The Phase

The Phase

2013, Conspiracy  -   152 Comments
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It's an astounding coincidence: in the absolute majority of accounts of the supernatural, be they biblical miracles, UFOs or paranormal phenomena, the protagonist had been falling asleep or waking up at the crucial moment.

As a result, there is something out there that has forever altered human history and culture - something we know nothing about.

What are they keeping from us? Who stunted human development and who has something to gain from that? What's hidden inside each and every one of us - and what does it hold for the future?

The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of "out-of-body experience" and "astral projection" have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach.

Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. It gives each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about - a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds.

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  1. I WANT TO JOIN THIS CULT!! This is funny! I thought this was like a spoof of something and now realize this guys and Jimmy here are true believers of something that has been known to us for a long time in the medical field as sleep paralysis and Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep.

  2. I have been successful using his techniques. To all the B. S. Comments below I would say disregard them. This guy has a YouTube channel that is sparsely viewed and been up for many years. He has links to his original book as a free download, his latest republication is very affordable and full of updated content with updated data from the thousands of people who have been successful, he is very scientifically based and never goes into mysticism or cult like maneuvers. His Project Elijah is free for all to participate with free training. The only thing I can say about him is it's a shame more people don't know about his work and what he is trying to give to the world.

  3. I'll never judge a fake lookin blonde chick again :P

  4. We are born with our obvious physical body, and also with a spirit body. Just as we are born with a cord connecting us to the placenta, we also have what the Bible refers to as the silver cord. When the silver cord breaks apart from our physical body, that's when we are dead, or separated from the physical body forever. Our physical body is meant to be temporary. That's why everyone separates from physicality, either sooner or later. The reason near death experiencers return to the physical world, is because the cord is still connected to the physical body. When we sleep, the physical body rests. However, sleep is when our spirit body comes out and explores the spirit world. About 40 years ago, I did an experiment through meditation, and consciously was able to separate from my physical body. There was a whoosh to the back of my neck. Like a vacuum cleaner, my spirit was sucked out of my physical body, and exited through the back of my neck. Immediately, I was at the top of the ceiling, looking down on the physical body sleeping. Fear caused me to return to my physical body. I could have explored everything, but that was my first conscious experience. There is absolutely nothing to fear about death. When the silver cord breaks, we are all immediately in our spirit bodies permanently. We can visit earth, but people can't see us, and can even walk through us. There's a whole universe to explore in the spirit world forever. Physical life is very temporary. There's much more waiting for us when we loose ourselves from from our very limited physicality. We can fly in the spirit world, and much, much more.

  5. And Gideon said, "Have a pastry!" roflmao

  6. Why not just ignore what it is that doesn't seem of value and sift for anything of value in what you are watching, rather than getting hung up on or irritated about such things as the bedroom or some gal or russian accent(that is what the subtitles are for)? (There was a gal in this docu? Not my type so easy to ignore. If Raquel Welch, Jayne Mansfield, or Sophia Loren showed, I likely would have noticed.)

    Unfortunately young commentor John is too young to know that he is being indoctrinated by extremely limited information, much like his know it all adult counterparts, by the Socialist-Communist Bankster owned CorproGovtMedia complex.

    For those of the anti anything to do with Bible, religion, etc. Check out a strictly scientific docu called "The Principle" about the Capernican principle of where we are in the solar system and the universe. It is making some scientists rethink what they once thought. Then check out another docu called "Is Genesis HIstory?" Which addresses the question scientifically. Quite interesting science even if no mention of Genesis occurred.

    Those who limit themselves to only science have to have as much faith in science as those who limit themselves to only religious teachings. Why hasn't their faith been shaken when there has been at least as many errors called scientific fact as can be found in the Bible? And many still believe that pseudo science today. Do you think what you were taught about electricity is all there is? Or do you think Tesla had more to teach 100 years ago, that the powers that be don't want you to know, to keep you addicted to oil?

    Is there no truth what so ever in science? Much less than advertised but likely some. Then we can take that bit and make use of it. Same is true of the Bible, which has a lot of human psychology and wisdom in it. How can one know which part of science is true and which part of the Bible is true? Rather than thinking you know or deciding you know, if you just put items in the unknown file, additional information and insights will come along until one day you will have an "ah ha" experience. God or whoever you believe designed you, gave you that ability. Something that is likely not to work very well if your ego rules you, rather than you seeing/observing your ego into its proper place.

    The quote above about the ignorant being cocksure and the intelligent having doubts is so true. Why not just admit there is no way you can know if you have enough information at hand about anything when first learning about it and that it could be unknown time length before you do, that likely before you is very limited and at best, a person should limit themselves to: this is what SEEMS to be the case UNTIL or unless better info comes along. Unfortunately too many, then avoid any further info on the subject.

    The greatest disservice done to hordes of students of any age, is that they are not told that what they are being taught is a theory which may or may not change in the future. For example, in Darwin's Theory of Evolution he leaves it to future generations to prove his theory/s. They have yet to do so. So far science indicates that species cannot evolve into other species, while adapting, they either revert back or dead end like the mule. And that a modern type of man's footprints are preserved by volcanic activity at the same time of a dinosaurs footprint, indicating either man is much older or dinosaurs are much younger. My bet is that the dinosaurs are much younger since carbon dating has serious problems.

    The fellow calling this almost awake or almost asleep state, "the phase" is no worse than several others rebranding something that has been known about. No better either. However, he did expose me to some info that I hadn't been aware of, such that people could go find aliens or "the light in a tunnel" in such a state.

