The World According to Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto

2008, Environment  -   500 Comments
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Monsanto (now merged with Bayer) is a the largest agricultural biotechnology company in the world. They are also the planet's leading producer of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, a process that promotes the manipulation of traits which naturally occur in plants and crops. Ever since the company gained government approval for their first modified soybean in the late 1990s, a public debate has persisted as to the potential health hazards of GMO products.

The feature-length documentary The World According to Monsanto provides a comprehensive overview of that debate. As detailed in the film, Monsanto has long been steeped in controversy. During its earliest incarnation at the start of the twentieth century, the company manufactured a series of products which were eventually deemed unacceptably toxic in their applications, including the DDT insecticide, Agent Orange and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).

Monsanto produced the latter in the town of Anniston, Alabama for nearly four decades. When Anniston residents began to link the chemical to increased incidents of cancer, retardation and a variety of other chronic illnesses and abnormalities, they successfully sued the company to the tune of 700 million dollars.

The film spends much effort in exploring the dangers of Monsanto's most profitable product - Roundup, a herbicide that has proven enormously popular in both homes and agricultural communities for its ability to kill weeds. The filmmakers discover that the company was reprimanded twice for false advertising in claiming the product was biodegradable and friendly to the environment. Many concerns persist regarding its potential long-term effects on the environment and human health as proper testing has never been officially sanctioned.

The film places the blame for this squarely at the feet of the United States government and its most influential policy makers. Monsanto wields great influence in Washington, DC, and the filmmakers accuse those in power of being susceptible to the company's strong-arm bribery tactics.

The World According to Monsanto ultimately suffers from its central framing device, which consists of filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin sifting through Google search pages to find the next lead in her investigation, as well as its one-sided view of the issue. But the evidence it does offer provides much food for thought.

Directed by: Marie-Monique Robin

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  1. Unless you're fluent in French, don't become invested in this film. After 30 minutes it's dubbed over in French. Subtitles are not available. Pitty.

  2. Thank You.

  3. FIXING MONSANTO, the easy way:

    There is one relatively easy way to end Monsanto's evil reign. Pool the donations from billions of people for the cause of buying 51 percent of Monsanto shares. Then put all their people to work making natural organic farming helpful items. If you don't keep them busy and earning an income, they will just go to work for some other similar evil corp.

    Like usual the real problem is us. Not taking advantage of such relatively easy fixes and just carping ad infinitum about bad things instead of lifting a finger to fix it. We have the know how, we have the ability, we have everything but the will. We are our own worst enemy.

  4. If it doesn't say "NonGMO" or "Organic", don't buy it. That is a definite solution.

    With GeoEngineering / Chemtrails you have no choice, it just keeps coming. At this point it is far more dangerous than GMO. You will have to take direct action in a massive group effort to stop it. That massive effort, if it ever were to be organized and occur, would be to contact all legislators and congress people of your districts and tell them in no uncertain terms they will be ousted if they fail to stop the GeoEngineering / Chemtrails in 60 days. If they fail to do so, start recalls on ALL of them. This would be a very simple and easy thing to do if it weren't for the laziness of the wimpy citizenry who forever listen to the fake news and propaganda and claim they don't have the time but continually waste gobs of time on various ridiculous things including doing nothing.

    Regarding GMO, if you don't buy it, the rest of the farmers will have to grow NonGMO. That is the power you have. Vote with your wallet. If you whine about it costing more, unless you are completely broke, you are likely wasting much more on something stupid, like GMO beer, GMO chips, or whatever.

    Evil men and women hide behind a paper structure called a corporation. The structure itself in its original inception was beneficial, to organize to build roads and other public works. Weasel judges allowed weasel lawyers to corrupt the corporation into the status equal to or above humans that it is today.

    To the libs who suck up the fake education and fake news. Corporatism and corruption is not Capitalism, however, corruption IS an inherent part of Socialism and the whole purpose behind it, to eliminate competition for the big boys. The same people behind monsanto are pushing socialism, and you the useful idiots, if not buying into one, then the other, which will make the rest of their plans MUCH easier.

    Clearly a bought and paid for weasel judge ruled against any logic, reason, rhyme, precedent, and existing law, to give monsanto the rights to the other farmers crops that it infects. That would be like giving Typhoid Mary the rights to anyone she infected. Like giving whoever invented AIDS, the rights to who ever became infected with it.

    Any court that allowed that ruling to stand, including the Supreme Court, if it got that far, is a corrupt and therefore invalid court. You don't have to accept corruption. It is similar to a serviceman following illegal orders which go against the code of conduct. If they disobey they risk court martial and the end of their career. If they obey, they risk court martial and the end of their career. However, if they gather together as a Platoon and say no, sir, that is wrong but here is what we suggest in that regard, with your approval. No ego maniac authority likes to be told a flat out no. If you divert their attention with a solution you are far better off. As far as civilian courts, you will also have to gather together to twist the elbows of your legislators and congress to pass a law negating any rights monsanto has to anything including its corporate status since at the very least, it is against the public interest.

    The problem is us. We fail to see to it wise decent incorruptible people are running for all offices. from all parties, in numbers, with one term limit to lessen the corruption. When the possibility of a lifelong career in politics no longer exists, a fair percentage of the corruption will go away. Whether demon rat or repuklicon most are bought and paid for.

    To the wonderful sweet person who explained that humans are too many and monsanto is simply getting rid of them: Please show us you believe what you say and get rid of yourself as to lead by example and save monsanto the trouble. If the "people" at monsanto also believed in what they are doing, knowing it is causing leaky gut syndrome due to the inherent gut eating pesticide Genetically put into the crop, they should be forced to eat it in prison.

    If you don't see to it, it won't happen.

    1. Thats one helluva jump , and I quote "The same people behind Monsanto are pushing socialism",
      You really do have your hat on the wrong way round, What Monsanto are doing is actually Fascism, stop redefining stuff to fit your narrow minded Libertarian view. There is no such thing as a Free Lunch and there is no such thing as a Free Market

  5. the GENE GUN ! !! ...... . . AhahahahHAHAHAHAh..... the gene gun....

  6. The Jews did it. How original Are you anti-semitic commenters off your meds?

  7. Jesus F*&^$&#* H Christ! This is a f&*^$&*# disaster! How the hell does this horrible company still exist?! Oh that's right.. because of evil, selfish, power hungry, money obsessed ass&*%$# who hold on tightly to the ingenious concept of legal slavery. Own the peoples food and you control the people. Just like money really. What a sad sorry state of affairs we live in.

    To all involved at Monsanto. Karma exists and your day of reckoning will come. Be it in this life or the next. Your fault

  8. Why are we allowing this!, we all have people elected to congress, we should all be pestering them to stop these greedy madmen.

    It's real simple, STOP THEM then jail the people who were bought by this evil company

    1. The people who were bought by this evil company are the people you elected to Congress, fix that and you are halfway there

  9. I love how they claim that this is "SCIENCE", yet they are changing the definition of "science" to fit their own interests. Science is using ALL the data you find and creating a conclusion from it. As soon as you remove the data that does your interests harm, you are no longer using scientific techniques.

  10. its the way it goes the people don't care if they did this wouldn't be happening

  11. There is a special place in hell reserved for the CEO of this hellish company. It represents all that is evil and corrupt in our society!! You and your family are less than speck of dirt to this company. GREED!!!!

    1. what do you do when the society will vote down labeling GMO products? The voters said NO.. they said they don't want to know what's in their babies food nor their or the dog... Monsanto welcomes this and we as a nation approve of Monsanto :(
      Vermont gov signs law to require labels on GMO foods

  12. I wonder how much people get paid to fight with other people on message boards? Just sayin' because propaganda and rebuttal work in all directions. I would like a GMO label on my food, bare minimum--so if Bt has been genetically splatted into the thing I'm supposed to think is food, I don't have to buy or eat it. But that's because I have a gut--and insecticidal "food" has no place in my gut (or anyone else's--it can stay in the dirt where it's good at doing it's ecological thing). And if it's been doused with Round-up, I can leave that on the shelf too. Sorry, just my "scientist" opinion--but I'm entitled to it ;)... and I'm entitled to keep my gut lining intact and biochemistry happy ;).

    1. You sure can request labeling. What I am against (and no I am not paid) is people using flawed scientific studies, internet rumors from blogs or sites with an agenda as fact that genetically modified organism are posing a threat to mankind when they aren't outright telling lies about it killing millions of people..

  13. hooray, more pseudo environmentalist lies about GM.

    I look at the anti GM crowd in the same way that i look at the anti vaccine crowd...the results of their lies are just as devastating and just as misinformed.

    Yes Monsanto is a big evil can thank neo-liberalism for that...It's right wing politics that have deregulaised the industry to the point where one major company can call all the shots.

    But the anti GM crowd are also to blame for monsanto's success.

    After all, so many people shouting MONSANTO at the top of their literally couldn't pay for advertising like that...the assault of misinformation on GM has also pretty much made it a toxic asset for any other company to try it's hand in, so thanks to the anti-GM movement, Monsanto will forever hold the monopoly on GM.

    I always find it funny when anti-GM protesters call GM "Frankenfoods"
    Afterall, Frankenstein s monster was the innocent creation of a man trying to cure death with science, a creation that was hunted down by an ignorant torch wielding mob who didn't care what it was or what it meant, but just knew they didn't like it.

    the irony is obviously lost on the thousands of gm protestors who have never seen Frankenstein.

    1. And Agent Orange was a harmless defoliator also...

      For a supposedly innocent product, they put an awful lot of effort into hiding GMOs' presence in food. Much like their anti-rBST labeling effort. From having employees actually take jobs at the FDA, to harassing farmers in court, and burying scientists, and their reports, who discover otherwise.

      RoundUp, another glorious innocent product. NOT!

    2. How is agent Orange relative?

      Nobody is trying to hide GMO's...99% of this conspiracy theory is only happening in your head!

      If you don't like mega powerful corporations then you need to vote against neo liberalism in government, because it's the lack of industrial regulation that is the source of these abuses.

      You need to stop blaming the science for the abuses of a corporation.

    3. Agent Orange was manufactured for the U.S. Department of Defense primarily by Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical. It was given its name from the color of the orange-striped barrels in which it was shipped,

    4. I know what it is, i just don't understand how that's relevant.

      are you suggesting that GMO's are agent orange?

    5. An old tactic of moving the debate to something else when someone brings a counter-argument to the point you expressed. Agent Orange has absolutely nothing to do with GMO's and I am sure she very well knows it.

    6. odd, but not unexpected.

      Unfortunatly i doubt that she knows the difference. she probably thinks that the very same people who worked on agent orange are the scientists now working over GMO's,
      Anna doesn't seem to realise that there's a divide between the science and the corporation. She would probably think i was lying if i told her that most of the scientists working with the technology earn less than 20k a year and don't have the funding to do public outreach and explain what the reality is behind GMO's.

      I would hope that she would see that and be intrigued enough to research it herself, and compare the ammont of pro GM PR out there to anti GM PR...because then she would see just how massively tipped the scales are...Perhaps then she would see that there appears to actually be more money on the Anti side of the argument...If she researched further she would find that it has such finding because it's supported almost exclusively by Creationists, Homeopaths, Snake oil salesmen and pretty much anyone else with an axe to grind against science.
      Then perhaps she'd see the sinister agenda flowing through the anti GM movement and reconsider her support for it...However i just smoked a huge spliff so i might be suffering from an synthicated sence of optimism...

      To you and me, who know the context it does seem like she's purposefully bullsh1tting us, but again i doubt this is true, i think she believes every word of it because nice people have told her it's true and she's working on moral instinct.

      So for these reasons I don't think Anna or anyone else here on the Anti-GM side is willingly writing misleading comments any more than you or I are.

      Speaking of weed...i wonder how many Anti GMers know that over 90% of cannabis is Genetically modified?

    7. The Anti GMO side definitely makes good money with very limited expertise in the field.

      For example, the Institute for Responsible Technology is sponsored by no less than 17 organics food companies including Organic Valley, Nutiva and SunRidge Farms.

      Mr Jeffrey M. Smith, the founder/director, is a marketing expert who has no scientific or medical background.

      In 2011, that non profit organization had revenues of 425,411$ and expenses of 286,708$. A surplus of 138,703$, not bad for a non profit...

    8. That's really good info! where did you get it from i'd love to use it myself in other arguments?

    9. Label it. It's that simple, label it.

    10. Not an unreasonable request i suppose...But inclined to ask why if there's no evidence that it's harmful or any different to any other food?

    11. No, I'm suggesting this manufacturer has trashed their reputation for honesty and integrity for decades.

    12. Looks to me the main culprit in the Agent Orange case is the U.S. Department of Defense. They were the one buying and spreading it.

    13. You know it's different people now, right?

    14. Can't build a stable house on a rotten foundation.

    15. the anti-GM movement is built on the rottenest foundations possible yet still it stands.

    16. What a ridiculous comment. They're not trying to hide GMO? Do you know how much effort they put into preventing labeling it? Nationally? State level? Same fight they have with rBST. And so we have to come at it from the other side - non-GMO, no artificial hormones. The sure in he(* are hiding it.

    17. no...i don't know how much they put into preventing labelling...tell me.

    18. Monsanto buried scientists??? Who, when, where?

    19. you must be a shill for monsanto. Kindly allow people of intelligence to proceed inquiry.

    20. And you must be a troll to come up with such unsubstantiated accusations, please kindly allow people to express their opinion on a public forum.

    21. are you denying that you receive payment for your services to Monsanto?

    22. Look at my profile, I have posted on tons of documentaries on this website. Quit your paranoia, I have nothing to do whatsoever with Monsanto or any other corporation involved in genetic engineering.

    23. .
      It's not paranoia when the subject of your fear is real. Your ignorance on this topic is destructive and you have no scientific proof whatsoever to support your views on a transnational corporation that threatens the survival of our seed supply, the bees that pollinate our food., and thus the survival of all species. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    24. I am waiting for your scientific proof that a transnational corporation is threatening the survival of our seed supply, bees and all species. You can't come up with such claims and only provide 2 questionable scientific studies and a few dubious websites as evidence.

    25. No one here on TDF is a shill for Monsanto, nor receiving payment from Monsanto, so please cut it out.

      Warning #1

    26. It would be interesting to know how various media deal with shills and trolls. Negativity, and criticism that is not based on fact or personal observation disrupts intelligent exchange.

    27. I wish...

    28. This PAranoia is fully half of the problem.

      You've brainwashed yourself into believing that anyone who has a different opinion to you must have been paid by the corporations specifically to come to the backwater of the internet and disagree with you on a comment section.

      Why is it not possible that a rational human being came to a different conclusion to you? Why is the only other option that he's a shill?

      When i see the word shill all i see is someone throwing their teddies out of the pram because they've run out of argument. It's a pathetic ad hominem and it has no place in intelligent debate.

      You're not looking for intelligent inquiery, you're looking for someone to pat you on the back and tell you how clever you are.

    29. Have you not noticed you're only posting opinion yourself?

    30. If you want to get right down to brass tacks then all anyone posts on the internet is an opinion, so for the best part yes, but my opinions are based on actual scientific fact, gained from reading studies from actual scientific journals and attending lectures on the subject.

      my opinions are not based on a mistrust and paranoia about science

    31. Gory detail in the book, "The World According To Monsanto".

    32. Glyphosate (main component of Roundup) has been around since 1970. The patent expired and there are several generic brands available on the market. The Monsanto profits from their Roundup branded herbicide are a fraction of what they were. Attacking the RoundUp brand is a waste of time if you want to hurt Monsanto. It's akin to attacking Bayer for Aspirin, it won't cut into acetylsalicylic acid sales.

    33. Sillyness. RoundUp sales was the basis of the RoundUp Ready GMO seed. Hose it all down with RoundUp so you don't have to deal with weeds. Toxic pollution of their soil for years, annually. But patenting the GMO seed was another boon, annual seed sales when the farmers aren't allowed to save their seed. Ridiculous.

    34. It's not sillyness, you can spray RoundUp Ready crops with any generic glyphosate herbicides and have exactly the same result as if you used the RoundUp Branded herbicide. Here is a list of glyphosate based herbicides:

      Imitator Plus (Drexel brand)
      Polaris (Dupont brand)
      Factor (IPCO brand)
      Glyphos (Cheminova brand)
      Glyphosate 4 Plus (Alligare brand)
      Eraser (Martins brand)
      Cornerstone Plus (Agrisolutions brand)

      I've personally used Factor and Glyphos for years, cheaper than RoundUp by a good margin.

    35. Thank-you and all those willing to stand up and speak truth,

    36. or for those who are blindly willing to spout the same made up bulls*it as you are.

      how odd that someone who quite obviously has no evidence or intention to look for evidence should have the nerve to talk about don't happen to work in a church of some sort do you?

    37. your response to legitimate concerns over genetically engineered foods are disrespectful and display your own lack of intelligence in scientific support of your statements.

    38. How? You can't make a statement like that and not provide a single reason for it...Without reasoning i'm forced to assume that you're just insulting me for the sake of it.

    39. Please google: Scholarly articles for corporate influence on science. Think science is immune from transnational corporate influence? Neo-liberalism and the Neo-cons are two sides of the same coin. There is only a single face behind both masks: the face of coporatism gone wild, greed and yearning for power and empire.. How did the assertion from the public, by requesting a food label for GMO/glyphosphate products "made it a toxic asset for any other company to try it's hand in"
      I am curious on that one.

    40. I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but you're reaction can't be to distrust all of science...that's not a rational reaction. What's the alternative, we all go to church and pray for the answers? Sorry lass but people have been trying that for 2000 years and i'm afraid it doesn't work.

      You also can't blame science for corporate greed...regulating corporations is the job of government not of science! Blaming science for corporate greed is like blaming the bullets for being fired out of the gun, rather than the man pulling the trigger..

