The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

2008, Drugs  -   121 Comments

The Union: The Business Behind Getting HighEver wonder what British Columbia's most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include marijuana? If you haven't, think again. No longer a hobby for the stereotypical hippie culture of the ’60s, BC's illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a seemingly unstoppable business giant, dubbed by those involved as 'The Union'.

Commanding upwards of $7 billion Canadian annually, The Union’s roots stretch far and wide, directly and indirectly affecting all areas of our society. With 65% to 85% of all 'BC Bud' being exported to the United States, it's clear that the BC marijuana trade has become an international issue with consequences that extend far beyond our borders. When there are record profits to be made, who are the players, and when do their motives become questionable?

Why is marijuana illegal? What health risks do we really face? Does prohabition work? What would happen if we taxed it? Medicine, paper, fuel, textiles, food, etc. Are we missing something here?

Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he dives head first into Canada's most socially acceptable illegal activity. Along the way, Adam demsytifies the underground market and brings to light how such a large industry can function while remaining illegal. By interviewing experts from around the globe, including growers, clippers, police officers, criminalogists, economists, psychologists, medical doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, Scorgie explores the cause and effect nature of the business behind getting high.

Nobody's innocent in this exploration of an industry that may be profiting more by being illegal. Join Adam Scorgie as he unravels the mystery of The Union.

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121 Comments / User Reviews

  1. The host asked questions that actually made people think. Good doc.

  2. 48:30, phone ringing "Someone else need cookies"

  3. Joe Rogan, I already liked you through Fear Factor and UFC events which makes you tough! This though, in my view, makes you sensible and a warrior.

  4. He was so worried about what everyone else was doing because he didn't want anyone looking at him, Nixon

  5. excellent information!!! thanks for the enlightment!

  6. Who buys BC Bud? more Herb is grown in the US than is imported from Canada, but Shhhhh! Apparently the cops think otherwise!

  7. "you can't sustain a lie like that forever"

  8. Great film, good for everyone.

  9. wow great documentary!

  10. Why this was good
    It didnt hop on the joint for everyone, every day bandwagon that most pro legalization films do. It produced facts without bias and didnt get into too much of that hippy dippy love crap.

    As someone who puts on his black socks every day, mows his lawn, and waves to his neighbors, and then maybe has a j or 2 a month. This is a documentary that perfectly illustrates my point of view. Will I go out and buy hemp shirts, no. But will I show this to my friends, maybe.

  11. This documentary is amazing.

  12. Amazing. Simply amazing. I am a college student, and for my english class I have chosen the topic of medicinal marijuana. i am for the use and legalization, because of the information i have accumulated from previous research. This documentary......definitely confirmed my position! So entertaining. So informing. It makes a difference to me to see real doctors confirm the beneficial outcomes from using cannabis. From this video, i have concluded that i will not smoke a cigarette and i will not drink a drop of alcohol before i legally ingest marijuana. To the creators of this video, thank you!

    1. You need to veiw Waiting to Inhale.

  13. The government wants to control all natural resources. They could stop all the killing between the U.S. and Mexican border. Just by legalizing it. The FDA has a law that says "only a drug can cure, treat or prevent a disease". That means an orange can't cure Scurvy. So grass can't treat Multiple Sclerosis. The government makes too much money. The CIA runs most of the drugs. The military grows the opium in Afghanistan, and then the DEA can try to stop it at the border. It is proven that other countries that legalize drugs have a dramatic decrease in crime and drug use. Up to 80% less crime. That would be very bad for the international bankers who own most or all the prisons in the U.S. not to mention all that funding would be sent elsewhere. They keep it illegal shoot up the price and send people to jail. 80% of prisoners are in jail for non violent crimes. The government made alchol illegal to shut down all breweries and then open their own. Now they have the monopoly. Then they made drugs illegal to control them as well.

  14. 1 step closer to healing the planet

  15. Holy Crap, this documentary is outstanding.

  16. Absolutely brilliant documentary ! Everybody should watch this even the ones who have been naive enough to accept the bullshit and lies. But I must say I found it hard to not hit something while watching this - it made me so angry

  17. Awesome Doco, it was thorough in it's analysis and entertainment. Also the people interviewed gave character and relatability to "the union" as well as the broader anti prohibition sentiment.
    The way it questions the established wisdom of the current system of drug law is good and should be seen by as many people as possible IMHO.

