The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedThe Revolution Will Not Be Televised (a.k.a. Chavez: Inside the Coup) is a 2002 documentary about the April 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt which briefly deposed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

A television crew from Ireland's Radio Telifís Éireann happened to be recording a documentary about Chávez during the events of April 11, 2002.

Shifting focus, they followed the events as they occurred. During their filming, the crew recorded images of the events that they say contradict explanations given by Chávez opposition, the private media, the US State Department, and then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer.

The documentary says that the coup was the result of a conspiracy between various old guard and anti-Chávez factions within Venezuela and the United States. (Excerpt from

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  1. apollo

    The only thing good that can be said about Chavez is that he's gone! I hope Maduro follows him soon.

  2. Francisco

    Like Hugo Chávez This documentary is nothing but a fiasco.
    It shows how the truth can be easily manipulated and make us believe that the black is white and the salt is sweet.
    I am Venezuelan and know first hand how things are in Venezuela and still admit this documentary is very convincent even when I know there are a lot of lies in it.
    The confusion comes from the way they mix lies with truth to make it credible.

    There is another document that contest the credibility of this one.
    That is the real truth of what happened and not this one.

    You can easily fin it in google.. Type "the revolution will not be televised lies"... It will come up. It's in Spanish but with English subtitles.
    I am sorry to disappoint the ones that believe this was an extraordinary documentary but the truth is that this is not more than a lot of rubbish

    1. Yunzer

      Yes, you are a Venezuelan - a rich Venezuelan - who lives off the poverty of the worker.

      GO AWAY!

    2. John SHAW

      Take a look again and THINK " Economic WARS"

  3. dancingroads

    RIP Chavez. Venezuela, South America and the world are poorer places without you. May your legacy live on comrade.

  4. GaiaHeart

    Great documentary! Thanks for sharing!

    The small scale battles between voices in the comments below are unneccesary. Freedom of speech is a blessing, however, just because we have freedom of speech does not mean that we should abuse it... or abuse eachother with it. Belittling one another, especially in public eyes, is to gain a false sense of power while destroying the unity between one another as attempts are made to position oneself as superior in some way. We are all students and teachers for each other.

    If it's a debate of facts, then so be it. However, respect is key to peace, as it is the minimal form of love which we must have between people in order to maintain unity. Has empathy hurt anyone?

    :) Love

  5. qwertyqw

    I like the comment by the newly installed leader about the "profoundly democratic" process o_0

  6. qwertyqw

    I liked the line by the newly installed leader, that the process was "profoundly democratic" o_O

  7. Francesca Fini

    carmole left an empty safe ;)

  8. Francesca Fini

    this is an extraordinary documentary

  9. Cameron Curtis

    Pierre did you take the time to click on the link to the article giving some (admittedly brief) stats about those murder rates, and the rest of the links? Did Chavez end up losing the heavily rigged election? Sure, Venezuela hasn´t arrived at fully-fledged Castro-style totalitarianism, but the point is you can bet on the fact that that's exactly what Chavez is aiming for. Do you think it's fine that he constantly attempts to change the Venezuelan constitution so that he can stay in power as long as he likes? Do you think it's fine that he closes down and censures media outlets and journalists that dare to question his government? Why do you think the NGO Reporters Without Borders criticise his government's conduct re: persecuting dissenting voices in the Venezuelan media?

    I am biased - I have a bias against idiots. Don´t think I´ll waste any more time arguing the point with you.

  10. Kev Lovski

    Erm, the venezuela elections have been examined everytime since chavez has been in power by outside parties and are always fair. The tv is all owned by his enemies and is pure propaganda against his rule for the corporate owned and rich side of the country. I don't think you've lived there.

  11. cam curtis

    I suppose you people extolling Chavez's virtues as some kind of people's hero are probably similarly convinced about the saintliness of his proclaimed mentor Castro. Anyone believing the propaganda about these two power-hungry dictators is completely deluded. Have you actually BEEN to these countries and seen the reality or are you just basing your opinions on the nice warm feeling you get thinking that the citizens who live under their oppressive regimes are living in some kind of blissful paradise?

    If you´re thrilled with the idea of having a president who crushes free speech and media, seeks to imprison/silence/persecute any dissenting voice, rigs elections, ignores human rights, heavily censors internet access, repeatedly attempts to change the constitution to allow him to stay in power indefinitely, drives his desperately poor population further into misery while still banging on about being 'for the people' etc. etc. then I invite you to go live in Venezuela.

