The World's Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)

The World's Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)

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The World's Most Dangerous DrugOn the streets it is referred to as Crystal, Ice, and Crank. Methamphetamines are viciously addictive and provide the hyperactivity effects of Cocaine along with the delusional effects of LSD. As opposed to getting a short `high' from other drugs, this one will keep users pumped up from 6 to 12 hours and create feelings of paranoia, invulnerability, increased strength, euphoria, and may cause some to react in a violent fashion. As for health concerns, it rots the teeth, suppresses the appetite, induces insomnia, and causes brain damage among other things. Its ease of use makes it even more insidious as it can be swallowed, snorted, injected, or smoked and it is cheap to buy or can be easily manufactured by almost anyone.

Amphetamines can be found in virtually every community from the smallest towns to the largest cities and it radiates through all walks of life from the lowest to highest social classes. It is estimated that there are 26 million worldwide users of this drug. When law enforcement in the United States began to make a concerted effort to eliminate methamphetamine labs, supply then began to come from Mexico using routes already established by Cocaine Cartels.

The World's Most Dangerous Drug is only 50 minutes long but this is more than enough time to fully realize the shocking and devastating effects of methamphetamines. There are some graphic photos and a few disturbing video clips but they are necessary elements in complimenting and reinforcing the main message of this program. National Geographic has made a decent documentary here, and whether viewers want to watch this for educational purposes or just out of curiosity perhaps, I recommend it to everyone.

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  1. The most dangerous drug isn't meth. Its not even in the top 5 as being the most dangerous.
    In fact that assumption is based on society's view of it alone. If it was so dangerous then why has other countries started to decriminalization of it? Why has it been given to children and adults with prescriptions for ADHD such as Ritalin, Vyvanse. Adderall, liquid based as Quivalant XR, just to name some medical grade forms.

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  3. wow these met is dangerous , amazing ,peculier,

  4. Thank you to all of you so very much.for your story's n insight..I'm at a loss for words...I close friend of mine unfortunately was a drug user long story he used needles amongst other things..well a few days ago he got a hold of something very bad! What ever it was he died instantly! Now we were told that the drug he was using was crystal meth...we were told that it was mix or laced with something very strong but know one will say what it was!! Now his family n I would like to know what could do that to a 250 lb man who has been on drugs for over 40 yrs at the hospital a doc.said could have been rat poison. But we were told that rat poison would not had kill him like that. So now we need to know what could of ...

  5. This documentary is nothing but a bullsh*t scare tactic riddled with misinformation and what little info that's even remotely correct is either pulled out of context or has vital elements snipped out to make it seem worse.

    Be afraid everyone, cower in fear of big bad meth but smoke your carcinogenic cigarettes and weeze the rest of your lives away or chug your alcohol and do 80 down the road only to plow into some one.

    National geographic, you're a bunch of bias pieces of **** and you can go **** yourselves.

    1. Hence why the wiser of us always fact check many sources. Dr Carl Hart is an amazing person who is bringing to light the real, unbiased truth about drugs.

    2. You are a Complete Id**t!! I am an addict. Have been clean for 9 months. Rarely used meth, but did too many times throughout my life. I have watched my husband, the most kind, fun, funny, loving, hard working man you would ever meet, into a completely crazy, irrational, evil, uncaring man that I have ever seen. Our life is nothing but Hell for the last 9 months
      It has been so bad that I have contemplated suicide, and I am not the type that would ever do that up until this last 9 months. So apparently you are a meth head yourself because I am seeing it first hand destroy our life so you need to definitely open your eyes up or shut the f*ck up!

    3. Spoken like a true meth user who is in denial.

    4. you sound like youre trying to defend the drug, are you hooked on it?

    5. And you are sooo full of yourself, I won't even call you Sir,.. I didn't smoke cigarettes nor use alcohol. And my son has been a Meth user and is a has been on Meth for 23 years! He has put us his family, through Hell!!! So put yourself way down in this comment section. You are just a BSer!

    6. I for one can see your point of view. Editors and produces or "Hollywood", does indeed have the tendency to play on the art of misdirection. And for all 'nay' say'ers commenting: don't get it twisted, NO ONE IS ADVOCATING DRUG ABUSE! AND MORE LIKEY WILL NOT READ YOUR COMMENT(s).

  6. Meth is the worst in my opinion. I used for 7 years been sober two years but I started smoking quickly turned to needle. I weighed 70 pounds now 150 sober I was miserable but when I started I thought it was fun then I needed it I had cold sweets couldn't move felt deadly sick in bed until I got my next fix I ended up jumping out of a window woke up in icu shattered shoulder, broke neck and back and shattered my ankle had to learn to walk and and use my arm again it sucked and honestly I'm not sure why I began before I was sober I thought life wasn't worth living now sober scared to death of death and I have a wonderful family and so glad I'm sober today. I swear it's like the devil himself had control never did I think I could jump out a window or be where I was back then. I hope my story helps someone thinking it could be fun. Thank you for reading.

  7. To who ever said there is no such thing as bad drugs , just ignorant people .. putting household items into the system is bad on any level even if it was for half a second , it even would melt my floors , ignorance comes the second you decide to say there are no bad drugs . There is nothing good about meth or any kind of street drugs and many prescribed drugs . The fact that their is so much debate on this subject goes to show how its never going to get any better . We didn't think cigarettes were bad in the 80's either , how many have we lost to lung cancer and that didn't make your face fall off..