  18. You CAN sustain a lie like that forever. They have been and will continue to do so, as long as the CIA is making billions a year in black budget funds from smuggling it. This is money congress doesn't have to approve or even know about. As long as this is going on, they will continue to lie to our children about it, so they grow up thinking it kills brain cells and all the other nonsense. Then those children have children and teach THEM the same lies.

  19. Watermelon girl is HAWT!!

  20. Is this movie availabile in different ??languages(at least subtitles) like russian or german? Because it is a great movie

  21. this is by far, the most informative marijuana documentary out there. it simply provides the facts and how the "union" operates. and is renowned for changing opinions on the subject of marijuana. if you want to legalize marijuana or change our drug laws, this video is a perfect guide to do so!

  22. May be Shambhala won the contest against Burning man because Shambhala is a "no" alcool permitted festival and a pot and drugs tolerated festival. The owner and employes of the land will raid your car at the entrance for cases of beer and alcool and will confiscate it or not allow you inside "with it". There are no drug search. There are cops for the security of people.

    Burning man is an alcool permitted festival but they are not tolerant on pot smokers and drug users. If you get caught (specially if you are a Canadian) you get kicked out, there are many cops raiding the place for that. If Burning man was to loosen up on it's pot and drug policy, Shambhala would be facing a very strong contender for Breakspoll's award.

    1. I need to clarify...i did not vote but if i was to vote i would still vote for Burning Man, i am an artist and that's what Burning man is about Art and Soul. Plus they have a no sell policy, no booth...everything is given on an exchange policy. Also it is the cleanest festival, not one cigarette butt remains on the ground after the event is over.
      And finally i love deserts...any deserts and i have seen many!

  23. I had to compose myself during the prison part... and then in many parts more.Hoa!!!!!!!
    Pot legalisation could bring our society to look at itself in a very critical way, and realize by seeing the benefit how we need a change in our core. It would be quite hillarious if pot legalisation was the start of a better world.
    Ha Ha Ha !
    easy az!

  24. Here's an idea
    If you want a different kind of vacation this coming summer, come to BC.
    Land in Vancouver, go spend a few days laying in the sun naked at Wreck Beach, perhaps meet Watermelon girl. Explore the city and it's music or art scene, eat some of the best sushi in Canada, let yourself loose and explore, take a ferry the view is breath taking.
    Then take a bus to Nelson. Go lay on one of the great beaches ( and yes we have a nude beach off the train track), check the music and art scene, walk around, bike around, hike around, meet some folks at one of the 10 coffee houses, shop at one of the 3 health food stores, eat at some of the neatest restaurants including the Garlic Clove which even serve garlic ice cream. Go to the hotsprings, go to the glacier, go to the cave, go for a flight from the little airport, stay at the White House...have fun
    And then if you're still around August 5th-8th go to Shambhala Music Festival, winner of the Breakspoll award for best large event (over burning Man!), if you didn't meet Watermelon in Van may be you'll meet her here.
    Hey the Kootenays is an awesome region. Just don't come with your closed mind and try to tell us that we are just little town people because the town is populated by the world over...people stop by on their trip and get stuck here with feeling of freedom....and yes some of the best weed in the world!
    And then who knows, may be you'll be lucky and get a job trimming pot, make money and go spend the winter in Asia or South America.

    1. Sweet lord jesus woman! Wud u evr shut da f##k up haha

    2. This is exactly what I`ve been thinking about lately!
      So, thank you for giving a detailed schedule of what to do when I get there one of these days. It`s a long way from Finland but I`ll get there : )

  25. I consider this to be a fantastic companion piece to "The Hemp Revolution," to a small degree "How Weed Won the West" (not because of Alex Jones, but because I just love Kevin Booth's work)

    And, interestingly enough, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the other Zeitgeist films as well, but esepcially that one. Because it targets the monetary system and gives a no-holds-barred analytical criticism of the current monetary paradigm and the false economy we live in. The Anti-Economy, if you will. Of course some here will call me a cook, but the proof is in the pudding. (which is a strange saying, but hey, you get my point, I hope.)

  26. Great documentary. I had to chuckle when they asked the people how many people have died of marijuana. There is an old song in German about the only reported death by marijuana over here in Europe that never seizes to amuse me. It's about a guy named Hank who worked on the docks in Rotterdam. While unloading a ship, some of the cargo went loose and poor Hank was crashed by 4,5 tons of Hash. "Viereinhalb Tonnen guter roter und der Hanckie war ein Drogentoter..." It goes on that it probably would be much safer to transport Hash if it was legal hence its greatest danger to human health could be prevented (although too late for Hanck's wife and kids). This doc made me think about the song again and both reminded me - just as one of the guys at the end concluded - how tragic and comical the whole situation is. Thanks for this one Vlat

  27. This is a FANTASTIC documentary. I wish that I could force every man, woman, and child to watch this so that all of the stup*d, bullsh*t rumors would finally be cleared up.

