The New Clinton Chronicles

The New Clinton Chronicles

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The New Clinton ChroniclesOn January 20th, 1993, William Jefferson Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States. At the time, most Americans were not aware of the extent of Clinton's criminal background, nor were they aware of the media blackout which kept this information from the public. As State Attorney General and later, Governor, Bill Clinton in twelve years achieved absolute control over the political, legal, and financial systems of Arkansas.

As President, he would attempt to do the same with the nation by bringing members of his inner circle with him to Washington. The hijacking of America was underway, and its' impact on future generations would be incalculable.

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Shari Finnell
2 years ago

I hear he was sent here as a baby to be raised to do just that. From Germany.

John K
3 years ago

Nazi flags? Gee, haven't noticed those flying anywhere.....

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

A true American Crime Family. Lies, Corruption, Murder, and Betrayal. All with the help and support of the Main Stream Media (cnn, msnbc, etc)

Gus Brunson
6 years ago

This movie has been sponsored by the ALT RIGHT Breitbart News...

And an Alt Right propaganda like this movie, is as fake and insincere, as Nazi movie criticizing jews.
Wait a minute, maybe that's where the Alt-Rights got their wonder we see so many Nazi flags these days.

Burt Ward
6 years ago

The only stuff I know to be factual on this video has to do with Paula Jones, the other women Jeffy diddled, and the Mena incident. I was in police academy in 1992 and in the evidence collection class we got a visit from FBI agents assigned to a special task force out of Mena. They had been working up a long case against Hillary and were preparing the bill of documents for the Arkansas Deputy US Attorney. In the middle of that process, Janet Reno fired that attorney and installed her own one. The new DUSA was preparing the case against Hillary until Reno got wind of it. She shut it down cold, I mean cold. But not before a special federal grand jury indicted Hillary of one count of aggrandizement of a federal felony. If you have not heard of that, its used in cases where a bunch of people go to prison around you and you failed to alert authorities to what they were doing. Reno learned of the indictment and was livid. So she did the only thing she could, she moved it to Fort Smith and locked it up in the courthouse. It sits there right now and I am now prodding Trump to open it up so we can see inside the darker side of Hlyliar.

A Patriot
6 years ago

G.H.W. Bush (former CIA Director) #41 was the one who set this whole drug smuggling operation up. "Slick Willie" #42 provided cover for the smuggling operation while he was Governor of Arkansas. Both of these families are close friends go figure! It's rather ironic that Bush Jr. #43 and Obama #44 have been the last two Presidents considering they are distant relatives. The last thirty years of presidential politics was planned out long ago and now the powers that be are trying to keep power by electing Hillary! All of these corrupt families deserve to be in prison!

7 years ago

If you had lived in Arkansas as I did when Bill Clinton was governor, and surrounded by rich and powerful people as I was who knew the Clintons you would have heard all sorts of stories of Bill's womanizing and criminal activities. I remember the joke at the time was they brought women into Little Rock for Bill to screw and also for Hillary too. I have meet both Hillary and Bill at a social function in Texarkana, Arkansas. They had a lot of bad rumors going around in Arkansas of corruption at the time and now all of this is being brought to light. I know it is not fair to condemn people without proof, but I think all these people over a long period of time coming forth, there must be some truth in all of this. Why would we want someone to be our president with this much baggage.

7 years ago

It started with Joe Kennedy and continues with the bad as the mafia..all of them.

7 years ago

I see a lot of comments claiming this video has been debunked. If that is true then please provide some sources. I'm always willing to look at both sides of a subject, but I'm not willing to just take anyones word for it. Almost all of the people seen in this video are among the list of names associated with The Clinton Body Count. Also you need to show evidence disproving the claims made by C.I.A. pilots saying they participated in this.

7 years ago

I worked with Children`s Service in the USA and the girls who were under the court`s surveillance from Arkansas told me that Bill Clinton was a drug trafficker and most people in Arkansas knew about it. I believed them. These girls were being rehabilitated from drug abuse. They had no reason to lie.

7 years ago

I'm NO right wing Republican. The Clinton's are as corrupt as they can get. In it for power and money, not for the people. Like John said "You can't make this stuff up."

7 years ago

This is why we say "You can't make this stuff up". So, you better believe it, like your life, and the lives of your children depend on it.

7 years ago

Paid for by Richard Mellon Scaiffe, billionaire family, and the Alliance for the Rebirth of an Independent America (ARIA). Just like Cordialia Scaife May funded Planned Parenthood, while pointing towards Democrats.

