THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?

2011, Conspiracy  -   438 Comments
Ratings: 6.96/10 from 233 users.

THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?From the authors: THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's "really" going on in our world by following the money upstream - uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

From the Odyssey Magazine: THRIVE is more than a documentary relevant to the times. It is more than a well-researched and alarming insight into who really controls how the world works.

It is a recipe and blueprint for how we can, each and every one of us, thrive in the way that the rest of nature does – easily, naturally and with expansive grace. For this last point alone, it is more than worth the time to see.

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False Progress
1 year ago

This strangely combines New Age ramblings with right-wing paranoia. The dreamy delivery tells you it's barely scientific.

So what if the concept of a torus exists? How does it create unlimited energy by simply existing? A sphere could be said to be far more stable, e.g. the shape planets need to exist. Did he come up with a torus while blowing weed smoke rings?

If people ever did get unlimited energy, they'd abuse the privilege like everything else, causing more environmental damage until nature stopped the party. Look at the over-consumption caused by cheap oil, historically.

The claim that AGW is some sort of tax scheme also hints at Gamble's loose grip on reality. This film is just weak and misleading.

Tanechka Milaya
2 years ago

One thing remains un-resolved: HOW TO throw off the rule of parasites/ predator class who have humanity's neck in a noose and are tightening it currently, resulting in millions of deaths, misery, loss of freedoms. It's the rule of a murderous and blood-thirsty mob essentially -- HOW to spring back to life when the predator class have their fangs deep in the neck of humanity?

4 years ago

I keep coming back to this doc.
The UFO stuff weirded me out, but now the UFO stuff all over the news is doing the same, Lol.
The description of how money works is a true eye-opener.

5 years ago

The majority of negative comments on here are fake.
They are put on here to to discredit the truth, and keep as many as possible uninformed.
Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

5 years ago

I met someone with an eidetic memory 10 yrs ago.
He remembers everything he has read since Jack and Jill.
I started asking questions.
He had the answers and could quote where to find the source.
After a week, I was asking about those things that people don't normally discuss.

He said "Are you sure you want to know ? It will open up a rabbit hole that will take you where you might not want to go ...."

So 10 years and thousands of hours of research later, let me tell you.......

"follow the money" has NEVER failed to expose truth.

Watch this movie AFTER you have have done some reading, and you will understand the truth.

The problem is that there is so much info out there, that no one documentary will ever suffice for those that have no previous knowledge that the world is not what it appears to be.

Foster Gamble has done a fantastic job of trying to concentrate and organize many truths...... It's up to you to open your mind and dig deeper if you want to know.

America was a great attempt to give equality to everyone, but the rich European families of old days had no reason to give up all their wealth. They were kings and we were peasants. They let us have our little revolution, and slowly infiltrated our government, and by the beginning of the 20th century, they controlled our entire financial system with the secret illegal creation of the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island.

The "Federal" Reserve is a PRIVATE organization of World banks that tells our country how much we will pay them to print paper.

That's an easy fact to research....... and if that's true, imagine what else.......

6 years ago

Watch the whole doc before commenting for goodness sake. It's you and your family's future at stake here. Wake up to what's going on.

7 years ago

To the viewers to lazy to watch this, you're going to be those targeted.

7 years ago

Am suprised to see so much negative comments. for me personally, this doc was the best i have ever see. i thought it was relevant and very insightful. Is very realist theres as well. a lot of true to it and it offers solution to our problem. i dont believe people should form an opinion if they didnt get to complete the doc. 5 star for me. i love it so much i watched it three different times. yep i did.

9 years ago

Love it!! This may become the most important documentary ever made if the World continues on it's current path.

Bett Häschen
9 years ago

does anyone know where the person at 2:15 is from...I have never seen anyone so beautiful

9 years ago

One thing all can be assured of is this: Most every politician on the planet is a lying scamming bought and paid for scumbag. They all work for the banks and corporations. Bankers and corporate Execs are interested in making you a slave. That is all.

