The Third Jihad

The Third Jihad

2008, Religion  -   193 Comments
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The Third JihadThe Third Jihad, the newest offering from the producers of the captivating documentary film, Obsession, explores the existence of radical Islam in America and the emerging risk that this homegrown jihad poses to national security, western liberties and the American way of life.

The film, which is narrated by devout Muslim American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, opens with the following statement: This is not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims are radical. This film is about them.

In 72 minutes, the film reveals that radical Islamists driven by a religiously motivated rejection of western values cultures and religion are engaging in a multifaceted strategy to overcome the western world.

In contrast to the use of violent jihad and terror to instill fear in non-believers, The Third Jihad introduces the concept of cultural jihad as a means to infiltrate and undermine our society from within.

Directed by: Erik Werth

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  1. America: Land of Make-Believe

    If what happens in courtrooms across the country to poor people of color is justice, what is happening in the Senate is a trial. If the blood-drenched debacles and endless quagmires in the Middle East are victories in the war on terror, our military is the greatest on earth. If the wholesale government surveillance of the public, the revoking of due process and having the world’s largest prison population are liberty, we are the land of the free. If the president, an inept, vulgar and corrupt con artist, is the leader of the free world, we are a beacon for democracy and our enemies hate us for our values. If Jesus came to make us rich, bless the annihilation of Muslims by our war machine and condemn homosexuality and abortion, we are a Christian nation. If formalizing an apartheid state in Israel is a peace plan, we are an honest international mediator. If a meritocracy means that three American men have more wealth than the bottom 50% of the U.S. population, we are the land of opportunity. If the torture of kidnapped victims in black sites and the ripping of children from their parents’ arms and their detention in fetid, overcrowded warehouses, along with the gunning down of unarmed citizens by militarized police in the streets of our urban communities, are the rule of law, we are an exemplar of human rights.

    The rhetoric we use to describe ourselves is so disconnected from reality that it has induced collective schizophrenia. America, as it is discussed in public forums by politicians, academics and the media, is a fantasy, a Disneyfied world of make-believe. The worse it gets, the more we retreat into illusions. The longer we fail to name and confront our physical and moral decay, the more demagogues who peddle illusions and fantasies become empowered. Those who acknowledge the truth—beginning with the stark fact that we are no longer a democracy—wander like ghosts around the edges of society, reviled as enemies of hope. The mania for hope works as an anesthetic. The hope that Donald Trump would moderate his extremism once he was in office, the hope that the “adults in the room” would manage the White House, the hope that the Mueller report would see Trump disgraced, impeached and removed from office, the hope that Trump’s December 2019 impeachment would lead to his Senate conviction and ouster, the hope that he will be defeated at the polls in November are psychological exits from the crisis—the collapse of democratic institutions, including the press, and the corporate corruption of laws, electoral politics and norms that once made our imperfect democracy possible.

    The embrace of collective self-delusion marks the death spasms of all civilizations. We are in the terminal stage. We no longer know who we are, what we have become or how those on the outside see us. It is easier, in the short term, to retreat inward, to celebrate nonexistent virtues and strengths and wallow in sentimentality and a false optimism. But in the end, this retreat, peddled by the hope industry, guarantees not only despotism but, given the climate emergency, extinction.

    Chris Hedges

    1. Brilliantly and eloquently said. Thank you.

  2. Just start the war. Pick your sides and let's go until it is settled.

  3. Strange how the US is in bed with both the zionist Israelis and the wahhabi Saudis? One is a lover the other a mistress.

  4. Many comments calling this video rubbish, bs, propaganda and generally saying none of this is true etc etc. But no one give any facts, sources or documented information to prove anything they are saying. Just railing, ranting and raging against something with name calling etc. doesn't make it not true. Bring some proof. At least point out what things or information in the video are not correct. Just saying its not true means nothing but, I think, you don't have anything and that the reason why you can't prove anything. That's my challenge.

  5. Those calling this propaganda and those atheists are so sheep being led to slaughter. Get ready to fight or learn to enjoy chanting "Praise Allah". The goal of Islam/Muslims is to either convert/make infidels convert and submit to Allah or to kill infidels- there is no other interpretation plain and simple. May God have mercy on your souls.

  6. PAY attention to the word...RADICAL.....there are every religion and they are highly motivated and organize minority......whom we ignore them because they are a minority.....and not a serious threat......

  7. make love not war

  8. Islam without political domination cannot survive!

    1. You don't need politics to dominate. All you need to know is the Quran and it's purpose in life.

  9. how do radical islamists pose a risk to western liberties? thats the biggest crock of propaganda **** ive ever seen. if you take this documentary serious youre an id**t.

    1. When a bomb is set off near you is when your sorry face will know the truth. This men are dangerous and they are in deep agony.

  10. Islam has been at war with the world since it's inception.
    What were Islamic armies doing overrunning Spain and crossing into what is now France within 150 years of Mohammad's death if Islam is a religion of peace? A full 300 years before the Crusades.
    Why were they slaughtering Hindus and Buddhists at the same time? Exterminating Zoroastrians?
    Do some research on the 300 year period prior to the Crusades. The 300 year period before any Christian army ever set foot in the Holy Land. The Holy Land that had been Judaic for thousands of years and home to Christianity for 600 years before Islam existed.
    What were Islamic armies doing invading Central Asia? They triggered the Mongol invasions, which started as direct retaliation against Islam.
    History is proof.
    What were Muslim Turks doing besieging Vienna in 1683? I could cite hundreds of examples of unprovoked invasion, piracy and genocide, all in the name of Jihad.
    Even today, more people have been killed since 9/11 than were killed in 350 years of the Inquisition, but what does every hack apologist always reference?
    80 out of every 100 people killed for their religious beliefs in the world, are Christian. Muslims are the perpetrators in 93% of those deaths. Yet what is the politically correct watchword? 'Islamophobia'. It is pure insanity that liberal Westerners would defend a 7th century death cult.
    In the Koran it is taught that one day the world will be under the yoke of Islam. The same Koran the Muslims who invaded Spain in the 8th century read is the one that is read in Mosques across the world today.

    1. Agreed. But the situation also mirrors that of the United States today. That is, the majority Christian population claims that it is being oppressed when, in fact, it is the oppressor.

    2. Are you for real? Claiming the events which never happend. 1. Mongols led by a furious army which almost cleanse any civilization on its way to the west. 2. Iam from india. And there's no such proof that there's any slaughter of Hindus. Or even Buddhists. To be frank. There are several wars happend. But always between 2 kings and never between 2 religions. If this very basic concepts of common sense is not available in your peanut brain. Then it's just waste of time to me to say something more about what I wished to say. .. and again as you said. That one day the world will be full of islam. I wonder you atleast found something for real. Yes that's truth,but wait theres more. It is mentioned the world be in Islam under the reight of prophet jesus... but whatever you won't be ready to face

  11. Wow, so many of the Muslims here are, (as the documentary points out, completly brain-washed!

    I say this as a Christian woman married to a Muslim, who believes in a secular society!

  12. personally, and I think I can speak for millions upon millions more both in the United State, Europe and even Islamic countries; we want no part of your or anyone's religion. No part of it. And while I will never fight for Christianity in a predominately Christian country as is my home in the USA, I will die for the freedom to say "NO !"

  13. Oh are so brainwashed. I am not an anti Muslim Zionist at all. I have many Muslim friends here in CANADA, and yes I really have read the Khoran and the bible,out of respect for my Muslim friends.I stated my view only. Does that mean I should have my heart or tongue cut out.You say that Western legal system is "corrupt beyond beleif"....I agree. But yet I a white immigrant in this fine country of canada ...have the same rights as my Brown or black brothers.its called EQUALITY. We in this Western world aspire to a greater spiritual conscienceness ...irregardless of religious beleifs. How and why would you deem this to be a "bad pursuit". Freedom of ones mind is like hitting the "Start button" on a computer.It opens up an avenue of great possibilities for THE WORLD.Its usually referred to as ADVANCEMENT of the human race.You refer to cutting off hands as the means to stop people frpom stealing. are you kidding me....desperation causes people to steal. Its a human ,condition .You speak of how the western law is corrupt and only works for the few that can afford to buy Justice. In a way you are right...the more money I have ...the more able I am to buy my way out of legal problems.yet that is not my life ....I am a lowly paid self employed painter here in canada.I have no power at all re the legal system.But also I do not follow a religious book at all . I follow my heart. God talks to me through my heart and guides me to be a good human and care for ALL other living beings.I am an animal rights activist with, because I beleive God does not find it necessary that I shoud perpetrate the beleif that animals are our slaves.let me ask you this Xmen....if God was to stand in front of you REALLY beleive that he would condone your inflicting pain and sufferring on other humans or animals....these are His creations. You or no others have the right to beleive you are doing Gods work (based on a book). These books are all written by men , all about men, and for the sole benefit of men.To know God is to sit in the woods and listen to your heart .To connect with nature is Gods language. Also daughter who is now jewish....doesnt even talk to me since she discovered I was an animal rights activist 6 yrs ago. You see , I fight the fur Ind and she has married into one of the 3 biggest fur purchasing families in the USA. So I am not a "Zionist supporter" as you have assumed just because my daughter is Jewish.I am a neutral human who listens to God as he talks through my heart. Yet I do agree that the USA Govt( and the worlds monetary system) are VERY controlled by the Zionists. You see "Xmen" ...I am not your enemy nor your opponent , I love my Muslim friends more than you can possibly beleive , they are good Muslim people. They live kind and peaceful lives. But they dont stand on a "soapbox" and tell the country that they live in ....that they will conquer one day. They adapt . Where do you live now.....have you adapted ? Belive one thing of me Xmen....I ALWAYS speak truth. I actually cannot lie ..and I dont understand why. I was not taught this by my parents. At approx 25 yrs old I just could not lie anymore . It was as if a force greater than me ...changed me. If I write anything must trust that all of it is truth. I would be so rich if I could only lie ...but I cant. Im sure God loves me for this. And Xmen....I never inflict pain on anyone as I beleive God wants me to be an example of kindness.If kindness wasnt in my heart ..I wouldnt be spending one hr/day fighting for the rights of innocent animals would I ? . Does that not sound like i have been "touched by God"? Does that not sound like I am doing Gods work? And I dont have a "Book"....but I have my heart...Gods heart. Its been nice to share with you Xmen. I hope you have listened to me least a little. Respectfully Fergus

  14. Sharia should replace western laws. Western law is corrupt beyond comprehension. How many hands would have to be cut off before stealing and theft came to a stand still? Western law and the courtd are corrupt and only work for the few that have the money to buy justice.

    This narrator is a tool for anti-Muslim zionists. All of the American government are the tools of zionism.

    Islam is truly a peaceful way of life, not this filth and lies presented here.

