Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?

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Through the Wormhole: Is There an Edge to the Universe?It is commonly theorized that the universe began with the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. But since we can only see as far as light has traveled in that time, we can't actually make out the edge of the universe. Could it be that the universe is infinite? Is there any way to find out what the shape of the universe really is? Can we find the edge, discover what might lie beyond it, and perhaps even discover a universe next to ours?

Except for mathematicians and physicists, most people don't like infinity. We like to know the extent of things. We can wrap our heads around measurements. Your car might be 10 feet long, your house is 2,000 square feet, the U.S. national debt is … well, some things are more finite than others.

But what about our universe? It's definitely big. Just how big and what shape it is consumes much of the debate in the world of cosmology. Calling it our universe is important, because today's most commonly accepted theory on the cosmos, string theory, says ours is but one space-time bubble among an infinite host of other parallel and bubbly universes. They cleverly call this a multiverse, and it's way more complex than most people would ever want to know. List of all episodes here: Through The Wormhole. Available only in United States.

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    signature mouthguards
  1. signature mouthguards

    Great doco.....very well presented.

  2. His Forever
  3. His Forever


  4. Achems_Razor
  5. Achems_Razor

    Good stuff, right up my alley.

  6. daniel
  7. daniel

    i have a question, al these ideas are great but al these ideas are based from the things what we know on earth...isn't better to base all these ideas and filosofies based outside the earth and things we don't realy know??

  8. Achems_Razor
  9. Achems_Razor

    These are based on what is known about the cosmos so far sans the Earth. Maybe Aliens might give us a better picture if we ever come across any.

  10. NaoCat
  11. NaoCat

    Ok this is getting silly for me. The docu 'is there life after death' was alright and showed some new stuff and solid stuff that is being done to answer the said question.

    This docu however is a real let down! Nothing new has bin discovered, 'scientist' pull stuff out of their a** and push it to us either on paper or using props... dude we are talking about space not a football or a snail get your head straight and look UP where you should have, it's not that complicated.

    It really gets on my nerves that these guys supposedly are 'on the job' to solve the secrets of the universe using philosophy and math! Are you kidding me?! We have the technology to LOOK AT the sky instead of having to wonder about it like the philosophers of ancient times did.

    All those great discoveries like that we are spinning around the sun instead of it around us, were made not by using some MATH or PHILOSOPHY! It was simple observations through telescope. Can't see far enough? Then build better telescopes, or figure out new ways of seeing better and further.

    These guys live in their own fantasy world and NOT the real one. Even if they have the means to study the real one.

  12. as_above
  13. as_above

    If the universe is toroidal then expansion and contraction can co exist the big bang is not required and edges don't exist

  14. as_above
  15. as_above

    magnetic fields also are also toroidal in nature and its intensity is determined sinusoidal osolations in a electrical field

  16. as_above
  17. as_above

    form from the equalization of moving currents to equilibrium creating matter.
    but who knows lol

  18. theWatcher13
  19. theWatcher13

    Don't mean to offend, but do you understand how science in a whole works?.

  20. NaoCat
  21. NaoCat

    Yes, you observe, record/take note and move on. After you have collected a respectable amount of research you can start to analyze it and proclaim what you think of it.

    What I take issue with is their lack of being in touch with reality. I mean really did you see what kind of nonsense they were sprouting nearing the end of the show? Galaxies seem to go one direction OMFG! THERE IS ANOTHER UNIVERSE/DIMENTION W/E PULLING THEM!!! and that last segment about some cold spot in background radiation how the hell do they come up with this s*** about it being again some king of proof that it's a direct result of another dimention w/e.

    World is not that complicated and we have seen or felt just a fraction of it. How dare they assume things this ridicules having seen so little! >.>

  22. Robert Elliot
  23. Robert Elliot

    Re: NaoCat I think maybe Nick Bostrom might have the right idea. But that would destroy the scientific priesthood (as well as maybe drive a few people crazy, for real). It's crazy to think that we may be a simulation - not just a simulation but a nested simulation - one among billions. That is some heavy stuff.

  24. Kim Scott Bruce
  25. Kim Scott Bruce


  26. RBNZ
  27. RBNZ

    Lots of theory... very little fact.

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    Cosmo Connie Alienated Alien at your call ! Hmm I didn't realize these were New Episodes of the wormhole. Will have to keep better navigations out in the Cosmic Internet space.

