The Ultimate Con
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The Ultimate Con

2007, 9/11  -   76 Comments
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The Ultimate ConThe Ultimate Con is a 9/11 based documentary with no narration, no script, no conjecture. There are no theories put forth in this documentary, only facts, eyewitness testimony, news reports, interviews, and various other clips that are combined together to tell a story. The Ultimate Con is 100% free. It is not for sale in any retail outlet or book store anywhere. It is more important to get the word out to every single person possible while we still have the chance.

This documentary is the very best documentary for people who are unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding 9/11, or people teetering on the edge of finding out the truth. The documentary was designed specially for those who still believe the Official story, to best wake them up using various media and news clips.

I created The Ultimate Con documentary to help wake up fellow Americans and people from around the globe to the lies that we have been told about that fateful day. I created The Ultimate Con for the victims, the victim's families, the soldiers, and the various other innocent people who have become the victims of the wrath set forth by America's military industrial complex.

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76 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Jamie

    Too bad this video no longer exists!??

  2. Tom

    If we accept as fact that the towers came down in a controlled demolition and insiders were in on it, then "what next?" questions abound.

    There were 60 perimeter columns per side and 47 interior columns meaning 287 columns supporting each floor. Given the manner of collapse it would seem that each floor that required rigging needs all points of attachments between the floor and interior and perimeter columns rigged for designed failure. All 287 locations per floor need to simultaneously fail.

    Here's what's (to my knowledge) never been explained. How do they determine before hand which floors need to be rigged? How many floors? All of them? How much thermite is needed to ensure each attachment fails precisely and reliably? Multiply that by 287, times the number of floors to be wired and that would be the amount of thermite needed. In over 16 years, has any phd chemist calculated how much nanothermite would be needed to heat these attachment points high enough to weaken the steel joint to fail. It's not necessary to melt the steel. Has anyone in A&E 9/11 (or any other group or affiliation) discussed or had a conference or symposium or white paper addressing any of these questions? How much time would be needed to wire a floor? How big a crew would be used? Each floor's footprint is over 43,000 square feet! Could they operate in the open during regular business hours or would you have to prep the building in complete secrecy causing more logistical problems. How are these charges to be remotely set off? For reliability they'd need to be hard wired. Do you want to chance using a wireless detonation signal? Can they be certain another stray signal won't trigger the charges or interfere with the signal? What would need to be considered when finding a remote sight? Perhaps WTC7 could work. Are there building demolition experts that are members of A&E9/11 who have actually thought how it was accomplished? Has anyone in the community spoken to or interviewed building demolition experts to appreciate the difficulty or feasibility of this undertaking? How would the rigging crew coordinate with the hijackers when to set them off? Cell phone? Did they communicate while in flight "30 seconds to impact"? How many miles of wire would be needed? Would a professional building demolition expert choose nanothermite to bring down the World Trade buildings? Why was nanothermite chosen? Surely after more than 16 years someone has rigorously examined the logistical questions of how a "controlled demolition" actually occurred on September 11. At some point you need to further the conversation beyond nanothermite markers, smoke puffs, acoustical recordings from across the river and witnesses who heard (what they perceived to be) explosions. The more you study these questions of the actual execution of this controlled demolition insider plan the harder it is to believe.

    While Occam's razor is not a foolproof problem solving method, it is a handy useful tool.
    Wikipedia writes: "Occam's razor [...] is the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the one that makes the fewest assumptions." Other useful tools include critical thinking and understanding cognitive bias.

    Having worked in the electrical construction trade nearly 30 years I do have an understanding and appreciation for the scale and difficulty of this job. In short I have come to the conclusion after watching many hours of You Tube posts and papers that the controlled demolition explaination is preposterous.

    1. Steve e wonder

      You dont know. Period.

  3. rpsabq

    the music ruined it.

