The Nazis, A Warning From History
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The Nazis, A Warning From History

1997, History  -   193 Comments
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The Nazis, A Warning From HistoryThe Nazis would later try to rewrite history to say that Hitler became Chancellor simply because it was his destiny, but in reality, Hitler had been helped by economic circumstance and the support and miscalculation of others.

As the new century approaches, one historical question more than any other demands an answer.

How could a cultured nation at the heart of Europe be responsible for acts so heinous that they have altered concepts of what man is capable of.

How could the Nazis come to be? This series is the definitive television history of the rise and fall of the Nazis.

Helped Into Power - How was it possible that a cultured nation at the heart of Europe ever allowed Hitler and the Nazi party to come to power?

Chaos and Consent - If the Germans are famous for one quality it is efficiency. Yet the Nazi administration of Germany during the 1930’s was characterized by radical chaos.

The Wrong War - Hitler admired one country more than any other - Great Britain. His favourite film was the Bengal lancers which told the story of the British in India. In Mienkampf he spoke of expanding German territory tot he East. How was it possible then that in 1939 he ended up fighting the one country that he had started out wanting as an ally, Great Britain, and allied to the one country he had intended to take land from, Russia?

The Wild East - Poland was to become the epicentre of Nazi brutality; the place were Nazism achieved its purest and most bestial form. This is the story of the first two years of the Nazi occupation of Poland and the vicious power battles between the Nazi barons.

The Road to Treblinka - How was it possible that the holocaust ever happened? With access to extraordinary new material from Lithuania including an interview with a member of the Nazi killing squads this programme examines how the Nazi could commit acts which have caused estimates of how low human can sink for ever to be altered.

Fighting to the End - In the summer of 1943 the Italians, seeing which way the war was going, voted Mussolini out of office declared the war over. Why couldn't the Germans do the same? Why did it take the near total destruction of their country for them to give in?

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  1. Being able to give any name and remain anonymous has value. But sometimes it is unwise.

  2. Please read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Wm. Shirer for the most comprehensive research regarding WW2, esp. Hitler. Roughly 1250 pages of well cited info. This program is essentially propaganda.

  3. The world owes Germany an apology for all the lies of WW 1 and WW 2. Please view "Adolph Hitler, the greatest story never told", or any video or book by M.S. King, or maybe "Benjamin Freedman 1961 Speech". Wake up world.

    1. your sick. seek help!!!!

    2. There is value in anonymity. But sometimes it is unwise.

  4. Hitler was backed by the Swiss pharaohs who create the problems with their secret societies. Washington D.C, Vatican, and City of London. OBELISKS celebrated in all these cities. City of London never bombed, and the Banking center in neutral Switzerland never bombed. The world is controlled by a satanic cult out too destroy our world.
    I'm very familiar with this propaganda piece.

    1. More ridiculous conspiracy claptrap...oh you lost soul.

  5. The nazis like the vikings are the very attractive,shining evil. Hitler understood this and ordered that everything German must be attractive.The Bauhous `designers helped.

  6. What was he doing in Liverpool, England after the war? Visiting relatives, like the script reads?

  7. Many horrifying genocides have been committed in war by many nations. To isolate the "Nazi's" as specifically evil is disingenuous. The Communist Soviets, The Turks, The Japanese, the British and French in parts of their empires. Much of the "genocide" was the starvation of Germans who simply had no resources to look after themselves let alone those in concentration camps. Look how skinny they all are, these "holocaust" victims, that is result of starvation, not murder, you think they would let someone get that thin, and then murder them? Clearly they tried to keep them alive as long as possible and that is only reason we have such images of such extreme thin people to look at. Why would they keep them alive if they wanted to genocide them? It makes no sense and is all just the standard media lies to guilt trip a whole race of people, who were inconvenient to the spread of their materialist and capitalist corrupt individualistic practices.

    1. Couldn't keep up with the murders... concentration camps were places of death slow or fast

    2. They were killing them at as fast a rate as they could. You can't fit millions of people in the gas chamber at once. They weren't trying to keep them alive at all, except the ones they were performing cruel and sadistic medical experiments on. They simple were feeding them as little as possible to keep them "just alive" until their turn for the gas chamber came around. You're either a really (like REALLY) uneducated person or a hateful person spreading lies.

    3. Oh dear, you are stealing the "chosen race"s" spotlight with this truth.
      Can't have that now can we?

  8. Mainstream media propaganda lies.

  9. Jeff has it totally right.

  10. I just watched: The nazis, a warning. Much appreciated and valued.
    Many other present nations should considered themselves warned ... having the dellusion that they are engaging in a crusade. We all know in what state how all crusades end. A word to the wise is sufficient !

  11. PEOPLE stop ******* arguing that's what divides us and we can be easily conquered cause if we dont stop fighting and start working together as a whole human race we will go no where we are in a fork in the road guys either a beautiful,prosperous future or utter destruction.lets move on as a race lets all try to ******* get along for once your not ******* 5 years old stop fighting i know there is reasons to fight but what i mean is dont be the reason anyways take care and i hope you try to actually help humanity it doesnt have to be big cause small steps will still get you there

  12. Interesting documentary basically only for some new footage and some new testimonials, however here also there is the manipulative manner to distort the facts to serve the zionist beasts. In fact quite curios that it show how Germans discriminated shops belonging to jews (forgetting????) to show that USA jews had declared an economical war on Germany. Also Hitler hated the financial system and for this reason in order to have Germany recover without making the bankers happy a new money was printed. I think Hitler was also manipulated just to serve the Zionist movement to get that so called State Israel. Stickt at the facts of today. The financial system is still in the hands of the jews, the media is mostly run by the jews. They also have influence in the school programming of your children with a distorted rappresentation of history, the jews control also comunications like the web also. You just seem to undersestimate their power, therefore anyone willing to destroy it is welcome today.

    1. Anti-semite intolerant brainwashed lemming. The world would be a much better place without people like you. Hatred will never prevail in this world. It's been proven time and time again.

    2. Instead of getting upset try to prove with facts that I am intolerant brainwashed antisemite full of hatred. Please show the viewers that the financial system is not run by a bunch of gangsters, that jews do not run most of the investments banks. Please prove the viewers that the media are not controlled by the same people. Also prove that the US Gouvernment is not influenced by the jews in the Congress. Let me tell you that you will have a hard time to do so. Also hatred will never prevail, you said. I seriously doubt you believe that. During the cold war the media portrayed the russians as a treath, since 10 years Islam has become a treath. All this induced fear and hatred has only a manipulative mean. Wake up please.

    3. Yes, the jews are all horrible evil people who control all of us... Hey, does anyone have the coolaid? I think the punchbowl ran out before I could get some. Oh wait, that's right, i'm not a lost little backwards child who understands that just because you can twist words doesn't mean they are facts. Scientist you should really refocus your energy from feeding hatred to functioning in the real world. Until then your poorly fed opinions will be just that. I don't know why your tag is 'scientist' when you're clearly a lamb. Study something besides 'Hitler's Stories For the Child in Us All'.

    4. No, all jews are not evil people. Unfortunately there are some who do control the finance, the media, and a evil manipulators of our society. Afterall you should know the worst enemy of a jew, is a jew himself.

    5. "a Jew" is a label. a label limits something to the limits of that label. labeling a race, and generalizing them, even a portion of that specific group is ignorant, and inaccurate.if you're not expecting some person who has control over something in this country to eventually be Jewish, you're incredibly delusional. Jewish people as a race do not control anything, life just doesn't work that way. especially in a first world country, that is extremely diverse. fact of the matter is, there are different kinds of people doing different kinds of things, whether they be Jewish or not.

    6. All very nice but please go first to tell your gentiles friends, those chosen from God, these things. They are masters in denial and distortion of reality, and they are a self labeling race.

  13. This will happen again, in some way or in some degree. It will happen because man doesn't learn from his mistakes.

  14. There is a bit too much paraphrasing on here unfortunately from a couple of people :( Otherwise pretty useful historical source if not just for the interviews conducted with survivors and witnesses. In regards to the quality of the content not my field but seemed fine to me. Recommend the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich the reconstruction of footage into colour is brilliant as is the insight into prewar 30s Germany.

  15. Brilliant Documentary series, about the rise of National socialism, and the horrible path that it led Germany down. I recntly watched the film Downfall as well and would have to class that as the best movie I have seen regarding Hitler and his descent into madness. Unrelated to this documentary I know, but I strongly recommend to anyone who has not yet seen it.

  16. Best docu's ever made for WW 2 and Germany's reality prior to Hitler's rise to power.

  17. Yea it is good. Now I can understand the skepticism what with the same old story being beaten of us time and time again, believe me I had the same thoughts but this is full of new and interesting stuff and like the ad says stuff they couldn't show on tv

  18. i have a question. Is this any good?
    isnt it funny how you can be alone on a machine and still get somehow manage to argue with people - i think the internet is a false flag operation.