      What you're doing is making an assumption based on an extreme...And your insistance that everyone involved is in on some big scam is ridiculous, and provably false with examples like Norman Borlaug.

      How is it a toxic asset?

      Basicly by constantly protesting it, the Anti GM movement have made GM products into such a risky investment that only megacorporations like monsanto have the capital to deal with that risk and go ahead with it, and thus end up with a total monopoly over the technology.

    41. You've not noticed the lobbyists are now writing the laws? Your naivete is what is ridiculous. Monsanto/Cargill have a lot of money in the game, not only in profits but on K St. and in state houses. They are working very very hard to keep "GMO" off the food labels. And suing farmers to wipe out any threats. Just as they do with rBST.

    42. I could have stated my response more kindly.
      Science in and of itself is neither good nor bad, it is the use of science that is important. ethics. Science can be manipulated for profit just like anything else. I do not subscribe to religion. All humans carry religious sub-concious programming from early child-hood development I do believe in science of mind/conciousness. I believe that all humans, indeed all species, are capable of evolution in conciousness. An organism,cell, has the ability to recognize a threat. Monsanto corporation and its misuse
      of science for profit is dangerous to the organism of life. "terminator" seeds? I think the name is apropo. Blame it on my red hair. It must be the lass in me. thanks.

    43. The Terminator gene was not created by Monsanto. The technology was developed under a cooperative research and development agreement between the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Departement of Agriculture and Delta and Pine Land company.

      Monsanto inherited the patents when they bought Delta and Pine Land. They made a public pledge on their website never to commercialize the technology in food crops.

      Here is the pledge : "We remain committed not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. After consulting with international experts and sharing many of the concerns of small landholder farmers, Monsanto made a commitment in 1999 not to commercialize sterile seed technology in food crops. We stand firmly by this commitment. We have no plans or research that would violate this commitment in any way."

    44. actually no the lobbiests aren't writing the laws, the politicians you and i voted for are doing that.

      I also think you're misguided about where that money goes...Monsanto don't pour billions into PR, they shovel it all into a few bank accounts.

      Yeah you say they're suing farmers to wipe out threats...i'm skeptical of that. until someone actually points me to a bit of evidence for that claim i'm not inclined to believe it.

      call it my naivete but i'm not inclined to believe baseless claims on the internet.

    45. Do your homework.

    46. i'd love to if you could point me to precisely what it is you think i've gotten wrong...Or was that just you throwing your teddies out the pram because you can't handle having your beliefs challenged?

    47. You seem to think GMO's are ALL bad. GMO is a technogy by which certain preferable genes are spliced into the DNA of a plant to make it a better plant. Which variety are you talking about? Which gene conferred the trait that you are concerned about?

    48. When they shoot a gene in, they have no control over where it lands within the DNA.
      Terminator gene, who is that good for except Monsanto?

    49. I read and wrote extensively on the Terminator gene. Monsanto made a pledge on their website to never commercialize it in food crops.

      In my opinion, the Terminator gene would be great for Anti-GMOs supporters as it would prevent dispersal of GM plants in nature since the second generation seeds wouldn't germinate. It's probably the least problematic gene sequence from a dispersal standpoint.

    50. Since the invasive GMO pollen obviously migrates and co-mingles, terminator genes would kill neighboring plants. Is that something you see as a good thing? Think about how far birds and bees travel. Let alone high winds.
      Some Mexicans are finding freakish corn (growing in bizarre directions from the stalk), from co-mingled pollen. There really isn't a way to keep it from impacting other plants. Nor from killing non-destructive or beneficial insects.

    51. The pollen containing the terminator gene cannot kill plants. What it can do is inhibit germination hence the fate of that gene in nature is to vanish since it cannot reproduce itself. The freakish corn you are talking about is caused by something else as the Terminator gene is not present in cultivated corn.

    52. Can you be more specific? Some Mexicans can't really be verified in any way. If you have a link with pictures, I'd be interested to see that corn.

    53. you do realise that the whole point of a terminator gene is to stop the plant from breeding at all right?

      you're starting to get your conspiracy theories mixed up!

    54. "Monsanto has bowed to pressure not to sell single-use seeds for their genetically modified crops. These so-called "terminator" seeds work only once. The resulting plants produce sterile seeds that can't be used to grow more food. This forces farmers to keep buying seed to grow additional crops. Monsanto says it's a way to recoup the cost of genetic engineering

    55. hooray circular logic.

      in one part of this comment section we have people claiming that Monsanto sue all farmers whose crops are cross contaminated, and now we have you saying that the sterile seeds are just a way of controlling the food.

      stupid conspiracy theorists don't even have a coherent argument between yourselves!

      You're all tripping over each others lies.

    56. And your stake in what other people choose to eat is...?

    57. being one of the not so well off members of society who is directly and drastically effected by the rising cost of food.

    58. Feel free to eat all the GMO you want. We mind you forcing it on the rest of us.

    59. you see that's not the isn't me you're snatching food from, it's the impoverished and the starving in Africa India and beyond who are being denied food because people like you would rather pander to your own superstitions than do anything about world hunger!

    60. Superstitions... oh, you mean science. Please, direct your Hillbilly Miracle Box AKA computer toward reputable research.

    61. how odd that you have no evidence to point me toward...i guess it's because you don't actually have any.

    62. Do your own homework.

    63. oh...but i thought you had science?

      Surely if you had science you would be more than eagre to show me and prove me makes me wonder if you actually believe the nonsense you're spouting...because it doesn't really seem like you do.

    64. India doesn't have a problem producing food, it has a problem preserving their bumper crops, like canning it. Furthermore, the Indian farmers have rejected GMO on the basis of it has significant problems fiscally and significant problems growing.
      Last I remembered, Africa was offered the excess GMO as international food aid, and they didn't want it either.

    65. could you please provide sources for that?

      "Last i remembered" translates very well into "i just made up"

    66. Google it, there's lots of articles about Africa refusing GM food; also China, who hasn't been buying wheat from the U.S. because they're afraid it might be GMO.
      You sound like you simply don't want to believe that GM food is harmful, but have never looked up the facts.

    67. there are so many articles, and yet you can't provide a link to a single one...amazing.

      unfortunately it's not my responsibility to prove your claims.

    68. There have been over 1 million farmers in India alone, who have committed suicide because the crops don't do what Monsanto said they would. After the first year, they aren't nearly as plentiful as traditional farming methods and they have to spend lots of $ to buy the seeds every year instead of saving them, as they always have. GM seeds are killing India and India's farmers. Look up Vandana Shiva and learn about this. Hope Monsanto is paying you well to shill for them.

    69. if over one million farmers have committed suicide then surely there are millions of reports in local news to furnish me with one...after all if you know this to be true then you must have seen evidence of it. so show me.

      don't just suggest it's there, actually show me so i can't refute it...otherwise i'm just going to assume you're talking out your backside.

  14. How could this be a chemical company become the one who control our food .what is the big question what they eat the peoples who works for Monsanto they poisoning everybody and hands and hands with the FDA creating Healthcare so the pharmaceuticals can make some money as well but why poisons why can they just create good old fashion medicine .the healthy world is not profitable the botom line is we let them do this

  15. This documentary is too one-sided, and desperately needs to research the benefits of Monsanto in order to make a more conclusive argument

    1. there are not benefits to mass poisoning

    2. Yes there is, it is called mass healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies profiting off of our mass poisoning.

    3. Allright then i'll bite...where's the profit...i've seen you insist on this fact twice now but you've yet to explain where all of this magical profit is going to spring into existence from.

    4. Well do a little homework. Farm bill would be a GREAT place for you to start. Seed patent infringement lawsuits, whether the farmer neighbor planted it or it's cross pollination contamination. What's going to grow in your RoundUp trashed soil once you've hosed it down. Then move to the mothership, Cargill.

      As for pharmaceutical specific, you don't think it really costs them $2000 a month to make cancer drugs so you? Or all that asthma medicine. Or those little "purple pills". Or, or, or.

    5. right...but sterile seeds a re a thing, so your point is moot.

    6. How s*upid and ignorant can you be open your eyes is something wrong with you to stating your comet

    7. Once a toxic gene is added to a crop it's no longer food. It's poison.

    8. except that's not what is going on.

      Genes are complex things, it's not as simple as a gene for poison and a gene for nutritious, it's whole strings of genes performing complex reactions. If one gene in that string keeps the creepy crawlies away, it's probably not the same bit of that string that effects humans. We all have different biologies, we're not all based on one single makeup.

      there is no profit whatsoever in killing your clientele.

    9. There are none, aside from dividends and capital gains for shareholders. Even if you do not own Monsanto stock directly, check the holdings in any mutual fund you have (IRAs, 401Ks) - it could be hiding on one or more. To help Monsanto along (out the door) dump those funds for alternates - there are thousands of funds and many equivalents to just about any other fund. In addition to boycotting GMO-containing food products, this is KEY to what you and all of us can do NOW and every day that is EFFECTIVE - by putting a thousand dents into their revenue.

  16. Just require ban on patents on genes - it will be great step forward.

    1. Who for? Certainly not the people in Asia Africa and India who this technology is being developed to feed.

    2. @a_no_n:disqus You're saying people in india benefit from patents on genes?

    3. No they benefit from the actual food.

      So what if someone holds a patent on food...i don't see you protesting Mcdonalds, or anyone else...or did you not realise that they hold patents on food as well?

      Think that's a bad example, ok let's talk raw materials, take any major sugar you think they don't hold all the legal patents to their crops? why are they not evil as well?

      You're entire argument is one massive double standard.

    4. We're talking specifically about the patents on genes. Are you saying india benefits from genes being patented?

    5. I don't see how it even effects them.

      I've explained why this double standard of yours is ridiculous, why are you still hammering away at this moot point?

    6. well...we're not, that's just what you're trying to reduce the entire argument down to...because it's a much simpler thing to argue against than combatting world hunger.

      But for the sake of argument, i don't see ho it effects them any more than the patent on the Mcrib.
      This is a diversionary argument.

  17. Unless MONSANTO, or any **** like that for the matter, can prove it's able to make dna or a single genome just out of the blue, I can't see how they can claim any patent rights over nature's creation and forbid humans to grow plants or raise animals on their own in a natural way as they please. Those Monsanto c**** et al. can only have the power we all allow them to have, and we all have allowed them excessive power so far. And you don't have to take my word. Just read some history from the XVIII century, what peasants and farmers and the poor people did to the power in France and the reason for that, or what your direct ancestors from the seven original States did to the Brits and the reason for that. Read "Common Sense", "The Crisis". I'm pretty sure Thomas Paine and the like would have some words to say these days. Different times, different outfits, underneath-the-skin similar situation: the intention of a few to control the very lives of the majority. Back then, the people had the guts and did what they had to do. Do we have the guts? Are we really gonna let them? If we are, then we have no one else to blame. Just to start fighting back, get a restrain order so as not to permit Monsanto's seeds "fly away" to anybody else's lands and contaminate. That is "clear trespassing", and if Monsanto can't help that from happen, so they shouldn't be allowed to grow any **** in the open, or anywhere at all.

    1. dude there were 13 colonies not seven read a god damb history book.

    2. Hi, Tom. You're absolutely right, and I want to thank you for your reply-comment-correction. I can't tell you why I wrote "seven original states". Number 7 just popped up and I just put it there without much thinking about it. Besides, and not to make it an excuse but an explanation to make clear what my situation is with respect to my knowledge about northamerican historic facts, I'm not from USA, so my limited knowledge about it contributes in having me making some little mistake now and then. Excuse me for being negligent, though. I should've checked it out first, as it is my custom.

    3. That was the most humbly written explanation I have ever seen. This is a great example of how polite humans should interact, in my opinion. Professor, I see you as a great human being and a shining example for me to emulate. Thank you for teaching me with your actions.

    4. Again pity ity was all nonsence.

    5. you don't have to explain to nobody what you wrote I' am not from here and not to know everything is not a crime ,many Americans can't even find Hungary on the Map

    6. he does have to explain because most of it is wrong!

    7. I' think we talking about Monsanto and not the 13 colonies but appology

    8. not you who needs to apologise mate, it's the guy pretending to be a professor and talking bullsh1t who i want an apology from.

    9. if only that was the only error in your comment.

    10. learn how to spell before you are rude about the way you correct someone else.

      There was a better way you could have corrected the Professor..why be so mean...??

    11. lol, because people who claim to be professors on the internet MUST be.

    12. good luck trying to get one of this lot to research anything before spewing out their opinions.

    13. They've bought off too many politicians. The answer is, vote with your dollars. Gene ownership is a farce. "Substantially similar" is the claim to exempt proving any safety to the FDA. Well, that and send Monsanto employees to work for the FDA when the evaluation's being done. "Unique Invention" to claim gene ownership to the patent office.

    14. 1/ Why shouldn't people patent their work? It's how they get paid for their efforts. Most things have a patent, that's just the way things go...they aren't going to braeak down your door and steal the food off your plate, that would be dumb.

      2/ Your understanding of both the French and American revolutions leave a lot to be desired if you think the build ups to them are in any way comparable.

      3/ sterile seeds.

  18. Plant your own organic garden = starve the beast

    1. The only bad thing is that Monsanto now wields a hammer that is considered by many to be legalised patented piracy. Any farmers who are NOT agreeing to Monsanto's insane terms and planting natural plants, due to inevitable cross-pollination, can be found with having a single GM plant and then be threated wtih a law suit to sell their farm or be bankrupted with a lawsuit with exorbitant fines or "compensation". This is one of the main ways that Monsanto has been taking over nad putting others who wont sell out of business. If you start making natural foods, there is a good chance if you sell that stuff (or not depending on how much of a d*** they are) that this could happen to you. There are now 2 million farmers in the US, and 13,000 of those farmers do NOT sell or grow GM crops to their knowledge.

    2. It's awfully hard for them to find/sue a backyard gardener. Or 2 million farmers. Try as they might.

    3. The scenario of Monsanto investigators roaming the fields to find 1 GM
      plant is totally ridiculous. It should absolutely be avoided as it seriously reduces the credibility of your post.

  19. How funny are you people, I take none of you are farmers, much less know how to work for a living its really easy to judge. However the fact is that in the United State we have some of the cheapest foods prices in the world and can provide more food on less acreage than needed 40 years ago. What Monsanto and other companies have done is help provide methods to help farmers get the highest possible production on less land so that all you need to do is go to the grocery store and buy the food. Ramble about this all you want but hate the company if you want, but before you go any further learn how hard it is to produce the the food that feeds a nation of ungratful people.

    1. The studies are in, the evidence compelling. I am glad you are not in Congress. Take some time and educate yourself beyond the Monsanto website. We now know that GMO crops do not yield more crops per acre than non GMO crops! You have bought into the Monsanto hype. Just google "do gmo crops really yield more than non GMO crops"? Monsanto's worst enemy is an educated consumer!

    2. What you are saying is that millions of farmers across the globe can't figure they don't have a crop gain using Monsanto seeds without some website. Utterly ridiculous, farmers wouldn't use Monsanto seeds if they didn't have a crop gain. They can easily count what comes out of their fields every year without googling!

    3. Howdy, I am a farmer. And I can tell you there is more under the table going on than meets the eye. I'll grow my own thank you. You are saying rely on these beasts instead of protecting your own. For what? The all mighty dollar? No thank you.

    4. Can you say brain washed. Greetings from a real farmer

    5. We have a problem with your product in our food stream, unlabeled. If you are so proud of it, label it.

    6. Oh exactly..I am on the labelling side

    7. are you aware of the effect Monsanto has on other countrie's agricultural industries other than the self-appointed centre of the universe you live in-aka the USA? For example, in India there is an entire strip of country known as the 'suicide belt', a name that came from the thousands of farmers that have no choice other than death to escape the slavery and debt Monsanto's monopoly on seed there causes. - Get informed, as people from outside the USA do matter too, or don't they?

    8. You may have just provided me with the term I needed to research to provide the final sub point of hte final main point of my persuasive research paper. :D Thank you. I'll go research Suicide Belt as the final sub-point and the example of the dangers Monsanto poses to Independent farmers.

    9. if you have to tell us that it's persuasive then that kinda suggests that it isn't.

    10. you're the one who should study more. Those suicides has nothing to do with GM plants.

    11. yes they do

    12. Yeah, right, there were performing suicides fove years before introduction of first GM-cotton, right? Have you talked to the farmers? Where did you get it was connected? From GP web page?

    13. Monsanto’s seed monopolies, the destruction of alternatives, the collection of superprofits in the form of royalties, and the increasing vulnerability of monocultures has created a context for debt, suicides and agrarian distress which is driving the farmers’ suicide epidemic in India. This systemic control has been intensified with Bt cotton. That is why most suicides are in the cotton belt

    14. No, they are not in the cotton belt. They are outside the cotton belt, there was no change in suicide rate after Bt-cotton introduction. There is no linkage.

    15. and by saying that the Monsanto and GMO are responsible, you're just distracting the attention from the real cause and thus you delay any solution that could come.

    16. The entry of Monsanto in the Indian seed sector was made possible with a 1988 Seed Policy imposed by the World Bank, requiring the Government of India to deregulate the seed sector.

    17. even if it was true, how is that related to suicides of the farmers?

    18. You talk as though you are doing it for free.Surely not.

    19. it takes a lot of food to feed people because the nutrients are also tampered with, apparently unintentionally, and yay, we have lots of food!!! did you freakin know the reason for this is because bugs wont eat it due to the fact it has been altered to produce pesticides in the plant!!!! at least w a non monsanto veggie, you can wash of your pesticides, unless you like poisoning your family then never mind, if the bugs wont eat it , duh, u think its safe?? ddt want enough, now we cant do shit about our destroyed food supply, happy death steve

    20. congratulatiuons, you've completly misunderstood every single aspect of GMO technology...have a badge, you're a true champion.

      the freaking reason the bugs won't eat the plants is because the plants are developed to be less attractive to those bugs,who ignore it because they don't recognise it as food... not because they drip pesticide from every pore...the plant does not produce pesticides...that would be dumb, the whole point of GM plants is to yield bigger harvests, it's not going to do that if it has to divert resources to creating an infinite ammount of radioactive poison to drip menacingly from it's leaves.

      whoever told you that nonsense was severely misinformed.