    1. Your an *****. i have no enlightening words for you other than... thats a very primitive way of rule and thats why its not practiced anymore. Secondly theres 2 sides to every book if you think islam is all rainbows and butterfly's you need to seek help, history book, and maybe a daily headline...... or maybe just google it lol

  15. Its interesting how in some of the comments below many are stating how the facts were "skwed"?/ twisted? / not real.? some claim this but offer no source of confirming their knowledge. can we call this "reverse propaganda" . Convince me of this ...were the live recordings of even public Muslim demos in the USA claiming the USA would be under Islamic control one day not real? can anyone prove to me that these video tapes were not real? Probably not. For that reason I (as a non muslim) should pay attention to the growing numbers of Muslims in (at least MY NA). I state this with great concern (as a canadian in canada) due to a conversation I had recently in a Home depot of all places.I have developed an aquaintance with a fine black guyanese male at the same Home depot. As a devoted documentary viewer , I share my thoughts with this gentleman regularly. I am a global thinker who cares for all struggles of all people. i want to learn of all struggles of all people through honest docs. I have countless indepth conversations with this fine black intelligent human being . I am a white 58 year old man , who has no religious affiliation. I was raised catholic, but do not beleive in ANY organized religion. Do I beleive in God ?...yes. Am I spiritual ...very much so.I am a vegetarian because I beleive god gave us humans the ability to leave the animal population alone. Let the balance of non human nature take care of itself.I beleive in God , I beleive not eating animals is Gods wish.I beleive that all religious books were CREATED by men, for the benefit of MEN, and all about MEN. Now ....getting back to Home Depot...I was conversing intellectually with my Guyanese friend re how people are divided and pitted against each other by religion /race or political beleif. A Muslim couple from pakistan were very near ...and listening attentivly. I could see that. After 5 mins the woman asked if she could join in this interesting conversation....'but of course' I said. As we all conversed and I spoke of how different cultures have such varied ways of raising their children ...I mentioned that my daughter had converted to Judaisim 16 years ago and how it had enhanced her life as one who loves children dearly ...since jews usually love to have many children.....her reply was " yes ...but Muslims have MORE there will one day be more Muslims. The feeling within me after hearing that ....was of confusion...I needed to understand why I felt this strange "loud" feeling of concern. So I began research for these last few weeks re growth of Muslim populations .Tonight I found this Doc...and within it , it refers to the avg Muslim family having avg 5 children while others are at 1.6 children per family. There are now 50 million Muslims in Europe today. That woman in Home depot changed my life in how I now view Muslims. I have defended the Muslim people ever since 9/11 many times . I always felt they were being treated unfairly. Now Im thinking I have been a naive fool. God is the energy of this world . Animals understand this. God is not a book. Anyone who beleives that God wants you to behead others , or as a missionary go to a land of indigionus people and persecute them for their nothing but a powermongering evil male. You will notice these situations are never led by women...its always men.Women who claim to feel the same are doing so out of fear of men,and in need of the approval of the dominating males . I will say it again These religious books are written by MEN/ all about MEN...and for the benefit of MEN


  17. Why dont the American people understand that by invading numerous foreign lands and killing millions of innocent people destroying peaceful communities in Islamic nations as well as secular ones that their making the world a better place. Do they actually think people will love them for that. This crappy propaganda pragram (most probably from the Bush Administration) wouldnt convince a child of 12 in the UK. But dopey Americans believe it like its was Christopher Columbus was the first dude to discover America, but we all know he may of been a first white European spaniard to discover it because America was already a thriving peaceful cultured nation of people of darker skin tones. Its that very nature of these Europeans Americans trying to contol the world and Britain gave them their language, politics and everything else, thats why americans are like the Europeans but much more aggressive. Rupert Murdochs media got banned in the UK for a very simple reason, we dont wont scum tactics over here. The American crusades on Islamic lands will have to stop.

    1. lets not call them "American Crusades on Islamic lands...lets say it like it is ...its american oppression and dominance over oil bearing countries....thats it.You are obviously Islamic...why do you compliment the Americans by using their language..."Crusades"...Crusades were a means of acquiring power over another country due to their(perceived) inferior religious beleifs. now you are an Islamic person deeming the American predominatly Christian way as inferior....are you any better. You are determining that your religious beleifs are more viable and true now. Why. I cant understand the fanaticism that is perpetrated by ALL religions due to a beleif that " MY RELIGION" is superior to yours. There can only be ONE GOD ...whats the issue with all you powermongers. Do you always need an ongoing battle to make your life appear meaningful...e.g. Im doing it for God...Im beheading for God/ Im hanging gays for God / Im cutting off hands for God......are you f*****g insane? Do you actually beleive that God takes pleasure in the death and mutilation of His creations. If God was to stand in front of you you really beleive He would say ...yes...please cut off the hand of that theif? No...He would say please talk to that theif and try to change his thinking.I am 58 yrs old and a Canadian. I have read the Bible and the Khoran. in these last 10 yrs. There is no do an immoral or selfish pay in payiong for it you are to become a better human and to positively influence your society/culture. That is "social development". To hang/kill/ or cut someone is just barbaric evil control. Such behaviour is of the dark ages.Why is it that within the Islamic world ...such horrific pain is inflicted on another in the name of God? This is a male dominance issue. A powermongering act of barbaric viciousness.As animals evolve e.g. ...evolution...we humans need to evolve also. as in become more humane. I have many wonderful Muslim friends here in Toronto canada.I became acquainted with them by training in Martial Arts with an Iranian teacher who served under the Shah of iran for many years. I love my Muslim friends...but they are not vicious like you. they are kind and caring Muslims who appear to accept all of the cultural differences in these modern developing times. You must get out of the dark ages my friend, these are liberrating times for the human psyche. We are all entitled to be who God created us to be , Just who we are ...with all our faults . God would accept this outcome ...why cant you?

    2. What a grossly simplistic view.

  18. am glad Britains got rid of that Rupert Murdoch bullshit media. Cant let them scumbags control decent people of UK. Britains a bit more smarter than America. Documentaries like this garbage wont get aired but Murdochs Sky programs get through to our screens. seems like muslims are invading foreign soils and conquering lands and taking valueble resources and killing woman and children by the hundreds of thousands just reminds me of Great America.

  19. In Sweden I know plenty of Christian families that would never accept for their children to marry a Muslim, and actually my friend's brother was assassinated by the Christian Syrian family because they wouldn't accept the marriage b/w their daughter and him. Now she's left to raise their kid on her own, dishoned and living under constant threat from those terrible Christians.

    Of course I feel disgusted by how people try to force their particular religion on to people but just take a trip to the U.S. and you'll find some pretty radical and sometimes militant people lving in the "greates gemocracy in the world", who try to spread and force their religion onto other people. These people also is in a constant battle to incorporate Christianity into the U.S. society by supporting different politicians and lobbying.

    Another interesting case of Christianity is their missionaries. My friend who is from Thailand had the worst experience of them, and how they turned over his sister to Christianity (protestant) and then urged her to throw out and destroy old inherited Buddha statues b/c they were considered to be idols.

    All across the globe there's aggression from all the different religions towards the others and in many instances people try to incorporate religion into the ruling system and laws of the country they live in, it's something that isn't just unique when it comes to Islam. Who do you think poses the greatest threat to wold peace, the worlds biggest super power (some would argue the only) who votes a president into office, which talks about crusades and is radical Christian which believes God is speaking through him, or poor countries in the Middle-East with it's percentage of radical Muslims.

  20. I do not want to speak about the report as a whole.I want to write something about a particular picture at Part 2 09:12s , these two person are Kurdish and they did not hanged because of Gay, they were killed because Kurdish nationality and working for the rights of their people.

    1. Let`s say you are right about this one. But what about the hundreds maybe thousands of other gays that have been beheaded? Let alone the "infidels" and women.

      I was a born Muslim and I know the Islamic world. I am from Albania. If you don`t know Albania is taking back its religion which is Christianity. It used to be a christian country before the Turks arrived in the 16 century. They were violently imposing Islam to Albanians for 5 centuries so they can get to Rome through Adriatic Sea. But Albanians never let that happen... that`s why they chose to go to Vienna through soil. They had a hard time and big loses in Albania.

      Today Albania is 50/50. It used to be 70% Muslim in the 20th century. The remainng Muslims are not radical at all. They are very tolerant and they practice religion only in mosques. They don`t go crazy like the Middle Eastern countries chanting "Allahu Akbar" in the streets. They are too far from that.

      So yeah... we are getting it back in a fast way.

  21. Normally i dont comment, i watched this bulls*** from beginning to end. It is a load of nothing but anti-Muslim propaganda., watch it as it degrades from "we only hate RADICAL MUSLIMS", then towards the end its "islam is trying to take over the world, and ruining your ipods and starbucks". What a f***ing crock of s***. I'm athiest, i think all religions are complete asinine bulls***, but this was mind numbing. If you watched this and thought any of it had any bearings at all, maybe you should be beheaded, not that you had anything up there anyway.

  22. BS. A snippet show. Nothing looked at in depth (or anything resembling distance from the shallow). What Fox would look like if they started worrying about what other people thought of them but still wanted to cling to their views unwaveringly. Cut from one Islamist nut job to another to yet another, none of them shown speaking for more than 30 seconds (for many 10 seconds even) Follwed by the calm, sane reason of a person opposed to their views. Thats called a hatchet job where I'm from. Reading through the comments some mentioned facts but I'm afraid that this doc was light on facts and many statements were factually questionable. "Where are the voices of the moderate Muslims?" Some drip whines. They are in the same place as the voices of the other muslims, only aired when the mass media can benefit from them. A true doc on the 3rd Jihad will question the House of Saud and the powers doing very profitable business with them, not low level, low impact agitators like the (perfect for cast) bearded ranters. Utter BS

  23. The real importance of life and the spiritual meaning of it is not found with religion. It is about letting behind violence, pride, selfishness for love, sharing, helping and most of all return to our creator and say, yes you are God, you made me and I don't want to be mad at you but listen to your wisdom

  24. These radical jihadis were used by USA against USSR in Afghanistan. These monsters were created by American CIA under the name of Islam.. What is the problem now ???

    1. There is no problem, they are still being used and still useful. without them no American troops in the gulf etc.

    2. The radical jihadis were created by Mohammed 1400 years back.

    3. Mohamed (pbuh) was given the message from God not to permit the killings of innocent people and the suicidal missions. God has forbidden both and other evil acts.

    4. these people have been in Muslim society since the beginning of the Muslim such as the arabs who then decided to spread the relidgeon through force and might

  25. funny, and a bit tragic too......

  26. god is not love, god is not war, god is not hate.

    god is funny.... . .. hahaha funny...

  27. some idiot thinks there should only be one religion. what a friggin genius. .
    thats just too funny. . ...
    yeah i hate cultural diversity too so he's got my vote.

  28. The terms Radical and Islam don't go together. You are either an extremist or a fundamentalist or negligent unlike the author of this piece I can be a Muslim and recognize that your founding fathers are not mine and still be law abiding and not support terrorism I despise people who misrepresent Islam and hijack it both the author and the extremist do just that.

  29. Muslims were NOT behind 9/11 attacks, but Bush Administration. Muslims are just convenient scape goats in this situation. The atrocities were committed by so called Christians. They are as bad as "So Called Muslims" - - - Psychopathic, religious fundamentalists, no matter what religion they belong to, have nothing at all to do with the "god" they say they believe in. As for the "holy books" they are following, they are anything but about love and tolerance . . . . I compare those books to Hitler's Main Kampf . . .

  30. Firstly, on a lighter note. Some of you have mentioned the 72 virgins..... Google "72 raisins" There is now strong evidence of a face-palm mistranslation. If there does turn out to be an Allah / heaven etc; more than a few suicide bombers are going to have been very disappointed!

    I've watched most of the doc now whilst reading the comments and yes this is propaganda. But not all propaganda is untrue. Everything in this doc so far is evidenced and true. Sure it's slanted but in this matter I don't see that as a bad thing. It's irrelevant anyhow. It is not going to change anything......

    Because Islam's real WMDs are the muslims. The real threat is their breeding strategy which is discussed openly by smirking Islamics on their home TV networks. Muslims on average have 5 kids. "Westerners" have 1.6. Do the maths. Eventually our fake democracies will be our downfall as Muslims vote in block and who and what do you think they will vote for? It may take another two or three generations and it may take longer to affect the US but by that time the US will be an island.

    It doesn't take long for a trickle to become a flood.

    EDIT and the doc went on to exact the point I just made Doh. (well, except for the raisins)

    1. Excellently put Yavanna they are smuggling in women from abroad to have the 4 wives and temporary wives which they can have as part of Islam. I was in a Mosque not so long ago and the Immam said that the reason they can have these extra wives is to that the population growth can be accelarated, he referred to this in a historical context like it is only just a tradition now or something but it's far from it, it is intentional.

    2. dont worry , westerents put a lot of money and energy to vanish muslims, so they can not grow so fast.

  31. @ Don

    I hope you don't think that I condone Hitler's actions. Hitler rose because the German people had gone through great economic and social hardships because the winners of WW1 imposed those hardships on them. Hitler's response was a sick and depraved answer to this unfairness and his actions can never be justified.

    Western wrongdoing in the Middle East or the extent of it is debatable. What isn't though is the extreme Muslim response.

  32. Interesting doc, it is obviously one sided (but arent they all) and while there were some facts they had wrong and as a rule I never take everything thats said as 100% accurate it certainly does give you something to think about.