The entire GOP points fingers as control freaks.
The sins they see are in their own mirrors.....
Coming from within their own warped minds.

Joe America
7 years ago

If any of you "doubters" would only take some time to do a little research, (unbiased research), before you open your mouths, you can find a whole plethora of information related to everything in this video. Just take a day or two and pull up articles relating to the names, places, businesses, banks, etc... and you will find that there is overwhelming documentation that backs up most everything claimed in this video. You will find that the information is equally damaging to both Democrats and Republicans, CIA, DEA and on and on. Oliver North, the Bushes, the Clintons, Reagan and many more politicians on "both" sides of the isle. Leaders of other countries as well. The information is all right there on Google if you would just search for it correctly.
The Clintons are the epitome of corruption. There are many corrupt politicians in the USA and in "ALL" other countries as well. But those of you who are "chiming in" from other countries need to stop pointing fingers at us and start looking into your own closets because there is plenty there for you to comment on before you start looking at our dirty laundry.
Look it up people. There is trash in "everybody's" politics. I am just finding more in the Clintons that I ever imagined possible considering Bill was President for two terms and Hillary is trying to be President now.
Do your research before you throw around disclaimers about what others are saying that might offend you.

7 years ago

Boy listen to all the Democrats come out to support the crime and corruption that supports their monthly welfare checks! I'm sure their defending even the Whitewater scandal for Hillary's sake! All of you who do not believe the facts depicted in this documentary need to go crawl back in to your hole my tax dollars paid for!

9 years ago

It seems to be a favored trait in the commie/democrat party - to be a traitor, and to be into drugs: Kerry and obama are two of their other favorites.

No wonder they cater to the Muslim Brotherhood (sHillary just loves them too), and like to go and 'hug a thug' every so often. obama likes to kiss them.

10 years ago

The democrats will never let something like FACTS get in the way of their agenda. I know a lot of democrats who are finally opening their eyes about this party and its real plan for America. These two make Obama almost look like a saint. Almost. Sadly, many of their followers will never investigate anything for the purpose of discovery.

Gary McCurry
11 years ago

After reading some of the comments here I understand now how Obama got elected, a lot of Americans are just plum dumb

11 years ago

I have often wondered why American politicians and officials get away with so much that would put any normal person in gaol. One word seems to sum up the American fear of taking to the streets and not allowing these parasites and sociopaths get away with it: "Un-American". Americans are terrified of that meaningless word. We have no European equivalent and leaders have fallen because of us; Margaret Thatcher, for one... She tried to bring in an unfair, unpopular tax and now her name is mud. The French have a history of making their politicians afraid of the people, whereas in America it's the other way around.

I'm not anti-American in the slightest. I just feel sorry for Americans listlessly walking towards true fascism. Don't believe me? Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini coined the term fascism; but he said it was more accurate to call it corporatism - the state taking over industry, banks etc. What is happening in the West is corporatism, except that corporations have taken over the state and they select the politicians we vote for and they pull the strings. If you think this is far fetched, you really should do some research of history. It's always about money, power and control; not about civic duty. There is almost no chance I can see for a truly honourable US president without the people making their voices deafening. Sadly, I don't see Americans doing that - not in suffient numbers.

Democrat/Republican, what's the difference anyway? Does anything actually change? Did Obama keep his promises to do away with Bush's sign-offs? No. Did he close down Gitmo? No. Did he bring the troops home? No. In fact, he's escalated more wars than Bush. Did he keep lobbiests and Wall St out of government posts? Hell no. It's a tribal game like supporting a sports team. They love people to get passionate about a party because they ignore the real issues. It's all about getting their team to win.

11 years ago

I voted for Clinton his first term, watched him immediately cave on the gays in army and figured that was going to set the tone -- and it did, I considered the rest of his presidency a Republican administration and after that only stood up for him when the Republicans tried to force him out of office over a sex act. All of this by way of saying I don't care for the guy as a politician although by all accounts he's personally very hard to resist.
But this doc is complete and total garbage. The first one on here that I've watched that I can't understand why it's included. No matter your feelings about the guy, don't waste your time on this. Words fail me how repugnant it is. The so-called ties to so many scandals that after his presidency we learn every one was untrue.
He obviously had his failings but who doesn't? For anyone to watch this and believe it, you'd have to be unhinged with hate for the man and I do not think it says a lot for this site that it is hosting this. Send it back to Falwell's son and let him get his robots upset.