  28. After watching this ground breaking mind blowing documentary I feel as if my whole life has been a lie! This documentary has exposed America as the greedy corrupt country that it is. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a doctor but after watching this documentary I don't want to anymore. Simply because being a doctor will be supporting the unlawful marijuana prohibition, I say this because doctors are taught to prescribe people prescriptions that are essentially bad for you. I'm not saying every medicine is bad for you in general medicine is a great thing. But in the cases of depression why not marijuana? Why not? The medicines they prescribe for depression has side effects of suicide! Of suicide! You try to get treated for depression and they give you a drug that makes you more depressed an want to die! When the f--k has marijuana ever want anyone to commit suicide. This documentary is a must see I strongly recommend it b cus after u c it it will change how you perceive everything. N o by the way I smoke every day I have a vape n it's awesome n I take all AP classes n have straight As (except for AP stats cus it's insane) ne ways sorry for rambling jus venting. Peace out

  29. Thankd Vlatko for the awesome documenatary. Everyone who views this doc and has a Facebook or similiar should posts it on it to spread the word and seed( take the pun as you wish) of truth. I have stated in other post on this subject my views on cannabis, so i won't go back into it, but I'll say that i have been smoking or eating for about 23 years and it has truly helped me in many ways. It just unfortunate that latley that i' ve been unable to aquire it because of financial reasons( When the s*** hits the fan it makes a mess) . It's been about 6 month's and I feel that I have suffered because of it. Hopefuly the light is at the end of the tunnel soon.
    And now for something completely different. I had the chance to meet briefly the man they showed in this documentary Jack Cole( the founder of L. E. A. P) at the Boston Freedom Fest about 6 years ago. I was smoking a joint and some one asked me hows the smoke and am i enjoying myself( I said yes) well i turned to look and he was in uniform. You can imangine what went through my mind. He said don't worry and proceeded to walk to the stage and gave his speal.
    @ Barry I'm truly sorry to hear that you were a victim of Mandatory mininum's and what state had such draconian measures as that?

  30. This is the best pro-marijuana documentary I've seen. As long as cannabis remains illegal it will continue to be controlled by criminal gangs, and criminals make thousands from selling weed, who might use the money to fund real crime, like terrorism. The main problems with cannabis are caused by its illegality.

  31. Like all things, its time will come. You can not oppress, repress or control things forever.
    Here's hoping the momentum is gathering fast enough to see change in our time!

    Fantastic Doco!

  32. this is the best documentary on marijuana ever created if everyone in the US saw this it would change there lives to find out that they have been lied to this whole time and that marijuana is not harmful at all. Like WTF is so bad about it that it has to be illegal, thats right there is nothing bad about it. 1 simple little thing would change everything about this country if marijuana was legal there would be a lot of less so called hard drug useing and this counrty would be in a lot better shape than it is right now. Marijuana is the future of our country and everyone needs to face the fact. Marijuana is gunna come out on top no matter what so give it up and make it LEGAL!!

  33. D a m it America get out of my country.
    If you wanna mess up your own country fine, I'll sympathize with your citizens, but dont drag Canada down with you.
    F@#$ you Stephen Harper.

    1. we need to stop thinking like that, tocs. We need to realize that we all have a symbiotic relationship with each other and the earth. We can't just ignore an entire massive group of people no matter which country and just hope that things fix themselves and the quality of life for you and yours goes up. This selfish desire to just look after only the immediate things by you is why it's so difficult to enact real change. If enough people were to refuse to use money, shut down the stock market (Which has no social value whatsoever), and go to a resource based economy, which takes into account all human needs. Which this sytem does NOT do at all. In fact, there isn't a single major political force out there that takes human need into account. Everything must be aquired by labor and work. Which is slowly, but surely ending the labor/working class. As it should. we need a swift kick in the ass to realize that money, debt, bankrupcy, and all of this horrific greed. We need to pledge ourselves to saving our world. This is your world, this is our world (to quote the end of Zeitgeist Moving Forward). We MUST realize this and share our resources properly. It just makes me so sad to see people ignore the cyclical consumption of everything we have all in the name of animosity and "economic recovery"
      I'm so frustrated thinking about the amount of corruption and lack of empathy at all, and the knee-jerk reaction of "You do drugs, you pay with jail" the EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR PEOPLE

