The Rape of Nanking: Nanjing Massacre

The Rape of Nanking: Nanjing Massacre

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The Rape of Nanking - Nanjing MassacreThe Nanking Massacre, commonly known as the Rape of Nanking, was an infamous genocidal war crime committed by the Japanese military in Nanjing, then capital of the Republic of China, after it fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on December 13, 1937.

The duration of the massacre is not clearly defined, although the violence lasted well into the next six weeks, until early February 1938.

During the occupation of Nanjing, the Japanese army committed numerous atrocities, such as rape, looting, arson and the execution of prisoners of war and civilians.

Although the executions began under the pretext of eliminating Chinese soldiers disguised as civilians, it is claimed that a large number of innocent men were intentionally identified as enemy combatants and executed—or simply killed outright—as the massacre gathered momentum.

A large number of women and children were also killed, as rape and murder became more widespread. (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

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  1. I begin to follow you until you went off with God being the diviner of all things. Believe as you wish. But I think Ill rely on logic and secular history to give me a less biased screed. You fail to mention that the "largest group of Foundimg Fathers consisted of founders who retained Christian loyalties and practice but were influenced by Deism. They believed in little or none of the miracles and supernaturalism inherent in the Judeo-Christian tradition." Such men as ra
    John Adams and George Washington to Benjamin Franklin and James Monroe on the skeptical left.

  2. What a ridiculous response. It almost excuses the Japanese. The Chinese, still a developing country at that time, was enveloped by a far superior armed and trained military. So much so, their pilots had to go to the US in some cases to obtain training, had to move their own in-country flight training to another part of the country and US volunteer pilots flew over the Burma hump to deliver supplies. I recommend that you get Barbara Tuchman's book "Stilwell and the American Experience in China - 1911-1945." Four-star General Joseph Stilwell diaries of that era were also published after his death.

  3. you know lord i could never watch this; John 2:19

  4. from this video, its clear this mass massacre could have been prevented if the chinese army and their halfwit commanders had a backbone, and a plan

  5. I watched this documentary and it was painful because of the absolute rubbish it contained.

    The Nanking Massacre was committed by Chiang Kai shek during his "scorched earth" leave nothing for the enemy period.
    Chiang was an out of control madman who slaughtered thousands of his own troops, destroyed roads, railways, bridges, sunk boats in order to stop them from deserting Nanking. He even leveled buildings to the ground so that his soldiers had nowhere to hide.

    Chiang Kai shek was so bad, that after the communists won their civil war, they decided that their bloody history needed whitewashing, so they simply erased him from memory.
    No prizes given out for guessing who got the blame for all his atrocities,.........Japan!

    Rummel's Encyclopedia of Genocide, ranks Chiang as the world's fourth greatest mass murderer, slaughtering ten million Chinese from 1927-1949, yet Iris Chang and China never mentioned the fact,......why is that?....
    I believe that Iris Chang had been radicalized by the cult organization Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia, who supplied her with the atrocity images for her book "The Rape of Nanking"
    When Iris discovered that all the images in her book were fake, it was all too much for her, let down by the people she loved and trusted, she committed suicide in 2004

    China have spent billions keeping the Nanking Massacre fantasy alive with global news agencies, overseas Asian communities, politicians, UNESCO, fake maps, fake memorials, monuments, museums, movies, documentaries, educational study tours, teachers, lectures, books, fake witnesses and survivors, petitions, charities, the list is endless.
    China is still fighting a full blown propaganda war with Japan, but are now losing, they forget that history has already been written by someone, somewhere at sometime.

    The only victims here are the Japanese people, it is criminal what China has done to Japan.
    It was Joseph Goebbels who stated" If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"...but I say the bigger the lie, the less likely it will be considered fake, and this one is a whopper!

    Did you know that the so called "reliable" western witnesses, the missionaries, businessmen were all booted out of communist China for being either supporters, advisors, or spies to Chiang's nationalist government? Some even acted as witnesses at the IMTFE,......what a travesty of justice!

    1. that's quite a denial

    2. what are u smoking….

      How disrespectful to all the innocent that suffered.

  6. The Nanking Massacre, commonly known as the Rape of Nanking, was an infamous genocidal war crime committed by the Japanese military in Nanjing, then capital of the Republic of China, after it fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on December 13, 1937. Some of the comments suggested the non-existence of God because such terrible atrocities occurred, since some viewers held the view that God, if He existed, would never have allowed such an explosion of Japanese gleeful mass torture and murder to occur, and further that God, if He existed, would never have allowed the atomic bombings of women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who comprised the vast majority of victims in those bombings (along with workers essential to the Japanese war effort, the blind, the severely disabled who could not serve in the Japanese military, and the elderly).

    It is apparent that these viewers/commentators have little if any understanding about the necessity of atomic bombings of Japan in WW II and even less about the God of Abraham. The following is posted to impart a better understanding of both WW II Japan and the Lord's involvement (or, to the uninformed, the lack thereof) in WW II.

    God had nothing to do with the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, just as He had nothing to do with the Japanese decisions to commit the worst savagery and mass murder in recorded history in Nanking in 1937, a savagery which exceeded even the evil of the Nazi, who at least murdered his victim relatively quickly with bullets and gas. Japanese military commanders, when they knew that Japan had lost the war, trained civilians, even children as young as 10 years of age, to attack invading Allied forces with sharpened bamboo sticks, with the full knowledge that Allied gunfire would kill those civilians by the tens of thousands, and in a protracted defense of the island, maybe even by the millions.

    Allied intelligence estimated that an invasion of Japan would cost the lives of 250,000 to 500,000 American and Allied soldiers, and it would have been treasonous for Truman to sacrifice so many when it was possible to end the war with atomic bombs without the loss of a single Allied soldier. The military pride, arrogance, and complete lack of regard for human suffering and human life exhibited by the Japanese military leaders caused the massive death and destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945, not President Truman and certainly not God. God gave Man the priceless gift of free will, without which the very concept of love, the survival of the family unit through the ages, and the co-existence of nations could never have existed. But some men, such as the Japanese military leaders, chose to exercise their free will to torture and murder their neighbors to enrich themselves by stealing their neighbor's resources and padding their military careers with war. The Japanese disemboweled pregnant Chinese women with bayonets, beheaded helpless civilians, including children, burned people alive, and even ripped them apart by tying them alive to vehicles which were then driven in opposite directions. This face-to-face savagery exceeded even that of the Nazi, who at least as stated had the humanity (for most victims) to kill the innocent relatively quickly with bullets and gas. And the Japanese population, before and during the war, herded into the streets of Japanese cities by the tens of thousands to cheer the murderous plans of the Japanese military and to cheer the Emperor, whom they falsely believed was a "god." All of them seemed to have forgotten at the time that "what goes around, comes around" and what came around was Fat Man and Little Boy. There was no choice to do otherwise, except to sacrifice the lives of 250K to 500K Allied soldiers, and that was by any reckoning no choice at all.