  19. Those who do not learn the lessons from history are destined to repeat it.

    1. WOW!!! You must be a genius to have come up with "Those who do not learn the lessons from history blah blah blah".... Seriously thats what you came up with out of all the directions you could have came with of intellect out there, thats what you chose ...Seriously??? What are you a 6th grader...maybe... 5th grader...That's weak! Read a book and come up with your own lines, and or take on a situation. That's just sad.Really SAD.

  20. The tea partiers are fake americans they are not for real democracy as is the republicans and the democrats,, Most own factories and some sort of companies that underpay their workers and most invest in overseas companies that take work from (REAL AMERICANS!) They are all the same party.We Argue with these guys while thehighr ups are really stealing and holding the people down with the money they are stealing........... But moving on The nazi's atleast had some good things going for them...Love them or hate'em the nazi's really had some good philosiphies on immigration!!!FACT!!!

    1. Gabe you need to put your tinfoil hat on a little tighter the "voices" are getting through to your brain and making you say stupid stuff.

    2. Everything I stated are facts! And I'm assuming with what you wrote you are someone that sadly assumes you are clever, Please let me be probably not the first to let you know you are not, And not witty or comical in the least! But if you believe you have anything intelligent to add or to reply with I'll be more than happy to take it into consideration. Nice try And Thanks Again


    3. There is no such thing as "Republicans, and Democrats." Those are just names the wealthy came up with. Made up to make the unaware believe, "we the people," have some choice. Some years back, there was a group of politicians calling themselves "The FREEMASON-PARTY." Like all but what, 3? of our Presidents have belonged to the Freemasons, like good ol' George? Ever notice there are NO "poor" politicians? Every damn one of them is rich! George had slaves. Hell, it's ok in the Bible to "own" a person! Has ANY poor man started a war? It is ALWAYS the GREEDY-RICH-POLITICIANS !" The reason the "rich" "pay" people, and slavery was so-to-say "eliminated;" the fact is, TPTB figured they can still be rich by feeding "us" slaves, the crumbs called "wages" while THEY....are making all the money! "THINGS ARE SELDOM AS THEY SEEM." Just because some rich people attend "church," it doesn't mean "God" was responsible for their riches. GREED, and intelligence are most likely and even some good old hard-work, or else they were "born into" it.
      It won't be too long before there will only be the RICH.....and the poor, The "middle-class" is paying all the bills that are incurred by the poor judgement and downright GREED, of the "so-called-" "upper-class."

    4. One last thing about "the rich." Just because they HAVE money, doesn't mean they attained it honestly. And to the talkative-Mikie....."Religion" was INVENTED by the wealthy, (Christianity by the Jews) to keep the not wealthy from chopping their heads off. And it doesn't take "brains" OR "intelligence" to become President of America. George W. Bush, is a perfect example!

  21. tea party is frighting

  22. Just watched the first two parts, pretty good but some major elements are presented too incomplete and I feel the urge to augment some of them.

    Firstly the legend of the stab in the back was not simply aimed at the jews but mainly at the democrats and socialists. The second democratic revolution in Germany which lead to the Weimar Republik couldn't have happened without the consent of the military high command - whose head was incidently the later President Hindenburg. It did so for its own reasons since it was believed the Americans under Wilson would be much milder towards a defeated German democracy than to a German monarchy. Furthermore it was a perfect opportunity to spoil democracy from the beginning. To the soldiers and the people it looked like everything went well, the Russians were defeated, so were the Italians and despite major losses in ground the imperial army was still standing deep within French territory. But then Democracy took control and its first act was to surrender while the Emperor conveniently went into exile. This in essence is the legend of the stab in the back, it was created and fed by the high command which thought that after a peace treaty was signed, the people would be quickly fed up with the new system and the emperor could return. It didn't work out that way for the original dictator but immensely helped another one.

    The second part of the plan didn't work out either. The Americans held back in the negotiations and the Europeans who had been on the brink of defeat had their say which lead to the Treaty of Versailles. This is another point very poorly made in the documentary. The Treaty of Versailles was a blatant injustice. It blamed solely the German Empire for causing the first world war which is by any means ridiculous but served well in imposing even more ridiculous demands. It meant the loss of one eight of its territory, refounding the state of Poland which hadn't existed for decades, and splitting it by the Polish corridor. Along with it went one tenth of the population, each and every colony and every patent held by any german scientist or scientific organisation. It meant the occupation and successive demilitarisation of the entire rhineland exposing it to the then archenemy France, the complete loss of souvereinty of the german air- and seaspace. Along with it came massive general demilitarisation, an army of 100 000 only infantry, no artillery, no tanks, no planes and a navy that couldn't defend a fish pond. At the beginning of this war the Germans were a proud people, leading in economic, cultural and scientific terms, imagine how humiliated and vulnerable they felt. And in their mind it wasn't the monarchy that stumbeled into WW I like a drunkard into an irish wedding but the new democracy that was to blame for all they felt was lost.

    On top of it came the reparations imposed on the new Republic, ridiculous reparations. Had they been paid as planned, the Weimar Republic would have had to pay them until 1988 - 60 years!!!. Since you can't really reach into a nacked man's pocket, what couldn't be payed in cash was taken directly. When the new government refused to continue payment and called upon the population to strike, the French - who had undoubtedly suffered most from the direct effectss of the war - simply marched into the rhineland and took literally everthing. Engines, entire factorys, even telegraph posts were dug out and taken. The only way to finance the strike was to print money which in turn led to the incredible inflation mentioned in the doc. Within weeks every German citizen whithout non monetary posessions lost absolutly everything. A billion marks for a loaf of bread sums it up. In the people's minds it was the Allies who did this to them and the new government wasn't able to defend them at all.

    Having said all that I must ad that if the other side had won, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been more lenient towards its opponents. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is a strong implication in this direction. So I'm writing all this not to assign any guilt to either side but to try giving a deeper inside into the circumstances of the time. There would be much more to say about the European mindsets between 1870 and 1918 and the events that shaped them but if you've come this far, thanks for being interested, I hope it was worth your while.

  23. This is a great show. Very informative.

  24. This is a fantastic show. Very informative.

  25. Great Documentary, Must be watched carefully to understand the subtleties that are exposed in it.

  26. Essential documentary. The most intelligently made document of The nazi regime. Not playing with emotional empty statement, but on facts and reason.

    The rise and fall of the last attempt of the old ways of European imperialism.

    After that, the western world changed. The german lost, but fascism and imperialism survived. It just got more cynical and with a more complex hidden agenda.

    And less based on National identities then on special interest group inside these countries.

    Russia, British commonwealth, USA, France, China, APEC countries

    The "BODY NATIONAL" is no longer an issue, and the propaganda surrounding Nazi Germany made sure that any analogy to such ideology would be dismissed.

    It only pop-up sometime like in Rwanda, Yugoslavia, and in a certain shameless way in some of Israel policies.

    And as for the exaggerated statements and metaphors with the actual american political climate since Obama. I think you are completely vulgar and don't know what the heck your talking about.

  27. i want to know how to download this video to keep it is so good

  28. Wow.....who would have imagined a website for a Nazi documentary would turn into some half-cocked political fight.

  29. This web site asks the question how could a sophisticated society be fooled into letting such a person come to power, yet we're seeing it right now. Just look back to a few years ago at the rantings of the paranoid and tell me how many times you see Woodrow Wilson mentioned? Never, but then a few years ago Glen Beck starts his insane babble and count how many times do you see Wilson condemned in these discussions. The "Big Lie" still works.
    What I really can't understand is if this whole conspiracy started back with Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson, what's he so worried about? It's been over a century and they still haven't managed to take over.

    1. understand the elite powerful and rich familys dont do everything at once. They take time to enact their plans otherwise people would outright revolt.Slowly new ideas are produced, freedoms are taken away over time.This insidious monster moves almost imperceptibly in all aspects of our lives.This conspiracy as you call it has its roots in history long before any president."They" will take over and you will live to see them do it.

  30. Sorry I screwed up.. Correction "I'm only 16, but some of these views about Obama, or the TEA PARTY being compared to the NAZIS are just ridiculous.

    1. well you must understand that many people in usa believe government should not be involved in taking care of people (re socialised health or something simular) as they believe its a form of communism or fascism because the state is involved.thus government grows and takes more taxes.

      Others believe that the state should help the people by providing health care as many people are too poor to afford health care.Even if this means more taxes and government.

      now if americans were like they were back 50-60 yrs ago and took care of each other perhaps many problems wouldnt exist.Thus the need for state health care might not be so great as it is today.

      I have never witnessed an issue since civil rights be so devisive in the usa as this issue.