9 years ago

I was drawn to watch this one because of the recent spate of comments (bluetortilla) coupled with a current preoccupation for some deeper understanding of consciousness. The latter reason is why I keep watching this type of doc no doubt, there's a certain allure to the elusive phenomenon.

Generally it's a well produced, well financed effort that does a fair job of asserting its trance like hold on the mind. It's also as cheesy as a Kiss album but I'm cool with a bit of cheese every so often.

Content wise this doc is a doozy that's dangerously wrong on so many things. Mr Gamble seems to be shooting for a record on how many emotive fringe theories can be crammed into one sitting. I can't make out if he's being deliberately misleading or if he is genuinely as gullible as this doc would make it seem. Perhaps it's both.

Amongst the generous plethora of 'WTF' on offer here Mr Gamble was kind enough to include a life time supply of my pet peeve, free energy. Seeing as recently I've been entertaining the idea that it's near impossible to reason a person out of a belief that they never reasoned themselves into in the first place I'll avoid the physics 101 stuff. Instead, some credibility issues to consider.

The Adam Trobly/David Farnsworth free energy device FBI raid : They don't tell you that the raid was initiated at the behest of an investor that was finding no satisfaction with regards to business returns.

John Hutchison floating matter phenomenon : They don't tell you that Mr Hutchison is a documented fraud who's shenanigans were captured on video. Levitating UFOs with strings attached.

David Icke: They don't tell you that he's the lizard king and he can do anything.

Suffice to say that there is an abundance of sound rebuttal material for almost every claim made here if anybody honestly wants to know the truth in any of this and can take a moment and step away from feelings of government/corporate generated paranoia for long enough. I don't trust them any more than any one else but there comes a point where you have to wonder if your distrust of one party is not just leading you into the arms of another, more soothing, liar. If that sounds like an analogy to relationships then you might see what I mean.

Overall this was all rather disappointing as I learned nothing new, which is why I felt compelled to write such a long winded post. I see a pattern in that the consciousness movement keeps getting lumped together with some of the more extreme flights of fancy, which is a shame. The phrase 'smeared by association' comes to mind.

Maybe I'm still looking in the wrong places for answers. Maybe I've been spoilt and I expect too much from documentaries. Maybe David Icke really is the lizard king. One thing's for certain (or is it?), I expected more of a Princeton educated 'master of the world' when it comes to immunizing oneself from stupidity.


9 years ago

Oh come on folks- this self-serving doc. is a load of junkola piled on junkola. Every single thing in it has been hashed out and debunked already ad nauseum. Mr. Gamble (you know- of 'Proctor and Gamble,' I doubt he's a black sheep) is blatantly promoting New World Order liberalism (read: the unbridled freedom to exploit whoever is gullible enough to be exploited; no safeguards; no government funding; no taxes; and most importantly of all no regulation). No child labor laws for crying out loud. This guy is a tooty fruity Pseudo New Agey Cultist who uses obvious Scientology tactics to lure you in. A wolf in sheep's clothes.
Having access to millions of dollars to produce your own doc. gives you great advantages. You can buy big names, edit. and make sure all these professional people agree with you. The downside is the obvious lack of credibility since no one disagrees with him. But if you dear reader want to see for yourself, just start by Wiki'ing all the pseudoscience in this propaganda piece. Shameless.
However, I have no idea what agenda he has. Is he just a nut? Wanna be Messiah, delusions of grandeur and megalomania? As heir to Procter and Gamble, he has plenty of money to carry out a strong Libertarian agenda, but I suppose that's too boring. Maybe he's just eccentric.
I like what Carl Sagan said about extraterrestrial life. To paraphrase: Some people are blinded in their belief of extraterrestrial visitors because of their passionate desire for it to be true while others are likewise blinded in stubborn denial out of their fear that they will be hostile; both extremes view the possibility erroneously. I have an open mind. For all I know intelligent other-world life is here on earth. Believe me, I would be just as elated as anyone else at a first encounter. But I've studied UFO sightings again again and so far have discovered nothing (at best) conclusive, and 95% percent of it can be debunked outright.
Likewise, crop circles have been replicated by humans, by several methods, and many crop circle artists (unfortunately vandals as well as the process does in fact damage the crops) have admitted to the activity. I do appreciate the beauty (though not the lawlessness) of crop circles, but it is the consensus that crop circles are manmade.
I won't even comment on free energy.
Finally, I found the repeated video clip of the starving toddler sickening and just plain evil. I haven't seen such a callous device of persuasion in a long time.
What does Mr. Gamble want from me? That's what I'd like to know. He makes himself out to be an enemy of control and oppression and a champion of freedom. Pure BS. I consider myself firmly in both the anarchist and pacifist squares of political philosophy and I don't see that any of my ideas agree with his. I am for reform, and ironically, far more regulation than we have now (as an anarchist it's the industrialists like P&G who are the first line enemies and that the government's role is to protect the people, not the industrialists. But you won't hear Mr. Gamble talk of this at all- it sounds to me like he wants a return to an 1800's style laisezze-faire. Before government's role can become less and less necessary through redundancy, we need a harmonious society. And to achieve a harmonious global society, we need a guarantee of certain fundamental human rights. The process towards this is huge beyond description and may take centuries. Does Gamble talk about protecting human rights? No. If we just have this 'free energy' device, all will be great I suppose. Actually, I think readers here can appreciate the mayhem and chaos that would ensue if suddenly everyone in the world had access to as much energy they wanted. Nature doesn't work that way- gaining alternative forms of energy for the world is going to be a very hard won battle. I have faith that we'll prevail. I don't have faith in magic.
Mr. Gamble is a nincompoop. A dangerous one.