    God did not chose to start WW II. Men did. Japanese, Italian, and German men. And, for those of you who seem so ill informed, the US did take action in response to the Nanking savagery by cutting off war material sales to Japan, primarily rubber and oil. It was this decision by FDR which prompted the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor in the hope of crippling the US Navy and forcing the US to negotiate a peace to include the resumption of US rubber and oil supply sales to Japan, so that Japan could continue the subjugation of other Asian peoples in the Far East.

    By the way, the US Armed Forces have never, ever engaged in face-to-face savagery even remotely akin to that of the Japanese in WW II. Even the US Gov't's worst shame, the conquering and treaty violations of Native Americans, and even slavery, does not remotely approach the savagery of the Japanese at Nanking or other Japanese barbarisms in WW II. Even the Nazis, unlike the Japanese, did not use POW's for bayonet practice and target practice. Even the Nazi did not work, starve, and march the POW to exhaustion and then shoot him or bayonet him when he collapsed. Even the Nazi, as a matter of national policy, did not burn his victim alive or rip the living victim's body in half.

    The WW II Japanese military commander, and to some extent the ordinary Japanese soldier who perpetrated Nanking and other atrocities, was not merely a war criminal - he was a heinous, murderous monster borne of a brutal cultural history in which the Samurai could legally behead his fellow citizen for an offense so mild as mere perceived disrespect. The United States, England, Free France, Australia, and other Allied nations gave civilization a great gift by ending that culture in WW II. It should not be forgotten that Japanese newspapers of the day regularly reported an on-going, popular contest between two Japanese officers in occupied China in which those officers sought to be the first to decapitate 100 Chinese POW's. The Japanese people at the time were quaint, polite, and industrious - but the Japanese population bought those newspapers and followed that bloody, merciless contest with interest, reading just how many Chinese POW's the competing officers beheaded as the weeks wore on. The Japanese population as a whole was not innocent. They actively supported, respected, and cheered the most inhume, cruel, murderous military establishment in recorded history, including the Nazis, who murdered many innocent more human beings than the Japanese, but who did so in largely industrialized fashion, not the gleeful face-to-face butchering perpetrated upon the innocent by the Japanese.

    All of the foregoing is an historical truth which cannot be denied by any intelligent, informed mind, but that is not to say that "the Japs got what was coming to 'em," a popular Allied sentiment at the close of WW II. But it is to say this: the Japanese on the whole denied and rejected the God of Abraham, and they paid a horrific price for it. To be sure, the Germans also suffered in the war, with several major cites bombed into ruin, with 100,000 women raped by occupying Soviet forces in Berlin alone at the close of the war, with the loss of 8-10 million soldiers, the loss of thousands of civilians in Allied bombing raids, and destruction of infrastructure as well as civil government and organizations. But the defeat of Germany, whose people did not deny and reject God but many of whom attended Lutheran and Catholic church services, did not involve the level and scope of destruction and loss of life endured by the God-less Japanese (the Japanese "appointment" of Hirohito as a "god" was itself a rejection of the God of Abraham, and so the Japanese were in fact -for the most part - a "godless" people). See the correlation here? Allied nations believed in and followed the God of Abraham in those years, and they won the most destructive, bloody war in recorded history and emerged as the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth at the close of the conflict. The German people did not reject God, but followed a leader (Hitler) who not only ignored God's teachings but violated them on an industrialized scale, and they lost the war and they suffered, but not nearly as much as the Japanese people suffered. Most Japanese denied and rejected the God of Abraham, and they not only lost the war, they suffered more than the Germans in the process, and suffered as a people more than any other nation .... the Jews of Europe suffered, losing an estimated 6 million lives, but they were not a nation then, and the Jewish elders, steeped in their own rules of conduct and their own interpretation of the Old Testament, counseled the Jewish people not to resist the Nazis, despite Mein Kampf, and despite the clear evidence that the Nazis planned to first disenfranchise and then to annihilate the Jewish people. Clearly, the Jewish elders did not consult God in this terrible time, and clearly did not attend to the many instances in the Old Testament in which God used his people to kill His enemies and the enemies of his chosen people. The Jewish elders followed their own will, thinking it more beneficial to go along with the Nazis rather than resist them, until it was too late. In both the Old Testament - the Jewish bible - and the New, God is clear that He will not force a change the will of a man, be he Rabbi or Nazi. However, since becoming a nation they have defeated their Arab enemies against overwhelming odds, not once, but three times to establish and secure the State of Israel, a prediction found hundreds of years earlier in the Old Testament. The founding of the nation of Israel was part of God's plan, a plan which the Nazis paradoxically made possible. There's that correlation again ... get it?

    The Japanese, like the Germans, started WW II with a string of victories and an accumulation of stolen riches of various sorts. Neither looked to God to guide them, both were confident in their power, and their power at the outset of the war was fearsome. Japanese atrocities and their bloody defeat in WW II is not by any means a stoking of hatred or even a pronouncement of punishment deserved .. it is a lesson. A simple lesson. Nations who deny and abandon God are doomed. In this vein, if you are so uninformed as to think that the military might of the US and its allies alone defeated the most powerful army ever to appear on the earth - the German Army - you have simply failed to study the war in Europe. Start your own study - it's fun, and you'll discover an array of improbable if not seemingly impossible events (including but not limited to a 3 dumb decisions by Hitler) which allowed the Allied victory, and you'll discover that the absence of any one of those events could have ended the war differently and the absence of just of few of them in combination would almost certainly brought a very different end to WW II. The number and scope of those events could not by chance have occurred - there's just too many of them to have been mere dumb luck. The people of the US prayed to God in earnest throughout the war, and even Stalin rescinded the restrictions and harassment of the church in Russia, and the Russian people returned to God in droves (after the war, God was again denied by Russian leaders by official fiat ... and the Soviet Union collapsed while the US prospered and grew in wealth and stature - that's another story, but one cannot help but observe that, well, there's that dang correlation again!!).

    The lesson is, again, simple: no nation is so powerful that it can endure and prosper in the face of denial and rejection of the God of Abraham. Excluding the US after WW II, a nation which continued to recognize God, Japan and Germany were the most powerful nations ever to exist on the earth, and no nation, not imperial Rome, not Alexander the Great, or any other power even came close to the power of Germany and Japan in the 1930's. And yet, in few short years later in the 1940's, the governments of both of those nations came to a disastrous end. And the more-or-less godless Soviets, at least its godless government, few decades later, also came to an end. Lo and behold, there's that same correlation, jumping out at ya' again.