  31. After reading many of the comments above I find myself very disturbed by the ideology of a few of you. I'm only 16, but some of these views about Obama, or Nazis being compared to the TEA Party are just ridiculous. The Nazis were Socialists. I find it hard enough to believe that Fox news is still around. I cant imagine why anyone would listen to all that rubbish.

    1. What do "socialist" and "capitalist" mean to you? They are just words. Do what is right in your heart and stop labelling.

    2. The Nazis were not socialists ... the NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS PARTY is the logo they accepted to get the vote of such to win the election. Hitler and associates were never comfortable with the title. Hitler did not have any use for Socialists and hated Communists; he thought they were both instigated by the Jews of which I could not comprehend.

  32. @ Julia you are so wrong and brainwashed. Nazi Germany was aright wing empire. National Socialism is the same as Social Conservatism. Its socialism for conservatives. If anyone should be compared to Hitler its Dick Cheney or George W Bush.

  33. The Nazis were not conserative. Germany, the time the Nazis were rising, was a democratic nation. Any political party considered "conservative" at that that time would have to promote a democratic platform. Consevative, in political context means to "conserve" the current political and social order. The Nazis were a socialistic, totalitarian party which pushed socialist economic policy and hardcore government control, breaking powerfully away from a democratic ideology. With this in mind, it's valid to compare today's democratic liberal regime as "Nazism" because they push heavily for expansion of government control, heightened power of the police, and economic consolidation. They are socialists, as were the Nazis. Consider the 700 Billion dollar bailout of 2008, signed by obama, which gave government the partial ownership of the auto and insurance industires. In addition, the Obamacare plan looks to put the healthcare industry in governmeant hands as well. Sound familiar? One of the first things Hitler did when put into power was take over the healthcare and insurance industries in Germany. Do your research. Obama is worse than Adolf Hitler.

    1. Are you Dick Cheney? Do you realize the U.S. has the most expensive healthcare in the world and yet Jordan and the Cayman Islands have lower infant mortality rates (just one of many alarming facts). Look it up..... it's all available at the WHO site. Talk about falling for propaganda!

    2. Really??? Hundreds of thousands of socialists and communists died in the concentration camps. They were the only ones who had somewhat of a resistance. The corporations gladly sold out democracy as they always did in history. Obama has a lot of policies you have to criticise and that cost many human lives but it is on a very different scale.
      To compare governments to nazi Germany because of healthcare is so unbelievably stupid it is hard to imagine how often someone must have fallen onto his head to come up with this.
      The US healthcare reforms are not nearly going far enough by the way. Even if they get passed the US will still be at the very bottom of the western countries.

    3. typical liberal. when confroted with facts, attack the messenger! why is it you libs cannot have a civil debate witout attacking anyone that disagrees with you?

    4. The nazis were only socialist in name. Hitler himself said that they were not socialist (neither were the soviets though). One of the fundamentals of socialism is democracy. The bailouts were also mostly under bush. You are a fool as well as completely ignorant of history and socialism, nazism, and america's oligarchy.

    5. Not necessarily. Hitler said they WERE socialists, true socialists and the Marxist-Leninists were of a different, perverse version.

      And to say socialism means democracy is ridiculous. Socialism, like any ideology, has a diverse set of "sects" if you will. Social democrats are in the center, where socialism and democracy are to be combined. But at the far left, communism rejects democracy. Socialism doesn't always support democracy, democracy is merely a method of governance.

    6. Julia how confused are you? National healthcare is the way it should be. To hold this up as an example of Nazism is ridiculous. Britain has national health, no matter rich or poor healthcare is free along with all medication and after care. All Free. does this mean Britain is the same as the Nazi's. we were after all the only country to stand up and say no! sorry america but it took you a while......... And to compare todays left wing Liberal/ democratic ideologies as akin to Nazism just shows how out of touch you really are.

  34. Im glad Hitler killed himself he was a very bad man!!

    1. yes you are right, but who gave him the $$ to rise to power? guess whoo? prescott bush. grandad bush.Father of g bush and henry FORD. The guy who makes cars. Not to mention other promenent buisness men worldwide, bankers and royalty.

  35. #98 is truth

  36. #4 Samantha must be African American..
    Obama is part of the schism that is driving this nation back in time, to the Nazi era. Whats in store is a much more progressive strong hold rather than complete and brute force. Obama was elected because of the hopes of a split nation with split criticism. With Bush, he had complete and total hate, his next stance was to act ignorant and take the fall on all accounts, common skapegoat tactics. This would allow the country to use all political energies towards criticising the man at the helm; it was made quite easy. Obama's stance is to hold the countrie's attention and favor for as long as possible, he is the transfat additive added to a shelf full of lies and deceit. He and his wife are to hold this countrie's attention for as long as it takes to alter this country, like secretly pulling the rug out from underneath us. All elected officials are elected fotr political, and monetary gain. There is no in-between, no happy ending. Money talks

  37. i cant believe those horrible things ever happened. my prayers go out to those families who were forced involvement in any of that in-humane non-sense.

  38. Part 2 and 3 wont work for me, I come back every once in a while to see they will work but they never do. I blame the Nazis lol

  39. only the first movie worked for me the rest say they dont work

  40. @40:30 of part 1 pretty much sums up for me. German president at the time had solid judgement, so the pressure from wealthy Aristocrats afraid to lose their wealthy subotaged German democracy and allowed a flawed character to be put in high office.

    I always suspected that if you dig deep enough, you will find greed at the heart of it.

  41. To Mr Rossi:
    The fact is the Nazis (NSDAP) and Italian facists as well as the Bolsheviks were all socialist left wing totalitarian movements. This means that the government had a custodial duty to the population from cradle to grave as well as absolute control of the economy and means of production. In the case of the Nazis racial competition and bigotry was a major hallmark of there ideology, less so for the Italian fascists and not at all for the Spanish fascists who one could argue were truly right wing.

  42. We must always keep in mind the common denominator of all
    these genocidal events: the conspicuous absence of the implements of self defence by the victims. The USA is for the most part immune from this nightmare by virtue of the second ammendment to the bill of rights. The rest of the entire world including Europe is still vulnerable to a repeat genocidal nightmare. Until such time that all citzens of every country have a right to self defence, (as the documentary states) a holocaust can happen at any time.

  43. To Paul:
    You have concisely summarized what I was thinking and about to post, but you probably said it better than I would have. Thanks for one of the few rational comments. Unfortunately with proper spelling, your use of
    punctuation and upper case letters where appropriate it may not be clear to those who really need to read it.

  44. I don't know if it is o.k to use this forum for this but I would like to share with you the story of how my family was affected by the Nazis :
    23 people from my father's side of my family the - Jewish side were murdered by the Nazis in Latvia Only 1 Survived My grandmother, from my Mothers side the Christian side - 3 were murdered all the others fled for their lives towards Stalingrad only to be under Siege later, Both of my grandfathers fought the Nazis , one was a simple rifle man - wounded at the end of the world and suffered all his life from pains Until he died at the age of 55 , my other grand father was drafted at the age of 14 , became an officer at the age of 17 and commanded one of the special units that were attached to tank battalions and were providing intelligence through night recon operations - their main objective was to capture Nazi officers and bring them back for interrogation. He was among the first soldiers to reach Hitlers bunker . I'm only 22 years old , and I will remember this and tell my children and their children about what happened because as humans we must remember how cruel can we become , and how quick can we turn into savages .

    I've read some of the posts here and I would like to say that you Americans need to really realize that what has happened to the Nazis can happen to any one , therefore you should be careful trusting your gov' and leaders to an extent of idolization , Because it is in the time of crisis that those in power begin to truly open their greedy eyes and shut yours , Fill your mind with hate and lies , But mostly fear , fear of the unknown just so the can calm your fear by the feeling of power of the herd not the individual and as a herd you are much more easier to control.
    Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is a bliss .

  45. Did the American government not admit years later that they knew beforehand of the coming attack on Pearl Harbour and let it happen so they could use it as an excuse to join the war? Joining the war was not popular with the American public so the gov said they needed something bad to happen ( I am paraphrasing, and rather poorly I think lol) to get the American people behind joining the war. I believe this is fact and not just something so called conspiracy theorists came up with, but I am no expert just a guy with an opinion.

    Also coming on to a web site insulting everyone and their opinions is a bit rude. If you know more about a subject (or at the least say you do)than some others is it not better to politely say your piece and inform and educate than to come on sounding pompous calling everyone ignorant thereby alienating yourself to the point of having what you say be ingored?

