The Real X-Files: America's Psychic Spies

1993, Conspiracy  -   26 Comments
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The Real X-Files: America's Psychic SpiesDelving into US intelligence's use of psychics for high level spying missions, The Real X-Files formed a pivotal part of Channel 4's science-fiction weekend when aired in Britain. The film enters a cloak-and-dagger climate of paranoid psychic arms race, extrasensory spying programmes and psychic power used as a legitimate government weapon.

For the first time, men and women at the heart of America's psychic spying programme talk candidly about concerns with strange events and bizarre phenomena shared by the CIA, FBI, NASA, Secret Service and each of the armed forces. Giant ravens, shamanic monsters, mysterious spirit entities and enough government involvement to fuel conspiracy junkies’ theories for aeons.

"Spoon-bending sessions, we learned from The Real X-files, were a popular pastime in the higher reaches of American intelligence when reliance on psychic perception in espionage became slightly out of hand. An old army hand recalled that one agency was overrun with 'civilian-type females' (the witches) reading senior officers tarot cards and performing what were graphically described as 'psychic blowjobs'."

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  1. DustUp

    Anyone who has had a momentary thought about someone and then the phone rings with them calling you or walking and certain street lights go out every time you walk that path or had dead on intuition about something realizes there is more to our noggin than we are led to believe. For the disbelievers, just deal with the fact that when some police depts get stuck on certain types of cases they bring in a psychic type. However, I've heard Major Dames be dishonest on the radio a few times. Like saying he remote viewed chemtrails and said they were beneficial; knowing that people would assume that meant beneficial to them. Not that I would know but I suspect he is a disinformation specialist.

    Apparently VallejoDan likes to throw around the word "uninformed" with little to no understanding of the word. Lenin stated the goal of Socialism is Communism. Mussolini who supposedly coined the term Fascism stated that Corporatism was more accurate. Progressives seem to be lazy socialists better described as thieves. All are various flavors of Collectivism. Manny I understand your view which has merit. The globalists desire Collectivism which will take on forms of communism, corporatism, etc. However, I shouldn't worry until they pass gun control/confiscation here. If they do then it is time for me to move to a remote island with a view. To prevent gun confiscation one will have to stop sending your kids to govt indoctrination centers called public schools and universities. Find those that Rockefeller and Soros haven't contaminated. There are a few. Or see to it as many as possible get decontaminated by ridding them of marxist professors and send their grant money back to the culprits previously mentioned.

  2. NeoPlato75

    Welcome to the wavelength people. This stuff has been going on for decades. Would love to see a remake.


    I gotta go with Germanus on this one cause he is stateing a fact! I say the same thing but everybody seems to like to be told what to do,when to do it,with who to do it,where to do it and the dumb thing about it is being asked why you did by whoever thinks he's just a little better than you!!! We can all do without the greed,hate and everything else religion and politics have caused us! . . . If the people of the the world took a moral stand this planet would never be the same again and that might just be be what this planet needs!!! . . . it's called "RELIEF"!!!

  4. Guest

    Remote viewing, phyche and all that... The oldest "Eldorado" to humankind.
    No rational logic in there. If there was something to find in this, it would have been found a long time ago. + Did anyone seen that technic at work?
    Considering this, that doc goes to dumpt!


  5. Geoffrey Allen

    Read "The Mad Bad Book of Denied Psychology" -Hiraguy, all about Nazi cinema

  6. Geoffrey Allen

    WQrite to your government and ask why they are doing these things?

  7. Geoffrey Allen

    Lies, I believe. Disinform public of one's own country in just the same way as disinform the people of a hostile power.

  8. Geoffrey Allen

    Lies and disinformation, I would say. U.F.O.'s same thing. None of it holds water.

  9. isee2clearly

    THEY LOST THE FILM. All seven boxes just disappeared. Verify this with the 2006 Washington Post article. How could something so historically monumental be allowed to just disappear. A library book is tracked better. All we have is what was filmed off a TV screen, quality so degraded it can't be analyzed. Come on Sheeple, turn on your brain cells.

    1. illuminatilizardperson

      Perhaps a "remote viewer" can locate the missing film? Or maybe someone with a really nifty Ouija board?
      I have no fear of becoming a "sheeple", as long as I have my good old pyramidal aluminum hat, and my micro-methane laser, to protect me.

  10. Folayan A. Rasool

    If this is true then why did it take so long to find bin Laden

    1. 6 inch nail

      the whole thing was a lie....

  11. Con


    What did ye do and win in Northern Ireland in 1969?

  12. DAN

    this is truly just the nuts and bolts of psychic abilities used and utilised in the military worldwide doesnt come close to scratching the surface of what i saw as psychic spies and psychic soldiers.but this doco helps sceptics of psychics and there abilities to realise the military including private and govt agencies use these abilities everyday to this day and beyond but keep this info classified.
    the truth will be disclosed soon because of my personal experience the "shoebox" in the closet is over flowing with info that will burst and everyone will see and you will be surprised but will understand through logical thinking.

  13. rockysbeats

    if you could do this remote veiwing thing wouldnt you just take a trip into area 51 and see whats really in there, just for the crack! i know i would :)

  14. Germanus

    I hate to say this but I think the citizens of America are f@#$%&. From watching other docu's I'm afraid to say that no USA citizens will stand up against the corrupt powers that be. U are slowly turning into a dictatorship. When will u see this. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THEY BOARD U ON TRAINS TO CAMPS. Here in Northern Ireland we did it in 1969 and won. Stand up Americans and seize your freedom back! Time to take responsibility, wake-up and make a stand.

    1. a_no_n you didn't.

      For the record, nobody on Ireland was rounded up on trains and sent to concentration camps...Great way to sh1t on history there dumbass.

    2. smjpl

      Germanus never said that. He said fight back before this happens. Fight before its too late. Fight before it turns into a complete dictatorship. If its a dictatorship, then you might see some trains roll in.

    3. manny

      i completely agree with you sir. we Americans are screwed and we are becoming a communist country. as of the "train to camps" we already have them. they are called FEMA camps

    4. VallejoDan

      Another uninformed person throwing around the word "communist", with little to no meaning of the word. Now if you would have said fascist, you would be on the right track. Your little cherry to your parroted words was "Fema camps". Run along little sheep.

  15. finno

    i see 3 penguins in cowboy hats eating 9 onion burgers on a banana boat.

  16. scott

    This is a sincere thanks for posting this documentary. It has been very hard to find anywhere of recent.
    This is the documentary that started me on the last 13 years of remote viewing. It is a true and accurate documentary. I can personally vouch for the actual realities of remote viewing.
    Again thanks and let the truth be told.

    1. a_no_n

      You better give James Rhandi a call! Prove it and he'll give you a million dollars!

  17. Steven

    Considering the US military and CIA's history of covert operations, interference with legitimate governments assassinations, etc etc etc I fail to understand how anyone with any moral sense could do this kind of work. Bad Karma

  18. onion

    I believe many onion buns will move into the Bay area. Please wear your cowboy hats and be cautious