The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

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The Naked TruthDocumentary The Naked Truth traces the origins of modern religions back to stories from numerous ancient civilizations.

Due to the lack of science and facts, stories were created by our ancient ancestors in provide explanations to the amazing, bizarre, frightening, but natural wonders of the world.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, and other forces of nature could not be explained such a long time ago, so stories and tales were created by the human imagination to provide answers to these unexplainable natural occurrences.

Today, we know that Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and other mythology originated from man's imagination to explain the natural world, but are modern religions so different?

Are the similarities between Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and other saviors and prophets mere coincidences? Or is there a clear and simple explanation that ties all modern religions together?

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11 months ago

Loved the documentary! Agree 100% with them. Religion is the desgrace of the world! Only good for the ones who want to manipulate and control! In the end of the day , all religions are the same s****

1 year ago

"We will present the FACTS to you"... so much misinformation in this doc!!! Especially the bit about the supposed similarities between Christ, Buddha, and Kr̥ṣṇa.

1 year ago

Believe in miracles! No virgin birth and no resurrection means he’s not divine!

2 years ago

May the MOST HIGH exterminate you for lying killing,stealing and destroying all over the 4 corners of the world, EASU, again your skirt is lifted everyone knows who you are.

Lex Apollo
4 years ago

Lost me at 8 minutes... nothing clothes the truth more than a forgone conclusion.

Bill Jackson
5 years ago

Roman Catholic's, Christianity, Mormonism, Jahovah witnessism, Islamic's, Budist's, all forms of Christianity(ie- Lutheren, Episcopalianism, Baptists these all have one thing in common- ( THEY ARE ALL FALSE RELIGIONS) False religion is the number one destroyer of the masses in the last day other than just blatent sin. False religion does not save!!!

6 years ago

The back and forth conversation between Connie and Charles B is just a wee bit nauseating. JS... We get it, you and several other disgraceful people on here are: lonely, bored, devout, late 40yr old, indoctrinated at a young age "Christians" -who propagate ideals of "Jesus" of "Nazareth", but only the version of him depicted as a white male. IF Jesus was real, then he would 1,000% be of middle-eastern decent. Then the same people who claim to be followers of a messiah who is supposed to have hailed from an ancient middle eastern area, are currently in the USA (quite disgustingly) engaged in the vilification of an entire culture of people from the middle east due to a difference in melanin and personal spiritual identifications of the (name) of god they choose to worship. You guys have to know that Jesus would never invite you to hangout on the weekends bc you frankly are hypocrites. Your bible specifically says God (Jesus's dad and awkwardly also himself) can't stand self-righteous hypocrites (pharisee). All the while said pharisee's conveniently cherry-pick what they want from the bible and ignore what they don't like.

Sucks for you guys bc I'm about to sh*t on your cherry tree.

Regardless of the epic's described in the Bible, the only "Naked Truth" that need to be exposed are the horrible "acts" that religion spells out for us in the old and new testaments. Here are just a few things that God/Jesus/the Bible showed obvious anger and hatred towards... liiiike:
-Wearing "clothing woven of two kinds of material"[Lev.19:19]
- Women's menstrual cycle [Lev. 15]
-Alive young male boys & women who aren't virgins(MARY) (adolescent girls can be kept for creepy ancient men though?)[Num. 31]
- Freedom from slavery [Lev. & Ephes.]
-Insects with legs that don't fly haha [Lev. is on some BS]
- Childbirth to a girl; nutrition or exercise [Deut. 28-32, & Exodus. 23]
- Girls who were raped staying alive (the man who raped her can live though)[Deut. 22]
- Eye contact [Matthew 5:28]
-Kids who had no control over their biological fathers being horrible men and leaving them and their mother [Deut. 23:2] AKA JESUS & HIS BROTHERS & SISTERS [Mark 6:3 & Matt. 13:55]
-Vasectomies & testicular cancer [Deut. 23:1]
-Strong & independent women who don't need a man [Tim. 2:11]
-Families in general [Matt. 10:35]
-Grandsons putting their passed out drunk naked grandpa in the house [Gen. 9]
-Normal food that doesn't involve human feces [Ezek:1:1-16]
-Foreskin-less, bloodless feet [Exodus. 4:24]
-Not committing blatant incest [Gen. 19]
-Tree's? [Matt. 21:18]
-Paying taxes like everyone else [Matt. 17]
-Pants when first meeting your new employee [Exodus 33:23]
-Children NOT getting mauled by bears [4 Kings 2:23-24]
-Not committing mass genocide [Like literally every book in the Bible is mass-murderous]
-Sparing your children from being sacrifices for God [Gen. 22 & also littered throughout the Bible]
-First born Egyptian babies who were COMPLETELY INNOCENT [Num. 16:41]
-Letting your disciples pay off bet debt with idk... anything but murder [Judges 14]
-People complaining about God killing them (spoiler: he then kills more people in spite)[Num. 16: 1-49]
-Job, as a person [The whole book of Job]
-Unicorns [Isaiah 34:7]
[2 Kings 6:29]
-Consensual sex- Bathesheba
-An unfortunate harvest [Matt. 3:10, 12]
-The likelihood of people made in the image of god getting into heaven [Matt. 7:13]
-Speaking coherently [Mark 4:11]
-Asking good, reasonable questions [Luke 1:20]
-Being crippled, even by birth, is a sin [John 5:14]