  33. thankyou Aaran if everyone goes by what Tiercel is saying then by rights the people of Britian should be suicide bombing the Muslims in Birmingham, Bradford Luton etc, the jews were in Israel before Islam even existed.

    1. That crucifiction really made you a bitter man Jesus. Not to worry, I never went for that turn the other cheek stuff anyways.

      Bombs away!

  34. @Tiercel
    Its both there lands, and they should share equally.

  35. At the turn of the last century (1890) the ethnic makeup of Palestine was something along the lines of 86% Muslim, 10% Christian & 4% Jewish. Palestine was never "Jewish land"!

  36. @Tiercel
    The Jews, and the Palestinians have lived in, and around Israel way before the crusades even happened. Truthfully they live at peace up until crusades, and a little after world war 2.
    If you don't believe me the read up on Acre. This place also predates the Hebrew bible. I'm not 100% sure about this but I do know there is a castle, or a citadel that was owned by the Jew way before the crusades I tried my best to look it up, and in future post I'll post if this one was right or not. Also not 100% sure if this right, but there was a man called William Marrion Branham who preached after world war 2 that Israel was the homeland of the Jews, and its the reason why so many Jews live in Israel now, before most of the Jews lived in Israel the once who did live there all their lives got along with the Palestinians for a long time, but the Palestinians became very alert when William Marrion Branham made his speech, and a lot of Jews came.

  37. everyone here should listen to Bob Dylan's "Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues"

  38. @ Ken, "We in Canada has blocked any attempts to bring such media to our soil. " You don't think the CBC is biased? Better think again. The price of food went up because there was major flooding in manitoba nad Saskatchewan right at the crop insurance deadline, and many Canadian crops failed. I went out in June and purchased hundreds of dollars of grains, being pasta, cereal, rice etc in anticipation that when the fall harvest came and the annual crop yield was low, prices would go up. And that it did. I am Canadian, and to a fellow Canadian I say, brush up on your grammar if you are going to be a self proclaimed Canadian representative. Your poor grammar makes the rest of us look foolish! To everyone here debating WW 2, The Germans killed 6 million Jews. They actually released documents around 2004/5 that they had kept hidden since the war. They have a written record for every single Jew that they imprisoned and/or killed. They also kept records of the gypsies, homosexuals, Russians, etc...The Russians alone suffered around 6 million casualties, both from Germany and from thier own army. Hitler never killed himself, he got away, along with sooo many other Nazis. If you want to draw parallels, or compare, you don't compare the threat of muslims to the threat of Hitler. You can compare this documentary to how the Germans used thier propoganda machine to make everyone fear and hate the Jews. As this documentary makes people fear and hate Muslims. The comparators, America, Germany being world powers, Muslims, Jews being "threatening religious groups that need to be stopped". But I for one, actually believe most of the facts in this documentary for the simple reason that they are facts, not propoganda. Do not kid yourself, the Muslims want you dead. I do not agree with alot of what is going on in the middle east, I do not know all the facts, but I am certain many innocent women and children are dying. But I will not say, nor will I let anyone else say, that the Canadian, American and British forces are baby killers! Ever notice how when foriegn religions come to western society they are invaders pushing thier phony church on us, yet when our Christians go to Africa, South America, etc they are "missionaries, saving those poor wretched people from sin"? As if Christianity is sooo correct and everyone else is wrong. Don't be so bloody arrogant and foolish. All religions are wrong, there is NO god, and religion is the root of all evil. Common sense tells us this is true.

    1. Athiest where is the evidence Hitler got away, their are many solid witnesses who seen him dead.

  39. Another Jesus, Those video links you put up are just mendacious, Pro-Israeli, Zionist propaganda. The 1st one starts off in 1946 stating "It's time for the Jews to officially RETURN to the land of Israel!" As if it was always their land. That's rather misleading. No not misleading, actually it's a downright lie. The supreme lie to which Israelis lay claim to Palestinian land.

  40. @Don it would be good if you could elaborate on what you were saying there, I know it going off the subject a little bit it wont hurt for a few posts. Well I've looked into German history too. The Germans are definitely demonized because in reality they did nothing that any other nation didn't do in the first war, they shouldn't have been so unfairly punished. It was a different world back then and I think the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's is very understandable and you could even argue justified if the claim that the french ame into Germany and beat some Germans with truncheons because they didn't keep up payments. The evil things the Nazis did weren't so evil either when you consider how evil the soviets where. Killing Jews was sick though but I'll leave that out because the Russians did it and no European nation wanted them in their country even after the war. People should talk about these things in the context of the times.
    You could draw a parallel with the Germans and the Muslims in a lot of things.
    I think that if you judge things which the US has did in the middle east by today's standards of Human rights etc it is appalling but the middle east isn't a modern society anymore if they ever really were. Things seem crazy but at the end of the day the USA decided to use force because they had had enough, some of it seems suspicious but I don't think the Muslims from other countries except Iraq and Afghanistan should have any grievance with the USA, after all the Americans saved Kuwait, they saved the Muslims in Bosnia they also saved the Muslims in Kosovo and even made sure they could create a little Islamic state for themselves so they could kill all the Christians and burn down the churches.

  41. Jack1952
    Most people have no idea of the real history that many people have independently researched. I've researched Germany for years. Propaganda has been good to those who distort the truth. Many times I was warned by people "not to go there". It's, for the most part, history turned upside down. It's a pleasure to meet fellow seekers, that by experience, know what has been hidden from the public. I'm still hearing of warnings not to discuss WWII because a certain people will be upset.1984 is a good read a second time around. Especially these day's.

    I agree with your opinion.

  42. @ Tiercel I told you to watch the links on missing links but I guess it would be good to put this right here where everyone can see it without the hassle of looking for it, and while I'm at it I'll include another video to break your theory. Just wait for the approval for it.

  43. @ Tiercel

    No doubt that there are casualties that have gone unreported. To get the numbers suggested in some of the earlier posts, however, one would need 10 times the violent incidents. That doesn't take into account the injury rate which increase the incident rate by a much higher factor. The city of Mosul which has had the most violence with at least one action a day reported. At 10 times that amount, it would not take long for that city to be completely laid waste. The truth is the city has grown since 2003. That would seem unlikely if the number of violent war related incidents were over 10 a day. Also much of the displacement in Iraq is due to sectarian action and oppression and not directly the fault of invading armies.

    I compare the potential of Muslim extremists threats to that of Hitler in the 1920's. Germany was unfairly demonized at the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler had every reason to be upset at the Allies and it was easy for him to gain followers to his ideas. History tells emphatically how his attempt to address those grievances went wrong and led to the most destructive time in human history. Many Muslims have justified reasons for being upset at the west. They do not have a Muslim Hitler to organize them into a cohesive force. If they ever do, you may long for the days of Zionist and American imperialism. It is a potential that is simmering in Muslim communities around the world.

  44. I fear the actions of Zionist Israel & the right wing Christo-facist fundamentalists in the USA. Far more than a few Islamic militants in W Pakistan. The former 2 have nuclear, chemical, biological & advanced conventional weapons. The later have some obsolete left-overs from the Soviet Union.

  45. Jack.....Iraq body count only includes deaths that have been in the press. Many of the casualties in Iraq have went unreported. There have been many more deaths directly caused by the invasion. There are horrific birth defects & cancers as a result of the use of depleted uranium munitions. It is estimated that 4 million have been permanently displaced.

    Jesus on another place. To say that "the Palestinians don't want peace" is the height of ignorant, right wing, Pro-Israeli propaganda. It has been proven that the PA have offered many concessions that have been refused by Israel. Israel is the one who doesn't want peace! After all they are NOT the ones who are suffering. They just see the situation as a security issue. They go through the "peace process" merely as a way to garner sympathy & wrest aid & concessions from the West

  46. @ Ken

    First of all, we here in Canada we do not block American news. American media is everywhere and I can flick through the channels and watch all the major networks. Our media watchdog does require a percentage of Canadian programming. This is so our own news and cultural events are available to us. (Hockey Night in Canada's theme song is really our national anthem) It's not always easy to live beside a country that has the economic and cultural clout that the States has.

    The United States has a great many facets that I personally do not like and I am glad that I live in Canada. However, after reading your posts, it is quite obvious that we have our own racial bias problems. Before you accuse me of being an Islamaphobe, it is not Islam I have the problem with. It is the words of the Quran that allow the radical Muslim to justify his hatred. I grew up in an extremely fundamentalist Christian environment. The hateful things that I have heard some of my peers say still resonate. I know what religious zealots feel and have felt that anger directed at me. As far as they're concerned I am destined to spend eternity in hell. Some of them seem to take a great deal of pleasure in the thought. From what I have read in the Quran they are even more obsessed with fire and retribution than the Christians. Even if I acknowledge your argument of the dangers of Zionism, I am positive that Islam has a potential to pose a greater threat. The Zionists will never insist that you adhere to their religion. It is guaranteed that radical Islam will.

    1. I agree with what you have said. Yet, In Canada we face the same issues and turn a blind eye. We do nothing in this country but glorify the fact that one is something else before ones Canadian. We have no true national identity unlike the US. People live here are more inclined to say they are Muslim or anything else rather than just being Canadian. As a child of two immigrant parents, I do believe that it is necessary to be tolerant of other people cultures. But on the other hand it's imperative that people immigrating to Canada should respect and assimilate to Canadian laws and rights or not come here at all!!! Most Canadians will disagree with that statement as we were a country built on immigration and we are taught in school not to offend anyone’s culture at any cost. We have been so consumed with being politically correct in this country that it has restricted our rights and freedoms that our bill of rights once granted us.

  47. What is your "We all have to comply with the world’s acceptable practices." Islam?

  48. @ken
    What? What school, or where did you here that's what they taught in US schools? I think you need to go to school in my country to find out just how wrong you are. All my teachers I've had from middle school up to college have encouraged free thinking, and have never said the earth was only 6,000 years old, and even if they did say that one would only have to look at how old the solar system, or the sun is.
    Also once again your wrong about the death count once again you need to read up instead of just throwing how numbers like 1.5 million, and 700,000 widows.

    Yes my country is in bad shape financially, but I'm also quite sure Canada will be right behind us. Don't be so high, and mighty to think your country is sin free, or free from debt,hyper inflation, or inflation in general.
    Again you just point the finger America because your troops are over there, your troops, and your country has the right not to fight if they didn't want to, but they did I'm grateful that they helped us, but for you say that its not justified going to war with extremist who would surely love to see your head loped off, and not honoring or giving the respect your soldiers deserve. I can't believe you come on the internet to rage at how horrible the war is over there, and how your country, and mine are killing only innocent people over there which is screwed up considering they are fighting for your safety from another 9/11, or another Beslan hostage crisis. Oh go watch the Beslan video please maybe it will wake you up out of your little fantasy world your in.

    By no means am I saying Israel is a Angel they've done some horrible things to the Palestinians, but the Palestinians have also done the same thing right back.

  49. The palestinians don't want peace, in public they pretend they are being oppressed for the propoganda war but they want the whole of that land and it isn't just a minority. You are talking about Bullies Ken, what do you call 5 Arab Nations launching a full scale offensive against the Jews in 1947 and in 1967. I will forgive the Jews for wanting to get these nutcases as far to feck away from them. If I was in charge of Israel I would kill everyone of them and thats problem solved.
    The Islamic faith is a War religion full of hate and so it is no accident that the Muslims are killing each other, it's part of everyday life for these devils, there is no Allah and the prophet Mohammad was a Pedophile Pirate and the Islamic followers of Mohammad are exact replicas.
    You can't blame Islam completely have a look on the Bloody Cartoons video and at post 90, you will see a completely different Islamic world which I would defend if Israel were attacking them even in self defence but not today, I have no time for the hate they spew and their intentions for us.
    It's a case of feel sorry for the Muslims and let them take everything from you have or stand up and be counted, after you do that and look at facts without tunnel vision you will realise that the USA have did nothing wrong and that Israel look like angels in comparison to palestine and the rest of the Muslim world who repeatedly try to attack them in various means. I used to think the Jews were bad also but thats the propoganda machine the Muslims have operating all over the world which makes you think that.

