A World Without Water

A World Without Water

2006, Environment  -   92 Comments
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As less and less water is available, you have yet another problem being added and that is the problem of privatization.

There are companies now saying why don't we bottle it, mine it, divert it, sell it, commodify it. That greed of privatization, I believe, will be much worse than climate change and everything else that has left us with the water crisis.

The world is running out of its most precious resource. True Vision's timely film tells of the personal tragedies behind the mounting privatisation of water supplies.

More than a billion people across the globe don’t have access to safe water. Every day 3900 children die as a result of insufficient or unclean water supplies. The situation can only get worse as water gets ever more scarce.

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  1. El Pollito

    at about 4 minutes the little girl says that other kids call her a "filthy pig" and that she is "black" from not showering....yet the subtitles say that they call her a "n*gger". WTF?!?! since when does "black" translate to "n*gger"?
    For the record....i get no joy from using that word, i simply wanted to make a point. And in case anyone is wondering, i am not black i am full blooded mexican and i stand with anyone of any color who stands with me.

  2. Seymore Butts

    Europeans really screw everyone.

  3. DustUp

    Tired of these ignorant documentary producers who never deal with the actual. Chemtrails/GeoEngineering is a fact, it is one of the methods the bankster/elite are using to corner the market on food and water as well as exterminate us in their population reduction plans.

    When you prevent snowpack via Chemtrails and cause flooding in other areas, the environmentalists CHOOSE to misrepresent (lie) about the cause.

    If YOU want to do something, write your congressperson to tell them to stop the Chemtrails and stop listening to the lying Chemtrail promoters. It is a VERY important issue because it affects us all. It slowly ruins the growing soil and stunts the crops. Slowly kills everything, including us. If your Congresspersons refuse to even respond, vote them out in near to an election. If not, impeach them for dereliction of duty. They are part of the swamp (progressive-communist bankster minions) if they want the world to be continually showered with nano Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium as well as other things on occasion, as it is now and has been for at least a couple of decades.

    If you are unaware of this do a web search for a GeoEngineering watch website where you can find the govt documents which provide for the "Weather Modification" as well as videos and lots of other info. I think "What in the world are they spraying" and/or "Why in the world are they spraying" are available on this website, if not youtube.

  4. Kay

    And all of this happened because of large corporations like Pepsi and etc etc who use use to make sh*t that is not only unhealthy for you but unhealthy for the environment. And there are billions of sheeple who unwittingly support this sh*t because they don't want to the the rich natural foods their ancestors ate...no they want to eat junk food that will shorten their lifespan how lovely and smart of them right? smh...

  5. Angelic Messenger

    To Aleister Crowley, this subject is not fear mongering. I just returned from a town in East Africa that I am researching where resident travel by taxi for 17km per day to buy water in about 6 jerry cans for a family of two adults and four children. It takes up to 3 hours to travel in three wheel taxi including dirt road. They earn very little and so water is an exorbitant cost for them.

    I am researching agriculture but after my stay I realised water is the real problem. The government has not maintained pipes to local water source (also some distance away) so the traditional ponds that are meant for animals is now being shared with humans who cannot afford water. Children are constantly dirty and I never saw anyone wash themselves or clothes whilst I was among them. One morning I used half of a 500ml bottle of water to wipe myself down with tea tree oil and soap. Small businesses have gone bust, one son has dropped out of school cause he cannot wash.

    Ironically, the village is food secure but cannot always obtain water for cooking. I was fearful to eat from the proud family who did not ask me for money and suggested I give them what I wanted to when I offered. I suspect that this country is heading down the water privatisation route as it is seriously in debt for the poor development taking place throughout the country.

    Water in their area has also dropped and interestingly a large multi-national has started industrial irrigation to produce maize in less than 10 miles form the community. When I was leaving for my two hour road trip to get a flight to the capital, they gave me a 2lt bottle of water! Many in the west have no idea how most of the world lives because they are too busy getting drunk, drinking soft drinks, playing on games consoles and watching banal television programmes.. They are dumbed down and when the problems come their way they will be totally unprepared unlike those in the global south who adapt each day.

  6. Sorsha

    Boycott water utilities. Harvest rainwater and bore a hole in the garden. Stuff them.

  7. Paul

    My showers are long because I sing and dance for the first 20 minutes. LOL I know its wasteful but theres plenty of water where I live.

  8. SamtheSham

    the sentiment at 57`18" is correct and the World Bank is ONLY and ever ONLY interested in profit (that's why it's called a bank, not the "World Mendicity Institute") there are unfortunately too many humans making too great demands on a finite resource. The "solution" is clear. Reduce demand by fewer demanding it.

    1. Alex Pawel

      I agree.. Lower the population.. Stop bearing children.. For they are the ones who suffer for your parental choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Healer

    We must change. The corporate profits of capitalism over children and there health is nothing but child abuse. These people should be criminally charged and jailed for withholding water from a child. so should all capitalists that put profit before life.

  10. cyberfrank

    it s clear that some people are not going to survive in some areas in the future, with the planet warming up further, they will have to move where it s available, governments should have the responsibility of providing it, not private companies, one cannot survive without it.

