The Quest For Life

2006 ,    »  -   9 Comments
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The Quest For LifeHow did life on Earth begin? Is there life beyond our planet? Is there a future for humankind on other planets?

This documentary examines the search for life, from its origins on Earth to possibilities in space. Produced in high definition, the program features interviews with scientists who share their opinions about the possibility of life beyond Earth, and examines the latest developments in astrobiology, one of the hottest fields in science today.

The quest for answers takes EXPLORING SPACE to earthly locales ranging from Greenland to the mountains of eastern Mexico, from a French vineyard to a research facility in Japan – as well as deep into outer space. From a trip through space alongside a city-sized meteor to a walk on the surface of Mars with the first crew to explore the Red Planet, spectacular computer-animated imagery creates a viewing experience that will bring audiences as close to space as possible without leaving home.

Earth may be a rare environment uniquely designed for nurturing living organisms, but as humans explore the creation of the planet, the realization grows that the answers to the origins of life may lie beyond earthly bounds.

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  1. jon

    terraforming Mars lol..... please um these turkies are forgetting the fact that Mars has virtually no magnetic field to ward off Solar radiation and to support desirable atmospheric conditions. No way in the hell that human induced atmosperic production on mars can overcome the shear power of the sun. there is no contest when the sun is involved. Even if all the discussed processes were to happen, mars has a dwindeling Magnetic field, thus the sun is virtually destroying whats left of Mars' atmosphere!

  2. Pyrrhus
  3. Pyrrhus

    Regarding "terraforming Mars lol….."

    I was thinking the same thing, myself.

    But there could exist subterranean life on Mars. Although Mars is geologically dead, Mars' core is molten, fueled by fission, which is what drives geologic activity here on Earth. On Earth, temperatures rise dramatically just beneath Earth's crust; things begin to warm up even at depths as shallow as a kilometer, or less.

    Under a couple of miles of frozen carbon dioxide and ice, huge lakes of subterranean water could exist all over the Mars similar to Antarctica's Lake Vostok. I can imagine vast subterranean Martian lakes being blanketed at their surfaces by dense concentrations of carbon dioxide gas. Such an environment could support diverse forms of life.

    If Mars ever harbored life, then life surely persists there now.

    While the discovery of life on Mars would result in a paradigm shift here on Earth and would lead to a better understanding of Earth's subterranean sphere of life (as well as of Earth's biosphere), on Mars, itself, life would be for us, and would remain for us, nothing but a fascinating and valuable object of study.

    If life ever existed on Mars, gravity 'lite' combined with the Sun's intense radiation spells subterranean life (most likely microbial).

    P.S.: One thing I liked about this documentary was the virtual absence of background 'music'(noise).

  4. James Colwell
  5. James Colwell

    fail argument

  6. Nick Furka
  7. Nick Furka

    "Mars has virtually no magnetic field"
    100% true! one good solar flare with Mars in the barrels sights and say good bye to our new atmosphere we spent decades and billions to create! A base set up on Mars would be ok, but it would be best if we built it in a mountain.

  8. John
  9. John

    Actually with recent testing with the curiosity rover regarding radiation, they found that humans would be safe on the service. Solar radiation exposure is no longer a concern on mars.

  10. Cronicos
  11. Cronicos

    I'd rather have music than "viral patel" in the middle of the screen.

    Still it's a great documentary

  12. Slurrs
  13. Slurrs

    ... only reason for your existence is to be contrary????

  14. Slurrs
  15. Slurrs

    the gestation period of the human in the womb.. is controlled by the Sun.... humans will not be able to procreate on Mars... it is too far away....

  16. Wilfredo Cruz
  17. Wilfredo Cruz

    Humans will spent all sources of technologies and future knowledge that they can reach but the secret of life will stay secret until the end only to certain people can understand it at the moment .

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