  8. Good thing I suck at making chocolate chip cookies LOL

  9. Meth is the most insidious kind of drug: It's cheap, accessible, and damaging. While these criteria apply to two other even more widely used drugs, ethanol and nicotine, what sets meth apart is its addictiveness. Only one hit is enough to do the trick in many cases; from that point forward the user faces the prospects of fighting a very destructive lifelong addiction.

  10. I had been on Ritalin and because of it i have a history of physically assaulting people, which would not have come if it weren't for Australia's corrupt State. I know; i'm delving into conspiracy theories here, but i seem to think my own mother orchestrated my plight of her own choice.

    1. Doctors overprescribe out of ignorance. Until they have an addicted family member, they just won't get it. Families suffer and Drugs kill....whether street or prescribed.

  11. An excellent, extraordinarily honest and well-written book on the psychological and biological effects on the life of a meth-amphetamine addict, is the autobiography entitled, "Tweak", by Nic Sheff. 2007

    1. White House correspondent and Journalist Bill Moyers also chronicled his son's demise in 'Broken'.

  12. Some more sensational over blown media hype. If we continue on this course and fail to teach the truth we are only destine for Issues such as this to escalate. How many times do we have to learn that this over blown media hyperbole, is counter productive in a society that has learned to mistrust it's Gov.?

    1. Agreed. Much like how crack was portrayed by the media in the 80's, which of course we all know now was indisputably placed in the hands of the less fortunate by said US government, the corrupt and shady af CIA...

  13. "If you can make chocolate chip cookies, you can make meth."

    Please. That's just stupid talk.

    1. Since zombie like druggies and uneducated thugs make this daily, anyone can....but does not mean they should. Doctors train 9 yrs to administer drugs. Thugs and addicts do it in a day without any cleanliness standards, or concern for who gets hurt, burned, or killed.

  14. Sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug, endogenous ftw

    The delirium from meth is due to sleep deprivation. The only thing this has in common with LSD is the fact that they both effect serotonin in the brain. However, they effect it in different ways, similar to how sex effects serotonin receptors differently from eating a nice a meal. like i previously stated, there's no such thing as a bad drug...only ignorance and irresponsibility. smg

  15. There's no such thing as a bad drug, only ignorance and irresponsibility. These people are not victims, no one ran up behind them and shoved a syringe in their neck.

    1. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard your nit picking semantics. To say that drugs are not bad is idiotic and irresponsible.

    2. Dealers hang in bars and restaurants daily to entice low paid workers with a 'free' 'boost' of energy, and they know they are leaving with tip money and will want more, once they hook them. We lost a 'waitress' and several of her friends this very way...and it continues regulary now 15 yrs later to unsuspecting workers in my little town, needing a boost, while dealers prey on their weaknesses daily.

    3. ahahaha seriously??? Do you have family members who are or were addicted to METH???? If you have not PLEASE YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO SPEAK!!!! SMH

  16. whew meth is da-n-ger-ous......

  17. The story of the couple in a snow blizzard in Nebraska was dumb. I feel sorry for the people in Thailand. We shouldn't use money to do experiments on innocent lab rats because 9 times out of 10 they affect humans in similar ways. Kids NEVER do drugs. Not even once...

  18. I find my self quite alarmed that the opening statement for this page is trying to draw a connection between methamphetamine and LSD, which is very deceptive of them. Meth is one of the most degenerating drugs, in my opinion, and the editors shouldn't be misleading people by trying to hint it is anything like LSD, which isn't degenerating to the human body and only has delusions as an -extremely- rare side effect when the person is put into traumatic situations while under the drug's effects..... Do your homework, editors. Saying meth use can lead to delusions 'such as seen in SMOKING CRACK' would have been far more appropriate.

    1. LSD overdoses take many lives, and those hallucinations cause its victims to jump to their deaths.

  19. ... One thing I've noticed in my vast research on addictions is that Meth forums are more over-ridden with dispute over the drug than most others I've researched. Lots of strong opinions and getting sober stories. I have no opinions in this matter that are worth discussing via the internet, I'm just stating an observation.

  20. oh yes, it is very interesting how the mouse goes frantic searching for meth after it is addicted..gee, I would never have guessed, had it not been for these idiotic experiments whose aim is to just take lots of funds. why don't they fund a social programme in order to help meth addicts instead..

  21. Don't give meth to animals, they should not be used for Stupid Humans addiction problem. If you take it then it is your problem no one made you. Yes life can be really hard and mean sometimes, stand up take control get ahold of your life.Don't use animals for something some drugged out person does.

    1. Dealers hook your children when they need energy to work, or study, or compete. Kids minds are not mature until age 25 to say NO. No one chooses to become an addict. One try alone can hook your child. Rehabs are only available to the rich. Animals are needed to save your kid's life...most would say that is a fair trade.

  22. I understand the male approach of wearing your scars doesn't work. At least that is what they say in AA. But, why does anyone in their right mind believe that the feminist view of emotional hysteria, guilt, and fear works either. I say if your going to do a commercial get people's lives who have changed from the experience to do commercials and to show that life can go on.

    1. The guy from home improvement was in prison for marijuana distribution...get him.
    2. Get the guy from aerosmith to do a commercial.
    3. Hell, get David Bowie
    4. Courtney Love
    5. Snoopy Daddy (weight he still loves his marijuana...why is that illegal again?)

    These people have some stories and could give some real personal insight.

