white people...

    Im not saying that Whites are supperior, just that it's a natural occurrence for the majority ethnicity to be represented a lot more in the media.

  224. I don't think that this was that powerful. Some of the evidence is statistically shady.

    I don't refute the theory claimed in this, but any social scientist should know that statistics is the key... how to get statistics working is to increase the number of people studied.

    All in all this documentary is descriptive more than giving good results (although we all know that this is most likely the case even with the rigorous data).

  225. Dnyce721

    im assuming you meant 'psychological effects' not 'sicological affects'

    i called bs because this docs main sources are stuff some nobody said on some website because he/she felt black people are put upon. its a biased work with no credibility.

  226. very very powerful gives a understanding of the sicological affects of the media and images that they show over and over. and to triple i or t calling it bs shows how strong the doc really is.

  227. im calling bs.

    no one considers why these kids might pick a white doll. if they live in a predominantly black neighborhood in america they have probably already been exposed to gang violence. thats nurture.

    nature shows that african blacks were the first humans. it makes perfect sense that there would be more of an attraction to variants of human that developed later.

  228. Not to reduce or malign the documentary's message in any way, but the repeated mentions of "White Zionist" movement and the internet quotes make a little wary of it. It seemed just as biased as the media that it's attacking.

    I agree that there is a "White Paradigm" of beauty that is continually reinforced in the media, but the documentary goes too far, making claims I dont't really agree with(the repeated mentions of a DELIBERATE effort to keep minority races down smacks a little too much of a conspiracy theory for my taste), and not providing enough evidence to support its claims.

  229. I tell people all the time to stop watching television, and mainstream media because it brainwashes you. Most people look at me like I'm completely insane. Some even laugh. It's as if Hollywood has prepared us for war against the Middle East for years or maybe it's the attitude in Hollywood that caused the US to villify them.

    People forget or are unaware our goverment did business with Arabs and supported them militarily for years. I love that part about "you dare to call us terrorists?!"...Exactly They must see the US as terrorists.

  230. very true good doc
    and you know what many don't want to talk about it because it's a scary fact the exist in the world. which is the main reason why we need to talk about how we as people of the world can change the media. that is truly in my opinion the only way we are going to change people perceptive on others as well as themselves in many ways.