9 years ago

"Airy fairy" alien mumbo jumbo, conspiracy, conspiratorial? Are the people, including US military brass, not credible sources for things they have "witnessed"? I guess all credibility remains in tact when they are manufacturing evidence to invade foreign countries, but the second they start talking about documented first hand encounters with outer space beings they became s*upid conspiracy theorists. I'm not claiming this info to be true, but if you present an argument, then back it up with researched evidence, I'm going to give you the time of day. I'm a rational, critical human being. If 100 years ago you came to me and said,"dude, we can put people on the moon", I would have slapped you. If you came to me with info on how it can be done, I'd slap myself for judging that man too quickly. To those of you who attack people with ad hominems, you are only appealing to people's emotions, and not providing logical counter arguments. What I am seeing is a guy who created a documentary, not with emotional arguments, but researched arguments, versus people just insulting the guy with names. Stop it. No. Now, I challenge you to question your belief system, and open yourself up to a realm of possibilities which run counter to your current beliefs. After all, we humans once believed the world was flat.

9 years ago

How wonderful that all these great ideas are coming forth for positive change! And yes, each of us does have a purpose. It takes thought to discover what it is. To feel self- hatred is not new but has an historical basis. You must discover this for yourself. Life is not about eating hamburgers. But for some life IS about eating hamburgers.

9 years ago

Ugh, I hate how this guy thinks we "have a purpose" and that "life's natural function is to THRIVE." I guess he's unaware that the vast majority of all species that ever lived are extinct.

10 years ago

Holy moley. Has NOBODY here passed a freaking science class? You think this stupid load of crap is "opening your eyes"? Pass a physics 101 course and some basic calculus.

Perpetual energy machines?
Aliens communicating to humanity through crop circles?
A torus being the key to unlimited energy?

Scientology is more believable than this bunk.

Chris Nichols
10 years ago

By watching these types of films it really opens your eyes to the lies and falseness we are being told by our financial and political leaders. To me they are now purely transparent. Our greatest weapon is awareness. Like and spread this video all around facebook, twitter and such social outlets. We must spread the word.

10 years ago

Chaca I agree with you and see the man who got this new way, his name is Jacque Fresco.