    1. To be honest, the real reason why marijuana isn't legal is because a lot of people unfortunately lace it with other things, making it four times worse than smoking a cigarete. And you never know if your dealer will lace your marijuana with something dangerous that could make you a permanent vegetable. Unfortunately, it goes as the saying does "one person messes up the rest suffer." It also creates a lack of productivity and it can cause obesity considering it increases your apetite. Those might just be a couple of reasons why it's illegal.

    2. That's not true it's illegal because conservative politicians with Christian viewe that use the bible as a book of law.(only when it suits there point of view though) Also and maybe the most important is money . The war against drugs , privately owned prisons , and the seizing of assets is a huge money maker that no one wants to lose any time soon. The taxes on Marijuana wouldn't grease the palms of everyone like it does now.


    I love this special except for the "don't do it or your face will freeze and your teeth will fall out" approach to the commercial. We did it with alcohol in the 1920's, we did with Reefer Madness in the 1960's, we did with cocaine in the 1980's, we did it with heroine in the 1990's, and now we are doing the same thing with meth in 2005. The approach clearly doesn't work.

    Also, as a previous meth abuser that has hussled my way through near addiction and has stayed alive, those two kids that got lost in the snow. Well, I don't think it was their first time and I think they had been up for three to four days before using a larger amount of dope to stay up (1/2 a teener I'm guessing). Two people don't go that crazy on the first day. Why lie about it. The more you lie and sensationalize, the greater attraction you give to a drug for a teenager.

    Besides the commercial and lies about the kids getting lost in the snow. This is an excellent show.

    1. Meth deaths occur daily in my little town, have for over 15 years. Losing many friends to drugs does not deter young minds. They only see 24 hrs ahead. When the dealers prey, the victims are caught in the web that steals, kills and destroys.

  24. LOL 12 step! rehab! i've been there! TC (teraputic) spiritual! medical! you get nothing of those! will treat u! u will coast money on those thing! people change when they like to and with the help of God!

    1. Im pretty sure people can get over their addictions without needing the help of "God". And most addicts can't just change when they want or like to. Most addicts who do want to quit, can't do it just like that when they please. It takes time and the right people to help them through.

    2. dude, people have a right to believe whatever they want. Who do you think you are to tell people what they can and can't believe in. And for the record, God is the right person, there is no one more suited than him. The reason they can't quit is because they don't want to, they say they do, they convince themselves that they do, but if they did they would be able to turn it down. Me, I say I want to get jacked, I tell everyone that, I've convinced myself of that but obviously not considering I haven't made a slight attempt to go to the gym. Dude, you don't speak for everyone, everyone is different. And of course you don't quit just like that, but you do make the decision just like that. Of course it takes time, everything does, but there is no better people than your family and the father to get him/her through.
      Glory to God in the Highest!!!!

    3. I am a firm advocate of the right to believe whatever you want. But of course.. that's a two way street isn't it? If you have the right to believe what you want, others have that same right.. including the right to believe that you have no right to believe what you do.

      It's not all about you ;)

    4. If someone believes you have no right to your own thoughts and opinions, does their belief really affect your reality at all? I mean.. unless you allow it to?

    5. Also no one said you don't have a right to believe what you want. They were merely disagreeing with a belief that you hold. Which means that by fighting against that, YOU are actually the one who is getting aggressive about someone else's beliefs. Not the other way round.

    6. "For the record" LOL!!!

    7. Thank you Stephen for the most sane reply....rehabs can clean you physically....but your spiritual life needs an overhaul to stay clean for any length of time.

    8. One powerful statement, best on here so far !! The need for an out of body experience can be safely filled with one encounter with your Lord and Savior. Find a Christ-based rehab...that is where the rehab success rate is highest.

  25. seriously whoever made this shit i have a serious bone to pick with you. ive been an addict for a long time and have been clean for a year and while trying to work out the kinks of my past addiction and while trying to help myself understand how to continue on in my life i sometimes have the need to watch a documentary or something about meth to sort out my thoughts or whatever, and you have to put in video clips of them rolling a pipe full of crystal and inhaling and blowing it out and it makes me snap!! just when i thought i was over it and could handle watching something like this. i mean the rest of the documentary was great and i cried watching some of the people going through their psychosis' because i've BEEN there. but there seriously needs to be a second version of the documentary that censors out the part of them actually doing the drug in my face. i just spent the last ten minutes having a mental breakdown freaking out all over my house and can;t finish watching the rest. (although i think i did get the information i needed out of it) Make a second link of the exact same documentary but instead of me seeing the actual drug use put like a.. picture of a flower or a cute baby or a F@$%ing blank screen for a moment i really don't care but it would be so nice to be able to watch and enjoy the documentary the same way as the rest of you without going ape-shit.

    1. then don't finish watching the rest. Look, i'm sorry.. but if you don't want to be triggered don't trigger yourself. If you want to hear stories of addicts, join a support group. Don't blame the documentary for exposing itself. That's ridiculous. You chose to watch it.

    2. i actually watched the documentary to find out information about the chemical process in the brain so that i could maybe learn how to reverse the process. i am seeing a therapist regularly for this. i said that i thought this was something i could handle watching seeing as its been a year, but obviously didnt expect to see the graphic videos that i did, at which point i DID stop watching it. and the point i was trying to make was to suggest to the director to make an edited version for people like me who are doing research. (which i think is a great point i might add) so theres my defensive bit, but the rest that you said about "myself the empowered one over myself the addict" was a really good point. ill give it a try.