    2. Well Joe. I'm in Australia and I hate the US for this deplorable position of a long period of time. Along with other nations, like what was said about Canadian trade we will never see our countries legalize cannabis because the US is far too important an "ally". The only way the rest of us will see it legalized is if a hand full of countries do it at a similar time. Who knows what the US would do if Australia came out tomorrow and legalized marijuana... I'm not suggesting physical action but I think we can guarantee certain agreements would breakdown. Why should this be so? The US have partnerships with middle eastern nations for oil(the ones they are not razing). I'm quite sure some of these Muslims states would not have laws that the US approve of. Anyway this is all speculation on my part, I just can't imagine an ally of the US would make the first move.

      I do agree with and like your musings though Joe. I just thought the start of your statement is what I would try and address.


  34. this is just...awsome

  35. Everybody should watch this movie.

  36. Arrested for a dui for having marijuana in my system. The single joint I had smoked 3 weeks earlier at a halloween party showed up in my blood. Marijuana can stay in your system for up to 4 weeks. I find it amazing that the law can be so ignorant as to think after 3 weeks after smoking one joint that a person can still be under the influance of the drug. Boy I wish I could find some weed that could keep me high for 3 weeks. I ended up landing in state prison for 2 years with 3 years probation afterwards. I lost my job, my house, my wife, and even my dog. After more than 3 years, I still owe over 3000 dollars in fines and can't get my drivers licence back until they are paid. My life has been turned upside down and I will be digging myself out of a hole for many years to come.
    The law says it is a crime to use pot, but i say the real crime is the lives that are ruined and dragged through the system for years apon years, where dreams are crushed, fortunes are confiscated, humiliated, imprisoned and forced to bunk up in a 10 by 10 cell with a convicted murderer for a cellmate.
    Its sad that a country who's founding fathers believed in the pursuit of happiness could fall to such a level as to imprison people for practicing just that.
    If people choose to pursue happiness by smoking a weed, that should be up to them. I hope our country will wake up one day and realize this. Soon I hope. I pray for all those poor souls still having cruel and unusual punishment forced upon them by a government who has turned the prison system into a business.

  37. Maybe you could change the page subject The Union: The Business Behind Getting High | Watch Free Documentary Online to something more specific for your blog post you write. I loved the post withal.

  38. a very great post by you looking forward to read more really soon.

  39. Bellissimo! Thankyou thank you thankyou to the makers and to topdocumentaryfilms.

  40. I love cigarettes too :(

  41. a masterpiece .

  42. Make sure if you live in California to vote for proposition 19 on November 2, 2010!

  43. Super D

    I don't think you realize how well you can grow weed in 'artificial' conditions, however I'd agree with you that you need to keep your buds as natural as possible. The best hash plants do grow outdoors for the most part.

    However, I don't have the luxury of growing outdoors where I am right now. I need to smoke medicinally and I can't afford to keep buying at the rate I am, I'm taking courses on how to grow at GGECO and learning from other really good growers who have been in the biz for 20+ years. With some luck I'll churn out some decent personal crop.

  44. Awesome Movie. Just a quick point everyone, much like any other plant,fruit,vegetable weed needs to be in it's organic state in order to get the full benefits. Weed grown under UV light does not have the same properties as weed grown under natural sunlight. There have been a handful of cases were people have some very "bad" highs or extra heightened state of paranoia (way more than you should be from a normal joint) In all these cases the weed was not in it's organic state and was grown under UV light, in some cases even traces of pesticides were found. Keep it organic! Don't grow weed with a commercial mindset!

  45. Everyone in the world should see this movie. It really blows a big hole in everything that the government wants us to believe about marijuana. There are no negatives to it except laziness and munchies especially if u have a vaporizer.

    The damn govt. needs to get off their a@# and legalize it it would fix this stupid recession were in and get rid of the countries debt. DUH get with it you liberal a@@#$%&* stop being blinded by your ignorance into thinking that your making more money by keeping it illegal. Think of how much profit you could make.DUH DUH.

  46. Can't believe I've just watched this for the first time. It's 2010 and we are still blinded by the rhetoric. Even living in California its seems like we are ignorant to the truth. Hopefully we will be the first states to make this beneficial herb legal.