  11. bewater

    Really good. If you liked it I recommend you to watch "Blue Gold World Water Wars". Be Water


    It's a shame the most basic things been privatized and withold from us by corporate greed and peoples live in conditions in the 21 st century which put Humanity in shame,because what we dispose in the daily bases could help so many innocent peoples when a little girl crying because yhe other kids don't play with her because she don't have acces to clear water it's break my hearth we do this to each other this world really need a revelation in god's eye we already doomed to be sucessfully exist in this world

  13. john

    Great documentary, I would have to agree with others that overpopulation is our biggest problem we have to face. Simply just because so many deny this and when you talk about the issue to most you are looked as being a sick or weird individual.

    There is no solution to overpopulation we will forever continue to fight diseases, old age, handicaps, natural disasters etc. Don't get me wrong I think the medical advancements are awesome. And I wouldn't want anyone to suffer or not have a chance at a good life. I think most people would agree and this IS why there is no solution.

    All life is greedy to some degree. We are just a little too greedy and refuse to accept natural causes.

    I figured this out when I was younger and was forced to go to bible school. "Live forever?" "Heaven"? Everybody is just floating around being good? What is good or happiness when their is no sorrow or evil? Will we be just like animals then? Man we are some confused greedy apes.

  14. bumpercrop

    Why are people in such denial about overpopulation of our human species? We have finite resources. We have doubled our population since 1950. It is hard to do, but we must face the fact that our numbers are destroying our habitat. We can not blame the 1% for all of our problems. We breed prodigiously and carelessly, and if we continue to
    deny this reality, we will destroy the health of our planet.

    1. space monkey

      I would like to challenge this commonly held belief.

      While I agree that, because of the technology used is unsustainable, the amount of people living right now will very likely throw off nature's balance if their ways do not change.

      However, instead of reducing numbers, humanity can insead change the technology being used. Nature has abundant and scarce resources. However, greedy humans think strictly in terms of scarcity, because scarce resources are more valuable. To illustrate this, I've heard stories about fruit trees being cut down from the streets in the 1930s to increase sales at supermakets. Public, abundant, free things are considered a threat to something limited that was created under corporate control.

      If more green technologies and practices were in use, the number of people currently would not nearly as much of a threat to the health of the planet. If, somehow, green technologies could become as profitable as oil, I think things would change rather quickly.

      I do agree that more thought should be put into before breeding, however I am skeptical of any group that tries to put limits on this. More education is the key, I think.

    2. fender24

      So U argue we shall all become like china?

    3. bumpercrop

      Hopefully, we will become a more enlightened species and realize that we must live in harmony with nature and natural resources and other species, rather than continue the domination mode of thinking over nature. As people realize that our numbers are crowding out our species ability to survive, logic will persuade societies to self-govern the size of their own reproduction. We simply must leave the ape-mind mentality and evolve if we want our species to survive. I think you might want to research the great famines of China. Perhaps you might understand why the one child policy came to pass.

    4. bumpercrop

      I think a one-child policy is a good policy for the future of species survival. However, I think this policy could be presented in such a way as to encourage the public to voluntarily limit reproduction. For instance, if you have more than one child, you pay higher taxes.

    5. roger andout

      You're right. We don't let farm animals breed unrestrained, but allow ourselves to do so to the detriment of the entire ecosysyem, ourselves included.

  15. rcfjr

    This was hard to watch. Too many errors and assumptions. There is no problem with water, just a problem with politics and governments. All I see is government forcing people to buy in to water. Just look at Colorado, USA. There it is now illegal to capture water from rainfall.

    1. be reel pictures

      It has always been illegal (ever since 1874 when the doctrine of prior appropriation was signed) to collect rainwater in Colorado. The theory is that water thus collected doesn't get into the water table. Water in the water table belongs to someone, those with senior and junior water rights. Colorado wouldn't be settled without irrigation systems. There otherwise isn't enough rainfall to grow crops. Colorado is looking at conservation systems to see how much "injury" rainwater collection by city dwellers would actually cause to downstream users. Water law is complex in Colorado, as in the entire Western U.S.

  16. truthhuntergeneral

    wow, i think this vid should go viral, and everybody who sees it should send it on to as many people as they can.
    i have known about this problem for some years now, and it never stops amazing me when i see when i see everyday people sucking up that corrosive filth that coke forces upon us, with out a care in the world and absolutely no understanding of how they are contributing to the suffering of so many.

    im no tree hugger, in fact im rough northerner from the UK, but i defy anybody to say they dident have a tear in there eye, when the little girl at the begging of this doc was talking about her little life, jesus WTF are we doing to this world by sitting idly by, as greedy corporations cash in on our very exsistance and our right to life its self.
    It was only 2 years ago when coke was caught with their fingers in the till, bottleing normal tap water and selling it to us as mineral water! how did they survive that little gaff?.
    let me ask you this? now you have seen this doc will you ever support coca cola again by buying their products?.
    i cant be the only person who is truly enraged by coca cola's candid and open exploitation of millions of people world wide.
    on another note, it would be very interesting to see how much they pay their so called "director of global water resources" to tell them what they want to hear, and besides that, where dose that job come from any way? who put that guy in charge of the worlds water.

    Another bit in the doco was interesting, where they are talking about water shorts in america? humm! could that be because they have been selling their water to china for years now, thats right, they pump it directly from their own Aquifers and fill up massive million ltr + bags, that are then towed behind container ships streight to china.

    im not even half way through this doco yet but i had to start commenting or my head will explode, although it has done one good thing, because i for one will be looking into how much it costs to get a family hooked up to water in Bolivia, and if i can help out with that, i will be on a plane in the new year.
    i want to see my money put to work rather than just give it to a faceless charity.