    3. Also, Pepperjane, don't depend on your own power, we are human, and limited. Depend on your 'higher power' who is unlimited and always available. You are super powerful when you contact your all powerful ally in all of life's situations.

    4. one of the keystone "symptoms" (if you will) of drug addiction is the flagrant ability to blame everyone else but yourself for your choices and feel totally justified in doing so.

      Take some personal responsibility.

      In saying that there are some great support networks also on the internet if you want to talk more with people who are in the same place you are, or doing better. Check them out. They can be really helpful.

    5. and by the way, fight it. You sound like you really want to get away from it so you have to change your focus. You can't think about "yourself the addict". this is a bullshit lie these 12 step programs tell you. You have to think about "yourself the empowered person". Instead of saying "i used to" say "I don't." It seems like a little thing.. it's a powerful thing. You have to completely reorganize the cells in your consciousness. You have to become a totally different person. But you CAN DO IT. I know you can.

    6. learn how to take proper time out of your day for sleep.

    7. im an addict too. IV in fact and when the producers decided to censor injecting its a big middle finger. if they want to help people stop pushing the same old lines over and over. they glorified the law in this documentary but know nothing of the damage the police cause. it truly needs to be rethought.

  26. fact or fiction, that's a hell of a ride... I think all teens should see it. and if you survived that bullet, you should teach ? warn others

  27. It's absolutly f--king ridiculous to compare meth with LSD, saying that it causes the same "delusional effects" as LSD, i've done LSD on numerous occasion's and have never had any delusional experiences whatsoever, and am completly of sound mind, people need to get thier facts straight before they throw around accusations like that, also most of these people who make these claims have never even done the drugs before, it's like saying Austrailia is a terrible country because you heard it was, even though you've never been there before.

    1. all drugs create different effects from one user to another. You may have not had dillusional effects off lsd but i know many who have. I dont think there is any comparison of meth to lsd in the doco at all apart from the fact that meth can make u paranoid and cause ppl hallucinate from being on it for with no sleep which lsd can do. the point being the doco wasnt about any comparison from one drug to another.

    2. if your awake for 6-7 days chances are high you will eventually hallucinate. its not just visual, its auditory. they aren't fun either. they are so real you cant tell if your hallucinating or asleep. LSD aint got shit on sleep deprivation.

    3. Did you ever hear of the 60's ? When LSD users regularly jumped bridges and buildings to escape the hell it caused them ? 50 years later, the effects are still the same.

  28. Oh Jannelle! Oh Michael! What befell you during your horrible tweakers nightmare in that midnight blizzard of snow and perception? So much lost in an instant when we gamble the future with the fleeting promise of the momentous power of chemical persuasion.
    Take a chance on adventure and wager your sanity. How do some remain unscathed and others lose it all? Some gather for judgments and catcalls with false superiority propping up fragile devotion to the self righteous, but it’s not that simple, not always that ugly, and much, much closer then you think.

    RRRRiiiiiiip! My nostrils bleed in a glass cutting membrane of agony that I have grown to love-“Tonight! You’re a Star!” My best friend since 7 quips, I met him in Sunday School when he made a bully who was trying to punk me, eat a dandelion, in an ultimate How Do You Like it Moment! Making a friend for life of me, which I began as the sorcerer’s apprentice and now it’s 16 years later and we are roommates in a Baltimore suburb in the mid Nineties and he pays the rent by dealing Crystal Meth among other treats of our thriving, lustful nightlife.

    After witnessing the devastation of the lives chronicled in the The World’s Most Dangerous Drug, its hard not to wonder how close I may have come to an ignominious end, how close the encroaching, expanding and consuming Whiskey Tango culture of the Meth epidemic dared to ensnare our existence. I did not know about Dopamine then, or Asian origins, or homemade labs or toothless villains or destroyed communities and broken families.
    There was only one truth-This stuff worked! To fuel rampant bacchanalian revelry you couldn’t have a better tool! Endless energy, and Game! Boy could you talk! And Dance! And Make Love! Over and over again with an unshakable demonstration for the propagation of our Lust for Life! It sure didn’t feel like death or danger to me, it felt almost holy and enhanced. The Summer of 95 was the longest and most glorious summers of my youth, for I hardly slept. Or ate. Or held a job. Or talked to my family. What I did do was write endless pages in all weather, Romance every interesting woman I came in contact with, recover in the sun on the beach in Ocean City, learn skateboarding tricks I had been afraid to try, become someone with endless confidence and appeal and in that era, in that place between NYC and DC, it seemed my whole generation was feeling the same way. Nighttime conversations about majestic gestures and positive change, interest in everything and a surreal connection to the earth, the color green and the meaning of life. If you had a story, Crystal gave you the guts to tell it and the interest of an audience, and how profound the connections seemed.
    It was light years from the Tech-9 in my roommates closet, the drug runs he was organizing to Texas, the teeth falling out of his mouth, the weird people starting to congregate at our house, the sudden appearance of a surveillance vehicle in the parking lot of our complex. The megalomaniac schemes his crew was beginning to hatch. Looking back I’m quite surprised he wasn’t trying to make it himself, as far as I knew.