    I wonder about a couple of things he said though: 1) That some entity has hidden this ability from us. If most could remote view, take a trip without leaving your chair or bed and go visit the enemy's plan room and see what and when they have something planned, then yes, I would agree with him, everything would be transparent if you could check it out. If only useful for personal entertainment, then no, I disagree since that part hasn't really been hidden. It would seem much less expensive and seemingly less bodily harm than taking drugs. If you need to take some herb or drug to do what he describes, then are you really doing what he describes? It wouldn't seem so. 2) Not sure the future would be better with everyone having the two lives as he describes, one awake, one astrally projected or whatever. How long before people get addicted to their dream state and have all the undesirable problems of any other addiction? I'd like to talk to that police officer's wife and relatives.

    A caution by the fellow who communicated telepathically or whatever it was, from the usa with Admiral Byrd on one of his trips to the South Pole: Do not invite other spirits in. You may get them and he knew of some who regret it terribly since some had an unkind spirit enter, to put it mildly, not to mention it didn't want to leave. Some had a visit with kind spirits but he said it just isn't worth the risk. However, that was a receptive state he was doing while trying to acquire what Admiral Byrd was sending mentally. Likely different than concentrating on yourself and what you are seeing and doing. By the way Admiral Byrd supposedly confirmed that he in deed did acquire the jist of what he was thinking at the designated time each day, after returning and comparing their notes.

    If you don't believe in any woo-woo stuff. What makes you think you know everything? Ever talk to someone who had a sort of exorcism/demon removal? Are they full of beans? How do you know? I have to say, the description seems quite real. They claim to be relieved of what they used to be compelled to do, not angry any more, etc. Maybe a few too many people have let evil spirits under their skin? Or hadn't much of a choice at young ages...

    It is too often the practice of those of limited information and experience to criticize and judge those who have a bit more of those. --DU (It seems the mother with teenagers confirms ;) Yep, I do a lot of what could be taken as criticizing those of limited information and experience. Someone needs to, lest they walk onward misinforming too many others, like many a teacher, unfortunately. My hope is to point out that there is a LOT more information out there and if you feel yourself wanting to avoid it, what does that tell you about you and your world view? Enlightenment doesn't come from a closed mind. A mind open to anything is just as silly. There is nothing wrong with putting lots of things in the unknown file or maybe file. To be determined later is fine until you are purposely avoiding.

    May all your dreams come true ...unless they are bad for me or you.

    1. That was sexy. Well spoken Sir.

  7. This documentary is a pointless exercise in reductionism. It shamelessly chalks all consciousness based anomalies into one "simple" event annoyingly termed 'the phase' as though the cult-leader guy with the terrible english has the only inside track on all mystic/religious/supernatural events in the human experience and the rest of us are just clueless sheep mindlessly following along with whatever we've been told to think of them.

    That having been needlessly pointed out (this guy's bs levels are way over 9000, as I'm sure most ppl pick up on immediately. It's not subtle) I do applaud the effort to study these phenomena, even if said study is being botched. Think of all the missed opportunities of scientific/pseudo-scientific investigation that could have been explored instead of trying to one by one recreate and sublimate any and all mystic experiences in human history just to streamline $ into this organization's pockets...

    For instance, given access to people with these alleged capabilities, why not see if you can pass a specific message or concept through this 'phase', and test information attenuation? Why not put said volunteers on a task to try to create and maintain a virtual environment like a house or something and see if it sticks? Those are just two ideas without even trying that seem far more productive to me than burning resources to recreate a biblical event just to prove a point to those of faith who would simply ignore your attempts to begin with.

    Overall just another hilariously depressing example of a brilliant concept wasted on idiocy, a groundless accusation of global conspiracy, and the meaningless sound of one hand fapping...

  8. There are basic medical principles at play here. A biochemical that is meant to paralyze the sleeping human body so as to protect it from injuring itself is overactive in some folks. Thus, they are still paralyzed while awake. This is called old hag syndrome. It is very classic knowledge. There is nothing spiritual about it. This documentary attempts to encapsulate a number of basic sleep disorders and brand them to this man's description of all existence. I suspect he plans on launching his own cult with followers sheepishly adhering to him because he has coined a word for all sleep disorders as "THE PHASE". Like all cult leaders, he will no doubt have many virginal wives and lots of cash if his plan is successful.

  9. Okay, so is he saying that the phase is just a place in our imaginations where we play & invent crap like bored little children? Or is he saying that it could also be a portal to other dimensional possibilities? Or access to other shared knowledge? Or what?

    And to state that this is something that humanity hasn't considered before is rather close-minded coz obviously so many of us have - he just hasn't bothered to see this for himself. Sounds like this guy is suffering from confirmation bias. He's not even interested in trying to disprove his own precious theory, lest he may be wrong & have to consider that there are other explanations for what he's just attributing to the phase as a blanket explanation. Correlation is not necessarily causation.

    And if there are other explanations as well, you cannot just sit on this one explanation & write everything off to this. Granted, it does correlate with a lot of evidence gathered from many unexplained things we're still struggling to understand, but I have trouble believing that this explains it all. I'd like to see what 'mass experiments' he did in an attempt to prove that there is no other explanation BUT the phase for all this phenomena he's attributing to it.

    Coz if there ARE other explanations as well as the phase, & books like the Bible which warn that there are malicious creatures intentionally trapped there like criminals in gaol, waiting in these dimensional slices for innocent, fool-hardy humans like him, wouldn't it be dangerous & irresponsible to not at least issue this warning to these poor followers lest they also be dragged into the same dead-end conclusion that he's reached?

    Our own internal universe is vastly unexplored & we don't understand ourselves at the best of times or what we're truly capable of, so to go blundering into this without caution is foolish. No sensible man would explore a new land without being forearmed, for what proof does he have that there aren't dangers lurking in these places?

    This man needs to be more careful & considerate in his approach to this area, especially with all these other ignorant people in tow. Other than that, he has found an area that does warrant more exploration.

  10. I thought that everyone did this all the time. I create, learn and analyze, while asleep. I often wake, with notes on the paper, always near my head. As an atheist this is attributed to lucid dreams. Dreams, in my case, are programmed while awake, then used as a problem solving tool.