    21. That's right. Because nobody ate before Monsanto came along.

    22. there's difference in feeding 10 people and 10 million people.

    23. sorry but more and more studies show that ecological farming can give more yields than traditional, heavy with pesticide, farming.
      and sorry again, but when monsanto is patenting plants and leading farmers to suicide, there's no more talk about how many million people are to be fed. In fact, if you read reports by international agencies, you will see that we produce more than enough to feed the entire planet. Only, we waste so much of it. This bullshit talk about GMO's saving the world is... BULL

    24. And by international agencies you mean GreenPeace I guess.

    25. In World War2. up to 40% of all produce was grown in backyard "Victory Gardens" We can do it again. screw Monsanto

    26. You're right. They were also starving. Go ahead!

    27. and people who live in apartment blocks and don't have gardens? they can all starve to death i suppose?

    28. BT Toxins in just one of Monsanto's crops they produce alone has been proven to damage the red blood cells, cause fatigue and many other different unhealthy symptions. One of the biggest of these symptoms is hte damage of what is known as the Ileum, which of a few functions allows the body to get nutrients and such from ALL foods that are consumed regardless of whether the food is GM or not. Over time the body stops being able to get healthy stuff from food at all in the long-term. Food is cheaper and mor eaccessible, and it can also be deadly in the long-run. Not to mention the Farmers that are being PUT OUT OF BUSINESS or FORCED TO SELL because Cross-Pollination of Monsanto's inumerable amount of farms forcing innocent farmers to have seeds blow into their crops that aren't theirs. These farmers become victims when Monsanto decides to search the farms of their competitors on "suspicion of GM products" and they WILL find GMO crop seeds, and they WILL BLACKMAIL those farmers into selling their farms, or losing everything in lawsuits that will bankrupt them or put them out of business by having the Governmetn take away their licenses to grow natural crops. In this way they now have to buy GM crop seeds, or not grow anything at all, because regaining this license is VERY hard.

    29. Did you know, that that devilish Bt-toxin is used by *organic* farmers? If it damages blood cells, how that it doesn't damage your blood cells?

    30. You are right, it is also iirc used in pesticides and agrochemicals of the like nature. Genetically Modified organisms act as a replacement for organic crops being sprayed with pesticides. Rather than having these toxic chemicals sprayed onto crops and having that stuff washed off at a later time by a major company or by the consumers themselves, its apparently safer and more efficient now to inject all that crap into the genetics of the plant seeds every year. Nevertheless the dangers of BT Toxins, while pre-existing GMOs, still maintains the case of the dangers of chemicals and things that are supposed to kill things that eat the plants. The belief of the efficacy of this practice rests in the hopes and general acceptance that hte quantity of the chemicals are too low to be a danger to human consumption, yet studies show that this is not entirely the case and in the long term probably leads to the rising health cases that have cropped up increasingly over recent years.

    31. Have you ever tried to wash sprayed orange? How successful you were?

      I guess you're talking about that study which didn't even use proper controls. Not to mention they never spoke about GMOs.
      And just to let you know, although you won't care, Bt-toxin requires alkaline pH and specific receptor to bind to in order to work. None of these we posses.

    32. ..but why nutritional value of the fruits and veggies over last 20-30 years dropped radically..? level of vitamins and minerals in them is so low that recommended 5aday now has to be 9aday..?!

    33. GMO soy tested significantly lower in protein that non-GMO.
      GMO rice, grew twice as fast, was sent to save a population, turned out to have 1/2 the nutrition.
      GM with insecticide, isn't selective, kills the good and bad insects.
      GM with insecticide, how is it "good for you" to eat food who's every cell contains insecticide?

      As for dropping nutrition, many reasons on top of GMO. Exhausted soil, long haul between picked and eaten (do we really need apples from China and peaches from Chili?).

      Eat local solves a lot of food concerns. And you can't get more local than your own back yard.

    34. firstly, where did you get that information from because i question it's validity.

      Second, every cell doesn't contain insecticide, the entire plant is just adapted to be less attractive to those insects.

      Again i find myself asking what are the poor supposed to do? the people who don't have back yards...are they supposed to just go hungry?

    35. could you provide a source for that please.

      the whole 5 a day/nine a day thing is generally speaking, nonsense. It varies by country and varies within countries as well.

    36. If you want to eat poison because it's cheap that's your decision. We deserve a right not to.

    37. But it isn't poison.

    38. Last study by Iowa studying tradition versus Monsantos GMO/RoundUp, in a tough climate year, said traditional yielded more than GMO/RoundUp, even in a bad climate year.
      I started a general boycott of any corn, soy, cornsyrup or corn syrup derivatives. Actually, it's not all that hard to accomplish given the growing selection of organic groceries in the store. Same with rBST dairy.
      You sound bitter you bought into it and the public's not happy about it.

  20. how are we let tin a company who developed agent orange and produced napalm to kill thousands of innocent people make "fertilizers" for our food? how are we letting them genetically modify our foods , take the blindfolds off people and do something .

  21. It may be a bit too late to stop this giant evil though.

    1. It is never too late unless you choose to pick that loser attitude.

      The problem with politics in the world today is the same as it has been since the dawn of civilization- most people are too lazy and apathetic to truly understand policy- this gives way to hacks who live and breathe the bloodsport that is politics- teams are all that matter to them- cult of personalities more than any other.

      Wanna shine light on a political id**t? Watch how much they bash individuals in high places and not policy. Bush-Obama-Bush-Obama.

      This company gets away with it's power grab because people are not standing up to them. We need to shame the hell out of every bureaucrat up to the beauty queen leaders we elect.

      And for God's sakes people- pay attention to Foundations. They are as powerful as nations and the largest banks.

    2. Arrogant response. Bash, bash, bash! That's not helpful.
      Offer a few suggestions to start a tangent away from GMOs. Buy organic, buy local, read labels, avoid soy, avoid corn, etc.

    3. Buy organic. Buy local. Grow a few things from heirloom. Lots of options to start change.
      Too complicated? Shove a few zucchini plants in the soil and stand back.

    4. and if you're too poor to have a garden then you can go and die in the gutter with all the other poor people Aminnh doesn't give two sh1ts about.

  22. Okay friends, what SHALL we do then? How does the average citizen battle this evil? If we grow our own organic food, raise our own livestock and we still can't trust our own food because it could still be contaminated...then what??? This is freakin SCARY!!!

  23. national security is more concerned with snowden than the evil giant Monsanto? poliyicians need to speak up about what would happen if Monsanto goes offline? is there enough vacant land and seed to replant quickly and insure americans wont starve?

  24. monsanto = genocide. Now you know why they bought the blackwater mercenaries and changed the name of the company twice hoping nobody would notice. IDIOTS!!

  25. Goodbye indigenous people and free thinkers, hello brave
    new world. thanks a lot to Robin et al., if you used to own your own home garden and you and your loved ones developed cancer, this rings a bell. they can't blame it on misapplication because even when one follow the rules, it kills bees and deadens the soil. There's a distinct look and odor, and the soil remains so dead for nearly a year. The pity is that some children don't recognize it (it can be mixed in with mulch). BG investing in a seed bank in Iceland conveys how ruthless the intentions of M is. He knows nothing about farming or anything else close up about poor person's lifestyles, since he never completed college, experienced the struggle, or understood how small farmers have long offered variety to the world in europe, east europe, africa, many other regions. No, this is not the way to go, and Monsanto can chink chink chink all it wants...that's all it translates to. No remorse, no reflection, like the movie picture Dorian Gray.

  26. Nevermind. I see its u.s. markets.

  27. So, if monsanto is controlling the populations of the world, why , then, is China so overpopulated?

    1. Because Monsanto controls the food, not the breeding.

    2. But - an exclusive diet of GM phude leads to 2nd or 3rd generation infertility in lab animals. AKA sterile.

  28. Please do not feed the trolls. Anyone who knows anything about the pricks at Monsanto should be aware that they feed the trolls to provoke you into wasting your time.

  29. What an eye opener this is.

  30. In hundreds of cities, millions marched to protest Monsato's greedy Frankensteinesque assault on nature. You did not see this on the news. Wierd or what.

    1. oh've clearly never seen Frankenstein.

      In the original Frankenstein the creature is essentially an innocent that is hunted down by a superstitious torch and pitchfork wielding mob who don't care what it is.

      the irony is probably lost on you.

    2. and why than did Frankenstien spend his life hunting down the monster he created? or is your read a happy tale of evolutionary science?

    3. marvelous attempt to divert away from the point i was making.

      Though you kinda prove my point for me. Rather than taking in what i've said, you've pretty much ignored it...You can just see that i do not think like you and thus i must be attacked...because god forbid anyone with a different point of view should infiltrate the hive mind.

    4. ah, you are a maverick thinker then? and you see questions posed to you as a conspiring to quash your individuallity and superior comprehensions, your paradoxical jumping back and forth from agressor to underdog must be exhausting for you.

    5. did you not read my comment?

    6. I said nothing of the sort. my thinking is mainstream you are again proving my point for me...attacking me because you can't attack what i've said...

    7. so Maddestmax has refered to Monsanto patented food seeds as greedy and frankensteinesque, and you offered a frankenstein reference as to the misunderstood innocence of the man made monster, am I on point so far? did I miss your mainstream science statement in that emotional read of the Mary Shelly story? and my counter point in reference to frankenstien is an attack on you and your read of the story, am I still on point?

    8. yes and rather than address the hipocracy in action that i'm referring to you would rather have a chat about the fictional story i referenced...and then you went on to talk b0llocks about semantics...clear enough for you?

      the fact of the matter is that mob mentality rarely achieves anything because the mob is often wrong.

      So is there anything else you would like to be pompously smug about or are you all done being an insufferable tool?

    9. shill
      an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    10. Ad Hominem

      from the latin meaning: to the man.

      a logical fallacy, attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument.

  31. Why's it french? I dont trust the french, I dont trust a country that would let the Nazi's just walk in with only a hand full of freedom fighters trying to fight against them. I think the french need to sort themselves out first before they go trying to mess with the big dogs little frogs.

    1. Like stepping into an elevator with a lingering fart, you are all levels of wrong.

    2. Sad to see someone with so much prejudice and bigotry who supports it with something that happened 70 years ago.

    3. At least France has banned Monsanto! I give them that.

    4. I like making fun of the French as much as the next guy, but I do admire them for standing up against them

  32. I'm all for GMO, but the US government needs to tighten down hard on the dumbass activity of Monsanto and companies like them.

  33. Monsanto is run by black man

    1. You mean black-hearted MEN and WOMEN of course.

  34. Isn't capitalism just wonderful.

  35. In addition to a seed-grab, Monsanto is patenting a seed which will not absorb aluminum. Geoengineering is now happening as we are being sprayed with aluminum, barium & other chemicals through chemtrails, supposedly to mitigate global warming.
    Watch "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" on Top Documentary Films.

  36. Let's fast forward to April, 2013. If GMO's are so good, and the companies creating them can be trusted, why was the Monsanto Protection Act inserted as a rider into legislation to keep the government running by Monsanto benefactor, Senator Roy Blunt, from Monsanto's home state of Missouri? The rider will protect Monsanto from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the USDA and any other oversight agency they do not totally own. They own the FDA!

    Both novel biologic pharms and GMO's in food are recombinant DNA has are basically not regulated. People are dying from some of these drugs, and overtime, more will die. From the foods grown with GMO's, there creating huge tumors in livestock, lab animals, and possibly in people.

    Patients take biologic drugs can develop the same side effects gastroesophageal reflux disease as those eating GMO foods. Symptoms include erosion of the esophagus, internal bleeding, inability to swallow and more.

    Animals are becoming sterile after eating GMO corn. Good news is when they eat organic corn (if it can be found), the side effects disappear. But Monsanto working with the USDA has put Roundup Ready corn and Roundup Ready soy in National Wildlife Refuges around the USA. This is not for the wildlife, who refuse to eat GMO's. It is to contaminate all soy and corn, even those grown by backyward gardeners.

    1. Animals are becoming sterile after eating GMO Corn.

      Firstly Corn cannot exist in the wild. Corn was first genetically modified before Europeans even landed on US soil. Corn has never not been Genetically modified...which leads me onto

      secondly please provide evidence of that blatant lie that corn is sterilizing animals.

  37. you guys are all i*iots, monsanto is a successful company and you are all jealous. These small organic companies are trying to mire the name of monsanto in order to make themselves appear better. Monsanto is innocent to most of these claims, Judge Thomas is one of many who oversaw the law to label GM foods

    1. Are u kidding me!!! We are not jealous of Monsanto at all. You fool. Do some research regarding Monsanto and gm foods, also the revolving door of the ppl who work for them as well as EPA, FDA, & others. Really I will fight this cause till my death for your sorry ass and ur offspring. So in the mean time fill up on all the gmo you can get your ignorant hands on. Labeling gmo is not happening btw, don't you remember the vote in California? And all the money the Monsanto lobbyist paid for it, to not happen..

    2. Tel...You seem to know what you are talking about and might have some worthy information I could use.... I just moved to Nebraska, I am trying to find a way to reach the farmers, which is a large job, there are over 27,000 here, hoping to get to some of their meetings, but I need to be armed with as much info as I can get my hands on. I have around 5-6 months to study up, and get a plan rolling to start talking to farmers that are currently using Monsanto, or are contemplating future use. I would love for any help I can get my hands on. Please, if you don't mind, could you forward me any info that might help me, and arm me before I go to talk to them. Thanks!!!

    3. Nebraska farmers love Monsanto. Don't waste your time.

    4. What is your intention Corinnas Thomas? For some reason you did not share the agenda you have that would benefit from the information you request.

    5. Well, you are both sociopathic and pathetically ignorant. Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Dow, Archer Midland Daniels, and other government-subsidied criminals have every intention of controlling what we eat and how much we pay. Put yourself in their corner and if I were you, I'd be fearing for my life, because these psychopaths have declared war on humanity.

    6. You're not going to keep your job as a Monsanto shill if you can't disguise your intentions a little better... FYI, the line "Monsanto is innocent [BAHAHAHAHA*] to most of these claims" is the giveaway.
      *Laughter emphasis is mine

    7. No I think you are the i*iot! Anyone who thinks their actions are ethical and not about the bottom dollar are sadly mistaken. In addition anyone who thinks we should be eating GMO's in lieu of the natural versions are uneducated or simply greedy and making money off it!

    8. Gee! You disqus_vOFD1oV9sP just emit the same sound coming from Monsanto's quarters. Is it just coincidence? So, it's not the ones who aim their snippers and pull the triggers who are the guilty ones, but the poor idiots that dare to stand in front of them, no matter if the latter can´t figure out what's going on, right? That's quite a logic, you can bet!

  38. People have to find out about Monsanto. It is literally criminal what they are doing and the way that they own the government.

    1. Class action suit against them with Celiac Disease.

  39. Thank you for this detailed report. I hope everyone passes this film on to everyone they know.

  40. This is scary stuff. I support labelling, and I also support the complete ban of all herbicides, pesticides and gmo crops and gmo products. I also support accountability! We must hold these people and these corporations accountable for their actions.

  41. What is next? An oil company overseeing our water supply? A sewage company making our breakfast? Unbelievable-How a POISON company is running our food supply! We need to STAND UP and join forces and fight this!
    Don't belittle how much power our voices and especially social media has!
    Write your senators, protest and bury your newspapers, magazines and television networks in emails asking for
    more stories on G M O's and Monsanto/FDA bond!

  42. Monsanto is evil and I do believe as another post stated that their time is coming and they will be a victim of their own greed. There is only one way to stop Monsanto and that is to hit them where it hurts - their bottom line. If you stop purchasing GM food, buy organic, grow your own food and start community gardens, they will get the message. Then we have to make the FDA responsible and put the health of the nation first. Thank goodness there are some individuals such as those in Health Canada that spoke up for what is right. Monsanto must be stopped because it is their goal to control the masses. If they own all the patents on the seeds and every farmer must pay royalties, the small farmers will become extinct. They are trying to enter every area of our lives with their biotechnology. Of course, it has backfired on them as well, but it is not Monsanto that suffers, but the small farmer. You don't f--k with Mother Nature because she is unforgiving. It is called evolution and you can see it everywhere today. Superbugs that have evolved that no antibiotic can kill, so the infected individual dies. Bed bugs have evolved and are resistant to the pesticides. The Monsanto GM corn yields are down because the bugs have evolved and become resistant to the pesticide. Go on, keep experimenting and introducing new products so that it will speed your demise. There are native seed stores that you will never get your hands on and there is an awakening and enlightenment starting that is going to hopefully bring about your demise sooner rather than later.

    1. I believe that the U.S. government is working on laws that will soon make it illegal to grow your own food

    2. In the interest of 'safety' of course.

    3. evidence please...

  43. As much as I hate monsanto; I also hate all the braindead, zombie sheeple, who are totally apathetic, indifferent and complacent, when it comes to this sort of thing and support these evil corporatios!. Keep laughing - ten years from now, when you won't be able to buy REAL food unless you're part of the ELITE!

    1. But Monsanto claims that anyone against them are the Elitists.

  44. Monsanto is a corporation, in a capitalist society corporations aspire to the profit motive, unfortunately Monsanto practices this to an extreme. Part of the blame for Monsanto becoming this Darth Vador is the apathy and ignorance of the general public. Until that changes, the Monsantos of the world will not.