11 years ago

Look, I'm no Clinton lover -- I never voted for the man. But I do know the difference between blind, hateful manure slinging and reasoned argument.
There is no reasoned argument, or real evidence, in this sorry excuse of a "documentary". This film is pure hate-filled, spiteful manure. I'm not at all in favor of censorship, but this film is so full of obvious mean-spirited lies and blatant right-wing propaganda that it begs to be removed from this site and thrown into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

11 years ago

There are all the same

11 years ago

I think there's a difference between morality and character. Bill Clinton's morality may actually be enviable to some - I bet Clinton has had a few laughs in his day. But Clinton's character is such that it only serves himself and the mechanisms that support him. He has no sense of civic duty - he's a very good player in a very nasty game.

Sheesh - the list at the end really drove home the point.

11 years ago

Look, I'm no Clinton lover -- I never voted for the man. But I do know the difference between blind, hateful manure slinging and reasoned argument.
There is no reasoned argument, or real evidence, in this sorry excuse of a "documentary". This film is pure hate-filled, spiteful manure. I'm not at all in favor of censorship, but this film is so full of obvious mean-spirited lies and blatant propaganda that it begs to be removed from this site and thrown into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

11 years ago

If we practiced, in reality, your kind of socially responsive "morality" then NO ONE could possibly be moral, and the very concept of morality would be meaningless. Jefferson, Lincoln(anecdotal, but seems likely), FDR, Reagan, and Bush Sr., and probably some others, all had extra-marital relations. Were they all incapable of being good presidents simply because they were expressing their innate biological needs in a way that caused no harm whatsoever to the government, and apparently no harm to their spouses. Elanor Roosevelt was friends with FDRs gf, and she knew they were having and affair. Neither Barbara nor Hillary seemed bothered by their husbands actions. Not everything in this world is black or white. The bulk of the human race lives nuanced lives that cover a billion shades of gray. Hating Clinton, or pretending that he was a "traitor", for having sex with another grown consenting and eager woman is just ridiculous beyond ridiculous. That is hatred just for the sake of hatred -- hatred pretending to be morality. Pretending we are morally superior doesn't solve any problems, it creates problems -- and more useless hatred.

The single most urgent problem in this country is that a corporate oligarchy has, with impunity, literally bought and paid for our government. And this government serves its corporate bosses, not the people. Our congressmen, senators and even our presidents are so dependent on campaign money from corporations and other self-interested entities that our politicians have essentially become obedient employees of the corporate cabal. Until, and unless, we have serious, thorough and genuinely effective campaign finance reform then it is useless to protest, complain or even hope. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will improve for the American people until this culture of corruption and corporate servitude in Washington, D.C. and in our state capitals is put to a complete stop. WE URGENTLY NEED CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.

We must stop being distracted by the symptoms of corruption and start treating the real cause of most of our problems -- corporate/political corruption itself. Almost every problem we have is either directly or indirectly tied to this single issue. We desperately need campaign finance reform that will allow our politicians to vote for what's right instead of what will bring money to their political campaigns.

11 years ago

In reality we can go on forever about the facts in regards to the corruption and alternative motives involved in politics from mayors, Congressman, and Presidents right up to the very elite who run this country. And regardless of who has the best facts in regards to who was corrupt and who wasn't is no longer a credible basis for determining the ultimate truth because we can see from the beginning of time that both sides of the argument can be extremely persuasive. For example, we can attend a public debate pertaining to any particular topic with two speakers who have an abundance of credible evidence in favor of each one's individual subject, and yet see the same end result. Which is two people believing in exactly what they believed in before executing their argument, in addition to most of the crowd who attended the debate leaving more confused than they were before they attended the debate.

Question: if no one is helping others to sharpen the faculties in terms of discerning the evidence than i ask you, what is gained? And even more profound of a question: If all that was gained was the opportunity to have a sounding board and recognition, why is it that a simple minded human as myself wondering about the motives behind our public speakers and debaters?

The fact remains that we must find another form of rationalization that relies more on looking at the bigger picture than of the intricate details that make up the big picture. Reason being, I find ourselves becoming so inundated with intricate facts that they begin to have a desensitizing effect on those assessing the situation to where the ability to effectively discern on a simplistic level becomes hindered.

