The Real Face of the European Union

The Real Face of the European Union

2004, Politics  -   49 Comments
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The EU has been sold to Britain as our best hope for the future. But behind the scenes, has another, more unsettling agenda been unfolding? The European Economic Community (EEC) began for Britain as a free-trade agreement in 1972.

Today’s European Union is well on its way to becoming a federal superstate, complete with one currency, one legal system, one military, one police force – even its own national anthem.

In this shocking new documentary featuring EU insiders and commentators, independent author Phillip Day covers the history and goals of the European Union, as well as the disturbing, irrevocable implications this new government has for every British citizen.

Whether the viewer is for or against Britain’s participation, this film asks the troubling questions the mainstream media has refused to confront.

Directed by: Phillip Day

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49 Comments / User Reviews

  1. German

    Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. 😈😈😈


      It did come true in 2016.

  2. Boris_CRO

    But all that i find good. Only way to have something that could compete with big boys of the world is that EU unite in one country. I dont see a problem with that as long we have democratic values inside that new country.

    1. Amanda Knowles

      The drivers of competition are innovation, flair, vision, deep and liquid capital markets, a lack of bureaucracy. None of which have anything to do with membership of a supranational organisation.

  3. Graham

    The shocking truth and real direction of the EU! Great enlightening short documentary. I hope we leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

  4. Igor


  5. M Wilson

    Blinkered bobbins.

  6. DustUp

    Hail to those who voted to exit the EU. Brilliant move. Any repercussion have been caused by the pouting new world o^dor banksters out of spite. The Swiss had the foresight to remain true to its heritage of independence and not to be controlled by others. It does well and still trades with the EU.

    Freedom lost by greased politicians is called a rubbish docu by the socialist-communists. Nice. If you have never been to a crooked court on BS charges, count yourself very lucky. The EU would become that on steroids and visit that upon any business they want to get rid of, in support of their payola crony big boys businesses who want it all. People just don't get the reality. That Socialism-Communism or central control is all about GETTING RID OF THE COMPETITION and total control by the banksters (puppet masters).

    Argentina was doing ok until the ELECTED politicians stabbed the people in the back to fill their own pockets. First by taking loans from the banksters they couldn't pay back and new it. They by selling off their companies to the bankster owned entities for pennies on the dollar; who let them go idle. The Socialists love to blame this on capitalism when in fact these banksters are not capitalists at all but desire socialism. But if you can have something the people will believe to blame the bad stuff they caused, to help your agenda, then they do it.

    Capitalism is one farmer selling chicken feed to another farmer who sells chickens and another person selling his labor. Anything other than direct trade for value isn't capitalism and requires govt to get away with. Your factory cannot pollute my farm land or a stream without a corrupt govt. Socialists keep voting for corrupt govt and then blame capitalism. Nice.

    Supporters of Socialism have a mental broken record that simply repeats "sharing is good". As the person in the docu said, hand your bank account numbers and codes to several neighbors. Further, if you live in a place allowed to have means of self defense, hand those over to your neighbors as well. Also, let them control your business and whether it fails even though they have no stake in the outcome. And when in school hand your high grades over to the other students and take a middle or low grade. Then go get a mid to low pay job so they can have better. That is exactly what Socialism is. Results and efforts don't matter, you just blame someone else for your greed of wanting someone else to pay your way. Everything too expensive? How did that happen without more govt facilitating the banksters to steal your efforts by making the value of the currency you rec'd worth less? If you were paid in silver, an ounce coin would buy 5 gallons of gasoline when it was 99c/gallon as it does when it is $15/ounce and gasoline is $3/gallon. However, if paid in silver there would be little reason for those variation in prices.

    It has been proven in the early history of the usa, Soviet Union in the 1970s, as well as Africa after that, if there is little incentive for those growing the food, their food being taken and added to the stores of the community or country, that community or country will have severe shortages where abundance was possible. Is that greed? And by whom? Greed by the state and those who like someone else to pay for their stuff. Definitely not the greed of those whose efforts are taken from them.