    The US is unlikely to be defeated by the military might of an enemy, but the end of the US as we know it could well come to end .... just check out the dynamics and effects of hyperinflation, and then check out the tax/revenue/ spending trap of US lawmakers. Check out the Federal Reserve Bank (a private, profit making entity, by the way) and its power to set interest rates and to "manufacture" money. Check out the purchase pattern of US securities on the world market with mere "purchase orders." Then, check out the biblical description of and the nature of the destruction of the "Great Prostitute" in Revelations 17-18. And while you're at it, check out the precursor to the Great Prostitute's destruction in Revelations 13:11-18. Don't miss the symbolism ... read carefully and slowly ... find out what the "Great Prostitute" and the mark of the beast - 666 - really means (here's a hint: throughout the Jewish and Christian bible - i.e. the Old and New Testaments - "7" represents God, and "6" represents Man). Then, revisit the tax/revenue/ spending trap of US lawmakers, the role of the Federal Reserve Bank in the US and world economy, the basis of the value of US securities on the world market, and the purchase of same with mere "purchase orders." And check out US judicial rulings and executive action concerning religion in America, or perhaps more to the point, rulings and executive action related to the teachings per se in the Christian religion, and by extension, the Jewish religion. Check out the rise (sexual as well as moral and financial) of hedonism in American culture in recent decades. Even you avowed atheists cannot fail to get this. It looks like that same ole' correlation, coming at you yet again.

    Is the US too powerful and wealthy to fail? So was Japan. So was Germany. So was the USSR. And so goes the Peoples Republic of China, were it not for its decision to radically modify its socialist economic system, and perhaps ... (merely coincidental and/or a facade related to relations with the US, you atheists might say) and its apparent decision to relax it's oppression of Chinese Christians.

    US tax/revenue/ spending practices are breaking through the monetary bathroom door with a financial ax to announce "Wendy, I'm home!" to the terrified wife (read in - the US electorate and business community) We just don't know how this show ends yet - but we're all hoping that said financial practices end up, well, out in the cold. We hope. We're all hoping that some segment of the US economy / political power structure doesn't just feel like giving up and saying that it would sell its soul for a drink (read in - the goodies of 'gov't spending without paying the cost), which it seeks for free. Right now, it seems like we're having a curious conversation with a Delbert Grady (read in - a cultural and political hedonism figure who is anxious to give us what we want, but proffers lies and tells us we can get what we want if we'll just consent to a heinous violation of God's laws) in the privacy of the bathroom (read in, the protagonist /politicians don't wish to be overheard by the patrons / US citizens who are ultimately funding the whole enterprise). How will we respond in this conversation? Is the same ole' correlation (albeit driven by financial and moral folly instead of military folly) coming at us yet again?

    To plagiarize Bill O' Reilly, what say you?

    1. That had to be one of the stupidest things I have ever read.....equivocating the rise and fall of nations With their belief in, Or rejection of, "the God of Abraham". Let me probably subscribe to the theory Of "manifest Destiny"

  7. this is not the first time japanese troops have committed such crimes. during second war japanese military kidnapped aprox 300- 400 thousand women and girls from middle east. u know why? since there were incidents of military officer committing rape. they found a solution to kidnap girls in order to stop such crimes and maintain discipline inside military. what a pathetic excuse to hide their never ending lust. these women are raped day and night and often moved from one camp to another. if they got pregnant by any chance they were forced for abortion. these women are generally known as "comfort womens". u can see the twisted mindset of japanese these modern era. just watch there porn movies u will get the idea (insect, rape etc)
    i love japanese anime it is such a shame that japan has such a brutal history.

  8. After seeing this I have no qualms about Hiroshima. Yes there were just as many atrocities committed by the Nazis but it an atomic bomb had been dropped on The Third Reich..I would not feel bad that the choice had been made. What went on in Nanking was some freakish demonic acts by soldiers that in no way can even be understood. What is this force of evil within man that had no ounce of consciousness to commit these deplorable acts. That atomic bomb was clearly the only thing that twisted their heads back on straight. So the next time anyone criticizes America's decision to drop the bomb on Japan my only response will be, The Rape of Nanking.

  9. You see how they prop the whites as their saviors,give me a break!

  10. I just watched this and I don't usually comment on here but I had to. This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen in the modern century. This is stuff you hear about happening during ancient times or the days of the Romans if not worse. And I still can't believe that Japan still denies this. Its also sad that the basis of all this is religion, big surprise. Just another reason why I can't do ANY religion. Somebody is always using GOD to justify being better than the next person and killing people.

  11. No explanations are available for the Japanese Hate for the Chinese.
    Such pogroms/massacres are committed to spread sheer terror on the
    subject enemies to prepare a way for even much bigger atrocities,
    perhaps. Any clues regarding that?

    1. The Japanese were taught from birth that they were the divine race and entitled to the entire earth. China was always seen as the first land to conquer on that quest. They believed that the emperor was godlike and that there was no higher honor than dying for him in battle. Any non-Japanese race was blasphemous for resisting them.

  12. this same crap happens all the time today in the usa... in the streets.. alleys.. backwoods.. ghettos... ect.... just a few at a time.. but iam sure if you rounded them all up... their numbers would surpass japans

    1. They would surpass millions of deaths?
      Exterminating entire towns, villages and cities?

  13. I grew up liking japan for their technology , dreaming about going to study there , but since I saw the film flowers of war and this documentary , I would be ashamed of being Japanese . I Use to think that Chinese were bad but now I perfectly understand their "hate" towards japan !

    1. lol i too just watched flowers of wars (got it from red box) i never knew about this brutal event. no matter how you look it, you just cant come up with an answer that how one human could do those thingd to another human being. i did some research...but still i do not think the japs civilian deserved to be bomed. none the less those japs soilders what they did its as brutal it gets. they were pure mudderer to say the least...
      but cant say the viewpoint of the man upstairs who has right to judge. for now i just lost some respect for japs.

    2. Very few countries have not been involved in atrocities throughout history. Humans, regardless of ethnicity, creed or nationality are capable, including we Americans.

  14. If this documentary was meant to make people hate the Japanese, it was well done. And it certainly seemed to be created to do so. I half expected the narrator to suddenly use terms like "dirty Japs" or suggest we exterminate the entire population of the Japanese. In reality, war is barbaric, and warriors are barbaric, and the heart of man can fall into a very dark and depraved state when exposed to violence. Look at the killing squads of the Nazi party who went into countries in the East and gunned down Jews and partisans at the edge of trenches they forced their victims to dig beforehand. The exposure to violence led many to go insane, but many also became bloodthirsty and torturous. Germany was a so-called "evolved and enlightened nation" - but aggression is aggression when the motive behind war is offense and not defense. When a country says, "We will invade you and conquer you," their military is already on the path of brutality and rape.

    Ask any Japanese citizen and they would express horror and regret at these atrocities, just as Americans would when hearing about torture methods used after 9/11 on men who were totally innocent. Dangerous to watch a documentary like this one and hate an entire people group as a result. The "Japanese" are individuals whose opinions, temperaments and feelings are as varied as "Americans" - we do not wish all Americans to be hated and painted with the same brush, so let's not do the same thing to others.

    1. look i dont care what you say . you cant cover up or sugarcoat the nanking, there is no way in hell one human being can commit such ....
      just like the nazis....

    2. The government is to blame for denying and minimizing the devastation wreaked on Nanking. Only recently did Japanese textbooks begin to include a reference to the event, and even then, it is referred to as an incident involving rogue soldiers as opposed to commanders telling their troops to be as vicious and sadistic as possible.

