The Trials of Henry Kissinger

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

2002, Military and War  -   58 Comments
Ratings: 8.99/10 from 127 users.

Part contemporary investigation and part historical inquiry, documentary follows the quest of one journalist in search of justice.

The film focuses on Christopher Hitchens' charges against Henry Kissinger as a war criminal - allegations documented in Hitchens' book of the same title - based on his role in countries such as Cambodia, Chile, and Indonesia.

Kissinger's story raises profound questions about American foreign policy and highlights a new era of human rights.

Increasing evidence about one man's role in a long history of human rights abuses leads to a critical examination of American diplomacy through the lens of international standards of justice.

The film focuses on Henry Kissinger and his role in America's secret bombing of Cambodia in 1969, the approval of Indonesia's genocidal assault on East Timor in 1975, the assassination of a Chilean general in 1970, and his involvement in the 1969 Paris peace talks concerning the Vietnam Conflict. (Excerpt from

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2 years ago

I don't feel safe knowing that we're led by people that don't feel accountable for their actions.

4 years ago

students and academics have no rights to get involved in political matters such as Vietnam.
How dare they get involve in something that does not concern them ?
I hate this popular involvement in politics, this is more complex that you can comprehend so shut up and mind your manners

4 years ago

I wish I had kissenger's intelligence. too few ppl like this and too many idiots .

4 years ago

why would US government release these documents when they know it implicates them ?
What does this say about US government? I like Kissinger thought. regardless of his past action, he is a political genius and we need more of him

6 years ago

Do any of you commentors have anything to offer BESIDES hate? Right away I see hate from 3 different sides. SIDES! Is religion a game with winners and losers? You 'winners' will never have anything useful to offer. Religion is about unity. Period. Not winners and losers. Not better or worse.
Henry Kissenger was a presidential adviser. A President does not require an adviser. The advice a President gets from an adviser may be incorporated into a presidential DECISION. A President alone is responsible for his decision. "The buck stops here." Remember that one? If we want to follow bad advice the error of following wrong advice is still OUR error. Charles Manson gave orders without getting his hands bloody. Who is the greater murderer; the adviser or the murderer? "The Devil made me do it" died with Laugh In.
Not valid then or now.

6 years ago

Thank God for Kissinger against Allende.

Joe Shmoe
7 years ago

Bob Hope : I guess they have the internet in your asylum :>)

Joe Shmoe
7 years ago

Give me a break Jew haters. Christians and Christianity have killed more people thru history than every other group combined. Islam would have to fly planes into 100 million more buildings to even begin to catch up to the evil that is Christianity.

8 years ago

We're Americans and everyone should know that if it helps us kill communists,we would break bread with the devil himself.As to those who think they can try AMERICAN citizens for war crimes...keep dreaming.You have a better chance of farting rainbows than you have of ever putting any AMERICAN on trial for war crimes in some foreign court.It's well known that we have a credo on this..."There shall be no court before The United States Supreme Court".All is fair in love and war.

8 years ago

Depressing as hell to learn more about that fact that the US has always been down and dirty. Its not a recent thing after all -they just hid it better back in the day, or maybe the people were simply even more foolish back then, than they are now; and just blindly trusted their government. I've read so much lately, and seen so many docs that it doesn't even make me mad anymore.
It just makes me very, very sad.

9 years ago

8:15 – At least when you suck a sewer pipe, it's only going to be you that gets f--ked up. Kissinger on the other hand decided to blow – covering the whole world in a s*it-storm.

snow white
10 years ago

pLease read: "extreme prejudice by susan lindauer former CIA employee..

10 years ago

This is the man who talked Nixon out of using an atomic bomb in Vietnam in that famous audio clip too !...heh.. unless Nixon was just a nut. Which obviously he was. Playing at war while people die for corporate profits, sickening and still going on today. Obama is our murdering head of state today.

Bob Hope
11 years ago

Only a Zionist, Talmudic Jew could have got away with what Kissinger did & his coreligionists are slowly destroying America.