I could go on for hours...

People WORSHIP this book and the people in it and it's CHALK FULL with pedophilia, rape, murder, incest, weird random violent nonsense, child and human sacrifices, millennia of oppression, and unicorns.

9 years ago

How wonderful, I've just WASTED 39 minutes of my life listening to these characters BS me, on a documentary called Naked Truth. What naked truth is that? They're using the fictions from throughout the Bible and other 'holy' books to show the Naked Truth? These are the voices from the choir .... telling me that all this so-called truth is just more human fiction, it's the humans creating another 'god'.

9 years ago

What a great manipulation,into the worship of paganism,and the seduction to worship the devil and false christ,thank gododness and god ,the true door and corner stone is,is not what they want to project,prey for the truth of gods words,no better truth except learning it on your own.

9 years ago

This should be called Distorted Truth. Krishna was killed by a hunter who mistook him for a deer. And his mother already had 7 children, before he was born, with his father. They were married. All these "facts" shook my belief on the other "facts" provided by the documentary. So stopped watching it after 47 mins.

9 years ago

These guys proved exactly what the Bible is, open for interpretation. One can probably link the stories to anything you want and believe it to have meaning. I believe that the stories are metaphoric and are open to interpretation.

11 years ago

Interesting but the things they say regarding Buddhism is actually not correct. The Buddha was a mortal who worked out the cessation of human suffering through meditation. The myth of the Buddha's life represented in this doc seems to be totally made up, the fact that he was mortal and not a god is a very important aspect of the religion.

11 years ago

cool documentary.being a history major, based everyhing on the stars,not understanding,chemestry,physics,astronomy,"gods"lights,or "gods"sure.o unto others,as you would do unto yourselves,and go watch the bears on sunday,or take your kids to a mueseum,or park.just don't waste YOUR time...AND the "god" ole U.S.A.

11 years ago

Imagine NO religion

Tahira M.
11 years ago

This documentary looks very interesting and I will probably end up watching it at some point, but regrettably, I was turned off immediately by the use of masculine pronouns and terms to describe all of humanity. "Man's.." "his.."; 50% of the population possesses no penis, and the use of male words to describe everyone is offensive and outdated.

todd portsmouth
11 years ago

manfruss : as you have just watched the religions of world history built upon each other over - 1,000 's of years and 1,000 's of cultures. Some of these human cultures overlapped - some did not. That the general core dates, attributes, and storylines of the human/deiety - god/kings from related and UNRELATED cultures across the primitive human planet were woven of the same thread - , from whence came the ORIGINAL storyline material ? - The natural world and the vista above - - THE SKY . ! The sky was primitive man's internet. It told him everything he needed to know about anything that was important to him. If you cannot grasp that after watching this documentary then you need to keep researching the history of religion.

11 years ago

The purpose of religion is to unite people. If it becomes a cause of discord it should be abandoned.

That being said, these folk definitely hate religion. Hate for god is the new religion of the day. There is a problem here. Throwing out the baby with the bath water. All things that have human hands in them become corrupt and need renewal every now and then. Religion is no different. Once it becomes corrupt and problematic, it should be swept aside, just like a wayward government.

Here is a monkey wrench to this Documentary. The Baha'i Faith, has no clergy, doesn't interfere with your personal relationship with the faith. All it wants to bring about is the Unity of mankind, and end to war, suffering, and other problems that plague our world. It values independent investigation of the truth, and unity of science and religion.