  11. At one point in my life I believed in this kind of stuff but it was only a phase.

  12. I've had an out of body experience - I won't go into fine details, but i traveled across town to another home, it was confirmed by the person in the home across town - I never asked the person in the home across town to confirm anything they confronted me with the information - There was no time or space involved, it was all instant - (which tells me that time and space only exist in the manifest state of being - not the pure conscious state, (the reality state), of being - The form that we manifest is but the cab, the bus, the vehicle that enables us to traverse this frequency/dimension - In "real" time -

  13. Asinine on the face of it! Hypnagogic hallucinations are a well known phenomenon. Often occurs in association with "sleep paralysis" and probably underlies the myth of Subuccus and Incubus. And explains "tractor beams" that hold the victim fast. Any event occurring upon falling asleep and/ or awakening is not anything but hallucination.

    1. the sleep paralysis is just the first part. most folks are terrified of this part and are desperate to wake up. if you face down the fear the other part happens. you move out of your body flying with great speed and in very magical places. even if it is only a dream state, when you wake up from it your whole day and week and month or even longer is truly exciting. it so hard to convey to someone what it feels like.

  14. That girl wouldn't get the chance to sleep if i were there. I wonder if it's the main dude's girlfriend? anyhoo nice video, I once had the sleep paralysis experience but went back to sleep, freaky experience though.

  15. This is it
    Lots of Astral dreams so i

  16. That girl looks like she needs to eat no really

  17. who goes to sleep with that much makeup on her face..?

  18. This is absolutely real! I've never had lucid dreams or sleep paralysis or OBEs before i actually started doing the techniques and researching this stuff. I didn't even know that such a thing exist untill i accidentally stumbled upon it in some youtube video and it got me so excited and inspired! I started my research and practice and after some time it worked i had a lucid dream! I still have them every now and then. However, when practicing and not getting the results that you want, motivation becomes hard to maintain. But you must persevere and it will happen eventually.

    I recommend reading Steven LaBerge book for anyone interested. It gives you a good array of techniques to choose from, some of which worked for me.

    Now lucid dreaming is my passion, it's so exhilarating!

    1. Thanks Darya, I bought the book but haven't read it yet. I'm reading Yogas For Breaming but haven't had a lucid dream yet. Will try LaBerge.

    2. Try Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming ;)

  19. Well this is horrible, could only stomach 1/2 of it.
    Its sleep paralysis. You can take advantage of this,
    to lucid dreaming, This is where your " Imagination"
    takes place, this is why people experience this nonsense
    of aliens/angels/demons/ghosts. This is why they
    were taught to chase aliens or angels in that segment,
    whatever you wanting, thats waht will appear in your dream.

    I do this 5 times a week, very easy to do, once
    im out of my body I can fly around, and create my
    own world. Its just a dream.

    Dreams are emo/imagination/visual based. Anyone
    can do it.

  20. i put some of my own personal experiences down to corrupt mattresses (ie) bed-bugs,let me explain you buy a bed and mattress from the store and wait for delivery what if your bed and mattress have been intercepted by third parties and had devices introduced in them by secret forces or perverted members of secret societies then this would explain supernatural phenomena and experiences of the sleeper its a shame really but this is now the way of the western world you would have to destroy your bed to find the bugs which are affecting you!

  21. load of tosh

  22. wait did he fly to that cliff?

  23. I didn't like the production, but I do believe what it is saying. Been at this stuff for years.

  24. i think ive experienced something very similar. i seem to be able to fly when i enter the phase, i start jogging and jst lift of. i have also woke up terrified a few times, covered in sweat as if something terrible happens to me jst before i wake and these fellings i have never felt in a awakened state. definetely going to research this more. there has also been an occasion i have awoke but i really hadnt and was unable to move and was horrified before i snapped out and was totaly aware of what has previously jst happened

    1. It's called a lucid dream, the phase is something they made up. Sleep paralysis is how your body stops you from sleep walking while you dream.

    2. May i suggest you try and find a copy of....
      School of Out-of-Body Travel
      A Practical Guidebook
      Michael Raduga
      It's a bit heavy going but very informative.
      The Phase skill for me seems to be lucid dreaming for me it's opened up a whole many new worlds to explore some dark and dangerous but many will leave impressions that will last a lifetime.

  25. Since there's nothing new here, other than coining a neologism ("phase") to subsume commonplace phenomena associating with dreaming, one wonders what's the point of it all.

    My theory is that the real experiment is to discover what kind of comments this overproduced video will elicit.

    Well, here's your data point: It elicited this very comment.

    Hope you found it enlightening.

    1. any piece of info people put out helps, if you already know the info, thats fine, but don't try to undermine the video, or people learning from the video, because you feel like your on another level.

      My theory,Your over analysis of the video most likely means your ego is quite large, and when your done sucking your own dick, maybe one day you'll remove your head from your a**.

    2. My haphazard theory is that you are lamentably self-deluded, positing haphazard theories of mind about strangers, without undertaking to falsify your hypotheses before publishing them here.

      If you believe my own haphazard theory of mind about you is in error, please provide your evidence, analysis, and reasoning to falsify it.

  26. I can't understand a thing this guy is saying.

  27. The whole story is just for loughing. The guy looks like a pimp and the girl like club dancer (in best case scenario...). And, by the way, "get into my site, buy my books" etc...I would like very much to know if he has any kind of university degree, if yes in what field and what makes him suitable to conduct such experiments and try to spread the "truth" all over the world. The fact that you call yourself a researcher does not in any case mean that you are also one...

    1. but having a degree doesnt mean anything as well. some of the greatest philosophers and brilliant minds of our world didnt have degrees. degrees only came about in modern society

  28. this is dumb

  29. I hope I lucid dream about that blonde.

    1. haha foreal.