11 years ago

typical psycopath,denie denie denie,amazing though theres a trail of murder and destruction,that follows his path and overt manipulation,they use communist or other excuses but more is for corperate or weapons sale,look how many democratic governments they overturn, it throws the communist threat out the window,how they overtly also try to keep blood off there hands or trail back to them,they acted imperially privaetly,and now openly,now I see why so many hate us.

James Cabral
11 years ago

Kissinger , psychopath.

11 years ago

how odd that the guy that helped plan 9/11 sould see it as evil, seems he enjoys being evil.

Jules Hawryluk
11 years ago

It's tragic that a person who knows and has member of his family as victims of the Holocaust, has committed the same crimes against humanity. Shame!!

11 years ago

America is the biggest Democracy in the World eh?

12 years ago

amazing how a man whose family was persecuted during WWII ends up using much the same techniques as the nazi's in pursuing his goals. i watched this documentary because i saw kissinger up close the other day and all i can say is the end statement, from my point of view, is pretty much bang on. a sad old man, surrounded by bloodsucking limelight mongers. didnt know whether to spill something on or feel sorry for him. (the presence of the security guards aided me in choosing the latter :))

12 years ago

Very good. I think Kissinger may be a psychopath or sociopath. He lacks any empathy, and fits many of the DSM criteria...then again many of those in power do.........

12 years ago

For all Dr Kissinger's launded intellectual brilliance he is ultimately stupid. He continued to fight the enemy of the second world war when the context had changed and due to his inherent ambition condemned individuals and nations to suffer. His approach to foreign policy was intellectual window-dressing, in truth it was basic - talk was a sideshow, imposition of will, justified on security grounds, through overwhelming power and brute force, was the real agenda. Whilst this might have clear logic, the real stupidity was that the long term consequences were either grossly underestimated or completely ignored - the contempt that comes from having a bigger hammer.

12 years ago

This one teach a lot!

Another case among many in one sole documentary.
I appreciated the sight of the documents.
Not only chit-chat, even though important paragraphs were cross-out.
To the USA citizen viewers (Which I am not): Yes, only 2 political parties and under scrutiny, no difference!
Land of the free? Humm...
With only 2 parties? You're joking?
You only have 2 extremes.
Extrems up to a point where at the end, they fuse in each other.

It sure takes a lot if guts and patience creating a new party. Not a revolutionary one but something serious that last. Even though it wouln't be elected, for the least, it can access "Bizarre" crooked things or documents.

However, imagine there would be one, and the leader would be a man of good will? What if he gets shot?
Even worst, if a majority of USA citizens get a little angry and decide for once to go voting for real for a partie who's really oriented toward the betterment of human beings in the USA as well as being non liar philantrhopes?

I don't think this is possible!
The day after, martial law would be declared since that already you are living under the "USA Patriot Act".
There ain't no more civil rights in the USA.

I wouldn't set a foot in there.
Peoples are real nice but there's a heck of a beast in the attic!

For the least I can say, the whole world now knows for a fact that any and all of the USA Elites are liars and dangerous psychotic maniacs.
The rest of the population over there do not have their say.
Close to the same thing as in China or Russia a little while back.
Who are "We the Peoples"? Tax payers who are not enough of trusty patriots to have a few of their pairs to examine the aberration its own Elite plunge into.
Only (50-200) USA citizens bare enough patriotic feelings to be trusted to see and monitorize official "Covered" documents that may make a common citizen a war criminal?
Cummon! I see plenty drape themselves with the USA Flag!

It looks like a worst future than for the Viets when you hushed out of there.
At least, they now can hope with pride while looking back.

It teach a lot!

12 years ago

Obama is of the same Ilk

12 years ago

What can it be like to have the power to arrive in Jakata, hold a meeting with Suharto, give the green light to Timor's invasion, and as a result, 100,000 people are killed? What can be the moral justification for such a decision? What evil is that person seeking to avoid that is worse than the killing of 100,000 people...I can't understand it...