  30. wald0
  31. wald0

    I think I get what you are saying, but I disagree.The natural laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc. are universal. Meaning they apply no matter where you are in our universe, except for extreme environments like the center of a black hole. That said, we step far outside the humane experience when we study things like quantum mechanics or parts of special relativity.

  32. wald0
  33. wald0

    Boy, they really went out on a limb with some of this. Correlation does not always imply causation, i.e. "dark flow" may have nothing to do with a neighboring universe. If this is the only data they have to support their theory it is much too soon to be making shows like this about it. The general public sees these things and thinks science is a joke, not only are they suggesting something spectacular they are doing so with unimpressive, inconclusive evidence. The truth is that there is not one spec of proof for a multi-verse, this is only a interpretation of consequential evidence. Basically we are discovering the parameters of our universe are very exact, so exact that it seems odd that they would simply arise by chance. Put plainly it all seems so perfectly put together that it seems designed, but that makes no sense. So we search for ways this kind of perfection could have occurred by chance and one way for that to happen is for there to be infinite universes, then each possible configuration would occur at least once. In my opinion our problem is the way we approach this issue, things are not perfect. How can we say they are when we have nothing to compare them to? We have this universe and we live in it, of course it seems and is perfect for us- we are a product of it and have evolved for millions of years to fit it.

    Wait until the earths resources are expended and the very air we breath burns our lungs, it won't seem so perfect anymore. I had a gold fish once, I bet he thought his little bowl was absolutely perfect for him- but once I got him a new thirty gallon aquarium I bet he thought, "What a wanker- he has been keeping me in a salad bowl for three years now!" But i am sure he forgave me soon after, after all to him I must have seemed like God. He gets grabbed and pulled out of his universe (water) he sees my face for a second and then he is back in his world, and every since food falls from heaven every afternoon as I appear looming over his world. I know that's kind of a corny joke but my point is that your frame of reference can suggest some really wild realities, they can seem very convincing to you. If we are just going to start dreaming up what situations could make the environment we see react the way it is reacting and then call that reality, well- that's not science its philosophy. Philosophy has its uses , nothing wrong with it- but lets be clear when we leave science and go into philosophy- especially on shows made for the general public that has no contact with the everyday workings of science. We shouldn't sacrifice scientific integrity in order to make it more exciting or interesting to people- it defeats the purpose.

  34. smugg
  35. smugg

    Why at school i didn't have Morgan Freeman as Teacher? Why? Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????

  36. smugg
  37. smugg

    That's what is all about out there in space....

  38. Namra
  39. Namra

    If you can't spot an oxymoron, don't think about speculating.

  40. AlfBeta
  41. AlfBeta

    [quote]The natural laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc. are universal.[/quote]
    "laws" here is a metaphor. Apart from that linguistic device, why do you believe that phrase?

  42. theWatcher13
  43. theWatcher13

    Now I get it, I hate football and bagels too.

  44. cbjester24
  45. cbjester24

    holy crap, i noticed the music is done by hans zimmer on the end credits! nice

  46. cbjester24
  47. cbjester24

    i noticed on the end credits the music is done by Hans Zimmer. Niiice

  48. Jack1952
  49. Jack1952

    And the goldfish said "Of course there's a God. If not....then....who's changing the water?".

    The comment about scientific integrity is spot on. The truth should be interesting enough.

  50. Taras Moskvichov
  51. Taras Moskvichov

    Microvaave Macground...
    XD Morgan Freeman is the best!

  52. Joe_NYC
  53. Joe_NYC

    While watching it I couldn't help myself from wondering if I just think a little bit more and harder then, maybe, I can understand the universe. It almost seems like we already have the knowledge but we are not ready to understand it.

    "Exactly. For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence."
    Q to Picard


  54. Colin-MacKeen
  55. Colin-MacKeen

    Clearly you are one of those people who think they know everything well guess what its a documentary they don't put all the facts in it. They clearly were just letting people know that they are still investigating and have not stopped looking into the possibility of a Fractal universe.

  56. Achems_Razor
  57. Achems_Razor


    But of course we already have the knowledge, already done and a given, it is sitting in the probability field, when we are ready it will present itself, and it probably will be so simple that we will say, why haven't we thought of that before?