  50. And also Aaron, when you are standing infront of a cash register and wodner the price of food went up by 2% in a month remember: All the money they are printing to finance these wars on behalf of select few people, is what is contributing to this hyerinflation. And your country might be facing a severe economic storm like Greece did, very very soon. Thanks to your grand masters grand scams. I am glad I am not in US and in Canada we have our politicians under control.

  51. Well Aaron, I am glad you are doing your best to gain knowledge by attending to a college. But it is sad at the same time that you are not aware of the fact that the knowledge taught in schools in US are strictly adhered to confrimists than critical thinking. In other words, they will not teach you the plain truth. As a matter of fact, up until the early 90s they were teaching the US kids that the world (earth) is only 6,000 years old. That is why, you should learn more from the outside than hoping to learn from college.
    I am a proud Canadian. I am proud of my troops in Afghanistan fighting your imperial war with out shedding too much of blood or breaking the Geneva accord on war crimes. Your troops killed more than 100,000 innocent civilians in Iraq. The total death toll is close to 1.5 million people. More than 700,000 women has been widowed thanks to the US led invasion.
    I am speaking up to wake my fellow citizens around the world and make them ask the hard questions. Let me ask you something: would you like to live in Israel where the people inclduing the moderate jews live in constant fear? Why the entire world has to be pulled into a political drama over a few million Zionist Jews. Even moderate Jews wants to have a lasting peace. But the Zionist wants to keep finding creative ways to occupy the palastinain land. They are openly stating that they want every Palastinain to be driven off to places like Jordan and Lebonan. They claim that the Palastinians came from these countries and occupied their promised land. Jews have been living on this land along with Palastinians ever since they settled on this land during the time of menonites. But the Zionist want all that for themselves. And they will stop at nothing. And it is the responsibility of every citizen of this world to make these Zionist to confirm with the rest of the humanity. That is the only way for stable future for the entire world. Your government (not the Canadian government - over here we dont tolerate this bull) supporting these Zionist agenda is only going to make it even worse. It is like telling the bully on a school block, "ok buddy, I am not going to let anyone critize you for your misbehavior and I will just critize you infront of them making them feel like I am being hard on ou. But you are free to do what ever you want". Does that make any sense to you?
    We all have to comply with the world's acceptable practices.

  52. is about 1 million with Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  53. There is a website called iraqibodycount which tries to keep track of all civilian deaths since the beginning of the invasion. According to this there are close 109,000 Iraqi casualties. The population of Iraq is just over 30 million. If the casualty count was over 1 million that would mean 1 in 30 Iraqis have been killed. This added to the injury count would leave an incredibly high casualty rate. The violence has been limited to small skirmishes, IEDs, car bombs and other encounters and quite often involves sectarian fighting. This type of war does lend itself to high casualty rates. To get a 1 million death count there would have to be sustained aerial attacks and heavy ground fighting.

    This is not to excuse the action of the Americans in Iraq. The invasion has only lead to instability in the Middle East. Hopefully, all invading troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year, like the president has promised. I'm afraid that the violence will not stop even after all invaders have left. I hope I'm wrong.

  54. The bigotry & racism on this page is outrageous. That it's spewed forth in the guise of "truth" & "free thinking" is even more disturbing.

  55. Sorry I forgot you didn't say 15 million, but 1.5 which is still off by 500,000, and which mine is about 1 million with Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  56. @Ken
    One learn to spell my name its not hard "Aaron". Two Its not a insult to the other 122 countries who voted in favor of a resolution that wouldn't solve anything just by giving the land back. How that going to fix the problem with them both killing each other, and fighting over even more land?
    Insulted by my government? Because they sided with a better resolution that would fix the overall problem.

    I feel insulted even reading your post because of how racist they are, and your ignorance. Also to let you know I wouldn't be calling you ignorant if you didn't call me lazy, and whats funny about that is I did look up how many people died, and its about one million with Afghanistan, and Iraq combined not 15 million as you said. Oh yeah I don't watch TV so flipping the remote doesn't happen.

    For your second post why did the Taliban ally with Al Queda when we declared war on them? Also whats funny about that is before we invaded Afghanistan they where both fighting each other.

    I do have knowledge, and its also another reason why I'm in college to gain even more knowledge.

    I'm not to sure why you would stick up for people who wish to see your country that you live destroyed, and made into another Iran, maybe you don't understand whats going on, and maybe you live in a fantasy world which believes everybody but the United State do no wrong.

  57. Ken I have to give it to you, you are the star of this page.

  58. @Aron
    Your army went to war in Afghanistan to fight Al Queda. But who they are fighting now? Taliban. And how many of your fellow countrymen know that Taliban has been around since 1823? Yes since the British colony era. Originated from Delhi India in 1823 as part of a mutiny against the British empire. Again, I am not going to give you any links. You want knowledge do your part to seek it. If not, you deserved to be a slave for the rest of your life.

  59. @Aron
    UN resolution would have only sent a strong message to the Zionist faction in Israel about occupying palastinian land that has been rightfully given to the Plastinians under international law. In your words, you as an American is so concerned about laying out the facts to the Zionist because you feel you will insult them. Then how about the rest of the world you insulted? 122 countries could not have gone wrong! How about the palastinians you President insulted? Even though I am not a muslim I feel insulted by your government. And I feel pity for some of you Americans who have become the puppets to the Zionist. Even the moderate Isralites are fed up with all this conflict in their land. At the end of the day, as an American you should be ashamed to let your country to be hijacked by Right Wing Israelites and Saudi Royals.
    Why don't you ask your President about this: Why the Delta Force unit that got Bin Laden cornered in the mountains was not given the additional troops requested to finish Bin Laden? Ths happened just 1 year after the Afghan invasion. Why Bush waited until Bin Laden went into hiding before declaring war? Anyone acting in the interest of the Americans would not have waited on such issues. Anyone acting on the interest of the Americans would not have let this fear mongering campaign to be unleashed on its own population.
    You are asking for links. That shows how ignorant and lazy people like you are. All you can do is flip the remote. That is all. And in a way, you Americans deserve to be enslaved by the Zionist and Saudi Royals.

  60. @ athiest

    I thought it was funny that you were busting Ken's chops about his spelling, although I was pretty sure you knew about your spelling mistake. We haven't heard from Ken in awhile. He's probably sharpening his sword just for you.

  61. I am not a Muslim. I am not in any propaganda business. I am a someone who feels pity on people like you who live around the world. The Americans go and vote for their politicians thinking they are in control of their democracy. But they are not. How many of them know that they are not? Or how many of them are aware of what goes on behind close doors? Or how many of them are intelligent enough or compassionate enough to care? What we have is the melt down of the American Society and the hijacking of the American Democracy / Society by the Zionist.

    Out of the 6 corps that own all the media in US, 3 are directly owned by Jews. And I don't know how these people simply watch these so called news from American Television. We in Canada has blocked any attempts to bring such media to our soil. Before all this used to happen in a very secretive way. They used agencies such as CIA to do covert operations and denied all involvement if caught. Now they are doing it openly and they believe just spreading lies on main stream media is sufficient enough to justify it.

    Why do you think, Irag was invaded? Saddam was paying 10,000 US dollars per family for each Suicide bomber going into the Zionist state. It was getting out of hand. It is during that time, US invaded Iraq.

    If people in the west dont wake up and get rid of this Zionist virus, u will all be zombies. That is all to it. They will deprive you of wealth, peace and education and enslave you all.

    Look at what US did shooting down the resolution brought in by 122 countries, regarding the occupied lands against international law. US vetoed in favor of the Zionist. Now why would US government do such an act? Is it in the interest of the US people who are at odds with the Muslim world? Is it going to help to resolve any issues with these so called Muslim radicals? NO. So why would a country make such a decision to support another group over its own people's benefit? So WHO IS RUNNING USA?

    Who is spreading the radicalism? When did they actually start to do that? What is the role of the Saudi cleric who happens to be the Dean of the University of Islamic Studies in Methena? Does Saudis have an agenda that runs similar to the Zionist agenda? Yes. The Saudi royal family wanted to get the US to bomb Iran. The Saudi Royal family was always afraid of a revolution that is happening in middle east now.

    So at the end of the day, this entire Muslims vs West Or Religion vs Religion is nothing but the elite of the Muslim world and the Zionist of Israel playing the rest of the 7 billion of us.

    Open your eyes people. Before it is too late.

  62. hey jack, good job, of all the "intelligent" people here, you were the only one to pick out the ei ie reversal. Or maybe everyone is so worked up that they are blind with rage and don't notice such things. I am not mean, I just think that those who want to kill me as an infidel, and those that want to die for thier god, should be allowed to do as they wish, to a point. If they want to die for thier god, then fine, let them kill each other, then when they are all dead, they can go to thier heaven full of virgins and be in paradise and the rest of us can stay here on earth and live in peace. I want the whole muslim world to know that I draw cartoons and evil images of Mahoomed all the time and I hope it burns thier ass. Go ahead, try to stop me. Have all the riots you like. I think I will make a blog with the main image being mehumid washing the feel of an alien.

  63. @ Jesus in another guise

    Advocating violence or genocide against any group will never be the answer. It has never worked in the past and there is no reason to believe that it will work in the future. Religions have an inherent dangerous and violent quality to them which attract certain troubled individuals. Being an atheist should not allow one to demonize, insult or cause physical injury to someone who doesn't believe the same as you because you feel that not being religious puts you in position of moral superiority. There is no such thing as benevolent hatred.

  64. it truly is the cold war but this time with the moslems , rember wat they did to russians image .

  65. @jack1952 I think athiest has made the best comment on the page so far, I think peace lovers like to get rid of tyranny so he is a good atheist, I thought you were one of the good guys jack1952 Maybe I'm wrong

  66. @ athiest

    Wow! You are one mean atheist. You don't seem to be one of those peace loving atheists. I thought that if we got rid of religion, we would finally have a peaceful world. Maybe I'm wrong.

    By the way, you spelled atheist wrong.

  67. @ ken, Your jibberish doesn't make sense. It is poor English, and the sentences go nowhere. They say and/or explain nothing. Judging from your lack of ability to communicate, and your anti-american comments, it is quite obvious you are a muslim who is brainwashed and should be hung by the balls until you are dead, dead, dead. And by the way, i drew a picture of moohammad being fked in the butt with a baseball bat.

  68. @ Jim

    I did the same in previous posts. I picked the verses from the Quran that demonstrated the violent aspects of Islam. Just as I used them to make my point a fanatic could use them to justify his actions. It is the person who reads the Bible or the Quran that determines his understanding of those books, not the books themselves.

  69. The problem exists for a simple reason. The Qu'ran, Old and New testaments are all violent (and contradictory) books that call for horrific deeds by the 'followers' (only Christians actually wear the term 'sheep' like a badge of honor). The Jews and Christians simply don't follow their books (else they'd be out killing gays and anyone who works on Sunday, for example). Some Muslims actually follow what's in their book to the letter (they just pick out which letters amongst the conflicting parts).

  70. @ Ken

    Thank you for straightening me out on the number of Holocaust victims. It appears the Nazis were actually quite the benevolent butchers. I no longer feel any pity for the Jewish victims of Hitler and his cronies. Imagine feeling sorry 1.5 million slaughtered Jews. No wonder they felt they had to pad the numbers. Oh wait----there are 1.5 million slaughtered Iraqis. I do feel sorry for them. It must be who they are not how many that is the criteria for pity.

    I don't believe your name is Ken, either. Its probably Mohamed or Osama. Your real name would give you away as a Muslim propagandist.

    See how easy it is to play your game.

  71. Ken I'm going to look at your vile comments later but you said "This same Zionist Rabbai who produced this documentary with Muslim traitors" what is that supposed to mean, are you siding with radical Islam, sounds like you are a traitor, @ Ha Pakal people are calling this propaganda when most of it is Muslim hate speech and there is plenty more I could give you. Is it also propaganda to say you averted a terrorist attack, if the US government where really making these things up then why are they not oppressing Iraq and Afghanistan, it's a waste of effort to make the propaganda. If you want to know what real oppression is then have a look at the methods of the Nazi's or the Muslims, I've not heard of any US firing squads or mass graves in Iraq having anything to do with the US or in Afghanistan. Not heard of carpet bombing either when it could easily be done.
    The US could wipe Iraq of the map along with Iran, Afghanistan etc, they are there because they are trying to deal with instability caused by Muslim Jihadists. Iraq was an illegal War my A*se Maddas needed taken out, it's ok to leave a madman alone when you have no other enemies but when he will side with them because you are a common enemy it's wise to take him down.