12 years ago

Kissinger is a bad man, no doubt. I've always thought that. The fact that the Nobel committee gave him an award ruins the credibility of that organization completely.

13 years ago

I would like to see a similar documentary on Bush and his cronies... I think they are just as disgusting a group of monsters as Kissinger.

13 years ago

Ooo Reddy, Reddy, Reddy - watch what you say, just how many Americans do you know? Are you jaded by the ____?_____ media that you watch in ____your country here___? It's ignorant, blanket statements like that - that make "the man" happy. Seems like a little minnow swallowed some mighty big bait. (AND what Lucy said)

13 years ago

For all American bashers. Kissinger is German born. The atrocities and blood are on the hands of the World Order and were sanctioned by corrupt leaders in your country as well.

You all think you are so smart but you live on the tip of the iceberg. Until you determine who the wizards behind the committee curtains are, you are ready for divide and conquer and enable the takeover that has been planned for a thousand years.

13 years ago

It is sad that most Americans don't know or care about the leaders that represent them to the others in the world, I get asked all the time by friends who say to me "why does the US do these things"? ( I live out of the country now, had to leave when king gorge II got elected) they don't understand that the people and the government are two different things, It's government for the government, buy the government, and one more little tidbit to think about, Chile had all the evidence for the case against kissinger for the world court stored in building 7 WTC, surprise, surprise, there is a good book by Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine, a must read for anybody that want to know a little history of what the US has been doing in Central and South America. sickening.

13 years ago

Let me start with an apology. I am a Jew, and as one I feel so much rage when I see other Jews mistreating people. On this case, It is even more, since Kissinger was a victim of the Nazi regimen. I cannot fathom, or wrap my brains around it.. how can some one who haves experienced something like that, turn around and continue doing it to others?
It is Jews like him that provoke people like "truth"(who commented above)
It is sad and it makes me angry... One day I have faith we all, as a human kind will come together, not through a Maitreya, or a NWO, but through common sense, respect, and tolerance.

13 years ago

well Lucy I agree with what you say in some parts!! but still when you have 300 million Americans and only a very small % (as you say) knows whats going on then there is really something VERY wrong with the mentality and the way of thinking of the rest do you think? you mean to tell me that the rest of the ''unaware'' Americans are so easy to manipulate? When was the last time that Americans in huge numbers protested in full force against whats going on , not only in the USA but with regards to what the US is doing to the rest of the nations???

13 years ago

Lucy, you are bang on the money! The two political parties are more alike than not. They bow to the same puppet masters. Kissinger is one of the big wigs in the shadows who, unfortunately, truly controls how people behave. Free and critical thought is a basic right we must once again seek out. Your points of media manipulation are 100% fact. It's NOT the people who are without honor by nature....but it WILL be the people who reclaim their true, free, and loving nature in the end. Great post, Lucy!

13 years ago

You need to understand that most Americans do not even vote. Terrible media coverage never gets to real issues. Most Americans are ignorant of what is really going on. And it may not even be their fault. Our education system in some states is failing and it is, for the people in power, beneficial. Or they are frustrated and don't think their vote matters. And we have 2 worthless political parties and really no choice at all. A lot of Average Americans are brainwashed into voting against their own interests by corporations and politicians being paid off by those corporations. A lot of them are victims. I think that you need to understand there is a rich(and small) class of people running the show. There are also a lot of great people in America who devote their lives to trying to change these things. You can not hate average americans because of people like Kissinger. I'm an American and I would love to see him brought to trial for war crimes. Furthermore there are around 300 million Americans and you are going to group them as all the same?? Every state is very different. Lastly, You will find that most people in most places are generally good and a lot the same. And that you can not truly know a country and its' people until you go there.