  58. 1perspective
  59. 1perspective

    "The natural laws of physics, chemistry, biology, etc. are universal. Meaning they apply no matter where you are in our universe"

    wow you really are well traveled waldo.

  60. Emile Tenia
  61. Emile Tenia

    So far so good... The first season was excellent and the trend is continuing.
    Looking forward to the next one...

  62. ZarathustraSpeaks
  63. ZarathustraSpeaks

    You goldfish analogy works really well as long as we all remember "a point of reference" holds true for ALL human observations of the world and comes from our own "point of reference". Philosophy simply helps us remember this. "dreaming up" other possibilities may seem like mind candy for the masses but has been the castalyst for the pursuit of the scientific method of searching for truth since man or human ancestors(or alien ancestors) first began to ask why and more importantly why not.

  64. AtlasRedux
  65. AtlasRedux

    Holy §!"¤§, I wasn't even aware season 2 had started!
    *happy happy joy joy*

  66. Guest
  67. Guest

    I too was reminded of Nassim Haramein when i watched this doc.

  68. Achems_Razor
  69. Achems_Razor

    A lot of people/scientists think that Nassim is a nutcase.
    No positive peer reviews on his work.
    Uses circular logic on his "Schwarzschild Proton" paper which makes it meaningless.

    Google...(Up: Nassim Haramein-Fraud or Sage?)

  70. Guest
  71. Guest

    You would agree that many people/scientists were thought to be nutcase in the past too.
    I think Nassim is interesting to follow. He goes "off the table". No hurt is done in considering what he has to say. Perhaps he does not hold the truth but his thought process may be a bridge to *a truth*.
    How about you watch one full talk by him and tell me what if anything makes sense to you in it. There are many to choose from.
    Forget the scientists's opinion, tell me your own.

  72. Achems_Razor
  73. Achems_Razor

    Have watched quite a lot of Haramein stuff. He talks of many things also that delve on the esoteric, supernatural, aliens, like who built the pyramids, etc: about ancient writings of devices that can float tons of rock-(defy gravity) by some kind of force, and other things of that nature.

    My opinion? don't have one, my opinion might change tomorrow, am still searching, probably for always.

  74. Guest
  75. Guest

    His bits on fractal universe and unified field theory was interesting to listen to. He brought in the Flower Of Life geometric symbol and explained how infinite can be contained in finite...and much more. If there were bits about aliens and the likes, i have no reason to take side yet.
    I have no University education in the field, just a lot of curiosity. Some things he said rang notes in some of the things i think for myself.
    He may be a nut case and perhaps i am one too, but mine is made of raising bread dough...i am a dough nut!

  76. wcb123
  77. wcb123

    I was suprised to see it was Zimmer because i wasn't really feeling the music, ususally i spot his music a mile off, and like it... Wish Clint Mansell was doing it :)

  78. Tyler Durden
  79. Tyler Durden

    And you seem to be forgetting about the Emarginated Problem, during the time of our Universe there hasn't been enough time for Light features to be shared Around the Universe. Cosmic inflation has a problem. Look at the New Varying speed of light theory. The Strength of Electro-Magnetism isn't constant, therefore the properties of Light are changing. The 186,000 MPS Law has already been proven wrong. Cosmic Strings have a higher Light Speed than other parts of the Universe. So it seems The Natural Laws of Physics are NOT Universal.

  80. jehovahdirks
  81. jehovahdirks

    The soccer ball shown is not a dodecahedron. it's most aptly called a truncated icosahedron. the shape is actually the merging of two duals. A dual is when the vertices of one polyhedron relate directly to the faces of another. and vice versa. The soccer ball is one of the transitory shapes between icosahedron and dodecahedron.

  82. Andy North
  83. Andy North

    String theory is just a theory as is cosmic inflation

  84. Karthik Pabba
  85. Karthik Pabba

    Actually Human Beings have quite a very long way to go in the path towards truth and enlightenment of the universe or multiverse or whatever that is we are living in.But the problem is our stupidity and if only we could not blow ourselves up into dust and ashes.