  72. Simple-minded fear-mongering propaganda for the ignorant masses. To prop up the phony War on Terror. (7000 times more Americans die every year from aspirin than they do from terrorism. THE WAR ON TERROR IS A FARCE BC WAR IS HUGE BUSINESS FOR CORPORATE INTERESTS. And taking control of oil is not a bad result. They didnt even have oil & natural gas in Vietnam and that was still worth 10 years of a bullshit war no one intended ever to be won.

    The US has killed over a million people in Ira and Afghanistan, why isnt that even mentioned (!!) as an atrocity? And you would have to be utterly asleep at the wheel to think bin ladin loaded WTC 1,2 &7 with explosives.

    Wake up people. Religious extremism is religious extremism. AT that point Christians and Muslims sound exactly the same. (Kill the homosexuals, OUR religion is the one true religion and will rule the world." etc etc.

    all religion is an affront to human value and dignity. and it is the moderates that enable the radials by believing in fairy tales and demanding the rest of us respect such nonsense.

  73. This same Zionist Rabbai who produced this documentary with Muslim traitors, spent more than $15 million US dollars to distribute his Obsession Documentary DVD copies in the swing states before the Obama election. He and his supporters in Israel was trying their best to brain wash the American public to vote Republican. And anyone who was paying attention to McCain and Paulin will know what would have happened if they had come to the office. It would have been a world filled with Chaos let alone a World War III. Some estimates suggest it could have been as high as $50 million US dollars that was spent by this Mr. Shore on false propaganda attempts on US and Canadian Soils during the US elections. And he intends to distribute the new Iranim DVD during the November US elections this year.
    And we all know, he is well connected to the Zionist who are in power in Israel. The current Israel government openly supports is traitor. So who is the ENEMY OF THE WORLD NOW? MUSLIMS OR ZIONISTS IN ISRAEL?

  74. Ken... the reason why the UN resolution was vetoed by my president is because one it doesn't solve the problem that's going on over there by just giving the land back to the Palestinians how many Jews you think are going to set back and take that slap to the face, it seems like you want a war between them moron. Its best if they face each other by dialog and find a peaceful solution that way.

    Also 9/11 happened by Muslim extremist don't pull the bull crap saying Jews did it and your evidence is the Jews called in sick, give me a link to that please, and also I'll start to argue the way your arguing which is like this "Muslims are evil because if you look around the Middle east its full of barbarians."

    Also link for the 1.5 million citizens that my country killed, and the 1.5 million orphans? another thing your freaking racist why don't you go to Iran you seem to act just like they do well or at least their government, denying the holocaust my best friends great grandfather was in ww2 and he "LIBERATED" a lot of camps and hes told me the number was almost uncountable how many Jews where CRAMMED into just
    a small ass camp, and not including how screwed up hes is now from trying to save some of them and having them dieing right in front of him from starvation.

    Your hate for Jews is the reason why Muslims and Jews cannot work together because you accuse them of doing everything, you even deny the poor people who died in the Holocaust.

  75. Ken,
    Have a wonderful statistic for you to add to your arguments: 92% of all statistics are made up on sight! lol Where do you find 1.5 mil war dead for Iraq, and only 1.5 mil jews dead in the holocaust? Could have sworn those persnickety Nazis kept good records. Hard to take you serious when you are so plainly a bigot.

    Your explosives expertise lets you know that WTC was a controlled demo? Wow!? I'm sure your right, afterall we have used similar techniques on similar buildings.
    Wait! there are no similar buildings. No structures have ever been put together that way in human history. Kinda doubt that just because you know how to blow up GI-Joes in your back yard, that you have any valuable insight into the structural collapse of one of the most unique structures on the planet.

    The more sensational your claims, the less I'm apt to be swayed by you guys. Find some independent thought and stop spreading blatant propoganda. I myself would love to give these theroies serious consideration, but the silly crap conspiracy theory stuff does not help. If there was any truth to what you folks say, then you are wrecking it by painting it with blood to get attention.

  76. And also the London Tube security detail was being looked after by a company originating from the Zionist state of Israel. And it is a fact that majority of the Jewish working in the world trade center called in sick on 9/11.

  77. Lets also discuss the legitimacy of Holocaust. Anyone who has studied that subject in depth will know, that the number of victims in the range of 6 to 9 million is a fabricated lie. A lie fabricated by the Jews to win the sympathy of the international community. The real figures are around 1 million to 1.5 million. So that makes Bush Jr a war criminal for killing 1.5 million citizens of Iraq. And who is going to prosecute him? And this document is another example of how Jews swindle and betray the trust of every other human in this world. Even Hitler hated them because the Jews lived off the suffering of Germans after the World War 1. When a German could not afford a pc of bread for his kids, these monsters were living a high life off the deals that they were making with the Americans. So what do you expect the Germans to do when the war came? Kiss and cuddle with the Jews? The same attitude is what is now around the globe.

  78. Let me add a few more points here. Just last week USA used it Veto Power to shoot down a resolution brought forth by 122 countries in regards to occupied Palastinian land. But the same United States went to war to push Iraq out of Kuwait. The same United States want to change the regime in Iran. The same United States invaded Iraq and killed 1.5 million people. 4.5 million children are orphaned because of the invasion. 500,000 of them live on the streets of Iraq still. But US vetoed the resolution and upheld the Israel's actions agianst INTERNATIONAL LAW! So who is the enemy of Humanity?

  79. Hey Jesus,
    Mounting evidence against Islam? Enlighten us here with facts. Have you been to any middle eastern countries? Have u ever had any middle eastern or muslim friends or known any of them at any capacity? Have you been to Iran to see what is the actual issues in Iran? I dont think so. You are spending a lot of time defending this doc. The purpose of the repost is to warn unsuspecting / innocent public about the agenda of this Rabbai and his associates in Israel. And give us a proof that you are not one of them. The world is no longer sleeping. We are all wide awake. And we know who are the culprits. And if you ask me, there is more for Right Wing Zionist Jews to gain from these conflicts than any other race or country. Thus, I would say it is the work of the Zionists when it comes to 9/11 or 7/7. They have done these type of operations in the past. Why not now? Lets get the entire world to hate and destroy the Zionist enemies at their own expense, thus the zionist get to live free on occupied lands. Through out history Jews are known different parties against each other for the welfare of the Jews. What did they do to Jesus himself?
    I am not a muslim. But I spent enough time to learn the truth. The truth is different from what they tell us on main stream media. The truth is this entire west vs muslim agenda is nothing but a Zionist agenda to occupy the Palastine.

  80. @ Ron Biggins - well said. That is all. Just very well put.

  81. @Ken why do you keep repeating the same post, there is much more evidence than just iranium against islam so go and find something worthwhile saying. With evidence thankyou

  82. Hey Don you are looking at things through blinkers, the Saudis are allied to the United States as a result they are free to set up in the United States. Let's think about 9/11 logically, why would the United states government blow up the twin towers with demolition explosives for some poxy insurance money which is peanuts to them, also the owner of the building got the insurance money not the government. I don't think the United States are so stupid to do that because they had their pretext for War if as claimed they flew 2 remote controlled Airplanes into the buildings. People say there was an excercise going on with the exact same scenario and some even say these scenarios have been documented years before. The same thing is being said about the 7/7 bombings and that the British government carried out these attacks. There is a difference however this scenario which occurred in reality was in fact broadcast previously on TV. So what you are saying is that the British and American governments have the competence of laurel and Hardy.

    It is more obvious and realistic that the Saudis could have planned both events with the purpose of inciting War and also to have this evidence at hand to help radicalise Muslims inside European countries and to also turn the general public against them.
    The saudi Arabians had as much opportunity as anyone to plant explosives and they have the money and power to do pretty much anything.
    If you are thinking why would the Muslims start a war they know they will lose, they are already winning this hands down through the propoganda War evidenced by the fact so many people hate the US government and do not oppose Islamification even though it means an end to our way of life and also an end to human rights.
    As for Israel, palestinian kids are trained with guns from kindergarten age, they are all taught to hate via the use of propoganda, so you claim if someone is minding his own business but knows how to use a gun he is a legitimate target, the palestian kids are not minding their own business they are pro-active as much the rest of the terrorists and so you should commend Israel for not killing them intentionally, you are being fooled its that simple. Look at the links I posted on comment 192 on missing links. Also look at the top link on comment 172 on missing links.

  83. Live and let live. Practice religious freedom. Leave us the f@#$ alone. Some choose not to be slaves to a certain religion or any religion. Forcing your beliefs upon anyone is not only wrong but it contradicts everything that religion was intended to stand for. If we are wicked infidels, then let God get us.

  84. Jesus in another guise

    "In the aftermath of a program aired on October 19, 2004, Adam Aptowitzer, Ontario chairman of the B'nai Brith Institute for International Affairs, was forced to resign his position after arguing that Israel had used terror against Palestinians legitimately[1] stating that "When Israel uses terror ... to destroy a home and convince people ... to be terrified of what the possible consequences are, I'd say that's an acceptable use to terrify somebody."[2] On the same broadcast Mohamed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, asserted that all adult Israelis are legitimate targets of attack as a consequence of their service in the Israel Defense Force. Elmasry apologized for his comments and offered to resign - but his resignation was rejected by the CIC.[3]"

    Why was Elmasry's resignation rejected? Because.... Under International Law the Muslim response actually is correct under International Law. Israel has violated International Laws constantly and continues to ignore International Law. Jesus would have been impressed by Elmasry's apology where the Israeli Jews would have demanded that He be Crucified again in any "guise".

    P.S., As a Veteran, trained in explosives, I know for sure that the World Trade Center buildings were absolutely, without a doubt, demolitions.

  85. @Tiercel ,how does the sand taste ? seeing as your head is so far stuck in the ground you havent got a single clue about islam do you ? Why do you post your oppinion on a subject you have zero knowledge in? Go read the koran surah and hadiths then come back and post.

  86. 'The curse of mankind and the cause of nearly all its woes are his endless capacity for believing the incredible'.

    Ignorance, superstition, and OVERPOPULATION are handmaidens for homicidal behaviour and human suffering.

  87. I don't know which part of this people think is propaganda, maybe the claims that they have averted terrorist attacks.
    I'm assuming that everyone who is pro Radical Islam that you believe that the USA are evil and that they did the 9/11 attacks themselves, you are believing what you wish to believe because you don't like to see people getting hurt I am assuming.

  88. But on the other hand Christians have done the same thing for centuries so...joke's on us now:))

  89. After reading all the comments I don't know what to think anymore I find my self in two states of mind:
    The rational side of me says that this is propaganda but probably has some truth to it, just a fraction of the Islamic population thinks like that and the rest are just peaceful citizens like my self.

    But the irrational side of me says OOOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD the Muslims are trying to take over the world.

  90. Dorani,
    Americans are in Britain, Japan, South Korea, and Kosovo at the behest and invitation of our allies including the countries in question. In all cases we have been there in the spirit of mutual defense, and you will see if you study Cold War history that in all cases we have been much welcome and often pay tidy sums to the host nations, effectively footing their defence bills. As for Kosovo specifically, we are there under the auspices of the U.N. to stop an existing and prevent any further genocide. I'm certain, as with the Phillipines in the early 90's that if we are asked to leave a soverign ally's land, we will.
    America has been "grandfathered" into being the bloody tip of the sword since the end of WWII. Cant say I like it much, wish these people cared enough about their way of life to defend it as vehemetly as we do. Or can you honestly say that South Koreans would be better off under the North's rule, or that the Germans would have been better served if we would have retreated when the Soviets were walling off Berlin? Perhaps you think so because you would rather they were in Muslim hands.
    P.S.- I have my problems with Israel as well but "death to Israhell"? Not awfully constructive and very bigoted.