For example, as soon as everyone discovered that President Clinton received sexual attention from Monica Lewinsky we can make an assessment based on the evidence that even if he didn't commit that specific sexual act that his behavior in terms of the relationship he had with Monica implied that it was more than just professional. Which in turn, at least in my opinion, temporarily disqualifies him from being capable of carrying out his presidential duties. Although some may argue that because he has issues maintaining a healthy and truthful personal life in regards to his family matters doesn't mean he is incapable of carrying out his presidential duties. But the fact still remains that a sense of simplistic discernment could pierce through the intellectual legalities and babble revealing the truth of the matter.Truth being that if he's willing to violate the oath he has his wife, then it becomes quite clear, and somewhat a be a no-brainier to make the assessment that he is capable of breaking the oath he had to his country.

this is not to say that all the accusations that were made against him are true or not. It could very well be that some of the information mentioned in in this video could be falsified, but I'm not basing my assessment solely on the behavior of President Clinton but of all the presidents starting from George Washington all the way to the president we have currently.

In closing, it is quite clear to me that the interest of the government, the elite, or whatever title anyone wishes to adhere to those who run the show on this planet are are pursuing interests that are clearly not on the behalf of the people. In any other situation, whether it be a relationship with a neighbor, spouse, or boss, I believe all would attest to the fact that if patterns of behaviors that we saw in government were are being carried out in the any of the other relationships that I mentioned above there would be a discontinuance of those relationships. If not immediately, definitely a lot sooner then the amount of time it took to go through all these presidents. So I leave you with this question: why then do we all continue to play the game, lesser of two evils, when determining who will lead our country?

11 years ago

Unfortunately, there is a whole cottage industry -- a very well paid industry -- of insidious anti-Clinton films and books spewing forth like foul, explosive diarrhea. There are a number of right-wing organizations that make sure that anyone willing to stoop down into the gutter and spew manure about liberals and democrats are enriched $$$$ by their lies. Plenty of people are lining up to this conservative gravy train. There are even people, or rather scum, who make a full-time living by spreading the outrageous LIES you find in this and other films and books. But, don't take my word for it. And, don't take their word for it. The lies in this film are easily debunked by a little bit of genuine research. Don't be lazy. Don't be a mindless sheep. Give a bother and get off your beeswax and do some real research and see for yourself.

11 years ago

I agree we live under a government that is thoroughly corrupted and ruled by a corporate oligarchy. You can't become president of the U.S. without being part of that corruption. However, 90% percent of The Clinton Chronicles is just mean-spirited, groundless lies -- useless, venomous lies. This kind of blind hatred doesn't solve any problems, and possibly makes things even worse because it distracts people from the real problems that we should be examining and doing something about. I'm no Clinton lover, but as presidents go, our country was far better off under Clinton than any other president since 1945. Clinton balanced the budget (which increased the quality of life for most Americans), he helped maintain a reasonable level of corporate regulation (Bush didn't, which led to our corrupted financial crisis that we are still suffering from). Clinton never dropped any bombs on women and children and innocent old men, he never instigated a war for profit to help his friends, he didn't knowingly present false, fabricated intelligence reports to justify a needless slaughter of innocents and rape of natural resources in the middle east. Of course, W. Bush DID do those things. Clinton had his flaws. He did on occasion give in to the corporate oligarchy, but Bush, Reagan and others were complete, obedient puppets of the corporate powers that be. Clinton resisted them as much as he could. So what if he got a bj from a grown, intelligent woman who clearly knew what she was doing -- and, hey, his wife didn't seem to mind, so what business is it of ours? Clinton wasn't perfect, but he was NOT a drug dealing murderer! Ridiculous! The Clinton Chronicles are full of lies and fabrications, obviously made up by someone - or some organization - that has something to gain by spreading their false, insidious propaganda. The film did a good job playing on peoples fears and emotions. We live in a society where most people worship mythology and glorify blind belief, so I'm sure that plenty of people, sadly, will be foolish enough to buy this films nonsense. Unfortunately, our society, as a whole, has been trained to just out of hand, discount, disregard, and disrespect logic, reason and critical thinking. There are many "documentaries" on this website made by people with ulterior, and sometimes even surreptitiously sinister, motives. Be careful. Don't take anyone's word for anything. Do your own good research, check, double check and triple check the "facts", and then make up your own mind. Think for yourself.