  17. Trash CanMan

    Why not ban wastefull commodities such as mass produced softdrinks? homeade lemonades and fruit juices would more than quech the thirst and feed the sugar addiction in all of us, If it takes 3 Gallons to make one when water now costs far more than a stupid and wastefull full softdrink which only serve to increase your dentist bills which are also becomming unafordable for alot of people in even the so called developed world. Now you can all queue up your posts about how stupid I am or about "why should we give up blah blah blah" or whatever. The fact is these are luxuries we can and should now live without through every fault of our own, me included. I am no incoent party at all in this, but if someone told me that softdrink companies now had to close down I know I would be smart enough to find an alternative to my drinking habits, how many of you can say that? the answer should be all of you......
    As the narrator points out many times in this Shockumentary, the drout IS coming! so what will you do about it? Besides bitch and moan about this being a bad suggestion, simply because it forces you all to pull yourself away from the keyboard and start using your own heads

  18. Reagan De-giorgi

    gods got nothing to do with it because theres no such thing beliving in god is what got us into this mess in the first place ,letting corperations take over the wrld instead of sharing recorces out evenly amounst the people of this earth the earth belongs to all of us not some corperation and not some govenment and not no relegion behind it

  19. dehadista

    I cried for joy at the end, when I saw the children so happy to have water showered onto them. God Bless them. God punish those greedy motherf--kers.

  20. Stan

    Skywater Alternative Energy is what they need.

  21. Nicci Winsmore

    The usual take over by corporations is what is creating this situation for poor people around the world. Coca Cola is an example of a useless commodities which is, im sure, responsible for the deaths of countless people whose water has been stolen. All this to make kids fat in the western world. This should be a crime against humanity.

  22. madscirat

    As per usual the liberal looks at corporations which have monopolies on services and resources and blames the free market. WHAT FREE MARKET?? There is none, all these western water companies are monopolies who use their influence to get contracts from the government for the entire utility. They have no competition and thus there is no market whatsoever. That means there is absolutely zero ZEEEERRRROOO! pressure on these companies to charge competitive rates. They can charge whatever they want and they will and that is exactly how it is supposed to work because we DO NOT live in a free market society, we live in a cartel society where government and industry combines to grant unilateral control over the economy to a small number of vested interests.

  23. Ivan Lee Dankewich

    I'm NOT EVER drinking COCA COLA again.Blaming the farmer that was thier 1st.

    The farmers should sue them !!

  24. jednme

    We who are so lucky to live in Countries of wealth and with adequate clean water to drink, just take it for granted. OUR WATER IS RUNNING LOW AND THERE IS SO MUCH WASTED. Watching this video is heart breaking but very true. The horrible repercussions of lack of water is devastating. We must all work hard to conserve water and to lobby our govts to ensure that the water we use is taken from areas that can support the demand. As the populations grow the water is being taken from aqifers and many other means to support the demand. Something serious neds to be done to stop deforestation, raoing of the land and wasting of our precious water, so that our children and their children can enjoy the freedom to turn on a tap and there is the water they require. Without water the world will not survive. Mankind needs to be more vigilant and not just take water as our right to use, however and when ever we wish.

  25. Winston Smith

    isn''t most of earth's fresh water frozen in Antarctica?

  26. Nandkishor

    This is the best for showing the school students as a teacher I will definitely show.

  27. bo

    There is not a water shortage... it is being artificially created by those pumping the water into their reservoirs. There is no logic and consistency to the 'global climate change' rhetoric. Remember that they say the glaciers are melting away and will cause the water levels to rise? The idea is to scare people that many coastal cities will be threatened by this rising water... yet they also say that 'global climate change' will mean less water? Logically it cannot be both ways.

    1. donlars

      You seems to think that all water is the same. Try drinking sea water for a few weeks... This documentary concerns fresh water.

    2. M.j. Ollie

      You're wrong, there is a water shortage. Only there's no shortage in the western world, most of the time. I live in Holland. We are also beginning to experience problems. Our has the problem that sea water is rising making farmland useless.
      Our waterfootprint lies mostly in products made in other countries, and for a great deal in countries which have water shortages. That is because the use of (ground)water in the western world (at least in Holland) is restricted through the issueing of permits to extract and use the water. This costs quit a lot of money. These regulations don't exist, or are not being issued by government due to, for instance, corruption. There might be a permit for extracting the water, but you have to ask yourself if all the interests of the invironment and other users are being considered in the proces of permitting extraction. Clearly they are not. A factory like coca cola could extract something like 150.000 m3 of water a day (or week) doesn't matter which. Considering the porosity of the ground (for instance in a course ground aquifer around 30%) This means for one m3 of water you need to extract all the water from 3 times that amount of soil.
      If the aquifer is 100 m thick, you could pump from that depth (with industrial pumps that is possible) and with hardly any refilling of the aquifer, as is the case in for instance parts of India and Africa (or any other dry part of the world) drop for hundreds of miles around the well for several dozens or even a hundred feet. Precisely what these farmers describe. This can be simply calculated. Coca Cola will investigate if theyr production proces won't be troubled by this, but they don't consider the consequences for the locals. They don't care.
      70% of the worlds water footprint is agriculture, that's true, but most of that in developing countries, the farmers use only what they need en will never use water they don't have, they can't pump that much up, it's to costly for them. So the problems emerge where great companies are not properly regulated or controlled and cut in to the water cycle of farmers and other users.
      so roughly 70% is farming 25 % is used by industrie and 2 % is used by households, such as in the western world. We have to limit our use, only for awareness, not to make the biggest difference in the world.
      Companies can also be agricultural, but are always focused on profit, not "doing the right thing". That is the problem.
      Off all the water in the world, 3% is fresh water, and 90% of the fresh water is not (directly) accessible for drinking water. So there is really a limited amount of water available and we are greatly abusing it. And I mean, we the western world with our profit driven companies providing us (we don't have a direct shortage, we earn enough to pay for it) with drinkable water.
      But we do have a great issue at hand here for the coming generations to solve. That is worldwide.