  91. @Tiercel you have got no idea, if you think I'm a fascist you don't know anything about Islam and what it does to those who are not Muslims, you are good at the talk but I bet you can't walk the walk, if you want me to teach you then I will do so in the mean time have a look at my posts on missing links 153 and 172 which are slightly off what you are getting at but I look forward to this if you think you have all the knowledge, show me your hand.

  92. Jesus in another place

    That "other place" should be a lunatic asylum. I've never seen such an ill thought out exercise in random bigotry. It like a BNP word association session. I doubt there's a word of even accidental truth amongst that rambling free-expression stream of faulty consciousness. It's idiocy. No it's beyond idiocy. It's willfull crass stupidity!

  93. The ideology of Islam fully implemented under Sharia Law, consistent with the koran, sira and hadith, condemns freedom (speech, conscience, religion association, press, petition of government), forbids equality (between men and women, muslims and non-muslims) and denies traditional sovereignty (national boundaries, secular law, native culture). Any form of sharia, implicit (in mosques and ‘at home’) or explicit (as practiced in UK civil courts, as promoted by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to the United Nations), denies human rights to women, children and non-muslims. Therefore, allowing sharia in this Constitutional Republic or any non-islamic nation violates our basic laws of freedom, including freedom of choice. The tenets of islam as codified in sharia* are supremacist, discriminatory and misogynist; they invite or encourage deception toward non-muslims and mandate perpetual hostility to that which is not islamic. Sharia must be banned as being unConstitutional and its promotion labeled seditious, as it calls for the replacement of man-made law with “divine” sharia.

    Whatever in islam that may be spiritual and promote the salvation of the soul is of little interest to me, unless and until it affects non-muslims, at which point it becomes political doctrine. And if this political doctrine calls for harm, subjugation, taxation, terrorizing and death, it is a free-people’s right and obligation to resist.

    I challenge people not to believe anything about islam that is not consistent with the foundational texts of islam and its body of law, for to do so is to be deceived and ignorant.

  94. This DOC is a bunch of foolishness & made by foolish people, I never seen NO documentry to underline the American military presence in many countries including Germany Japan Britain South koria Kosovo and many more, or any excuse to say why they are there?!! Is it because they are there for dominating the entire region or is it because of any other excuse!!
    This is nothing but another way of attack on Islam & muslims, & just another way of covering up or to hide the truth behind 9/11/01.

    Death to Israhell & the Zionest regime

  95. take all the people in the world who want to die for thier god, no matter what religeon, put them in the vast wastes of a desert. Give them sticks, rocks and leather, nothing else and let them kill each other for thier god. Then nuke the survivors and send them to allah.

  96. This is not propoganda. It is very obvious as to which comments against this are from Muslims becasue they can't type proper English, and they are nonsensical, oppressive, dumbing down type of comments. The Islam threat to freedom is real. They murder thier own over bull shit laws. They hate America and Europe for all that the free world stands for. They do ban other religeons from thier lands, yet come to our free societies and bring thier mosque, thier daggers, thier hatred, violence, racism, crime, man dressess (in which they can hide weapons), oppressed women and stinky curry with them. Look at the Muslim woman who stabbed her daughter to death in BC for wearing non muslim clothes. And she got off. Who among you has fought for justice for the young girl who was murdered? Who among you is fighting to end this type of beleif and action? You better wake up people! They have a plan to kill you, and it will be easier for them if you go quietly into the night like sheep to the slaughter. Don't you think it is strange that the vast majority of long haul truck drivers are muslims? What a brilliant plan, they are mobile, carry big loads of whatever they wish to smuggle, they cover the entire continent, no one understands thier language.. think about it. I don't trust them for a single minute. Do unto others as others do to you I say. If they ban other religeons in thier country, we ban thier religeon in ours. Shut down the religeos complexes, burn the mosques, and draw all the cartoons of Moohammad we want. Do a cartoon of good ol uncle Sam giving it to moohammad with a baseball bat. Stop caving in to people who hate us and are crying like babies when we offend them, as they plan killing us behind our backs.

  97. It matters not that there are thousands of Muslim people who do not believe in violence of any kind, who are against this extremist mentality, who believe that you have the right to live peacefully regardless of your faith and yet no matter how hard or how loud they protest they will always be lumped in with terrorists and there will always be yet another perfect piece of bullshit pie such as this, and as always those who aren't willing to see the truth eat it up without a fuss.
    These poor saps armed with their fear desperately look for the next so called muslim terrorist, and they turn a blind eye while the real terrorist, their government systematically destroys the very people they were supposed to liberate, wiping out entire families, leaving God knows how many children orphaned essentially giving birth to the next batch of terrorists.
    Like Don, I'd rather suffer the truth than a lie and I pray for God to give us the strength and courage to do so. There is quickening of some sort and we must be prepared for what is coming, don't waste your precious energy with this crap. Can't you see it just a decoy please wake up.

  98. another thing has it not occurred to anyone that all these conspiracy anti-american junk propoganda videos going around have been made by the muslims, those who believe them are being sucked right in big time

  99. I can't believe how many people think this is propoganda, where is the propoganda, lets consider the recent riots in the arab countries, is it not a bit out of character for the Muslims to be pleading to the west to come and invade their countries to help them. All these riots have occurred after friday prayers and so they are being encouraged in the mosque, the same thing happens before christians are attacked in these arab countries.
    These riots are the work of the Muslim Brotherhood and barak obama is encouraging this because he is a Muslim who repeatedly belittles the christian faith yet he praises the Muslims.
    We are heading towards total war make no mistake, Europe is already feeling the strain from Muslims, before anyone says anything I know the Muslim population is only 4% in the UK for example but they are much younger than the non muslims and by default in 20 years in the UK they will be at 20% population levels. Thats not all, they are deliberately accelarating the growth of their own population and it is increasing 10 times faster than the non-muslim population.
    The arab states want to become one large super islamic muslim brotherhood state, the romour is they will declare war on israel and if europe begins to deny muslims the right to islamic rule when they are the majority then there will be 2 options. Submit to Islam or total war.
    If you dont believe the muslim brotherhood exists then why are all Islamic countries wearing the Hijab when it is not even a requirement of the Koran. The Hijab is the mark of the Muslim brotherhood. My advice to people is wake up.

  100. Havent read your other posts Zeeshan but your last one (#71 on the list) is right on the nose. The name Joe Wilson sounds familiar (and not just because it is a hugely common name lol) but I do not remember why,perhaps I should google him soon and find out

  101. WOW!!! i knew all religion is a way to control the masses, the whole reason religion was dirived!, belive in God and all the other crap..just dont need to kill for it.. and there is too much babies /people there.. dang use a condom..

  102. Zeeshan,

    You are painfully informed. You have eyes to see and ears to hear. As painful as it may be, I'd rather suffer the "Truth" than the "Lie". At lease it puts the world in it's real perspective so one can see things as they truly are. That, my friend, is the courage of suffering the truth. Of being a warrior of the facts. And yes, we have a sacred call to protect our love ones and fight to reform political self interest, rather then those who don't care about the people they were suppose to protect. The dark ominous clouds are over our nation and the sense of a great international storm is just on the horizon. May we live in better times.

  103. connivance to realty

  104. 1.Who made talibans in 80s against the USSR?
    2.Do everybody know the faces behind 9/11 conspiracy?
    3. Have anybody read Reports of joe wilson , a famous american journalist, about iraq ?(in which he clearly states that there was no sign of weapons of mass destruction)
    4. Have anybody seen the documentary by JOHN PILGER "THE WAR YOU DONT SEE", true face of the media like BBC,CNN,FOX etc how they work with CIA and jewish lobby to make such videos like this one.

  105. Anonymous,
    Was of the notion that NORAD and SAC are more focused on countering a conventional nuclear strategy... Does not seem terribly odd that they were ill prepared for such an unconventional attack.
    Got my beef with the Federal Reserve system as well, but rather doubt the version of events you imply.

  106. so, a bunch of radical muslims got NORAD to stand down on 9/11. i don't care what your religion is, i don't care what your IQ is, where you went to school, what kind of beer you drink, if you believe that, you are a genuinely stupid person, and your opinion is worthless. i mean literally worthless, as in it has no value, since it isn't based on any facts, not unlike our Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollars (FRAUD Notes). worthless. glad he got to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory right away so i don't waste any more time watching his film.

  107. After watching this doc again, I would like to point out to people who are calling this doc bullshit saying that all Muslims are peaceful, and loving, but if that's so true why did the doc show the people who are well respected Muslim leaders showing two faces? Saying Oh we are peaceful, but behind the scene saying that the west will become Islamic state, or saying death to America/infidel? I still stand by my earlier post above that most people in the states don't want the war in the middle east, but knowing that even if we leave extremist will follow us to our country or too Europe, and still want to kill us. I know there are Muslims out there who don't believe in violence, and would love to keep there life peaceful, but this war in the middle east won't stop until they speak up against radical Islam.

  108. @ MAD your so full of BS i dont know where to begin.How can you write "You can’t really compare them to Hitler either" and not burst out laughing at your own pathetic stupidity.Islam and nazism are VERY simular ,you have to be a complete moron not to see that.To many points on this so ill use three huge unrefutable ones...

    1/islam AND nazism are both totalitarian ideologies.
    2/Both have/had genocidal goals towards jews.
    3/islam ans nazism are fascist.
    (why do you think the grand mufti and hitler were such good pals and why were there muslim divisions in the SS ?????

    Its funny how the people on this thread that disagree with this movie throw down alot of cursing and slander yet cannot refute a single point it makes! A typical leftist tactic to something you hate yet cannot refute SLANDER.

  109. Connie,
    Must agree with you, we must strive to make a world of peaceful coexistence. I'm guessing there will be many in every culture that will resist. I would however say that the West and the cultures rooted in liberty take the Pepsi-challenge with any other cultural contrivance of man in all of written history.

  110. According to ancient manuscripts, Mohammed would be a false prophet. It was written that when John the Baptist was beheaded, the head of prophecy was cut off and there was no more need for prophecy or prophesying. I guess islam didn't get that memo.
    Interesting, considering they choose to inflict this technique on others.(beheading)
    Maybe a symbol to the world that their head and hearts are disconnected.

    It is the head and heart joined in conjuction as one that connects us to the Universal Source, which still loves these people......It's unconditional.....

  111. I like to see how everybody are blaming the jews for the situation of islam. This film is not about jews it is about islam. and throwing in the jew card into the subject just shows how racist and mind washed people can convince themselves to believing in anything, as long as it doesn't involve soul searching.

    Islam is never to be blamed. Even the muslim responders here dismiss this as pure propaganda while 70% of this film is created by using original clips filmed by muslims.
    Yes this film is biased, but saying that the taliban is not muslim, is like saying that the zionists are not jewish.

    If this film would have been about the dangerous jews you would all agree with every word of it. but when it comes and talks about your religion its propaganda. Thats just how hypocritical people are.

    most of the urgent problems in the world are created by religion. everybody can see this except for the mind clouded people who believe in god.

    when god will die, man kind shall resurrect. god cannot be killed with violence. just logic and sense.

  112. It was the Dutch, Spanish, Brits and rest of the colonial powers that Incorporated the subjugation of other cultures. Quit pointing fingers, or maybe we wont show up next time... Oh yeah I forgot, being a people of conscience, we will show up... sucks to be us I guess.

  113. Blows my mind how many Europeans put all the blambe for this radicalism in Islam squarely on the U.S. Go ahead I guess... you have your free speech. Just make sure you thank America for securing it for you. Frankly, its hard for America to be facing down this threat from Islam, we are still busy cleaning up after Europe and Asia's two world wars and multiple geonocides. Oh, and enjoy having your way of life defended for yet Another generation of Americans you cowards. Or should we let Europe botch another one by standing around doing nothing while plainly evil regimes propagate.

  114. @ Connie

    Well said. I would like to add a little more but I have to go bowling.

  115. Whether propaganda or not, this documentary illustrates just how deep and wide the mental illness of humanity runs.
    They kill because of the fear of not being supreme, not because they feel islam is supreme. That in itself tells you how inferior to the rest of the world these people actually believe they are. Religion is rooted in low self-esteem and unworthiness that's how they can recuit people from prisons and indoctrinate/brainwash the innocence children. I'm not a religious person but I believe there is scriptual reference to those who would harm even a single hair of a child.

