The Queens of Comedy

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Laura Hayes emcees an evening of raunchy, adults' only humor in this concert film featuring comediennes Mo'Nique, Adele Givens, and Sommore as they perform live at Memphis' Orpheum Theater. Hayes' material focuses on the family as she works the audience between bits, playfully ripping off her wig for laughs. The theater footage is offset by candid moments of the women shopping and driving around together, making off-the-cuff jokes and observations with as much acerbic wit as they present on-stage.

Despite the profanity-ridden delivery of each woman's material, the topics of each set are equally full of heart and sometimes even advice. Adele Givens steps up first and delivers on the importance of recognizing your own beauty, how celebrity "hoes ain't real" and why no one should aspire to the unattainable standards set by Hollywood. In an encouraging monologue about there being someone for everyone, she assures audience members that no matter how messed up they may be, somebody out there loves them. However, in addition to her uplifting moments she also kids about terrible baby names, ugly babies, and the damage her grandmother did during her early childhood by repeating the phrase, "We're living in our last days."

Sommore comes up next. A former inmate, she focuses on the experience of being in jail and her method of making herself as unsexy as possible to fend of any unwanted advances from the aggressive lesbian population. In a demonstration of her knack for physical comedy, she acts out the ways in which hula-hooping influenced her sexual prowess, and questions why we don't have more male nudity in entertainment.

Mo'Nique wraps up the evening by taking on a variety of topics, from racial differences in social behavior to relationship and sexual needs. In rants that are almost instructional she explains the necessity of using the word "b*tch" as well as how and when to use it; warns that you should never trust a single female friend alone with your man; and insists that open-mindedness in bed is the secret to a lasting relationship.

A foul-mouthed, explicit collection of stand-up routines, Queens of Comedy touches on a number of timely topics still relevant and relatable thirteen years after its release.

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  1. George

    It is another stupid trailer for a pay to watch. Only they are't honest enough to say so