  46. I was truly amazed by the comments made on this blog; in particular the references to Obama. I have studied social history at degree level and it is important to realise the Second World War was a consequence of many different events. You must remember that America did not want to become involved in the war until Pearl Harbour and it is important to remember that America came out of the war the richest country in the world. The causes and effects of the war are complex and it is impossible to explain it in a couple of paragraphs.
    I think the majority of people on this site are missing the point, over 50 million people died as a result of WWII (those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it). The level of ignorance demonstrated by comments made on this site show how easy it is for a megalomaniac such as Hitler to cause such catastrophic events
    I find it amusing that many of the comments were made before watching all of the series. Keep an open mind, but first of all watch the full series before making any comments and try to look at it constructively.
    I believe in universal suffrage, but the level of ignorance shown by many on this sight show how easy it was for a dictator to come into power.
    Remember the name of the series is “a warning from history”.

  47. Part 2 and 3 will not work for me it says they are unavailable. Anyone else having this problem? I will just skip ahead to part 4 and work backwards (wouldnt be the first time i have been said to work backwards lol), I did enjoy part 1 there was some info in it i was unaware of.

  48. olio - you're pathetic. just another anti-semetic.

  49. germans did genocides,turkish did genocides,american,russuian,all countries did it....and yet the people that are accusing germany are supporting israel for what they are doing in lebanon and palestine....pathetic...!!!

  50. James, NO, NO, and NO!!! With the exception of 1996, I have voted Republican in every election since 1980! Wounded Knee was just an example of how US policy toward the Indians in the 19th century was no different, and lynching was a matter of public policy ion the south until the 1960's. Your comments illustrate my point perfectly, you missed the point! Nowhere have I spoken of hating the rich, or the Military (which I served, and still do as a civilian) or this great country. Empathizing with the Native American, people of color, Jews, Catholics and anyone else for that matter does not make me an EVIL bleeding heart Liberal, It simply means I have been around long enough to know that when everyone starts picking sides and stops listening to each other is when everything goes to HELL. Just like it did in Pre-Nazi Germany!

  51. Reading Bruce's comments tells me who he voted for in the last three elections, Gore, Kerry and Obama. I was surprised that he did not try to pin it all on George W. Bush! Hitler did not invent antisemitism. He just capitalized on the established attitudes of most Europeans. The Jews had been kicked out of almost every country in Europe. The people liked what Hitler was saying, and Wounded Knee had nothing to do with it. Right now, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are capitalizing on the hatred of people like Bruce for the rich in this country. Maybe we'll all be lining up to kill the wealthy! As for Mirror, I would be the first to hide a Jew. Would a Democrat? Only if he could get a few votes for doing it. LOL!

    readomg Brive's comments

    1. Darwins cousin invented antisemitism (modern version, as im sure it existed even before him) from america and was financed by rockefeller.

  52. All the back and forth on this subject truly tells me that the majority has not paid the slightest bit of attention to what this documentary was trying to convey. Hitler only had to look to a few years before his birth here in the United States (at Wounded Knee for example) for his example, and I only have to look back to my childhood to news stories about Mississippi, and Alabama to know that if it were acceptable and allowed those kinds things would still be happening to people of color or certain religions here today. Whether you're a "lefty", a "righty", or something in between we all need to be American first and be mindful of our own backyard as well as what is going on elsewhere!

    It is clear to me that people in America would be lining up to kill each other if given an opportunity and a nod of approval from government!

    1. i agree to everything but americans getting into other peoples buisness

    2. How is it we "give" TRILLIONS" away to "other countries" and be broke? We should get our own house in order, stop falling for these "false flag attacks," and get rid of the overly rich incumbents.

  53. As for the documentary, I do have one complaint thus far: how they keep referring to them as "Nazis" as though that were what they called themselves. In truth, they called themselves "Nationalsozialisten," or "National Socialists" (though how socialist they really were is debatable, and, despite what cable news pundits and the other commenters here would say, just saying they were "right-wing" or "left-wing" is oversimplifying things and attempting to place current American ideological labels on them).

    The reason I have a problem with this is that "Nazi" was a rather pejorative term, and while we should definitely use it in everyday speech, considering what Schweinehuende they were, I find it odd how English-speaking historians use the term as though that was the official name. I mean, we call Communists "commies," but we don't have textbooks talking about the "Russian Commie Party," do we?

    1. just the word nazi is an easy acronym to use. sort of like using the word impact(ed) in spoken english.

  54. The comments here prove that, really, we have learned nothing. Reading them I see little more than ideological fanaticism and intransigence, venom and a distorted view of history, crafted to reflect personal beliefs and modern, American definitions of political stances.

    The fact is that we will never really learn. Try as we might, we cannot escape the fact that, deep down, we are but brutes, and will always be brutes so long as we exist.

  55. Listen to all of you fools !!! You are no different than hitler himself. You pious pompous ingrains from hell. I can see you all standing there before hitler in your nicely pressed SS uniforms. Screw hitler, and screw obama and screw bush, and screw bin laden and screw all these so-called men of ideas and propaganda. The war machine turns, and you all feed the fire, with your so-called intellectual rubbish. I wonder which one of you would truely hide a jew from the demon brigade, or which one of you would actually lead the jewish child into the gas chamber ? Which one of you would get off on experimenting with a jewish woman ? You know who you are, and so does Mr God!!! Thank God there is a hell. Thank God for infinite justice ...amen

    1. sorry, but hell is a catholic invention.

    2. The Chinese, and the Greeks, as well as others, also believe in a "place of punishment." Hell, Hades, whatever. ALL RELIGION is a "man-made-invention." Then our parents put those fairy tales, you know "Santa, the Tooth-Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. FAIRY-TALES-ALL. into our little brains, and haven't studied World Religions, then you probably still believe what Mommie and Daddy told you in you're youth.

    3. The concept of Hell existed long before Catholicism. Check your facts.

  56. Here is something for Americans who are opposed to Socialism to think about.

    Look at your health care system, socialist. Welfare, socialist. Education, socialist.

    Uh oh Elaine,they are coming for you!
    Too bad you didnt take your socialist education a bit more seriously, maybe then you could spell.

  57. What is troubling and yet sad to see, is that even after all we watched in these documentaries and saw how evil takes root in people's hearts & minds, that there are people who would dare to compare America's current situation (i.e. social, economic & political circumstances) to 1930s Nazi Germany. You fools!

    You are allowing yourselves to become a nation that surrenders to ignorant hacks who call themselves politicians and sensationlist media talking heads who are lining their pockets with corporate cash. These punks have never seen what wars are like, what bloodshed is like, what being hungry & sick is like, and what the loss of freedom & the right to live and exist is like. They throw words like commmunism and nazism around frivolosuly, to look & sound educated. Yet, you take it all in, hook, line & sinker.

    You would not last one minute if you really saw what real commmunism and nazism was like. This communist, nazi, socialist wet dream that you are having are nothing but fantasies. So I suggest, arrest your thoughts before they become your habits. Nothing like that is taking root in American and nothing like that will ever take root in America. America will NEVER allow it.

    Because I believe there still Americans willing and ready to protect this great country of ours from all enemies, from abroad or within.

    A concerned American.

  58. Geno Rossi: Make no mistake, FoxNews is not the only "news organization" that is distrustful. Pretty much all of them are distrustful, especially the left leaning ones. I don't trust any of them.

  59. Less Brainwashed: when criticizing someone's education ("...since you have major gaps in your 'education of history'")it would help if you wrote properly. Your responses are too jumbled to make sense of them. Use periods. Use capital letters. You may have a valid argument but I am having hard time understanding what it is. Stick to one topic at a time. It is poor debate skills to jump from topic to topic.

    1. If you want to be picky about my(three a.m) typing skills I suggest you start by doing the same thing. Since your english skills are superior to mine you should be able to read and write more effectively.Thus, your response is sadly lacking because I do not precisly conform to the rules of written english. Im sorry that using an arguementative approach to a debate without capitals and periods with several topics as a body of evidence is confusing to your intelect.You may in the future, want to specifically point out that you can only engage individuals with correctly typed english on one topic at a time. Preferably before you reply to someones comment. As for me, I like to prove my point with a body of evidence with different topics. Regardless if yours or someone else's english comprehension is sufficent to grasp the points being made with or without capitals and periods.

  60. I have not seen this, but I shall order it soon. I have, however, read two biographies of Hitler, and I have a rally good idea of what I'll see on this. But some of the comments on this page are ridiculous and even scary. Saying the Nazis were the conservatives and comparing them to Rush Limbaugh? Telling Elaine that Geprge W. Bush was the real threat or that he preferred the rich who pay most os the taxes? Bush gave a tax break to everyonje, not just the rich, and Obama is closer to Hitler than any other president we have had. No, he not a threat -- yet. The Nazis appealed to bigotry, just as the Democrats are appealing to the bigotry against the wealthy. Nancy Pelosi married wealth. Harry Reid is worth 6 million. What have they done with their tax breaks?
    If this nation ever sees a Hitler, s(he) wil be a democrat.

  61. I am embarrassed as a American by the posts claiming Hitler was a leftist. The education and brainwashing of Americans who watch Fox News is complete.