  4. Mary

    This documentary is NOT "worthwhile". It's made by a conspiracy theorist without any facts whatsoever. The official story makes a LOT of sense but conspiracy theories don't.

  5. Tim Chisholm

    Riveting...but PLEASE drop the cheesy music track.

  6. jude

    Great movie. Could have done without the music though.

  7. Steve D

    I have only watched the trailer so far and it is a great compilation of what happened and what was said in real time. However, I found the melodramatic music unnecessary and, even more worrisome, it made it difficult to separate out the sounds of the explosions as well as the dialogue. For those of us who have seen most of this footage before it isn't that big an issue, but for those who have not seen it (and that is who you want to appeal to, really) I think it would be helpful to have the sound as clean and clear as possible with no distractions.
    Thank you for putting all this together. Great job.

  8. Nikita Kade

    Well, once again I had every intention of watching this doc with an open mind, but I can't pretend that I lasted through the first five minutes of it. The second I heard Charlie Sheen--a name synonymous around the world with integrity and intelligence--announcing poll results (and I wonder who was polled...might it be a population predisposed toward believing that Charlie Sheen has an ounce of credibility?) I was done.

    Wake me up when it's over. When this cottage industry in 9/11 conspiracy theories runs out of gas. When filmmakers start concentrating on real issues--like the worst economic crisis this country has seen since its inception, which cut a swath through the middle class that left thousands of hardworking people--who planned for their futures and thought they had one--jobless, penniless, homeless, and dazed. But wait--that subject's already become a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. Whose fault is this disaster? The ghost of the Bush administration? The Elders of Zion? The Black Panthers? The Aryan Brotherhood? Time to get that screenplay ready before somebody steals your theory...

  9. rufusclyde

    Nobody could have imagined using airplanes as missiles. Unless they saw "Escape from New York".

    1. Revencher

      or learned anything about the pacific battles at the end of world war 2, when the Japanese did it. but who did the Japanese learn it from? oh i know they must have time trailed in to the future and seen Escape from New york the gone back in time to make kamikaze pilots.

      people that beleave this bs REALLY need to learn the difference be-twine facts and conjecture.

      rufusclyde state ment is an example of how you come to a totaly WRONG conclution when you close your mind and insist it must be one way with out truly looking at the evidance.

      do you people even realize how many people were there and saw what happened? it would be imposable for any group to keep a secret like this. some body involved would have com forward. but no 1 has.

    2. rufusclyde

      Revencher, it's really difficult to discern what you're trying to say. Clearly it was not a new idea to use airplanes as missiles, and yet Conoleeza Rice stated that it was. There is all manner of clearly demonstrated malfeasance, from the issuance of visas care of the CIA in Jeddah to a whole passle of terrorists, to the curious status of some of the alleged hi-jackers vis-a-vis their relationship to the US military. Not to mention that the Bin Laden network was active in concert with US intelligence as late as the Kosovo fraud, supplying arms and jihadists to the terrorist drug dealing KLA, (who are now embraced by the likes of Hillary Clinton). The Jihadists were created prior to the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, they were and remain an instrument of US policy. So explosives, missing planes, and all other distractions aside, the event was a military action carried out by assets of US intelligence.

  10. rufusclyde

    Spinning batvette is very busy telling us what to think about so very many things. Iraq had to be invaded to ensure that sovereign nations did not choose to pursue economic policy of their choosing with regard to the dollar? Explosions on the lower floors of the buildings? Why it was the fuel that stubbornly refused to ignite as it was disbursed in the flaming explosion of the impact, and gushed, unignited down the elevator shafts, dozens of floors, where it then succumbed to ignition. If that explanation for the multiple accounts of multiple explosions is inadequate, then you are a truther, or perhaps a communist.

  11. bettywood1

    Yes, after the impact fire, there was enough fuel left over to go to all the locations in the tower to have a controled destruction of the tower, and the same thing happen at the other tower and some of the fuel crossed the street to also bring down tower #7, kind of like that bullet in Dallas

  12. Hugh Phillips

    We should have "cut and run" as you call it. It is NEVER too late to do the right thing.