  45. This video has been stolen by a hypocritical, greedy a**hole trying to make scab/leech money from the anti-GMO community. His mane is Jeffery Smith, and he is no better than Monsanto, trying to put toll gates on the GMO information highway. Talk about cutting off your nose. What a tool.

    1. I thought your mane was Snortimer Herd? Jeffery Smith is REMOVING barriers to GMO information and your ilk desparately try to block that by attempting to smear his reputation. We need a troll gate.

  46. What a crock of crap Paraguay has convinced themselves to eat. The government does not have to authorize anything it doesn't want to authorize. And, the authorization of GMOs only allows Monsanto more room to expand. Sounds like Paraguay's government is corrupt in certain areas.

  47. i dont claim to know everything but i do know a little bit about this subject.i dont know about the effects of geneticly modified foods but i do know about roundup ready crops and the purpose they serve .first of all roundup is monsanto's brand name for glyphosphate , the patent has run out and you can purchase it much cheeper under different names. their seeds however are still under patent , so i would guess thats why they are so bullish on recovering loses on cleaned seed.they have twenty years to do so i believe.the purpose of a glyphosphate ready crop is that it allows you to plant without tilling the soil.that means less fuel burned ,less equipment wear and tear ,less labor , most important no topsoil lost to erosion and a healthier soil.if a farmer wants to plant a corn or soy bean crop that is not glyphosphate ready he can have at it but his product will cost more at the grociery store. in response to the biodegradable question i can only say this.i sometimes use glyphosphate to kill weeds where i am going to put in a hayfield the next spring if glyphosphate was not biodegradeable would anything grow back.there are lots of herbicides that are restricted in their use because they do have a soil life but glyphosphate is not one of them.

    1. Joe the purpose of glyphosphate ready crops is to allow you to spray weeds with out hurting the crop, Has nothing to do with tilling. And it sure as hell doesn't give you healthy soil.

    2. The original BELIEF was that using glyphosphate to kill weeds RATHER than tilling the soil was better for the soil. It's sort of a perverted view of permaculture's idea that rather than tilling you layer paper/cardboard, mulches, leaves, etc. on top of the soil, because tilling destroys the natural layers as well as bringing more weed seeds to the surface.

      If you watch videos of farmers tilling the soil during the Dust Bowl years, (and even today, actually), you see the soil blowing away at incredible rates on a windy day. If it's raining, they see the soil washing away at similar rates. So the IDEA was that using the drill planting method on a field that had been sprayed with glyphosphate was better for the soil.

      All of this was based on Monsantos LIES, that the glyphosphate broke down into natural elements within 7 days and was not only inert in the ground, but beneficial.

      My college professors in all my agriculture classes believed and taught this stuff back in the 1990's. It wasn't until around 2000+ that the truth started to come out.

    3. Glyphosphate does biodegrade but not as fast or in exactly the way it was marketed. In Denmark, it has appeared in the drinking water undegraded - because it requires a certain length of time in the dry soil to degrade. Does it have a health risk? Of course! It is an enzyme disrupter and interferes with hormone production in the liver.

      I agree with the things that a glyphosphate ready crop except for the last item - healthier soil There is no evidence that healthier soil is the result.

      Farmers around here are experimenting with using multiple cropping which is an interesting concept. In the long run, we have to get weaned off carbon based practically everything including pesticides.

    4. "... a healthier soil." This chemical mutates or destroys soil microbes, as well as human gut microbes. These microbes are the infrastructure of plant growth and of human digestion, respectively. These facts makes your statement moot and irrelevant.

  48. Two points that people keep seeming to overlook:

    1. You cannot simply "just not eat GMO's". If you watched the documentary and paid attention, then you would remember the part about the FDA making it ILLEGAL to distinguish between the two. So a company that uses GMO's cannot label their products as "GMO's", but more importantly, companies that do not use them also cannot claim to be GMO free.

    This obviously benefits the people who make and promote GMO's as many people would not buy those products.

    2. Looking at the trend, eventually there will be no "non" GMO food. The cross breeding / deliberate attempt to contaminate natural farmers fields with GMO's threatens all foods grown from seeds. If we simply turn a blind eye now, the damage will be done by the time we realize what is going on, and the clock will not be able to reset.

    **** Monsanto... It is time to put human kind first and stand up to multinational bull****.

    The bottom line is, any corporation or company or business, especially one that is as big as Monsanto, and involved in such a potentially harmful technology must provide 100% transparency or else they are crooks, liars, cheats, thieves, murderers etc etc

    1. we must stop them, if they control food they control us,they dont make their plans known to us, in the U.K.they have not made much headway yet. i wont have GM forced down my throat

    2. so you don't eat corn or carrots or cannabis, or corn fed chicken or anything like that...interesting diet you must have.

    3. Actually companies CAN and ARE labeling their products GMO free and the law doesn't stop that. Restaurants are even starting a listing of GMO free services.

    4. could you perhaps suggest any evidence of the potential harm behind GMO's?

      After all if you're going to call someone a murderer for making them, you must have some pretty solid evidence behind that would be nice to see it...considering not one comment on this forum seems to have anything beyond superstition and paranoia as evidence.

    5. There is no evidence whatsoever that GM food is killing anyone. Humans have manipulated plants genetics for thousands of years. There is absolutely nothing natural about broccoli or corn or most plants we eat. The food we eat wouldn't stand a chance to survive in nature without constant human care.

      What GM companies are doing is adding a few genes in the lab. For example, the glyphosate resistance gene could be obtained by spraying thousands of acres of corn or soya with that herbicide and selecting the few plants that survived. Doing it in the lab simply saves time and money.

      The GM food scare is highly irrational and I doubt we could have the same food output without GM crops. Is Monsanto close to a monopole, maybe. Is Monsanto out to kill its customer base, definitely not!

  49. Why is everybody so upset with the money they make, that is the core of every business! You should be angry on your government which doesn't govern, corrupt and regulate.
    I don't like GMO but fortunately I can choose what to eat. This is something most people on this planet can't do

    1. And not only the money they "make" but the jobs that they provide !! And many people ... THE MASS of people have no clue what exactly Monsanto does because in order to know you have to spend YEARS in school STUDYING BIOLOGY ... which is not what many who criticize or judge have done. They have no knowledge of what is being done and if you ask me, it's as bad as "bigotry" !!!

    2. you want GM you eat it, dont force it on me

    3. I hear you, as me, but it IS being forced on us insidiously if we buy products containing mutated ingredients that are not labeled "May Contain Genetically Engineered Ingredients". What we are being forced to do is change our eating habits. Ingesting less processed food products can only be for the better, GMOs or not.

    4. In your fantasy world, you're eating only what you want. I'm sure you never watch a TV ad and suddenly find yourself craving that food, hmm? I'm sure you never have your eye caught by bright packaging or a catchy jingle. Suuurrrrre. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    5. Actually I don't eat chips, drink soda, eat mammal meat, or eat Doritos, or eat at McDonalds any more. And when I can, I buy organic and try to make all my meals at home.

      So show me that bridge in Brooklyn, please.

    6. I always read labels and what is in a product. I also do all of my food processing at home for my family and even some of my friends as well as neighbors. Some of us are informed and do care.

    7. You seem pretty naive to think that you can choose what you eat when you probably have only a vague idea of where your food comes from... Even if you are growing your own vegetable, raising your own chicken and cows... Can you control the spraying that falls down from the sky? can you control the chemicals that get into the water you water your plants with? But you are correct when you say we should be angry at our corrupt governments... After all, we do elect those who govern us.

    8. This is correct. Does anyone consider when they wear space suits to spray their toxins nobody down wind is warned about the polluting of the air they are breathing till the poisons absorb into the ground and how little Monsanto cares about them let alone the fact that the EPA as well as the FDA doesn't care enough to warn there people either.

    9. It isn't that people are angry so much about the money they make as much as how they are making it and despite their profits how much Tax payer welfare they are collecting for the right to poison us and the rest of the world.

  50. Great documentary! I'd like to thank the Canadian representatives for health Canada for banning rgbh...They resisted bribery, they lost their jobs and their names were probably dragged through the mud. They deserve the highest recognition for standing up to this monster.

  51. Buy heirloom seeds. They are not genetically modified and produce fruit year to year.

    1. Monsanto tried to make these seeds illegal and has even sued natural farmers in court. Fortunately our government knew better then to go that far.

  52. I would recommend to all just to do what you think is right. Of course there is something morally wrong going on in the agricultural business, but that does not mean we need to retaliate with war. If you do not support GMOs, then simply do not eat them and do not buy them. I am currently a graduate student in biochemistry and I will not say that I know all there is to know about GMOs, but I would say that much of the population is ill-informed about genetic engineering. In my personal opinion, I disagree with agriculture's hand in genetic engineering, but for me it is enough to not support it myself in any way and also to tell my friends and family the facts behind my opinions. Please, if you have something to say, say it, but if you are not quite sure of its veracity, then keep quiet.

    1. I'd say that you are ill-informed about this subject, but so is Bill Gates. Monsanto is a very en-ethical company and I wouldn't trust a word they say. They are in it for profit and thay are doing much harm for the sake of greed. I suggest you do a lot more research on this subject before you go telling your friends and family your opinions

    2. Tell me WHO does not do things 'FOR MONEY' ???? How do you feed yourself if you don't have the money ?

    3. Two different agendas to do things for living purpose and doing them out of greed.

    4. You can always do your own Farming.

    5. please do not accuse others of being bots.

    6. monsanto is unethical and want the power of control over other humans it makes them feel good

    7. As far as Bill Gates he has started a vast seed library in a cave in Iceland years ago to save as many untainted seeds as possible before Monsanto pollutes them all. You may want to recheck your information there. I dislike Monsanto very much but Bill Gates doesn't trust them either.

    8. Like you say everyone should have a choice however Monsanto doesn't think this is true. The many countries around the world that have outlawed monsanto in their country is now being threatened with possible US sanctions by our government at Monsantos request. WHY is Monsanto threatened by other countries executing their own rights as their own free nations?

  53. Its all very simple, you are what you eat. So what does GMO's make of a human being. Genetically modified Humans.

    1. It might make us live 200 more years ? What do you know about that ?

    2. That is exactly the kind of misinformation that makes it impossible for me to support the anti GMO movement. Please learn the science behind what you are talking about. This movement will not get very far disseminating false information that is even worse than what the corporations disseminate.

      ABD Ph.D. Biochemistry, Structural Biology, and Biophysics.

    3. Thank you!

    4. Tell us about horizontal gene transfer doctor Fischer, tell us about soil microorganisms dying or mutating from glyphsate, tell us about our gut flora doing the same and/or becoming pesticide producers inside our guts. These are the biological infrastructures to our LIFE - do you understand? rickyg is not far off.

  54. Excellent video and well researched. Monsanto scares the f*** out of me. I think one day, thousands (or tens of thousands) of years from now, scientists will examine the mass extinction that our epoch will ultimately culminate in as a result of science itself. Perhaps they will study the bleak plastic continents where oceans once were, slowly colliding with barren land masses containing only 5-10 plant species, until even they wither and die as there is no supporting life structure to allow their existence (insects and birds to pollinate, etc.). All of which is fouled by a toxic sheen of oil and chemicals from a bleeding, poisoned Earth. Or, maybe all is just burnt away by solar rays without a healthy magnetosphere to repel them.

    Hopefully they will learn from our mistakes and that a balance is needed. If there is a 'they'.

    1. extinction= no scientists left to examine the aftermath.

  55. A complete boycott of ALL Monsanto products is what is needed. Hit them where they care about most….their wallet. This is Agenda 21 and the earth IS NOT OVER POPULATED. That is the lie they are brainwashing people to believe in order for us to follow them when they set up family size rationing, health care rationing, death panels, forced abortion and forced sterilization. And it is coming to the US folks.

    1. the Earth is "NOT OVERPOPULATED" are you kidding me? Have you been to Earth?

  56. They spray are food with the same chemical's used on tobacco, now think about all the commercials against tobacco

    1. Where did you get this erroneous information ?

    2. I do not care about distinguishing xenobiotic chemical A from chemical B. All xenobiotic chemicals are lethal and / or harmful when they end up in food, interact with human biochemistry and accumulate. The biotech industry, like the overarching chemical industry, is about selling chemicals. < that's a period

  57. I think Monsanto and the CIA are trying to kill off a large portion of the world's population because the world is over populated.

    1. Yes we want to wipe out over 75% of the planet, as its hard to take over and form a one world government with so many people. A smaller population is easier to control.

  58. Modern perversion doesnt come any clearer. Shame on the American way of life.

  59. I don't agree with Monsanto's practice, however, I believe they will bring about their own undoing. Sooner or later enough people will realise the absurdity of their monopoly and become outraged. At the end of the day pieces of paper will mean nothing, people will demand justice and Monsanto's quest will be over. Reality is reality.

    1. need more outrage.

    2. Unless, by infiltrating top positions in government, and slowly setting up laws in their favor, they reach a point where they can punish dissent.

  60. If you cant see that there.s something terribly wrong with GM crops ... theres a problem with your logic and reasoning capabilities. Naturally grown God-given crops are healthy and require no fertilizers, roundups or any other treatments, all they need are the soil, the water, and the sun, 3 things given to us for FREE by nature.

    Monsanto is a plague (literally) on humanity and a threat to all species of life on this planet. The cross pollination factor caught me by surprise, and thats very unfortunate to have naturallly growing crops then via cross pollination carried by the wind your crops are mutated and contaminated, then you have to resort to buying roundup and fertilizer from Monsanto just so the crops can GROW.

    Monsanto's agenda is worst than history's most notorious dictators COMBINED.

    1. My only problems with Logic and reasoning capabilities is that i actually have some!

      When Norman Borlaug went on a tour of Africa and India, he took with him a load of GM crops.

      He won the nobel prize after that tour, credited with saving a billion lives from starving to death.

      THAT is the evidence behind GM.

      The truth is there is NO danger whatsoever...and if you consume Corn, cannabis, Carrots, just about any food organic or not you are consuming genetically modified food.

      Granted doing actual research isn't as easy as picking a bad guy and calling it a nazi...but you actually find out the truth about stuff!

  61. As consumers we have the right to choose. I choose to not eat GMOs. We need labels in order to help identify. There is a lack of valid, independent, long-term human testing.

    We have a right to stand up to the plutocracy and not be TOLD by them it is safe. Politicians and big business are in cahoots and our health is at risk.

    Label it. End of story.

    1. your post could also say "i choose to eat gmos..but for that single word.

  62. If GMO was soo good, why don't they actively advertise GMO content on products (i.e. "Now with added GMO!!"). Seems to me that they'd rather keep everyone in the dark about what they're eating, and lever their way into the food production industry until they have a controlling interest, then there is no (easy) way back and we are trapped.

    They seem to think that they understand the effects of GMO food. This is outstandingly arrogant on their part. Natural organisms are far more complicated than even the top bio-tech scientists understand and ecosystems of natural organisms are orders of magnitude more complicated. They won't admit to not understanding this though, as then no-one would buy into their re-assurance that GMO's are safe. They have no idea of the unintended consequences of their fumbling attempts at changing natural organisms to suit their purposes.

    Eat GMO's if you like, but it's a gamble that I'm not prepared to take. Clear labelling is an absolute minimum in this respect.

    1. it's mostly because of the incredible misinformation put out about GMO's by the anti-science protestors who dominate the discussion because they shout the loudest.

  63. Monsanto has bought two of top seeds companies in South Korea during the IMF regime and been reported having a dirty collaboration with Samsung to occupy agricultural sectors in South Korea. Samsung is not less evil than Monsanto.

  64. I wonder how hard it is to find non-genetically modified seeds in the US. If anyone finds some, let me know. Post it here. Just curious

    1. you just need to find certified organic seeds its hard but you can do it. I buy mine for my garden online

    2. Victory Seed Company -THE BEST!

    3. I call local farms and ask them if they use Mansanto products.

  65. I listened to that film on Monsanto in the background while doing some other stuff. Those guys really are taking over the entire world. I hope the people worldwide will become aware. We should all be boycotting them. I have for years, but a hand full of people won't put a dent in their attempted monopoly over the food supply. Thanks for sharing this. I'd not heard this particular documentary before.

  66. thanks for providing this documentary, Monsanto is EVIL!!

  67. I LOVE YOU PLOTKIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU GERRY POST MUST HAVE PRAYED 4 U ALOT RE: U BEING USED IN A MIGHTY WAY 4 CHRIST. A STRONG LEADER.....HMmmm may be true? Something unraveling? curious how your life will unfold. Awesome having a "ringside seat" as your mom. You are precious to me and soooo many others.Thank You !

  68. jude

    wow I didn't know that he also invested in mosanto what a scumbag..

  69. I don't find GE food harmful, but the fact that they can put a patent on it, and monopolize the market, is scary.

    1. What is harmful about GEs or GMOs is that it is modified so as to be resilient to large doses of pesticide... so if you can imagine a crop of food onto which they pour tons of pesticide and then feed it to us... !

    2. This is completely wrong. Some GMOs are modified to have pesticide in the plant (corn, for example. Most often the pesticide is BT, which is a certified organic pesticide and heavily used on most industrial organic crops). It means that NO pesticides are used since they are in the plant. Others are herbicide resistant - in this case, herbicides are used instead of having weeds in crops or having to manually hoe. Some are modified to resist viruses that plague traditional and organic crops. GE animals (salmon, for example) are modified to grow faster meaning we could lean less on on ocean life.

      Some advice - LEARN SOMETHING!

    3. Starting your comment with "This is completely wrong." and following with "some GMO's..." and "Most often..." doesn't make any sense. Nice try Hillary Clinton.