    Right Wing Governments are

    Left Wing Governments are
    Democratic Socialism
    Social Democracy

  62. post my previous comment dammit

  63. a couple corrections
    AMA admits allopathic medicine kills over 500,000 yr NOT INCLUDING VACCINES,
    false 4 food groups sponsored from the propaganda department of the meat and dairy industry.(responsible for 100's of millions of deaths per yr)
    doctors recommended smoking in the 1950's(10's of millions of deaths or more)I have the commercials
    AIDS created by Merck (youtube maurice hillerman) 100's millions dead
    Bayer kills children re bayer tainted medicine with AIDS youtube thousands dead
    charles darwins cousin founded eugenics ideology funded by guess whooo rockefeller 10's of millions dead
    they ARE killing you NOW and they(worlds elite-bildeberger group)want to kill 80% or more of worlds populationre nwo mantra- world population to be 500 million or less

  64. am used &rob c
    funny how ignorant brainwashed people are:
    first of all i dont know why there is a quote referreing to what I supposedly said (everything told to you is a lie and there is a world wide conspiracy)but funny I dont see any sentence i wrote stating that. That is what you said, am used..lets get that straight first.Putting words into someone elses' mouth is ...shall we say umm.. lying.
    second of all using the euphanism conspiracy theorists label to discredit what i said is a pathetic attempt to distract one from reality.
    since you need empirical evidence that all major civilizations in the earths history dominated its citizens,and espoused world control I suggest you reread basic history. I suggest you start with egypt, bablyon,rome ,greece, nazi germany and yes now goose stepping document for a new america premptive unprovoked strike against any nation on earth is justification for war. (isnt that what nazis did? premptive strike on poland,france,russia etc)
    ignorance is surely bliss and some people are in some kind of bliss all right. hey I got a bridge in the middle of the moaby dessert going real cheap....
    so from what you wrote we know two things about you, and..that is very revealing....personally i dont think you have any credibility at all. Time to reeducate yourself in propaganda and try again..very used

    rob c
    since you have some major gaps in your "education in history" first of all I suggest doing a little bit of studying about bills currently before congress....try starting with bill s590 for example.
    Another great study is about monsanto. re terminator technology, monopoly, illegal to keep your own seeds, they bought up most of the seed banks in the world.
    Now if I was a general attacking for example a castle what would be the best thing to do? attack directly or starve the popultation to death? everyone knows that the army that controls food and water wins.
    In this case there is no literal army but a multinational company(isnt that against monopoly laws in the usa?)that has and is taking away your rights as a citizen to grow,trade,or sell food grown on your own property.Not to mention your not allowed to keep the seeds. Now you tell me if thats strategy or thats a tidbit from current history now on to past history..

    do you know how our current system of banking works?
    you know about the federal reserve right?
    and how its owned by foreign private bankers,not by america or americans?
    that many presidents wanted america to have their own currency and were assinated over trying to have one like John F kennedy.(you can youtube his speeches, and he talks about secret societys in one of his speaches(thus he too is a conspiracy theorist) and how he is against them,(..also bush jr is another conspiracy theorist as he has admitted that secret societys exist)
    that the F.R is owned by the Bank of England. The B.E is owned by the Rothschilds family.The rothschilds go way back to waterloo where after napeolon lost, spys/runners got word to (rothschild) and he dumped all his stock which caused a panic. Everyone followed by dumping assets thinking the english had lost. Then he bought up all the stocks and became the new owner of the Bank of England.
    Now one can understand current history more easily as things become all too clear.
    in order for a nation to militarize they need $$$ now we have established where it comes from and who owns it.
    Who do you think financed ww1,how about WW2,korean war,vietnam,the so called Gulf War(aka oil war)(oh intresting note coowned by the bush family and osama bin laden family ..just a coincidence..911?) and the upcoming war with IRAN(as the us has imposed sanctions, and theres like 3 aircraft carriers there right now)
    did you know that many americans either were nazis or helped finance them?
    such notable names like ROCKEFELLER SR(youtube)(rockefeller jr has stated there will be a nwo with rfid(youtube) chipping) he funded the eugenics studys in america and germany re racial superiority. Do you know that hitler gives credit to the american eugenics program for his beliefs?
    (by the way do you know who helped him with money?-rockefeller.. to buy things like standard oil aka esso, how did synthetic drugs become our form of medicine? cause he shut all alternative colleges down (re AMA invites all colleges of medicine come under one umbrella then shuts all alternative forms of them down by a so "independant study" so his form of medicine is medicine(AMA openly admits over 500,000 people killed by medicine each yr)(including vaccines which are becoming manadatory re nurses fired if they refuse to give vacc do grants come from today for universitys? 60% comes from rockefeller and carngie foundations.) Well if you dont know ill tell you.... ROTHSCHILDS(who are
    how about Henry FORD ? youve heard of him.. a nazi card carrying member
    Prescott BUSH the grandad of Bush sr aided and abetted the nazis through american steamshiplines and was shut down by congress.(You know the bush family is directly related to the queen of eng.)
    The dules brothers (head of cia)
    how about project i think paperclip... where the us brought all the nazi scientists over to the us even though many many were involved in war crimes against humanity)
    now these statements are facts of history and this is a conspiracy? hello....? is anyone thinking?
    in conclusion, all wars since waterloo were financed with money from rothschilds and other powerful familys, our current medical paradigm is too, all eugenics programs,GMO crops(monsanto...has been found to damage reproductive organs and grow extra limbs),vaccinations(bill gates warren buffet),flouride in the water(nazis and stalin used it to make populations docile), do you really need more that not enough empirical evidence cause I could easly go on for several HOURS more..but im tired and if one isnt convinced that they want to kill 80%+ of the planets population well just wait and see cause its coming...

  65. Brainwashed,

    What are you talking about? The rich and powerful may certainly be in charge of much of the world, but "they want you dead"? Huh?

    Where do you get your information? Alex Jones? I am not completely discounting everything conspiracy theorists say... but prove what you write!

    1. ahh world wars? Where do you think they come from? Think about it. If you cant even guess you are sadly lacking in education.

  66. Expat,

    Amen. Let it never happen again.

  67. less brainwashed,

    You deliver a lengthy piece of "blah blah" without a single piece of empirical statement other than "everything which is told you is a lie and there is a world wide conspiracy"
    - funny, you call yourself less brainwashed when everything you say is just that, a repetition of a sermon told to you by the almighty conspiracy theorist who you refer to without being able to even repeat any factual evidence that they might have delivered...

    1. Love all the facts you have supplied. Real convincing..lots of blah blah

  68. ... has to be said, the Nazi propaganda fell on a fertile ground after the misery and human suffering caused by the USSR. Without it, and the alleged linkage between Jews and Communism would have not caused the extent in which local populace in places like Ukraine engaged in the killings. RIP for all victims of 20th century totalitarianism, nazism and communism alike. (obviously not forgetting the victims of madness what took place during the century in elsewhere in the world)

    - let us all pray that this shall never happen again, be them Jews, Christians or Muslims. (personally the last seems to be the next candidate; referring to the discourse, at least in Europe, among the right wing Christians on Muslims)

  69. reading the posts posted here for the most part show that human secularism taught in high schools, colleges, universitys is very successful in completely confusing the populace.
    Its very simple to figure out how the world works. First follow the money.....then follow the most powerful religion in the world ...then you will have all your answers.. presidents of united states are figure heads just like the queen of england is. They have some outward appearance of being in control but they are not.Their power is used for the benifit of the ruling class and manipulated by religion.

    One can compare the beliefs of all members of the ruling class as they espouse the same basic dogmas. I challenge one to compare the dogmas of the nazis,zionists,jesuits,secret societys and others. They all believe they are "superior", they all believe in genocide.They even pratice genocide against their own general populace. Only the state run religion is legal.Basic human rights are non existant.There are no morals, no restraints, no conscience, no limits to the atrocities commited.

    You can change the names and argue all you want amongst yourselfs. its the right or its the left, it really doesnt matter if its the left or right as both sides are manipulated by the originators of the system. one can blame the nazis..but once again hitler was a figure head(just a hired goon) who was behind hitler?

    follow the money..wars are now bankrolled by the the heads of industrys and bankers...(and yes still a few royality)who are the ruling class who espouse various corrupt religions and manipulate governments to destroy the common man,woman, and child.The real powerfull people dont go to jail, never see war crimes trails, and never will.They escape notice, as they do not outwardly run any country or office.They control the money,resources,and the minds of the populace.This is done by state run brainwashing organisations(education), institutions,foundations,think tanks etc etc.

    prince philip"i would like to come back to earth as a virus and kill 80% of the worlds population"
    Ted turner "ditto"
    bill gates watch his video on vaccinations...
    etc etc etc
    etc etc etc
    Its the rich(bankers and industry leaders) and powerful(corrupt religious leaders and religions) that are against you THEY WANT YOU DEAD. I wholeheartedly suggest that one prays to GOD that the fog(brainwashing) that is clouding your mind clears.thats all folks

  70. Will: you're funny. It's the web, most don't spell correctly. Most don't use proper grammar. And most write dumb things because of anonymity and the protection it offers. Everyone thinks they are experts!