  86. Lbvenkatarama vara Prasad
  87. Lbvenkatarama vara Prasad

    The universe did not start with a big bang but instead at various pockets in the universe, due to gravity the surroundindg matter was pulled to form solid masses over huge period of time. Some of the matter was thrown off course due to repulsion gravity.
    You will be surprised to know parallel universes exist at 1000 million light years away from a 360 degree curvature of our observable universe.
    Had life started with a big bang -then the matter existing on all planets in our solar system should have been coded in uniformity & the nature of rocks should have been ignaeous.
    Lastly,for a big bang to occur it would have required huge amount of energy to dispel such amount of matter to spread all through universe which is impossible.

  88. KemicalsRfun
  89. KemicalsRfun

    so you're saying all of those people we just watched were wrong!?

  90. Gabriel Michæl Anderson
  91. Gabriel Michæl Anderson

    Theory implies that there is mountains of evidence to support the conclusion. Hypothesis is pure conjecture.

  92. Gabriel Michæl Anderson
  93. Gabriel Michæl Anderson

    The important difference between the big bang theory and your hypothesis is that the big bang theory is backed up by a lot of evidence, whereas your claims are nothing more than pure conjecture.

  94. Ribhararnus P.tiar
  95. Ribhararnus P.tiar

    Dude, do you remembered how black hole hypothesis began? How, the quark began? How the up quark hypothesis began?
    Or how, the special relativity began? How the dark matter hypothesis began?

    They start from an equation, not from experiment. And then experiment confirm it.

  96. tony branze
  97. tony branze

    I'm not a physicist, but there might be other explanations, I think. The best (or CURRENT) evidence may seem to support a big bang, but newtonian laws held up to scrutiny for a long time too. (Not trying to say any formula in particular was incorrect. I'm sure you get this). I'm trying to say only that science tends to go with the best interpretation of current evidence. The abilities (technologies) to perform new experiments however, is constantly in forward motion, and tomorrow the LHC may find concrete evidence that the Higgs does not exist, and our fundamental beliefs, our entire schema of physical laws may have to be scrapped, and rebuilt from a new foundation. Again, I'm only postulating what I think is possible... I don't subscribe to any definitive bottom line that says THIS is how it works, or started. It's gonna be an interesting decade or 3, that's for sure.

  98. Tharek Mohtar
  99. Tharek Mohtar

    I really hate when he talks about the "edge" of the universe. We are talking about 3 variations without edge. Just like the Earth surface: is a 2 variation without edge which means that you can walk in every direction and never find something that stops you.

  100. Shirley Long
  101. Shirley Long

    If there's a cold spot shouldn't there be a corresponding hot spot?

  102. Jeremy
  103. Jeremy

    This is beautiful, would love to do this!

  104. Bryce
  105. Bryce

    I think it's funny how most of these comments are like 'That's not how it happened, it happened like this: [insert random assortment of nonsense]' like you know how it really is, lol... If you're so sure of how everything came into creation, prove it. Also, if you somehow figured it out, why would you post your findings as a comment to a video on some random website? You just sound stupid claiming to know such things.

  106. sojourner712
  107. sojourner712

    I find it hard to believe most of the theories presented. As an example the guy that claims the universe is just 20% larger than what we can see around us right now, really as what we see around us is the distant past! If the universe is as claimed 13.7-14 billion years old there is absolutely no way one can assume that it is only 20% larger than what we can see around us, how could one claim that the universe is 20% larger than what we can see around us as the universe could possibly be older than we think it is and if this 20% is beyond what we can see around us and we can only see the past then couldn't the universe extend farther than just 20% beyond what we can see? The key is WE CAN'T SEE IT, so I could come up with any strange theory about anything out there, so I say its infinite and by our present technology and lack of deep, deep space capability it is completely impossible to prove otherwise at our present level of technology. Yeah, I know someone will point out some mathematics and state this proves otherwise I say bull as there is a big difference between mathematics and actual physical proof which no one can present at our present level of technology, rather our present lack of sufficient technology!

  108. Teddy J Miguel
  109. Teddy J Miguel

    wouldnt put it any other way, well said.

  110. LiquidCourage
  111. LiquidCourage

    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe"
    That's a fake quote, Einstein never said that. No idea why it gets repeated everywhere.