    4. in respose to the hypothetical statement: "all tomatoes are purpple"

      This is completely wrong. some tomatos are green. most often tomatos are red.

      nice try, though, (insert some name you find derogatory)

    5. How is it organic when they use a bacteria or virus like e-coli to invade the cell of the plant to make it produce its own BT? Doesn't sound very organic to me. And if you actually google something like pesticide resistance to BT or RR corn you will know that Monsanto is creating super bugs and super weeds. Eat all the GMOs you want, I don't care, eat them and die. The point is having a choice. To have a label so you can decide for yourself what to put in your body or your child's body. In the end, once you figure it out, you and Monsanto can't eat money. Good luck on that, shill!

    6. You Tell them Hollywood! God I pray for the passage of the Labeling Law in California this November! I went to Olympia {our Capitol} to testify for the labeling in our state, but lost [so far.] Turns out the head of the Agriculture committee (who headed the AG. Committee) rakes/ed in the big bucks from ... yeah .... you guessed it: MONSANTO!

      What blantent CORRUPTION! This should be Illegal! Period! GOOD LUCK ALL YOU CALIFORNIANS ... at least you have made it this far! The bill in Washington State never made it out of committee (as explained above.) .......

  70. It Is Time For the FDA to Act Responsibly

    The FDA says it is now in a listening mode. If it's ears have truly been open, then it's conscience should have been touched. We are not engaged in some abstract academic debate. The safety of our nation's, and ultimately the world's, food supply is at stake. The law mandates a precautionary approach. It does not demand demonstration of danger; it requires proof of safety. It states that if there are reasonable doubts about the safety of bioengineered foods -- doubts that have not been conclusively resolved through solid testing -- the foods should not be brought to market. But they are on the market, they are on American dinner tables in increasing numbers, even though eminent experts see good reason to doubt their safety.

    There is more than enough evidence to convince a reasonable man or woman that current FDA policy is unscientific, irresponsible, and illegal. If bioengineered foods once again kill and cripple, those in the private and public sectors who have consistently made statements calculated to cloud the facts and confuse the public will be morally and legally accountable.

    1. Unfortunately, the head of the FDA is a former employee of Monsanto.

  71. Let food be thy medicine. . . .

  72. Eugh. This documentary is trash. They don't even let the opposite side defend themselves, and then they produce no evidence for their wild views that GMOs are always harmful. What a pile of reactionist trash.

    1. Monsanto usually declines to comment on these documentaries. I know they did when asked to be on "Food Inc".

  73. This documentary is leftist and anti scientific propaganda. The PCB stuff? Yes. Sue some corporations. But GMOs are benign. If you add a gene to make it resistant to round up, it does nothing else. This journalist knows nothing about genetics. This is opinionated and ignorant reactionary propaganda.

    1. You seem to know nothing about GE plants. Try reading a scholarly scientific journal article like RAISING RISK: Field Testing of Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States, 2004, Richard Kaplan, then come back with your rightist anti-scientific rhetoric.

    2. Genetics aside, you really want Monsanto having a corner on the market for every food source seed possible? And when mother nature spreads the GM pollen to an adjacent farmers land and makes it to where he can't keep the seed because it now mimics Monsanto's crap, that's just plain outright bullshit. Funny how Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for Monsanto and then wrote the majority opinion on Monsanto's SC case while Clarence was a sitting SC judge. He should have recused himself. More DC cronyism.

    3. youre totally wrong and making grossly simplified assumptions. one simple way in which GMO is harmful is because you'll be feeding your body the same generic DNA repeatedly. this has a highly negative consequence on the human immune system's ability to fight disease. there are also other issues unrelated such as how much freedom do these companies have to force designer vegetables on the public with unfettered rights to modify vegetables however they see fit. in the event that an FDA decision finds this harmful it will be too late.

    4. you seriously dont understand the consequences of changing the food supply from its diverse natural state. it can influence the balance of the food chain and cause all sorts of unintended consequences that we cannot yet foresee. these are things that could never happen in nature. the next thing we will hear is that bees wont be able to pollinate some of these flowers and or some other clusterf

  74. very very disturbing, though not surprising. Those interested to learn more about money, food and our health - please, watch the documentary FORKS OVER KNIVES

  75. Money that's what the problem is, it all about money!

  76. sniff ants

  77. i keep it real and eat ants

  78. I don't think there is anything wrong per se with GMOs, it's the control that Monsanto wants to exert that's immoral. Actually, I'd say it is their responsibility to prevent inadvertent spread of the engineered sequences, and if they don't, anyone who accidentally acquires them should have the right to sue Monsanto, *not* the other way.

    1. with all due respect, if you don't see the problem w/GMOs, you need to do some serious research. Its flat out poison...long acting, but poison, sterilizes, causes genetic trasference, cancers etc. they've known it since the start too.

    2. You're pulling these facts out of your ass. First of all, the FDA, USDA, and EPA regulate GMOs the most heavily. To say otherwise is ludicrous, and just shows that you don't know what they hell you're talking about.
      Second, none of the side effects you've mentioned have ever been observed in a GMO crop, let alone a commercially available one.
      Third, you're clearly a science denialist. You're claiming that birth rates are dropping and that vaccines are killing and sterilizing. THERE IS NO SUCH EVIDENCE. There has been no credible scientific link between vaccines and a change in the body aside from protecting against viruses.

      You are the kind of person that is going to ruin the world for the next generation. Your holistic stuff is bunkum, and all it's going to do it make people feel better as they die, as opposed to actually being saved by real medicine.

      Rant over.

    3. Where your evidence that there's no evidence? You just pulled the "NO EVIDENCE" psuedo-fact out of YOUR ***

    4. you are lost and deluded.wake up!!

    5. Children are developing early girls getting periods and fully developed younger and younger. I had a student who is 8, and his penis has not developed. My niece's growth has been stunted. the CDC and the IDSA are protecting themselves and big pharma... This is not bunk. Follow the money.

      Lyme vaccines were taken off the market. Why? not enough testing and it was giving people guess what? Lyme disease. It's my business to know. I have it.

      GMO's and illness. check out agenda 21.

      "When you control the food, you control the people, when you control the people you control the world-- Henry Kissinger

    6. Is it really too much to ask for these crops to not cross pollinate with organic, completely ruining organic crops for those of us that would rather not eat a tomato with the DNA of a fish? Nature made them the way they are. Why mess with that beyond the breeding we can do? A fish gene in a tomato is something you don't mind eating even though nature clearly would never allow such DNA into a tomato? And before you state breeding and GMOs are the same thing...breeding involves producing fertile offspring from the same species or sub-species. If too much difference exist between those mated like a Liger, the result is an infertile being, and natures very way of protecting itself.

      No in you think funding is going to come from those in charge with information against their product? Your delusional when you think bottom line isn't top priority. Who in their right mind admits wrong with thousands and millions of dollars at stake? They don't till they get caught. And when one controls 90% of the funds for grants so scientist can work, no research is going to come out showing negatives.

      FDA has better things to do than to regulate GMOs. If they were regulating, Monsanto wouldn't be able to sue farmers that don't use the GMO seed for royalties when the companies seeds contaminate their crops. That is basically saying you get paid if you come onto my land and damage it. Hell, the company would've never patented the first life form opening the company to patent specific genes so that royalties must be paid when one wants to study cancer, and I believe it is the breast cancer one the company owns.

      The USDA has one job. That is to sell grain so they can afford the subsidies they have to pay out to farmers growing the grain and selling cheaper than the cost to grow. Why do you think we have the food pyramid? And all grains turn into in our bodies is sugar, and that translates into one to two cups minimum of sugar per day. We are supposed to stay at one teaspoon of sugar in our bloodstream. Constantly eating sugar is the perfect way to get diabetes, but no one realizes bread and grains are just complex sugar and the body treats it the same. What did you say the USDA did again? Please explain how our health is at the top of the priority for the USDA when the recommendations feed us sugar and more sugar.

      You rant is completely off and shows as a rant vs actually looking for the truth. You claim holistic stuff isn't good, then say people will feel better as they die. Which one is it? I think I'd rather die young but feel great...just me though. The way I see it is this has nothing to do with holistic or not, this has to do with control. When you control our food, you control everything. If the company can put a fish gene into DNA of a tomato, what else can the company put in that tomato that you don't know is there? And you cant say you will know because the company already doesn't want you to know about GMO's. Real medicine is a combination of holistic and conventional, just as you see super bugs forming in GMO crops and antibiotic use on factory farms, but thriving holistic management on farms like polyface.

      All it takes is a little looking around to know there are liars on both sides. To rant on one as completely bogus without looking at the other side just as critically (oh wait, your post was a rant) is in fact the foolishness Monsanto, FDA, USA government, and EPA depend on. Maybe you won't notice till it is too late and the company finally owns pigs with certain characteristics(and yes that has been applied for in typical vague manner). Hopefully you will at least see you have become sympathetic to your captor.

    7. Troll.

      They don't regulate them at all. Did you watch the movie? They just assume they are the same as non-GMO foods, and don't require additional testing.

      If no official studies have found a link, that's because there have been no official studies. Independent studies, however, certainly have.

      As for all your rant, well, think what you want. I predict that you will probably die of cancer one day, as more and more Americans do. But that's neither here nor there. It's your choice. As long as you completely support my choice to pursue my own health choices, and buy whatever I want in peace from any companies I choose to support, I have no beef with you.

    8. If you want people to take you seriously, try using less vulgar vocabulary. Also provide some valuable information, otherwise it is just as you say, a rant.

    9. Max enjoy all the gm food eat lots !!! That would be great !!
      And what are you here for???? M A K

    10. I have been well educated (BSRN) and worked in western medicine for over 25 years. Devoted my entire life to it. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, (3 cm tumor undetected by mammogram) the chemo came close to killing me. It was a devastating poisoning, and a shocking betrayal of my belief system and practice. There is no such thing as real medicine. I have learned that I want ALL of the information I can gather before I make any decisions about my body and health. You keep eating the GMOs. I refuse to. Good luck in your journey.

    11. dude they also regulated the tobacco industry and said it was perfectly safe for 50 years and some odd 50 million people later. seriously, some critical thinking needed here. i truly believe our agencies are out to protect the public, the problem is that they do not have an exactly stellar track record when it comes to doing so.

    12. Except the agencies are run by the same people their meant to be keeping their eyes on.

  79. my question is how do we get the info out to the general public? most people don't know or realize what a threat all of this poses! what groups actually organize to educate people how insane it is to allow food to be grown and sold not knowing that it is safe. americans have the right to know and to make a choice! how can the average person get involved?

    1. Don't know where you live but in California we are working to get a ballot initiative on the November ballot to "Label GMOs" ... just keep talking to folks, passing out the shopping guides, everything helps. Good luck.

    2. Pretty sure it was already voted on, passed and subsequently vetoed by the actor in chief Ahnold! I could be wrong (once I was just to see how it felt), but that was according to Food Inc.

  80. I've noticed that "cooloser07" has posted in quite a few different boards. Everytime, the post is pro gm crops and "cooloser07" states that gm crops can work well with natural non-gm crops. Personally i would bet that this person is much like those shown in the video (shown trying to discredit farmers,scientists),in that he/she likely works directly or indirectly with Monsanto. As shown in this video and a video entitled "david versus monsanto", the gm crops are uncontrollable in how they spread into non-gm crops,and in turn enter the rest of the food chain via wind,birds etc. What do the rest of you think?

  81. There are a lot of evils being thrust against humanity by governments and corporations, but this is the worst and Monsanto is the great Satan.

    1. i could'nt agree more, finally some people get it!!!

  82. The only other detail left out is that Monsanto is hiding in most US citizens' 401Ks' mutual funds, unknown to them.

  83. I'm simply outraged when people here make comments like GMOs are not all harmful! Folks, wake up!!! Did your grandparents live with GMOs?! Did they have herbicides?! No they didn't and farming was thriving! HEALTH is our birthright! And these greedy bastards Monsanto want to take it away from us and our kids. Don't you see anything wrong with it?!
    I hope someone, someday will have the authority to erase them from the surface of this planet.

    1. um yes actually my grandparents did live with GM food.

      as i've said many times Corn is unable to survive in the wild, and carrots used to be purple in the medieval era.

      Also health is NOT our birthright...plenty of people born disabled will attest to's a nice soundbite, but very shallow upon examination.

      GMO's are harmless, and i will continue to say that until i see a single shred of evidence to the contrary.

    2. Farming was thriving? Do a little research on how much wheat or corn one could expect from an acre of land during your grandparents time compared to the current output for that same acre nowadays! Do you seriously think the earth population doubled in 50 years by magic?

  84. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSANTO is a MUST SEE for anyone who cares about survival and the planet on which we all live. -- Mary Nash Stoddard/author Deadly Deception Story of Aspartame aspartamesafety dot com

  85. maybe when the honey bees all die off because of genetically modified seeds/plants, and how it is messing up the bees natural instincts to pollenate, and collect food for the hives, we will all realize when it is too late. If plants do not get pollenated, they die. If they die, we die, end of story and humanity.

  86. There are plenty of seed companies for farmers to choose from as we live in a free market. Round-up ready and Bt varieties offer a great advantage to large scale agriculture because they substantially reduce the labor needed to produce the crop.

    The goal of any good breeder is to reduce the inputs, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, irrigation, etc, needed to produce a crop of high quality and high yield. GMOs provide an avenue to speed up this process (compared to traditional breeding) by direct targeting of a specific trait of interest- such as resistance to disease, pests, or drought.

    In an organic system the goal is to produce a crop which does not use man made inputs- such as synthetic pesticides, and by doing so protect consumer and environmental health. However, as with all agriculture labor is a major limiting factor and so the organic system has turned to using inputs deemed "organic" because they are derived from natural sources. Because everything that is natural is super good for you!

    In reality organic supporters should align with GMOs because GMOs will help to further our ability to produce crops without using any chemical inputs whatsoever- natural or synthetic.

    I am not arguing in favor or against Monsanto, but I do ask that you weigh GM crops issue separately from your personal feelings on Monsanto.

    There will always be times when crops fail- it is inevitable and the nature of agriculture. The environment is an unpredictable variable and it is impossible to prepare for every situation. To put all of your hope in a single new technology would be foolish and its likely at some point your lively hood will be crushed when a drought or new disease emerges. But to not include a new technology among a strategy of many would be equally foolish as you would not maximize the yield potential of your crop.

    1. At the cost of destroying indigenous crops all over the world. What happens when the Monsanto crops fail and we have no other species left to work with? Is this not mass eradication of the world as we know it.

    2. Yup, this is it the mass eradication of the world as we know it. Like when we went from hunting and gathering to domesticated agriculture allowing us to support larger communities. And then when we learned how to grow enough food that specialized jobs could develop and not everyone had to farm. And when we learned how inputs in ag could greatly increase the amount of food produced per acre allowing the use of an increasingly small portion of the earth's land to feed an ever increasing human population.

      GMOs are just a tool which will allow us to produce the food we need to continue to grow. Again, I want you to weigh GMs, a technology, separate from Monsanto, a company.

      I don't understand what you mean when you say it will destroy indigenous crops? Are you referring to the portion of the video where the Mexican corn is found to have been contaminated by GMO corn? This is unfortunate, however, this is evidence that the Mexican corn would also be contaminated by modern non-GM corn. Selection for those traditional traits will help to propagate these "traditional" varieties.

      There are seed banks which allow us to save the natural diversity of all germplasm created. So when crops fail there will always be a source of diversity which breeding programs can draw from. In addition breeding programs often use wild germplasm which is under constant selection pressure by the environment, disease, and pests. These provide a great source of diversity with which to improve modern crops.

    3. "Are you referring to the portion of the video where the Mexican corn is found to have been contaminated by GMO corn? This is unfortunate, however, this is evidence that the Mexican corn would also be contaminated by modern non-GM corn."

      but what about the flowers and corn plants examples shown in the movie that are mutating in forms in random ways - 3 ears on a stalk for example. These are not every day blending on naturally evolving gene mutations. And didn't they say that the GM varieties must be grown with monsanto herbicides as well? the point is that these changes have unintended consequences on human health...probably won't realize the impact for another generation or so.

    4. I think one of the scientists said they estimate about 30 years for side effects from one of their mutant products. BT affecting ovaries and reproduction, note the surge in fertility clinics and the spike in breast cancer in the US. GMO potatoes, ramping up the immune response and our own spike in asthma and other auto-immune diseases. I don't think this is going to take 30 years.

    5. They aren't just a tool, they're FrankenFood. Genetically modified are only touted as improved but in reality, as the Indian farmers pointed out, they produce poor crops. The US farmers are saying the same thing but with respect to corn.

    6. Your name same it all. Are those Bill Gates balls on your chin and s*** on your nose?

    7. You've just posted so many lies and propaganda from the Monsanto's of the world that you really, really must be a paid shill/troll of theirs.

    8. So your proposal is that we eat tainted mutant food? I believe the answer is to decentralize. Food, money, commerce, etc. Because Monsanto, as with the banks, have proven they escalate to worse and worse behavior the further out of sight they become.

  87. wow i can see how the world might end. I hope and pray to god that this company is utterly destroyed from the face of the planet. they can shove their gmos op there *** and when they all go to hell i hope the devil **** them in the same area.

  88. Maybe Obama does not know anything about GMO's and the evil behind Monsanto? Does anybody know how farmers in North Dakota are now keeping Corporate Farmers out of their states now that the "Supreme Court Jesters" Have declared Corporations as humans?

  89. Only consumers have the power to change the world. Please us the power of your fork.

    1. Can't use the power of your fork if you don't have labeling, which is opposed by Monsanto and a whole host of companies. They know people don't want their poison, hence no labeling here in the U.S.

    2. Actually, from what I understand, GMO label avoidance is sought by them for two reasons: obliterate distinction in the marketplace and avoid any ability to trace damage to health. What have you been eating? We don't know!

    3. no evidence for that conspiracy theory of course...or any evidence that GMO's are harmless in the first place...but who needs evidence wheen you're making up a good conspiracy theory eh?

    4. I thought "The World According To Monsanto", by Marie-Monique Robin, did a fine job of covering that. Make an effort, read something.