    Randy: "all...popes" are "con-men"? Really? Proof? And you are here to teach us this lesson?

  71. Hitler was a con-man. He was the consumate con-man.

    He played the masses like a pro. This is the secret of all human history...

    People in a group are predictable, they follow predictable rules. Just apes and monkeys... nothing special.

    An indivudual may surprise you, but humans in a group? You can manipulate them like puppets if you have a mind to...

    At any rate, all gurus, all religious leaders, popes, all con-men. You must reject them all. This is the lesson.

  72. Also Robert, just a look at your comments seems to prove that thare are 'right wing loons' as well.
    People on either end of the spectrum can commit atrocities, lets try not to overgeneralize either end into being evil on all parts.

  73. Just letting you all know without involving myself in this pointless debate you all seem to have some terminology mixed up. I realize that is is standard doctrine in the US/Canada to teach it the opposite way but "Liberal" technically means a hands off by the government in terms of social spending (hence Neoliberalism). So calling someone who is in favour of heathcare reform a Liberal really is the opposite of what you think it means..

    And another thing, wow.. some people from the US continue to shock me.. It is really something to have an outsider perspective on things like this.
    (I am Canadian born and live between Canada and Spain)

  74. to BRIANs comment - they'll be serving bankers till they're hidding in bunkers being bombed LOL

  75. I love the final part of the video, the Germans were taught to believe the communist were scarcy human. Oh I suppose communist were good people according to this video. The communist especially in Russia back then WERE SCARCY HUMAN. I suppose Stalin was a good man and as honest as Abe Lincoln. The BBC should be ashamed of itself. Hitler was a Socialist. THE NAME The Nationalist Socialist party, the working party ( Hitler was a Moderate Communist. Don't let the BBC fool you, this video by Time Life was meant to make the Tea Partiers look like Nazi's. TRUTH IS TRUTH.

    1. You obviously know very little about Hitler or National Socialism. Hitler was very much a right winger. There was a so called 'leftist' anti-capitalist element to the party, but they either got booted out before Hitler was given power or liquidated in the night of long knives. Hitler was a racist who put the idea of race at the centre of his world view. He wanted to create a utopia for Germans and Germans alone. If you knew anything about Socialism you would understand that true socialism is internationalist. It is about the liberation of the working class, not fighting make believe race enemies. Hitler also very much used the instruments of capitalism to help him in his aims. He in fact went round to all the leading bankers and industrialists, spoke to them in small little groups to put their minds at rest that he was not a socialist and that element had been removed from the party. As for Stalin, Stalin was a crazed, paranoid, sociopath with no empathy for any other human beings. Read about his wife and son. That has nothing to do with him being a communist. You have good communists and bad communists, just like people from any other walk of life. Although you would find less good people in a party like the Nazis, when genocidal hatred of others his built into their world view.

    2. communism-big gov't runs the show with guns and gulags and wants INT'L communism!
      facism-big gov't runs the show with guns and gulags and want NAT'L fascism to rule the world.
      socialism-the same as above without the guns!(supported by American taxpayers) seeks global domination.

      Common thread: B-I-G G-O-V-T!!! ANd all are lefties...

      Look at the "occupy" goofs-same id**t crowd there: Jew haters; commies; socialists; anarchists; rapers; killers; cop haters, et al. Common thread: moron college brainwashed LEFTY goofs.

      Extreme right? Anarchists-NO Govt!!!!
      Very right? Limited Gov't!!!!
      Balance? Stay just to the right of the Anarchist goofs! Limit gov't power!

    3. sound like anoth3er fox new junkie trying to demonize our first black president. for osme people the civil war isnt over and they will stoop at nothing to destroy deomocracy

      Fox news is always rattling about other people being nazis. Its just a cover up for their mentality.

      If you tell a lie often enough and outrageous enough, it will be seen as the truth. (Goebbels) - foxes mentor - the guy who got hitler elected btw

  76. Look this entire video which was done by the BBC a left wing group was out to make the Tea Party look like the next Nazi Party. Should have realized the c@#$ Time Life books would put forward.

    Not everything about Hitler in mentioned in this video. Hitler was an atheist, his book Mein Kampf (MY STRUGGLE) says this. Time life once again, trying to make the tea party look bad, instead of pointing out how the left in schools in singing songs about Barack Obama, look it up on YOUTUBE "SONGS BY SCHOOL CHILDREN ABOUT OBAMA." when what has Obama done.

    The left in truth is the one today taking pages out of Hitler's book but using it for there own Agenda. This video had some truth's but left out alot. The Nazi's were part of the National Socialist Party, Socialist should was what Hitler was not a right winger, HITLER WAS A LEFTEST LOON.

  77. Wasn't Hitler a vegetarian who refused to kill animals but enjoyed killing people? Didn't the bankers (even in the United States) fund the Allies and the Nazi's? TRUTH IS TRUTH.

  78. This video proves one thing, that communist like that bald i@#$% Eugene of the communist youth should have been arrested and had shock therapy done to them. Thank goodness for Fox News and the Republican Noise Machine like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Mike Gallagher and countless others on talk radio.

  79. Its funny, one of the people interviewed is a guy who was a member of the Nazi party named Emil Klien in the first part of the video. Isn't Klien a Jewish name. Werner Goldberg was the poster boy for the perfect German Soilder and Goldberg was Jewish. Hitler had Jews in the Nazi Party and from what I can see that probably is TRUE.

  80. commentors of finger pointing,
    you know who you are.
    i recomend you view the "Mayfair set" this may show you who or what is trying to control the world and it's no man. in fact men are trying to control it with very little success. it's called the free market.

  81. Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it. Great documentary.

  82. People do not understand the titles "conservative" "liberal!"

    A conservative United States citizen believes in the U.S. Constitution without all of the liberal “give-away” programs.

    A conservative Nazi believes in the German doctrine and Adolph Hitler. What we, U.S. citizens, don’t understand was that Nazis were very socialistic. They were “lefties” compared to what we “rightist” believe. Fact is, Nazi was a acronym of The National Socialistic Workers Party!(paraphrased)

    So, to those that like to compare Nazi Germany with The TEA Party people here, you are all wrong.

  83. Your summary on Part 6 is a bit ignorant - Italy was still in a political position to vote Mussolini out of office where Germany was not. Germany became a dictatorship when Hitler stepped into his position, so voting him out of office was not a possibility. That is why they were plotting to asassinate him.
    Also bear in mind, Germany is not the only country that committed mass genocide. Africa has countries where this happens currently and even America not only tried to run out the Indians, but then turned the tables and did some rather horrible acts against African Americans. So maybe some of these countries should be coupled with what the Nazis did. What Hitler did is Germany's cross to bear and they still cannot move forward due to their guilt.

  84. I agree with elvinatom.
    If you look at history, its all the same. Republics turn to empires then to tyranny then to ruins. Just look at history. The Romans. The Ottoman Empire. USSR. Who's next? I say forget all the propaganda, even what is on the internet. Judge for yourself. Analyze for yourself. Ask yourself how do these WARS help me personally? How do they help my family? Personally, I feel less secure than ever. I can't even travel to the middle east, africa, israel, etc etc without being possibly labeled a terrorist!

    But like all the other blind sleep walking wanderers out there, keep your eyes fixed on the conspiracies and parties and doctrines and you will miss the true beauty of life... the freedom of choice. Choose for yourself, don't be led around forever. These misinformation gurus are only there to divide your attention, to smear your awareness. So wake up, stop blaming everyone and anyone else and start CHOOSING for YOURSELF.

  85. Student, what's your point?! Do you have one?

  86. Nazi-docu number 8473828282839221. but this time made for Americans: with looots of prejudices and cliches about Germany and not adding the fact that the most important support for Hitler was the treaty of Versailles, the peace-treaty after WWI, which sought to humiliate Germany.
    In fact Hitler was losing votes and had already passed his zenith of power and then by stupidity of right-wing politicians finally won.

  87. Those Nazis sure were a fun bunch : )

  88. After watching this - it really creates an indefinite amount of conflict in my mind. I cannot understand why or how it was actually accomplished.

    Those poor people - seriously - May your God Bless you .

  89. to quote Patrick Henry "The constitution is not an insturment for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives andn interests." Sounds exactly like what Nobama is trying to do, have the government restrain the people.

  90. Left is west and right is east if your looking at a compass, they are just directions I use when I'm trying to go somewhere in my car. Those who ignore history are doommed to repeat it. All we have to do is look at the words of one of our greatest founding fathers, James Madison, concerning the constitution, he stated "Do not seperate text from historical background. If you do, you will have subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." Hmmm, this sounds exactly like Nobama, Pelosi and Reid.