  47. I find it quite amusing there is a drug-free anti-marijuana campaign ad right next to this documentary on my screen.

    There is very little I can ad that hasn't already been said, I'm feeling quite good after smoking some decent bud right now. But I also feel, amibitious, sad, and a little more determined to help get marijuana legalized. I wish I could get in on the California growing biz that seems to be going strong. A fairly decent companion piece to this is of course Grass (1999) and How Weed Won the West (2010) which won't tell you much that this hasn't. But is more specific to the U.S situation and also how we are off in 09' and facing '10. So, it has some slightly newer news to deliver on a few points, especially on California.

  48. There are many bad things following from having cannabis illegal, as a medicine or industrial plant or a legal drug. One less-talked about thing in both cannabis adversary and defense camps is the real problem users of cannabis. Those few of us who would like to get real help for our mental obsession with cannabis, who can we rely on except ourselves? Do we have any genuine support group where there'd be only voluntarily ones who really need help? It is a very bad situation for us in that sense, we've been caught in the crossfire for so long now. We may not ever die from cannabis overdose unlike alcolohics or drug addicts, but it doesn't mean our problem wouldn't be real.

    What keeps us from forming our own support group? Nothing, I guess, and I don't think we should let ourselves be hindered back either by laws or general attitute of any group towards our issue, because what we do doesn't hurt anyone. All we try to do is to seek a better life, to keep ourselves intact. I've gone through my addiction's worst phases so far, living a decent life, so personally I have no need for a support group. But I can imagine young people who still got more life ahead of them, being caught in that crossfire, having the need to talk about how they really feel about all this madness around us. It may be a really confusing thing if you come from a more conservative family, to hear that the bad drug wouldn't be so bad.

    God have mercy on those fools who can't make peace on this hemp thing, for they fight a futile war against themselves and against their loved ones. Like all wars, that war itself has no victor, not even those who make the most money out of it. For money more than often does not bring one a satisfied mind.

  49. this is a great documentary but its ashame its not publicised:( i only found out about this from youtube. but this is great

  50. Whats the name of the song where it tells you the name of the video?? help?

  51. This is a very inspiring Documentary, It shows how America Really is.. ALl Corrupt in Politics and to be honest it still really is, things like this Makes me wanna puke and spit and Just hate the world. Theres more disgusting things in this world then whats good left in this world, I hope that the Goverment and everything would change for the better by the next Decade, or even sooner if possible.

  52. great doc. Its sad to see how the governement lies to the people like that. Isnt the point of a governement to provide the people with wat they want? and if we all want cannabis and other related spieces to be legalised, isnt it in a way illegal for the governement NOT to legalise it? Its a shame and it sort of makes you feel used by the way the Gov. just lies to you for profit...... #1 faourite film.

  53. @Andre Carr Sr

    Speaking of 420...pause the movie right at 25:06. It says 420 right below the barrel on the left before they are busted open. I caught that and that it was pretty funny ^_^

  54. This documentary is sooooo good. I am a senior in high school and my Government teacher showed this in class. I don't know how he gets away with it but i am so glad i was able to watch this.

  55. This is absolutely amazing, the amount of information the points to government oppression purely for the greens(the other type)is insane. The government is basically repressing one of the most useful thing to mankind right now-with our current situation, just to make some $$$ and to stuff wallets. This i can say, is the real tragedy in america-scratch that, the world

  56. @ Anthony
    Hope the girls are doing well! And are keeping up with the dance moves. If they are a little sluggish Put on some Bob Marley Rasta-Mon Gyrate and Boogey! TWIST and SHOUT! (cough cough)

  57. @ Kevin
    Time to move to BC Cannabis Canada Procure a travel study grant. Lots of educated farmers there.

    Sounds like you can get away with murder state-side with only a slap on the wrist! But don't get caught with a roach in the ashtray Heaven Forbid! That's CRIMINAL.

    Inevitably they (USA Government) will need to de-criminalise pot and sell it $$$$ to make some cash to pay for the wars they started and the 200-billion BP clean up costs in the Gulf of Mexico (BP will receive a 100-Billion kick-back) Tragedy is always a WIN WIN scenario.

  58. this vid is insane i cant even believe that its really harmless like i always study better when i smoke and like it just makes everything better and apparently there arent any bad side effects so whoo hoo ima keep smokin the great ganja

  59. most unreal video ever.
    watched the whole 2 hours
    i dont smoke often
    but it just shows how many uses there are
    plus all the positiives
    i am a straight a student by the way:)

  60. hahahahah...good one anthony!!!