    I remained blissfully ignorant and willfully suspended my own observing eyes. I was having too much fun focusing on the preternatural coming of age I was experiencing in a shameless subculture of liberal open minded refugees of grunge. The Slacker Was Now Motivated bitches! We shed the flannel; I shed the weed, and the complacence that masked the fear of the future we collectively felt as articulated by Douglas Coupland. And it felt great.
    The first time I did Crystal I was up for three days, and the first half was so glorious, I conveniently suffered through the Karmic payback of the Crash, which was brutal, filled with dark hibernation in cigarette smoke and pornography and strangely, milk. The only thing I could hold down.
    The awake portion was so crammed with life energy I would suffer through the darkness and emerge renewed and ready to re-cycle, and the cycle would repeat.
    Soon I found out my roommate was taking our rent money and buying more drugs with it, and it became clear that we were truly under surveillance and not just being paranoid. The household collapsed as well as the relationships of that time. My girlfriend and I moved back to NJ.
    One day she looked at me and said: “I don’t want to do that anymore, I don’t want to be disappointed with regular life.” Without the in-house access, and that statement, the Crystal Meth era came to an abrupt close.

    I never really craved the drug. I never became a raging addict, I didn’t rob, cheat or lie to get it. It didn’t ruin my life. I would have probably done it anytime someone had it, so mercifully it was no longer as accessible as it had been in Maryland. (Though I know for a fact the NYC club scene was meth fueled 16 years ago but I don’t know what it is in comparison today.)
    I was addicted to the enhanced person I felt I became, the optimal version of myself-my Tyler Derden, but I somehow knew that person was inside of me always. If drugs can have a positive effect on you, that is it. How many cycles do we have in us before disaster? What kind of damage was done? Will the piper come to collect? How near was I to being on the poster for “Faces of Meth”? I object to the ignorant view that being on that drug was the same as say, the intoxication of alcohol. What I know was that it enhanced and embraced it didn’t numb or escape, and the night you did it, you were a STAR! I know I played with fire and got away clean and I don’t think about those days as much any more, time passes, and reality changes and the world, our youth and those we cherish move on. We become enchanted by life and then it breaks our heart, the endless ebb and flow of life’s rhythm. The New becomes Old. The feeling becomes impossible to replicate and we chase the dragon of “Mr. Brownstone” because simply, He won’t leave us alone.
    In the end we chase a lot of the feelings we cherish to no avail and that simply leaves the bittersweet scar tissue of experience to teach, memories to haunt, and stories to tell.
    -G. Acevedo-

    1. Siunds like you have a screenplay to write.I read the whole post. Very engaging.

    2. "But for the Grace of God, there go I". We do not all get hooked, or maimed, or killed....we just don't know if we will be the 'one' to survive.

  29. I was a heroin addict in Detroit for 5 years never seen something that could rape you as much as Meth from this video, yeah physical withdrawal sucked for me, but ive at least got Suboxone, or Methadone if I wanted that, but there is nothing to help keep a meth addict away from meth, and all I have to say is im so glad I never had to deal with Meth Heads, Crack Heads where enough for me, that s*** is to crazy for me lol.

  30. there is no way what that couple was experincing from one night of meth. the symptoms mimick those of repetative users over several days with lack of sleep and low nutrition. meth alone does not create hallucinations. If we dug deeper they had probably been on it for some time with no sleep. I grea.w up with addicts and that never happened from one night of partying.

    1. thats so true. we all know that to get to that point you would have to be mixing drugs or be using meth for a LONG time.

    2. That is the lie all users tell themselves...even after they see friends will never be 'me'.

    3. finally someone understands the importance of sleep and diet. there's no such thing as bad drugs, only ignorance and irresponsibility.

  31. I have tried a lot of things in my life and I thank God I've never done meth. If I would have I can most assure you that I probably would wind up like some of the people in the doc. I have a very addictive personality and have dealt with other drugs in my life that dam near killed me.

    I've been an alcoholic since I was 15 and have just recently quit (3yrs now) I am now 41. I feel for the couple who messed around with meth for the first time and lost their life.Tragic. I have had freinds who have tried to get me to try it but luckily I never did. Alcohol took enough away without adding any other self inflicking sh^t.


  32. Meth addicts are the lowest form of scum on the planet (aside from holocaust deniers)and as such, cannot drop dead soon enough for my liking.

    1. your children can become meth addicts, where is your empathy?

    2. your children can become meth addicts, where is your empathy??

    3. why dont you drop dead you f***ing hater. With hate in your heart you can never go far. I am a recovering meth addict sober for 10 months. Its a disease you f***ing idiot.

    4. everything's a disease. It's society's fault. Blame the corporations.


    5. you say that now, but image giving up your emotions, sex drive, body, memory, family and friends for a drug. then imagine not wanting that drug anymore. imagine asking for help, only to get people like you who most likely never tried meth. imagine the despair. oh wait... you cant, you cant because you think your untouchable. well, guess what buddy, meth touches EVERYONE.

    6. no the people who make and distribute it are the lowest form of scum you nitwit

    7. Why blame an addict when the dealers walk scot free ? Youth has no mental maturity to fight the addictions dealers cause daily. Dealers make the tax free cash from their dirty deadly drugs by enticing and exploiting the young, the tired, the hard working, while promising relief.....but delivering bondage for life, that destroys all in its path. When a beloved family member becomes a dealers' prey, you will understand the truth.

  33. this is scary and sad. the california town i used to live in had a meth problem, but i never really knew about it until i moved away. i used to walk outside at 1 o'clock at night and not be afraid what so ever, and i lived pretty close to a bad part of town. now that i saw this documentary i remember seeing things in people and the neighborhood around me that are signs of meth and i didn't know it. im glad i saw this

  34. Right, not a bit of exaggeration, just the gods honest truth.

    If you go back to the late 1980s/early 1990s you'll find the same schlock about crack cocaine. Have those in charge of producing hysterical rhetoric discovered 'meth babies'?