    3. Well said.

      America, China, Israel, Russia and Ukraine with its new, Nazi/USA backed, puppet, government, are currently commiting war crimes, but the fighting frontline is the propaganda/ corporate media, machine, which is feeding s*it to the general masses.
      Most americans don't know what is actually going on because they Watch CNN or Fox news. Just like most Japanese wouldn't know about the details of what happened in the Nanjing Massacre.They are not taught this in school, obviously.
      But this is what feeds the war machine. Rich, select few, who want war will always have soldiers.
      All soldiers who went to destroy and rob, every part of the people, pride and heritage/ history of what was the wealthy nation of Iraq, were all volintears, who went their the save america from the tirrany of people they referred to as sand n******. Who are now liberated?

      All we hear about in australia is the poor american and australian soldiers, from vietnam and now Afganistan and Iraq.
      We have completely forgotten about the 5 million vietnamese we killed and 1 million Iraqis.

      But we can not justify nuking american or australian civillians because they are ignorant to what actually goes on around the rest of the world?

      people are too busy trying to find jobs to pay the interest. Most people have most of their information fed to them when they get home from work and turn on the TV and watch the news.

      When there is no work, suddenly the army looks attractive as a carrier. Plenty of work. Learn a skill. Learn t kill and don't pay tax while you learn it.

      Very few people go out of their way to watch something like this.

      That's why we will always have soldiers like this to do the work of an evil wealthy elite, few.

      We will always Rape, Bomb children, Murder the innocent and then justify and forget about it very quickly, as past history, as long as the governments give us something new to move on to and they have perfect this by now.

      Ants killing ants. Most people are ignorant by choice. I used to believe people would progress, but I don't anymore.

      Very sad movie to watch.

  15. This is what happens when you make Man ( any Man ) your God. This is the full throttle of the extent of men's ability to commit atrocieties, and yet, the worst of them all , is to cover it up, say it never happened, twist the words and change history. I read "Rape of Nanking" years ago by Iris Chang- who was so devastated by her research and writings that she became severely depressed and shot herself in the mouth with a revolver. My heart and soul goes to those Chinese, who died at the hands of these.....pigs. SAVE FACE, the JAPANESE way.

  16. my full sympathy to the victims of the nanking torture :(
    no one should torture like that </3

  17. My comment is not about the Massacre but about the way the documentary was created. It sounds like a piece of propaganda, and nationalism shamelessly taking advantage of a tragedy.

    Things like, "in the 4000 years of history China has never invaded another country", etc. Up until recently China was a series of kingdoms with different customs and languages, similarly with what Europe or India is. Through conquest those kingdoms became what now is China. Continuous wars made the China of today. One Kingdom (Country) invading another.

    Anyway, my point is the way the documentary was created is amateurish, often by the use of loaded words. Things like "to their embarrassment the Japanese could not take Shanghai, so they brought reinforcements." In another historical book it said "The Japanese advance was swift and devastating...capturing Shanghai in Nov'37 and Nanjing in Dec'37".

    Also "don't do unto others as you would have them do to you" is associated to China (?!) when my Google search found it was said by Jesus (google Luke 6:31). There are many other examples.

    This film is more of a nationalistic propaganda piece than a documentary to inform us of the tragedies and horror of war. See the map of China in the film? Well, it includes Tibet, Manchuria, Mongolia and Eastern Turkistan that were not part of China. As a fact Tibet was not conquered until 1959.

    I stopped watching it when the commentary got in the way of what could have been a useful documentary. I've read of the Rape of Nanking and will hopefully find a documentary about it that's done in a much better way.

    1. 1. This documentary reveals factually the atrocities of Japanese army during WWII. The Japanese government up to today has not admitted such facts and still refuses to ask for forgiveness from the people of China. No compensation has been made for their crime.
      2. You will find in Google Confucius (550BC) Analects “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others."
      3. Tibet was ruled under Chinese Yuan dynasty on 12th century, and was under Chinese government’s administration ever since. It was made a province of Qing Dynasty in 1728.

    2. 1. This documentary reveals factually the atrocities of Japanese army during WWII. The Japanese government up to today has not admitted such facts and still refuses to ask for forgiveness from the people of China. No compensation has been made for their crime.

      2. You will find in Google Confucius (550BC) Analects “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others."

      3. Tibet was ruled under Chinese Yuan dynasty on 12th century, and was under Chinese government’s administration ever since. It was made a province of Qing Dynasty in 1728.

    3. 1. This documentary reveals factually the atrocities of Japanese army during WWII. The Japanese government up to today has not admitted such facts and still refuses to ask for forgiveness from the people of China. No compensation has been made so far for their crime.

      2. You will find in Google Confucius (550BC) Analects “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others."

      3. Tibet was ruled under Chinese Yuan dynasty on 12th century, and was under Chinese government’s administration ever since. It was made a province of Qing Dynasty in 1728.

    4. 1. There is no denial the documentary reveals the atrocities of the Japanese army during WWII. The Japanese Gov. have admitted these atrocities and have apologized on many occasions. The apologies were not recognized as heart-felt and were considered inadequate. There is revisionism taking place among some Japanese circles and the Gov. including their Emperor will need to apologize by kneeling and bowing their head (in a similar fashion Germany has done during a Jewish memorial I believe). Compensation was agreed but S. Korea used the funds for public works while other countries abandoned such claims. This is the reason individuals claim no personal compensation had happened. While compensation should have happened immediately following the War it seems 60-70 years later would be debatable. Most countries on Earth would be susceptible to pay compensation to other nations due to wars (and that includes China).

      2. It's considered as part of the "Golden Rule" and is a concept found in many religions including the ancient Egyptians far ahead of Confucius. I simply said there are many examples for the use of the "Golden Rule" and hijacking it for nationalistic pride or attributing it to China is simply wrong. I would consider the "Golden Rule" as a heritage to the world and not to a specific Country. Further, China did not exist in its current form in 550BC, but that is something else.

      3. The Yuan Dynasty was founded by Kublai Khan who is known to have conquered the remaining Chinese Kingdoms (all of different Chinese ethnicities and speaking different languages). Tibet was conquered in 1236 until 1354 (118 years) by Yuan but regained independence. The Qing Dynasty invaded once again (1720) and the Eastern Tibet was annexed to other Qing provinces. Western Tibet (what we have present day) remained as a Client Kingdom and the border was recognized until 1910. From 1700s onward Chinese armies invaded periodically only to withdraw later (during this time massacres took place to the liking of Nanking). Tibet had even trade and diplomatic missions with European powers during the 1800s onward. By 1957 China began a fully fledged invasion projecting its colonialism and rule over the territory. No compensation, or apologies to the hundreds of thousands of victims were ever mentioned by the Chinese Gov. Currently the Chinese Gov. refuses to recognize the atrocities that took place there and continue to take place.

      As in my previous comments, nothing has been learnt from history, and thus the tragedies and suffering continue to be repeated. As stated in a previous comment the Japanese apologies were inadequate, and the tragedy of Nanking horrendous. Every country on this Earth were involved at some point in similar crimes, and apologies although important should not be the obstacles to bringing peace and forgiveness to everyone. The World must converge, and not live through hate, blame, and vengeance.