      I'm sorry to tell you like this, but you have no idea what you're talking about.

  28. Justin Mars

    Has anyone heard of the new danger to the world ? They are finding it in lakes, rivers and oceans. Its called DHMO and it is very dangerous. Just thought you should all be aware.

  29. Charanjot Singh

    great work vlatko......

  30. Rajesh

    supper visualisation

  31. Sunny

    Why is no white person affected by water shortage. This all a conspiracy by blood sucking white people who live in their mansions leaving the entire world wit problems. These white people would eventually get killed as a result of their exploitative and profit making policies.

    1. Me

      because white people originate in the north, and most fresh water is there num nuts

    2. Amber

      Really Sunny?? Out of the tens of thousands of people in Detroit you don't think some of those are white?? What world do you live in?? What a ridiculous statement!! Maybe if you and others didn't waste your energy thinking everyone is picking on your race and actually stood up to help those in need of basics essentials of life we could all live better!! We have a black president now, we do not live in the 60's anymore but opinionated people like you that dwell on this crap is what holds us back!! Stop pointing fingers and get off your a** to help the world out...not just your race!!!

  32. Yi Wen Qian

    Government subsidised water tanks in homes anyone?

  33. Iconix

    And look at the village people, THEY ARE MESSY. They have trashing laying around their house in their home, no wounder why you water is dirty as well.
    ANOTHER call to BS!


      U uneducated Neanderthal, get back in your cave and make that brain of yours work as to why they are MESSY !!!

    2. Iconix

      Sorry didn't see the, "need education" sign to see that trash just lying around isn't messy. What I really meant was, " They are Trashy people." Seeing how not one attempt to pile the trash up in an area, or in bags (once again lying around) could be a better way to try and not be trashy.

  34. Iconix

    The lady in Detriot dont have an money to pay for her water bill BUT look at all the GOLD ear rings and rings etc. SO SHE REALLY can not pay for water hu? I call BS!

  35. Aleister Crowley

    Fear mongering drivel.

  36. Kumamori

    Without watching the documentary, I can already tell you the same anyone who knows the basics of permaculture or natural graywater systems can: you'll have water as long as you can utilize that basic knowledge. Those two topics hold the very answers. Plus, don't support financially nor in any other way anyone who takes your water away or forces water systems which you can replace as long as it's you who owns the land or if you get permission from whoever owns the land you live on.

    edit: the answer is trees and using your graywater to water plants that purify the water, then make that purified water stream down by making land descend slightly on that spot if it already doesnt'. Trees create shade, shade cools earth, water stays in cool earth longer. Clay earth is not as healthy as black, airy earth... cut down grass and let it rot there, you get healthy earth. Don't throw a single plant away. When you have enough trees you will have water and rain, unless someone takes your rain and water away.

    1. Hannah McCormick

      What do you do with waste? Human waste that cannot be used as fertilizer?


    Its a nice film very educational. can i have a copy of " A world w/out water"

  38. scwrestler

    I NEED HELP! that little girl broke my heart, can anyone help me find information about who made this documentary? i need to email them. Please, i need to meet this girl. Please please help me if you can

    1. Chris Shaw

      Why would wrestler want to meet a little girl? Best check yourself

  39. candy

    nestle company also draining the great lakes in michigan.

    1. Aleister Crowley

      Uhm, no. The great lakes are draining as a result of the Earth's crust slowly springing back from being deformed by the weight of the ice sheets. The Great Lakes are going to pretty much disappear over the next thousand years or so. Watch the documentary "How the Earth was made," it is explained in one of the episodes.

    2. Oscar Sanchez

      you are so ****** you actually belived what they said in that show that show had so many flaws it is not funny keep telling your self that maybe if you repeate it enough times you can convince yourself

  40. candy

    forcing sewage lines in communities is not good.

  41. candy

    very good. knowing that here in america,too ,families cannot get water yet are being charged even after the service is cut.

    1. Aleister Crowley

      That's because socialist liberals have been running our cities for a few decades now.

  42. Isihwr

    Not an issue of privatization or irrigation? A problem of overpopulation? IDK but common sense tells me that water just doesn't simply disappear because there are more people on Earth, but simply that it's improperly allocated, and stagnating instead being appropriately reintroduced into the natural environment via good-old fashioned pissing. Our environment is self-contained and there's the law of equal exchange, which means that aside from any extra H2O that may have arrived from landed meteorites, there's no more or less of in earth's atmosphere it's simply either stagnating in sewage systems, being contained, being converted, or simply being withheld.