    If you go back to the 1970s you'll find that PCP was the drug of choice for this stlye of hysterical rhetoric.

    Go back to the 1960s and you'll find it was heroin that earned the warnings of the producers of hysteriical rhetoric.

    To the late 50s early 60s it was speed kills. Mostly dexedrine and biphetimine in that day. I guess they took the 1940s off for WW2. They even suspended the laws against producing non-psychoactive hemp for industrial uses because the gov't needed hemp product.

    Go back to the late 1920s and 1930s and the object of scorn was cannabis.

    I like going to SAMSHA and looking up the use statistics for these drugs that are hyped up with rhetoric like "instant lifelong addiction" which I first heard used about heroin in the late 1960s. So SASHA says there are less than 200,000 heroin addicts in the US and 3.5 million people who've tried it. How have 3.3 million people avoided this 'lifelong, instant addiction"?

    Meth also seems to have about 3.5 million lifetime users, but only 500,000 past month users. Another 3 million people who have somehow managed t

    I'm actually in this cohort because my cousin from California came to visit in 1987 and shared some with me. Frankly I thought it was tedious, stressful, and a waste of money. Those are the conclusions in the grip of an 'instant lifelong' addiction?

    Cocaine is more popular with 15 million lifetime users, but still has only 2 million past month users. Crack is lumped in with powder and injectable coke but how in the world would on form of the drug be significantly more addictive than another? The answer is that this phenomenon is spun from whole cloth

    There are about 15 million degenerate addicts who prefer getting high on drinking alcohol. You know I actually don't know the lifetime user total for drinking alcohol but seem to recall that it's 72% of the population which would mean there are about 220 million lifetime users of drinking alcohol. But for some reason with liquor they break out the number of degenerate addicts who prefer drinking alcohol while they do nothing of the sort with the seriously addictive MADs. So that means that people like me, who tried it once by happenstance and had no interest whatever in repeating the experience, are included in those drug's past 30 days use calculations. It is absurd to jump to the conclusion that anyone who tries it is going to take up the habit.

    They called those coming of age in the 1920s the 'lost generation'. It's been that long since the hysterical rhetoric first declared that we were in danger of losing an entire generation because people where choosing to get high on a substance not approved by the government for doing so. In the 1920s the drug that received the focus of the Know Nothings prohibitionist exaggeration and the hysterical rhetoric was about drinking alcohol.

    One major thing that people should consider when it comes to regurgitating hysterical rhetoric is that when people who are involved ascertain that the prohibitionist argument is built on a platform of bald faced lies, half truths, and hysterical rhetoric they'll think you unworthy of credibility and may cast aside weighing the true risk of playing with these drugs and just go hog wild.

    Addiction comes from within, not from without. When you hear someone talking about 'instant addiction' it is a true phenomenon. The mistake is thinking that the drug of the day is responsible for anything but flipping the switch. It is these people who end up in a spiral of degenerate addiction, because they were in fact degenerate addicts before they even heard about getting high, which usually happens to when a person is 3 or 4 years old. The first thing people get high on is spinning around at a high rate of speed to get that spinning feeling.

    I've got no magic bullet cure for addiction. But then again nether do the so called experts. At some point in time we need to try to find something that works, but it is well proven with decades and decades of squandering resources and supporting evidence that it is definitely is not the demonstrable, epic failure of public policy that we like to call the war on (some) drugs. Only a moron or a lunatic would continue to argue that we need to stick with methods that are proven failures in order to succeed. When you find yourself in a hole the first order of business is to quit digging. Those that favor the continued prosecution of the war on (some) drugs seem to think hiring a steam shovel and a crew of men to be able to dig faster and deeper.

    It's time to admit that the war is over, and that drugs won. But covering your eyes and plugging your ears isn't going to make the problem go away.

    1. This comment disturbes me, it upsets me that you claim that people who claim to be experts do not touch on what you believe to be a whole truth, yet I am a non expert, and I firmly believe that this will always be a war so long as people like you believe it to be better to "admit" a defeat to drugs.... If this is stemmed from your "research", then you my friend have been researching the wrong thing.

    2. Brilliant !

    3. Totally agree , These documentaries are all made by Yuppie soccer moms , who know best for everyone and want to control our lives !

      Of course some people go hardcore into anything , That goes for people who Drink pepsi and coke 12x a day or mcdonalds etc

      Anything can kill you , but in moderation and responsibility , many things can have quite its FUN .

  35. Ya meth is the devils candy coming from a recovering drug addict it brought me down to the depths of lost reality while losing grip in a downward spiral trying to climb out then after it stops being fun you realize its to late your already in the grips of the meth monster and you start losing all emotions and become blinded to all the stuff you tearing up and losing in the hurricane type disaster that has become your life which was my life for 7 years I am now 21 months clean for wich I am truly grateful for.when I got to rehab I had a bag of close and now I am what I like to call a productive member of society working to make an honest living and try to give back to society as much as possible to make up for the horrible person I was in my addiction which I have to give all the credit to somebody I like to call god. So theres a short version of my story so that maybe the people that read this don't ever have to experience the horrid grip of the meth monster!

    1. it didn't do it, you did. Meth didn't kick down your door, point a gun at you, run up your nose, and hit its friend up on "speed" dial to jump in your veins.