  18. If the Japanese Emperor really was a God, would he need those eyeglasses?

  19. How would rape, looting, arson and the execution of prisoners of war and civilians be an "atrocities" in a context of war? It is war. You do that in war. Chinese did those things to themselves when they are still divided into smaller tribe. People really need to have some brain.

    1. War does not entitle people to rape, steal and murder captives. Maybe you can justify such nonsense in some daft Biblical context, but we sure as hell do not condone it as a society today -read the Geneva convention. In fact, we even have names for individuals who commit such heinous things; we call them WAR CRIMINALS. And they are even trialled, sentenced, and even executed.

      Remember, just because something happened in the past, that doesn't mean we can't look back on it and observe it's cruelties and make judgment. War is terrible, but it doesn't condone senseless brutality.

      EDIT: I just looked at Saphire Diablo's Twitter and came to the realization he/she is Japanese. Boy, it's really sad that a modern Japanese citizen still has this mentality. Must you visit your own Auschwitz (Unit 731) to change your view?

    2. I imagine he'd feel differently about rape in the context of war if it was his mother or 4 year old sister that had been raped. I read about what they did to children BEFOREHAND....its brutal. Anyone who can justify raping children is a horrible person.

    3. I am so dumb founded by your comment. Again, this should be expected from a generation of Japanese who has never been addressed and educated properly by their own government regarding the truth of this important piece of history.

      I pity your ignorance and the way your government is lying to you just to make your life feel a little better.

    4. so, its okay to rape women and children if you're at war?

    5. There's a huge difference between combat to protect your home and brutalizing innocent children and the elderly.

  20. my full sympathy to the victims of the nanking rape by the japs during 2nd world war.chinese has suffered so much that they should embrace non violence and practise altruism every way as a victim of violence and politics.but now chinese are using so much violence against tibetans inside tibet and occupied tibet in 1959 killing 1.5 million tibetans.chinese should stop cultural genocide inside tibet and respect the tibetans. dont forget what japs did to you and similarly show respect and support tibetans . but china is now so much arrogant that they will not respect tibetans and continue torturing and deny giving basic human rights so, this is what chinese has learned from 2nd world war .

  21. my full sympathy to the victims of the nanking torture by the japs during 2nd world war.but its so strange that chinese suffered so much during 2nd world war but they are now commiting japs mistake of genocide inside tibet.chinese should show sympathy to the tibetans and stop torturing tibetan inside tibet and give basic human rights.japs tortured chinese and chinese now torturing tibetans and raping tibet so ,this is paradox of our age.

  22. after watching this i feel sorry for myself for being so ignorant
    I understand history better now but thats not what attract us right
    I m afraid of religion
    I kink of understand what jap did and why
    but of course that doesnt mean i think they're right
    if i have the power and lived at that time i would have killed them slowly and then tutore them again
    i do think humain can become the most frightning monsters but they were not even monsters how can u kill an inocent civilian with a smile
    even for a solder with orders he should at least kill showing no emotion it ...but smiling its not as the right thing to do or god i can tell that all they were thinking about is the pleasure of killing as many ppl they can ...
    i guess hirushima and nakazaki atomic bombs were the right thing to do ...
    bec if their own civialian were not killed they would just continue fighting to the end

    now Im glad that hell exist so they can burn there
    --its just my belifs for me its true and im happy i belive so ... so the inocent ppl that they killed can watch them burning to +8 (infiny)

    now to think that in the arabic words "kadafi" was doing the same thing (not exactly the same bec its just 33% of what jap did )to his -civillians -
    and bachar al asad too ...wooooooh when those vampires will stop their maddness

  23. Well it's a good thing they weren't Christians cause we all know they've never done anything reprehensible. Maybe if they had been Christians, worse atrocities would have taken place.

    Absence of god? Oh really. Did you watch the documentary? Shinto is their religion and the Emperor was descended from their god, that makes him holy, religious and in fact makes them the opposite of godless.

    I suppose we should thank GOD for finally putting a stop to this horrific genocide after hundreds of thousands were already murdered. Give me a break. Screw god.

    Godless leaders? You're deluding yourself. The most corrupt and evil governments were those who had God on their side, the fundamentalists and the zealots.

    You don't know what you're talking about Sense4Many.

  24. Tom, you need to read more carefully. GOD did not command these things, elders did so. The Old Testament is largely middle east history, he stories of which are largely parallelled in the Torah and other religious books. The Middle East has forever been an area rife with muderous clans and tribes.

    And as for comments about GOD letting this happen, I assure you that these people were not Christians or praying to God. Your question should be directed to Buddah. I put forth that these types of atrocities are the presence of evil, and the absence of God. And equally odd is that you give no credit to God for these horrific times coming to an end.

    These types of events happen because of men who have no God, who are under tools of the devil, and who are blinded with a quest for power, riches and legendary fame. These problems are the result of governments with Godless leaders. The atrocities under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and other Socialist/Fascist/Marxist/Communist leaders is a living testimony against any all-powerful form of governance over mankind.

  25. An incident lost to history, Japanese were exceptionally cruel to the Chinese.

  26. I can't help but feel that a small proportion of the death & horrors attributed to all Japanese acts were used to cover/hide a few Civil War acts by those equally War effected, for polical, social or moral ends &/or moving some guilt elsewhere.
    I am not meaning to sound incredulous or disrespectful to the murdered, infact the opposite, just highlighting what enraged & traumatised humans can do anywhere, what we still do today & can do in the future.
    Racism and Nationalism are on the rise again (like 100 years ago), do we reaaly want and afford to repeat the cycle of World War?

  27. i wish i was there and would kill as many japs as i could and eat their liver.f--k those bastard.f--k war!!!!!!!!

    1. You sound nearly as demonic as they did.. but I agree with your kcuF War sentiment, and add to that '..and all the religions religous extremists & fundamentalists too'.

  28. Demonic race

  29. This is a great movie made to delivery a message.

    there are no footages of this happening because REPORTERS? would have been shot on site.

    the "PhD" is reading a script.

    still entertaining.

    I am chinese but i dont believe everything i hear. :)

    1. does this site heavily mod replies?

    2. I am no genius but even i can figure out that those footage were taken by no other than the Japanese soldiers themselves. (They are obviously posing) if you can't tell. Those disgusting shots were meant to be delivered back to Japan to show their own citizens how well they have serve their GOD.

      If you think this is all a hoax or some bias message. I would suggest you to communicate with your elders who have lived in China through that time period (If you have any) and ask them about their experiences.

  30. I have heard stories about what the Japanese did across Asia from my parents but have never seen any footage or visuals of how terrible things were back then.

    Everything that the Japanese believe and did are down right filth and disgusting. i can't see them as civilized beings, not even an animal. Because animal hunts for food to live and not for pleasures. I have never believe in the existence of devil.. but boy.. was i wrong.. i can see it now in their faces..
    now i understand why my grandparents hated them so much.

    1. The Taliban (and associates) do the same to their own people, so the horrors haven't stopped. The world has not learnt one thing... sadly...