  61. I put my seedlings next to my speakers to watch this doc. They all turned to the speakers, as if it were the sun... kinda dancing and swaying to the vibes. I'm so proud of my stinky little girls. They'll grow up to be sticky, stinky big girls who will make many people happy. Love ya girls! XD

  62. @dematt

    The first draft of the Declaration of Independence (June 28, 1776) was written on Dutch (hemp) paper, as was the second draft completed on July 2, 1776. This was the document actually agreed to on that day and announced and released on July 4, 1776. …On July 19, 1776, Congress ordered the Declaration be copied and engrossed on parchment (a prepared animal skin) and this was the document actually signed by the delegates on August 2, 1776.

  63. decleration of independence was written on lamb skin.. sorry

  64. WOW truly inspiring movie. i cannot belive people can continue to let the government fool them into beliving marijuana use is a crime. fellow smokers keep toking and beliving it will one day be leagalized. -_- all day!

  65. This documentary is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot believe how incredibly informative and real this is. This is an absolute must-see.

  66. and also jon m. arent the rich alread so wealth that they could live 30 lifetimes without working maybee its time for the little guy to earn some money

  67. one day it will be legal

  68. I love this site! Vlat, Have you considered adding the year of production to your info when possible? Thanks again for your great work here.

  69. The best of the anti-drugs docs. A good discussion of the deeper reasons of which most people are ignorant. In my opinion (AND THIS DOC SUPPORTS THESE REASONS) the major reasons for prohibition are economic. The social effects of weed are important as well, but the economic reasons are the driving force. If weed were freely available for commercial, industrial, medicinal, and recreational use then this would be a huge boon to the ECONOMIC GROWTH for SMALL BUSINESS. HOWEVER, the existing LARGE ECONOMIC players WOULD LOSE PROFIT. Their profit margins would begin shrink, in some cases said businesses would, thankfully and beneficially for virtually everyone, go out of business, e.g. Wood based paper pulp, and possibly petro-chemical producers, for instance plastics which are not biodegradable. And that is something THEY WILL NOT TOLERATE.

  70. Great documentary!!!! Well investigated and researched. Very informative and funny. Well worth the watch. Its so sad to see how society has made it the norm to reject something so natural, so pure, so special and so harmless. Guess we have governments to thank for that...

  71. Keep in mind that pot has been decriminalized in Ohio; I was also cited for simple possession with a fraternity brother last semester. My life still could potentially be derailed, as it will remain on public records. Also, my drivers license has been revoked for 6 months, and it clearly states that it is a drug suspension, also on court records. Additionally, I potentially will lose on any financial aid from the government for the rest of my years in college (I am a sophomore, looking at likely 5 years of undergrad). All of this over a simple citation.
    My fraternity brother had to drop one of his majors (he was double majoring) because he realized that he had no chance of it benefitting him after the citation. He also is also transferring away from my University next year, as we were both put on University probation for getting caught. All of this over a HALF OF A GRAM of weed that was in my car during a routine traffic stop.
    Because of that day, our lives are forever going to be altered, and not for the better. The careers of 20 year olds are not going to be the same ever again, because we indulged in a harmless plant. This is the worst travesty that can happen in the "greatest country in the World," built on the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  72. OOPS!
    Guess? I better back up a bit.

    I wrote the former comments (ABOVE) before viewing the documentary. An unbiased opinion from my own research on marijuana, after having read the other comments. (I confess...I am an infrequent pot smoker of 40-years)

    I seemed to have had some success hitting several targets with my own thoughts and my own personal beliefs on the subject. I didn't realize how gravely high the statistics were in the States for the incarcerations of innocent marijuana users, which all seems quite absurd. I wasn't aware of Tommy Chong getting busted either. BONG!

    I sure am a happy Canadian however, and will never travel below the 49th parallel. It seems too obvious that American politicians are seeking New World Order and the big corporations want to run the world...but can't if the citizens revolt because they aren't docile enough sitting in front of their televisions being fed propaganda bullshit! And told what is right and what is wrong. (And mostly misinformed) Government obfuscating the real and important issues.