    Ever heard the term 'useful idiots'? Look it up. They did wonders for Stalin. And if my tone is a little acidic, it's because, being of the left politically, it's a little hard to sit here reading moronic comments hailing dictators like Chavez as some kind of hero.

    1. Guest

      You Curtis just ought to be a sinister damned USA psychopath extremist. Speaking of "Free Speech"' we seen "Live" the USA backed dictators over there controling "Their" private TV Chanels.
      Biaising the facts.
      Not reporting the million & a half venezelian citizens in front of the Caracas parliement...
      You are really totally what you are: An american = pleague to the human kind.

      And then, we see that american zombie Powell, the liar (At the UN).
      A low disgusting sub-human who's every breath is a lie.

      That Chavez overthrow is simply a copy of the murder of Alliende in Chillie some 30 years back by a bunch of criminal CIA henchmen.
      As an american pleague, you don't have the strick minimum to realise your pshychotic desease.

      Chavez didn't even brought to court these criminals who wanted to install totalitarism at the hand of of sub-humans as you are and as it was done in Chilie by the Perrons criminals.
      Why don't you begin to work and earn your own bread & butter you lazy abuser?
      Most of those traitors to their countries over there are now either living in your Miami slum or stayed in Caracas leading the same lying life on their own TV channels funded by your gang of sub-humans in the USA.
      If these traitors would have taken power over there, there wouldn't be any freedom of speech anymore in that country.

      You do not deserve to talk about human rights since you are an american 'coze there ain't no more civil rigthts in the USA considering your "Patriot Act" garbage.
      Its war measures in your slums and getthos.

      All you guys have done all over the world is always the same scenario, in Vietnam, In Iran with elected Mossadeth, in Chilie, in Nicaragua as your Elite CIA brought you some dope & cocain and the list goes on & on...
      You are a disgrace to human kind.
      You make up a total of at most ~ 3% or planet earth.
      I feel that some day, we'll get tired your obsessive psychopathy and we'll have to get over there and solve YOUR problem once & for all.

      Disgusting. You're a waste!

    2. Cameron Curtis

      Alright Pierre first of all take a chill pill and try to calm down a little.

      Secondly let me say that the whole basis of your ridiculous diatribe is way off. I´m not American, I´m Australian. I´m not a right wing capitalist pig, I´m a real leftist who actually believes in such concepts as freedom of speech, true democratic elections, freedom of press, freedom of access to information etc. etc...

      Which is exactly why I oppose any party/person/movement who goes against these basic values which I consider fundamental to a morally acceptable form of government. This obviously excludes the American political system which, I agree, is responsible for some of the most disgusting human rights travesties of recent history (not least in Latin America), and continues to pursue ruthless foreign policy objectives in order to satisfy the interests of the rich and powerful who ultimately run it.

      EXACTLY THE SAME criteria applies when it comes to Chavez. This is where crazed ¨far-leftists¨ like you fail to see what's happening. You seem to think that just because a political leader publicly goes against American capitalist interests he's some kind of saviour from the left. Bullsh*t. Look at the facts. Look at what´s really happening in Venezuela. Look at what´s really happening, and has been happening for the past however many decades. in Cuba. Look at what happened in Russia, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, North Korea etc. It´s called Totalitarianism. Not TRUE Communism or Socialism. The same is happening under Chavez. Of course 'American Democracy' as it operates is a farce. Of course it's a disgraceful, abusive system. But that doesn´t mean that Chavez and his government are acceptable. Don´t just watch a freaking Irish propoganda film and make your mind up. Do some f*cking research.

    3. Guest

      You deserve such a reply because it's obvious that you didn't view the whole documentary. Else, a "Useful idiot" yourself.

      You didn't see in that documentary Chavez taking whole days to speak directly with the Venezuelan population, the poorest as anyone else, direct on the state national channel.
      I ain't no socialist or communist supporter in any manner.
      In short, far from "Far Leftist" but rather appalled & outraged by poorly minded individuals such as you are.
      I never worked for any "Gov" agency or ministry what so ever.
      I always earned my living in totally private enterprises.
      I just can't tolerate that a brainless comes tome & say:
      -"Here's a deal that you just can't refuse" or else:-"If you are not with us, you are against us".
      Not long thereafter, the same gang of clowns was proven liars trying to justify their crimes.