    I got your back Mick.

  91. Elaine is right. and all you lefty weasels are falling into the same trap the Germans did. Obama is brain washing the liberals. Its a good thing we have people like Elaine who recognize this.

  92. Elvinatom, I must admit I made some serious assumptions based on your first posting. I thought that you were one of the multitude of America haters (or Holocaust deniers) around the world and even within our own country. I'm still not sure that you aren't, but you deserve the benefit of the doubt. You appeared to be claiming some sort of oppressed status, just as the Germans claimed back in the 20's and 30's. As a student of history I have spent a good part of my life in study of that time and those events. I assure you they are much more complicated than people today know or are willing to admit. This documentary to me provided the most comprehensive "explanation" of why a supposedly "civilized" nation went insane!

    I believe this film presents a warning (as the title states) for us today. I am disturbed by things I see happening in my country today. As in Germany all those years ago people are becoming so polarized ethnically and politically here that I am concerned that everyone will get so caught up in the ideal "I'm right, NO compromise!" that the idea of Representative Democracy will die and we will descend along that same path. Any one who thinks that lining people up and shooting them becoming the policy of the state couldn't or wouldn't happen here is deluding themselves.

    I do not agree with everything that is done by my government. However, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are equivalent and I am not ashamed of our actions in either case.

    We may agree on more than you might think. Just one question, If the USA were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, would things really be any better in the world? Think how the world would be today if we had not been around 70 years ago?

  93. Let me ad a little background. I am a born German and I live in Canada for the last 10 years. The Americans turned bad in WW2 because that's when their military started to get beefed up the the high standards we have today. America today is a country of war and conquest. Politically as well as economically. I don't say you support it, but don't tell me you great Americans saved the world. As for the Germans: They got what was coming to them. Poor fools.

  94. Bruce, ahmm - I don't know where you get the impression that I deny the events that took place, because I don't. I was talking about the docu, not the events. I also don't affirm them to be precise, but I think that it would be pretty hard to make it up, therefore I strongly believe that it's true. I am not oppressed, maybe a little poor though, but that's not the point here. I am also not a Nazi. That was before my time and the Neo-Nazis are a bunch of intellectual morons - I do not wish to be associated with them or any hate related group. Please explain to me how you conclude you accusations?

  95. Elvinatom, Goebbels couldn't have said it better! Poor oppressed you, spoken like a true Nazi. I take it from what you say that we American's should have just sat back and let the Nazi's or Japanese conquer your country and the rest of the world, so you and your family could either be dead or being worked to death by them today?

    Or are you saying 50 million dead never happened?

  96. It's like watching a bunch of kiddies argue here. The docu shown is just sensationalism - period. Nice shocking pics and emotional language. Just like the rest of this world is playing out to be right now: How do I manipulate the best to get what I want? The most gruesome stuff that ever happened? - Bologna! It's US weapons that do that job right now as you read this for the best part of it, and then come all the other so-called civilized countries around the world. Hitler, Microsoft, Christians and (fill in a thousand more) - let me compare them now: They all want to control you. Let me spell it out for you: There's no such thing as honesty, peace or freedom. Those are just political words that keep you desiring and despising, so you keep supporting, voting and buying. In our world where you have no way to get the truth or freedom from anywhere or anyone: stop hoping and help yourself - now that's my solution to the dilemma.

  97. To all off you who condemn FOX NEWS you are idio*s ,I came to USA 30 years ago to escape communist regime and now I and you will have no place to run if Obama, the empty suit, will install her socialist regime. But this is not what i want to tell everyone no country is secured from Hitler. My family lost in this war about 50some people both of my parents were in concentration camp, my little brother was 4 year old when a Ukrainian Nazi killed him in front of my father, my 3 year old sister was killed by an Ukrainian woman, my uncle was hanged by a German soldier, my two grandmothers were killed both of them was in their 70 by Germans. No regime which is run by a good speaking person who promise you the WORLD is good for anyone. Its just a thought.

  98. All you people who still insist on playing the us versus them after seeing this, missed the whole point! Germany prior to Hitler's rise became so politically polarized there was no one left to support the idea of Democracy! Hitler did not have absolute power when he first got elected. What he didn't have outright handed to him, he slowly chipped away from the democratic institutions until one day he disbanded the legislature, tore up the constitution and said here I am, like it or not.

    Whether you hate Bush or Obama don't let the hate blind you like it did the Germans. At what point do you suppose the average German woke up thinking "My God what have we done?"

    By the way NAZI was short for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Last I knew Socialists were leftists just like the Communists. The Nazi hatred for Communists was racially not politically motivated.

  99. Bush and Obama are part of the same hypocrisy,to serve the bankers and not the public!

  100. What I find amazing is how many of you can't spell.

  101. Ben W12/16/2009 at 02:37
    Elaine …. stop watching FOX news (if you can call it that) !!!


    It's the only news show that uses small words she can understand. The big words likely confuse her.

  102. Where is rolo? still on planet?

  103. poor guy, had he known they were going to blame him for the trail of tears, he might had stayed back in kenya. but, who ever wants him there and keeps him there, is the one you estupidos need to worry about. smoke and mirrors, suckers

  104. and obama has done this, and obama has done that, and bla bla bla. and obama owns the federal reserve bank and obama is going to kidnap your kids and bla bla bla. and obama is rockerfeller incarnate, and obama owns the world and obama killed jfk and obama hid jimmy hoffa, and obama is j edgar hoover dresses in black, and the new world order was invented by obama in the womb and bla bla bla, and obama is responsible for the third reich, and obama was a storm trooper and obama was forrest gump, and obama is an alien bla bla bla

  105. I can`t find it anywhere..

  106. Larissa; the music at the very beginning is "Lament of the Damned" I dont know the author.

  107. what`s the music plays at the beginning of the documentary?

  108. While the Levites were destroying Babylon they were conspiring with their counterparts in Rome and Greece to attack Babylon in order to complete the destruction of their host country. Nebuchanezzer did not invade Judea and destroy the temple, He came as requested to carry the brightest and most talented Judeans back to Babylon so that the Levites could teach them Republicanism.
    Irony is a killer, so are Levites.

    1. When you refer to "Levites," are you referring to only one tribe of Hebrews? Or are you employing the term in an anti-Semitic manner?

  109. A clue: Germany was A Republic, as was;Rome, Babylon, Greece later, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, spain, Domenica, Mexico, Turkey, every nation that became a Republic was destroyed, bankrupt,population reduced by war or sold into slavery of any sort,overun by others by arrangement with the same people that are destroying the USA.Their Holy Scriptures instruct them on the methods to accomplish thru banking and tax and trade. The Levites are at the center of all this with their followers, those who wish to be wealthy. In the USA Republicans are willing, perhaps not fully aware of their ability to destroy the USA. Levites are complex and intelligent and dangerous.They endanger the whole of humanity.THEY are the puppet masters. See the docs on the Rothschilds. Milton Babb (as in Babylon) 386-698-1879

  110. I thought that this documentary was bias toward the Nazi's. I am currently working toward a PhD in history. Personally I despise the way history is taught today. Nowadays history amounts to little more than propaganda, the winners afterall write it. Hitler is only evil because he lost. Whenever studying any field of history I always put my personnel beliefs on the shelf. However as this is not a history essay but rather an opinion post I think there is no shame in stating that I deeply admire the person of Adolf Hitler. This may seem odd when one considers my ethnic makeup nevertheless I stand by my statement.

  111. well said sir

  112. to epicurean your right, ive thought about it and when it comes down to it i just hope that there are no sick individuals or groups that are power hungry in the same way as hitler and the nazis were doesnt matter what the race they would be sick individuals, like you said i shouldnt overgeneralize its not like we all decide or agree with what our governments do, just noticed a strong bond between israel and american governments and think thier agendas should be kept an eye on maybe.

  113. 'i think the jews are a race to keep an eye on'

    its very hard to keep an eye on an entire race as there a multitude of different personalities and beliefs that you have to account for. Please dont fall into the trap of overgeneralizing.

    They have a long history of literacy and numeracy and it is more a case of learn from what you do not understand rather than fearing the unknown.

  114. i think the jews are a race to keep an eye on, they seem to own alot of important political positions and are trying to get more, within america and any nation that has interest in the middleeast, israel has a hatred for muslims a bit to deep for my liking and is happy for america to help spread the hatred. america and israel are slowly but surly working together to complete their goals witch is for america to get the petrol and israel to get the land.

  115. So why is it that you all hold this documentary in such high regard over the 30 other ww2 docs on this subject? How are you so sure this is the one real truth on the matter? Take everything you hear with a grain of salt....especially that tool rambling on about his "puppet master".