    1. bo

      That is exactly correct... water being pumped and stored in reservoirs, put in plastic bottles for the stores, and so forth... and not being reintroduced into the ecosystem. One step further to analyze the 'global climate change' rhetoric... in particular, the 'ice glaciers' are melting and when cause the water levels to rise in the world, threatening most everyone. So... if the glaciers are truly melting, as the claim goes, you will have more H2O introduced into the system... and that would make 'global climate change' a welcomed event. Yet, they want to say that global climate change will be responsible for world wide drought... so what is the truth there, if any?

  43. Ang

    sorry for all the typos I spilled water on my keyboard abd some of hey keys do not work. kind of ironic not really.

  44. Ang

    The part where Vanessa is sobbing because noone wants to play with her messed me up. She is so precious.. all of them are. But how do I help them? Now I look at coke and all I see are sociopathic killers.... pretty sure if an individual deprived a child of water or a long period of time they would be crucified in the media and elsewhere...so why coke isnt being treated as such is beyong me

  45. Tom

    Boycott all soft drink companies. That c@#$ isn't good for people anyway!

  46. Doggiejigs

    @Locke ONE child per couple, eliminating all tax credits and so forth that currently encourage having several kids since most of the costs and all the costs for schooling are foisted onto everyone else to pay for.
    If parents had to pay the full costs for food, school, busing and all the rest , they'd think twice about popping out 3 or 4 or 5. 'Octomom' types should be condemned not encouraged.
    A person's right to reproduce ENDS when it's destroying the planet, the environment and makes it far more difficult for everyone else already here, especially when WE are the ones footing the bills for this reproduction in the form of high property taxes paying for their kid's schooling, free breakfast and lunch at school, the yellow $3 a gallon tax payer paid fueled limo service to and from school and all the rest.

    Your right to reproduce ends when *I* have to pay for it!

    1. bob

      next you will be promoting eugenics..it doesnt matter that multinationals ar e wrecking the planet..oh no thats fine but some poor peasant ,,well never mind we can gas them

    2. bumpercrop

      Please do not condemn people for stating the facts of reality.
      We need to tell the truth. Our world is overpopulated. Stop denying that fact. Stop accusing people of promoting eugenics because they observe reality. It is manipulative
      and shows fear.

  47. Locke

    How do you propose to lower the population? I'm assuming the best, most humane way would be to institutionalize a reproductive quota, as China has successfully done. But aren't reproductive rights also essential? And the undesired, yet unavoidable ramifications of child quotas is late term abortions (because in nearly all underdeveloped countries there is a bias towards having boys, and it isn't until the 2nd trimester that sex is determined... if these people can afford ultrasounds at all) and infanticide. Infanticide also significantly increases suicide rates among mothers (who apparently don't really want to kill their children, regardless of gender). Yes, this all lowers the population, ut creates an entirely new humanitarian crisis.

    And there is definitely a preference for males over females in the developing world, just look at the sex ratios in poor countries. It's ranges anywhere from 1050+ males to 1100 males per 1000 females when a normalized sex ratio is about 1040 females per 1000 males, indicating that parents let their daughters die so that their sons might live (they pay for doctor's visits for sons but not daughters).

  48. Doggiejigs

    Theres more consumption is why, not to mention the pollution caused by the billions of mouths on this planet.
    As a zoosexual, my partners can't produce babies, so I'm not adding to the disaster of global human overpopulation.

  49. Healer

    Here's a major question: does pure water get more scarse, or does pure water get more scarse because there's more consumption of pure water than there used to be? You cannot discuss this issue without discussing population limit issue, because availability of pure water is the biggest single reason why population cannot grow beyond certain point. I dare people ask the question: how would the future generations feel about us, if we allow population to grow limitlessly and create them a situation where desperate wars are fought for water?

    Sure, you can go on making babies and hope water purifying technology can answer the demand in future, but is it right to place all hope on that single card when there's an easy way to use another card? Mind you, I dont mean any inhumane act like some genocide-supporting fools, but merely ask baby-nakers to consider using protection or ejaculating to mouth instead of vagina. That way you can significantly reduce global starvation too.

  50. Philosophocles

    @ Jonah

    Again, all great points. But some of my ideas you seem to have misunderstood. I totally agree that people can and SHOULD acquire their own food and water now. I do not believe anyone should give away something they worked hard to make (beef, fish, art, fruit, sewage etc etc).

    Are there too many people in this world. Definitely. We don't have enough arable land to feed every person on this world, let alone hope we could all grow our own. What we need is: less people and more efficient technology. By technology I mean, a means of growing food that uses less resources.

    Low flush toilets are not the answer. I definitely agree we should have a completely better waste disposal system. Urine is almost all water, and everything else in it is sterilized. Feces are the real issue and for THOUSANDS of years man has not found a better way to dispose of them!

    So in short, because we are killing Vlatko's webspace (Sorry Vlatko)
    Water and Food should be each and every persons (or family's) responsibility alone. Putting it on a larger scale allows overpopulation to flourish. If we only ate/drank what we could grow/fetch on our own land, then vast majorities of the Earth would be uninhabitable. Only problem I see there is that people without arable land would soon be looking for places that do have it. The final conclusion? People are not intelligent/advanced enough to STOP killing each other. So, we have the best system available right now. Once people decide to evolve past violence, then we can evolve past this crude means of existence. Yes, I said crude. I can't agree that we have reached the pinnacle of civilization, although some might. That alas, is a whole different topic.