      There is the "Me, Myself & I" extreme right wingers and there a quite a few other "In Between" like UK, France, Japan, Canada, NZ, land from under where we see peoples realizing that a society is based on social community.
      Doesn't it happen that you Ozzies face a few forest fires in a once in a while? That's social responsibilities. Among other things...
      Does it make sense that one man owns the fire trucks and sells his services to whom he feels like?
      Not so long ago, many forestations were still private properties.
      Just like hospitals are in some "Said" democratic countries.
      It takes time, a whole lot of time before some guys realize that... Ah, anyhow, you are a waste...

      But you, you bare the worst handicap of human kind: -You are unfit to recognize goodwill.
      No, I ain't gonna take a chill.
      Because Venezuelans have spoken through democratic voices.
      I have a few Venezuelan ex-pats living close by, in constant contact with their families over there and if any political, free speech or human rights abuse would be going on over, the peoples would be whining the same as some mothers still do in Chili

      But Chavez's admin if far more viable than any dictatorial totalitarian system under the spell of any foreign abuser.
      I seen & had time to view extensively historical documentaries on Lenine, eastern Germany, and China as well as for WWII and the imbroglio of the Middle East.
      The difference between me & you is that I view, read or listen to the facts before expressing my mind to make sure that I ain't biased. No mention that Chavez re-established free speech on television network, up to a point of tolerating the proven lies of the "To be expected" totalitarian Tyrant TV channels.
      -That makes you the award winner "Useful idiot" all categories among the recognized sub-humans.

      Once a country such as Iraq or Vietnam is destroyed, it takes a whole lot of time, arduous work and patience to rebuild a country.
      A whole lot of money is sunk into the care that ought to be taken as for the crippled Vietnamese who sufferered abuses at the delight of some guys like you left aside the intentional and deliberate environmental poisonings committed over there.
      Do you have any idea how human beings qualify that sort of thing?

      What in the world do you expect from foreigners after going through all these abjections? A trophy maybe?

      It an't solely Vietnam, Chili, Argentine, Nicaragua, Venezuela, among others, but anywhere on planet earth.
      Whenever an american is around, be wary & keep a low profile.
      They vote which one of theirs should go lie to the UN in exchange of a safe heaven for war criminals.

  12. adrian kelly

    I guess I'm kinda proud it was an Irish TV crew who witnessed and covered the tumultus events as they unfolded in Venezuelan, but I'm ashamed to say, I never saw it broadcast on our national airways over here in Ireland.
    This brings me to the conclusion, the greatest threat to civilization, is privately controlled media worldwide. Until this scourge is removed, we will remain in blind ignorance and bondage.
    Viva Chavez!

    1. Criona gavin

      Ummm, RTE is not privately controlled media. It's state owned media. Well a semi state owned company to be precise.

  13. Abdul

    Stimulus money was not given to the struggling Americans it was given to big banks owned by rich folks, yes, yes, but giving money to the poor doesn't make a country stronger. You rather give it to the industries that shape the millitary power of the country right. Socialism fails because people are lazy by nature.

    So yes, stimulus for the rich and for big companies and banks that make America strong...what will poor do with the money? Breed more poor people? I make donation to the poor but in a competitive world, you have to be practical. Socialism failed, history has shown it. It seems poetic and nice what Chavez is doing, but I don't think even himself he believes that works.

    However, one disagreement I have with America: People have the right to choose how to run their country! If they want socialism, for bloody sake let them have, don't interfere because you are afraid of a "domino effect" that will surround you with a socialist world. That has always been a fundamental flaw of America; flawed foreign policy.

    1. invient

      Why do the rich folks need to be stimulated if they are not lazy? Should not the money go to the poor, the people who need no stimulation to spend it?

      When you talk about history showing socialism does not work, you are referring to the USSR I presume. That particular form of socialism did fail as many people predicted it would long before it showed signs of it... The model that Chavez has chosen is not that form, and should not be condemned prima facie... If it does fail, then we will be able to learn what aspect of the socialistic theory failed and fix it.

    2. adrian kelly

      At last, a story to encourage the rest of humanity...but the Venezuelan miracle of people power, will be short lived. It has to be, else we'll all be running about the place believing "We can do it".

  14. Richie

    Do not listen to so-called Venezuelans on here or elsewhere on the net, they are either US payed agents or they are part of the old Venezuelan ruling class who had to lose *some* of their ill gotten gains to help the poor.

  15. Dan

    Viva Chavez!