  30. This is called sleep paralysis. It's not out of body phenomenon.

  31. really??!!! lol

  32. This is actually awful.

  33. What about the multiple person UFO sightings. Can we phase while moving around outside and take other people, sometimes hundreds of people, in to the phase with us. Yet another one size fits all theory, that fits very little. Because we can produce it in the lab, doesn't mean it doesn't happen in life.

    1. "Because we can produce it in the lab, doesn't mean it doesn't happen in life."

      Do you mean that it doesn't mean that's how it happens in real life? If so, you're straight up wrong.
      Lucid dreaming is real, this video is mostly ridiculous and his "lab experiments" don't conclude that a magical phase world exists... he just says they do.

  34. Rubbish

  35. the phase is part of shamanic experience - all good shamans know this. And have experienced "the phase"
    And yes, good-looking Russian blonde makes this film more interesting...less boring

  36. I wrote an article and it did not even show up, what kind of a comment situation is this. Article disappeared???so reputable this website

    1. click where it says best, newest, oldest, on top, with arrow pointing down.

  37. they should of had the barbie broad speak for the jean jacket wearing immigrant. then maybe wze zould unzerstand twaz zeh twaz trying explainings. azother goofz ball fromz soviet kazikstan. only alien in this flick was the down syndrome dutch c*nt w/ a lisp on top of the mountain.

    1. No wonder you've resorted to typing, bile like that must burn your tongue. Nasty little creature.

  38. I couldn't get through 5 minutes of this.

  39. Partially lucid dreaming while the brain is in a highly suggestive state.... Is someone trying to start another religion or some conspiracy movement ?

  40. Wtf is this? Aliens and s*it? Comeon... I didn't even lol at this one

  41. Damnit! This is an awesome subject with so much potential. This doc sucks!

  42. I must say the guy may be right with his claim that dreaming state may be at the origin of seeing angels and extraterrestrials. And yes...more could be proven eventually about the possibilities of dreaming states.

  43. this doc stunk and the girl is hot. that is all.

  44. I "phased" out pretty early in this one. If it hadn't been for the blonde I probably wouldn't have lasted as long as I did. If your film has no substance, add some superficial element to hold audience interest. It almost worked as a strategy here.

    1. If, all that holds your interest is the superficial element. I would infer less intelligence in you than within the documentary.

      Never had a stuck in the body moment before you wake up? Never felt like you could almost control a dream?

      My younger brother once had a dream where the world that he knew was a beach upon which a human vs alien battle ensued. The weapon of choice, super soaker. He realised it and just joined in the battle. Said it was awesome.

      Had some good ones myself.

      So all I can say is gutted for you as we say in Scotland.

      Documentaries should be a platform for serious research. Not the conclusion of it. You can process, so much more raw information reading than watching!

    2. I guess it wasn't that obvious, to you anyway, that I was being facetious. If the superficial carries more interest and has more substance than the topic at hand, then how can this video be taken seriously. The dream aspect of what this film calls phasing would have been a topic of great interest and I can see how a person can gain a certain amount of control of what they are dreaming about. As a kid, I would have a nightmare and realize part way through the dream that it wasn't real and would wake myself up. That, and what you describe, are completely different than the astral projection stuff this video is talking about.

    3. Well if you want to use deliberately inappropriate humor, so be it.
      I personally was not interested in the superficial element and was more focused on the information. I noticed the superficial but gave no direct thought other than that it is a widely used technique which prays on one of man's natural interest.

      Well I would have to admit that I have sat in a chair and meditated to a point where I could see myself sitting in the chair within the exact environment. Not a floating body, a floating conscience, looking upon my conscienceless body. Unfortunately that has happened only once.
      I can understand that were you to never have experienced any of the phenomena in this documentary then it would be hard not to see it as hogwash. I presume this feeling would logically decrease with the amount of experiences reported having actually been experienced by the watcher.

      I agree 100% that this documentary is not very well made and it is therefore hard to link the information contained. And thatthis man appears to be re-branding common phenomena with an umbrella term. But not that it contained no relevant information.

      I just feel that you come across as taking a position of understandably logical ignorance but that you could re-gain the skills and develop them as is purported in the documentary.

      Try some African dreamroot tea or go full whack and try some ayahousca and experience it with your own conscience.

    4. I would think that your out of body experience or whatever you want to call it, is a result of a desire to achieve this state and it happened the way you wanted in a dream. It doesn't necessarily mean that your conscious being left your body to look at itself. You controlled your dream state to achieve the result you wanted.

      As for my humour, I guess I will have to spell out exactly what my point was. The use of a scantily clad, attractive young woman is an appeal to those who might try to use the phasing to whet their sexual appetites. It suggests that the maker of the film has something to sell and really does not care what your purpose is in buying so long as you buy. That is what is inappropriate. I pointed it out without making a full out accusation but you seemed to want a clarification. Bluntly stated, this guy is a huckster and will use sexuality or any other means to garner interest to hopefully achieve a financial gain in the end.

    5. Yet another falls prey to censor. It would appear that I wasn't the only one called out for use of "inappropriate" humour regarding this doc. ;p

    6. Lol...Yours was much worse than mine! Maybe we should undergo sensitivity training.

      Honestly, the video repeatedly highlights an attractive, under-dressed young woman and no one is to notice. I thought her presence was intended to incite a response...the idea that you can "phase" with the girl of your dreams if you desire. A small donation and she can be yours, in a unsavoury sort of way.

    7. Sensitivity training? Run, go now quickly. Save yourself if you can. I'm afraid I am beyond help. Nothing can save me now.

    8. Blah blah blah, stupid anecdote, blah blah blah. We could sit here all day and read about lots of people who have their little stories. Proves nothing about this subject and just bores people. Congratulations, you and your brother can dream(applause)

  45. Hmm, no mention of DMT. I'm un-phased, lol.

  46. It's called dreaming darn it....phase my ass..u just renamed it....the documentary is somehow entertaining because it is about dreams..and the ability to control them somehow..and i admit that is awesome..I wish i could do more of that.