11 years ago

I know this is only a smokescreen even though it is true. The big story is his meeting with the secretive C.F.R. and signing into law NAFTA. This information is easily available to anyone that is willing to do the research. You can forget about the media ever admitting their part in the criminal takeover of America(UNITED STATES CORPORATION) since it will implicate them as having been part of the cover up.The charge is treason and not to far in the future they will face these charges in a tribunal and I feel sorry for them. The presidency is now an appointment to the position of CEO of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. This is the truth but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Turn your TELL-LIE-VISION off. Go to the library and read some books. I would suggest Carroll Quigley's books. Aldous Huxley's brave new world. Then, if you really want to know, read G. Edward Griffith's The Creature From Jekyll Island

11 years ago

The only way a person can become president it seems is to have something in your background that they can be blackmailed. The press are guilty of treason and every president since JFK WAS ASSASSINATED BY THE ROGUE CIA AND THE FRENCH HIT SQUAD. Bush sr and his network paid them in heroin.

11 years ago

Sorry for not cheaking my spelling even spelled Clinton wrong should have just said scum.Why did we not here this during his impeachment.The MSM is bought and paid for the sad thing is most get there info from it.That has to change America is crumbling and don't have a chance if they get more of the same in this election.I wish all American citizens the best and the people in power you need to be replaced they are not working for there boss that pays them you.

11 years ago

This is wild I've just been learning about all the things of the last 10 years and 2 presidents.I used to belive the MSM untill I got into the internet.New Clinton discrased the office of president with Monica but never new all this but belive it 100 persent.Just look ay all the deaths most by suicide.America can't get a good president unless they get luckey and the election is not rigged and get Ron Paul.I no people still move to America but if it was me I would never move there there are much better places to live.All have good and bad but America is almost completly corrupt.This piece of cr*p is as bad as Bush and Obama.It seems Americas last hope is Ron Paul if he is not voted in as president the country is dumb or don't care to pay attention or the elections are rigged.With 9/11 fauls flag and all the illegal wars and all the lies that have been admited you have to be stupid to not pay attention.This country is going to be left to your children stand up and force change and not the type Obama talked about.I live in Canada in Windsor so I grew up right over the detroit river and always had American tv and news.We are one of the most Americanized citys probably the most.Used to think the country was great but after all I've learned It needs change and is far from great.The American citizens are getting screwed they have more dept much more than any country in the history of the world.Canada is not perfect no were is but bI would much rather be a Canadian than American.Its not the people its most of the government.They have become tyranicle long ago and its getting worse.They don't follow the very constitution they swear to uphold and that makes them tyranicle among other things in your constitution you have a duty to replace such a government and it even seems to be the congress.I hope thing get fixed without violence but in the American civil war 750 thousand people died and millions of others for your freedom your constitution gives all Americans.Good luck GOD bless Ron Paul 2012

12 years ago

Thank Achilles for the hint about "The Power of Nightmares". I found the online vid at 3 parts. Cinton may not be clean "Spic&Span" but as anybody seen how corrupted most of the republlicans that followed him (The s-called Neo-Cons), Clinton was an angel!

He may have had a white nose at some times but it doesn't mean that he was "The One" who instigated or took an active part into the the whole.
One needs to put himself in the shoes of an individual to arrive to a sain conclusion: -What's a politician who wants to become president of a nation?
-For one, don't meke waves while the big shot is bathing!

In the The Power of Nightmares documentary, the judge or whatever man who was in charge of that public inquiry was a "Neo-Con" himself.
I didn't swollow that as is (Since I ain't an american) and went to see on the Internet. It is a fact that he was and still have neo-con principles.

In short, if there would have been anything "Bisarre" within that inquiry, he would have pushed it further.
That ought to the reason why that whole Clinton Chronicles appears to be lacking neutral objectivity.

In the end, what's the problem with having a white nose and a little fun with young gals? Ok! Anybody hopping aboard the convoy is at risk if the driver has any weakness, but since they're adults?

Just think of this: You're a young cute gal in love and surely planing for a live commitement. Then, this politician ask you for a meeting in an hotel room.
Hum! Clinton can consider himself to be lucky to have his way with Monica.
She was not busy elsewhere...

Next! When is it that you guys will find someone decent, honets and work for the good of your citizens as a president?
Gosh! It looks as if your social system is unfit to provide that?


12 years ago

I know democrats and republicans are pretty much the same puppets. I don't care for Clinton or any of them, I'm not even American. However, this "documentary" is so full of lies that I feel the need to request for it to be removed. I have no problem with "Conspiracy theories", I have come to believe that many of them are not "theories" after all. But if something is proven to be full of lies I don't see any reason why we should continue spreading it. Just watch Adam Curtis' "The Power of Nightmares" (which I think is much more valid), the second part, from 47:45 onwards (I actually recommend to watch all of it) where even people that were invloved in spreading these lies go on camera to admit that it was all bull. So is there a reason why this should remain on the site? I really don't think so.