  16. Jammal

    Great documentary!! Viva Chavez

  17. anthony

    I agree with some of your points Manuel and am perfectly aware of the situation with the CNE. you are Venezuelan and entitled to criticize the regime. Indeed, Chavez is known for pandering to the masses, he is a populist for sure. However, Chavez would not be in power if neo-liberal policies had not created a substantial gap between rich and poor in the first place. In effect, these inequalities created a reaction that allowed him into power.

    Consider this, laissez faire capitalism is great in theory, everybody has the chance to earn as much money as they want, free from state interference. This sounds fantastic! In practice nevertheless it is so much different. The people that don’t have the cultural and social capital the wealth creates are left behind to live on the scraps given to them by the ruling class.

    Chavez is not a saint, my god no politician is, socialism is also flawed as a system. We are still looking for the perfect system and may never find it; the greatest minds are yet to figure that conundrum out. However, it is trying to reduce the gap between rich and poor and this cannot be a bad thing, in a world that sees profit as the ultimate goal.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      Don't buy what Manuel is selling. He is one of the small minority who lived the good life while the majority were dispensable serfs. My sister in law is one of them and as much as I love her I have to argue the points till she is in tears coz her family have lost the life they had but millions more are not going to bed hungry. Chavez does not need to come up with a miracle, just hold on until a new generation with greater business nous comes of age, there's enough oil to last till then. Socialism is not so much flawed as a political system, as it is flawed as a counter to capitalist money magic. There has not been a socialist state to date. All socialist experiments descended into a military dictatorial defense against the spending power of the voracious capitalists who hunted like wolves. As for the CNE, Chavez learnt that trick from the capitalists. (BTW it was CNE blended with securocratic dirty tricks that kept the socialism/nationalism and all other isms that were not USA approved out of the power loop. Chavez was not so dumb as not to appreciate that! It hurts when the other guy's using your dirty tricks for his and not your benefit.Don't tell my sis in law i said that, she'd never speak to me again.)

      I don't even believe in socialism and could provide better criticisms of its idealistic mantras and the realities that lead to its failures than these we-used-to-have-it-so-good-ists.

      Chavez knows his limitations but does not let them hold him back or the ideals of the value of the alleged lesser peoples.

      Viva Chavez, Viva la Revolution.

      The sad thing is that avowed capitalists go to church, or don't, but believe they value people by their personality, character etc but we all know they fall in status if they wear bargain basement clothing rather than quality labels, walk rather than drive a BMW, don't own a house, cant take a lady out on a fancy date in a fancy car to a fancy joint and all that Jazz.

      Manuel and friends need to realise that most Venezuelans aren't really buying into Chavez or socialism. They are just happy to think about other things than the rumbling of their empty bellies and as soon as some capitalist can come up with a system that offers them more, then Chavez is toast!

      But they wont will they? The capitalists are one trick ponies who use the same subversion that they have done all along. Because of that the removal of the chavez's of this world will be so much more difficult especially with Uncle Sam's hands full in other parts of the world including at home.

      Who, me? Yeah, you!

    2. Guest

      As far as I know, for now, it is the average USA citizen who has a little problem with his belly and morgage.
      In the case of the 911, I'd say that it ain't much compared to what the USA average citizen have cause all over the world.
      Total of billions lives if we'd incude the Viets, the Chillians under the Perron totalitarism, Nicaragua, etc...
      Could it ever be numbered?

  18. Manuel

    I am venezuelan. For all of you out there, socialism as an idea is great. As a political and economic system is a complete failure. At least in Venezuela.

    One more thing, Chavez tried to overthrow a democracy in 1992, he surrendered while his friends fought and died. He speaks ill of everyone or everybody that doesnt share his ideas. For those of you that dont know, he redraws the electoral circuits before elections and controls the CNE (electoral national counsel),which is the organization that counts the votes and gives election results.

    I understand that the concept and idea sounds great, that is why he has followers, but until you are here to live it and see it, you wont understand.

  19. anthony

    chavez is a doing a brave thing. in effect he is creating a democracy that is bottom up rather than top down. lets hope power does not currupt the regime. that would be a pity.

  20. Atte Mede

    Venezeula is a sovereign nation entitled to self determination. Whether their leader is elected democratically or not, no nation has legitimate authority to interfere with anothers' internal affairs.

  21. bambi

    I'm simply worried of how he's spending his country's incoming wealth.

  22. Alex N

    Look, if we take the the broad strokes behind this documentary to be true, there's no doubt that Chavez defends the interests of the majority of the people of Venezuela. This is democracy. Sure a large group of poorly educated people are in the end choosing a path toward isolation and ignoring the laws of global economics, but who the f@#$ are you to tell them otherwise?