  51. Jonah


    Right, and in some countries such as Mexico, popping out numerous babies they can't afford in the first place is "machismo" it's a guy-virility thing and that has to change.

    On the food and water cost, anyone is free to grow and produce their OWN food, and collect their own water, be it from a well on their land or collecting rain water in cisterns, but no one has the right to expect other people to provide them with either food OR water at THEIR expense for free!

    The city water system and sewers have to be paid for somehow, those pipes, wells, pumps, chlorination, treatment and all the rest doesn't just appear like magic, someone has to build all that and the cost has to come from somewhere to provide the service and the ongoing maintenance.
    Where I live in the Midwest, a small town of 1800, my water bill runs about $6 per 1,000 gallons, and that includes the sewer for that.
    Food doesn't just appear like magic, grains have to be grown, harvested, processed, same with meat, vegetables and everything else, that means someone is paying for the COSTS for that, so it is 100% right that they sell that produce at a profit, and 100% wrong that anyone thinks they are entitled to pay nothing for someone else's work and expenses.

    Right, we don't need Coke, Pepsi, 7up, we don't need pizza, beef or pork chops either, but these are all things people want. If you want to look at wasted water and grain, look no further than the beef industry, it takes thousands of gallons of water to "grow" beef, and a huge chunk of the corn and grains that is grown today is used solely for animal feed to stuff the faces of millions of cows to produce beef we dont need.

    The energy loss (calories) converting corn, grains, pumped water to grow all that and water livestock to produce meat is a staggering loss ratio. An old rule of thumb is that it requires 50 bushels of corn to finish an animal for our U.S. desired endpoint (USDA choice grade; USDA yield grade 2 or 3; approximately 28% body fat). There are 56 pounds of corn in a bushel, so you will need around 2,800 pounds of corn to produce an animal that weighs 1,250 to 1,350 pounds.

    But don't forget that considering just meat cuts, the proportion of beef in the 1,250-pound animal is much lower. For example, carcasses are generally 63 to 65% of the 1,250 pounds, or approximately 790 pounds. Some of that carcass is fat that is not consumed, and some is bone (15% or so). Therefore, edible meat cuts and ground beef may be 600 pounds, or HALF the animal's original weight. 2,800 pounds of edible corn has to be grown, irrigated, harvested, transported, processed for 600# at most of meat.

    "I disagree with your point of the more people the more things we need. We do NOT need coke"

    We may not need Coke, but the average person will consume 38-50 tons (100,000 pounds) of food in a lifetime.

    Assuming three meals a day of about a pound of food and about 700 calories, eaten for seventy years, a person might eat...

    Assuming three meals a day of about a pound of food and about 700 calories meals, x 1 person x 365 x 70 years = 76,650 pounds or about 38 tons. That would fill a 53-foot semi to capacity, and could easily stock a large grocery store.
    That is the food requirement for *ONE* person living 70 years. Of course there is waste, which accounts for the higher figure, all those jars and cans and packages always have small amounts of food in them when thrown out, some spoils and some amount of leftovers on a plate are thrown away, especially in restaurants and fast food.

    "! We do not need to use 1.6 gallons (or more) of water per flush, to rid our homes of feces and urine."

    Many people have discovered low flush toilets don't flush well and as a consequence they have to flush a second, or even third time to totally empty the bowl, so they are low flush per flush but if you have to flush 2,3 times or you have to get your sewer roto-rootered frequently because of plugups, that's not saving water.

    My toilet is NOT low flush, in the 12, almost 13 years I've lived in my present house, I've never had to have roto-rooter come out to clear my line, and it goes down under the driveway about 100 feet to connect to a larger line under the road.
    I know if I had a low flush toilet, they'd be out here several times by now.

    We could go back to the days of chamber pots if that's what you prefer...
    What we should have is a small urinal in every bathroom for men, why waste the toilet for what is 95% water anyway.

    Electric is a necessity today, if we didn't have it, everything would come to a grinding halt because everything runs on computers now, from banks to store checkouts, food production, businesses, phones, all of it runs on electric and computers.

    Huge amounts of fossil fuel is WASTED shuffling humans from point A to point B, you get a woman and her 3 kids all getting on a plane to fly 2 states over just to see GRANDMA for Thanksgiving, and then they come back! You have businesses sending people on a plane or car somewhere just for a meeting, seminar or conference that could be done on-line with video conferencing, wasting untold amounts of fuel and adding that much more pollution for something as temporary and silly as a business meeting.
    X-mas, oh geez! in the coldest darkest month of the year you have untold megawatts worth of light bulbs burning all night and day for nothing, you have trainloads of giftwrap, plastic bows, cards, cardboard boxes wasted on exchanging gifts that "HAVE" to be wrapped up!

    Oh sure, it can be recycled, but the energy used to make it, and then recycle it is all LOST and wasted.
    What we need is ONE child per couple, either by legislation, or by removing all tax incentives for any beyond one, this includes billing the parents directly for school, bus, school lunch. We make it too easy for these people who want 4,5 and 6 kids to pop them out and WE all have to pay for their food (WIC, food stamps) preschool, primary school, school lunch, running almost door-to-door limo bus service with 8 ton buses running on diesel.
    We need to get the population back down to at least 1950's levels, which was 150 million in the USA- less than half what it is now.

