Through Human Eyes

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Through Human EyesIn Through Human Eyes, filmmaker Chelsea McCormack chronicles a clinical trip Dr. Cutler and his associates took to the Caribbean nation of Haiti in November 2009.

While glimpsing at the reality of Aid work in the developing world Through Human Eyes explores just what it is that keeps Dr. Cutler, and others like him, focused on Haiti and gives insight into his hopes are for the future of this broken country.

Dr. Bob Cutler has been a physician at Cranbrook's F.W. Green Medical Centre for more than a decade. He has made more than a dozen humanitarian trips to Haiti, where he conducts medical clinics for impoverished Haitians.

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26 Comments / User Reviews

  1. oompaul

    Dumb liberals!

  2. oQ
  3. oQ

    She says: "You got to think one at a time".
    Humanly giving.

  4. drinker69
  5. drinker69

    Haiti before quake-Toilet
    Haiti after quake-sh*thole

  6. Christinne Radu
  7. Christinne Radu

    Give me a break with that shithole of Haiti....

  8. Epicurean_Logic
  9. Epicurean_Logic

    Vacation in Haiti. It is the number one destination for people who want to fake their own death. A filthy ragged wretch blows white powder into your face and you wake up in a coffin 4 days later. The wretch and his companions then dig you up just in time to pick up your new identity and avoid child support payment to your ex-wife.

    I have my holiday booked!

  10. lynn fux
  11. lynn fux

    These comments are incredible,disgusting,where is your humaninty? What on earth would cause this reaction to a doco like this? I am so very sorry for all of you ,Lynn fux

  12. dmxi
  13. dmxi

    i feel ashamed for people i don't know ('fremdschämen' a term in german meaning:to be ashamed of actions by un/-known others!) & i couldn't have said it better!
    cheers, for no fears of b*ll*cking!i hope they're disgusted by their own
    ignorance & 'choke' on an epiphany,whilst an empty-stomached-haitian-kid, kicks sense into their empty heads(metaphorically!)!

  14. brianrose87
  15. brianrose87

    A good friend of mine knows 2 handicapped Haitian teenagers that are being sent back to Haiti next week. Long story short, funding ran out for their care here since donations have fallen recently (If its no longer on the news its no longer worth donating to, it seems).

    I despair thinking of what their fate will be in Haiti as handicap teenagers.

    Real people, real circumstances, real tragedy.

  16. Sorina Rodina
  17. Sorina Rodina

    Those who made such terrible comments- you are absolutely ignorant, and have no heart... to speak from a place where you are handed everything on a plate, you should at least not look down on others. Do the rest of the viewers a favour and bite your tongue next time. If you don't have anything good to say, then don't say anything at all. That way, you save the rest of us the feelings of shame and disgust, and will also benefit you.

  18. Nyna Petrov
  19. Nyna Petrov

    Can someone tell me where the money raised globally went to? What was 1.4 billion smackers spent on?

  20. Stacy Jones-Erickson
  21. Stacy Jones-Erickson

    Dr. Cutler is the man

    i am looking for in this life. May the Universal Spirit
    Bless his every move in this life.


  22. Gary Ward
  23. Gary Ward

    you people are ******* st*pid. funding aint free its just that ... funded. you dont like it go sponser them personaly and quit complaining.

  24. oompaul
  25. oompaul

    Dream on!

  26. oompaul
  27. oompaul

    "Where's your humanity?" Good question. Here's one for you. Where's your brain?

  28. dewflirt
  29. dewflirt

    Always amazes me when I see people like these, such a small setup and they make a huge difference to so many people's lives. If they can achieve this, why don't the bigger charities manage to do more, or do we just not get to see the results? Did anyone watch Cambodia Orphans before this? I expect the answer is in there somewhere. These guys do everything themselves, manage the money and have a relatively small target. I suspect the bigger the charity the less control it has down the line. Maybe it's just that money is like butter, the further you spread it the less you have. Made me think, if I were to win the lottery how would I decide who to help? Would I really want to give it Oxfam or the like or would it be better to give to smaller groups. And even where I live there are whole families living in bed and breakfasts, should I help them first? Are they as in need ? How do you decide what is a worthy cause ? Where do you start? Like the lady said I guess, one person at a time. scraps make quilts :)

  30. Robert Andersson
  31. Robert Andersson

    On some level it hurts us western people to see this, consciously and subconsciously. Unless you're a sociopath.

  32. oompaul
  33. oompaul

    So, it hurts "us western people". I agree completely. This sort of sentiment is on the whole limited to westerners. Just have a look at who rushes in first to help out when disasters strike - Chinese? Japanese? Africans? Jews? Does that mean non-westerners are sociopaths? According to you it would seem they are.

  34. drinker69
  35. drinker69

    Re-zoning the island next to Haiti.

  36. PaulGloor
  37. PaulGloor

    I recall a lecture on Keen Talks, in Haiti, about 4 hours after the tsunami they were cutting and dividing the land up among major corporations and resort developers.

  38. Martin Stoel
  39. Martin Stoel

    The battleships you see in the beginning (2:21) are not French but Dutch ;

    Probably one American Documentary ;)

  40. oQ
  41. oQ

    I always said the best way to give is to give, les yeux dans les main dans la main, it's direct and you know where the time and money goes, plus you get the journey.

  42. mubin
  43. mubin

    Dr. Bob Cutler and to his team hatts off great work people really need help in some part world .me to doctor iam from india complete my mbbs from russsia saintpetersburrg last year and doing my postgraduation also from here..,,(abdominal surgery) ..

  44. Sherman
  45. Sherman

    so many rich people with their monies increasing every minute in the banks of the world, yet these people must live in such a destitute. it's not even correct to call those who can help and they don't, Animals because even animals care for each other. the population of this planet needs to be annihilated and then ... may be ... a better man with no such a disease as GREED start life on it again.

  46. Gloria Newton
  47. Gloria Newton

    God bless Dr.Cutler ,Rick Klassen
    and his associates.

  48. Mr_Martinez
  49. Mr_Martinez

    The many millions raised in the US only 3% made it to Haiti, the rest was pocketed by the contracting companies that were supposed to help

  50. Jess
  51. Jess

    Haiti has a special place in my heart, I sponsor through his hands for Haiti, an amazing organization bringing education to children. God bless Dr Cutler, he is amazing! Its so sad that people only care about themselves and are wrapped up in consumption while children starve. We need more like Dr cutler !

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