  36. i agree with K_
    My circle we all do everything right and have for years. Hang aroung the right people and only them. and you will never have many issues. I get 0.2-3 g off my guy way better than 1g off ya average shard head.... clean smooth. couple puffs and you put it down for 8 hours.. satified. Noone friend my circle.

  37. En belgique ya pas de meth mais je voudrais savoir quelle effect ca a c'est comme la cook

  38. If all drugs were legal, at least people could take top quality stuff instead of chasing the dragon with cut up sh**.

  39. As an ER nurse I deal with the meth epidemic (yes, it is a real epidemic guys hate to break it to ya) on a daily basis. I'm a little dissapointed that this documentary didn't really go into the collateral damage-meth goes hand in hand with domestic violence and child abuse in particular. Not only have those cases been increasing, but they are becoming increasingly brutal and violent. I think that deserves a little more attention than the rotted out teeth...

    So many of these documentaries are addict-focused. It's not all about the addict- we need to do more for the innocent victims who are growing up thinking that this kind of life is normal, or they will just go on to become the next generation of tweakers to be scorned and discarded of by society. I've treated 9 year olds for acute meth intoxication- when people say they's been doing it "all my life" they aren't kidding.

  40. Ive tried most drugs and honestly... anyone addicted to meth has chosen to be. Its not remotely addictive chemically in my experience, its a buzz drug. W8 1 i need to score some meth brb.

  41. Lol at $huffler

    You seem like a good kid, but please stay off the pills dude they f*ck up your brain chemistry in a bad way.

  42. Wow im in 7th grade 13yrs old i took a pill at my middle school i started throwing up my parents had to take me to the emergency room then i got suspended for a week

    1. that sucks.. There is such a thing as responsible drug and alcohol use.. don't use at school. Don't take random pills when you have no idea what they are. Don't do something for no good reason. If you want to smoke a joint at a party someday and can walk away for awhile before doing it again, or whatever, that's perfectly fine and normal. Taking a random pill during the workday (because.. that's what it is..) when you have no idea what you're taking is.. well darwinism at work.

  43. Pot ftw! haha meth sounds downright scary! in fact it scares the living bejeesus out of me ,im not coming ten feet within ten feet of meth.

  44. This was interesting, but much too lurid and sensational.

  45. A lot of these documentaries make it seem as if anyone that takes this drug, or really most drugs will become addicted and therefore destroy their life, I've done meth several times, and other addictive drugs such as oxycotton and nos as well as large amounts of lsd, ecstacy and dxm (not so addictive, and my brain has not shrunk) and smoke a lot of pot (who hasn't?), but not because i feel a need to, but because i enjoy to and enjoy the experiences i have, like how Dante said he enjoys playing basketball. I have never felt like i needed to put any drug before anything important such as looking after my teeth.

    I think addiction is something that certain types of people are a lot more prone to, and should pretty much just stay away from all these things all together. I'm not saying people should take meth, or any other drug, but not all people that do are like this, or f***** in the head.

  46. Please forgive the long comments that follow, but I usually just read blogs and forums without commenting. I'm very apolitical and I usually just end up thinking it's too much cacaphony and bickering and not enough action. For some reason today I feel compelled to chime in.

    So, this will probably incur the wrath of a number of people who have already commented on this video in particular and on the dangers of meth in general, but I don't think crystal is worse than any other hard drug, and not all people who use meth are lifeless and on a downward spiral. I believe in the credo "all things in moderation". Granted, that's not something most people are able to do with any hard drug. And most people begin using drugs more or less unintentionally (at a party, coerced by a friend, etc.), and the fact that they don't know what they are getting into and aren't educated about ways to mitigate potential addiction is what leads to the point of no return.

    I use meth on a regular basis and have not lost my job due to it, and I've never stayed up for days on a "meth binge" and I would never ever think of doing things like stealing from friends and relatives to get a fix. Yes, I like the high -- you bet I do or else I wouldn't keep doing it -- but I also like to play basketball or take my dog to the park or travel to other countries and learn about other cultures.

    Be that as it may, I am fully aware that I'm an exception to the rule (there is a reason hard drugs are called hard drugs!), and meth is a big problem in our society, and the same holds for heroin and coke. I live in the suburbs outside of Seattle and you don't see it as often as in poorer areas, but there are deeper reasons for that than just the drug crystal meth itself. If you look behind the curtains and poke around a bit, you'll find every bad habit in all areas of our country.

    In the long run, education is still the key to mitigating the problem. People shouldn't do drugs at all to begin with. And they shouldn't smoke. Or drink. So many things are enjoyable but at a cost to a person's productivity or longevity or quality of life. I'm fully aware that I may drop dead of a stroke due to my meth habit. But even the author of the famous book on jogging (Jim Fixx?) died WHILE exercising!

    One last key point is this: if we as a society see that certain substances are being abused much more than others, then it probably IS important to make them more difficult to get and to place extra emphasis on treatment for people who have fallen victim to them. Not everyone turns to drugs because they are feeling sad or emtpy, but when it comes to things like meth, coke, and heroin, once you're in you will almost always go from recreational user to addict in the blink of an eye.

    Documentaries like this are a useful tool whether they are 100% accurate or not. Anything that keeps us on a better (dare I say enlightened) path serves the greater good, and the longer a person can enjoy life without being too tainted by any vices, the better.