    At 150 million it didn't matter much what people did, they could use or waste 50% more materials
    than they did and it would still have 50% less impact than today.
    This crapola about saving 10 watts by changing bulbs, turning down the heat to 65 at night and all the rest is just BS, it's meaningless when we keep exponentially expanding the POPULATION.
    Our cars today get about 300% more MPG than their 1960's 1970's counterparts did, the ones that had the big block V8 engines getting about 10-12mpg, the Cadillac Cou-De-Ville, Buick, Bonneville, you know the ones. Yet we import more oil than every, and every year MORE.
    We are fighting a losing game there, even if cars now got 100 MPG, in a few years we'd still need more oil.
    The whole key to everything is population.

    Overpopulation is why we have increased crime, more violence, more shortages and problems, more pollution, you jam 9 million people onto Manhattan Island and you see the results- murders, rape, robbery, violent crimes in much higher percentages per 1,000.

    1. bob

      why own water? next water companies will claim they own clouds..

    2. Urbandweller

      Where to begin...you're thoughts on waste are "spot on." The big issue is population and this is where we might disagree somewhat. I'll start with a simple story from childhood...when ever I saw a Mercedes Benz it was such a big thing to see...that was something. Today, it's nothing. The word "millionaire" as a child was unbelievable . Today we've got billionaires. At one point, Mark Zuckerberg was the youngest billionaire ever.
      My point is over population was a calculated decision. By whom? Multinational corporations. Most of what they make their money on are relatively cheap products...not enough to become a multimillionaire or billionaire unless you have a seven billion population. Now that they are "rejoicing" in their wealth they establish austerity measures to kill people off. They allow covid-19 to take hold of the elderly, minorities, and physically compromised to die. They've got most of the AI technology in-place to replace most of the "working class." So when a " welfare mother " with 3 or more children turns to the government for assistance who's to blame? Who's at fault? Who's educated and intelligent enough to "know better?" Are we to blame the ills of the world on an incredibly huge population of poor people who worked meager and inconsistent jobs who can only afford to buy Coke, Nestle and other cheap products? The ones who tend and feed billions of animals (all grunge jobs)? Or are the people at the top who purposely perpetrated the whole mess? Feed the welfare mother and her children as much as they need with good housing and excellent education. A human being was born on "their" mother planet and they deserve better...much better. If we want to reduce the population reduce eliminate cheap, junk, fake food. The population will level off naturally. Fingers are always pointing in the wrong direction...at poor people. If the wealthy can't control their avarice greed how can we expect poor and badly educated people to do the same?

  52. Philosophocles

    @ Jonah
    I concur. After some inspection, I found the main family of this movie to be very flawed. How do you expect your wages to cover you when you keep having kids? Your wages didn't increase, but I suppose the five minutes (or less) of sex you absolutely had to have was worth it. Not to mention the fact that the father didn't really even have a job. Alas I can not agree on your view that food and water (things we need to live) should cost money at all. But in our current society, there is no way to get rid of money, because as you so eloquently stated its "all connected directly to overpopulation!" After the discovery of oil and all its pointless, albeit, convenient uses (gas, plastic, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs etc etc) population boomed. And after the invention/discovery of insulin and vaccines, people became less susceptible to dying. Which is definitely bad on a FINITE planet.

    However I disagree with your point of the more people the more things we need. We do NOT need coke! We do not need to use 1.6 gallons (or more) of water per flush, to rid our homes of feces and urine. We do not need silly gadgets, electricity etc etc. They are all just conveniences. FOOD AND WATER on the other hand are not optional. We need them to survive. So to say its not COKEs fault is somewhat correct, but also slightly incorrect. Its all in the way you skew it.

  53. Jonah

    Root of the problem is not Coke, not irrigation, its human OVERPOPULATION in areas that can't support it, in a finite environment with limited resources!

    A guy who cant afford the water hookup shouldnet have several kids he also cant afford!

    "Factories pollute water to this day. Polluted water means more sick people. The pharmaceutical industry is booming. Also, the Water business (which should be an oxymoron as we all (plants and animals included) need water) is booming. "

    Of course, and that's ALL connected directly to overpopulation! the more people the more things they need and the more factories have to be built!

    "we earn 7p... a day how can we afford it?"

    Well, if you didn't have that house full of KIDS you might afford it grandma!

    1. Aleister Crowley

      This is America's future. Our government wholly supports dysgenics. The productive can barely afford to have one child while the state pays the unproductive to reproduce irresponsibly. Sooner or later, the population of unproductive bottom feeders will become unsustainable. Hell, we're about there now. We've been spending the past few decades producing a breed of super low-life, so it won't be like your grand dad's depression. My advice? Buy more ammo.


      Bottom Feeders ? Oh wow is this the very own people you are taking about that actually make half of your own country! Here is the prime example as to why your country is where it is today ,trigger happy red neck George W retarded supporters ! My advise ? Get as much ammo in a back pack and fill up your pockets as well and your shoes and then jump in a fire . P.S make sure you make a video and get someone to post on youtube so we can enjoy the show !