  112. Matthew Ian
  113. Matthew Ian

    It doesn't mean that in the near or far future scientists wont find new evidence that supports a new theory, and shatters the big bang theory. Theres actually evidence coming out recently leaning towards a whole new theory where theres evidence that the galaxies and universe are being created one by one by a giant conscious multidimensional being or beings. Take a look at the evidence supporting the artificial moon theory, not a joke, I thought it was retarded until I heard the evidence, and I was blown away. It is all backed up. Look it up on youtube. "Artificial Moon, long"

  114. Matthew Ian
  115. Matthew Ian

    People seem to have the ignorant belief that all scientists today know all about everything, and know all about all there is to ever know, ever. Which is completely wrong, a 100 years from now we will have accomplished what we now believe is impossible, or said so by science. we are limited to the knowledge at hand at present time. remember years ago science thought the earth was flat. even now we are learning there are multidimensions, that the pyramids werent built by humans, etc. 100 years from now it could be common knowledge that human life began on other planets and was seeded her on earth.

  116. IHeartIrony
  117. IHeartIrony

    "Theres actually evidence coming out recently leaning towards a whole new theory where theres evidence that the galaxies and universe are being created one by one by a giant conscious multidimensional being or beings."

    Care to share this evidence? Or the source from where you discovered it.

  118. Samuel Morrissey
  119. Samuel Morrissey

    Hi Matthew,

    Plenty of people have plenty of irrational beliefs and I think we all agree that they are free to do so, including some who believe that scientists know everything (and they are surely fewer than those who believe the religious texts without question), but anyone with a lay understanding of science and indeed every single scientist will tell you this is not and will never be the case. Science never thought the Earth was flat, that was a pre-existing assumption of the masses. Science thought 'we're not sure, how can we find out?' and that is why we know today the Earth is roughly spherical. This had been deduced a long time before people were able to travel all the way around simply by observing the movements of the sun and moon, stars and wandering stars (planets). Scientific theories are not published until the evidence shows a condition to be true beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Regarding extra dimensions, unless you are a mathematician you (and I) do not have the required understanding of exactly what that concept means to even comment, and as yet all scientific ideas along that line are simply that. Ideas. String theory is only a 'theory' in the vernacular sense, meaning unvalidated hypothesis. The reason the extra dimensions were added is because the mathematics breaks down without them, indeed without 11 of them currently. These are however ideas that have no way of being tested currently without building a particle accelerator the size of the galaxy and therefore remain in the realm of the unknowable. Interesting certainly, but the lack of evidence one way or another it is impossible to assign them anything other than a 50/50 true or false value, thus they are certainly not beyond reasonable doubt either way. What do you mean when you say multidimensions? define your terms.

    Pyramids not built by humans? truly there are some amazing facts about the pyramids that appear to defy the capabilities of what we know about the people that lived at that time, but consider what we know about those people is severely limited. What we do know is, humans build things. The pyramids were built. There were humans existing in large civilisations at the time they were built, in the places where they were built. In this case I think it would be fair to say at least 90/10 that they were built by humans and this is close to being beyond reasonable doubt. If they weren't built by humans, where is the evidence that they were built by something else?

    Artificial moon on youtube? you are aware that not everything on youtube is true? I looked it up as you suggested, and can find nothing convincing or scientific - can't really say I'm surprised. That chap mentions Nikolai Tesla, as if he was some hero whose knowledge was hidden from the world, but guess what? Our entire electrical grid is based on HIS system of AC power. He beat Eddison to the crunch because DC power would have required power stations every 1-2 miles. He went mad trying to find a way to teleport electricity to avoid the use of cables amongst other ideas like death rays for the military and he indeed died with a lack of recognition, primarily because he went mad, had some thoroughly bad ideas and never achieved anything of any significance after that.

    Regards, Sam

  120. Ülf Svensson
  121. Ülf Svensson

    LOL. You must be the most idiotic person I have ever seen. (or in this case, read.) STUPID!

  122. Ülf Svensson
  123. Ülf Svensson

    LOL! Apparently you, sir, have absolutely no idea how scientific research on this kind of matters is performed. Please, go educate yourself some more before posting ridiculous comments here that make you look like a 9th grader :) Oh and btw, the guys in the doc are physicists who are, as depressing as it may sound, about ~35 times smarter than you and have studied these things for YEARS. You, on the otherhand, judging from your texts, are a 15-17 year old boy, or and idi*t.

    PS. don't be excited about the 5 likes on your comment (as I'm sure you are), cuz obviously only idio*s like you would like it. Cheers m8!