  47. Charles Mc Farlane, ever read Hunter S. Thompson? "...once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can."

  48. This was very interesting and very sad.

    I remember when I got off drugs quite clearly and can identify with some of the users in this doc. I never did meth, but was a hippie flipper which ment I did multiple drugs at the same time.

    My crash came after 1 week straight of doing LSD (purple micro dot) and PCP (orange double barrel) combined with pot, fist fulls of shrooms and loads of beer to quench the thirst.

    I was up for countless days (I don't even remember) and one morning I was crying, crying and crying. Someone asked me "Why are you crying?" I remember saying "I can't remember how to tie my shoes anymore."

    It was true, I came around... gosh knows how many hours later sitting on the edge of my bed with my shoes on and the laces in my hand. Tears had been pouring down enough to make my shoes and the carpet wet.

    I decided that was it. After years of recreational drug use, it had come to a point of tollerance I could not accept anymore.

    I got out, but man, this meth seems relentless.

  49. this documentary is really sad, especially how many people it effects. this drug is really the worst in the world. I live in Portland and I ashamedly admit that I have tried it once. literally after one time of trying it I felt like I wanted more, and coming down (14 hours later), was one of the worst things I've ever had to go through. it was like coming down from a drug that I'd been doing for years. I'm glad it didn't effect me the way it did these people, but I can see how it impacts their lives so much. it really is as addictive as they say and I advise no one even bother. it's totally not worth it. try pot instead, it won't screw you up nearly as much hahaha.

  50. Charles B. yes, I think your thoughts on Meth vs. Heroin fatalities is pretty much dead on. I think of it this way...heroin mostly kills quickly and more people. Meth kills less people, and the death is slower. While it might not have killed an addict yet, it is slowly rotting their brain, rotting their body, rotting their personality. And it is not known if anyone can completely recover from the long term meth side effects.

    I haven't seen 'Heroin Nation' yet. I have seen 'Crack Nation' and 'Meth Nation'...they are both good docs ;)

  51. Mazzy: I looked up the stats (and some Heroin stats) and it looks if Heroin was as popular as Meth, Heroin would cause more death percentage wise, but because Meth is so much more popular now, that it's a really bad drug and messes you up a lot more than Heroin seems to. Thanks for the link! I wonder precisely which one killed my cousin; he overdosed by injection. :-(

  52. Wow! What a great documentary! Very informative.

    Mazzy and Alex: I'm from Lane county, Oregon. This really hits close to home. This is a big reason why Eugene and Springfield has been so "crapified" I'm quite sure.

    Mazzy, do you happen to know what the mortality rate for Meth is? How easy is it to overdose?

    It was even in my small town of a few thousand I lived in while in Arkansas. My cousin died a stupid horrible overdose (probably Meth) in his mom's own home and in her arms and I had to attend his funeral and watch his kids and wife cry looking at their dead daddy in a casket. Never shall I take drugs if I have the choice. :-(

  53. Man, I live in Portland, OR and I knew there was methamphetamine everywhere but, oh my god.

    I am only 15 and I never knew how hard this drug can mess you up.

    I'm never gonna do it EVER.

  54. It's so interesting how people are just stunned, "Oh how foolish that people can "indulged in this silly habit." These people must think that these young persons are shown those documentaries and are still so "foolish" to even try this drug. The truth is they may have never heard of this drug. I've never done any drugs, not even marijuana, yet I can understand how someone can become addicted to it. I do understand how this can happen. It is heartbreaking, more so because it can happen to anyone of us, any child of ours, any loved one. You're not an imbecilic if you've become addicted to this drug. How were you to understand? But now you have to fight like hell to make it past it, as unobtainable as it sounds. You can do it. It wasn't your fault but now you have to fight like few of us ever had too. But you will be the stronger for it. You feel indestructible when you take this drug but you are actually invincible if you can win over it. The rest of life will seem pretty easy in comparison. You will always have that need but you will always have that courage that only comes once you beat this drug.

  55. In this day and age, with all the information on the adverse effects of drug abuse, its amazing to see how foolish people can be to indulged in this silly habit. Many in this lifestyle, go into prostitution, crimes and basically become paracites to their families and socitey at large. Trying drugs is not glamourous nor is it needful. Society should take a tough stand against drug users and pushes and not be lenient. Our attitude should be it is not OK to indulge even for once, in this type of silly behaviour. I am glad that in my country, drug mules get the death penalty for just a few grams of drugs on them. I am glad I have genuine peace and joy in Jesus and have never indulged in this type of behaviour because I fear God more than man.

  56. This one hit close to home. I live in Multnomah county, Oregon. Five minutes away from Portland. Also five minutes away from a meth ghetto called Rockwood. In Rockwood there used to be a very large grocery store, the company closed it in 1998 because of the tremendous amount of theft. It's been leveled, there isn't anyone lining up to build any other business. However, there is a new Sheriff's station and a family assistance center. I had a job as a bartender within Rockwood. There were around six bouncers aka 'security staff', they were mostly concerned what was happening in the bathrooms, rather than watching to see who entered the place. It was mandatory that I had one of the bounces escort me to my car at 3am. My car was only 30 feet away. This little town used to be safe enough that my friends and I, @ 13 yeas old, would walk to a Mexican restaurant to buy fresh tortilla chips. Also, we were allowed to catch the train to meet up with friends. I don't foresee things turning around, unfortunately. Thank you for posting this one.

  57. Wow truly sad... I tried it once & my d*** didn't get hard for 3 days afterword... Never tried it again