    5. like a scientific journal for example?

      how about Nature or Plos1. perhaps if YOU read some genuine science rather than relying on documentary makers with a clear bias and agenda.

    6. Absolutely, Mavis. The more we will educate and raise awareness the less of our money they will be getting...and hopefully cease to exist.

  90. This video is one of the most disturbing things I've witnessed in a very long time. It's shocking the degree of control that the Monsanto Company has over both the FDA and the EPA. Our health and the health of our environment is largely in the hands of those whose only real concern is their financial bottom line. We need to open our eyes to the modification and destruction of our natural food sources and refuse to accept the manipulative bullying behaviour of this company. Unless people instantly drop dead using these products, they are always deemed safe, which they clearly are not.

  91. This video is one of the most appalling things I have heard in a very long time. It's shocking to think that the Monsanto Company has such an overwhelming hold over both the EPA and the FDA. Ultimately, our health and the health of the environment lies in the hands of those who care only about their financial bottom dollar. We need to open our eyes to what's happening to our food sources and refuse to accept the manipulative bullying behaviour of this horrifying organization. Unless people instantly drop dead from using these products, they are always deemed to be safe, which they clearly are not.

  92. I saw this film last night on PBS. What the hell are we doing????

  93. By the way, for those shouting "Socialists! Damn them all!", the policies undertaken by both Monsanto and Obama are much closer to neoliberalism than socialism in many ways. I'm not anti-liberal or pro-socialist but I am well aware that these corporations work by perverting the public impression of them through media bombardment (read: propaganda) and by political and social spin (read: lying about who they are and what they're doing). If for just one minute, you forget that their sole aim is profit at any cost, then you will easily misunderstand why they have gone to so much trouble to be crooked... As one document states, Monsanto are not prepared to "lose one dollar of business" even if it means convincing the public that Monsanto are really dolphins... or socialists...

  94. I wanted to punch that retard smiling old dude who said give it a try hahaha what an idiot oh and look at 17:56 all the chemtrails above his farm, I'm sure he's an advocate for that too.

    BTW.. the war is over we should all just stop trying even organic foods these days are contaminated with pesticides and 32% are contaminated with perchlorate (rocket fuel)..

    we in the us alone spray 900 million pounds of pesticides a year!!
    there are an average of 59 pesticide residues in our treated drinking water and just a little less of 11 pesticide residues in bottled water. source-whats on my plate..

    We spray and we spray and its every where in our food in our water in our lungs just wait 30 years when its 1 in 1 with cancer not 1 in 2.

    *the bright side***** all of are bees are dying due to pesticides and cell phones we have 50% less of them in the world than we did in 2000, and are now buying them from Australia, and once Australia's bees all die, we will no longer have to deal with monsanto's bull shit cause there won't be anymore corn or

  95. i knew they were evil but???

  96. the USA is slowly becoming the old Germany :(

  97. Thanks for sharing.
    I know well monsanto and am very sad to know that Mexico, the country where I was born, has agreed to distribute their transgenic seeds.
    Maize is the basic food in the country. Being the staple food maize population. I wonder how this can happen?
    I am saddened by the inability to do anything against this criminal act.

  98. I hate to be the 'voice of the establisment' or whatever, I loathe immoral faceless companies like Monsanto that think they own the Earth's resources. However, genetic modification isn't some intrinsically evil technology, and just because some people use a technology to further corrupt motives doesn't mean the technology should be banned. There's no reason to think that GM can't be used for good; the Green Revolution was all about seeking the best in available genetic variation, an that saved hundreds of millions of lives in the process. GM should be no more than the next logical step. I'd always advocate caution with new technology, but ultimately there's no reason to through the baby out with the mucky Monsanto bathwater.

    1. It is our blind penchant for technology that has led the world to where it is today. The wisdom to use the technology that's already available is now a far higher priority than patronizing new claims of fix-its which in the case of biotechnolgy have become a guise for the minting machines of monsanto and its allies

    2. unfortunately the vast majority of GM isn't the best available genetic variation of a plant that would EVER occur naturally. I agree that speeding up hybridization using GM could be beneficial. However injecting cross specie genetic material is having far reaching, unavoidable problems that literally threaten to decimate life on our planet. When food becomes the poison, it's no longer food.

    3. We are novices, mere toddlers, in this area of genetic modification. A little humility is in order, and self-restraint in the use of these technologies is a wise idea. Evolution has taken millions of years to perfect the grains, seeds, insects, plants, and organisms we currently enjoy. In just a few generations, we humans have annihilated more species since the last great extinction, some 65 million years ago. Only arrogance and profits rule today; we are on a perilous journey to self-extinction... unless we live more simply, and reclaim our democracy from the ravages of corporations like Monsanto.

    4. "Evolution" includes all of the deliberate human breeding that has been part of agriculture for centuries. I agree that all technologies need to be handled with care, but I can't jump on the ideological bandwagon against GMO.

    5. Wow Micheal, so do you know a lot of human beings that have undergone genetic manipulation in a lab? If so I would love to meet them.

    6. Then I guess you don't care if pig genes are spliced into your corn, for example? Or that children have been found to have Bt (a pesticide that has been gene spliced into all kinds of GMO seeds and now is living in the DNA of the children and will cause who knows what genetic mutations.

      You confuse the natural selection used to develop seeds and fruits and superior crops which is done working WITH nature and has given us the tremendous gift of mother nature to human beings of her largesses and generosity and is holistic. GMO's are made with by mad scientists in the laboratory splicing animal genes into our fruit and vegetables and other really stupid stuff.

      You really need to read up on the subject as you very clearly don't understand either the issues or the dangers.

    7. The whole point of this documentary was that this isn't "ideological", it is scientific and Monsanto is hiding the evidence that they're producing destructive garbage.

    8. monsanto needs to be brought out and unmasked. the more people in the general population get this the faster this giant can be brought to its knees just like the tobacco corp was.

  99. @BB...what to do? start a garden of your own, buy from local, organic farms (check them out before buying from them though). Deny them your grocery money.

    1. Baby steps

    2. unfortunately as is presented in the film, organic will soon cease to exist thanks to cross pollination. It would appear that our only true home is to take food production inside where ALL factors can be controlled

  100. This is real bull-shit from Monsanto (the end time food manufauture). We aware everyone,...This is REAL!

  101. If the New World Order exists, Monsanto is behind it.

  102. IF you live near a city, go to Millions against monsanto on face book, there are rallies across the country . We are focusing on Rally for the Right to Know, to get GM food labeled. Then we will get them banned!

    1. I would suggest instead of rallying against something. Rally together to build community gardens, aquaponic rooftop gardens, etc. Be part of the sollution instead of protesting the problem.

    2. I would suggest doing both, and anything in our capabilities to fight this and promote "the solution". There is no "instead".

  103. Thank you for making this very important film.I will fight harder than ever to bring these criminals to justice.

  104. by fresh buy local vote with your dollar grow ~your own food before it becomes illegal to do so

  105. It's almost as if one would have to stage a highly strategic suicide, aimed at bringing attention to Monsanto's central issue: control of the world food supply. And in this EXCELLENT documentary, where a 25 yr old Indian farmer is shown being taken to his burial site after what what HIS ultimate sacrifice, how many of us had even conceived of, or heard whisper of his final Action? What can we possibly do, apart from ranting,(eye of the perciever)?

  106. while this video may be revealing....

    What is the consumer to do?
    Not eat anything?
    Just cut out milk and chicken from our diet?

    The film gave no advice. it was only concerned with making sure the viewer saw Monsanta as a villaon.

    but now that i agree they are a villain....WHAT DO I EAT?!?!!?

    1. Now I guess we should all compile a list of what's safe and what isn't. Where to get it, how to know you're getting the right one, etc... and get the word out on this. It's the same thing with buying American. I have also been on a rant about sweat shops, and American consumer money going over seas to pay for the manufacture of products to be shipped back over here to sell. Well, I can tell people what they're already aware of all day long, and it won't change anything. People buy what's convenient. They rarely look at labels, and if they do, they buy it anyway because they're there, it's in their hand and they have the money and want to leave the store with something. Point blank, someone has to do the research to help ease the shopping transition for consumers. Tell them where they can go, and what to look for. If it's important to spread the word, it should be equally important to spread information that will help people make better buying choices. That's our responsibility. Now that we know, what are we going to do with the knowledge?

    2. I share your concern (terror is more the word). Buy organic or veganic locally grown (ideally from farmer's markets) fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds. You will be healthier and happier and do more to protect yourself and your family and the environment with this simple act than anything else. You absolutely will be able to obtain all of your nutrients and protein from this diet and powerful act of non-compliance. Find and read the book The World Peace Diet, the ruin that Monsanto is attempting is revealed and much more.

    3. I agree. Everytime I turn around, seems some food source is tainted. I no longer buy grocery store meat ( eating animals, earthling, food inc......) now I can't figure out what to feed my family. I even look at all my freshly canned tomotoes and home grown vegetables and realize the seeds from which I grew my fresh vegetables could all be from Monsanto. If I wasn;t nuts before, this will surely drive me closer

    4. support organic producers. buy organic. grow your own food! don't buy soybean or soy products and mostly, support Congressman Kucinich bill to label genetically modified foods.

    5. and there is a non-gmo project... alot of companies are getting verified as non-gmo and labeling their products accordingly. There is an app for smart phones, too, that assists you in choosing. buying organic can be expensive. if the budget's tight, i would focus on purchasing these as non-gmo certified: soy, corn, canola, zucchini, papaya... i also avoid processed foods. cereals and breads are easy to purchase as non-gmo if you're looking. but, i would avoid all other snacky processed foods. that's where they hide ALOT of gmos.

      its a little daunting at first, but it gets much much easier. and, its well worth the reassurance.

      (and, some food activists think that going vegan is the best way to make a statement. i applaud their efforts, but personally disagree. i think local, organic, and sustainable is most important. if you look into joel salatin's livestock raising process, it's really quite magical and doesn't require any grain. livestock that live in a sustainable way don't require much. they kindof take care of one another in their daily routines. besides, its an overabundance of crops like soy and corn that created the desire for monoculture... which is what Monsanto creates these seeds for... and its the very thing that's depleting the soil, killing off insect and bee populations, and creating such a problem. the ecosystems nature has built work as they are... you just need to be educated about what plants, soil, animals, etc. to pair with what. if you start looking into things on youtube and online, you'll be surprised at all of the positive options.)

    6. BB, YES. Cut out milk and chicken (hell ALL meat, fish and dairy) from your diet. YOU WILL LIVE LONGER. Meat and dairy is nothing but death, suffering and misery. Go vegan!

    7. vegan is moronic and clearly in violation of human biochemistry. you should at least eat brainless mollusks or some form of meat. you cant take b12 shots your whole life.

    8. Nobody can own nature and all of nature is a product from the Lord God for us which he gives freely and can take away at any moment then what will Monsanto do????

      He did it with Hurrican many warnings does man need before he stops and takes stock of what he is doing...

      Stop trying to play GOD learn to be a good farmer. Sow some good seeds and reap a fantastic harvest.

    9. Um....there's no know that right?

    10. may be not in your world but there certainly is in my world

    11. Don't go dissing other people's beliefs. It's not respectful, and it's a waste of time anyway.

  107. And when all other countries ban GM foods, there goes the US export industry. The days of America as a global superpower are severely numbered.

    1. Brazil has got to ban as well. We are working on it. Monsanto will not own us.

  108. Unfortunately Rick represents the vast majority of the masses being lead willingly to the slaughter by the Tea Party.

  109. Heather, You are right if we stand alone we cannot win, if we unite there is no doubt we can win. If we all agree to boycott all monsanto products nationally and internationally, this will hit monsanto where it hurts:IN THEIR POCKET.

    If you see a Monsanto in a store tell the manager about Monsanto and what it has done. Write to them asking that the product be removed from the shelves.

    Contact your local authorities along the same lines. Spread the word through letters to the press, tell them why Monsanto is evil and why.

  110. We cannot fight amoungst ourselves. That gets us nowhere. No one who works at Monsanto is going to read this comment board. Most of us are asking the right question: What can we do? This is the first step. I also ask myself this question.

    What worries me, is that our food options are quickly shrinking. Can't buy seafood, the oceans are commercially overfished. Can't buy dairy, it's polluted with growth hormones. Our farmed chicken has more fat in it than protien. Our corn and wheat are genetically modified. Our water... most of our clean water is being sucked out of the underground water tables, bottled, and sold back to us because no one wants to drink from the tap. Fast food is bad for you. Sodas are loaded with way too much high fructose (genetically modified) corn syrup.

    The grocery stores are loaded with food... but what can we eat that won't kill us in one way or another?

    I don't think 'scary' comes close to describing it. It is pure evil. Ok- now I have to go have a crying fit, and try to think of something I can actually do to solve the problem. But, I fear, this is going to be something that cannot be solved by individuals, but all of us united. All beings deserve the healthy food that the Earth provides. Can we unite and agree on that?

  111. just saying....Rick!
    Prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put GW Bush in office,Clarence Thomas was Monsanto's lawyer. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (Anne Veneman) was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto's Calgene Corporation. The Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto's Searle pharmaceuticals. The U.S. Secretary of Health, Tommy Thompson, received $50,000 in donations from Monsanto during his winning campaign for Wisconsin's governor. The two congressmen receiving the most donations from Monsanto during the last election were Larry Combest (Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee) and Attorney General John Ashcroft. (Source: Dairy Education Board)

  112. I dislike videos like this. They demonstrate the extensive corruption of a problem but offer NO solution. There's no group I can join. There's no legislation I can stand for. There's not even a rock I can throw through a corporate window.
    How do I watch to see what these corporations will be up to next?
    How do I stay informed and proactive?
    That's what I want to know.

    1. Google is a wonderful tool to find things. I used the search term "stop monsanto" and you would be surprised what came up!! No the video did not lead you to resources but we are capable of finding that on our own right?! One comment here gave one as well The have a great site.

    2. You're right, but what these docs DO do is create a spark in your brain that motivates you to do more research...Then find a solution. One source is never enough info to rely on

  113. I've always said that any of the oil companies could wear the crown of "World's Most Evil Corporation," but now I must pass that dubious honor to Monsanto. I guess Monsanto's newest horror, the "terminator gene" -- which literally kills the plant's own seed, thereby forcing farmers to buy new seed with every planting -- has come along since this documentary. If the terminator gene ever goes "transgenic," it will make the problems with GM corn in Mexico and GM soybreans in Paraguay look like a small case of spider mites in comparison. Terminator genes "transgenifying" into the natural biosphere could literally end life on this planet. And that ain't Chicken Little crowing, it's the logical conclusion to this mounting evil madness in the world according to Monsanto.

  114. @ Rick - Here's hoping you never breed.

  115. Jake:
    Amazing volunteer programs. I am a documentary and dramatic filmmaker and have been wanting to document one of those programs. How do you feel about it? Let me know if I can contact you.


  116. This is for Rick...This Monsanto nightmare has been going on long before Obama took office. If you would like some truthful information, get the movie "Food, Inc." go to organic food sites, and get the truth. Having a bias is not effective in times like this. And just as a side comment, we still have our guns, when is that nonsense going to end? We do NOT have Uzi's, but even for hunting, if you need an Uzi, maybe you shouldn't be hunting...yes?

    1. Hi Kathleeen C,

      The second amendment is not design to protect hunting rifles. Have you ever read it? And actually there are some pretty heavy-duty attacks against the second amendment going on right now, so calling it "nonsense", combined with the fact you think it's designed to protect hunters, shows you aren't really following the issue whatsoever. Maybe best not to comment on issues you are clueless about. Just saying. Google is there for you though, if you decide to bone up on your rights and the powerful forces trying to remove them.

  117. A democracy should protect human rights. However, in the U.S. the good intentions of the early American legislators has been corrupted. Corporate rights now carry more weight than human rights. Corporations have tightened their grip on our lives so we feel we can't live without them. To criticize them is almost un-American. If the citizens of the United States don't take control of their lives that great country will go the way of the Soviet Union. Multi-national companies don't care about the U.S., its citizens or even the planet we live on. Their only responsibility is to its own profits and they will do anything to ensure the money keeps rolling in. This is something every person on earth should fight against.

  118. First, every person must speak out and keep on top of all laws being passed that involve the seed, growing, processing and right to process our own foods.

    Then, be sure to save OP seeds and start your own seed bank. Learn how to grow and can your own food. Become self-reliant or you just may starve or pay a high price eating GMO foods.

    To the person who said, "Eat only organic..." Think again! Do your homework and you will find that the FDA's idea of organic is not what consumers think they are getting. It is NOT 100% organically grown. There is a small percentage of all sorts of bad stuff allowed in Certified Organic crops.

    Unless you grow and raise your own foods you have no clue as to what is in them. Start now. Learn NOW! Don't wait until there isn't any food before you learn how to grow your own. It takes a few years to really get the hang of producing a successful garden. Then it also takes time to learn how to save your own seeds and develop a good seed bank.

    ONLY BUY OPEN-POLLINATED and HEIRLOOM SEEDS! Support these companies. They are disappearing, being bought out at an alarming rate by companies selling GMO seeds. What will you do when you can no longer buy good seeds to grow quality, healthy, organic food????? THINK ABOUT IT! TAKE ACTION NOW!

  119. An Open Letter to all employees of Monsanto

    Dear Friends,

    In addressing you today, I wish to draw your attention to the background of Monsanto, a company whose name and products are held in contempt not only within the United States, but also in every country where it has offices, its products sold and used. The reason for the contempt goes back to the United States War on Vietnam, in particular August 10th 1961.when the first use of the herbicide Agent Orange began.

    President Roosevelt speaking of the attack on Pearl Harbour December 7th 1941 stated, “it will be a day that will live in infamy”.