    1. batvette

      So what would your middle east policy look like in 2002, after 9/11, when because of pressure from their people the Saudis had to ask us to vacate our air bases we were using to police the no fly zone? When Saddam was ramping up his rewards for suicide bombers in Israel, which caused reprisals by the Israelis which had people marching in the streets across the middle east carrying signs saying death to Israel, death to America?
      Did you know at an emergency summit of the Arab League in April 2002, Saddam almost pulled off an Arab oil embargo against Israel and the US? Iran was actually allied with him.
      Do you know what the goal of that was?
      To get OPEC to dump the dollar in favor of the euro for international oil trading.
      If you're American I hope you understand the gravity of that situation.

  13. batvette

    First Quote "there was a coverup about how we could have PREVENTED 9/11"
    (does not suggest an inside job at all but is used to imply some legitimacy to the accusation and add dramatics)
    Second Quote: Charlie Sheen says: "I like hookers and coke" or maybe something else, who the heck cares.


    The end.

    Gotta do better.

  14. realitykeen

    Besides O.J, Condoleeza Rice, was the worst thing that could have ever been tied to the Black People of this Nation. From Bush to the janitor of his administration they will all be judged!
    -A Black Man

  15. ProudinUS

    Haha haha....I've heard it all now....nice one.

  16. Heidi-Lynn Borter

    This was all foretold by the Bible. If people read their Bibles and really understood it's meaning, they would see that on the grand scale, all of this was supposed to happen--not the WTC getting attacked, but America and GB becoming a world power together and their influencing their dominion all over the entire earth. We see it in Daniel and Revelation. It's been happening for the past one hundred years and the U.S is more powerful than Britain. Soon, that dominion will end.

  17. James Campbell

    The Problem with all this, is its too late.
    The damage is done, the rights and freedoms of the western people are lost.
    I think the truth is too scary to think.
    What if Israeli Mossad did the false flag Op to get the US into a middle east war?
    Just as scary if the US government was to blame.
    Just way to scary a truth to accept..How would the world react, how could we live with this?
    It would be like finding out Aliens came to earth and created Man and not God..
    This truth is too heart breaking to know and so it will never be known.
    We dont want to know.

    1. T Gene Young

      Very well said, so very well said.

  18. MYKE77

    Must be a hard job to wash that much blood off your hands Bush?

    1. vvindred

      poor bush ...he's just a puppet :D

  19. grace o

    @Arnie, great comment! Another purpose of 9/11 was the Patriot Act.
    When the SHTF, they have to be sure we have no rights.

  20. Arnie

    Another great documentary on the Republican Administration of Bush-Cheney destroying the twin World Trade Center Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 in a pre-planned demolition event. The Pentagon was attacked with a US cruise missile.

    The tragedy of the 911 events were the 17,500 Americans killed and the hundreds of thousands lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    3,000 people killed in the tower collapse
    8,000 - 10,000 first responders (police, firemen, ambulance and cleanup workers) and the people of New York who were told that the air was safe when in fact it was poisoned with 2,500 chemicals from the collapsed buildings.
    4,500 young soldiers killed in action in a pre-planned war to secure energy reserves for the United States.

    I think what many people myself included would like to see is a REAL movie about the REAL events of 911 as we now understand them and NOT the fantasy version told to us by the United States government.

    The core of this movie should be based on the evidence as discovered by the "Loose Change" documentary.

    Corruption of the United States government at its highest level.

    Purpose of 911

    1. Destroy through a planned demolition event two very old New York City towers with known asbestos problems too expensive too fix.

    2. The World Trade Center towers and World Trade Building 7 purchased by Larry Silverstein and insured by the President Bush's brother for terrorism attacks.