10 years ago

The elite is making a big mistake and that is that they are putting the fate of the entire human race in the hands of their future generations, who they don't even know how they will be mentally. Sons of kings killed their own parents many times in the past to become the new king just to get power. Even when you have all the power in the world, you still will compete with those who want it and that will happen even in their elite group. The Morgans, Rockefeller, Rothchild families might be together pulling the strings, but eventually they will challenge and destroy each other because that is that history has taught us and the entire human race will vanish with them just because of their stupidity and I am sure they know it.

I am sorry for saying this, but the human race has been contaminated with all kind of crazy ideas created by what the elite has done to this world. Sorry to say, but the only way to start doing the right thing in this planet as the guy in the video mentions will only be possible after the massive killing. A huge number of the people in the population won't change no matter what. Religious fanatics, drug addicts, mentally unstable people among others will never accept any type of change that contradicts what they think even if you put them in a "happy society"

Don't be sad, the elite is doing all the work to "unify" the world and the human race in general. However, at the end, they will screw up because that is what history has taught us. The good thing about what they doing/will do is that they will have put all the tools in place for a new better global society to take over to implement a better system with better technology, better laws and just care about the safety of other and the evolution of the human race in general.

flopy disk
10 years ago

liked the documentary...have always believed these things go on ...
but cut your nails man !

10 years ago

I love this doc <3

10 years ago

Oh, and for you disbelievers out there. People on fricken youtube are creating their own free energy devices. Derp..

10 years ago

You're all completely missing the point.. whether aliens exist or not, are you trying to say we dont have the problems described in this video? Is that far fetched to your conditioned minds that evil men could be willing to destroy our planet, and suppress new technologies in the name of profit? I'd assume you're all disinformation agents if not for the fact that you all legitimately sound ignorant.

10 years ago

Best doc Ive seen "EVER "!!! This level of documented excellance can only be achieved by , "TRUE " human !!!
I have experianced a full spectrum of emotions , from utter sadness to incomprehencable rage !
Encourage everyone you know to watch this documentary !!!

"We are all just unknowingly sheep in a handful of sheaperds' pastures "

10 years ago

Zeropax Ovo Ono has absolutley no capacity to understand an extremely ,thourough doc , so well put together !!! He should stick to cartoons that he can relate to !

10 years ago


10 years ago

New age propaganda; same luciferian doctrine but for the mass

10 years ago

I agree that more people are aware of the agenda, and those involved. However, I do not believe people are actually doing anything about it. Most of us are wage slaves. The only ones you find openly protesting are either unemployed, or independently wealthy, The rest of us have too many of these outlined "controls" ruling our activities to actually do more than not buy a coca-cola.

10 years ago

Absolulety PHENOMENAL! I was put off by the trailer and the first half hour of this as I thought it looked too preachey and as if it had a commercial agenda/movement. But after the first half hour and for the remainder of this doco, i was blown away. PLEASE EVERYONE SEE THIS

10 years ago

I was told about this simular happenings 25 years ago,and it has and still is evolving,the pace is picking up,it"s true

10 years ago

This was truly eye opening...

10 years ago

I agree with alot of this documentairie's insights. The only thing that is bothering me is that the guy who tells the "story" first overwhelms us with fear and that we have to search for our own freedom and to release ourselfs from our corrupt governement, and how bad money really is and that we don't need it in our society, etc, wich I completely agree with. but than he starts to slowly presenting his solution, and forcing us to visit his website, where he offers training programs to become more seperated from this society in a way that we get our freedom back. And this is where I stopped watching, i visited his website where he offers these training programs and asking money for it... Isn't this wat he just told us NOT to do? I don't get it and therefore he is a genius. he makes a good documentairy and tries to get money out of us by doing that.

11 years ago

At 15:16 - "Given that so much suffering in our world is a result of lack of access to energy..." (inset shows a poor naked child crouching on a Third World street...) So I bring this up because "lack of energy" is not the cause of the suffering of the people of the world. It's called exploitation of human labor and natural resources for the sole purpose of making a profit and reinvesting those profits in order to get....more profit. If we are going to change anything we need to realize this basic truth about the US as a global empire intent on maintaining this system at all costs.