  124. DAVO
  125. DAVO

    your ignorance is amazing. especially after watching this. there are specific rates at which certain materials and energies behave that can be repeatedly observed. formulas are developed based on these conditions. something tells me the people developing these formulas figured to compensate for the fact that we can't see the edge of the observable universe because of the microwave background, but I think you missed that part of the video.

  126. DAVO
  127. DAVO

    I love how everyone here has a different theory.

  128. Peter Davison
  129. Peter Davison

    Just a thought ?

    Ok if the big bang was classified as a sphere or a round object so if a sphere or round object explodes in all directions and if we can count to the time and distance of space from the earth to the actual big bang if and when it happend so we count the distance as 13.7 billion years from our time to the big bang and wee cannot see beyond the dust clouds or coulds of somewhat to see the big bang so if it blows in all directions then there must be 13.7 billion more years behind it as wee are only counting towards it from distance from earth so if it blows in all directions beyond those dust clouds we cannot see with our technology there must be another 13.7 billion years of space to count.

    Was just a small thought on a small fraction of theorys i know it is dumb compared to most awnsers and reasons but never the less all questions that would be awnserd on space our well beyond our thought and technology it is to big to comprehend and understand the physics of it example Black Holes
    Dark Matter Distorting the sound of empty space

  130. Peter Davison
  131. Peter Davison

    Or perhaps wee as human beings are obssesed with thinking that there is an awnser to everything but are ignorant to know that some things wee are not capable of or to understand so things are challenge-ing but things are just not meant for us to be understaood enjoying the concept of space is a most wonderfull thing but to be onast wee will never ever know the awnsers to most things its not ignorance by any means but just being realistic.

    Speculatution on blacks holes is one example no-one has ever seen one so how can anyone know anything of them (in a small way maybe) but to give theroys on things you cannot see or visualize and give a full break down on how they form operate and things they do is just obserd and ignorant speculation on most cases.......

  132. James V.
  133. James V.

    All these comments about how outlandish or how crazy some of these theories sound. Hello! such things were said to some of the best known theories to every exist, its how it how they all begin, and then they have to be put to test. No one needs to go into argumentative chat chat and "I beg to differ" blah blah. Watch and listen with an open mind, can we not do that?

  134. MaryKate Hamilton
  135. MaryKate Hamilton

    This has always fascinated me. If the universe is constantly expanding, then what is it expanding into. And if it isn't what is beyond the barrier?

  136. Shiloh1
  137. Shiloh1

    I agree, but it goes beyond that. Assume the universe is 13.7 billion years old based on our perception of the universe from where we are and assume that is in all directions as a sphere, then our known diameter of a universe is 27.4 billion light years. The cosmic soup that we cant see through is on the perimeter of our global view.

    Now, assume the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago in all directions as a sphere, then we will never see the other side of the sphere since it is going in the other direction. All of these multitude of directions of the expansion of the universe will preclude our ability to ever see many portions of the universe. However, there will be portions of the universe that will overlap with other portions of the universe that will be able to be seen within this 13.7 billion light year "window", and some nearby portions of the universe that will also be able to see a portion of our 13.7 billion light year "window".

    Imagine the Big Bang as a purely symetrical sphere expanding from the impetus of the explosion. The gases become less dense over time and thus the gravitational (frictional in simplistic terms) affect lessens thereby explaining one aspect of the ever increasing accelleration. The other explanation of the perceived increased accelleration is simply the "balloon" perspective of these galaxies moving away from us, and even laterally, since you're actually looking at the surface of the balloon from the balloon plane we are on as well as the balloon plane that is even 13.7 billion years more distant than us from the Big Bang and everything in between.

    Look at it this way, we have been looking back at the Big Bang as if we are at the outer edges when in fact, we're only half way to the outer edge of the universe, just like many other galaxies and portions of the universe that emanated from the Big Bang but not in our direction.

    I believe the universe is actually closer to 55 billion light years across and 27.5 billion years old and will continue to expand not because of Dark Energy or Dark Matter but because of the intial inertia.

  138. Pooja Deshpande
  139. Pooja Deshpande

    I have a question about the mirror theory. For any light to reflect, it needs a reflective surface. At the edge of the universe, why would light reflect at all? It would just "go on". There is nothing there to reflect on. Right?