    1. You can, with practice. I have suffered from night terrors all my life, nightmares to those who have never heard the term. Over time, with some help with visualization practices, I have learned to not quite come fully awake at the "terror" point but to stay in the dream and change it. First you must learn to recognize it's a dream, not reality and then take control of the dream. To begin this process, I started with meditative visualization.

    2. It would have been more interesting if it had focused on the dreaming aspect, instead of the mumbo jumbo stuff. I love how he calls himself a researcher. He doesn't even acknowledge the most obvious part of this so called phasing phenomena. A true researcher would have delved deeply into the dreaming aspect and how it could explain a lot of the supernatural and ufo incidents.

    3. Whether you think his tales or fact or fiction, Carlos Casteneda wrote better descriptions of his dream/drug addled states. This doc just came across as amateur and hastily thrown together. Peyote might have helped ;)

    4. Peyote...I like that. It never helped me get to the dream state he's talking about, though. Must effect people differently. I've read some of Carlo's work years ago. I think one has to go into it with certain expectations. I only expected a good time, and that's what I got.

    5. Think I was about 16/17 when I read them, my dad gave a few of them to me. Don't really remember much other than him becoming a beaming egg light and pole vaulting with his own rays. That and lucid dreaming which I think I might have almost done by accident once or twice. What I really liked was Don Juan leaving him on the porch and telling him to find his spot, his place of power. One of those simple things that becomes incredibly complicated and meaningful when you're off your trolley. I enjoyed the books, who knows what was true for him after being spiked by the divine cactus ;)

    6. I have read all of Castaneda's books years back, better than this doc.

      The art of dreaming...

    7. I read "The Teachings of Don Juan" when it first came out and I was just finishing high school. I didn't "experiment" with peyote until a few years later. Although, I knew that it was supposed to be the same substance as in the book, I never really thought that I was in for an altered state of mind, like the one described in the book. I just figured it would be a good time and it was. Seeking the Divine never once crossed my mind. I guess I'm just not a spiritual guy.

    8. Never tried it myself, not sure how easy it would be to get hold of in the uk, maybe ebay has it ;) I thought it might be something like mushrooms, never know what you're getting - the amount doesn't give you any clue as to the strength. Maybe you didn't take enough ;)

    9. I started by the bottom answering
      Imightberiding and here i see every one talking about Castaneda. 1i

  47. With a text introduction that goes like:
    "Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively."

    Well, that's all I needed to read to completely ignore this documentary.
    It could work selling a new type of ink eraser or wood polisher though.

  48. Raduga is a ridiculous clown. In all liklihood he learned everything he knows from Robert Monroe as have most of the people on the planet who are familiar with the oobe state.
    This isn't a documentary; it's a cartoon.

  49. Blondie, although very pretty & in the starring role of this production appears a wee bit too young (for me anyways) to "phase" with. A little creepy for me to think about. She is certainly a young attractive adult, wearing little & gratuitously placed in this film, thus some might attach the acronym MILP to her in place of the other ubiquitous acronym that we're all familiar with on the internet. "Phase" being the operative word. (oops, did I go too far? It's a joke people.)

    The position of the young woman @ 8:23 does stir some forgotten but very familiar & happy memories for me from past "phasing". (cue lascivious smile, wink & a nudge-nudge of an elbow) This brings to mind several other age appropriate situations where I could get my "phase-on".

    My apologies to all you lovely, intelligent women who regularly visit TDF & appear in the comments ( & overly sensitive men) for my risque comment. It was just too tempting not to take a poke at this topic.

    Thank you & good night!

    *I just read Ashley Cowan's comment. This probably would have been better as a reply to his/her comment.*

    1. Wait 'til @Pysmythe gets ahold of this....risky? not yet.

    2. Hope you typed that with a smile & not a scowl. ;-)

      In person I more often than not am well known as a practitioner of dark off colour humour with impunity. I find that in an international forum such as this that I can not help but resort to my Canadian sensibilities & apologize for anything I say that may cause offense. . . . Sorry.

    3. Sorry? Do you mean that?

      Ha, your suffering should know no bounds; I just hope you’re not a masochist. In a group of people you know your comments might be acceptable and even be funny to some but in a public forum it comes across very poorly. I hope you understand that I am doubly disappointed with what you’ve said and I say this as usually a fan of your dark humour. The x 2 effect comes from your rather limp and impotent apologies.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pushing the boat out but there is a time and a place for everything, this was not it. Lascivious grin you say. Dirty old man I say, treating the doc like a cheap porno mag. Shame on you! There, I hope that stings. Impunity, like god, does not exist. Your crude beyond belief poke joke made me cringe so much I had to tell you how I feel. Yes, you went too far and it’s not a case of oops.

      Moving on...I could only manage 10 mins of this doc, did it have anything good in it that does not have breasts attached and what are Canadian sensibilities?

    4. No, even I'm starting to think the breasts were the best bit ;)

    5. Come one Anti.....who wouldn't have a sexual thought or two watching this. I actually think it was part of the plot in order to get attention. A little diversion from the guy's accent.

      Talk about "pushing the boat", in this case more like rocking the boat at 31:26.
      On a different opinion is that the subject of dreaming is captivating...lucid dreaming was popularised by Carlos Castaneda and i wouldn't be surprised if he dreamed Don Juan which doesn't take away a lot of the very interesting stuff that came out of those books. They changed the world for many people, opened new ways of thinking.

    6. Lol. I see what you mean you naughty French Woman. All these timings remind me of page numbers in a dirty book. And of course you’re right about it being a deliberate ploy by the producers who only devalue their doc by doing so. You should know I’m no prude, I thought red riding hoods comments were funny also but I don’t think we should be too vulgar in a place where we know young people visit.

      I thought you meant @Pysmythe was a smutmeister as well?