11 years ago

A couple points right away. This is extremely overproduced and doesn't criticize the profit system. The guy who made it is a 1%er who would like to show us what a great guy he's been. There are no invisible worlds just the one we have to deal with. Invisible reality will not "save" us. Practical and consistent political organizing for change *will.* Just as it helped those who lived through - and fought the system that created - The Great Depression. So if this guy really wanted to do something to make change he would start funding grassroots efforts for real change, not airy fairy "energy" videos. "Don't mourn - Organize." - IWW songwriter Joe Hill

11 years ago

although its not important, I can tell he is a classical guitarist...ok I'm done

Keith Armstong
11 years ago

This is worth watching. We are each responsible for the future of this world and this planet. If we allow governments more power, they will willingly use it against us. Conformity is unnecessary, intelligence an abolute necessity.

Take action to protect your freedom or lose it, that is the basic problem we face daily. This documentary is not fictional, not some unfounded conspiracy, but look what's happening around you. The truth is staring you in the face... control of money, control of food production, control of people.

We've got to take our power back. Simply don't participate with any organization which does harm.

11 years ago

This doc starts out New Agey and ends up darkly conspiratorial. The first part was airy fairy (idealistic) and the second, deeply foreboding (cynical). I think the truth is hovering around in the middle somewhere.

Betty Phillips
11 years ago

This guy does not have a very trustworthy facial expression.

I skipped through it, but it looks like he is trying to say monetary inflation causes my Torus to whither like a rotten apple. Well, my Torus is made by Ford and it's insured so I have nothing to worry about.

11 years ago

We thrive only til we hit our limits. Then we die.

Also, it takes a leap of faith to jump from the major structures in our universe tending to swirl in a toroidal shape, which makes a lot of sense, to crop circles and Chariots of the Gods. Which don't.

But it was fun anyway. Let's hope Grey Goo never figures out a way to thrive.

11 years ago

Those that thrive find a niche. Those that don't...

11 years ago

this documentary was interesting. I like the variety of people that were represented and it was fun to watch too. I like the message but, to me, the premise that we are meant to "thrive" by evolution, I guess just seems to be a really big assumption. I would like to thrive of course but, to say it's an evolutionary mandate doesn't seem to jive with people who have disabilities and various other reasons for not thriving. Also, having watched a few documentaries about crop circles, I have to go with the skeptics that those are man made. Although, I don't know how we can explain the more intricate ones without the consent of the person who owns the farms. and, the electro magnetized fields is pretty strange as an after effect. But, I agree in general with everything else that he brings up and he had the decency to try and offer some solutions.

11 years ago

Lol. Lost me at crop circles...

11 years ago

good doc!
funny to read some of the comments in here after watching this, there are actually ppl so indoctrinated from school/media they can't even get the message. the elites soldiers are everywhere, sad thing for them the awakening of the ppl are spreading fast thru great docs like this one. seen so many poor docs on the subject but this stands out along zeitgeist etc.

thanks TDF

11 years ago

OK, this just comes across as mental after 6 minutes.

11 years ago

Those before you used to give to their worldly affairs what was left over from their pursuit of the hereafter. But today, you give to the matters of the hereafter the left-overs from your pursuit of worldly affairs.

11 years ago

The world rests on the shoulders of a giant torus! LOL

11 years ago

WOW! This was absolutely fantastic. You could go for hours watching depressing documentaries on what we all know is happening. This one is different. It is inspiring and a call to action. The post about the debunking of this film I can understand.... Of course "they" would want this suppressed. If I was a paid shill I would do the same..haha

Lisa Hijar
11 years ago

What's Not true about this video CrashLandis? I've done my research and yes the people and me included were lied to and have had our money stolen all the years I've worked to give my money away to a Privately owned bank; illegal to be in business. Do some homework!

11 years ago

The greatest enemy of knowlegde is not ignorance... it is the illusion of knowledge.
If you watch this to the end without any judgement, it could be one of the most important and eye-opening documentary that could wake us up from our illusion.
We need to unite and get over our distance and differences, that have given the Elite/the world government good reason to enslave us and bring the world in to this misrable point.