    3. World Trade Building 7 destroyed to destroy all of the evidence being held to incriminate Wall Street Bankers and Investment Bankers for the runup of Wall Street during 1998 to 2000.

    4. The falsification of evidence involving the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan to enrage the American people to ensure the approval of military action against both countries. Iraq to seize their oil and natural fields and return them to Western control. Afghanistan to secure a land route for an oil and gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

    5. Seizing as much gold bullion as possible from underneath the World Trade Center Towers either for personal gain or to fund other operations.

    6. Shorting the airline stocks and other stocks to make a profit.

    I would really like to see Hollywood make a REAL 911 movie that shows the REAL corruption of the Republican Bush-Cheney Administration carefully planning and executing the events of 911 that would eventually kill 17,500 Americans and consume hundreds of billions of dollars to fight 2 energy wars for over 10 years.

    I think the American people would like to see what their government was really doing behind closed doors, so hopefully it will not happen again.

    The energy problem for the United States is only going to get worse.

    The United States domestic oil reserves will become exhausted in 2019.

    Currently the United States imports 60% of its energy requirements.

    The United States consumes 18.7 million barrels of oil a day.

    The United States produces 9 million barrels of oil a day.

    The United States imports 9.7 million barrels of oil a day.

    In 2019 all US domestic oil reserves will be exhausted.

    Between 2020 and 2030 the United States can no longer exist as an oil based economy.

    1. Clarence Boddicker

      I believe 9/11 was an inside job but its 2020 and our oil reserves are not exhausted......

  21. Jess Lewis

    the music in this doco is from dungeon master 2..... why why why would this be appropriate music for a 9-11 conspiracy doc???? I am even more suprised that someone else knows dungeon master 2, great game.

    1. vvindred

      i played it 2 a few years back :D

  22. brutalsea

    What a strange, elaborate, unlikely and improbable way to con people into agreeing to go to war.... they could have done it a million other simpler and less rediculous ways.

    Also, why has not one single solid piece of proof come to light? No email, no note, no taped phone call, not a single witness.... nt one thing has been leaked or exposed. You cannot plan and then carry out such an elaborate plot and leave no trail.

    And what about the families of the passengers on the Pentagon plane? Are they all in on it?? Did they pretend to lose their loved ones???


      leave no trail? This was very sloppy

    2. vvindred

      i'm not saying you are wrong , but whoever spoke against the official version was labeled a nut case or a conspiracy theorist :D

    3. Hodd

      Actually, it's a technique used over and over again to manipulate large numbers of people in to war, or political upheaval in other countries. You usually don't find out much until years later, like the Gulf of Tonkin incident for example, or Operation Ajax in Iran.

    4. Peter Nei Duffy


    5. batvette

      So witnesses describe hearing explosions inside a building that had just been hit by a 757 travelling over 500 mph and dumping their whole 10,000 gallon fuel load into it, with much of it going down elevator shafts, etc.

      Why is this a surprise?

  23. stephan

    Regardless if the US government was involved in it or not. Even if the evidence did show some help wasn't involved. There are still enough changes in the story, lack of interest in finding out how it happened that there needs to be question. No one was allowed to check the materials, to be able to see not only what happened but how to prevent it from happening again. It's like someone close to you being murdered and then them telling you it was someone and not to worry about the proof because they know he did it. (Ironic) I don't want to believe the government did it, but someone assisted in the fall of all 3 building and the stories that came from it.

  24. awful_truth

    In this documentary, (music aside) everything that is really relevant regarding 9 11 is actually raised including the most important fact regarding the misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars by the pentagon. It is reassuring on certain levels to see that some people at least have not been so indoctrinated that they can't see the obvious. The fact that no one has been repremanded, imprisoned, or demoted since whether it be government official, or the banking or corporate elite for that matter since the 2008 economic collapse shows just how unaccountably entrenched these people have become, and the power they wield. It is my opinion that until the general public accepts the fact that democracy does not exist, things will continue to degenerate towards a new world order of global enslavement.( fascism ) Live long and prosper everyone. For that to happen, you have to live long and pester!