    Perhaps? it will be the proud Canadian pot smokers who will rise up and free these people who want to be our neighbors. And tell the American power mongers to politely go F%#*K Themselves! (Canada's Adopt a Yankee pot smoker policy) Leave your weapons at home...bring along your BONG SIX-SHOOTER. I think of the thousands of American draft dodgers who came to Canada during the Vietnam war to escape tyranny and death. (a lot of them stayed) What a politically tainted so-called democracy.

    One thing we will hopefully never lose: Is OUR FREEDOM!

    THINK GREEN EVERYBODY... Make every day Earth Day... in many wonderful ways.... Boycott American idiot-ideology

    PS: I hope Obama smokes dope. Otherwise? He should be encouraged to. Hmmm? The G8 summit is coming up.....

  73. The first Prophet on the planet held a hemp seed in his hand to give to the world. (what does this tell you?)

    Mary-Jane is a medicine, a healing herb, a cure-all. Drug companies pay the governments to ban it, otherwise they would lose billions of dollars on revenue from the pharmaceuticals forced upon us by Doctors and media.

    The legal system sends you to the joint...busted by a joint Its not the pot they are worried about... Its your money in their pocket...that is the real addiction. Harmonized Taxes aren't enough it seems?

    Did you know that George Washington smoked the stuff and there was once acres of it grown in the States before cotton became a more viable crop. (Miles of Rope was made from hemp for sailing ships as well as for paper and clothing and lubrication) You can see why? this harmless little seed is so practical.

    I've met several BC growers in my travels. They are wonderful folk...realists, putting dollars back into the system. But hey? Stick to the more TAXES $$$ Mom and Dad don't want their children to become non-aggressive pot smokers... and have their kids have second-thoughts about not joining the military, to go fight someone else's profiteering war.

    PS: without marijuana...the jails in good old USA would be half-empty. Then there would be a surplus of smiley happy people out on the street...heaven forbid! (They might over-throw government and become PEACE-NIKS!)

    PSS: Don't forget the tons of cash pocketed state-side from cocaine that gets shipped into Canada. Guess who's pockets get filled in the process? CHING CHING (gotta curb that trillion dollar deficit $ remember?) FREE TRADE EH? We should all become FARMERS.... and make the world a better place.

    Now pass it over... and stop bogarting that....

  74. there are alot of potentionally harmful substances,that are used and consumed everyday. And money is made from. one needs evaluate the harmfulness that something causes and the evidence that it indicates and it that has proven. not good for recreational use.

  75. My professor played part of this movie in class, and I went home and watched the rest of it! What a great documentary. I loved it; it's very informative, interesting, and funny. It's definitely a good way to show people that so much about marijuana is just not true, and that there are so many more harmful things out there that people are doing(and not just drugs, either). Props to the filmmakers!

  76. non-medical cannabis actually is decriminalized in north carolina, where i live.

  77. Best movie ever. Everyone should watch the movie of educational perposes.

  78. @Afghan Goat. no not at all does cannabis CAUSE schizophrenia. it may bring out schizophrenia in someone who already has it but doesnt know yet. in no way will it cause schizophrenia in a healthy person.

  79. After watching this amazing documentary, it makes me hate the government even more,other than the green party ofcourse. I really hope it is decriminalized in my life time......Man made alcohol, God made Green.U decide!!

  80. This was so good it really did make me want to cry. VERY inspiring documentary!

  81. Amazing... if this is true another part of my old belief system withers away. WOW. I do however disagree that 'you cannot sustain a lie forever.' The way religious totalitarianism has lasted for 2000 years is a good example. Indeed there are many questions raised in this film - and I think this proves by itself that some conspiracies are real some obvious and in the open - afflict us everyday.

    The part about how hemp could be a carbon neutral fuel... amazes me. The building of prisons, the charade global warming and carbon trading has become... The faking of 9/11. The Military industrial complex... The centralization and complete polarization of society. Maybe a dictator is rising, and he doesn't care if it is pretty - so long as he has intrusive power into everyone lives.

    The conspiracies live on. To pretend that they don't exist is foolish. To actively fight them is foolish. The best option is to be open about the truth, build numbers, and move on with your life.

  82. Great movie!!! It cleared up so many weed myths once people find out all the leis an understand weed is nothing like some people make it out to be it will get legalized. Its so f***** up how someone can go to jail for just wanting to chill and relax. Hope legalization happens soon.

  83. It does cause phcyzophrenia. Thats only if you start before puberty and still in rare occations.

  84. Thats stupid. around 1:31:20 there is the statement about doctors being skeptical about a natural product such as cannabis. This is ridiculous when you think about the fact that penicillin came from a fungus.