  116. @ marcin

    There is good reason for people to distrust Americans. Radical Muslims are also targeting Europeans. What did you do to upset them? Apparently they believe you're no different than Americans.

  117. Propaganda movie. America is directly responsible for anti-western radicalism across the world. American foreign policy is a pure nonsense. I'm European, but I can understand the reasons, why many people especially Muslims turn against America

  118. To Over the Edge:
    Agreed - Christian were a destructive force back in the day. I've been an anti-theist since the 7th grade. Muslims were advanced about 1000 AD. Problem is, we don't live in 1000 ad and the most powerful weapon then was a sword. They regressed about 11AD when they became theocratical. We need to live in the present and recognize that Muslims want to live in 600ad. and like being Christian and denying the trinity, a Muslim must believe all non Muslims must die-period. No moderation there. If you read your list, including Yasser Arafat, the Peace Prizes were jokes. They were considered terrorist in their times and wanted all Jews dead. So, how are the Muslims advancing civilization?

  119. From what I understand Islam is that its not bad as what people make it out to be, most people I know when they hear Muslim they think someone who would blow themselves up for Allah/God, but truthfully that's a radical part of Islam just like Christianity has there own as well.

    I do get a little annoyed when someone who I guess lives over there or in another country try to say that America is the cause for all the problems that are happening over there, or when we are looked at as warmongers, truth be told 1) we didn't cause all the problems in the middle east, in truth I think a lot of us who live in the states would be fine if we left if extremist didn't want to continue to kill us even after we left, and it doesn't help when your reading the news, and I'm not talking about fox or cnn when you see/read people over there saying Death to America.
    I hope for a day when we come to realize that we are all humans and we all live on the same rock, and we wish for the better for all of us.

  120. "Let those who fight in the cause of Allah sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of Allah whether he get slain or gets victory-soon shall we give him a great reward" Quran 4:7
    More inspiration for cannon fodder.

  121. @zeeshan I agree whit you...Reading these comments I feel a bit happy because people are talking about these problems, and talking about it is the first step in finding a solution so we could all live one day whit out wanting to kill each other, but I also think that we won't find that solution in the next 100 years....
    The only immediate solution in my opinion is to educate people as much as we can because only uneducated people tend to believe everything that is written in the holly books!
    I think the internet will eventually educate everyone the fundamental Muslims and the fundamental Christians and everyone who thinks killing each other for an idea is a good thing!

  122. It is easy to understand that this is propaganda. It seems that the US have found their new enemy. They use the same tactics they used during the cold war. Even some phrases are identical, for example communism was very often referred to as "cancer", a contagious disease, an evil conspiracy to take over the world and these very same phrases are heard in this documentary. The cold war was a successful war for US, it was mainly a war of propaganda and American foreign policy is still conducted by people that took part in that war (especially during the Bush administration).
    In western societies, we have a certain degree of education and most importantly we have the recent experience of two world wars, events of unimaginable horror. It is not so easy anymore to convince our nations to go to war, so propaganda and systematic brainwash is essential. Iraq is the most recent example. The systematic propaganda for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was the fact that made this bloody and insane war a reality for thousands of American troops and millions of Iraqi civilians. As we all know, no such weapons were ever found.
    Modern empires need evil enemies to justify their wars. And the enemy disguised by the American propaganda as "radical Islam" is in fact Iran. The last remaining hostile to the US empire, state of the (oil-rich) middle east. American foreign policy doesn't give a damn for democracy and freedom. They have supported some of the most vicious dictatorships like the regimes in south America, the dictatorship in my country Greece, even insane theocratic states like Saudi Arabia. Just as long as they provide them with what they want.

    However, I feel blessed that I was born part of the west society. This illusion of democracy and freedom that we enjoy is the best we can get compared to any other place in the world and we should use this in order to become even better, to reject any form of mind guidance like religion. And the "cancer" that eats our society from within, our religion is MONEY. Some day, even this religion, this tyranny will collapse because mankind can only move forward.
    But it wont happen in our lifetimes.

  123. -jim
    i think you misunderstand my meaning. it takes a bit of force to stand on what you believe. be it your own blood or the blood of others. why blood ? because the extremist wants them. of course i am looking very far ahead. lets hope that will not come to that state

  124. haahhaa you say that atheists are not willing to kill for what they believe.... like that's a bad thing. If everyone else was like that, we wouldn't have this video, now would we?

    Propaganda? I dunno.... did they make up "Islamburg"? Did they fake all the interviews? The 'moderates' say, oh, that isn't Islam. That's a small fringe group. Let me ask this of the moderates: when a jihadist gang comes down your street looking for heads to lop off, are you going to say "hey, I'm with the sane people!" or are you going to say "Allahu Akbar" and save your skin? There's your moderation.

  125. so who will be the last group standing on earth? muslim , christian , jew , Communism or atheists ? i dont know. i one thing is sure no atheists will remain , cause non of them is willing to shed blood for what they believe . they never did in the past , they will not in the future.

  126. Warped world we live.. I am very disappointed with all that is going wrong in the world today.. The so called righteous leaders will soon find that there brainwashing will only work for so long before the youth rebels.. WAKE UP.. Ha hmm 1am i guess ill hit the sack..

    Worth watching and not really anything new since I have been awake...

  127. It does not address the question why there is this hate towards the West. It does not speak of the long history of Britain's meddling in the Middle East and later that of the USA. It does not show us movies of how Palestinians are treated by the Israeli army on their own land. Hate does not erupt from nowhere, it has its causes. The USA, Britain and Israel are not blameless. Two wrongs , of course, do not make a right.

  128. Undoubtedly a film with a point, and maybe even a slant. It does however seem to be a far more plausable motivation for war than say WMD or silly notions like making war on terrorism.
    It cant be denied that Muslim Zealots kill on every continent except Antarctica. Most peoples will kill right back, then everybody blambes everybody.
    In America we let our Zealots have little compounds and march in parades to piss people off. They dont get away with killing.
    How to keep riteous killers out of power should be an important focus of humanity. I'm not sure how we can ever determine who drew first blood, or even that it matters at this point. Just need to stop the crazy killers.

  129. @ronbiggs66
    i am an atheist and dream of a day when ALL religion is dead. but lying and misrepresenting the truth is not the way to get there the Pulitzer prize is a U.S only prize and doesn't represent all faiths fairly , you want peace prizes
    1978 - Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
    1994 - Yaser Arafat
    2003 - Shirin Ebadi
    2005 - Mohamed ElBaradei
    2006 - Muhammad Yunus
    didn't invent anything? i googled Muslim inventions and i won't post a wall of text that big but look it up it may surprise you. and in my opinion the invention algebra as well as many forms of math is very important and lets not forget when the Christians burned the great library it was the Muslim nations that saved as much as possible of the ancient knowledge. now i am not defending any religion i wish all of you would get your $hit together before you get us atheists killed. there are many reasons to discredit religion and the hate it produces but lets be truthful and leave the fairy tales for the holy books

  130. Shear Propaganda.

    "NAZI'S"! I studied German history for nearly twenty years. Give it up! Now Islam is the next fall guy for U.S., Israeli and British crimes. I'm also completely astonish that so many Americans are obsessed with simply blaming Islam. Ben Laden's mother was/is a Yemeni Jew. His Father sat on the board of the Carlyal Group along with Bush Senior. Both have had strong connections with Israel. I could write a tome about the dumbing down of the American people to solely propagandize and confuse you. And yet, the American people are still promoting and boasting about the mythical Apollo
    landings on the Moon? I was stationed on a NASA base during their "circus maximus"! It just didn't happen!

    Islam is receiving the same treatment that Americans received
    on 911. You have to understand this vidal aspect of the unyielding determination that the "Internationals/bankers" have stepped up their long sought dream to destroy nations, not just militarily but also economically so we will accept a International currency to make it easy for the criminal's to control the planet, its wealth and humanity. They have been working toward this since the Greek historical period.

  131. My apologies -
    Jews have been the leader in theoretical and practical sciences. They've won what...30%? of prizes and awards in the past century while being 3% of the population and have overcome adversity without blowing up a thing

  132. This is a free country and the radicals of Islam have to be stopped. There is now way this religion will rule the world. Stop the spread of Wahhabism at the very least!

  133. There are Christian bigots in the United States. They are the ones who are hoping to initiate the end times and Armageddon. Dangerous selfish people who would destroy the world to save their own souls. They have to be resisted at all cost.

    This does not lessen the danger of extremist Muslims. That they exist is not propaganda but fact. They gather in the streets and call for the murder of cartoonists and authors and any one else who they believe insults them. Insults them! You don't have to kill them or take food our of their mouths. Just say something they don't like and they want to kill you. Their anger is unfocused, unbalanced, striking wildly without discipline. Thankfully they don't have that leader to join them into one cohesive force.

    This is from the Quran "Mohamed is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another" Quran 48:29. Tell me how a angry Muslim should interpret this.

    I'm not talking about ordinary Muslims or Christians just the selfish ones, whose only objective is their own salvation.

  134. OK, someone name me a Pulitzer Prize winning Muslim? How about the Nobel peace prize?? OK, invented anything? Atheists/Christians invented EVERYTHING you see, touch, ride, video through, watch on TV, even read-on an intellectual level. We are in the 21st century because of these people. If you an give me an example of a people that discovered or invented more..please do so.

  135. First of All,is this guy,,,, is he a Muslim ?
    Most of the Americans know who is behind the 9-11 Attack,there are so many docs ,statements,proofs are coming all so in the websites,,,e.g; loose change,open up the investigation for9/11,
    WTC blasted with explosives,,,,, Osama Bin Laden's clip reg 9/11 is a fake,,
    these are all pre arranged ,,,made up things.

  136. Islam is the new "Reds under the bed" bogeyman. Propaganda emanating from Israel & channeled by the Christian fundamentalist Taliban in the USA. Qui bono?

    Who would have guessed that in the.21st century people would still be in thrall to these Bronze Age, desert folk tales. Man has.walked on the moon, unraveled the RDNA double helix & mapped the human genome. Yet ignorance a superstition still hold sway & cause suffering, misery & death to millions.

  137. This is not propaganda.No religon is good religon!I worked in Afghanistain and their religon has soiled their minds and here in U S A the Bible has done the same to our people.I wish all religon would fade away and I think someday it will. The sooner the better.

  138. Note: Zeeshan is using what the Koran dictates at el-Taqqiya. A technique of using older versus of the Koran when the sura says to fool infidels by using older versus rather than the newer, more insane versus of the Koran, which are to supercede the older ones. Your move

  139. I'm sorry, you're telling who not to comment??


  141. Prophet(pbuh) SAID "treat ur wives with love and affection, dont beat them"
    Prophet(pbuh)SAID "one who kill any human its like he killed the whole humanity(not confuse it with war, even in war A MUSLIM SOLDIER IS NOT ALLOWED TO KILL CHILDRENS,WOMEN AND OLDIES BUT ONLY THOSE WHO FIGHT )"
    now u people decide who is wrong islam or an illetrate muslim??
    if a christian kills a muslim then can anybody say that all the christians are murderers or extremists?? ofcourse not
    then why the bad deeds of a group of illeterate muslims are considered as the deeds and thinking of every muslim on planet??? why
    the clip of dr.zakir was also not shown completely.

  142. propoganda, pure propoganda against islam.
    nobody blames the car in case of accident, its the driver who is to be blamed.
    every story is one sided, OUR RELIGION IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE.
    TALIBANs are not muslims they have no knowledge about islam, about the HOLY BOOK QURAN. OUR religion says in case of war dont kill women, childrens and old people.
    if todays muslims are not following true islam then who is to be blamed??? islam or the muslim??? ofcourse that muslim not islam.
    i am amazed that how shamefully two different aspects have shown toghether. 100% propoganda

  143. Propagandist disinformation meant to keep society polarized and living in fear of the rest of the world. This guy claims to be Muslim yet he was a doctor taking care of senators and congressman who sent american troops to muslim countries admittedly after their oil. He took care of them while they they voted to increase troops and dump more depleted uranium into Iraqi soil, to dislocate and murder over 2 million iraqi civilians. How can any man in good conscience take care of the people who vote for these things especially when it's against his own people? If hitler doctor was a jew and wrote a tell all book advocating for the Nazi agenda after the war I am sure people would see it for what it was. Just as I see this. Total Propaganda...He seems to leave the Bush connection to the Saudis alone? Why? He doesn't as one question about 9-11? He only seems to push a viewpoint. Where are the "documentaries"that document ? This one seems to be more along the lines of a "How to" video...How to Hate and be Afraid.