    So too friends will August 10th 1961, for on that day began the spraying of 80 million litres of Agent Orange – manufactured by your company along with others. The spraying was to continue for ten-years. I ask you to imagine every day for ten-years A Vietnamese Pearl Harbour. The loss of life on that day in 1941 was indeed tragic, but consider the loss of life over ten-years, and the millions born years after the war ended in 1975 crippled in mind and body due to Agent Orange.

    Today in Vietnam there are over three million victims suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, and the company you work for Monsanto, is one of those responsible.

    Hugh Grant who holds the positions of President, Chairman, and Chief Executive of your company was just three years of age when the spraying began and 13 years when it stopped. So we cannot blame him then. But, on reaching the age of 23 in 1981 – six-years after the Vietnam War ended, Hugh Grant joined Monsanto, and would have known the history of the company and its products including Agent Orange, its use on Vietnam and the effect on the people and land.

    When he became President, Chairman and CEO if he did not know of Agent Orange and its use, then he is unfit to remain with the company. Shamefully Monsanto’s public relation office to this very day continues to deny any responsibility for the illnesses and deformities that Agent Orange has caused to the people of Vietnam. Nor have they made any financial compensation to the Vietnamese victims. Yet the evidence is plain to see if Hugh Grant or the people who write these denials were to visit the victims in the hospitals, clinics, or in their homes as I have done many times indeed, the offices of Monsanto and Dow Chemicals – another company responsible for Agent Orange – are just a ten-minute car ride away from the Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

    In my visits to these offices I have asked that the director or manager to visit or come with me to the Tu Du Hospital, each time they have refused, instead they give me a statement that denies all responsibility.

    But Hugh Grant and/or his board members do not have to go to Vietnam to see some of the victims of Agent Orange; they can seen in many cities of the United States, for those who served in Vietnam were also affected and are suffering from the same illnesses and disabilities that the Vietnamese have. Many, again like the Vietnamese victims, have died as a result of Agent Orange.

    Friends, next year 2011will see the 50th anniversary of the spraying of Agent Orange on Vietnam. Remember the date 10th August. It will be a day when millions in Vietnam and its friends in many countries around the world will commemorate as a day of infamy.

    Tomorrow, as you walk through the gates of your company Monsanto, I ask you to remember the deaths and disabilities that Agent Orange has caused, especially to the many thousands of innocent children who died in their mother’s womb, and those who survived born with deformities and ask yourself:
    Why am I working for such a company as MONSANTO?

    Yours sincerely

    Len Aldis. Secretary
    Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society

  120. Dogdy - the woman had an accent. I've worked with many french interns in the last 3 years. They pronounce it the as-part-a-me. Aspartame is an english common name. She was researching on a french search engine, the french pronunciation could be entirely different. Because someone miss pronounces a word, does not discredit their work. Not to mention that aspartame had very little to do with the entire documentary/ movie.

  121. criminal malfesance in government

  122. Here in Brazil our agriculture is great and this associated with private capital. Many U.S. and foreign company does business here. Much of GM uses. What I find particularly bad for letting us slaves to use those seeds. The use of high loads of pesticides is also worrying. We are in the election and our media is manipulated by the very interests of unscrupulous groups. A presidential candidate, financed by private capital and shrouded by the media, want to pass without people knowing a new forestry code that would eliminate many environmental preservation areas permanent. Private interests are once again going against the interests of the population and the environment. After people look out and think we're destroying nature. It is disgusting and disgraceful ...

  123. Aspartame? pronounced by the presenter as
    (as part of me) and made me do a wha wha head turn. How can you screw up that term.
    Ok, it's pronounced
    (as par tame), how can I trust this thing when they can't even show that they have done basic research to have researched a term. How can you tell me what's bad when you don't even know what you are talking about... sounds like a bunch of "I heard about this guy who did this one thing". Can't watch this one myself, they burned me messing up what is not even a technical name and is in consumer commercials.

  124. I watched the whole "documentary" all the way through from beginning to end. It was indeed quite eye-opening as to the utter corruption, greed, and immorality of Monsanto. However! I disagree with the methods utilized by the individual putting this video together. A documentary, done right, does NOT have the author putting themselves on display making biased commentary such as "Unbelievable!" I also disagree with the approach taken. It was more like a smear campaign that started out slow and built steam as it went than attempting to take a neutral position. Had she done this, we might have gotten to hear Monsanto's side of the story.

    What is NOT appalling about Monsanto is their attempts to improve food production. I'm all for that. We have many mouths to feed and not enough food around the world to do that. I'm not even against GM crops as long as people have a choice between GM and non-GM.

    What I AM against is a single company owning more than 30% of the food supply worldwide. THAT is what the focus of this documentary should have been about. A monopoly on food is immoral and illegal - regardless if it is patented or otherwise not literally against the written law. Part of the problem is patent law. Someone granted a company a patent on food. That strikes me as a far more egregious problem than cover-ups, lies, deceit, poisoning, etc. And since seed travels thanks to wind, birds, animals, trade, etc., it is inevitable that Monsanto will own ALL of our food and our government will, in turn, be wholly owned by one company. They've clearly maneuvered and positioned themselves VERY well and THAT should be the frightening factor. This video should have followed the patent trail and asked questions like, "Given the knowledge of the current state of affairs with Monsanto owning more than xx% of the world's food supply, would you still issue this patent? What recourse is there if Monsanto takes over the world's food supply?" Questions like that. Make the patent office employees squirm. This situation would not exist if patents on food were not issued or there was a reasonable time-limit on such patents (e.g. one year).

    Side note: I believe a large part of cancer is caused by modifying our food in unnatural ways. I noticed that over a decade ago, our food's texture changed over the course of a couple months and lost significant flavor. The texture and flavor of food hasn't reverted. Since then, I've also been watching cancer rates rise at a ridiculous pace. I believe the two are directly correlated. Take peaches, for instance. I remember when every peach I picked up in the store was juicy, full of flavor, sweet, and firm with some give but the skin was tender. Now peaches have no flavor, are rarely sweet, the texture is "mealy" and dry, half of them are rotten from the middle flesh (not rotting from the seed or skin - which is VERY strange), the skin and meat are both tough as nails, etc. Something changed. Our food supply today is different. I've spoken with other people and they all agree with me. It isn't just peaches - that's just one small example - it is every single mass-produced crop that we eat. Something is wrong with our food. Seriously wrong.

  125. I don't get how the attorneys for these small farmers aren't fighting harder. It's clearly Monsanto seed trespassing onto their property in the same manner as a cloud of noxious fumes. Nobody wants to eat that junk.

    I'm disgusted. If I were an attorney I would try to keep fighting and appeal. Oh the insanity of it all!!!

  126. Re: Rick, what the f$#@ have you been smoking?

    Or eating?

  127. Seems interesting that GMO support is relative to corporate earnings. I wonder why that is?

  128. Please don’t assign full responsibility for stopping this monster to we Americans…maybe 90%? We need your help, from all nations to share this information in your communities and for as many of you as possible, help enlighten/awaken any Americans you may know. MAKE THEM WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!
    It brings so many global issues we of the masses are/will be effected/controlled by. I hope the US can maintain/re-establish honest elections. May we stand together.
    May the blessings be.

  129. Also, I should have said that in lay terms, the Solanaceae family is "more often actually called the potato family than the nightshade family", not "it’s actually called the potato family, not the nightshade family..."

  130. sorry for the two "lastly's" that obviously weren't the last...hard to stop once I get on a roll.

  131. Tyler520 - Are you for real or are you just a Monsanto shill??? I have SOOOOooo very many problems with your almost totally erroneous statements.

    Let's start with the fact that GM ORGANISMS is the widely accepted term. (NOT 'crops' - hence the term 'GMO' and not 'GMC', since you're so intent on nitpicking details). HOWEVER, prior to the use of "GM", the accepted term was "Genetically Engineered"...that's "GE" for you, dimwit, so GE IS perfectly acceptable for those that actually know what they/we are talking about anyway.

    I'm not exactly sure what your qualifications are, or what scientific 'facts' you base your arguments on, but as a trained Environmental Scientist/Ecologist who has worked for over 30 years in all aspects of horticulture, I can say that most of what you said is a complete & total crock of sh*t.

    I will concede that copper is allowed to be used by organic farmers...I beg to differ with you on it's levels of toxicity. Have you ever had a course in toxicology? You really believe copper is 200 times more toxic than methyl bromide or any of a number of other fungicides? Top it off with the fact that most Americans are presently moderately to highly deficient in copper, and it becomes a non-issue for organic farmers.

    I will also concede that DDT as a DIRECT cause of health problems is somewhat in question, if absolute certainty is what you require, as I prefer to do for the substances I ingest. Personally, my feeling is that if you can't PROVE 100% that it's safe (at least in moderation, and over the long-term), keep it off of & out of my food supply. There are already far too many approved known/suspected carcinogens, teratogens and mutagens in our food supply without adding more. DDT's indirect effect as a catalyst for disease and health problems is absolutely without question. It's negative environmental effects are absolutely without really don't think DDT's only targeting those insects that are disease vectors, do you?

    Do not confuse genetic engineering with selective breeding...There is a HUGE difference between selective breeding, which has been done without any mechanical equipment for thousands of years, and using a gene-gun or the other two laboratory methods used to insert the gene from one species into another that it would never come into contact in nature, let alone breed with. There is a reason why nature doesn't allow inter-spcies breeding, and that's why you are unable to impregnate those farm animals.
    Lastly, there are not enough small family farms remaining to actually provide 90% of the food supply in this country, let alone for 80% of the 8 out of 9 contamination problems to be traced to them. In fact, the tracking methods the government actually uses to trace foodborne illnesses are actually very much a joke to those of us in the know. Do you really think they know without doubt where all the cases of E. coli and Listeria poisoning in the last few years originated from? hahahaha...not a snowball's chance in hell.

    And lastly, what does the fact that tomatoes are in the nightshade family have to do with anything? Eggplant, potatoes, bell peppers, petunias, tobacco and capsicum, among others are all also part of the Solanaceae family. Tomatoes are not "bred from nightshade", they ARE nightshade, and NO, I don't mean Belladonna...that's the problem with self-proclaimed pseudo-scientists like Tyler using common names and not being specific with botanical latin). In lay terms, it's actually called the potato family, not the nightshade family, so exactly WHAT is your point anyway?!?!!

    Please, nobody listen to Tyler's tripe. He has no clue whatsoever what he's babbling about.

    As for Monsanto, the whole reason I came here to comment before I got distracted...
    Well, they are the people who brought us PCB's (along with General Electric) dioxins, DDT, the herbicide 2,4,5-T, Agent Orange, rBGH (aka Posilac), and aspartame (aka NutraSweet), and promised us the whole time that they were perfectly safe...we know enough now to know that they were lying through their teeth...and their own internal documents prove it. They also brought us the nuclear bomb (helped with it at least - Mound Labratories/Dayton Project), polyurethane and polystyrene. We know how great those products are for us and the environment. The fact that they came up with LED's does not make up for all the harm the previous products have caused and will continue to cause for decades, at least.

    Now they have brought us GMO's, and they once again are promising us they are perfectly safe. Given Monsanto's track record of lies, deceit, corruption, unethical behavior and pure malevolence, combined with the fact that once the genetic genie is out of the bottle it can absolutely never, never, never be recalled, I don't believe a single word they say and never will. (so don't be so sure about their inability Heather, as growing your own food is great, but eventually it will become contaminated too.)

    As an environmental scientist who grew up with a clinical nutritionist as a parent, I can say with some authority, that barring the actual physical destruction of the Earth, Monsanto specifically, and GMO's in general, are probably the biggest and most immediate threat to human and environmental health and safety worldwide. Yes, that sounds melodramatic, but as the saying goes, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you." I think when it comes to the very things that give us life, 'prudent, deliberative research, erring on the side of caution' should be the watchwords, not 'reckless abandon' & 'mindless greed'.

  132. I'm sure that Monsanto would love to control all of the world's food, but they don't have the power to bring those dreams to fruition.

    Are they going to send enforcers to each and every back-yard to check for people "illegally" saving seed? Of course not. The only reason they can afford to do it now is because so few people are using their seed.

    If you're worried about this problem, you can do something about it by growing a garden with heirloom varieties of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Also, support your local farmer's market.

  133. Rick up top, Bush and his thugs have had their hands in this too. Both parties want this. Makes one wonder.

  134. Tyler520: Organic food is not just about chemical issues, it is about animal welfare. Animals in intensive farming are treated with criminal disrespect and cruely, and in organic much less so.. It is for this reason alone that intensive farming is wrong. And you're an expert on the long term effects of agricultural chemicals on water courses and thei accumulation and effects in marine environments, are you? Harmless are they? What are your thoughts on the plastic industry? Good, (harmless) stuff.. right!?

  135. Once again, the multinationals are trying to control the world. The elites have hold over government, food, & the environment. It's time for the poor & working class to wake up out of their stupor before it's too late; "the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look & do nothing" (Albert Einstein).

    "Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty." (Mahatma Gandhi).

  136. Tyler520 is the perfect candidate for monsanto & you make me sick !

  137. Monsanto is a weapon, Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Monsanto.
    Monsanto had and has ex-executives that are now heads of government departments. Bush Rumsfeld Cheney and other have shares in Monsanto since the late 70's early 80's.

  138. As much as I hate monopolies, I hate lies even more - policies and political actions governed by silly emotions have no place in a conversation.

    Firstly, the term is GM crops, not GE crops (for the dimwits up top).

    Secondly, DDT (or GM crops for that matter) have still not been linked to ANY health issues in people; this argument is as stupid as Jenny McCarthy pretending to be an expert on the fake link between inoculations and autism, or the 9/11 Troofer movement. In fact, an estimated 6 million people have died of Malaria since DDT was banned. Organic food, on the other hand, is granted the right to use Copper as its primary fungicide, which is 200 times more toxic than the biodegradable chemicals used in synthetic farming.

    Organic farming cannot produce more than 80% (on average)of the yield of synthetic farming, and uses much more energy per acre. People who think organic is the solution are simply uneducated...or they are implying that they advocate that most of the third world needs to die off so that the ycan continue to stoke their yuppy ego. Furthermore 8 in 9 food contamination incidents in stores and markets came from small, family farms, 80% of which were organic.

    EVERY crop is genetically modified - they are all products of eugenic practices, not of which occured in nature. Tomatoes were bred from the poisonous Nightshade plant.

    90% of crops are grown on small scale family farms, not on giant corporate farms - this is just another straw man anti business argument.

    The more I read the comments on this site, the more I feel that we deserve to starve to death.

  139. In the U.S., you will have to buy only organic (or grow your own) foods. This will cost you a bit more, but it's what I've chosen to do, for more reasons than just one. There is no reason why anyone should trust Monsanto, given their track record. The U.S. government should stop subsidizing their crops and instead subsidize organic agriculture. Also, you should make sure none of your portfolios include Monsanto stock. I would also encourage everyone else to watch this film. Bravo to the producer and director, well done. We need to do more, all of us. And it can be done. The problem is ignorance and greed.

  140. sounds like mosanto is fammine of the 4 horsemen. Definetly doing a good job bullying farming communities into poverty and hiding any adverse effect gm crops have and this is only the beginning.

    worrying information. how the hell do you stop something like this?

  141. Rick, sorry but Obama hasn't taken your guns away, but he has given you healthcare in case you do get shot by someone that points a gun in your direction. Understand why you are angry at the government, but privatising profits and socialise losses was something that GW.Bush started, a Republican president. You keep your guns, eat your burger, and idolise your Glen Beck and Fox News, and thank Obama for keeping you alive, because healthcare is something everyone now has access to.

  142. the true answer is to EAT ONLY ORGANIC food, instead of using any MOnsanto produce whatsoever, and boycott them...this is the only solution against such a large global company!lets not just talk about it and throw insults...THE UNIVERSE REWARDS ACTION x

  143. disgusting seeing these type of companies taking what the want, not caring for anything but them selves. how do the people who run these types of business's is beyond me.

  144. jkaz, Bluesmanwalking and others, DO NOT DESPAIR!!! WE NEED YOU for the fight against these giants, and they are NOT as invincible as they look! A movement of disillusioned farmers is already afoot. "People power" is already amassing, and it's more powerful than all the lobbyists and all the guns money can buy. Without lobbyists, and without millions in treasure, People ended Jim Crow, People halted union-busting, People cut Big Tobacco down to size, and now People will challenge Monsanto. "People power" means WE NEED YOU! Check out what Pesticide Action Network is doing, for example. I don't represent them, but they can give insight into what's being done. So far it's just the seed of a grassroots movement (no pun intended) and it is growing. We can collapse in despair (what Monsanto wants us to do) or WE CAN JOIN THE FIGHT! We should cry if we need to; it is a heartbreaker, but let's get it out of our systems so we can get to work on what we can do to take this giant DOWN so they do harm no more. We MUST overturn Diamond v. Chakrabarty (1980), the decision that legalized the patenting of living things. Even if you can only use your purchasing power, use it! Learn how you can avoid making purchases that benefit Monsanto, and tell others what you're doing. Think outside the box. These creeps got powerful under cover of darkness. They are not immovable.

  145. When I watched this I just cried. Anger mixed with helplessness. Monsato and the like are parasites on this planet, their greed knows no bounds. I would like to be positive but basically we are screwed.

  146. Monsanto - the monstrous green plague. Pure evil. They destroy the world. They lie.

    Genetics is not the enemy. But they way Monsanto uses the technology (bad science, lying, rash decisions)for evil short sighted gains is. With such technology the utmost precautions should have been taken. Instead no precautions were taken.

    GMO's should have been quarantined from the natural environment... In space or lifeless planets, air tight facilities or on isolated islands. But not so...

    Complete corruption. We shall all suffer.

    Add Monsanto as a competitor with the tragedy of the commons, religion, ignorance, needless shortsighted selfishness, mortality and war for the title of 'greatest scourge of humanity.'