The world will not heal and move forward without spiritual principles. Here's what Christianity teaches: LOVE. The rest is human interpretation. Jesus would not condone war, racism, sexism. He would not support a war on Islam or any other beliefs. Christianity taught "all are equal in the eyes of heaven". This tells me that Jesus would have accepted all people, and fought against injustice and stratification of the economy. As a matter of fact, he would have fought against the issues we see today, corporate greed, corrupt governments.

There is so much we need from religion. We just need to keep an open mind and accept science as much as religion. Science still doesn't know what really started to the universe... religion called it God, something unknowable.

Einstein said: "Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind." So very true. Our world is morally bankrupt. I don't see science able to assist in that matter without spiritual principles. Just don't blindly believe what you read or hear. Investigate. The bible is nothing but metaphor to me, and worth looking at in that fashion.

Religion carries great wisdom, if you don't blind yourself to it by either hate of unquestioning love.

11 years ago

Fine. Throw all religion out the window. Have no greater authority than yourselves in the universe. It's ok to steal, covet your neighbor's wife, lie about your neighbor, kill him, hell, go ahead and eat your neighbor's children. We'll be right back to a 28-year life-span and gladiatorial games just like the Romans in no time. Thunderdome! Bring it on!
Whether you like it, or want to admit it, or not, Christian Philosophy protects you every day, keeps you and your children safe, enables you to live a long life and live without relative fear in this country. When everyone has embraced the teachings of the Ten Commandments and the eleventh, then will we blossom.

11 years ago

Religion, re-lig, to join with, to rejoin with the Divine, the Matrix of Consciousness or capital "R" Reality In Which we all (and everything) appear(s). Or, call it "God" if you like. We will always be involved in "religion" in such case, or the practice of communion with the very Ground of our Being (which is true religion). Nothing inherently wrong with that. What's wrong is as they describe in the video: the "gods" made up by the human mind, and all the crazy rules and such that we tend to invent regarding religion. We only feel we need to re-join because we feel separate from "God"--and even separate from each other (not unified, not one with each other). Practicing real God-Communion, we begin to relax into the Great Unity. This is what the Great saints and sages and Spiritual Masters do for us: show us the Way of this God-Communion. Make sense?

11 years ago

check out 33 mins into the film and try not to laugh hysterically!
weird mixed up recovering Mormon tries to explain the meaning of His Holiness' name by mistranslating it as 'Gods Lamb'!!! He uses a Celtic language to translate Dalai (annoyingly mispronouncing it as Dally) into God and because Lama sounds a bit like lamb and also a llama is a bit like a lamb, then Lama must mean lamb!!! (uncontrollable laughter).
just to clarify...
Dalai means OCEAN in Mongolian, as in 'OCEAN OF WISDOM'
and Lama (Sanskrit) translates as GURU or TEACHER
therefore Dalai Lama can be translated as 'TEACHER OF WISDOM' or 'TEACHER WHOSE WISDOM IS DEEP AS THE OCEAN'
The title refers to the extent of the lama's wisdom; it was first bestowed by the Mongolian ruler Altan Khan upon the 3rd Dalai Lama (who was also the first) and is now applied to every incarnation in the lineage.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

11 years ago

hello ppl, please, where can i find an .srt (subtitles) of this documentary?

11 years ago

what a load of crap

Speak TheTruth
11 years ago

Phani Nagella, Educate Your Mind.

Study Comparative Mythology.

Scholars, for over a 100 years have correctly stated that, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus, etc ARE SOLAR DEITIES.

Your Mind Control Conditioning, (Creation Mythology Indoctrination) is showing.

Research subjects, before opening your mouth and showing your ignorance.

Phani Nagella
11 years ago

While the concept and the intentions of this documenatry are commendable, its flaws can clearly be seen regarding Krishna and Gautama Buddha. Anyone who knows bit baout Hinduism and Buddha would agree wiith me. It would have been more powerful if few facts were confirmed before publishing.

12 years ago

and then the punch line - intelligent design : (

12 years ago

takes courage to say the true,youre are the best

12 years ago

These people are VARY wrong about Buddhism. Buddha wasn't in anyway related to Jesus.

12 years ago

2 hours of my life spent well it is really eye opening i only wish they included islam in the documentary tho

12 years ago

Great job.prob'ly the best doc on religion yet....a true eye opener,if only those fanatics out there could watch this.....

12 years ago

A good match for this documentary is "Life After Life" also on this site. After watching "Life After Life" then go to YouTube and do a search for "Previous Lives of Children".

