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The Road to Guantanamo

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The Road to GuantanamoThe film tells the disputed story of Ruhal Ahmed, Asif Iqbal and Shafiq Rasul (the 'Tipton Three'); three young British men from Tipton in the West Midlands who were captured by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in 2001 and detained as "enemy combatants" at Guantánamo Bay, without charge or legal representation, for nearly three years.

As well as interviews with the three men themselves and archive news footage from the period, the film contains an account of the three men's experiences following their capture by the Northern Alliance, the subsequent handover to the United States military and their detention in Cuba.

It contains several scenes depicting their alleged beatings during interrogation, the use of alleged torture techniques such as 'stress positions' and attempts to extract forced confessions of involvement with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. (More at

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  1. john cena

    Quite good, bit hard to believe they went into a war zone knowing the risks. Not sure I believe everything the director is telling us...

  2. Donna Scott M

    If you're a civilian, stay away from military and political matters and they won't have any reason to detain you. Boom. Problem solved and you could have saved your own feelings of "terror". Fight against the US and you should be dead but we're a little more humane then most countries and we have an ROE to follow. If you are in any way a suspected terrorist then its not going to be for absolutely no reason. Don't act suspect, don't become a suspect.

    1. thelost

      you should probably look up more information, during this whole debacle, anti-Taliban bounty hunters were picking people up and being paid to give them to the U.S. and most people brought to Guantanamo Bay were not affiliated with al-Qaeda or the Taliban, its a little more complicated than just saying " oh you hate the U.S., now you die" we make a lot of mistakes and not everything is black and white

  3. Shah Gee

    Very GuD DoCumentary

  4. Sam Adam

    I HATE George Bush and the rest. No good will ever come out of the US Administration. And some American people will continue to be so dumb, so ignorant, so undecated and so Arrogant. I am so ashamed to be living in the west and so ashamed of being European. LOL at Bush talking about values, retard. I can't stand our people using the F word all the time. It just shows how sick we Western people are. YUCK!

  5. Ranger75th

    Who fight against our nation, The United State Of America, must be put in jail or killed

    1. GoughLewis

      I agree, Dick Cheney and George Bush should be charged and after a reasonable length of time, receive the fruits of there labour. What they have earned. No torture, just a quick electrocution or lethal injection on National TV.

    2. GodmanEnki

      Cheney yea MAYBE, but "little-boy-George" (NOT the star) should-get WATER-BOARDING. Since it was HE, as President, that CONDONED THE ACTION! Torture G.W. Bush, and let "punishment-fit-the-CRIME!" He's EARNED THAT, at the very least. Cheney, WAR-CRIMINAL that-he-is, should-get, what those at Nuremberg got! Of course Hitler, didn't "commit suicide" at all. It was simply his "Dopple-ganger>" "Project paper-clip" brought HIM to South America, just as it did Joseph Mengela! (Maybe I spelled that wrong) but yall kNOW who I'm tal king about!

  6. bs

    this is the stupidest story ive ever heard. these guys are dumb as dog sh*t to get themselves in this position. idoits.

  7. anonymous