  140. Nyle Borfic
  141. Nyle Borfic

    You sound like Nassim Haramein

  142. Thomas Ryan
  143. Thomas Ryan

    Sometime i wonder if Morgan Freeman *is* God?

  144. Jahzzle
  145. Jahzzle

    are you wondering if all light is absorbed rather than reflected at the edge of the universe? I was wondering about that myself.. I guess the idea is that if the universe has an edge or barrier and all the light isn't being absorbed then it must be space is like a sea of particles so i'm thinking there is something to reflect some kind of image whether at the edge or within it.

  146. RMACK
  147. RMACK

    You sounded sane until you threw out the we know the pyramids were not built by humans thing. I love how you blend multidemensional theory with crackpot ancient alien stuff. Lol.

  148. RMACK
  149. RMACK

    Matthew is the same donkey that KNOWS the pyramids were not built by humans. His postings are amusing.

  150. RMACK
  151. RMACK

    Matthew the most pressing evidence right now is the evidence that you are insane

  152. chris
  153. chris

    Like the 2 dimensional plane of a paper can bend in 3 dimensions and u can cross from one end to another and back forth,the 3 dimensional space can bend in a 4 dimensional hyperspace.

  154. LoggerheadShrike
  155. LoggerheadShrike

    Space itself is expanding, it's not expanding into anything.

    Think of it like this: you're on a computer, designing a house on a lot. You make the lot 100 yards on a side. You play around for a bit and decide it's too small, so you expand the lot to 200 yards on a side. What did you expand the lot into? What's on the other side of the lot? Nothing. Conceptually this shouldn't be difficult in this day and age, I can conceive it would be hard when a map was drawn on paper and expanding it meant more paper to expand onto but nowadays ... it's something people take for granted on a daily basis.

  156. LoggerheadShrike
  157. LoggerheadShrike

    There isn't a "spot" where the Big Bang happened; it originated where you're standing as well as billions of light-years away, it originated everywhere in the universe, it IS the universe. That's why the background radiation is spread smoothly everywhere, and not radiating from a central area.

    Likewise, the expansion is not emanating from a central area either. *Everything* around us is moving away at the same speed in all directions; space itself is expanding.

    It's not dust clouds preventing us from seeing the Big Bang. It's that we can't get outside it to see it "over there". But we can look at early formation of the universe by viewing distant parts. There are problems with dust clouds but ALMA has overcome these and can view the early state.

  158. Evan Case
  159. Evan Case

    Light could not travel "past" the universe because light can only travel through the universe. Outside the universe there would be nothing for light to travel through.

  160. Alex
  161. Alex

    And share the "maybe and perhaps thoughts" based on opinions, it must be continued until evolution stops...unless of course evolution doesn't stop in that case what is our next morphosis super powers? No wait thats comic books maybe they are prophets and oracles have been farseeing the future all along.

  162. Steven Sheffey
  163. Steven Sheffey

    Um, you do realize that we CAN see black holes right? No not visually because it eats everything even light,,.but we can see the radiation it gives off. We can detect it's gravity AND we know how they form because we've studies tons of stars that have become black holes. SO we do know how they form, we can see them and we know what happens when they die. You need to educate yourself,

  164. Eireternal
  165. Eireternal

    I find what the guy said stupid. He said the Universe can't be infinite because we would have an infinite number of starts and the sky would be completely white and fry us. Since we have a dark sky, that can't mean the universe is infinite. <- WHAT? starts are born and die. How could he even come to this conclusion?

  166. jaberwokky
  167. jaberwokky

    Think of it like flipping a coin, the more times you flip it, the greater the probability of a desired outcome. If you are looking into a piece of space that goes on without end infinitely then you are looking at a spot in the sky where the probability of stars been born and covering any and all given areas is 1, a certainty ( Infinity is like flipping that coin until you get your desired result an infinite amount of times for each and every single point in the sky). To repeat, that's not just one star for any given point, that's an infinity of stars at every given point. Think about that for a minute, contemplate what infinite really entails.

    I find it hard to imagine what it would be like if I couldn't see past the stars, if all that vast empty blackness was covered by the light from infinite stars. I imagine we would have evolved very different eyeballs. Of course that's presuming any chance of life evolving hadn't been a non-starter due to infinite cosmic radiation.