There is emerging a gradual body of information worldwide that our world exists in five dimensions. Three dimensions for space. Fourth dimension is time. And the fifth dimension is the "Spirit Dimension". I think of the "Spirit Dimension" as the software that runs the universe and sentient life.

The "Previous Lives of Children" focuses on stories from around the world where children are born with memories from a previous life. These stories have been researched and found to be true.

Meaning that human sentient memories can be stored outside of the human body in the fifth dimension = "Spirit Dimension".

The documentary "Life After Life" focuses on the aspects of the "Spirit Dimension" and how it interacts with the dimensions we live in. The rules of space, distance and time are very different in the "Spirit Dimension" and it is very interesting.

This documentary "The Naked Truth" is excellent at explaining the evolution of all modern day religions from ancient Egyptian roots.

For the longest time I have been wondering why humans evolved a religious center in their brain. What purpose does this religious center fulfill?

If the consciousness and self awareness of human beings is dependent on another dimension, the fifth dimension, the "Spirit Dimension" then the evolution of this area of the brain makes complete sense.

Human beings exist as human beings because our brains are wired into this fifth dimension of the universe. The "Spirit Universe" represents the software that runs our bodies and has residence in our brains. Our brains that are in essence biological quantum computers that can bridge the gap between the 3 dimensions we live in and the "Spirit Dimension" where the "Life Force" resides.

This is why religion is so important to human beings. Unknowingly we are aware of this fifth dimension, the "Spirit Dimension".

Religion has evolved to help the human race explain this connection that makes them aware and conscious.

Over time the concept of religion has been manipulated and changed and "The Naked Truth" explains how this has happened from its original roots.

12 years ago

Simply the best documentary on religion ever made!

12 years ago

Now I know where David Icke gets his infomation from.

12 years ago

its good to watch, but just look at things not sophisticated is better though, they were simple people, so look at documents simple, then you see everything make sense.

12 years ago

Great factual doco, well worth the time to watch.
Those that disagree or are unsure should check the facts out themselves.
Blind faith of the ignorant got us into this mess. Now in the information age we are finally free to examine debate and learn for ourselves.
Great URL Michael.
Someone who can think for himself at last...wot a novelty!
Some other great person once said "Thers is No god but Man".
I am ready for this world without religion, bring it on!

Achems Razor
12 years ago


Have a good one Joe, make sure you play some "Black Sabbath" for the religee's. (LOL)

12 years ago

@ Joe LOL

12 years ago

@ Charles,

Much Hugs and God Bless you Charles and yours. Will keep you in thoughts and prayers,
Your not so Angelic TDF Sister :-)Let me know when your back.

12 years ago

Everyone have wonderful holidays! :)

And pray for me. Many religees are coming to my house for New Years day. :P

Achems Razor
12 years ago

@Charles B:

Have a blast Charles, wish you a good new year.

For me there is nothing to re-think on Atheism, yes, I had a little Faith, she went with a girl called Destiny.

Charles B.
12 years ago

Vlatko: Fair thee well! I'm off to warmer climates and shant be back for a good long while! I did have fun, however. I love your website. Sincerely.

Mr. Razor: Stay sparp! Rethink your basic premise of atheism and have a little faith.

Connie and Sid: Peace and grace to you in your searches. May you always find Truth, as Jesus was, is, and always will be the Way the Truth and the Life.

Reason's Voice: Blessings and peace to you as well!

Charles B.

12 years ago

i was reading the comments on the top and they were all heavily invested in religious talks.
i skip down to 160ish and people talking about julian assange.
interesting fact that. i had myself a little LOL moment. happy new year to all.

12 years ago

@ Everyone
LMAO while I was writing Charles I just realized what all the rucus is in the other room. UNcle Eddy ( Gary's Brother ) both over 65 are decorating Gary's Charlie Brown tree. Hilarious !!!!! Fric and Frac = Chich and Chong
Abbott and Costello .......Imagine it and you can see and hear them two old men LMAO

12 years ago

@ Charles If you Let Vlatko give me your personal E-mail addy.( Poor Vlatko I am forever asking favors. I hope someday I return them all and more :-) )

I would love to connect with you charles so I can mail you some X-mas stuff for your Kids after the season you know how things are on sale for pennies on the dollar. I can mail a box of stuff that can be used for a belated Christmas or just be on hand for next year.