    Informative, entertaining...good doc, needs to source its facts a bit more, instead of just saying "this is the way it was"

  116. hitler was a gay , he killed himself

  117. Morality is not given or legislated or commanded, it is demonstrated in loving deeds.

  118. Never. never hate anyone it will burn holes in your gut
    Think in "cold" blood then compare your conclusions to your emotions.

  119. Money is power, power corrupts us to wealth or poverty.

  120. We are all victims of propaganda from the begining, that is why it so difficult for us to agree on specifics of cause and effect or who is really at fault so that a remedy can be implemented.

  121. Boone, it's pretty obvious you are a Beck follower. Am astounded that you can not realize that it is YOU who are a victim of propaganda, 24/7, by the likes of the rightwing radio monopoly, headed by Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc. This so closely resembles a Ministry of Propaganda, a la Goebbels, that it is frightening! These people, who are all multi-millionaires, are the elite who seek to keep the middle-class divided, so that they may ultimately be CONTROLLED, BY the elite. Survival of the fittest--the law of the jungle--just like Nazism. Wake up and smell the coffee!

  122. Elaine, you are such a dumbass for comparing hitler to Obama. stupid humanoid

  123. Have always wondered whether this text from the Old Testament has any relevance to the Nazi atrocities against the Jews--

    Ezekiel 2

    3 And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day. 4 For they are impudent children and stiffhearted.

    7 And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious.

  124. B173 1S,
    Well, is that what the left is all about, violence, murder, ethnic cleansing, yes, I suppose you can relate to the Nazis. Obviously you don’t care about truth, this country, or our Constitution and Bill of Rights. My guess is that you are just a little left of Communism …. Perhaps a Stalinist? Be grateful that you still have the right to free speech because if folks follow your dictates free speech will go away along with this country as we know it. It may anyway under Obama’s administration.

  125. Personally speaking, I wouldn't mind if Obama learned a thing or two from the Nazis and wiped out every right-wing plague rat in the United States. Except instead of going through the hassle of rounding them up from their homes, just use our massive stockpile of unused nuclear weapons to vaporize them in their sleep.

  126. This documentary is a must for all those who seek truth from history. It's about how people can be made to think anything through propaganda. Look at poor Jeff and his Jan 14th comments. All he dose is spit pure haterd and knows no truth at all. Here in the USA the progressive movement has used (and still using) propaganda from the turn of the century(1900) to change our country from a Republic to a Democracy, and from there we are becomming a socialist welfare state. Men like Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Bush(both) and now Obama, all progressive, all seeking power to bring about a New World Order through propaganda.

    Just as the nazi's got the German people to hate Jews and love Hitler so shall propaganda work here with the Obama adminstration where we can spend our way to prosperity, unversal health care, jobs for everyone, and no one is accountable for anything. Yes my friends, the propaganda machine is in high and tell us all is good and we must love all as we love Obama. (also the check is in the mail) Yet here we are jobless, in debt beyond anything that can be paid back, unrespected by world governments because we are weak economically and produced weak leadership.

    What a future we have made for ourselves. The only way back is through truth found in our constitution and bill of rights. We must seek the truth to know the difference between propaganda and reality, between right and wrong, what government is and what it shouldn't be. Of course this means work on our part, something that out of bounds for the mass majority of folks. Need to change what we teach our children in public schools so that history is taught ojectively not subjectively (of course that assumes US history is taught at all).

    This country was built on very simple principals, Love of God, Love of Family, Love of Nation. But the progressive has changed all that so now there is no God, family is a tax deduction, and the Government will take care of you cradle to grave. And they have done it through propaganda. Again this documentary has shown what propaganda did to a nation in just ten years what is it doing to us in a 100 years? All we can do is pray that we find our way back to what made this country great and that's the truth.

    1. good points. the beginning of the end started with revoking the gold standard allowing banker fiat currency to steal all the real wealth.

  127. Mercury, David Cole who made "Cole in Auschwitz" has since completely changed his stance and apologized for denying the Holocaust, making numerous apologies. That is why nobody cares about that Documentary.

  128. Facism is rule by corporate interest by definition. Any American citizen who does not acknowledge that corporations are the first class citizens country is in denial... I would hesitate to put up any one political party, individual politician or dark figure real or imagined as the poster child for what is wrong with the world, especially the U.S., it does no justice to the systemic clusterf--k that is life in the "unfettered free market." Fox sucks along with the right wingers and particular brand of vehement social and moral conservatism, which serves only to divide citizens and distract us from seeing our common threads and from acting to preserve the inalienable rights that are being stripped from us ALL..... But then again the democrats seem to have failed to recognize that people are sick of doublespeak, evoking populist ideals in the media and catering to the same interests as the conservatives behind the scenes. All involved in the gerrymandering game are wolves in sheeps clothing, whose interests are not those of their constituents, but of their party and the special interests that make up the bulk of their donor lists. All the corporate slime does is ooze over to what ever side wins the popularity contest.

    1. by george this mans got it !

  129. The most telling comment came from the lady who said that the majority of the Germnan population went with it (the nazi regime.
    but the visual is also important just watch her face.
    Ithink it shows the realisation of what happened
    Maybe if what had done a spot of nation building at the end of WW1 things might have been different.

    1. yes the masses went along for the ride, but were they the cause?

  130. To the above comment: Hear hear!

  131. There is no "puppet-master" using war as a method of population control. Regarding the 'pulling of strings' each and every one of us has to take responsibility for our individual situation. This, in turn, will influence our family, our neighbourhood, our society, our nation and ultimately the entire human race. Conspiracy theories will be of no service in the pursuit of a world where the seeds of such tragic and barbaric events will be prevented from finding fertile soil. More importantly, you should realise that in less than 15 years time there will be no-one left alive who can offer personal, experiential testimony regarding what happened during this dismal chapter of human history. If you can consider that in the early 1930s Hitler was able to garner less than three per cent of the vote, yet within less than eight years was to find himself with the resources of an entire nation at his disposal, then perhaps you can appreciate that, despite the fact this all happened seventy years ago, it could quite easily happen again. I say this because, even today, it is clear that there are no limits regarding the levels of depravity and barbarism to which humans can sink, yet, at the same time, there is no limit to the heights of ennoblement towards which we can aspire. The question here is, when left entirely to your own resources, which road will you take ?

    1. you admit there are no limits to human depravity but you fail to understand how hitler rose to power and who was funding him.I suggest doing more studying of who the players were that helped finance him. I dont mean hitlers inner circle himmler, speer etc.Then your tune will change.

  132. The puppetmaster has pulled the strings since Pres. Wilson was blackmailed by Col. House. No matter who is in the White House the Puppetmaster still controls the actions and characters on the stage!. Every one should watch this and review what has happened in other countries ie Russia, China , Viet nam areas of Africa. The Puppetmaster uses war as a method of population Control!

    1. unfortunately, people do not understand what you are trying to say by using the term puppetmaster.Instead you should use international bankers, industrialists, royalty etc.History is clear and the money trail shows what really happened in history.


  133. After watching this, watch David Cole's "Cole in Auschwitz" and the documentary "One Third of the Holocaust" - both on Utube.

    Why are these documentaries not on Top Documentary Films?

  134. As for this documentary ... all younger generations who were lucky enough to be born following WW2 should really watch.

  135. Elaine .... stop watching FOX news (if you can call it that) !!!

  136. Elaine and other Faux News fans:

    Nazi's were the Conservatives. I find it hilarious that Lardbaugh and others always call the left "Nazi's". It just shows how ignorant they are and it reflects the reliability of the rhetoric that they manipulate others with.

  137. i watched the whole film with great attention and i wondered what humans are capable of and it is a film with great lessons to human as whole and to the people who think differently in is a must be seen film.

  138. Elaine with all due respect honey that is not true if any race suffers from a genocide in America it will not come from the hands of Obama. Did you have this same fear when Bush was in office; he has done more harm to this country than any president in office ever; with Bush I do not think it was about race it was about class. If you are not at the top of that pyramid you are at the bottom and that includes whites, blacks, yellows, red etc. do not fool yourself into believing that if you have a couple million dollars or 90 million you are apart of that one percent. The one percent has trillions on trillions of dollars and they control the world; Now, I do believe there will come a time that America will end as we know it because no kingdom lasts forever; their will be the people who have everything and people who have nothing at all and they will be a world power from different nations; just hope you have lived your life, your right with God and will not have to be here when the time comes.

  139. I watched the first disc for "The Nazis A Warning From History" and have been sending e-mails to many of my friends and family. WOW what a smart young man you are to set up a web site to share this historical truth. As an American I can see this in happening us. My friends and neighbors have now Idea what Obama has in store for this country.

  140. This film is a must watch. It allows us to see what humanity can do to humanity. Unfortunately with Rwanda and the Serbia as well as others recent genocides, we have not learned to respect humanity.

  141. everyone must watch and learn what happened