    2. It is ignorant to generalize the worth of an entire race of people based on the actions of the few. To decide that bombing a nation of people is justified payback for the atrocities that occurred prior to the US entering the war, is a BARARIC way of thinking!

      Who knows why Hitler hated the Jews? Maybe he was treated badly by one, or abused by a Jew, or maybe he witnessed the cruel actions of a Jewish person earlier in life? I'm sure there have been bad people in history of Jewish descent - does that some how justify the murders and torture of thousands of innocent Jewish people? All of you people expressing feelings of hatred to all the Japanese people, have only highlighted your own NAZI-LIKE way of thinking and seems to me you all have the same Hitler evil mentality.

      Don't think about how the Japanese military took action against the men that participated in the Nanking Rape. These men acted on their own, they were NOT 'following orders' from higher ups or to honor their 'God'. The Japanese government has acknowledged the incident, they investigated the events and took it upon themselves to punish the offenders invovled.

      The men that committed these horrific acts, do, indeed deserve our hatred, and punishment beyond punishment, but, the Japanese people as a whole, were NOT responsible for this massacre, and thus hating the entire race based on this tragic event, is INSANE, RACIST AND IGNORANT!

      I'm betting none of you think Americans should be hated for the all of the suffering we have brought upon the people of the middle east...I didn't think so. But I'm sure you also think every middle eastern person is a terrorist. What do you think Americans are seen as in the eyes of the people we bombed? - terrorist! And we hide behind the idea that we are freeing those people, and helping them out from under a tyrant's rule.

      All of you racist, judgemental hypocrites make me sick.

      Try to think logically sometime...or just THINK at all!

      Don't hurt yourselves, now.


    3. It wasn't thousands, it was actually millions of Jews who were murdered due to Hitler.

  31. thats why heroshema was the bomb.

  32. Horrible event in history, but this documentary is not very good. A lot of unnecessary footage and strange editing. It's strange that this includes direct quotes from the Tanaka Memorial, without mentioning that the document is now widely considered a forgery. Explanation of prewar Japanese culture and Shinto is very simplified. Overall research needs some improvement.

  33. What's God got to do with it????
    So far I have followed the documentary it had been human beeings causing the desaster!

    1. The Japanese believed their Emperor was a God. You didn't watch the movie did you?

    2. Sure I did! But you are right if you see it from the Japanese perspective.

  34. What's God got to do with it????
    You eigther can follow what's right (call it God if you want) - means: how you want to be treaten - or you follow the BAD!
    Men have caused this, men who had no connection with god.

    1. It does when a man they called their Emperor was a God.

  35. seriously who still believes in god??? and even if somebody believes, why would he/she obey a blood-thirst bastard like that god???????

  36. Pretty Horrible. I think it's wrong to say the Japanese "deserved" atom bombs for this atrocity. I don't condone the murder of civilians for any reason. I think if the Japanese people had a better awareness of the exact nature of their Army's action in China they would have had a different attitude toward the war.

    It's bizarre to me how drummed up Nazi atrocities are in the West while Japan gets a free pass as the victim. Their military was every bit as atrocious as Axis Germany. I understand the anger of Chinese people when officials go to visit shrines dedicated to the Imperial Army.

    Imagine if German officials went to pay tribute to Himmler, Goering, and the Waffen SS like that every year?

    Meanwhile Japanese textbooks claim that the US started the war and that JApan was fighting to "liberate Asia" from the West. Can you imagine if German textboooks claimed that Germany was trying to "liberate Russia from bolshevism" or "liberate England and France from the Jews". That's what's happening in Japan today. An entire generation is being brought up to believe that their country was in the right and that the mass rape, slavery, and genocide of millions of other East Asians never happened...

  37. GOD DAMN JJAPANIES...I have visited that place in nanjing where that happened

  38. Yes, we are capable of great acts of kindness, compassion and love, but when weighed against our baser instincts they are nothing more than a drop in the ocean. If we are the end product of over 4.5 billion years of evolution then God help us, and this world. Never has the adage "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" been felt more profoundly by me since watching this documentary.

  39. Huh, maybe you're right.

  40. Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. called that "editing?" It is seriously delusional to call the abortion of a documentary, "editing." Cut out 45 minutes, read your script and make sure it doesn't repeat itself ad nausem and make sure that when you do repeat things, the facts don't change each time (i.e. you changed the age range of the rape victims each time you repeated it, first it was 11-80, then it was 3-70, then it was something else). Cut the constant sound effects out... I realize you don't have HD photos to work with, but I think once you've see an few bombs dropped out of a plane and then big kabooms on the ground, you can probably skip that for the rest of the movie.

  41. Propaganda, propaganda. I'm not saying that what happened at Nanking wasn't horrible and a grievous crime against humanity. But the portrayal of Japanese culture is so skewed that it borders on dehumanization... and we all know where that leads to.

    1. Thats because... what the Japanese really did at the time... was really inhumane. Just because its something the rest of us won't do doesn't mean someone won't... Its unfortunate but. Oh well. Unfortunately some people in this world really do suck. =

  42. Wow!....I did not know that the Japanese Imperial Army Airforce, (Rikugun Koku Hombu) flew British spitfires!.....he! he!.......(see 21:28 into the doco)

  43. This is frakked. I'm going to have nightmares for months. Yet I'm glad I watched. This is history, and much of history sucks hard. The saddest thing of it is--the only way to put an end to atrocities like this once and for all is have an asteroid about the size of Japan plunge 200 miles into the crust and wipe every last human from existence forever.

    I'd like to think humans can overcome such horrors, that they can grow and learn and triumph over darkness and urges that could compel them to commit such acts, but I think I know better. Some people are capable of remarkable beauty and kindness, while most are only capable of what you've seen here. I take solace in knowing that we will never make it beyond our solar system and spread the infection of our existence across the stars.

  44. My mother, who was in high school in 1937-38, told me when I was young and learning about WWII, that there were many rumors during those years about the Japanese torturing and murdering Chinese people when they invaded. It is a very sad story and we need to learn from it. Who are the "winners" and "losers" here? There are none!

  45. The rest of asia aren't even trying to get japan to apologize for ALL of their war crimes but merely for the use of comfort women. And this Japan can't even give them. Honestly, I resent the term "comfort women" because it sounds so sweet and quaint (a term coined by the japanese). The accurate description of these women should be "kidnapped sex slaves".

    Japan's plan is to drag its feet until all the comfort women have died of old age. I hope that with the help of this documentary, the knowledge of Japan's atrocities will live on in public consciousness even long after all the comfort women have died. The victims of japanese imperialism deserve at this very least, to be remembered.

    Sadly, most japanese people do not know the whole story. japan either doesn't teach this part of their history or they minimize it. Or they just go ahead and completely whitewash the textbooks (which is something that continuously bothers the countries that were victimized by japan)
    Here's a curious tidbit of historical fact: The japanese atrocities were so bad that even NAZIs were shocked by it. A lot of chinese people survived the war due to the help of Nazis, can you believe it? The nazis saved the chinese! How terrible do you have to be before even the nazis think it's too bad?