13 years ago

...and what about his connections to more current affairs as well? He's the big player at the C.F.R., Trilateral Comm., and Bilderburg; been present at Bohemian Grove; pulled strings during Iran/Contra; Bush 43 directly appointed him as a Special Advisor to the much-maligned 9/11 Commission; and the list goes on. And what about now? Who is his protege? None other than Barack Hussein Obama. Kissinger, in fact, gave Obama his first job out of college! Once the (s)election of Obama was sealed for President, who gets appointed to a special envoy role in his cabinet?? Henry Kissinger! When the economy crashed in late '08, Kissinger hailed Obama as the saviour who would take advantage of the crisis to lead the globe into a New World Order. Henry Kissinger is present at every turn and around every corner where cover-up and secrecy are necessary for the government. He is corrupt beyond imagination. We MUST open our eyes, minds, and hearts to understand what really happen in the shadows.

13 years ago

Kissenger. Where do I begin?

The guy is a straight up G. Look at him, a different woman every week.

If you could be like Henry, you'd do it. Sure you'd do it a little differently, and probably wouldn't kill anyone. But I would. After a while absolute power goes to your head and you'd get a God complex.

Put yourself in his place for a minute, the power would go to your head and if somebody annoyed you enough, or a country wasn't acting like it waas supposed to you'd kill them. If you was guaranteed to get away with it, no questions, no investigations, no DNA, no nothing, would you kill? Of course you would. Maybe one or two people.

I would love to see him get arrested. If we were to try him here, he would put together a legal team that would make OJ & Michael's seem like a kindergarden gathering. You know he has a few billion stashed away someplace, people like Kissinger always have millions stashed away, probably spirited away from some defence slush-fund. With that kind of money you can get away with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. But they will never try him, our legal system is meant to cater to those with money and power. OJ killed and got away with it because of his money. Michael Jackson played a little boy and got away with it because of his money. Many young American's don't have nearly as much evidence against them in murder cases and go to their deaths because their lack of money.

Insane megalomaniac? No. Smart.

13 years ago

To Tyler

Why do you re-elect them then? Why do you sit and watch the atrocities of your governments over and over again and never protest in full force?

what you say its b*******!!! pure and simple! Americans have come to understand......nothing!!! you are powerless to do anything , thus you do nothing!!!

13 years ago

Before I watch this, let me just say to all of you that you shouldn't judge Americans based on this one man. American government and corporations have been raping the world for the past century but I assure you that the true majority of us are generally good people. Or at the very least, not evil.

13 years ago

Hang this jew as well as every other politician who bows to the zionist doctrine.All politicians are crooks and liers and are not held accountable for the deaths of millions yet the common man goes to prison for the smallest infractions.

13 years ago

What an animal!

This goes to show what inhumane unspeakable acts human beings are and will be capable of. Excellent Doc once again. Thanks Vlatko!

13 years ago

Kissinger is about as close to a live demon a human can get, without actually being one. The man is twisted and pure evil. research into his infinite exploits to see what I mean.

What makes his actions so much worse is the fact that he is not considered insane, at least not in the accepted (authoritarian) sense.
No the "man" is in fact in full control of his faculties and has the the blood of literally 10's of millions on his hands through who he chooses to fund, which is often both sides in warfare until he bores of it, then removes the funding from one side, much like Prescott Bush (Bush Jnr's granddaddy)did with the Nazi's in WW2.

Anyway rant over :-D

But seriously checkout what I said.

14 years ago

This doc provides a good insight, on the example of this despicable creature that dares to call himself a human being - only because he looks like one, into the worst kind of Machiavellian international politics deprived of morals or human considerations whatsoever.

Let's not forget that this mass murderer still holds considerable influence in creation of the US foreign policy.

Jonathan R
14 years ago

Interesting the Kissinger guy sounds like a bastard to me

Wide Awake
14 years ago

The Americans are the greatest hyprocrites. Internationl law does not apply to them. They have comitted the greatest terrorist attrocities of the last 60 years. American democracy died the day the murdered JF Kennedy in Dallas on November 22nd 1963. Every AMerican president since then is simply a puppet for the hidden government since them. That's why the murdered Robert Kennedy because they knew that he would be answerable to the people and not those who manipulate events from behind the curtain.

14 years ago

Americans have no Honor. They only know Killing and have no right to talk about human rights, freedom and democracy. Lowest of the low lifes.