      Bottom Feeders ? Oh wow is this the very own people you are taking about that actually make half of your own country! Here is the prime example as to why your country is where it is today ,trigger happy red neck George W war mongering supporters ! My advise ? Get as much ammo in a back pack and fill up your pockets as well and your shoes and then jump in a fire . P.S make sure you make a video and get someone to post on youtube so we can enjoy the show !

    4. bob

      and the kids get sick and die, so at rate they get born some are getting sick and die..its no as though they are falling into the sea...oh wait did you overlook that little issue about land ownership?

    5. Martin Palmgren

      -> Jonah
      I know this is a very old comment, but just can't resist to reply.
      It's good that you are reacting and I can really understand your frustration. But it is no point to try to point out who is guilty of this disaster, because you can newer find anyone. Todays mess is all a result of errors in the our system, way to complex to be boiled down to a few reasons that can be adressed.
      Humans are biological creatures in a complex ecological system. We work as any other living being in most ways. We started agriculture some 10 000 years ago. Easier access to food led to an increase in population, just like any other creature in nature. Women eventually started to ovulate every month instead of once or twice a year and so on. Money was not even invented at this time.
      I totally agree that the planet is over populated, but I don't think it was anyones intention. We just thrived when there was plenty of food to go around.
      Our single mistake was to disconnect with nature and try to dominate it instead of living with it. No one can say that todays society works well, but the worst we can do is to start fighting each other. That only gives more power to the already powerful. Instead we have to come together and start to ignore the man-made reality that we live in, with it's man-made rules and illusions such as money. The only thing that we have to consider is the natural laws.
      Consider that the modern human has been around for 200 000 years. Todays industrial society is merely 200 years old. That should at least give a hint that we are doing something wrong. We have to realize that we can not live disconnected with the ecological system.
      We are the most intelligent species on this planet, experts on surviving and collecting food. Still we live in a society were you can starve to death staring at food through a window just because we believe money is something we need to survive????
      It is time to let go of all man-made illusions that has been imposed on us in the name of society. All we need is nature, which by the way belongs to everyone no matter what.

  54. Philosophocles

    Is water the issue or is money the issue?
    wasn't all water 'fresh' before someone decided a factory was a better way to make money?
    so now that making money has poisoned our 'fresh' water, we are forced to use money to buy clean water.
    Isn't that an ass backwards concept?
    Shouldn't they figure out a better way to re-purify all the water they've polluted, instead of charging more for the water that's left?
    Cuz our water used to be fresh remember?
    When did big business decide that we needed our water purified?
    Right after they poisoned it, i guess.
    So who is the real culprit?
    The same people that are making money off situations they created.
    Factories pollute water to this day. Polluted water means more sick people. The pharmaceutical industry is booming. Also, the Water business (which should be an oxymoron as we all (plants and animals included) need water) is booming. The police riot gear business is booming. The supermarket and fast food business is booming. But who reaps all the benefits? I assure you, everyone, everywhere owes the WORLD BANK. So who is really in charge when you don't find a way to get your own commodities? Not you, but them.
    And it doesn't really matter who 'they' are. You gave up your freedom a long time ago when you let the nameless, faceless, 'them' take control of the things you NEED to survive. And what did you trade it all for? MONEY. You traded your LIFE for MONEY. You cannot live without MONEY. The whole world runs on money and if you don't have enough you will eventually starve and die.
    Animals don't use money, why should we?
    Cuz we're more evolved?
    Less evolved if you ask me. Any animal can provide itself and its offspring with enough food and water and shelter to survive, can you do that? 'SURE, with enough money' you say. And yet you have signed your own life away. Alas I feel sorry for you, and send you as much Love and Light as I possibly can. For you have given away your freedom of choice. The only thing that was ever yours to begin with. No you will go and try to 'buy' it back. GOOD LUCK.

    Better option. Get out of the system. How? A great book once said 'seek and ye shall find'

  55. Flowy

    Sad. And scary. More good reasons not to buy Coca-Cola!

  56. Remco

    Getting frustrating that this vids are standing still at
    particulair parts:S

    We will all die!

  57. magarac

    Wouldn´t it be possible to place a factory like coke near the sea so they could use their money and technology to clean seawater. Seems a bit more difficult for the farmers to do so.

  58. yourboycal

    We should learn to share our flouride , Atenolol ,Atrazine,Carbamazepine,Estrone , Gemfibrozil, Meprobamate , Naproxen, Phenytoin, Sulfamethoxazole, TCEP , Trimethoprim Tainted water! While the US government regulates the levels of pathogens in US drinking water, there are no rules for pharmaceuticals and other compounds.

  59. JC Bennett

    This documentary inspired every emotion from me... I agree with Tyler; everyone should watch this.

  60. filter water

    Not the glittering weapon fights the fight but rather the heros heart.

  61. Syly1212

    I noticed when the world map was shown pointing out areas of the world that had had their water privatized, the US had no places with privatization. I find that odd, considering Europe seems to be privatized. But I hope it stays this way here.

  62. Fernando

    A nice documentary, complimentary to "Flow, for the love of water".
    Good macroeconomic and political insights on the reality of water depletion.
    Watch it

  63. Tyler

    Everyone must watch this.

    1. Alex Pawel

      this isn't for tyler, its for all. if you know you can't afford the water then why bring more children into the world for them to suffer? Stop bringing the children in you know you can't provide for!!!!!!!!!!!