  25. Jonathan Rowe

    If the conspiracy is true, then whoever planned the event would be an amateur. A professional would not leave loose ends.

  26. Sean John

    What I can't grasp is how bush got in for a second term as if he was doing something right people should have woke the hell up after there were no weapons of mass destruction to me the CIA and Bush and his bum buddys are the terrorists and now look everyone is being treated as a criminal at airports and people that protest are being labelled as terrorist soon there won't be a land of the free and that will be soon

    1. Thang Tran

      Obama is president complain to him now.

    2. batvette

      Bush got a second term because the alternative was John Kerry and we had a war going on.
      Kerry would have cut and run just to prove Bush made a mistake. Most Americans realized that.

    3. vvindred

      wow thats plain vanity

  27. maryland71

    PLEASE get rid of the music my ears are hurting

  28. talashea

    I agree with jwyliehall this is a very informative documentary but the music is horrid and I had to strain my ears to hear in certain place throughout the video.

  29. jwyliehall

    A very important piece of work BUT the music is AWFUL! in that it intereferes with the content, has nothing to do with or to add to the content, and allows it to be perceived as entertainment rather than serious work

  30. jcn1706

    A good doc! Lucus, keep up the good work. poeple need this to open up there eyes .thank you!

  31. David Foster

    The only proof of government involvement that I ever needed was the lack of pentagon video. The pentagon is one of the most highly secured buildings on earth. There must be at least a hundred videos showing what happened on 9/11. And we get only 5 frames showing absolutely nothing? How much more proof do you need?

    1. David Foster

      The oogedy-boogedy music in this video is really annoying, though.

    2. Bevin Chu

      Great documentary. But terrible sound effects. If the sound effects are on a separate track, the authors really ought to 86 it.

    3. Thang Tran

      The only proof you need is lack of evidence? That's wrong logic there buddy.
      "I believe you ate my cookies because I haven't seen those videos of my cookie jar after my cookies disappeared"

    4. testy

      WOW... you have hundreds of video cameras on your cookie jar?

  32. daniel young

    great flick.sadly after 10 years nothing has changed. in fact things are worse and acoirding to donald trump on letterman last night if america does not get its act together we all could be in serious hard times like the 30s. why can't anybody see what a bloody fraud the last 10 years have been?

  33. arwritergal

    Great film. While watching, I had a thought. I know that Flight 93 was thought to be headed to DC & The White House, but what if it was headed for the WTC Building 7? That might explain why the building was "pulled." Otherwise, why the hell did they collapse it? Surely, they knew it would bring suspicion. Hmmm... I wonder.

  34. Pierre

    (80-90) of the content of this doc. was already on the market. Only a few "Passages" about the Bush family weird businesses with the saudi's way before 911 was either new or more detailed.

    It is also true as other commented that the author is a "Little" zelous. Left aside the mood of the annoying music and the somewhat useless "Proverbs".

    I ain't much of a "Conspiracy" maniac.
    Though, the point is: all the 3 buildings crashed on their own foot print of their fondations.
    We sure know that by now as well as the explosions in the low levels of the 2 WTC are not auditive hallucinations.
    It ain't the jets that brought down those buildings.

    To me, the BBC was not really involved in the goof of annoucing the collapse of collaps of tower#7 some 20 minutes before ot really did collapsed.
    I just don't see the BBC interest in this goof.
    Their cameras and the reporter were live in direct.
    It would take an inquiry that takes into account the time it was in NY versus London.

    I don't see the point since tower #7 was demolished by controled demotition by the use of explosives!
    And that is the most important point!
    When such an implosion demolition is performed, it requires professional specialists who study the building weeks before hands. Dangerous operation here!
    Who knew that it would be imploded on that very day?
    Is there a way or a mean to fing that out?
    I do not think so! And in the end, what good could it bring?