  168. jaberwokky
  169. jaberwokky

    One of the better episodes in the series. Morgan sure did have an interesting childhood, maybe he should write a book about it :/

  170. isitpoetry
  171. isitpoetry

    Through The Worm Hole

    What kind of poet are you if you can not,
    constantly move back and forth to the edge of what is so far.
    God did not make that mess in your back yard.
    Inverted eights or pie I won't eat because.
    On the edge each strong mind there can stand.
    Where the weak can not do what they wrote instead.
    Goodness is at the core the code that evil can't break.
    I turn around at the edge your at my side.
    Light moves forward the edge is thus pushed back.
    Be content to know one simple fact.
    No matter how much you suffer here and where you go.
    Some where you are loving a live where all you do is help.
    Other's have evolved and moved past yesterday's, today.
    The rest have known that knowledge is the key,
    to where you've been I know.

    is it poetry

    is it poetry

  172. hormazd
  173. hormazd

    I believe that the universe could be finite and infinite at the same time..for eg. For a man walking on the surface of the earth ..the earth will seem infinte wheareas the fact is that the earth is actually finite

  174. nadir naeem
  175. nadir naeem

    I believe the ends of the universe is with 12 sides, because of the 12 astronomy signs, none of the stars in these signs have been changed since ever. It is mentioned also in the Holy book of Muslims, the 'Quran'.

  176. nadir naeem
  177. nadir naeem

    I also think the fact known as dimensions are subjected to the sense of presence and observation. Humans may adjust to other forms of dimensions once in the multiverse. A place where there are no dimensions. or many.

  178. nadir naeem
  179. nadir naeem

    If two an identical matters with the same number of atomic compositions are converted into light and then crashed into each other where space as constant, time parallels be obtained for time travel. With the first sample matter balancing the direction of the second one.

  180. Jon
  181. Jon

    If you had gone on a cruise and seen the widest horizon of ocean water void of islands, then you will never assume that the world is flat. The rounded edges will be particularly obvious in the ocean. I suppose that idea of a flat Earth was induced by a travel ban enforced by the spread of fear that at one point, the edge of the Earth would be reached.

    Human perceptions are quite tricky and despite the help of a space probe, interpretations can drastically change like what happened with NASA reporting of Saturn's . rings. The eager public visualization of these rings became the object of an intense debate from experts who interpreted the data. A few possible appearance of the rings were offered leaving the impression that our cutting edge technology is imprecise and is a long way off to reliability.

  182. Jon
  183. Jon

    Kiddie stories such as the blind men and the elephant expose the social dynamics happening. In this case we look at the universe and fail to agree at the onset of issues and ideas. Then it becomes an interplay of peer support for theories using morals and respect for authority.

    Another kiddie tale, The Emperor's New Clothes, challenges us to refrain from acting to please others or joining the bandwagon. There is constant danger of weak human nature amassing into social pressure. Such pressures work to distort the Truth and inhibit initiative or intuition that made progress in science possible. Often, publicity stunts remove the science process of isolating human opinions from facts or distinguish mere hypothesis from proven conclusions

  184. Cherokee Corn
  185. Cherokee Corn

    Which is why when you die, you're stuck existing. Forever. The real question is, are you aware of your existence (because I know when I sleep, I'm not aware of mine), and do you get to 'live' again? Live life as we understand it? With physical material bodies?
    Because I know death isn't 'poof'. Based on my understanding of existence, nothing goes 'poof'. It simply changes form. My assumption is the not quite physical is the same way. So.... is death like sleep? Do you 'wake' up and live again, then die again and sleep? Does the less than physical have a lifespan? Is it even possible for something to exist to not exist? Because when you blew out that candle, the fire appeared to vanish, but it merely changed its form to something your human eyes can't see. Just how many things are there in existence that we can't see? What are ghosts? And don't give me that bull that you don't believe in ghosts (or do because la de da~), I have actual experience with the things, so if you don't, hush hush darling. Also, are there different states to death? I mean, there is to life. There's different situations, species, planets, stars, galaxies, probably universes and dimensions, ect. Why not death? If there is, do you have any control on those states?
    I personally would like to reincarnate. I quite like this existence. Next time, I wanna be a boy. I'm thinking Japan or maybe Sweden or Ireland. Or an alien. Why should I stick to the same planet or even the same galaxy?

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