    The wise Thomas Jefferson stated the government that governs least governs best. Local control has always been more nimble and able to handle what may occur. Not so with central bureaucrats whose main goal is to stay in their cushy position and do what the puppet masters tell them. So the order of the day is to lie to the people and sell them out to the banksters who own the corporations who own the media, so as not to get hammered by the bought major media.

    Theory or fact? Go to a location where the local paper is owned by the big boys and the neighboring paper is independent. One supports all the ridiculous dirty projects of the corporations, claiming 2 to 4 times as many jobs as actual while putting all in the community at risk. The other tries to expose. Is there any independent major media? No. Why do you pay any attention to it at all? You could spend the time on a side biz to pay for the stuff someone else is paying for. I mean to pay for someone else's free stuff under Socialism. The reluctance to want to do that is what always causes Socialism to fail the people and work out great for the bureaucrats and the crony companies... until there is just one company owned and controlled by the state with you at its mercy.

  7. Scotty

    it's misinformation and propaganda ike this that convinced 51% of voters in the referendum to vote leave. now we are all skrewed. once the vote was decided, papers like the daily mail and the telegraph let a few truthes out of the bag which the remain campaign failed to present also. many voters chaanged their minds after the referendum so much so that I think another vote would end up with remin winning by a biger marrgin than brexit did in the aactual vote.

    1. j smith

      and the food shortages we were warned of, that never happened? and the vaccines? We would still be waiting for vaccines if we were still in the EU. I wont even talk about the EDF proposals and the antidemocratic so called ''parliament''.We won due to simple common sense.

  8. Greg van Dugteren

    Bureaucrats in the EU are fired for fraud and end up back in Brussels just a few years later?And there are people on here commenting that this documentary is rubbish,worst of...etc..what planet do you live on? There is certainly some "garbage minds" commenting here,minds unable to get past the main stream bullshit,minds unable to be objective,minds unable to do real research and minds seemingly incapable of any semblance of would almost think they are being paid to post such stupid comments so openly? The EU is a corrupt farce....unless ofcourse your trough is being fed directly from the taxpayers coffers?

  9. Documentary Enthusiast

    One of the worst so called "documentaries" I have ever seen. An absurd waste of money that is nothing more than a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists trying to twist history to be a big plot against them because things didn't go the way they wanted. Obvious tripe. The only people who could rate this at all positively have made up their mind about the EU before they went it to view it. Garbage all around for garbage minds.

  10. Brgs

    This is obviously a propaganda film sponsored by UKIP - tailored to encourage anti-European sentiments with docu-style fact-mis-representation (underlaid with a dooom-and-gloom style score). If it wasn't so sad it would almost be funny. What is most shameful though is that the BBC promotes this (no words!) nonsense on its website.. #BBC

    1. Michael Clifford

      Well it's obviously a film about the negative aspects of the EU but I can't call it propaganda because most of it is factual.

    2. Amanda Knowles

      You're purposefully conflating 'anti-European' with 'anti-EU'. Stop it now, it no longer works.

  11. Erban

    Those who deny the evil are either too scared to think about it being evil or those doing the evil, those who accept it are too weak, and those who are against the evil are angry.

  12. CollectivistCFR

    It has a few good points but misses the point. The author really needs to check it's history books. It paints Britain as an innocent bystander in all of this when history shows Britain has had some bad parts to play aswell. The bigger issue is the quest for a one world government. The part about the armies of the European countries becoming a 'European Standing Army' doesn't make sense and is untrue. The UN (Daddy EU) will contain the worlds armies as more and more countries sign up to American Democracy. The good thing for Britain is that we don't have a written constitution which we believe is God, and therefore we can't be 'played' as easy. I would urge people not to watch this film, but to instead do a little digging of your own. Effect and CAUSE people. Follow the money....

    1. Goran Georgiev

      Holy s*it dude, you are British and you know so very little about your own constitutional framework? The statement that Britain has no written constitution is absolutely ridiculous and legally wrong - Britain does have a codified constitution, the only major difference to other Western countries being that it is not contained within a single standing document but within several acts of parliament, all of which combined hold the constitutional law of GB. This just goes to show how dangerously influential propaganda movies with set political goals can be (like the one above) due to people's natural ignorance of their own country's political and social status.