    Nope! Don't waist too much time on this.
    May have a second look over that but in the end, it would be so much better to get the author of that ordeal cornered by other means like "Capone" was...
    Once he's got what he wanted, get him red handed...

    What was the gain intented? War in Afghanistan and better yet, war in Iraq!

    Everyone or close to, on planet earth seen some dudes on television claiming at the United Nation that Saddam possess all sort of WMD. Up to the point where one of these liars claimed that the USA possess movies, satellite photos, corroborated by witnesses...
    The UN voted a "No" to the invasion of Iraq and the USA with their sole "Allies", the UK ignored other counties who knew fact that the USA officials were lying straight forward.

    It was the express total responsabilty of the USA liar to verify their "Confidential" infornmations before submiting a hoax to the UN and all human beings on planet earth.

    Because of the "CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE" of that USA gang, thousands of USA citizens, UK citizens and Iraqi citizens died. That is a fact.

    As far as I am concerned, driving a road vehicle requires a minimal amount of responsability to the driver.

    If a driver drives while being intoxicated and in an absolute careless manner such as not stopping on red lights or stop signs at speed close to 100 MPH, and kill one or more human beings, which countries would't give a lifetime emprisonnement sentence to such a vicious criminal for counts of thousands of murders?

    I know that killing persons in such circumstances in most commonweath countries such as more (Not UK or USA), the sentence is the same as shouting a cashier with a firearm!

    Put Bush Jr. Cheney, Rumsfeld and the whole gang on an airplane to "La Haye", that is what they deserve.

    Otherwise in the future, never ever should a USA or UK Gov. official or parlementary ask any UN country to believe USA or UK fantazies!

    The USA americain pie as wel as the Blair's home sweet home is nothing more than totalitaran Bu** Sh**t.

    Keep your delirium tremens parania for yourselves.

  35. Truthseeker

    I agree Haran, I could have done without the silly music! Given that many clips were from mainstream media, it did come across as somewhat biased and unbalanced. Not that I agree with the official story, but I felt the doc came across in a way that I felt the media was manipulating all over again. That's one thing to look out for, if the media is owned and canned, then why are they reporting this now?

  36. Haran

    Nice doc. Of course, it is biased and the music was the touch that turned me off couple times. I am a believer in the cover up, but still I would want to see a film that would pay the same atention to both sides of the argument.

  37. Jim

    The clip of George Bush Sr. giving his presidential address on September 11 1991 should be at the start of this documentary. This was his famous "New World Order" speech. 10 years to the day. I find that a little too ironic.

  38. Mark

    Was the report about the building collapse too early, (predicting the future) or was the footage too late (and easy mistake in the chaos)? Was there a conspiracy involving BBC, or was the BBC caught in a lie (trying to seem more credible by creating the illusion that the reporter was in New York city, when she was actually standing before a studio video/blue screen?...this happens btw)

  39. Milton Babb

    Someone needs to do a doc on the big con that the Levites have running for over three thousand years, lots of robbery, bribery, wars, murder, plenty of sex and violence, very entertaining.

  40. Chief

    The brave and the courageous publicize what they know or believe to be the truth. They speak truth to power. Power says, "So you know. What can you do about it?"

    This documentary provided a multitude of facts that were known in real time. More than 9 years later the people have forgotten and moved forward. Many of they would like to advance the cause of armaggedon, make America a theocracy so that the TERROR of the elite can encompass the planet.

  41. Franck

    10 years have passed. And ??? It doesn't sale anymore, that's what the government was patiently waiting for. Government wins again. The End.
    I always wondered who was the demolition team that was obviously sent to rig building 7. They had to send a team during the day since the owner gave the OK to take it down. But we never saw or even eared about a demolition team for that day.
    Now let's just wait and see what happens during the World Cup of Soccer in Europe. So far nothing happened at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, but what about the London 2012 Olympics.