    I think Watson and Crick despite their great intelligence have failed or ignored the downside of the discovery of DNA structure. Watson seems to have a poor understanding of ecology... and only sees the positives of genetics, as seen by his endorsement of Monsanto.... but I think if he knew they were actually doing bad science, that they were lying to people... that they did not care for humanity like he did... I think he would - or hope he would condemn what Monsanto has done in the world... giving genetics a bad name.

  147. @ Rick,
    come on guys, go and read a proper definition of what socialism is and can be and give your formatted mind a break would you?
    Biased education you have had.

  148. The alarming message taken from The World according to Monsanto & The Future of Foods is...'Health & the Environment' taken directly from this film -can Monsanto be trusted for the future survival of humanity? The "3 critical elements required for humanity to survive" (Air,Water,Food) The focus of a re-vocation of U.S. patent for living organism (seeds) is necessary to stem "monopoly of the world food crop" How did the U.S. patent office allow a patent on an organic natural organism ??? IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED- It is time to stand up!

  149. So what are we going to do about all this ??? NOTHING !!!

    Because Monday to Friday we work 9 to 5 and after work we're soooo tired, then Saturday we got the lawn to do, the kids at baseball, soccer, what have you. And last but not least, Sunday there's church (what a big help that is) then football all day.

    The fact is, Americans do not have what it takes to stand up, like Ireland, Africa, France, Argentina, Palestine just to name a few.

    We rather sit on our Lazy-boys and watch CNN and bitch. The reason is simple, we have never had a war in our own back yard like these countries and so many other countries. The only fight that some of us have seen are the ones in someones else's back yard for our government's agenda.
    (and for the m***** out there, our civil war is not from this time).

  150. I would like to get a patent for every circumcised penis. That way, whenever anyone uses their penis in any way, my corporation will receive a small sum. This will have the unintended effect of reducing the world's population, but more importantly, it will add to my firm's profits. This will be introduced with a marketing campaign heralding the benefits of this plan to the consumer and choice, freedom, etc. I hope no Monsanto executives are reading this, I don't want them to steal my idea.

  151. True Tom. There are only a few ways to change what is happening to our food due to companies like Monsanto, change what we buy and be vocal in our objections. It is not the current administration's fault, Obama did what every president in the last two decades has done, he determined that they best policy makers in the United States regarding food-safety are the creators of that food/seed/chemical/ gene. He is not the first, only the latest. It's a problem for today's food due to the huge percentage of GM corn being used to feed our livestock. It is bad for the mammals we feed it to, it causes infection (along with the use of daily antibiotics) and promotes the feed-lot factory farm. Check out King Corn if you haven't yet. Passion of the people is the only way to change policy. They want our money and trust me, they are passionate about it.

  152. This is very frightening, if monsanto were ever to realise their goals, that simply isn't a world I'd want to live in. It must be stopped at all costs, but how? What evil idiots they must be, tampering with nature to such a degree( I'm not talking about the army of clever but completely unethical lawyers and scientists they must have, but the main driving forces, the money holders), don't they give a sh1t about anything but profits? This is true insanity!

  153. I just wanted to let everyone know that there (obviously) is also a book writen by Marie-Monique Robin and it is even more shocking when you learn about all the little schemes Monsanto pull off and the way everything is interconnected. Bassically its a must read, theres about two to three times more mind-blowing information. When you understand that contamination of the (organic) versions of any GMO is a result - intended or not - you truly become worried for the food safety of the future generations. If you wanna start playing God youre going to fail because humans will never be all knowing. The true consequences of GMOs... ? I dont know ! We will find out in the next 20 years. Ill wait and see, until then i wont eat them. If you trust Monsanto and wanna eat some, go ahead. But you know what really sucks. Weather i wanna eat some or not i cant really control that because they arent labelled. I mean i guess Monsanto should just come to my dinning room and shove them down my throat by force. This is bassically what theyre doing. Well in that case i guess we can say goodbye to any chance of linking future health problems to GMOs. Not only has Monsanto succeded to put these freaks of nature on my plate but they have covered their ass from every possible angle. I mean i cant tell you how disappointed i am right now. But i have to stand in awe to the accomplishments of Monsanto in the case of the GMOs. I mean if you told me before hand that they were going to succeed in their attempt to get these leaglized i woulda said youre crazy. Im starting to believe maybe man is crazy. I have to stop now cuz i can go on for hours. Lets take action people... We the people have the power, less we never forget that.

  154. Unfortunately its not a simple answer. Its not the republicans, or the democrats. Its every corrupt piece of s*** that is doing all the policy making behind the scenes. This whole democrat/republican, taking sides and bickering thing is nothing more than a distraction from what is really going on. Its the damn Bilderberg Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission, and our completely private, unregulated, unbacked Federal Reserve. Keep arguing "The Left This,
    " "The Right That," while total hell for the everyday person is being constructed right under your noses.

    Why do you think we have so many more cases of cancer these days???? Its the damn food supply. This is exactly what happens when just a few control a lot.

  155. To Rick

    Why do you refer to future America as "The United Socialist States of America?"

    Monsanto's control over food production is capitalism gone wild. In a socialistic country, all Americans would own Monsanto and share in its profits.

    Too many people slander socialism without knowing what it is or how it could be of benefit to everyone - except the mega corporations who pretty much own us now.

  156. We allow it to happen.
    We deserve what we get for our complacency.
    We are to blame for not putting an end to them and their evil products.

    "All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

    Hows all that "doing nothing" working out for you?

    They think we're stupid and weak... because we are.

    Truth hurts ..

  157. Americans rise up!!!
    Israel is behind 9/11. it is israel that should be attacked not afghanistan.

  158. "I've never seen a President — I don't care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on."

    Thomas H. Moorer
    (1912 - 2004)
    US Navy & Chairman,
    Joint Chiefs of Staff during interview on
    24 August 1983.

    Karl Marx

    "The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928

  159. What is perpetually missing from Monsanto coverage is that this corporation is a front office for a family whose patriarch realized, no later than the mid-1970s, that ownership of oil was not going to ensure the clan's long-term ascendancy over the human race. Hence, the Rockefeller family's strategy, from that time forwards, has been to ensure that some day, well before oil has seen its last drop burned, whenever a human being anywhere eats a bite of food, the Rockefellers get a dividend. This is also why Monsanto has been able to breeze its inhuman agenda past federal regulators, who as often or not are former placeholders in various Rockefeller companies or foundations.

  160. And now, Forbes magazine has declared Monsanto "Company of the Year" in their "America's Best Companies" issue (January 2010)! The article paints an innocuous picture of this company of the future, and blithely dismisses criticisms of Monsanto as mere image problems with an overly sensitive public. Monsanto's true problem, according to Forbes? Their products are TOO GOOD! We average citizens are going to have to be tenacious to resist this takeover. We must overturn Diamond v. Chakrabarty (1980), the decision that makes it legal to patent living things. The decision claimed that the organisms in question were human creations, products of human ingenuity, and therefore could be property. But those humans didn't create life; they merely hybridized it. These organisms are not human creations any more than mules or ligers or pluots are human creations. The argument that a new species was created is a shell-game in terminology. They can't create life, they can only participate (or interfere) in it. A macabre observation: with solemn respect and condolences to the families; by the logic of such a court decision, are all those deformed and stillborn children Monsanto's property, too? Good people must resist this abomination, and as a publicly-traded company, Monsanto is required by law to do everything it can to maximize and protect its profits, so we'll need our thinking caps on to resist effectively.

    1. There are no benefits to genetically modified food products, it is an infant technology, aside from dividends and capital gains for shareholders and mega millions for management. Even though you may not own M stock directly, check the holdings in any mutual fund you might be invested in, either directly or through IRAs, 401Ks, credit unions, etc. - it could be hiding on one or more of them. To help M along, dump those funds for alternates - there are thousands of funds and many similar ones to just about any other, the point being to sell down hence reduce the value of M shares. And the others of course - Syngenta, Dow, et al. In addition to boycotting GMO-containing food products, this is one key to what we can do every day to put a thousand small cuts into goliath's revenue stream. If you feel anything you can do is small, realize it’s infinitely smaller to do nothing except read about it.

  161. I always laugh at that imbecile farmer with the american soybean association saying that RR soy is "perfectly safe" and "good for the environment".This company,its products and its business practices really scare me.Its hard to comprehend a company who thinks nothing of trashing the environment or destroying peoples lives,all in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

  162. Having seen this film and others like it. I have to question. What exactly is the problem? The problem isn’t the poisoning of our food supply by “GMO” or “monoculture.” The problem is us. Humans. There’s too many of us on the planet. We’re pushing the system to the breaking point regardless of any technological tampering. The introduction of “GMO” and “monoculture” is just helping to speed along the process of killing us off so the planet can return to its natural balance. Wipe out the humans and all the GMO crops will die out anyway as they won’t survive without our help.

  163. i normally don't do this but f##k monsanto

  164. one part of the problem is the patent it is protected by law.
    so let's brake the law.
    scrap them of their patent, when they want money for the their researches, then it will be equivalent for their damaged caused

    what is this nonsense of depriving people of liberty.

    burn all the Monsanto factories, people who do this should be called freedom fighters fighting for their liberty. of course the yankee controlled media would call them terrorist.

    but it is the only way these people can understand. a pity much grief they caused already, how much will be caused...

    let's put an embargo on america, to force them to leave this weapon of mass extinction.they rely on the cupidity of people and take advantage.

    the american people, and there are a lot of good american people out there , they must realise that it is these people who are giving americaa bad image of being liars, imperialists, looking only for their own gain. they must stop to buy into the propagandas.

    the soldiers must refuse to fight, the people must pressure the government and be prepared for sacrifice. other people have already paid dearly millions of dead, injured, you are responsible. please, from the world we are telling you to stop stop these people from destroying our planet.

    1. Just read today Monosanto and Bill Gates had purchased Blackwater security,the most indescribably, treacherous,vicious abusive Security guard group in the world with. So I'd say American Soldiers will not have an opportunity to refuse to fight will be used somewhere else. think it is called, Xe..

    2. I'm sorry, that has got to be nonsense. Bill Gates has no ties whatsoever to Monsanto. Nor has XE been purchased by anyone.

    3. denial is not helpful at this point. Yes bill gates is a bad man, XE has been purchased by Monsanto and we've been eating poison without our knowledge or permission for nigh on 20 years. Birth rates are dropping, vaccines are killing, and sterilizing along w/GMOs.

    4. Gates has interests in Monsanto do some research.If gates had his way
      90 percent of the population would be wiped out.


    "The part that really got me was Monsanto’s pledge from their website:
    Integrity: Falsifying information, faulty studies.
    Dialogue: Refusing interviews.
    Transparency: Confidential documents, company secrets.
    Sharing: Taking land from local farmers.
    Benefits: Cancer, hepatitis, death.
    Respect: Trashing scientific opposition."

  166. I agree that Monsanto is evil. But, if we walk off from the contract we have with the evil - refuse to pay the royalties, then the problem is solved. Do we we have to follow the rules/laws that are made by them and in favour of them? Let's say F***-off Monsanto and the like.

  167. Excellent. Watchin' this just after Food, Inc.

    I must say, this company is evil... =/

  168. Thank you Julia,
    The list just goes on and on. Unfortunately, I don't think Mr. Obama or the First Lady have much to say here.

  169. When if ever does thier patents on GM seed run out?

  170. Christ. This is absolutely outrageous. Mega corporations are destroying society as we know it!
    The part that really got me was Monsanto's pledge from their website:
    Integrity: Falsifying information, faulty studies.
    Dialogue: Refusing interviews.
    Transparency: Confidential documents, company secrets.
    Sharing: Taking land from local farmers.
    Benefits: Cancer, hepatitis, death.
    Respect: Trashing scientific opposition.

    You get the picture. F**k Monsanto.

  171. And so, the Obamas plant a lovely vegetable garden in their rather large backyard. Tom Vilsack becomes the Secretary of Agriculture (I wonder how he feels about Michelle's organic garden); Michael Taylor (featured in this documentary in telephone conversations) heads, once again, to the FDA. I imagine they come over for dinner and enjoy Michelle's pesticide-free, plump tomatoes (uhhh, that came out wrong). After the meal they likely laugh and say, "Let them eat cake!" albeit one made with genetically modified ingredients.

  172. regarding the comercial: after the dog kills the weed using round up, he retrieves a human cryptic.

  173. Monsanto needs to pay up for all the dioxin it has made and that would take care of them forever. They need to pay the people and families of all exposed and also clean up all sites where their dioxin has been used, stored around the world, as well as the oceans clean up of the barrels dumped there after Vietnam! This is their problem not the responsibility of the people using it! They made it! They sell it! Therefore they are responsible. Vietnam vets consolidated suit against them proves they knew about the health hazards and possible death of persons exposed! The memo found sent out by Monsanto saying to other chemical co. involved, "Do not leak that dioxin is a health hazard and could cause death!" This is their memo, not mine nor anyone using the chemical. That's why the Veterans won their case! However on that point, the $285,000,000 awarded by the court judge, only came to $900 each for the 400,000 vets involved. The lawyer got $1,000,000 the day of the decision. The veterans got their money as late as years later. How fair is that? Believe me as a suffering vet who didn't get any money from this suit, as I didn't qualify under guide lines at that time. I do now, but, oh how sad for me. Let's have a pity party for me. No, lets get rid of Monsanto! Then and only then will I be a little happy. I could get millions and not be happy. It's not about the money, like it is for them! I'll never be the same and I'm sure I'll die before I am supposed to because of my exposure. So will millions around the world! They are still selling dioxin to third world countries and they are going to poison the populations in the gene pool of seeds and ban organic crops that they don't own. They will own any crops that pollen from their crops germinate and they will then own that crop! Listen to the issue on this in the documentary!

  174. I am a Vietnam Vet who was exposed to Agent Orange! I have suffered from 27 symptoms since my exposure. My first clue to the horror was that where sprayed the environment looked like black death had set in, as all plant life was dead, along with bugs and animal life. Nothing was left. Then I was sprayed on (contrary to reported that this was never done according to our govt) with other vets with me and I had acne on my skin that day and worse as I couldn't wash in the bush, or for weeks after. That acne still didn't heal until I found, by chance to find that a medical center who was treating lead poisoning, used this same treatment on me and 67 other veterans who suffered the same symptoms as me. We all returned to a semi-normal life, as long as we kept up a regiment of treatments from this center. However they couldn't right the cancer that came 5 years ago and I was told by the VA that i had prostate cancer and I was going to die without surgery! I refused the surgery as I found Dr. Lorraine Day's answer of alternative treatment of cancer to surgery. She is a Cancer surgeon and she came down with cancer herself and is on the internet. She used prayer and frankincense to treat her cancer. It worked and she like me is cancer free without surgery. I put drops in my water I drank and the food I ate. I took a leap of faith, as I was told by authorities not to ingest this at all, as it will be very harmful to me.
    I did research on Agent Orange at a University that pointed out the discrepencies that both Monsanto and the govt. led on for us to believe.
    I let the information lead me where it may like this documentary. I found an article in the Discover magazine printed in 1986 I believe. The article was about Times Beach, Mo. and the horror there. Times Beach is a small town south of St. Louis, MO. (home of Monsanto) and the families there started to complain to authorities that their children were losing hair, coming down with leukemia, cancers and many other symptoms much like mine. The article pointed out that the town had gravel roads and they allowed someone to spray an oil based liquid to be sprayed on the dust down. In every 50 gallon barrel used there was 1 ounce of dioxin used in each barrel. By the way Dioxin is what was used in the 50 gallon barrels of Agent Orange. Guess what, in each barrel of Agent Orange was 1 pound of dioxin per barrel.
    No one responded to the out rage of the people for their health symptoms. Yet, as the article said, when a horse died in one of many horse arenas in the area that was also sprayed by the same people that sprayed this chemical to control the dust in the arena's. The horse was 2,700 lbs and the EPA was called in to find the reason for the horses death. They took the horse and put it on a metal slab out in that arena and did a 1/4 inch cut in his abdoman and they abstacted fatty cell tissue from the cut to find out if there was a poison in the animal. The EPA person was pictured in this article wearing a moon suit to protect him from any exposure of possible toxins. In the same picture several computers were surrounding him and the computers found that the horse contained enough dioxin in it's system to kill 10 times it's weight! They stated that it absorbed this dioxin through it's hooves! What? In the article they decided to remove the areas sprayed with this chemical both in the arenas and in the town. They filled dump trucks full of the road gravel and the horse arenas. The town people were warned by the EPA to move from the town in fear of it's health and could cause possible deaths. What? The EPA was shown, along with pictures of the dump trucks tires and outside with EPA people wearing moon suits washing off the tires and outside! What? They drove the trucks to an undisclosed site and they incinerated this soil and gravel at a temperature of 3,700 degrees! What? Guess what! Dioxin is formed by a temperature of only 150 degrees. Dioxin occurs at a level depending on the amount of temperature of 150 degrees and over. For ever degree over 150 degrees dioxin occurs at an alarming level for every degree over that temperature. For every degree it multiplies itself by itself which is astronomical to say the least. So then why did they incinerate it at such a high level. They misled people and press to a false understanding of how to dispose of this horror chemical. They convinced all that this took care of the problem. Then why did they tell the towns people to leave after they removed the soil? Because they knew that what they were doing didn't take care of the problem. It was mentioned in the article that down stream of the town, the Mermac River's fish was found to have extremely high levels of dioxin and mercury! What? You see it poisoned the whole environment, including down stream fish!
    In an hour into this documentary about Monsanto addresses Agent Orange. Be patient and if questioning my credibility, then watch what they say!

  175. BINGO!!!! First, Obama takes away our guns, then our food! The world has never seen the likes of what is about to happen to The United Socialist States of America.

  176. This is truly scary, one corporation ruling the world and the people. This is not going to end well.