      And no, the constitutional basis of GB does not contain the word 'god' anywhere.

    2. Ev

      Incorrect. Britain's Constitution is NOT codified, yes it does contain many acts from parliament, but it is also built on common law and conventions. No aspect of it enjoys supreme authority - only parliament is sovereign.

  13. Anca Tiu

    this video is a depiction of the shelfish part of the human being. why is so bad sharing with the others at the european level? and why it wasn't at the colonial level? a nation can make us of her freewill and leave Europe.

    1. Amanda Knowles

      Why do you deny the democratic right of the British people to choose their own future? Isn't this the fundamental basis of everything we hold dear in the West?

  14. Anne Mullett

    The real destruction of the Magna Carta, people are being led down the garden path.

  15. John

    For anyone smart enough there are always ways to go around laws and constitutions, the rulers of britain are men like everyone else, they have weaknesses that can be exploited by anyone seeking to use their power in their favour... Never stop asking questions, the moment you do is when they stab you in the back, And althought the allegations in the doc sound a little crazy, they can happen, and if it CAN happen, it's reason enough for you to take it seriously.

  16. Mark Rankin

    This "documentary" is nothing more than lies and propaganda by Nigel Farrell and his cronies. I gave up after the tirade on Churchill. Was it not Churchill who gave the United States of Europe in 1946?

  17. Petr Šimon

    I do not mind criticism of the EU, but this documentary is a totall BS. No one forced GB to enter the EU, in fact France vetoed its entrance twice. (The EU would be better off GB anyway) I though I will see some constructive objection about the EU but after 20 min. relized it is a waste of time.

    1. noswad

      "The EU would be better off GB anyway" does not make sense, if you mean better off without then your wrong, GB are one of the biggest contributors to the EU. I hope we get the vote to leave the EU as GB would be better off without the EU

    2. Inga

      Hugely important objections were raised. May be after 20 min of film, so you missed it? The fact that each country's elected government can not set own laws and change own interest rates to manage own economy. Member countries are governed by corrupt EU bureaucrats. Those are quite the points raised I think.

  18. TrutherSeeker55

    N Boragina - it is not a theory it is fact - ergo does not fit conspiracty theory

  19. Nick Boragina

    This belongs in the conspiracy theory section.

  20. jack_reaver

    I find it interesting when the speaker talks about the military under EU control, but it forgets to mention that britain's military is already under control by outsiders, the brit's forces do what US wants, Obama says, the brits follow

  21. Gary V

    Yet another biased & misguiding doc by the anti-Europe brigade. Complete BS.

    1. NoWorldGovernmant

      @Gary V and other EU supporters.
      Just because of your comments, I'll watch these documentaries.
      Your comments sounds biased and misguided. We need it to defend ourselves against USA and China? Christ dudes!

      Your attitudes are more dangerous that naivity and stupidity.
      Have you looked at the EU agenda or are you indoctrinated mainstrem viewers? You may like the idea of loosing your sovereignty and your freedom, but I will sure as hell fight for mine.

      Where you might see freedom and security, I see bondage and fascism.
      The emergence of an economic world government is right at our frontsteps and you embrace and defend this future?

      I live in Europe and see the downfall of nations. I see nations raped by the UN and IMF and people suffering dearly for it. Banksters raping and plundring with any remorse, because all that matters to these institutions are profit and power.

      More surveillance, more regulations, less freedom, more terror, more war and more greed and obtuse behaviour.

      Higher taxes, lower wages, staggering unemployment and nations, which are forced to sell out their assets to multinational companies..Codeword: Privatization and free market...Yeah right. Unrestricted and unregulated business opportunities for big companies.

      It got NOTHING to do with a global community and equal opportunity, but everything to do with global domination.

      Anyway---Keep on commenting the flicks...I'll keep on watching the documentaries you don't like.

  22. Siiri Reinla

    there may be a lot of corruption going on in EU but on the other hand, what other option is there. the era of the national countries is over and the era of the great alliances like UN, EU and OPEC has come. Britain or no other Europe country can expect to fight alone against such superpowers as USA or China.