    7. naughty or nutty?
      @Pysmythe is our best smutmeister...(hopefully i understand the term right), he's best at "laying" the words down when it comes to fleshly a funny way.

    8. I saw your post days ago and would've commented, but I've been fighting off a MAJOR bout of the flu for the last ten days (high temps, chills, congestion, the whole 9 yards), and haven't felt like doing much of anything beyond occasionally lifting my head off the pillow (or yelling at somebody), up until yesterday.

      I watched every minute of this, and just couldn't get into it (including the spectacular blonde). To me, it sounded a little bit like the car from 'Knight Rider' was narrating it, and overall I think it just fell short of its potential.

      On the other hand, I have wanted to learn how to dream lucidly for quite a while now, and mostly for reasons you could probably guess, lol. I meet girls in my dreams from time to time, but... I'm invariably a perfect gentleman, as far as I can recall. I always wake up feeling like I missed my chance again...

      Ridiculous, I know, but it's the truth, I swear. I'm hoping it means my sex life in real life is entirely satisfying, lol.

    9. I thought you said at one time you did not read Castaneda's books, to get the full perspective of what his books are about you have to read them, but instead of being in the field garnering info as he says he was, he was seen perusing sources from libraries, to bad. I wish the books were true, but they are not.

    10. You are right, but i lived with a man who was so mesmerized by them that i heard about it day and night. Together we talked a lot about the philosophy behind the books, not so much if it was a true story or not.
      When i was young, as far as i know, those books were not translated in French yet many talked about them. It's been an important part of my generation.
      As i said before i have not read the series but i have read parts of many of them.

      this doc reminds me that Castaneda may have been partly in "the phase".

      from an interview:
      "It curtails your magic," he said. "Better to learn with
      your whole body so you'll remember with your whole body." I had no idea what he meant. Consequently I began keeping voluminous field notes of what he said. He found my industriousness amusing. As for my books, I dream them. I gather myself and my field notes -- usually in the afternoon but not always -- and go through all my notes and translate them into English. In the evening I sleep and dream what I
      want to write. When I wake up, I write in the quiet hours of the night, drawing upon what has arranged itself coherently in my head".

    11. Wow. . . The "Sorry" was in fact said jokingly. if you were familiar in the least about Canadianisms, you would know that "sorry" is almost used as a punctuation. I'm not in the least sorry. The doc was like so many other new age absurdities on the internet that I couldn't help "poke" fun at it.

      I do in fact subscribe to lucid dreaming & take every opportunity & advantage of it. This doc just seemed a little silly & perhaps my better judgement escaped me.

      "Dirty old man"? I thought I stated clearly that although the gratuitously placed girl in the film was attractive & scantily clad, she was very young & thus does not again, does not provide a source of fantasy for me. My step daughters are probably older than she is. The grin, wink & nudge were entirely in keeping with Monty Python humuor.

      As for young people accessing this site, I would suspect that with the exception of young John Krisfalusci, most kids drawn to a documentary site are some what intelligent & yearning for knowledge. That sex is such a taboo topic yet violence is so prevalent is in my humble opinion completely upside down.

      That you would interpret my humour as perverted may necessarily lead to the question of your own dark intentions, thoughts & perversions.

      I was under the impression by many of your comments that you possessed a sense of humour. "Sorry" that I disappointed you.

    12. Thanks for your reply and yet another “Sorry”. Canadianisms eh? I’m still none the wiser, it seems more confusing than english and that’s quite a feet. I’m glad that you’re not actually sorry because if you were I’m sure you would have said it better. I suppose the crux of my criticism lies in the fact I have come to expect a really good/subtle standard of humour from you and your nudge nudge poke poke stuff left me a little “disappointed”. Please don’t think that my words were a malicious attack on you...they were in fact an act of tongues though.

      Yeah the doc was silly and needed to be poked fun at but perhaps not quite as graphically as you did. I don’t find sex a taboo subject at all and I’m chock full to the brim of dark intentions, thoughts and perversions. I just try to keep to the right time and place for it.

    13. I love you man.

    14. @Anthitheist666

      I’ve been away for a while exploring the wonders of the
      Southwestern Senora desert with occasional lapses into frustration with my Golf game, polarities between angst and peaceful contemplation.

      Hoping your procedures all proved benign.

      I have yet to explore where this guy is taking this promo-doc, probably for an online cash source aimed at the unknowing. Not much to say here as the topic has been discussed within other Docs and comments. There’s the “Play Pen” and there’s “The Work Shop”. Each is a “Phase”, age dependent..

    15. @Philio

      Nice to see you back my well travelled fiend. It all sounds
      good apart from the angst; hopefully it will be replaced by its opposite but equal emotion soon. What goes a round comes a round. I had a brief look at the Senora and it certainly looks like the Wild West and a great place to explore.

      No news on the procedures yet. Regarding the doc your last sentence was spot on and it’s a shame they treated such an interesting subject so poorly.

    16. You'll have to blame it on my French roots or my lack of understanding English humour, or both...but i thought you were funny.
      Mind you i was born in a family where sex has been the subject of much laughters and still is...yes three generations who can joke about sex together equally and laugh equally...sometimes in a very risky way.
      I was once married to an American, my parents came for visit 2-3 months at a time helping us with the renovations on our house, my mom doesn't speak English. Many times we would be in the middle of working and all of a sudden my mom, dad and i would burst laughing following one of those jokes in French (they poke their being at the weirdest time), and my partner would have a puzzled look on his face...i'd say "you know what the subject was about don't you"?

    17. hehe...funny thread!!

    18. A sense of humor. Good on you.

  50. this is a documentary???
    What a bunch of Russian claptrap!

  51. I didn't see anything new here, and it didn't sound controversial, either. Not sure what the rest of you saw. It was about dreaming to me.

    In Russia, government takes you out of body.

    1. Actually there really is a huge difference between being OOB and dreaming, but that doesn't make Raduga any less of a m*ron.