    Before I knew what japan did, I felt horrible about hte atom bombs. When WW2 was covered in high school, I remembered feeling so terrible watching the footage of bombs. Now that I'm older and my knowledge of history is more comprehensive, I can completely understand why the bombs were dropped. They needed to be stopped at all costs. I probably would've ordered 3 to be dropped.

  46. To this day, the Japanese are still despised in S Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and, of course, China. And rightly so.

  47. These sad victims are still in God's memory and soon after Armageddon, God will undo all the injustices that Satan's world had done. When Satan's experiment of human self-rule is over, "there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous." (Acts 24:15) Jesus also said:

    “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out..." (John 5:28)

    Human beings are created to live forever on earth:

    "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it." (Psalm 37:29)

    "And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace." (Psalm 37:10, 11)

    1. Yeah and the Japanese believed their Emperor was God and that loyalty to him was their duty to divine. If you look at Ian Baruma's Inventing Japan, that believe allowed then to see their victims at Nanking as less than human.

    2. Yeah Tom, some f***ing God who allows this to happen. Face up to it, he's an absentee Landlord.

    3. It always amazes me how many times this God orders the killing of innocent people even after the Ten Commandments said “Thou shall not kill”. For example, God kills 70,000 innocent people because David ordered a census of the people (1 Chronicles 21). God also orders the destruction of 60 cities so that the Israelites can live there. He orders the killing of all the men, women, and children of each city, and the looting of all of value (Deuteronomy 3). He orders another attack and the killing of “all the living creatures of the city: men and women, young, and old, as well as oxen sheep, and asses” (Joshua 6). In Judges 21, He orders the murder of all the people of Jabesh-gilead, except for the virgin girls who were taken to be forcibly raped and married. When they wanted more virgins, God told them to hide alongside the road and when they saw a girl they liked, kidnap her and forcibly rape her and make her your wife! Just about every other page in the Old Testament has God killing somebody! In 2 Kings 10:18-27, God orders the murder of all the worshipers of a different god in their very own church! I wonder if he will punish himself?

    4. what about when Christ said " not eye for an eye" "love you enemy" " If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also" . you might want to try reading some new testmnt. and stop taking those verses out of the context. you are not fooling anybody.

  48. after watching this we should have nuked them more dirty filthy pigs i dont know why we didnt come to help the chinese people earlyer im sad to sad they are our allie

  49. 2 mushroom gifts from the united states was justified for the japanese as a result of what they had done durring the time. the world would have been better if one more mushroom gift was given to the gangleader himself.

  50. Being an Australian born Chinese, I never fully understood what the whole commotion about the Japanese invading China during WWII was about. I'd heard broken bits of stories from my elders but this documentary was a real eye opener. I had never in my wildest dreams thought that they were capable of such inhumane things. I'd expected rape, mass murders even burning people alive... but bayonetting babies, cutting fetuses from a mother, shoving bamboo sticks up a woman's vagina and made beheaded heads as trophies was simply...down right revolting. But doing all this while laughing? It makes me want to puke! What's worse is that they won't even admit to it! Now I understand. Now I know why it is so hard for the many thousands of Chinese, Korean, Philippinos to forgive what the Japanese had done. No matter how hard you try to erase the past, you will never be able to erase the painful memories you left the innocent civilians. They AT LEAST deserve an apology and even then, you cannot do that.

  51. When God is dead, anything becomes possible.

    1. When he is alive they call him Hirohito and kill in his name. Do you just comment on the movie without watching it or understanding what you just watched? Seriously.

  52. Damn, those Japs were a right proper naughty bunch..

    After seing this I am shocked, sickened and totally repulsed..Maybe the yanks should have nuked the whole of Japan instead of just Hiroshima and Nagasaki.I now feel it would have been totally and fully justified
    I never realised this was even apart of our world history...We human beings are truly a sick breed.
    Just following arse

  53. Devoid of a spiritual life, man is capable of any atrocity.

  54. This is not a Japanese "thing"...

    This happened in Rome, it happened, in Greece, oh... it very much happened with the Norse... it happened in Germany, Russia, America, Henry the VIII and the English, Alexander the Great, Africans...

    The Chinese... the Mezo-Amercians... etc. and so on and on...

    This is a HUMAN thing. We really have to get used to the fact that we have animal instincts that we all must try to overcome.

    All humans, throughout the world. You, me, etc... there is horror beneath the surface... we must control it for the betterment of some idea of, "society".

    (trust genetics!)

    We are 3million year-old animals, but only 20,000 year old "humans", all of us! Calm down. Be patient!

    Either we will all overcome this horror, or we will be undone... either way... the Earth goes merrily on...

    We mean very little in the 4billion years of life on this planet... get over yourselves!

    1. bullshit randy! I used to believe that load of crap too but the fact is some national traits are prone to certain types of behaviour more so than others and brutality was was very much a Japanese trait in the early 20th century. You're comparing events of either too great a time scale (i.e. Greece, Rome etc) or too small in scale to be comparable.

    2. wow arent you the smartest one here. to you we are nothing but apes and the fittest survives huh? wow..... brilliant.

    3. Yes, a god who kills his son to forgive our sins is more logical. Why not just forgive humans? Since there is only one god according to your view. Did God kill himself? wow

      I guess all the dinosaurs got in on the ark as well, with the viruses and parasites that plague the human race.

      If god is omnipotent why not just stop all the suffering? God is either not all powerful or he just does not exist.

      I mean really.

      Adam and Eve, had sex with each other their children would have to have sex with their parents or each other. I guess your god loves incest.

      A world wide flood of which there is no evidence at all.

      Seriously pick up a book other than the bible and learn something.

  55. After watching this movie,I belive americans make a big mistake to bumbing two cities of japan.They must blow-up whole f japan islands

  56. After watching this movie,I believe Americans made a big mistake to bombing two cities of japan. They must blow-up whole Japan islands.

    1. US did firebomb their cities with great effect if that makes you feel any better.

  57. To HMS who wrote : "Milgram’s testing suggested that it could have been that the millions of accomplices were merely following orders, despite violating their deepest moral beliefs”

    Yet it has been documented that there has been no instance found among the many German soldiers who had to carry out the slaughter that ensued in WW2, the ones that refused to murder were ever punished for not carrying out those immoral orders. They were simply transferred to do other duty's such as rounding up civilians, etc. etc. People have to realize that after many years of intense brain washing, Jews, Gypsy's, Homosexuals, Communists, etc. were considered non-human and that a person should have no more qualms about killing them then one would about killing a plague infested rat. There's no getting around it, dehumanization of these people's incurred with tragic results.

  58. This rape was indeed a dark moment in history. This is what happens when gansters disguised as militarists take over a country. The Japanese people however on the whole are the most dedicated, hard working people I've ever met. They in fact don't work to live, they live to work. This does not excuse their leaderships current fawning and procrastination on their past war crimes. It will be noted in history ALSO that after the 'Doolittle Raid' on Tokyo, in retribution for the Chinese getting back our 30+ fliers, the Japanese Army murdered in cold blood 250,000 innocent civilians. Further, of the 55 Million lost in WW2 some 15 million were Chinese who died of starvation in the hinterlands when Mao lead them away from this brutality by the Japanese, that was so brutal even the Nazi's observers were shocked. If you can shock a Nazi with brutal treatment of civilians .... well can I say anymore?