  42. mahususi

    America since it got independence has been a rogue state,when they got independence as much as the founding fathers stated that all men and women are equal,blacks,native americans,chinese and all other non caucasians were excluded in this statement.About 60's years ago blacks and native americans were regarded as less citizens.Even as am written this native americans still suffer from unjust Laws.
    Outside america the wars of africa,latin america and asia in one way or another american governments it doesnt matter who was in power,america played part.The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians could have been resolved ages ago if it wasnt for america,so the Number1 enemy of Israelis is American governments.
    But the biggest enemy of the world is the american masses for being ignorant for the evils their government commit against other people especially in asia,latin america and africa in their name.
    To destroy the circumstances,that allow terrorism to develope,american masses must own their foreign policy and demand that there must be justice and willingness to resolve all the conflicts out there and espeially the Palestine/israeli conflict,they should also demand just trade throught the world.
    Otherwise what will be fall the great beautiful nation of america,there will be nobody left to dabate who was real resposible for the catastrophy,over to you the masses of U.S.A

  43. Yavanna

    Like the fact near the end - 2.3 Trillion dollars unaccountable for - 10,000 people could be given 230M each to keep quiet.

    And the old lady at the very end is fab <3

  44. Yavanna

    I have watched so many 911 docs over the last few years that I can t remember what I saw and where any more. This seems to be quite a comprehensive one and well made, with less bias than some of the more "fanatical" ones.

    I found a news report from an independent press source this morning which may interest you - I posted the direct link on "zeitgeist - the movie" doc on TDF - check there so Vlatko doesnt have to moderate this post if you are interested.

    By Sheila Casey / Rock Creek Free Press

    Pilots for 9/11 Truth has reported that the data stream from the flight data recorder (FDR) for American Airlines flight 77, which allegedly struck the Pentagon on 9/11, shows that the cockpit door never opened during the entire 90 minute flight. The data was provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which has refused to comment.

  45. cj

    charles : do you think these documentaries about the 9/11 are not true?

    1. jcn1706

      I hope you are right.History will tell

    2. Jonathan Rowe

      Unfortunately, history is written by a victor.

  46. k9base

    Me too.

  47. Charles B.

    Tyler: Docs can lie too. I got tired of watching 90 minutes of very good arguments that HIV doesn't cause AIDS last night. If I didn't know better, it would have convinced me! Everyone has an agenda. Sometimes it's hard to tell who the real con is.

    1. jcn1706

      that true.but that off the TV

  48. Tyler

    I was skeptical about the idea that 911 was an inside job for a while, but after watching so many of these videos, pondering over the holes in the official story, and realizing how blatantly and consistently the government lies to the American people, I no longer find it hard to believe. I'm absolutely convinced.

    I am so sick of the lies.

    1. jcn1706

      Me to

  49. Mok

    what i liked about it was there is no opinion or theory being sold to you. this is just a compilation of actual news and interviews, and stock footage. you can easily come to your own conclusion. this is a great reference video, due to the fact that most of these news footage is hard to find these days, and the main stream media has never shown again.

  50. DancingSpiderman

    I found The Ultimate Con to be a comprehensive 911 documentary. Good film, Lucus. There were several bits here-and-there of what I would consider to be "new" eyewitness testimony that I had not seen presented in any of the major production 911 documentaries. I suppose I could list them, but then I'd get flamed by the 911 factoid guru/nerds who would set me straight and say they saw that particular snippet on some obscure camcorder YourTube or YouKu video, some video source that I had not seen.

    The mood music that was layered on top of the pre-existing audio was too loud in places, but overall, I'm certain I will be watching this doc again. News show video was presented in a collage that kept me interested. I now know that Michael Moore's documentaries may have to be revised in order to include missing key data; Moore did NOT get it all down in his movies. But then again, a more completely accurate movie would make for a multiple part film on a subject matter that the majority of interested people would rather see in one shot.