    1. Gary V

      wise words my friend ,very wise words.

    2. Erban

      That's exactly what an immigrant apparatchik would say, Its our lands and not the Elite and their labourers cast.

    3. Erban

      Well to your logic the Warsaw pact and the Axis were great alliances, all the UN has done is sell stories to third world countries to immigrate to the First world just so companies can access their natural resources. OPEC is just a myth anyway.

  23. Ubercritter

    i am anti-eu myself, but only because the more layers of government we have leads to more "noise" getting into communication between the lowest and the highest parts of the democratic structure, the lowest here being the citizens,and the highest being their democratically elected servants. but this is counteracted in a way by the pooling of resources, and the greater security it has. if only we could get rid of war and starvation entirely, without needing these structures.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      It will only make it easier for us when we throw the capitalist class to the lions and all this infrastructure will already be built for a unified socialist world government when we turn this earth back into the Eden it was meant to be. That is the good part about it-on the otherhand these struggles have to take place on national terrains as well as we all deal with our own bourgeosie. Occupy the Planet.

    2. Erban

      Good idea but the new world government will be Neo-Fascistic in ideology and it will exploit everything and everyone that they can get their hands on. True socialism is being altered to the elites advantage just so they can reshape society to their advantage.

  24. Ubercritter

    biased, uninformative, disengaged; stupid,in a word.

  25. debbye

    Coming soon to your country, too …

  26. L. Ray

    I'll balanced and deliberately misleading. The least biased source on this is UKIPs Nigel Farage (a brilliant politician) and he leads an Anti EU party!

    Some of the criticisms are valid, and there are issues with expanding EU power, but the idea of a loss of control of the armed forces, under EUFOR, is frankly ludicrous. As a War and Security Student at a leading university, I can state with certainty that not only is that not the purpose of EUFOR, but it will never be its purpose, and indeed its legal structure does not allow it!

  27. Daan

    worst documentary ever seen. It is completely uninformed and unbalanced.
    The argument that Britain's sovereignty was taken away against her will and was completely misled by the EU is complete nonsense.
    As every country had her past, so had Britain, not so long ago the largest empire of the world, that also had a control upon other European nations. Today, those days are over.
    It is up to Britain, and to Britain alone, to decide whether they want to be part of a common European project, a project that indeed is pooling sovereignty to an international level, and indeed makes it possible for 'Brussels' to say Britain what to do. But saying that this all is a 'silent taking over' by the continent of Britain, that this all is a conspiracy, etc. is completely untrue. The European Union is in essence democratic, what Brussels decides, is what is decided by the Council of Ministers. Ministers of Britain.
    But if Britain really thinks that is not true, that this is clearly a conspiracy against them, then it is up to them to decide whether they still want to be a part of that. The Treaty of Lisbon has created the explicit legal possibility to completely withdraw yourself as a country from the European Union, so if Britain really feels treated unjust and betrayed, they can deliberately decide to take an exit, and that possibility will always remain.
    In short, it is up for the British people to decide whether they want to be part of a clear and transparant European intergovernmental, but also supranational, institution. Saying that Britain is being betrayed and conquered seems to me not more than a symptom of some people having difficulties to cope with a Britain that is now a nation-state and no longer an empire.
    Finally, one of Britain's best political scientists, Simon Hix, has written an excellent book about the political system of the EU and the several theories of integration. I would advise everyone to read his book, if you really believe the outline of the documentary.

    1. Nicolas Chamberlain

      No, the English are fearing the end of the nation-states; their nation-states, and let's be honest that is the case. The EU is not transparant. If they were the didn't revoke all the 'NO's' that were given by several states after the plan for a European constitution; they only changed it in the Lisboa treaty. The EU doesn't care about democracy, it's an ideal by the elite for the elite.

  28. IslamRose

    Interesting Documentary but not informative enough.

  29. jim

    Great documentary wake up people

  30. fer

    horrible documentary.

  31. tjo

    Our turn is coming SOON.