The Sustainable City

The Sustainable City

2007, Environment  -   8 Comments
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The Sustainable CityToday, the way ecology is being incorporated into architecture has evolved considerably.

Sustainable architecture, or green architecture, aims to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment by enhancing efficiency and moderating the use of materials, energy, and space.

Spewing carbon dioxide, generating masses of waste, and consuming alarming quantities of energy and water, our cities place a heavy burden on both the global environment and the local ecosystem. Architecture itself has a tremendous impact on the environment.

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9 years ago

OK kids this a mind FU%$ check out Agenda 21 UN wants to stack and pack us in the city's and we all need to be = so you will have to give up your land after all humans are bad for the environment.I just love the no humans zones,this is what they are teaching in schools now we need to do whats best for the state.Your city's involved !!!

12 years ago

Matter of beauty aside,I think the french guy didn't make much sense. Ecological building and city-planning? Truly ecological city would have a lot of green areas where it'd produce it's own food. In future we will face an energy crisis once oil runs out, in a matter of decades from now. In planning future cities you should start to think how does the food production system look like once oil runs out. Locally and naturally produced food is the answer, and big corporations and small citizen that don't know that solution are the reason it isn't already taken to use at large.

Two major points in it: food production will be done more locally and in smaller scale, and transport expenses should be reduced to a minimum. In future, if you dont trust the food other people sell you, you got more possibilities to go farm your own food than you have today. The permaculture and small community revolution has already began. Join it. :)

12 years ago

A mix of rubbish and occasionally interesting ideas. Most architects appear as complete egotistical i@#$%&. There should be some sort of law against them.

Particular loathing for:

(a) the English bloke (didn't catch his name) hired by Barnsley, UK to re-design their city over the next 25 years. One man's lame ideas and 250,000 have to live with the consequences. How is that justice?

(b) All the French architects and town planners were complete drivelling twonks. Special loathing for Fisher, a bloke driving around Paris and ranting about 'dogma' getting in the way of his ideas e.g. that a building is a 'beautiful trauma' for the environment. Well, all the examples of new architecture in France featured in the documentary certainly looked traumatic to me but beautiful...?

(c) Loathing for German architect Sobek and the stupid transparent house he inflicted on us. Totally unlivable. On the other hand, some ideas were okay - not very exciting but not very objectionable either e.g. Braithwaite's cedar-clad office building and the Alterra Institute building which looked like they had been taken over by Ikea's plants department.

Carl Hendershot
12 years ago

Not bad worth a watch. 7 Billion people? Time to start living underground in ant cities.

13 years ago

As a student of social ecology, many knowledge instilling perceptions on how we, as a society of humans beings of this Earth, have nearly lost all our earthly instincts that keep us in harmony with our real Home and House, our Planet and of how living and growing together in "green buildings" can help teach us our lost ways, as long as we are willing to learn. :)

@anne V: I can understand your view on the non-aesthetically pleasing aspects of the buildings shown in this video but please keep an open and innovative mind. There is an American architect, named Michael Reynolds, in New Mexico who builds sustainable buildings he calls "Earthships" that I find very cozy and charming as he typically designs homes rather than huge skyscrappers and business parks.

anne V
13 years ago

pfff! listening to the line from Fisher; "city's are where life is, where is man's home, nature is not home to man, city's are home to man.....the place for freedom of free thinking and free speech..." I have been planning my escape from living in a city for a long time. more now than ever as these "designer" architects come up with such ugly buildings...there's just no more charm.
I guess I'm disappointed with this doc as these urban planners have very ugly sterile ideas.