    2. Are you saying OOBE is not dreaming? I'm not so sure the m*ron did. Maybe. I took it all as dream states, but if more was implied, I didn't catch it.

      I thought he was making it sound like he was on to something new, but to me it was about lucid dreaming, which can be quite entertaining. Certainly not new, however.

  52. thanks all you 'posters', someone is always trying to put something over us....ain't it fun??!!

  53. Can the phase cure cancer? I'll never know for certain because I'm not going to watch the full documentary but I'm guessing the answer will be no. Underwear Lady needs a new interior designer and Phase Man, what can I say? Double Denim, not cool ;)

    1. I guess we'll both never know, because I only got 6 minutes into it myself. Funny that, I don't notice the interior design, I obviously only had eyes on underwear lady. After reading your post I went back and had a look, what an ugly bedroom.

    2. Dew you missed the full look of the bed at 31:26. He is taking her for a ride.

    3. I skipped through, did you see the living room? Looked like a brothel - not that I've ever been in one ;)

    4. "underwear lady" is that girl from Russia who had a great deal of plastic surgery because she wanted to look like a human barbie. She's all over the internet. Google it.

  54. Michael Druga looks and sounds like a humanoid with a russian accent ,narranating a bluff-nothing new here

  55. Don't you know that Science has a reasonable explanation for all of these so-called 'anomalies'?

    For example, an 'out-of-body-experience' is basically when the brain is deprived of oxygen after a set period of time and thus goes into a state where only critical areas are activated, hence the 'tunnel vision'. It has been tested and tried many times under lab conditions.

    And these so called 'UFO's' are mostly mistaken for as shooting stars, falling weather balloons, birds at a distance, and even brightly lit stars and planets in the sky. And of course, many, many hoaxes but I hate saying that word because it tends to upset the UFO believers out there.

    And lastly, 'paranormal phenomena' is always debunked with good Science. This is a no brainer~ I'm not even in College yet and I'm already smarter than most people. ^_^ All you need is great common sense, critical thinking, and the Bible. That's all you need... TRUST me~ ^^

    1. Ya, one day you're in college, one day you're not, one day you'll never be, one day you've always been at 50...
      How many John are there in your family?
      One of my ex had the same name as his dad and his grand father, all living in the same house but on different floors. One day the cops show up to talk to him at the house and the grand ma says: which one are you looking for?

    2. Pretty sure there is only one "Amazing Johnny". He just has a rough go of it on occasions keeping his stories straight. I'll give him credit for one consistency: His continued insistence on flogging the Bible & insinuating his unsurpassed intelligence.

    3. Oh Johnny, young naive Johnny.

      I see you are back again for some more schooling & abuse. I'm sure it won't take long for many other TDF regulars to recall your erudite comments on subjects past. Your stance on the "sacred herb" as one example brings back delightful memories of your delusions.

      This time you limited your self congratulatory comments to just the one mention of your lack of education & how smart you are. Unfortunately you once again confused the concept of common sense & critical thinking by stating that the only book one needs is the Bible.

      Perhaps if you exercised some of that critical thinking you will come to realise the necessity & benefits of expanding your library.

      "TRUST me"

    4. And you know what? I'm right... so please.. don't even try. And don't get me started on that poisonous herb again. I won that argument by a landslide because no one was even on my level. Anyways, I was censored. I'm just trying to spread what's right that's all.

    5. You must be pure "heck" to spend time with. Nothing worse than someone who is always right and is certain of their intellectual superiority over those who question him. I guess you never read the part in the Bible that deals with humility.

    6. "The trouble with the world is that the s*upid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

      Bertrand Russell

      as for your post to oQ (i deleted it) feel free to disagree but be nice. attack a persons arguments and knowledge not them personally . she is a lady. treat her as such

    7. To all the good people who frequent this excellent site: My apologies for opening up this odious can of worms by giving in to my foolishness & ignoring my better judgement by replying to little Johnny in my first comment.

      I trust our collective IQ's will not suffer extraneously.

    8. All that from a 16 year old child. lol

    9. All adults know that all teenagers are right 100% of the time and all teenagers know that adults are always wrong... ;)

    10. if you are never wrong you never learn anything new.

    11. Luckily my daughters let me know every day just exactly how wrong I am about most things ;))

    12. here i go off topic again lol. but when it comes to debating with females . you can be right or you can be happy. never both. it is just a law of the universe. i only wished i learned that a long time ago

    13. Debating? Now that is funny! The decisions have already been made before that happens, debating is just a formality, ;)

    14. lol you are right. i choose to be happy ;)

    15. See, works well doesn't it. Smiles all round ;)

    16. Listen, my whole point in this debate was that Science is ALWAYS right. It doesn't matter what age you are, where you from or if you are an adult or a kid or a teen or whatever.

      And to @Achems_razor, again, age is NOT a factor in being smart So stop trying to put me down because it's not working and you just can't win you hear me?

      And to the rest of you people, stop trying to change the subject. To me, these so called 'conspiracy theorists' with their 'parallel universes' '9/11' 'astral projection' etc etc, make me laugh each time because even I can debunk their wacky stories with actual facts and statistical information so... Thank you~ ^_^

    17. Age may not be a factor for being 'smart' but verbally telling everybody you are smart, smarter than others, whatever - is a very strong indication that you're not quite as smart as you think you are.

      Smart people don't go around telling other people how smart they are. Clever people don't go around saying 'Aren't I clever?' Don't misunderstand me, I'm not putting you down. This is something you will learn, but the sooner the better, for your sake.

      Science is not always right. If it was then it wouldn't change when new data became available.

      The Bible is 'always right' at least if you ask a Christian.

    18. You're so right ;)

    19. Right, don't forget I still have my eye on you, like Over T.E. said be nice, and have you done your school homework yet, Hmm?