  144. Islam is not a religion. It's a political ideology enforced by force and brainwashing. You can't be a rational Muslim. Like all theocracy/religion, it's an elitist mentality that doesn't deserve and respect because it doesn't offer any.

  145. wait wait wait... from what this is saying, what's the difference between christians and muslims in the political sphere? that's right, NOTHING.

    they both are forcing their beliefs into the law, Christian men try and control women, children and gays too, just in different ways. there's nothing different between them - they give power over others to the common man. there is NO compassion in religion! it's a ruse!

    the only way to fix the problem is to shed the weight of god and see the world for what it is. let's have wars over tangible things. not over a floaty man in the sky.

    and to the maker of the docu - if you want to be taker seriously, don't reference beck! XD i loled!

  146. This is without a doubt the most DISGUSTING TDG documentary I have ever watched. This is nothing more than western propaganda designed to make you hate and fear Islam and Muslems. Would this film have been made is no OIL existed in the Middle East ? I think not !

    If you research who produced and funded this crap, you will see and know the true evil behind the footage.

    Don't be fooled by this total rubbish, think for yourself, and LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR regardless of RACE or RELIGION view.

    Never follow those who claim to know the truth, follow those who seek the truth.

  147. What i have read about Prophet Muhammads life i think that Muhammad just used religion to just an excuse of war to conquer lands and serve his own greatness.So far what i have read about Koran,i must admit that Muhammad just took The Holy Bibles writings and twisted the words to fit his own desires and needs,declaring himself as a spoke person of the God.He took the right to speak behalf of the God but in fact he spoke behalf of himself and his own egoistic desires.
    Knowing the start of islamic religion,its foundations and the word what it spreads,i say its religion of hate and violence.Muhammad,its religions founder based it on violence and nothing good ever comes of violence.
    Some of you might say thats the problem of radical islam but it is not.For an example when you look at the Great Britains islamic community then under the banner of spreading religion peacefully they do not do so but they sow hate.Its not possible to speak about word "peace" when it comes to islam cause when you read the Koran then it tells all that its everything else but peaceful.Muslims of Great Britain are not there to integrate,they do not take Britains social values as their own but they keep all their islamic point of views and seperate themselves from so called " Britain social valued people"

  148. just watch the Bill Clinton Chronicles. corruption has an answer and it's not coming from Christian America or Europe. democracy has proven itself to be white supremacy visa vi Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the proped-up dictatorships of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Malaysia, etc. what can anyone expect?

  149. As humans evolve and become more intelligent we will likely have less need for the guidance and control imposed by organized religion. We will find guidance and understanding through the development of our own internal spiritualism.

    There is only one prayer I make,.. 'God, save me from religion, show my mind the pathway to spirtual understanding'

    Relgion is designed for only one purpose,.. to control your mind,.. Spiritualism will open and free your mind from the controling dogma of this organized hate-filled cancerous religion.

  150. @ Mad

    I see them more as the 1920's version of Hitler and his Nazis. There has not been a coalescence around a charismatic leader - yet. If this happens the potential for conflict will be unlimited. This movement would have over 1 billion Muslims to recruit from. Many Germans were not followers of Hitler at first. As success followed success Germans were starting to jump on board believing that maybe Hitler was the man after all. A charismatic leader could fire the imaginations of young Muslims all around the world in the same way.

    For all those crying propaganda, if you are a Muslim you may not see a problem. For those who are not Muslim, don't let your anti American bias cloud your perception. You may find that you do not like Sharia law either but it may be too late.

  151. This film is CRAP! The Jewish people are behind it. The video constantly wanted to make the Palestine people look like terrorist for protecting themselves from the thieving Jews. They had Government officials giving interviews. The same Government officials that lied about the war in Iraq. They spoke of the bombings in London and blamed some Muslims. Everyone knows the Government was behind the 9-11 and bombings in London. The Jewish people aren’t as smart as they think they are. Make a new video you knuckleheads but keep the Government officials out of it to add credibility.

  152. religion is childish and stupid

  153. OH and one more thing Americans you all lost your freedom a long time ago. If you really ever had any to begin with.
    You only are as free as they let you be, and as long as you do what they tell you you can do.
    You are no more free than a fish in a pond...

  154. Thanks Mike. Couldn't have put it better myself.

    What else should we be afraid of, dear master?

  155. Ok if this is not American government propaganda i don't know what is. I am so glad i am not religious, even though i did go to church for a while when i was young. And was taught that God or what ever you want to call him, was against violence and murder. That he was a all loving and wanted us to love each other. to live on this planet in peace.
    Then i found out the horrible history of all religions and decided to not believe in anyone but myself.
    If believing in God means that i have to become a murderer like all the people in the past who have murdered in the name of God. Well then i opt out.
    There is no god but man. believe in yourself and the good person who lives inside your mind.
    No one has the right to tell you what to do.
    If you all want to preach something to the world preach love
    and happiness to everyone. You never know you all might like peace, nothing else you have tried so far has ever worked.
    How long must we go on killing each other in the name of God.
    Wake up people...................

  156. @jack1952 There was anti-Hitler propaganda and it is still floating around to this very day. You can't really compare them to Hitler either, I see the current state of Nazi Israel as more of Hitler/Genocidal theocracy.

  157. @jack1952 that's a load of bull, I have read into the Quran just to see if the religious idiots are really told to blow them selves up in their own bible and low and behold: NOTHING IN QURAN ABOUT SUICIDE!

  158. This documentary was made -of course- for propaganda reasons, given the fact that the United States needs to find very convincing arguments to attack Iran. That is the long term goal for US foreign policy and these types of documentaries, plus other forms of propaganda, create little by little the necessity for another US-lead war into the American public opinion. The recipy is old and well tested over many years now. Fear and terror. However, radical islamists DO exist, they are MANY, the Islamic states over the world are some of the worst dictatorships the world has ever known, they are indeed paranoid over their religion and it is very true that a very big percentage of them hates western civilization NOT because of the west's (dirty) involvement into their affairs, but because they (the west) are not muslims. I live in Europe, we do not have a perfect society, but it is the most free and open society that mankind has ever seen so far. And I will support my freedom against anyone.

  159. Straight up propaganda...

    Disgusting, brainwashed, indoctrinated garbage.

    This site would be better if this were taken down. There are very few facts in this "documentary".

    Just garbage.

  160. Propaganda it is, however true. Muslims claim that islam is religion of peace, blaming us(europeans) for everything, starting with the crusades. What about them destroying and occupying byzantine empire up to this day? How about endless war Poland was fighting on it`s eastern border, stopping muslims from flooding Europe? They got as far as Vienna once, luckily were kicked in the a*se...

  161. Muslims are like Nazis who say that they are peaceful loving people.. Cant be one without believing in the hate that both doctrines spew.. Muslims are some of the most uneducated closed minded people I have ever met.. Of course some are nice, but they are still brain washed fools..

  162. how silly and naive approach to realty "is the Islam the most dangerous Idea out there" I think who produce this ether a right wing radical Christian or CIA right wing advocate to propagate NAZI or KKK idea and implement it or justify it any rational can know the reality about Islam and Muslim by realizing fact about 1400 history of Islam never denying the Black sheep of far right an lift of Muslims that is shown is this film

  163. @ Mad

    I wonder if there had been anti Hitler propaganda films in the thirties how much different our history would have been. Or would it have made any difference? The unreasonable hate the Nazis displayed could only be believed after the fact. Very few people anywhere could have foretold what Hitler and his cronies were capable of.

    That the Arab world was at one time secular may or may not be true. Today it isn't and this is what the rest of the world may have to deal with. A Muslim does not go to Paradise because he is willing to die, only if he does sacrifice his life in a struggle against infidels. The fundamentalist insists that his struggle is against those who are trying to destroy Islam no matter what the argument is about. Unless it is about religion he will not gain that shortcut to paradise and martyrdom is the only way to earn that shortcut. This is in the Quran. That they learned this behavior from the west is a moot point. The point is they are good students. Zionists and Christians may be a danger but don't ignore others. If you have ever played hockey or football you'll know that the hit from the one you see coming never hurts as bad as the one you don't.

  164. F***ing Religions…not one of the is good…only I budism I think

  165. Global Islamic theocracy (or any kind of theocracy, for that matter) is bound to implode or collapse from inside fr several reason: 1. They will not be able to sustain their population growth. 2. Islam is divided into sects, and the fundamentalist sects use violent tactics to compete for power (Pakistan is an example). 3. The world is too advanced to be ruled by a bunch of religious zealots because modernity and theocracy are mutually exclusive. 4. People will simply revolt against oppression (as people are trying to do in Iran); no educated woman (muslim or otherwise) wants to be flogged in our time. 5. The West is responsible for the wave of Islamic fundamentalism in two ways; first, supporting the theocratic despotism (Saudi Arabia, for example) and second by the disregard of the people who have been fighting for justice and democracy as in palestine and Egypt. Since west is responsible for giving the Jihadists the heroic status among the disenfranchised people, change of policy will ensure the change the reality. Rather than being a revival of global Jihad, the the so-called third Jihad is a reactive phenomenon. It is not fair to characterize all the muslim population as a monolithic stereotype of Jihadists. You can see the muslim move stars in Bollywood industry in India as an icon of what lifestyle muslim youths are forming. But it would be wrong to overrule the harms, a handful of jihadists hve caused and can cause in the future. Being politically correct does not mean letting other trespass your rights. It is not good to see some societies are stuck in Medieval mindset.

  166. Radical Islam is a fascist ideology,Radical Islam is inherently primitive and backwards.
    If this world does not wake up, Islam will get what it is pushing for.

    Religion is nonsense.
    There's no invisible man.

  167. Fascists to the left, fascists to the right. Above, below - fascists. Forward? Yup. Back? Full of em.

    I dont care what you believe in - Islam, Capitalism, Communism, Zionism - whatever. It doesn't mean s**t.

    Because the technocracy is already here.

    You just haven't realised yet.


  168. reap what yee sow.

  169. Sorry've done whit your own just like that oil to much so you invade other countries and kill millions of innocent people, ore you invade countries whit out kill millions of people you invade them whit your corporations so the countries can work for you

  170. @jack1952 I by no means support what these people supposedly stand for, all I am saying is that the way this was directed plays very much like cold war propaganda used by the American & Soviets to demonize each other. Religion has always had the same goal: "divide and conquer". Also you & these supposed "Jihadists" are taking the word Martyr out of context it does not mean commit suicide, it merely means you are willing to die for what you believe in (if you ask me that is a righteous thing to do) and you'd be surprised to know that most of the Arab world was once secular this theocratic nonsense is something introduced from the west. These religious zealots will NEVER have their way America was founded by SECULAR men trying to escape the tyranny of theocracy, if any religious fundamentalist group is taking over/ has taken over it would be either the Zionist or Christian right wing fundamentalists that introduce fascism.

  171. F***ing Religions...not one of the is good...only I budism I think I may be wrong

  172. It may be propaganda --- but what if its not. Religious zealots have waged some of the most vicious wars and atrocities in human history. How are these fanatics any different? The Quran does urge Muslims to strive for an Islamic world. Martyrdom is encouraged and praised, promising all Martyrs a direct road to paradise. I may support American policies and goals but I do not want to replace them with strict religious law. Western governments have yet tried to force me to go to church or discriminated against me because I don't. Can the citizens of Muslim countries say the same.

  173. @mad
    you hit that right on the head

    Regardless I do see a cultural tensions increasing over the next several years.

  174. This reminds me of cold war propaganda.