12 years ago

Lefties need to see the TRUTH... The Clinton's are as evil as Bush and Cheney. They are on one team... WE are on the other team.

12 years ago

At least he left with a surplus, you can't say that about Bush.
For the rest it is pure bull.

John Marus
12 years ago

This is the dumbest "right" documentary, it's a fake - all hearsay and bull. If you're going to deconstruct Clinton why wouldn't you simply blame him for continuing the neo-con agenda by privatizing profits and socializing corporate risk. Pres. Clinton also opened the flood gates to cheap Chinese crap. My god, compared with GW Bush Mr. Clinton is a saint.

this FAKE documentary (political propaganda) is totally manipulated and is pure fairy dust.

12 years ago

Slick Willie was a liar, a cheat, a charmer, a scholar and probably one of the most opportunistic presidents we've ever had. But I'll tell what, I wish Bill was president right now instead of the moron we have.

12 years ago

almost 50 people close to B/clinton die under weird circumstances while he was in office. i don't have the names here although googling for it wouldn't take too long if you needed details. Also more people were arrested for marijuana during his reign than any other president*
* perhaps he should have inhaled lol
with that said he really was an easy president to like! now i will watch this doc and see if i still do

12 years ago

I actually believe that quite a lot of this is the truth, but, ok, suppose only ten percent of it is true?
That man is a nasty liar. Oh, and his morals.. he has none

12 years ago

That's kind of... abrupt.

12 years ago

If you read the above people shouting conspiracy and ignore the News Clippings, testimonies and documented evidence of numerous testimonies, you will truly understand why a Marxist can easily become president of the US. It doesn't matter whether he is Democrat or Republican, there will always be empty headed i@#$%^ who will try to verify the truth by going to a fraudulent organization, protecting criminals like snopes.

You folks who "SCREAM CONSPIRACY" are the reasons why this country is in bondage by foreign entities. You have historically drank the Kool Aide of a corrupt Globalist media, making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to believe or accept the EVIDENCE AND PROOF of corruption in your own country...You folks make me "ashamed" to be an American..


12 years ago

This has nothing to do with political lines. It's well known in Libertarian circles that Clinton worked for HW Bush and Kissinger from the Mena cocaine money laundering. All presidents are some how related or connected through the CIA, Bohemian Grove, etc. Watch JFKII for more info into how this is. Obama is D*ck Cheney's second cousin.

13 years ago

This makes Obama look like an angel.

13 years ago

This documentary was produced by the late Jerry Falwell. Anything with the fingerprints of that money-grubbing, self-righteous toad has little chance of containing any real truth.

13 years ago

At about 18;40 a doctor comes on introducing himself as dr. suen, he even spells it for us. On the screen it is written Dr. samuel houston. The so called doctor then goes about relating personal medical information about Mr. Clinton referring to sinus condition as a result of cocaine use. If this were a real doctor he would have probably lost his license for breaking doctor patient confidentiality. This documentory in my opinion while entertaining was a real hack job . Americans can only look back and wish Clinton could have remained in power a few more terms if it were allowed. What a mess today in comparison.

13 years ago

I don't see why republicans hate him so much, he passed all the corrupt bills they wanted. But republicans are dumb hypocrites, Gingrich and Hyde were calling Clinton immoral for the Monica BJ while they were also cheating on their wives with interns. I guess to some lying about a BJ is much more heinous than say, lying to the public to go to war and kill off our troops for corporate profit.

13 years ago

At least he left a government budget SURPLUS when he left office...

13 years ago

this is asolutly classic. As soon as they bring in drugs i couldn't hold in laughing anymore. It would be interesting to see where the core of this anti clinton film comes from. It reeks of repulican bullshit. They seem to be the only people with that old fashioned mind frame in which they believe anything they feed us, we will eat. Please don't smarten up republicans. I really hope you keep thinking this just so I can smell your bullshit a mile away and know not to believe it

13 years ago

@Seagib & Roxy:
I'm from Arkansas and lived it! To this day, we in AR live with Clinton's deals.
Clinton just kept on getting re-elected as our governor. Even worse, he became our president because voters liked his velvetty voice and trusted his sweet Southern style.
One thing all Southerners learn early on, pick your friends carefully...then set them up! It's all about family. The others are how to cultivate and call your livestock.
Soooooooo pig pig pig.