    20. Yes I have and spring break is just around the corner so I will have more time to debate. And I am just waiting for that next marijuana drug video to be uploaded on this site so I can tear it back down again. We learned new things from our Teachers and this time I even wrote stuff down. ^_^. I am prepared You watch...

    21. I can teach you a thing or two about it if you wish...go on...ask questions.

  56. ... Be ware of... "Tze Faaaaazzzzeeee" Lol. Seriously though, very black n white video here... And calling it "The Phase" as if no one ever encountered it is showing a lot of ignorance... That said, of course, we are capable of much more than "the man" wants us to realize but... I wouldn't pinpoint it to "one term" ;) besides, telling people something is the result of "the phase" does not do the effect any good. Much more exploration has to be done about all these "altered states" (that's what they are... don't call it "tze faaaazeee!!!" ). Like, when "stepping out of the body" can you check the roof and see an object some one else has put there and recall it when u "get back" ? Just one of the many things they do not really mention here... so just coining a new term and making a video about it doesn't change what has already been known... (and that for centuries, if not through philosophy or theology, through psychology and most likely the near future of other sciences)

  57. Haha..i have to laugh at the half naked good looking woman just crowbarred into the film for no scientific reason whatsoever! It still doesn't tell you how to do it, it just tells you can do it...a bit cheesy and the main interviewee seems like he's just reading off a cue card. Do i think lucid dreaming exists etc, of course, but this film is more style over substance so ultimately its a useless watch in the end. I wonder how much money he's going to make out of all of this as well? Buy the book, the dvd, the t shirt, the kit etc etc etc! Anyway tonight I'll enter the phase and meet the woman in the film so am i bothered...nah! :)

    1. Very hot topic in tze russia ;)

  58. I have no idea what the paranormal or UFO people do, but biblical miracles happen when everyone is wide awake and out doing something. You might make a case for some godly dreams turning the course of biblical history, but they always have some wide awake checks on them. Not every woo-woo thought that flies thru your head is a revelation of truth, and the Bible makes clear that is true and what to do about it.

    1. Believing in biblical miracles is akin to believing in UFO sightings... The bible also makes NOTHING clear and cannot be considered a source of truth.

    2. I didn't ask you to believe in the Bible. My comment was about the premise of the movie. If you want to believe whatever it has to say about "Phase," go right ahead and see how it works for you.

    3. Your statement appeared to me to be doubting the validity of 'phase' states of mind solely on your belief that the bible's miracles had 'wide awake checks on them' as well as the bible giving additional clarification on what actual revelations of truth are... I'm not arguing FOR the film's accuracy but against the basis of your disproof. I poked at your argument because I loathe scripture being introduced as a source of evidence and wanted to clarify that so's you could better explain your position. Go right ahead and explain why the points the doc makes are trash from a scientific perspective, just don't insult everybody's intelligence by having scripture as your 'evidence'.

    4. It's not everyone else's intelligence that is being insulted, it's people who believe in massively accepted religious brainwashing cults!

    5. The Bible is a several thousand year old storybook/cult manual handed down by controlling cult leaders before the "The Age of Enlightenment", everything in the Bible is "woo-woo" now. Science and fact have brought man out of the mythological Bible age of people living in the clouds and molten centre of the Earth, talking snakes, pregnant virgins, everything created in 6 days, a woman created from a man's rib and then populating the entire Earth, dinosaurs never really existed yet fossils are everywhere preserved in stone, 2 of every animal on Earth surviving a world flood on a boat and the list of make-believe goes on and on... "woo-woo" indeed!

    6. Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung (along with many others) might just disagree with you. Have you ever considered the possibility that the Bible was never intended as historical fact, but as a symbolic mythology meant to teach primordial, archetypal truths? The way you dismiss the Bible as banal and juvenile "woo-woo" is reminiscent of one who, while floating on the surface of the ocean, observes a cute, little chunk of ice floating around; yet fails to notice the continent-sized iceberg hidden just below the surface.

    7. I'm not going to get into a religious debate with you(I've learned that it's futile!), I just feel that when somebody comes in preaching cult literature that's not based in reality, then it needs to be addressed!

    8. I suspect a majority of the viewers of this film have misinterpreted your comment. Perhaps I too misunderstand your intent. I did give you a like (as I also did for both WiseGapist & Election Fraud=Crime) if for no other reason than your description of the Bible as "symbolic mythology".

    9. Try telling that to the millions of Christians who accept a literal interpretation and those who wish evolution was never brought into the curriculum... Many people are aware that the Catholic Church from its inception did not view the Bible as historical fact in their study of its theology, but it is delivered as literal truth to the masses by religious institutions perceiving the uninitiated as incapable of comprehending its allegory.

      Even taking it as, "symbolic mythology meant to teach primordial, archetypal truths" where's the modern relevance now that the illuminations of science guide us? Do you deny that greedy manipulative institutions such as the Catholic Church have used it as a tool to grow rich and powerful off of the backs of the poor/ignorant? Even on the level of spirituality outside of some twisted interpretation of primordial truth, what does it offer? An invisible friend to pray and bow down to in groveling submission, apologetic for every natural human impulse, all in the hope that you will enjoy eternal bliss after you die.

      We'll agree that the Bible is as you describe it, but lets stop people following its literal interpretation, lets stop using it as the foundation for people's moral and ethical values and put it where it belongs, in a library tucked between the folk tales and philosophy sections where the theologians can write essays on it and leave everybody else to their business.

    10. lol name ONE miracle that has occurred.

    11. You.

    12. I am not a miracle. I am a natural occurance which follows every natural law of the universe. there is nothing miraculous about humans or life. you are just being anthropocentric.

      PS: other mods, please do not delete comments to me until i respond. thaaaaanks :)

    13. I must have been sleeping through those Biblical miracles because I have never witnessed one while awake. Talk about woo-woo one for another, are you? "For the Bible tells me so". Sunday school logic.