  85. im speechless.... they said it all.

  86. joe is a troll trying to get a rise outa people. This film is great and it taught me Carl Sagan smoked weed.

  87. Marijuana is not kept illegal because it would "free our minds". It is kept illegal mainly because it is such a big and risky political move. No political "party" would do such a great leap, take such risk as to be THE one to change the laws, unless they were forced to do it. You want legal marijuana? Make enough of a fuss, a stir, a bang that there is no other way, for the government and it's allies, to return to the status quo (or relative order/control) than legalizing (OR at least make it an easier alternative to upping the repression). That is how you achieve any small or great socio-economic changes, that is how all great social advances were brought about.

  88. Every weed-smoker should see this film and light one up everyday @ 4:20p.m.

  89. "And there you have it, after 2 years of research, our quest for answers has only left us with more questions. And the only thing that really seems to make sense, is that none of it makes any sense."

    this documenary was 10/10. awesome. the ridiculousness of the entire marijuana situation is so frustrating :(

  90. Great doc. Tons of information, some i didn't know and lots i can related to being and smoker for now 40 years. At 61 i smoke daily and I feel great, almost never sick and considered healthier than most men my age. I also have a nervous stomach issue and when I worried over something I would get very painful cramps. I smoke a joint and the cramps are gone. I consider my use is "Medicinal Purposes" but but not to the law makers. I also consider it useful to control other illnesses like "Anger Management"lol

  91. @Leon

    Maybe more than the high is that canabis is a symbol of free thought of anti-war, of anti-control and symbols have more effect on us then THC.

  92. In the documentary I can see plenty of financial incentives to keep marijuana illegal. However, I also get the feeling that some very powerful people outside of government see it as a threat for another reason... maybe if people can use it freely they would be less easy to control and would be more able to think for themselves. I don't think alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc., have this effect. Maybe that's what makes marijuana so dangerous to the powers that be. It's a threat to their power over our minds, which allows them to manipulate us to their benefit, and against our own.

  93. I wake one morning and found ''The Union'' on tv. I watched the last half, after it finished I tough wow why is this playing at 2 in the morning and not at 5 or 6 o'clock at night so more pepole can see it????

  94. this s great!. why don't schools show this huh lol

  95. This Doc is one of the best in its class. Its becuase the government is so unwilling to admit its past mistakes that our nations will never be able to benifit from pot. Instead we let drug dealers and individual growers (Out of Country) make a killing. Thinking about the problems that pot could solve for our nations and the fact that it will never happen makes me sick.

  96. So this is the best potumentary I've ever seen! hands down, everyone in the world needs to watch this before they say anything about mary jane. People are so ignorant now a days, they must watch television and need media to tell them how to live.. pfft. go smoke some bud and live your own life!

  97. this documentary is absolutely AMAZING!! i think all of America needs to see this and maybe we wouldnt be in so much debt!

  98. I love this documentary. I don't smoke nor do I condone or condemn it but It's great someone cares enough about the truth and make it available to the masses.

  99. Seeing all the amounts of nonviolent pot smokers getting into trouble and put in jail is saddening. Although change may be happening soon I saw on the cover of a popular magazine (can't remember the name) the debate about medicinal marijuana so hopefully we're in the time when the world will start seeing that pot prohibition is not doing us many favors.

  100. Im going to put this video in my school aula. I want everyone to see it.

  101. I feel you Taylor. I shed a tear as well lol.

    All plants are created equal !!!

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  103. Great movie! Cleared up many myths!

  104. I'm crying this was so good.

  105. awesome documentary, really clarify a lot of doubts....and gave me reason to tell my parents if they catch me again!

  106. Vlat sorry to bother you again. Could you fix this doc. Doesn't seem to load up. Thanks again.

    1. Done Del.

  107. after watching this and being an ex smoker myself i see the positives and negatives but the positives far out weigh the negatives of marijuana use!there is the negative that it can advance phcyzophrenia or depression but thats pretty much it and is usually due to smoking to much now ingesting the oils totally different again and if dosed properly it cancels the phczophrenia! the total picture tho and the amazing uses it has are totally worth it and to me it seems every opposed government deserve to be shot for the pain they cause needlessly to the millions of sufferers just for profit!

  108. Very interesting documentary abotu marijuana... looking into myths about it.. pot industry.. government ignorance etc...
    Enjoyed this great movie very much ! I am sure all will enjoy it ! very recommend !