    They are the most shining example of this democracy that developed countries so often claim to "export". We must, no matter how sour the short run loss in economic opportunities, allow the people's will to run its course. I think in say 20 years, we'll have another China on our hands, secretly resorting to all the dirty capitalist tricks the rest of us use to develop. Don't worry, soon we'll all have hybrid cars with ipod docs.

  23. Phil Atio

    I never understood why the us is so concerned when 3rd world countries decide that they want to start praticing socialism. Is it any surprise that countries where 80-90% of the people eat mud and 10% live like us, or substantially better, that the majority would want a hand in the wealth?

    It becomes apparent that the US does not oppose Chavez, or Castro, or any other so called dictator because they are bad or evil. I mean Russia and China are the 2 biggest human rights abusers around after USA who spies on its citizens, thank you very much Bush and OBAMA=patriot act. They oppose any candidate who wants to take wealth from the rich and give some of it to the poor because it is obvious that the poor and middle class americans would follow. Wouldn't that be something. those rich super bankers, lawyers or bilderbergers would not like to give up there money to poor people, so they want all poor people to stop making babies, because the more poor people there are, the more likely they are to revolt against the rich. the more likely a hugo chavez emerges.

  24. Ed

    A great documentary...
    Well Hugo Chavez has been in power for twelve years now, and the people (A true democrasy, not a coup) have voted him in every time. Unlike Carmona and his dissaffected Generals.

    Constitution over military rule anytime. Chavez showed his leadership qualities by not trying those conspirators for treason. Something the coup would never have done. Shame on the private Venezuelan media. Shame on the self-interested oligarchs under Carmona, and ultimate shame on Ari Fleischer and the US govt for lying and meddling in other democratic countries affairs yet again. I suspect they only believe in real democrasy when it's on White House terms.

  25. Rodrigo

    I'm venezuelan, I lived in there all my live until I moved to Ireland a year ago. I can tell you that the documentary is fair and well balanced, the coup was backed by the media and people were killed in order to help the fall of the government. But tough Chavez politics are oriented to help the mayority of Venezuelans, the corruption, opposition, all sources of selfish interests, and failed programs from the government are keeping the dream of a well developed and strong country way beyond Chavez.

  26. Andy

    Incredibly biased documentary in favour of Chavez. There were a lot of factual mistakes on oil and PDVSA and even some spanish translation were twisted to support Chavez's version!

  27. Sam

    I'm far away from Venezuela, but thanks to Chavez and the Venezuelan people... I could for the first time see how the real democracy works...with love from Morocco.

    Viva Chavez.

  28. Naz

    Only if we more presidents like this, the world would have been a different place. Shame on America, shame on their selfish policies which go beyond deceit and greed. Its time Americans draw inspiration from such incidents and faith from 'real' presidents.

    Its only you common Americans, who can not only get urself out of the pool of vicious lies but also the whole world, which is being dictated by your cherub looking country.

  29. martin

    Great documentary. That is democracy the majority have chosen to redistribute wealth. I'd say Chavez would have loved watching it.

  30. Gadfly

    Hectorz: What a load of cr^p. He is only redistributing Venezuela's wealth to his friends and family? Are you kidding me?

  31. Jamie

    hard to know the truth if a person is not “on the ground” of the country.

  32. Jamie

    thank you for the comment, Hector
    no surprise. too bad for V. have heard critisism, but nothing specific. hard to know the truth if a person "on the ground". politicians seem to be cut out if the same power- mongering bolt.

  33. Hector

    Yes he is redistributing wealth,,,, but among his family and friends...
    this is just one of the many propaganda films and documentaries that mr chavez has paid for...
    Is very easy to like chavez just because he is against the US goverment,, Thats his favorite tactic everytime he is in some foreing country,,,, oh wait,, theres a second tactic he loves using out of venezuela,,, "they want to kill me",,,,of course he only uses that outside,, because no one in venezuela believes in that speach no more,,,,
    this is just propaganda

    1. adrian kelly

      Jesus, this guy Chavez must have some f--kin' family and friends. It appeares to me as if there must be a couple of million of them.

  34. jamie

    wow. the whole thing looked staged. which is kind of disturbing. especially part showing the snipers.

    is chavez is actually redistributing wealth of the V?
    hope so.

    one thing i like about him. he stands up to media and US government liars.

  35. fear and loathing in

    beutiful simply beutiful this is how a true democracy looks like i feelt like i was watching a drama except the actors were real!