  59. How cruel and inhumane.

  60. re: "I hope the people who watched this documentary teach others about tolerance, as Islam and Muslims are the ones singled out by the West now."

    Religion is not real my friend, you need to wake up and realize that religions are the same as corporations - they are created by man as used by man for man's purposes. Islam is what Bin Laden does and Christianity is what Westboro Baptist does. Religion is also the little old ladies in Burkas and feather hats. It's the destruction of the Gaza people and the holocaust. It's the rape of your enemies children and he extermination of entire cities. What is creating the problems in the world today are these religions. Until we all get smart enough to realize that we are just flying through space on a big-bang fuelled rock, and that everything else is up to us, we will continue to do man's dirty deed's in the name of some false deity.

  61. This is a part of history that in 50 years I had not become aware of till now, so thanks.

    But I agree with tog, the narration style was annoyingly repetitious and and somewhat shy on content. Plus the voice tone was like you were doing a high schoolbook report.

  62. Thank God we now HAVE NUCLEAR WARHEADS. iT IS THE ONLY TERROR THAT IS GREATER THAN THEIRS!!!!I cannot believe that humans could behave like that but they do. It must stop!!!!!

  63. Not a bad documentary.... no worse then the cr*p they sell at Walmart. The Japanese might be in denial but China is not. Too bad they didn't drop another atomic bomb on the Imperial Palace in 1945 as well.

  64. Very repetitive and very disturbing. The book by the same title is better, if you can stand the awful reality. Such atrocities are written between the lines of the Old Testament wars. These things, because of human nature being desperately wicked, as the prophet Jeremiah says, can happen anytime and anywhere.

  65. It is a shocking truth but one that is sadly going on even now with so called 'modern warfare' in the 'modern world' we live in. I blame mainly leaders and their followers. I find hope with my faith, Islam and know that God will judge us all and there is no escape from it. This world is a test and it will end one day, just like the universe and all that it contains will end.

    I hope the people who watched this documentary teach others about tolerance, as Islam and Muslims are the ones singled out by the West now.

  66. Makes the Nazi's look like the tooth fairy. This can happen in America Be cautious!!

  67. war sucks, make love not war! ape syet!

  68. And the Jews complain? They certainly don't hold the license on genocide like they think they do.

    I've read about this before. I don't understand how so many people in Nanking (and other parts of China) could have been slaughtered. With the size of China's army (or potential
    size) such a thing should have never happened. Where was the army?

    I think I read somewhere, that the US ignored Japan's crimes against humanity in exchange for their biological warfare information.

    Now I don't feel so bad that we nuked them. A couple hundred thousand innocent Japanese died, but it no doubt resulted in the saving of even more innocent Chinese and others.

    "Learn from the past?" No country ever has. Genocide has occurred since WW 2 and is still occurring (Darfur) while the rest of the world looks away.

  69. What Japan did is beyond words. It's beyond war. All wars are terrible for civilians. Genocides are beyond wars.
    And what's as bad is the rest of the world stood there watching. And like usual the US government shows up when an interest shows up.
    How could our government hide this from us ? How could our government use this genocide as leverage against Japan ? How is this possible ? How can our government do business with Japan ?
    How did China stay so quiet for all these years ?
    (these are all rhetorical questions).
    The Nazis & the Jews are not even in the same league. i mean the Nazis couldn't be that cruel even if they tried and the Jews couldn't shut up and still today.
    Governments from all around the world are completely sick. How can a minority stay and control the majority ? I think all governments should start walking gently on eggs.

  70. Interesting. i just watched a Doc here "PSYCHOPATH".

  71. stfu with dimensions, hells on earth

  72. The only saving grace to these commissions of pure unadulterated satanic, evil, putrid acts is that those criminals seen in this film have themselves been jettisoned into the next dimension. For the sake of any known god that may be in existence at this time, we would be rest assured that the psychopathic killers are in the appropriate Hellish level of Dante's Inferno.

  73. This is the worst documentary I have ever seen! crammed full of repetitive narration Like a broken record.

    However the subject matter definitely needs more professional media coverage.

  74. I read a book about the massacre in Rwanda and if I have to guess as to why people behave so ruthless and continue to kill without any emotion is because their friends, comrades, and authority are giving them the O.K. to do so. Its sad to say but i think all those people are tools who do not care for anyone but themselves and their own well being (follow orders no matter how awful, after all you are "just following orders")

    People should stop and think for once a while. We are just a speck of dust in the universe, why still fight over stupid ideas and resources.

  75. brad your a troll, your heroes failed, just as you are destined to fail. you're a waste of resources, just head to the golden gate bridge and throw yourself off, and please please please, be a sucessfull death. the only thing your good for is fish food or fertilizer

  76. stop the complaining gibberish nonsense
    about the Japanese
    i commend them
    i wish they had won the war
    i also commend hitler

    so heil hitler

    and bansai!!!!

  77. Bravery has nothing to do with who wins or looses. I think its fair to say that all who participated and are currently participating in wars (Infantry level) have no choice but to be Brave. For people who are sitting around watching docs about wars and not participating in them perhaps calling out others bravery its a little out of your league. Just a thought.

  78. History is written by the winners. What about attrocities made by chinese in tibet?

    1. U dun say sth before u witness or see proved envidence! I heard...i heard, so as other ppl said! be skeptical my young friend and just dun be manipulated by the media, go there and get sum first-hand experience before u make a sound!

  79. So many thoughts come to mind... How sad and pathetic the human race really is... Look around at this world we live in, at this very moment, tell me we have learned from the past... PLEASE SOMEONE! Show me how wrong I am... You can bet that people living in the moments of their lives in their day and age of eons past with its atrocities were thinking to themselves the very things that you have in your head right now this very second, "things like that just don't/won't/can't happen in this day and age, its the 21st century after all..."

    Don't be fooled. It is happening, it will happen and for as long as there are humans on this planet strange planet of horro and beauty mixed in all over.

    After watching this documentary as presented online here, think about this, isn't it interesting how China has been making alot of noise over and around Japan with its missile tests of late... You can bet Nations (people in power that want more) of the world don't easily forget the horrors that others have brought to their soil. Time always has a way to change things...

    We humans read history books to learn from our mistakes but what we are really doing is living/making/writing them in realtime...

    The future human will look back on us in disgust just as you did today...

    Have a nice day, it's not all doom and gloom. I know I will, you should too...

  80. Shocking documentary about Japanese war crimes. It is a sad fact that Japan is up to this very day denying the terrible war crimes that were systematically committed ("Asian Holocaust") by its armed forces and has not made any attempt to apologize/"compensate" to China, turning war criminals into heroes.
    I hope that the victims, not just from China but all of Asia will one day be given the same attention as those of Hitler Germany.

    9 out of 10 Stars

    Der Oberst

    1. Indeed.