It would be neat for us to be able to share like that. I can get a small fake tree and decor and some Holiday wrap all in a box for under &20.00 Please let us do that.
I will be sure to remember to leave Santa Claus stuff out and keep it Chrstian for you :-)

You can trust me with your info. Vlatko helped me link with others before and they have not complained. :-)

Ps Charles did you see the new Doc about Satan and the one about Angels? I keep watching them over and over.

Achems Razor
12 years ago

Merry Xmas to all.

Know so many TDF subscribers, to many to list, so wish all a Merry Xmas!

And of course wish Vlatko, our leader, a Merry Xmas!

Charles B
12 years ago

Merry Christmas Connie! I haven't had a real Christmas Tree for years living in Asia. I miss that. Except for church, we haven't done anything for Christmas either for years (no trees, gifts, or decorations) as it's so expensive and we're always "in transit" somewhere in the world. I also forgot to read the Christmas story to the family! How neglectful of me as the head of the family. I need to do that in the morning as it will still be Christmas day in the U.S.A. when we get up tomorrow for church. Thank you for the inspiration to dig deeper this Christmas season.

Blessings one and all!

12 years ago

@ Christmas Patrons

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas!
Greetings and HAppy Holidays to Vlatko and all others.

For Uncle Eddys sake we are celebrating Christmas as a last minute thought.
It was such a last minute thought that I did not make the stores in time to get anything from the market to make the Christmas meal that we planned LOL.
However we are fortunate enough to have plenty of food from the freezer to make most anything, except the roasted chicken we had all agreed was our choice meat . so we are having Roast Beef with the trimmings LOL.
I have not celebrated Christmas in many years and it was very hard to get the swing of it. We had to fake it to get started. Gary went to our woods and cut down his first Holiday tree, Let me say “Charlie Brown” Has done better . He chose a Hemlock that was too big! Hardly any branches and what it did have was sticking out across the room. The tree has about 6 branches and yet it is taller than the ceiling and nearly covers the room. we have to duck under it to get into the living room. LOL

We did get to the dollar store in time to buy some decorations and lights. It wont take more than we bought for sure. i think the 12 bulbs will be more than enough to fill the tree. I bet one set of lights will be too much LOL
Any how since we got tired and will decorate the tree when we awake today.
I am missing one thing to make a Christmas today. I Just cannot get into it very deeply without My TDF Films Family.

We are together most everyday connected to thoughts and filling each other with parts of ourselves learning and growing together. I just can’t enjoy any Holiday or festivity without sharing it with my TDF family. So with all due Respect for those who are celebrating and those who are not HAve a Wonderfull HAppy DAy and Know you are in my Heart and thoughts.

(((( Hugs to all )))) Connie
A double post on two docs so I could reach everyone :-)

Charles B.
12 years ago

Well, let's see what developes there. I think he'll be convicted of something and that will end the "leaking" relatively soon.

siddartha guatama
12 years ago

@ RV @ Charles

I agree - absolutely. Interesting to see that assange got bail about 3 hours ago - but he has had to surrender his passport and wear electronic tag - so there is no chance of him leaving Uk - interesting slant on things - im very interested in the pregression of this - your points are very valid - i really understand what you are saying RV & Charles - Sid

Reasons Voice
12 years ago

@Sid; We would be arguing for the same end result but from conflicting angles on this so it may be best we just let it go. My take on Assange is based on the fact that a crusader for the truth would simply put all of the information into public domain and not trickle it out for attention and for use in bartering himself out of trouble. As to our media; Any one who is not aware that all media left and right is a load of bs at this point is unworthy of my notice. There are no journalists let alone investigative journalists in media today. There are only pretty faces and talking heads reading lies from a teleprompter for unearned fame. In reference to what Pilger said; I would not say he is absolutely right. I think that the media has been manipulated even longer in a sense. Back in WWII the movie indusrty and TV and Radio pushed pro government propaganda 24/7 even as far as the "Buy Bonds" commercials. Followed by the "drop and cover" of the cold war and then the above mentioned examples you provive. Like I said if the right people would pay the price for the info that is revealed I would be all for it. It will not be those people though but innocent young men and women sent off to fight for petty grievances of megalomaniacs.

Charles B.
12 years ago

A charge of "Sex when you're asleep!" Surely not, as any normal person not in a drug or alcohol induced coma would wake up! If she fell sleep after they started then that's a different matter. I'm ASSUMING they had agreed upon such acts previously.

I may not like what he did leaking all that information (I wish he had leaked info about Obama's birth cirtificate instead), but the charges in Sweden seem a bit thin at best. I bet he does get shipped to the U.S. for some kind of trial.